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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 12, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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it's time for our memorial day sale on the sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts so you both stay comfortable, and can help you get almost 30 minutes more restful sleep per night. save $1,000 on the sleep number 360 special edition smart bed, queen now only $1,999. only for a limited time. moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. it's absolutely shocking. this is i think any parents worst nightmare disturbing new details revealed today as prosecutors in the south bay file additional charges against the two people accused of kidnapping a three-month-old baby in san jose last month. you thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley and i'm a dates today. we learned that the two suspect. accused of trying to kidnap the baby boy not once or twice but three times before they successfully stole him away from his grandmother. so crazy story abc 7 news
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reporter. zach fuentes was in court with them today and has the details on these new charges. it was a kidnapping that shock the community three month old baby. brandon cuellar was kidnapped from his home while his grandmother was outside unloading groceries the two people accused of the kidnapping jose roman portillo and yesenia. lupe ramirez family members say ramirez was obsessed with the baby after meeting his grandmother at church now already faced with three felony charges including kidnapping they now face three attempted kidnapping charges the san jose police department uncovered that defendants ramirez and portillo have been attempting to kidnap brandon doe multiple times starting in march when he was only one month old the actual kidnapping happened on april 25th, but now the da's office says that the two first on march 14th when portillo posed as a child protective services worker he showed up at the family's home and said he was there to take the baby into custody. the family was suspicious and called cps who denied that
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they'd sent anyone the da says evidence also shows on march 28th and the day of the actual kidnapping ramirez and portillo tried to kidnap the boy at a local walmart and the first attempt they tried and failed to switch shopping carts. so for tio could leave the store with the baby the morning of the kidnapping they were trying to distract the grandma, but also failed later that day was when this video was recorded of portillo entering and then leaving the home with the baby. are successfully kidnapping the baby who was found 18 hours later the attorney for yesenia ramirez spoke after she and portillo went before the judge today. we have multiple. years of he said she said and then multiple layers of what's called hearsay, essentially and so that doesn't amount to evidence that amounts to allegations and standalone allegations are not something that i am comfortable making comments on at this point ramirez and portillo continue to be held without bail. they're due back in court on june 7th in santa clara county zach fuentes abc 7 news. san jose police officer was
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arrested today for in decent exposure police chief anthony mata personally escorted the officer out of the building today. the man is accused masturbating inside a family's home. while he was on duty. it's the latest of four allegations of officer misconduct in the past week near sam. licardo says, he's confident officers who commit crimes will identified and taken off the force. i'm very concerned about the number of incidents that we've seen particularly given that these tend to be very young officers which tells me there may be something very seriously. wrong with whatever we're doing around screening. and backgrounding and we need to we need we need to figure that out. in another case revealed today an officer allegedly traded a meth pipe in exchange for information several months ago. the mayor says he expects to hear recommendations from police chief anthony mata in a matter of days owners of bay area gold coin and jewelry exchange shops
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are really worried about what they say is a targeted crime ring run by some outrageous and during thieves one shop owner tells abc 7 news more than a dozen businesses have been hit recently one is in downtown oakland just a few locks from city hall video of the damage shows smashed glass cases broken windows and debris everywhere. it's not clear how much of the feet that the thieves got away with then on tuesday martinez coin and jewelry exchange was the manager tells us the burglars could not get to the valuablesau $30 . in the attempt she says for an industry. that is mainly mom and pop shops. a break-in is a major setback. we're paycheck to paycheck and a lot of the times this happens and now we've got to figure out how we can afford to even. open her store in vallejo remains closed after a burglary in march after thieves damaged the doors. she says she believes it's the same crew because they use the same bright yellow crowbars to pry their way in.
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tonight an assault victim is recounting the terrifying moments. she was attacked and choked by a stranger while out on an afternoon walk. luckily a neighbor in the area heard her screams and rushed to her rescue abc is anchor deon lim talked to the victim and has details on how her hero is being recognized in a story. you'll see only on seven. and i noticed him yelling in the background and that's when he ran after me and then you know, he grabbed me soft. spoken name was out for a walk friday afternoon in the visitation valley neighborhood. not far from bayshore when the man who was yelling? suddenly attacked he grabbed me started choking me down, but i couldn't yell after that since he was choking me and he had me on the ground wendy. who's six year old thought she was going to die and blacked out and yeah, i was just thinking about my family my son. praying to god that someone would come out and see me
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surveillance used in the police investigation show someone didn't see her but indeed heard her blood curdling scream. and ran over with a neighbor that scared the suspect away pretty much that their lifesavers. i really appreciate it. i know how to thank them. for what they did. i spoke to the man who? wendy scream and rushed over to help he didn't want to go on camera out of fears for his safety, but says he was put on this earth to help others supervisor shaman walton developed a public safety plan to address crimes like this. he commended neighbors for jumping into action. sfpd also told me the witness did everything right in this case and made a world of difference san francisco's ingleside station shared these images of the suspect on social media this week today. the department tells me they're looking at a possible suspect who is in custody for an unrelated incident, but could not confirm his involvement in wendy's case wendy who miraculously was not physically hurt says until she saves up
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enough to buy a car. she'll to walk but with precautions they do have to have something on me if half the walk alone in san francisco dion limb abc 7 news a group of moms from the bay area is saying that enough is enough when it comes to drug overdoses mothers against drug deaths travel to sacramento today calling on governor newsom to declare a state of emergency in san francisco's tenderloin abc 7 news reporter tara campbell is on the story. know how big it i'll call from the steps of california's from mothers against drug. a group led by jackie berlin. we are not getting the traction that we want to get. we we are seeing small things happening in san francisco that were excited about but it's too little too late. jackie's 30 year old son corey is on the streets of san francisco's tenderloin battling. fentanyl addiction the illicit drug fueling a surgeon overdoses
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in the past few years city records show more than 740 people died of accidental drug overdose within 13 months as of this february jackie worried her once healthy son will be next wants to be sober. but with the enabling and the open drug scenes that's going on in san francisco. it's incredibly difficult to step away from that and this group of mothers says. london breeds efforts are falling short in april hoisting this billboard in union square unveiling a new billboard thursday aimed at getting governor newsom on board. we're calling on governor newsom to step in and really take a look at what's going on. and help address this issue san francisco state of emergency expired two months ago. now these mothers are asking the governor to declare a state of emergency in the tenderloin and
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clothes open drug markets across the state. sometimes we call them death. because that's what they they really are. you can't continue to use these drugs for years and expect to have any quality of life. it's going to kill these people in a statement mayor london breeds office says in part our emergency operations in the tenderloin are continuing to address the overdose crisis. we need prosecution of those selling drugs in our city, especially those who are arrested multiple times. still jackie says her. here is laced with frustration right now. i don't believe that the leadership in san francisco can handle it's devastating right now, and the problem has gotten too big tara campbell abc 7 news. as of this morning one million people have died from covid-19 in the united states. flags were lowered to half staff with a moment of silence on capitol hill to remember the lives lost president biden
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marked the tragic milestone calling each death an irreplaceable loss. field to americans to remain vigilant against the pandemic the president urged congress to approve. additional funding he requested to fight the pandemic the us senate has confirmed jerome powell to a second term as chairman of the federal reserve 80 senators vote in favor of his nomination under powell's leadership. the fed ended its pandemic stimulus program and began to raise interest rates. the former investment banker will continue eating the central bank as it confronts the country's highest inflation in 40 years a daunting challenge these days a stocks were mostly flat on the clothes the dow shed 103 points the nasdaq was up almost seven and the snp fell. life today governor newsom is proposing the state provide more than $18 in inflation relief for california residents and businesses. the governor's office says the goal is to help offset the rising cost of everything from food to housing to gas across the state the package includes
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11 and a half billion dollars in tax refunds more than two billion in rental assistance 1.4 billion dollars to help californians pay utility bills plus millions more for hospitals public transportation child care and much more coming up. it's a band that's been in effect for 30 years in the south bay but members of the lowrider community call it racist and now once the council member is taking action to try to repeal that law. plus the embattle san francisco school district introduces its new superintendent and both the board and the teachers union are optimistic about the announcement abc 7 news at 5 will be right back.
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driving through the streets of san jose, but not low riders. not legally. anyways, cruising has been banned in the city for three decades in the lowrider community says it's a rich culture born in the city. this has been the lowrider culture, san jose is known for low riding vehicles became a display of resistance against discriminatory. policies and the discrimination against the culture and against chicanos but as the culture grew the law was put in place to ban these cars from driving back and forth through the streets councilmember raul perales owns a chevy impala himself and says the band is used to discriminate against mexican americans and san jose he that every time he was pulled over for cruising as a kid. i was told that because of the car i drove the way i was dressed and because i was out cruising that they had regional suspicion to believe i was a gang member that i might have had weapons or drugs in my car paralysis now calling for san jose to become one of the first
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cities to fully repeal the band. the city took that first step yesterday as the rules committee voted unanimously to remove these signs. we want to be able to showcase our hard work without being harassed. without being profiled we want to showcase our achievements without fear san jose police did not want to comment today, but spoke out against the plan to repeal during the rules meeting yesterday yet sjpd has not issued a citation for cruising and two decades and paralez believes. there are more important things to enforce like side shows and speeding the police department would want such a prohibition on the books when it's these other acts that that we really want to be enforcing. this is a particular law that had no reason being a prohibition. years ago it has no reason being there today the next step for this plan is a vote by the city council and if that passes these rides will be cruising through the streets of a legally once again in san jose dustin dorsey abc 7 news in san francisco the
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school district introduced its new superintendent today. this summer matt wayne will take over the district, which has been plagued by controversy abc 7 news reporter ryan curry explained why the board and the teacher's union believe that this hire will lead to a brighter future. san francisco public schools have a new superintendent dr. matt wayne will take over after spending the last six years being the super. tenant for the hayward school district an honor and a privilege to be able to serve the city of san francisco. whatever position i've been in it's about thinking what i can do to best help the students of the community that i serve and dr. wayne enters a school district facing numerous challenges voters recalled three school board members this here and some teachers say they are missing money due to a glitch into payroll system. wayne says he realizes he is stepping into a difficult situation there needs to be some healing and bringing the community together. it's been such a tough year a two years in education. i want to make sure we have that
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space too refocus re-energize the message of healing was the main focal point during today's announcements and the president of the teachers union also agrees that dr. wayne's appointment is going to be you when it comes to rebuilding that relationship between the district and the staff. there is quite a lot of trust in this particular board right now as they have been working in ways that uphold what we need most cassandra curry yelled with the union is excited about the hire wayne is a former teacher curiel hopes that makes him equipped to tackle the issues very clearly understands the challenges ahead that this district is facing specifically that our educators are facing and that what needs to happen. to move forward collectively dr. wayne is still waiting final certification, which will come during the next school board meeting. his first goal is mending the relationships across the district that have been damaged the last few years. you know, we've faced a lot of these last two years in education. so it's challenging for everybody. but i know san francisco has
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wind driven coastal fire and orange county that destroyed 20 homes and damaged 11 others firefighters. say the fire is now 15% contained with at least 200 acres burned the fire broke out yesterday between laguna beach and laguna niguel 900 homes are still under mandatory evacuation orders that will remain in place overnight more than 500 firefighters are on the scene and will be watching of course the conditions very closely expect the weather to get hotter and drier over the next two days. so that'll still continue to challenge all of our firefighters in our efforts store containing this fire. two firefighters have been hurt so far but officials say they have both been released from hospital the cause is still
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under investigation. all right, and of course they were watching the winds very closely down in socal. yeah. i'm as we reported yesterday the time and today of course was really gusty there meteorologist. sandy patel is tracking that force tonight. yeah, dan and alma as we had expected winds have picked up again this afternoon. it is gusty in the area westerly to 23 miles an hour. the good news is when it's coming off the ocean. it's transporting some humidity. it is 70 degrees, but as you just heard it is going to warm up now. it will remain gusty tonight and then winds drop off. overnight once again so that hopefully should help the firefighters out there winds pick up again, but not expected to be terribly strong. let's take a look at our drought situation. here's the latest update ext. drought expanded around the state from 41 to 60% and you can see it shaded in red here as we take a look at our bay area situation no change. we're stiller drought doppl 7 just showing you some passing high clouds as we check out those winds. yeah, it is windy.
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once again 28 at least the strongest around san francisco 26 in hayward on shore winds continuing those temperatures. well, it doesn't feel like may i'll tell you that much cooler than average once again mid 50s to low. these beautiful views from all of our tower cameras, certainly rooftop cameras showing you the wind and a few clouds from our tam cam if you're getting away bay area airports, sunny and warmer tomorrow northwest wind 10 to 20 low to upper 70s if you're heading to honolulu partly sunny 85 degrees some showers at least a chance in new york city 66 and you're looking at sunny and warm weather from chicago to los angeles upper 70s to mid 80s from our emeryville camera. it is a bouncy view as the winds are kind of that camera breezy with passing high clouds tonight noticeably warmer the next two days and cooler weather is coming your way sunday and monday as another system. passes through to our north so tonight a few sprinkles up to our north. other than that. we're just going to see some higher clouds. night, and then tomorrow fog is going to return to the coastline
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for the rest of you at least for the afternoon and evening hours for the rest of you. you're looking at sunshine temperatures in the morning 40s 50s some patches of fog not out of the question near the coast higher clouds up above and then for the afternoon the most noticeable warming will be around the bay and inland where you'll be in the 70s and 80s right near the coast where the fog is sitting that's going to be limited in terms of the warm. so 61 and half moon bay all the way to 84 degrees in fairfield. look at the accuweather's seven-day forecast and you will notice it's a sunny and warmer one for your friday. some are like weather for saturday and then we'll drop off those temperatures for those of you on sunday who really don't like the warm weather still nice mid 80s and lynn low 60s coast cooling continues monday before we see temperatures rebounding for the middle of the week on again. okay, sandy. thank you. all right in just the past half hour the nfl released the upcoming season schedule 7 news sports. anchor alvarez will be here with details on the key games tonight. tonight. our fans can
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reminder that you can get our live newscast breaking news weather and so much more with our new abc 7 bay area streaming tv app. it's on apple tv android tv fire tv and ro.
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just search abc 7 bay area and download it. well finally here tonight. we may be still four months away from the start of the nfl season, but we now know what the schedule will look like that's exciting. the details were released in just the past 30 minutes and abc 7 news sports. anchor chris alvarez is here with all the info. hi chris. hi, dan and alma. this is one of my favorite days of the nfl off season the schedule release today and now football fans. you can block your entire fall winter schedules based on your favorite teams the official schedule releas. 20 minutes ago niners going to open the season sunday september 11th in chicago. the home opener comes a week later week two when the seahawks coming down. remember the seahawks don't have russell wilson anymore two games will be on abc 7 and espn that will be week 4 monday, october 30 against the ram. so an nfc west battle key and then week 11 against the cardinals november 21st, that will be in mexico city the bye week comes in week 9 right in the middle of the 18 weeks regular.
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season for those of you wondering about the raiders and niners game. san francisco will be in las vegas sunday, january 1st hotels new year's eve weekend might be a little pack. so either pay a lot draw. i don't know how that's gonna work out. i mean that's kind of the thing there and i want to make a little note to my sports department remember last year in the fantasy draft when you guys said i wasn't even worst. i was first. i'm gonna do my homework guys. are you excited about the football season as much as i am? oh christmas today? yeah. it's it's a early for me to turn my into it, but i'm a big fan as you know, chris. yes, exciting stuff another key note to look for this off season the niners what's gonna happen with jimmy garoppolo quarterback. he still hasn't been traded. i think he's still gonna be on the roster and then we'll see what happened the debo samuel. he's looking for a new contract. i have a confidence that he'll be with the 49ers so it should be fun. it always is happening. just four months. sorry. thanks chris. well world news tonight with david muir's next. we appreciate your time. i'm dan actually and i'm on the dates for sandia patel chris alvarez all of us here. thank you so much for joining us our next newscast.
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tonight, the once unthinkable number. president biden marking 1 million lives lost in the u.s. to covid. the president saying the virus has forever changed the country. flags at half staff. and tonight here, we document the children. more than 250,000 children losing a parent or primary caregiver in this country. amid the debates over masks and vaccines, what these children have quietly faced on their own, moving on without a parent. what they reveal right here tonight is extraordinary. and we honor their bravery. the other news this thursday night, the massive fire growing in southern california. homes and cars exploding into flames. the families escaping their homes. matt gutman is live on the scene tonight. the major news from washington. the attack on the capitol and


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