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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 12, 2022 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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that's because these moms all have chase. smart bankers. convenient tools. one bank with the power of both. chase. make more of what's yours. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. en. dan: a san pe offeray for indect exposure. this is the recent development following allegations. but more -- thank you for joining us. ama: i am dan ashley. ama:ama: and i am ama daetz. dan: amanda del castillo you explains that it's now has less officers as officers are under investigation. >> police chief anthony mata
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escorting police officer matthew dominguez out. dominguez was arrest on thursday for indecent exposure. >> what we see today is a step in the right direction but we must remind ourselves that we appear to be taking six steps back. reporter: professor greg woods chiming in after a string of allegations against officers with the sj pd. it looking into allega officer arrived drunk to the baby brandon case last month. this was on suspicion of dui before duty. then thursday, san jose's mayor addressed accusations another officer is being investigated.
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>> this is the latest in what has become around of serious transgressions by officers in the san jose police department. reporter: the bad behavior may be related to hiring standards. this is according to professor michelle rippy. across-the-board, there is difficulty recruiting into the law enforcement industry. >> there is a lot of historical knowledge that are leading in law enforcement. reporter: dominguez had been on the force for four years. though 30 two-year-old was responding to a call that a mentally ill family member was being violent. the da says during the visit, dominguez touched himself in front of family members and exposed himself to the mother. >> uelg-- bet the tru oe
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op tand serve. re mayrdo ss over the pas-- nextheants screer applicantsa push for universal d alcohol testing for all officers and a focus on mental health. mata also promising better transparency for the public. >> i am hopeful that the officers are found accountable and shines a brighter light on law enforcement officers that are coming to work every day working very hard through not only a global pandemic, but also a difficult time in law enforcement. reporter: in san jose, i am amanda del castillo you. ama: also last month's suspects of a kidnapping were accused of
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kidnapping the boy multiple times. yesenia ramirez and jose roman portillo are accused with more charges of attempted kidnapping of baby brandon cuellar. prosecutors say ramirez and portillo were successful in taking the baby on april 25. >> we have multiple layers of he said, she said, and that does not amount to evidence. that amounts allegations. ama:next month. dan: 900 homes remain evacuated in southern california tonight as fire officials work to contain a coastal fire. this wind driven fire but queen -- between laguna beach and laguna niguel broke out yesterday and it is now 15% contained. reporter mike valerio is in
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laguna niguel tonight where some homeowners have been able to assess the damage. reporter: smoke from a fast-moving wildfire >> swallows its surroundings. > it is not looking good. it jumped across the street and started burning other houses. reporter: hundreds of people have been forced to leave their homes behind. >> unfortunately many of my belongings are still in the house. >> just seen the destruction, we have never seen anything like this. it is so random because just behind this, our friend's home is safe but on either side it is destroyed. >> what can you do? i am in shock. >> it is tragic. i feel for the residents. to lose the home, i cannot imagine. reporter: the national weather service is warning that conditions could grow even more
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volatile. extreme heat topping 100 degrees is set to scorch southern california into next week. >> the palm trees look great, but they start to burn and they start to break apart and they cause a structure fire. >> the worst case scenario would be allowing people back into their homes and having them to re-evacuate. ama: biden marked a grim milestone today, saying one million americans have now died from the coronavirus. more than 300 people are still dying every day. the president also announced they will share key vaccine technology with the world health organization to allow countries to develop their own shots. things could get much worse if the u.s. and congress does not approve more money for vaccines and treatment. dan: and more news from the white house which is now announcing steps to get infant formula back on store shelves.
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this is after abbott nutrition, the largest manufacturer of infant formula, close to its michigan plant after concerns of bacterial infection. the white house now says it is reaching out to retailers and manufacturers for help. >> our message to parents is that we hear you and we are going to cut every element of red tape to address this and make it better for you to get formula on the shelves. dan: the fda says it will increase baby formula imports as well. millions of babies in the u.s. rely on baby formula. ama: carter coleman in walnut creek relies on baby formula to survive. stephanie sierra has the story. stephanie: at four days old,
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carter coleman was diagnosed with maple syrup year and disease or msud. >> someone with this disease cannot process the proteins in normal foods. stephanie: carter's mom relying on a special formula that is only produced at abbott's manufacturing plant in michigan. it has been closed since february and carter is running out. >> worry going through my head because i have always thought of his formula as our safety net. stephanie: this is forcing his mom to start rationing his portions. >> i'm crossing down to the day where we will not have anything. stephanie: the food and drug administration is taking a number of steps to increase supply. >> that includes working with
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manufacturers to make sure that they are stuck on the shelves. stephanie: but carter's formula is considered as medical food and only distribute by certain pharmacies. >> i don't think there is any product left in the country. stephanie: in a statement, the commissioner of the fbi -- fda says that he -- says it is still vague for metabolic disorders. >> it could be a couple of weeks or six months before this is resolved. stephanie: we brought this to mark desaulnier. >> i will call the fda director directly and i will do anything i can to assist. this is unacceptable. stephanie: congressman design a -- of one plant closes, the consequences are dramatic.
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peter pitts says more should have been done to prevent shortages from happening. >> this is a warning shot across the battle. if we do not take this as a moment that we have got to address, shame on us. stephanie: carter's mom is actually watching carter's supply of formula run out. stephanie: time is running out for these families. she understandably does not want to find out what happens when she runs out. even after the plant reopens it will likely be weeks before production catches up to demand. stephanie sierra, abc 7 news. dan: governor newsom is proposing that the state provide billions of dollars of inflation relief for california businesses. the goal is to help offset the rising cost of everything from food to housing to gas across the state. the package includes $11.5
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billion in tax refunds, more than $2 billion in rental assistance, plus millions more for hospitals, public transportation, and childcare. ama: bay area coin and jewelry shops are being targeted by a ring of thieves. why their entire business could now be in jeopardy. dan: in east bay is up 300% due to the drought. sandhya: a taste of summer for the weekend. chris: the warriors with another chance to close out the grizzlies tomorrow night and a preview of game six in a little bit. dan: first here is a look at what is ahead tonight on jimmy kimmel live. >> thanks. take your eyes off that phone and glue them on me. >> jimmy just got me a personalized invitation to get
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dan: owners of bay area gold coin and jewelry exchange shops are worried about what they say is a targeted thievery. ama: more than a dozen businesses have been hit recently. one of them is a few blocks from city hall. video of the damage shows rogan in windows and debris everywhere. it is not clear how much thieves got away with. dan: on tuesday, another jewelry exchange was hit. the burglars caused up to $30,000 in damage trying to get to the valuables. >> now we have got to figure out
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how we can afford to even stay open. >> she says she believes it is the same crew because they use the same bright yellow, crowbars to pry their way in. ama: responding to a water main break in selma. traffic is being routed past the scene at sir francis drake -- francis street boulevard. repairs are expected to be completed overnight with an estimated 4:00 a.m. reopening. a 10 inch cast-iron pipe failed two service lines. one of them connects to a high school campus. the cause of the break is still being determined. dan: a tree has fallen across the road in los altos, blocking traffic in both directions. drivers are being asked to avoid the area.
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the santos police -- los altos police believe that it will be closed all night long. the powerlines have to be secure before the cruise can clear the tree from the road. this is having an impact on all californians but for some in the bay area, it has caused a boom in business. expense say a big part of water use is people's him sprinkler systems. j.r. stone explains this has all meant a major first quarter for landscapers. >> usually the first three months are pretty slow. j.r.: john myers of myers landscaping says that is not the case this year. the dry weather has pushed his clients to start watering their lawns earlier and more often. because of that he has been busy. >> it has increased by almost 300% for the first quarter of january through march. >> we have got the drip system
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set up and this flower bed as well. j.r.: proctor had her yard done over the past few years to be more drought friendly. >> all of the plans are either deer resistant or water resistant. j.r.: myers says he has clients looking to do what proctor did, sometimes with dirt and sometimes with other options like rocks or plants. saved fr theew hundredlars from there, now we are looking toon it is not cheap, though. proctor says it cost them just under $30,000 to convert her entire yard. >> it is well worth it because we are not going to have to redo this for a long time. the cost was part of it but also it is part of what is the right thing to do for the environment and we don't have water to waste
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in california. j.r.: john myers also says many clients are worried about their landscaping now because they are now working from home. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. ama: let's get to the weather. dan: meteorologist sandy patel is tracking it for us as we head into the weekend. sandhya: we are noticing the warmer weather. one thing to show you on the subject of drought, look at this system. the pacific northwest got their share of rain and snow. it has been part of the problem along with the fact that the first several months of this year have been dismal in terms of rain. panded rhe red shadinggh from 41 to 60% in the past week. it went from bad to worse. in the bay area, no change. we are still in severe droughts. we are not expecting major
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storms anytime soon. we are going in the direction of warmer. take a look at the warm up for tomorrow. santa rosa going up seven degrees. oakland warmer read 82 tomorrow and a good 15 degrees jump. san jose, 12 degrees warmer tomorrow afternoon. temperatures today were a good three to seven degrees below average. a beautiful view from our emeryville camera as we look back towards san francisco tonight. patchy fog extends tomorrow afternoon and noticeably warmer than two days. since we are on the topic of sunday, let's talk about the total lunar eclipse. it begins at 8:30 on sunday night. look to the southeast. the maximum a clips is that 9:11. the clips ends at 9:54. there will be some high clouds around. t a viewhere you a,
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pa we had -- head to the evening hours. the fog expanding once again by tomorrow night. tomorrow afternoon in the south bay, 74 sunnyvale. 70's from palo alto to mountain view. you will see some fog around in daly city. north bay, a combination of high clouds and sunshine. 80 in buck, santa rosa. it will be a nice day on the east bay. inland, 80 four in fairfield. at 81 degrees in concord. here's a look at the air quality. it is good for any outdoor plans you have, but getting moderate on saturday for parts of the bay area. accuweather 7 day forecast, it is warmer tomorrow. 90's in lent and 60's on the
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african-american and caribbean cuisines. it will feature more than 50 bay area restaurants this year. rogers says it is a big help for his restaurant. >> it is beyond a dream come true for us. we are however -- we are a small business in san francisco and one of the top rated restaurants in the country. with us being a small business and black restaurant, it gives us a chance to show our highlights to the rest of the world. ama: we got to try it today. black restaurant week runs through sunday, may 22. dan: that was good, wasn't it? we are on the eve of game six between the warriors and the grizzlies. chris: coming up in sports, the warriors try to close out the grizzlies tomorrow night. and are you ready for football?
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it is going to be a big bonus in our favor. >> like i said before, we will watch and make adjustments and have a totally different metric. chris: look at don check -- luka going over to jay powell and scores the defense. mavericks win the game on sunday in phoenix. the sixers looking for an elimination against miami. it exploded in the third quarter. in that period, jimmy butler with a game-high 32 points. advancing to the eastern conference finals for the second time in three seasons. you ready for football? the nfl releasing the schedule today. the home opener on week two
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against seattle. two games will be on espn and week 11 against the cardinals will be in mexico city. san francisco finishes the season with six of their final nine games at home. yummy pizza. bottom of the six, tigers down three-two. just missing a homerun, but it ties the game on this 600 first career double. that ties a bond for 17. the top of the eighth, seth brown at the plate. he can jog in. a's take four out of five on detroit.
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>> lou: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight --jerrael, mes hong, and music from t b wi cle andhe cletones! an apeciate that. very nice, thank you. thank you. hi, i'm jimmy. i am the host. thanks for watching. thank you for crowding into a theater for me. i appreciate it. it's great to be here. and to be free. i don't know if you heard this. the republic of north korea
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