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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 13, 2022 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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headset. it's really cool. just do not know if this is it. a mavs alien creature -- mouse alien good morning, america, for our viewers in the west. as we start this friday, the white house is addressing the national baby formula shortage. across the country parents scrambling to find baby formula. the white house planned to bring in more and crack down on price gouging. plus, the congressional investigation now being launched as families are banding together to get formula into the bottles of babies who need it most. war in ukraine. russia threatening to retaliate if sweden and finland join nato after decades of neutrality. ian pannell there with the latest. in think morning. queen elizabeth seen in public for the first time since march. the new images this morning. on hold?
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is elon musk now stepping back from buying twitter? the new headline this morning. breaking overnight. storms in the heartland. powerful winds gusting up to 107 miles an hour create this blinding wall of dust. now, the severe weather threat heading east. running on empty. record-setting gas prices hitting americans hard. why the worst may be still to come while air travel is set to take off this summer nearing pre-pandemic levels. why using a travel agent may be the best way to get a deal on your summer vacation. to the rescue. this car going out of control as the driver inside was having a medical emergency. the good samaritans jumping out to help. strikeout? surprising news about the horse that pulled off that shocking upset at the kentucky derby. ♪ ground control to major tom ♪ and out of this world. for the first time ever, the images of a black hole at the
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center of the milky way. the leap forward for our understanding of the galaxy this morning. spectacular pictures right there. good morning, america. hope your friday is off to a good start. >> and it is a busy friday. we've got a lot of news to get to, including that major escalation in the january 6th investigation. the house committee issuing subpoenas for house minority leader kevin mccarthy and other gop members, now calling on them to testify about the insurrection and efforts to overturn the election. we will be talking a lot about that this morning. >> that is coming up. but we begin with that baby formula shortage. president biden speaking with retailers and manufacturers as the white house is now unveiling new steps to help struggling families. abc's senior white house correspondent mary bruce joins us now. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, michael. well, look, parents are frustrated growing increasingly desperate, scouring shelves
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looking for formula, and now, washington is demanding answers and the white house stepping in to try and rush formula back to stores. this morning, with pressure mounting, the white house is taking action to try and address the baby formula crisis. urging states to allow families to use federal aid to buy more brands, taking steps to import more formula, and cracking down on price gouging, but the white house unable to say when the shortages will end. >> if you are a parent who's looking for formula right now struggling to find what you need, do you have even a rough guess of how long these shortages are going to last? what should parents be bracing for? >> we've already seen an increase in supply over the past couple of weeks. we're taking every step to increase that so our message is we hear you. we want to do everything we can. >> reporter: congress is demanding answers. abc news learning exclusively that the house oversight committee is launching an investigation. >> it's a crisis. we are taking steps to correct it and we will make sure that it does not happen again. >> reporter: across the country,
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parents worried, frustrated, scrambling to find formula. >> what happens when we can't find it? does your baby just starve? >> reporter: in stores, the shelves empty. an estimated 40% of brands out of stock. >> not only can we not find it, but when we do find it there's always a 20% markup on it. >> reporter: on ebay one formula for infants with a milk allergy now selling more than double its normal price. hoarding is also a big concern. companies like cvs and walgreens now limiting purchases to three per customer. now, critics say the white house dropped the ball or that they should have acted sooner and some are calling for the president to invoke the defense production act to try to boost manufacturing. the white house isn't ruling it out, but they aren't taking that step just yet but bottom line, this is a very real problem. i can attest to this. i myself went to seven stores yesterday before i was able to find formula for my own daughter, and washington just can't say right now with any certainty when this crisis is going to end. michael? >> it is a crisis, mary. thank you so much. coming up in our next hour, we're going to find out how
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parents are banding together to deal with the formula shortage. george? we're going to get the latest now on the war in ukraine. russia threatening to retaliate as finland vows to join nato after years o neutrality. ian pannell is on the scene in ukraine. good morning, ian. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, george. from kharkiv, it's ukraine's second largest city, but now appears to be the second major location where russian forces are withdrawing from. we've been hearing the sound of artillery and missile strikes overnight but in terms of that land invasion it hasn't just stalled, it's definitely going in reverse as we get this major news as you say that nato could be set to expand for the first time in years. overnight, russia threatening that it may retaliate if sweden and finland join nato telling a british news podcast it would be the worst solution for them. >> it means that finland and sweden all of a sudden instead of neutral countries become part of the enemy and, well, they bear all the risks.
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>> reporter: and the deputy ambassador also appearing to threaten nato. >> if there are nato detachments in these territories so this territory would become a target -- a possible target for a strike. >> reporter: finland's border with russia is more than 800 miles long and as russia ramps up its rhetoric against countries seeking to join nato -- >> most persons will be coming inside the shelter in this way. >> reporter: -- finland and its citizens are now preparing bunkers across the country. the u.s. and other nato members support the two scandinavian countries joining the military alliance. >> it's good for our security around the world and certainly having a strong partnership with a range of countries including sweden and finland. >> reporter: but russia says nato expansion is a threat, using it as a pretext to invade ukraine. this is what putin's war is doing to the people of this land. in zaporizhzhia in the east, lyudmila picks through what remains of her home. "all that's left is ruins," she says.
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"i don't even know where to start." and in the northern region images emerging of the destruction there. more school buildings coated in dust. what can be achieved by destroying ukrainian schools, says president zelenskyy. al russian commanders who give such orders are simply sick and incurable. in nary pole, as another strike rocks the azovstal steel plant, the armed forces releasing video from the area overnight. an upclose view of war from the soldiers on the ground. their families now demanding action. [ crowd chanting ] as ukraine's deputy prime minister saying her country is conducting very difficult negotiations to evacuate 38 heavily wounded fighters from the steel plant. well, the defenders in mariupol are releasing a statement this morning saying that they are under attack again, that russian armored vehicles are storming the plant. meanwhile, the first court case
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against a russian charged with murdering a civilian has begun in kyiv. prosecutors here telling us exact many more to come. george? >> ian pannell, thanks. let's bring in steve ganyard. steve, let's start with this finland announcement. to anyone who lived through the cold war stunning they would join nato. >> remember, putin invaded ukraine with the idea of creating this strategic buffer between nato and russia. he has now lost the nato or the northern part of that strategic buffer. just alone the finnish border with russia will double the amount of nato border with russia. on one hand you would have thought putin understood as soon as he crossed into ukraine, that finland and sweden would move toward joining nato, or on the other hand, perhaps this is just another of the strategic miscalculations mr. putin has made. >> what do you make of the retreat from kharkiv? >> an interesting turn of events. they pushed all the way back -- they pushed the russians all the way back out of kharkiv. and the russians are on the back heels.
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the rest of the battlefield in the donbas is stagnated, so they'll have to bring troops up to defend the border around kharkiv and further stagnate their efforts in the donbas, so the war on the ground stagnant and the economy in russia continues to take a beating and is well into recession. very few options. >> how does russia respond to both the military and the diplomatic setbacks? >> yeah, i think, george, people would have been much more concerned about two months ago if the russians had said we're going to do something militarily, but now the russian military has proven so incompetent and so corrupt that people aren't that worried. but go back to what the intelligence community has always been worried about with this stagnation on the battlefield, and that is, is there a move by mr. putin to escalate, to de-escalate that would increase the crisis to give putin negotiating leverage. >> that is the fear, thanks very much, steve ganyard. cecilia? we turn to those soaring gas prices shattering new records. this morning, the cost driven up by russian sanctions and hitting just as that summer driving season is about to kick off. elwyn lopez is live there in
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atlanta with more on this. good morning, elwyn. >> reporter: hey, cecilia, good morning. the national average, once again hitting a new all-time high, climbing to $4.43 a allon. and while here in georgia we are not yet topping the $4 mark, the soaring cost of gas is slamming other parts of the country. take a look at this. the worst states, california at a whopping $5.87, hawaii $5.31, and nevada at $5.13, and this all comes as the nation continues to grapple with high inflation rates and many are gearing up to hit the roads. the upcoming peak driving season just around the corner with memorial day weekend historically a time when gas prices go up even higher. >> thank you so much. michael. now to the deadly storms in the heartland. winds topping 100 miles per hour creating a massive wall of dust. ginger is tracking it all for us. hey, ginger. >> michael, the scene behind me is something i usually show you
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from texas or arizona but, nope, that's sioux falls, south dakota. that huge wall of dust, it's called a haboob. that is another word for it. this thing had 107-mile-per-hour winds within it. it took down visibility. that's daytime that you're looking at right there from people driving. it flips cars and took over so many landscapes there and really they become quite wide. and in other parts of south dakota they had severe weather including tornadoes. you can see the damage here from over this neighborhood. now, today that same storm system has the potential to do more damaging winds and you're going anywhere from iron river, michigan to ada, oklahoma. we'll be watching it. cecilia? >> all right, ginger, thanks. we're going to turn to queen elizabeth seen in public for the first time since march. the 96-year-old monarch had canceled several appearances recently. maggie rulli joins us with more from kensington palace. good morning, maggie. >> reporter: hey, cecilia, good morning. we've seen queen elizabeth out and about this morning. it's her first public appearance in weeks. now she was spotted being driven through the royal windsor horse show and she appeared to be
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enjoying herself. seeing her on this outing is a relief for so many, remember just three days ago she was forced to pull out of the state opening of parliament due to her mobility issues. at the event her majesty did not get out of the car as she watched her horses compete in the show, but this is the first time we've seen the queen in public since her husband prince philp's memorial service back in march. now, since then she's had to cancel other appearances, but, guys, we know how much the queen loves horses. so clearly this was an event she just would have hated to miss. cecilia. >> it was good to see her back out and smiling. thank you. cecilia, now to a possible hitch in the twitter sale. elon musk putting it on hold due to news about spam accounts. deirdre bolton has the story. good morning, deirdre. >> reporter: good morning, michael. surprising announcement from elon musk, the world's richest man tweeting, twitter deal temporarily on hold. pending details supporting calculation that spam, fake accounts do indeed represent less than 5% of users. that's what he tweeted out so
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this announcement causing twitter's stock to fall by 19% in these premarket hours. musk was in the process of buying twitter for $44 billion. tweeted just days ago that one of his top priorities would be to remove spam bots from the platform. twitter claiming in a filing earlier this week that several risks remain before the deal with musk can be finalized. issues outstanding, whether or not advertisers could continue to spend on twitter, and then potential uncertainty regarding future plans and strategy, michael. >> seems like a lot of issues right there. thank you so much, deidre. george. michael, we're going to turn now to a dramatic escalation in the capitol riot investigation. the house select committee issued subpoenas for house republican leader kevin mccarthy, four other gop members of congress who rejected requests to testify voluntarily. chief washington correspondent jon karl has the latest. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. the committee believes that these republicans are fact witnesses to what donald trump was doing around january 6th and, therefore, need to testify.
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but, george, this is a highly confrontational and virtually unprecedented move issuing subpoenas for fellow members of congress including the man believed by many to be the likely next speaker of the house. house republican leader kevin mccarthy has refused to cooperate with the january 6th committee for months. now, the committee is turning up the pressure issuing subpoenas for mccarthy and four other house republicans. mccarthy spoke to trump on january 6th while the former president's suppoters were rampaging through the capitol. shortly after that phone call mccarthy told abc news that he had pleaded with trump to give a national address calling on his supporters to stand down. >> i begged him to go talk to the nation. >> reporter: four days later mccarthy was caught on tape telling fellow republican leaders that trump bears responsibility for the attack. >> i've had it with this guy. what he did is unacceptable. nobody can defend that, and nobody should defend it. >> reporter: it's been clear
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from the start of the investigation that mccarthy would be a key witness. this is what liz cheney now the top republican on the committee said nearly one year ago. should kevin mccarthy be willing to speak, testify before that commission? after all he is one of the few people that we know of that was actually talking to donald trump while the attack was taking place. >> he absolutely should and i wouldn't be surprised if he were subpoenaed. i think that he very clearly and said publicly that he's got information about the president's state of mind that day. >> reporter: none of these five republicans have indicated they will comply with the subpoena. when asked about it yesterday, mccarthy didn't directly answer, but he criticized the committee for conducting what he called an illegitimate investigation and using it to go after the committee's political opponents. george. >> meantime, jon, former president trump also facing a new investigation. >> reporter: yes, this is about the classified information that he brought with him to
7:16 am
mar-a-lago. as you remember, the president brought several boxes of white house records with him when he left the white house last year and it turned out that some of the information in those boxes is classified. there is an investigation into this, a subpoena has been issued to the national archives. they've asked -- the investigators have asked to talk to some of the white house staffers involved in packing up those boxes, but, george, it's very unlikely that the former president would face criminal charges over this. as you know, presidents have wide latitude to declassify. >> he can declassify all of it if he wanted to. jon karl, thanks very much. michael. >> thank you, george. we know cecilia handles sports and i handle space so now to this out of this world breakthrough from deep space. the first image of the black hole at the center of our galaxy. will reeve is here now with what all of it means. good morning, will. >> reporter: good morning, michael. what this image right here means is einstein's theory of relativity has another data point. it means this international
7:17 am
network of telescopes is working. it means the world, the universe to the scientific community. it's a picture of a black hole relatively in our backyard. it's huge. black holes have long been a staple for hollywood movies set in space. fascinating science fiction fans and scientists. but until now, we'd never actually seen one in earth's galaxy and this morning, for the first time, a picture of a black hole named sagittarius a-star can be seen at the center of the milky way, roughly 27,000 light-years from earth. it may be fuzzy and blurry, but it's one of the most significant moments in scientific history. >> it's the first time we've imaged the black hole in our galaxy. it's also the second image we have of a black hole at all so going from one to two is a game changer. >> reporter: the image comes from the event horizon telescopes named for the boundary of no escape in a black
7:18 am
hole where gravity is so strong that nothing, not even light can escape from it. but even as scientists make one more leap forward in understanding the center of our galaxy, another great mystery from beyond the stars moves center stage in our nation's capital. next tuesday congress holding hearings on ufos, as sightings of mysterious aircraft in protected airspace increase, lawmakers want answers. and u.s. officials will be testifying tuesday on the hundreds of reported sightings of unidentified aerial phenomenon no and as for the black hole researchers say getting that picture of it is as difficult as using a standard ground telescope to see a doughnut on the surface of the moon, guys. >> wow. >> wow. that is really something. okay, will, thanks very much. a lot more coming up here on "gma," including the amber heard/johnny depp courtroom battle and the famous hollywood actress expected to take the stand. also, the punishment for those two pilots who failed to pull off a daring stunt in
7:19 am
midair, but first back over to ginger. >> the heat is on. traverse city, michigan, hit 96. drew: here is your accuweather forecast. get ready for a warm afternoon. we expect 70's and 80's away from the coast. after a cool week, we are going above average. tonight, fog at the coast. and the numbers will mainly be in the 50's. here is the seven-day forecast. saturday, feeling like summer. cooler on sunday. then early next week, temperatures above average.
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stay right there on this friday. we'll be right back.
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traffic. thank you, reggie. good morning, everyone. so we do have our drive times, reflecting a shift in the commute highway four very slow. it's going to be 34 minutes minutes from antioch to concord. but the super commuters coming out of tracy, it is improving just 47 minutes. it's a true friday, though, because look at how light things aren't 6 80 walnut creek there no problems to report and even the backup of the bay bridge toll plazas, clearing as well. the backup of the bay bridge toll plazas, clearing as well. reggie jimmy. thank you. we're what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more... crazy commutes... crowd control- have a nice day alex (thanks ms. ellen) ...taking the stairs. that's how you du more with dupixent, which helps prevent asthma attacks. dupixent is not for sudden breathing problems.
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♪ ♪ my command center... the 2022 silverado lt. find new control. find new roads. very well-qualified buyers can get 1.9% financing on all 2022 silverado 1500 pickups. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. to a warmer start this morning compared to this time yesterday by 11 degrees in novato, five degrees in san jose. so we're in store for a warmer afternoon temperatures later today, finally, above average for this time of the year. after a pretty cool week or climbing through the fifties for the most part, so outside there's a lot of sunshine. here's sutro tower. you need your sunglasses today that son will be in full effect. the day shapes up like this already into the sixties and seventies by lunchtime away from the coast, and then later today,
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it is a warm afternoon warmer spots inland. going into the eighties. reggie drew. thank you if you're streaming us on our abc seven bay area app, abc, seven and seven continues next for everybody else. here's more good morni
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♪ ♪ that is not how it went! (laughter) (laughter) (children's laughter) we need to do this more often! (laughter) look at this. >> i noticed that you have bowls of those all over your house. >> i know. it's crazy, i know. and i just think they're beautiful. >> i love that movie. welcome back to "gma." diane keaton, jack nicholson in "something's gotta give." so dine ya's look there, part of this inspiration of the look that's called coastal grandma. we'll tell you what it means, how you can rock it. i'll tell you both, it's not just for women. so stay tuned. >> there's grandpa -- >> i love that movie as well.
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here's the headlines we're following right now. white house stepping in to help with the shortage in baby formula, it's urging states to allow families to use federal aid to buy more brands. also taking more steps to import more formula and crack down on price gouging. unclear how quickly we'll get shelves. millions getting ready to go away this summer. air travel expected to soar. airlines expecting millions more flyers but the prices are already going up up 34% from 2019. about $100 more per flight. and there will be no triple crown winner this year after the come from behind win at the kentucky derby and rich strike will not run at the preakness stakes. his owner decided to give him more time to recover hoping to race at the belmont stakes in june. >> he deserves to rest. and the driver of this car that drifted into a busy intersection while she was suffering a medical emergency is thanking everyone who raced to save her. first, her co-worker chases
7:32 am
after to warn drivers and other good samaritans jumped in to help stop the vehicle. the grateful driver is okay and back at work. she says it's a reminder that there are good people out there. very true. and we've got a lot more ahead, including our united states of barbecue competition. it hits the sunshine state. sam champion is with two of tampa's pitmasters getting ready to throw down. that is coming up. >> but right now, the johnny depp defamation lawsuit. the actor is suing his ex-wife amber heard for $50 million over an op-ed she wrote about domestic abuse. trial resumes monday and amy has the latest. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning, george. amber heard laid out her allegations of abuse in painstaking detail last week and now johnny depp's lawyers are looking to take apart those claims on cross-examination and they could also call on a high-profile witness to bolster his case. >> this is the most painful and difficult thing i've ever gone through. >> reporter: this morning, actors amber heard and johnny
7:33 am
depp preparing for the next round of their courtroom clash. 36-year-old heard heading back to the stand on monday after testifying last week that depp physically abused her on multiple occasions. >> i remember just trying to get up so i could breathe, so i could tell him that he was really hurting me. >> reporter: heard claiming her ex-husband physically and sexually assaulted her, allegations he denies, and is prepared to fight when his team cross-examines heard o monday. in a statement depp's spokesperson calling heard's testimony, the performance of her life and promising their cross-examination will certainly highlight the many fallacies miss heard has now attempted to pass off as fact. heard's team firing back saying, one of her disappointments is mr. depp's inability to distinguish fact from fiction. as her side prepares to call depp, heard's sister whitney and actress ellen barkin are called to the stand. >> thank you. thank you. >> reporter: barkin who starred in "ocean's 13" and dated depp in the '90s, testified in a previous trial that depp once
7:34 am
threw a wine bottle toward her in a hotel room. something he denies. legal experts are also watching to see whether another of depp's exes, supermodel kate moss could be called as a witness after heard named moss during testimony. >> i just in my head instantly think of kate moss and the stairs and i swung at him. >> reporter: heard referring to a rumor that depp pushed moss down the stairs. legal experts say now depp could call on moss to clear his name and help his case, which is why his attorney was seen smiling and fist pumping after moss' name was said. >> reporter: amber opened the door to that potential testimony. they can now bring kate to testify assuming she's prepared and willing to testify on his behalf that this wasn't true. this didn't happen. >> reporter: heard and depp who were currently locked in a bitter legal battle were seen making eye contact before court broke last week. that moment getting reaction online as millions tune in to watch every moment. and heard will be back on the stand on monday morning and the trial is scheduled to last two
7:35 am
more weeks, george. >> thanks. let's bring in chief legal analyst dan abrams. was it mistake to bring up kate moss? >> yeah, it now means that they can potentially call kate moss. typically you're not allowed to bring in someone to say something didn't happen or this is a good person, but now that she's made reference to a specific incident it is possible that they could call her and i's sort of like a penalty in sports meaning they violated something now we have an opportunity to try and kind of make that up. >> and the court's been on a week long recess. which side benefits the most from that? >> huge advantage for johnny depp's team because amber heard has now been testifying for two days. they now have a week to go through everything she said and prepare for cross-examination. this cross-examination is critical in connection with this case. i mean, if johnny depp's team can successfully portray amber heard as dishonest, inconsistent, that would be enormous for them, so being able to go through everything she said and prepare for the cross-examination is a huge
7:36 am
advantage for them. >> is that their strategy? they should really just go in and do tick by tick by tick. >> every inconsistency is what they want to show. they're hoping that the jury may basically say if we can't believe her on this, then maybe we can't believe what she was saying about the abuse either. that's a strategy lawyers use all the time. that is what they'll try to do here is try and show inconsistencies in her account, not just about the abuse itself but about other issues in an effort to have the jury not believe her. >> but is it enough for them to show that she's not believable in a defamation lawsuit? >> no, but, remember, that johnny depp is the plaintiff here. right? so johnny depp has the burden to prove this and so that puts her in a better position and that's why, you know, it's going to be very important. >> okay. >> very important. all right, dan, thank you so much as always. and we'll turn to more fallout from that failed plane swap stunt above the arizona
7:37 am
desert. the faa has suspended the licenses of those two pilots and kaylee hartung has the story. >> reporter: this morning, the stunt pilots who attempted this daring plane swap grounded. the faa declaring both men involved in the unauthorized event last month must surrender their pilot certificates immediately. during a livestream event on hulu, cousins luke aikins and andy farrington attempting a first of its kind stunt, both jumping out of their single-engine cessnas with the intention of swapping aircraft midair. while in vertical freefall aikins' plane losing control. >> is out of control. >> reporter: and crashing to the ground as farrington guided his parachute to safety. >> how are you doing, andy? are you okay? >> i'm good. >> reporter: the faa saying prior to the event aikins requested an exemption which the agency denied. aikins taking responsibility on social media shortly after acknowledging after his request was denied he kept it to himself writing, i made the personal decision to go forward with the
7:38 am
plane swap. i regret not sharing this information with my team. >> there is an appeals process and, of course, they will pursue it as they should, but if their appeal is denied and the revocation stands. >> reporter: the faa also proposing a nearly $5,000 fine against aikins for abandoning his pilot seat and operating in a reckless manner. red bull who sponsored the event telling abc news in a statement, this is a matter between the federal aviation administration and the two pilots, but also calling both pilots courageous who have been friends of red bull for many years. the faa says the pilots arizona actions indicate that they currently lack the degree of care, judgment and responsibility required of a certificate holder. now, yes, they can appeal this ruling, but if not, they'll have to wait one year to reapply for their license. michael.
7:39 am
>> all right, kaylee, thank you. cecilia. all right, guys, coming up, why so many folks are turning to travel agents to help book their summer vacations. stay with us. looking to get back in your type 2 diabetes zone? once-weekly ozempic® can help. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ ozempic® is proven to lower a1c. most people who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. and you may lose weight. adults lost on average up to 12 pounds.
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7:43 am
>> reporter: good morning, cecilia. after these past few years we know americans are desperate to get out and travel and with these rapid rising costs if you're not careful you could end up shelling out a whole lot of cash, but some travelers say they've been able to avoid that by returning to the days of that forgotten profession, the travel agent. eager for a getaway nicky and his wife went hunting for a tropical vacation. >> it was very much needed. >> reporter: but what they found was sticker shock. >> i've been getting ripped off all these years. >> reporter: so for the first time nicky decided to try a travel agent and he says the result, this incredible key west vacation, was unbelievable. >> she got it for me for half price. i just couldn't believe it. >> reporter: these days travelers have more ways to plan their own vacations than ever before. the internet is bursting with booking sites, advertisement, even influencers telling you where to go, but travel agents,
7:44 am
now called travel advisers, say business is booming. >> it helped people understand travel is not just one thing. it's a whole bevy of suppliers and destinations and rules and regulations that can be complex. >> reporter: katrina is the travel adviser who booked that great trip for nicky. she says a big part of her job lately has been helping clients navigate the constantly changing rules amid pandemic travel. >> we have access and know where to look to find the proper protocols. >> reporter: and the perks of using an adviser, they can get you discounts through relationships they have with companies often buying plane tickets or hotel rooms in bulk. >> we can add room upgrades, we can get free breakfast. we have access to be able to provide room credits that you may not get at resorts on your own. >> all right, you had me at free breakfast there, trevor. how do you start? where do you find a good one? >> reporter: well, a good place you can start, cecilia, is to get a professional. they'll let you search for
7:45 am
someone who has the proper accreditation and who specializes in what you want to do. maybe it's a cruise. maybe it's an african safari. maybe, cecilia, it's a deluxe breakfast and want to make sure you have a budget properly planned out and do this six months in advance at least, give them some time, give yourself some time to find the best deal and the best pancakes, cecilia. >> you got us ready for pancakes and a vacation, trevor. thank you. >> sure does. coming up, how parents are helping each other tackle the baby formula shortage. and next, our guy sam champion is standing by live in tampa to tell us all about the next round of our barbecue competition. stop teasing us, sam. ♪ am. ♪
7:46 am
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♪ let the good times roll ♪ we're back now live from tampa, florida, with the one and only sam champion. he's there to do the honors for day four of "gma's" united states of barbecue. sam, i was going to say how is it going down there, but you're already eating so that kind of gives it away. >> michael, guys, this is an amazing opportunity. so here we are. i just want to do the setup here, first of all. gorgeous tampa, beautiful moss in the trees, beautiful tampa, by the way, right? >> yes. >> i got two barbecue giants, i got jazzy's barbecue. i got station house barbecue. i got ribs, i got brisket, i
7:50 am
have baked beans and coleslaw, and i got three judges that are the size that we better have a whole lot. have you seen titus and derrick and joe? >> yes. >> and so far i've had -- titus has let me have control of the golden tongs and the barbecue so far but that's all about to change. >> sam, you also have a little something on your face there, my love. >> what? i'm sorry, what? >> you got a little something on your face. yeah, yeah, a little sheen. >> on this side? >> a little barbecue sheen. >> which side? >> we can't wait to see who takes those tongs. right there in tampa. that's right, sam. you clean it up. we got a lot more coming up from tampa, everybody, in our next hour. stay with us. in our next hour. stay with us. udit system? so you tap ibm to un-silo your data. and start crunching a year's worth of transactions against thousands of compliance controls with the help of ai. now you're making smarter decisions faster. operating costs are lower. and everyone
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7:54 am
and, yes, there's drought from there through nebraska, parts of the plains and red flag warnings are up today meaning that you do have heightened fire danger. look at the high wind alerts up into south and north dakota, gusts up there to 65. coming up, prince william and duchess kate, their special message this morning. and is the spf in your makeup enough to protect you from sun damage? we'll tell what you need to know. i feel like i've got a good thick layer of makeup on. and our series "inflation nation" is finding savings right in your backyard. don't want to miss that.
7:55 am
you're a champion. you're not a quitter. quitters don't do what they're supposed to. champions do. and you're a star. and you shine. that's what you do. that's what you do every day. [inspirational music] >> announcer: starting this tuesday, michael strahan will take you to the land of fire and ice live from breathtaking iceland. the most extreme landscapes on the planet. "gma's extraordinary earth," are you ready for this, michael? starting this tuesday only on "gma." "gma." on "gma."
7:56 am
building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions . this is abc. seven news. good morning. i'm reggie aqui from abc seven morning he's going to throw it to jagodina because she has to look at your roads. just a couple of seconds ago in san francisco on eastbound 80 past brian street, so speeds are still going to be recovering around seven mph in the eastbound direction, so this will impact anyone trying to get to the east bay from san francisco, bringing back walnut creek and 6 80. because typically at this time, southbound traffic is completely packed. and so is the bay bridge told plaza and both are pretty empty right now, drew yeah, it's looking nice out there and we're finding sunshine. temperatures warming already through the fifties right now. 57 in san mateo, already 55 in oakland, 57 in nevada, 56 in san jose. so the exploratorium camera nothing
7:57 am
but sunshine out there really? just a nice looking morning in temperatures quickly warming throughout the day lunchtime grab that meal outside of you can temperatures very comfortable than later on this afternoon. our warmest spots in the seventies and eighties reggie drew. thank you if you're streaming us on our abc seven bay area app, abc, seven and seven continues next for bay area app, abc, seven and seven continues next for everybody else. it's chiming. when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie.
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. as parents across the country scramble to find baby formula, the white house planned to bring in more and crack down on price gouging. plus, the congressional investigation now being launched as families are banding together to get formula into the bottles of babies who need it most. breaking overnight. a new study on sudden infant death syndrome determining a possible cause. could this new discovery save lives? royals and mental health. why william and kate are speaking out. >> we can all feel lonely sometimes. >> no matter who or where we are. >> with their urgent message about the importance of connection. ♪
8:01 am
as food prices soar, how you can save right in your backyard. hundreds of dollars a year. grow your own produce even just one plant can make a difference to your bottom line. ♪ dr. dress up. meet the colorado surgeon going above and beyond for one of his young patients and why he's happy to do it. ♪ come sail away ♪ and it's coastal grandma time. the style trend making waves on tiktok. >> something better every minute. >> how to get comfortable and sail away this morning. ♪ ♪ everything is awesome ♪ and our united states of barbecue tour rolls on to its last stop. sam champion is there in tampa with our competitors. who will win this awesome friday? >> all: good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] whoo! ♪ let the good times roll ♪ i hope sam's face is cleaned up. good morning, america. hope you're doing well this
8:02 am
friday morning. >> we've been crisscrossing the country from dallas to d.c., to chicago, and this morning, we are in tampa, florida, and our guy, sam champion, he is there for us. hey, sam. >> hey, michael. hi, guys. so we're at old mickey's farm. which i didn't mention before. look at the beautiful trees. jacob's dad has this place set up for us right now and let me tell you, so this is day four. this could be really sincerely good. we got a lot going on here. we could call it old school versus new school. we could call it football hero versus firefighter, but we're not about that in tampa. we're about love and barbecue and goodness and fun, jazzy's bbq and station house bbq and if you have not seen my judges, we'll fully introduce them later. but i got to tell you, titus, joe and derrick, two of the biggest guys i've ever seen around barbecue so we better have a lot, guys.
8:03 am
>> sam got the memo. he is wearing dark colors. i made the mistake of wearing white to my barbecue eating contest. >> you're very brave. >> yes. >> very brave. we're talking about this growing trend of spf in cosmetics. sounds like the perfect solution for these bright summer days, but the big question, is that enough sun protection from the dangerous rays? we'll take a closer look at that. we start with the news and the latest on that baby formula shortage. the white house stepping in with steps to help struggling families and mary bruce is back with that. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning again, george. parents across the country are frustrated, worried and scrambling to find formula and now facing growing pressure. the white house is stepping in and taking action to try and get formula back on the shelves. they're taking steps to try to speed manufacturing and increase imports, also cracking down on price gouging, which we've seen being a real problem online, and urging people not to be hoarding formula, but critics say the white house really dropped the ball here and should have acted sooner and these steps aren't going to be enough to fix the problem. washington is now also demanding
8:04 am
answers from these formula companies. we've learned exclusively that the house oversight committee is launching an investigation, but in the meantime, many store shelves are simply empty. roughly 40% of formula brands are now out of stock and when i pressed the white house about how long this shortage is going to last, the white house simply couldn't say when this crisis, george, is going to actually end. >> mary bruce, thanks. michael. going to turn to the new study all right, george, we're going to turn now to the new study about babies and sids looking at a possible cause of the syndrome. dr. ashton is here and, doc, good morning to you. please tell us about the very, very important study. >> so, michael, this is being called potentially a breakthrough in understanding the cause of sudden infant death syndrome, small study published in "lancet," identified a biomarker that is a substance found in blood samples of babies who had died from sids. this enzyme is known as bche and it is thought to be involved in brain arousal pathways so the drive to take a breath that is
8:05 am
necessary that may be deficient in babies who die from sids so potentially this would represent a target for intervention if you could screen babies, you found they had a low enzyme level, potentially you could improve that. but, again, just preliminary research at this point. >> so, is there anything a parent can do now to reduce it? >> and this campaign on the part of pediatricians has been very, very successful, awareness, it's been out for some time now. we call it back to sleep, so you want to put a baby on their back to go to sleep, do not put blankets in their crib. if possible, breast-feed those babies. that's been associated with a reduction in risk. if it's also possible, sleep with that baby in your room but not in your bed. all of these steps, things that are pretty routine now upon instructions when you take a baby home from the hospital. >> all right, thank you, doc. >> you bet. >> cecilia. we want to celebrate this morning, some of our abc news family as you know, there are so many people working around the clock in front of and behind the
8:06 am
camera here and also online and this week we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of which first launched back in 1997. the site has changed as much as we have over the years including our hair, thank you to all of our colleagues who helped launch this important arm of abc news and who bring us into the future in new ways every single day. >> wow. looking at those images, what, that was clear back then. coming up here on "gma," we have our "gma morning menu." how parents are helping parents get the formula they need for their babies. and prince william and duchess kate are speaking out, the message they want to share with the world. and as food prices are rising, the savings you can find in growing in your own backyard. how gardening can help you beat inflation. lara, tell us about your special guests. >> well, we have a lot going on this morning. if you want rom-com style, melissa garcia is going to show us how to embrace the new fashion trend known as coastal grandma. plus, our own coastal fashion plate.
8:07 am
sam champion is live in florida with the most delicious assignment of the day, round four of our united states of barbecue competition. it's all coming up on "good morning america." don't go anywhere. ♪ i love the look. google pixel 6. what if your phone didn't just take epic photos? what if it fixed them too? the amazing magic eraser on google pixel 6.
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although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination.
8:11 am
♪ ♪ with all my favorite colors ♪ welcome back to "gma" here on this friday morning. tomorrow on saturday "gma," if organized chaos sparks joy for you, we're going to show you -- >> yes. >> organized chaos right here in the flesh, all of us. we're going to turn now to our "gma" cover story. the baby formula shortage. the white house is moving to speed up production and get formula back on market shelves but parents need help now and they're turning to other parents for help feeding their babies. erielle reshef is here with that. good morning, erielle. >> reporter: good morning. as you know we have been following this and new parents we talked to say this is an incredibly distressing time as the fda and manufacturers work to address the critical shortage, families are leaning on each other on social media
8:12 am
finding creative ways to get formula into the bottles of the babies who need it. this morning, panic and frustration as new parents from coast to coast confront the critical formula shortage. >> i like a lot of caregivers are worried and anxious. >> reporter: families facing those empty shelves desperately searching for supply. >> it has been very, very hard to find -- well, formula everywhere. >> reporter: moms now leaning on each other on social media to fill the void. first-time mom alaya going to great lengths to find formula for her 7-month-old. >> i went as far as traveling outside of my city to try to find it and i still couldn't locate it. >> reporter: alleyah combed through her local facebook group where she found another mom willing to help. >> when i was pregnant, people had given me boxes, like gift set boxes with formula in them. but i produce enough milk for my baby and i really didn't have any use for it.
8:13 am
>> i quickly commented and was like, can i please get this formula and she was like, yes, of course. i just was so ecstatic. >> reporter: lingering pandemic supply chain issues compounded by voluntary formula recalls slashed nationwide supplies by 4 %. abbott, the manufacturer of several popular brands, predicting it could take ten weeks to get their products back on store shelves. seattle mom of three, jae coleman creating the facebook group find my formula after she faced a crisis finding what she needed for her 5-month-old twin boys. >> i found myself going to eight to ten grocery stores just to find formula for him. it really frustrates me to see that there are people who don't have their basic needs met. >> reporter: jae now on a mission gathering more than 400 members and distributing hundreds of cans. >> this has become a full-time job for me. it really keeps me going. it really reminds me that this is needed and this is necessary. >> reporter: you got to admire those moms out there and the
8:14 am
moms we talked to say you should search local mom groups in your area. many on social media are helping each other find supply and they're swapping formula and offering extras. also, reach out to family and friends in other cities and states who can ship you what you need. important note, do not try to dilute or stretch out your formula. talk to your pediatrician about safe alternatives. you just feel for families out there, it's already a stressful time and now this on top of it. >> thanks, erielle. now to prince william and duchess kate's passionate new message about mental health. they joined every radio station in the uk to talk about the power of human connection. maggie rulli is at kensington palace with the story. good morning, maggie. >> reporter: hey, george, good morning. mental health awareness week is wrapping up in the uk. it's something that the royals have been involved with for years and this year, they decided to tackle the issue of loneliness, they say it's something that so many people have been struggling with during this pandemic. >> we could all feel lonely sometimes. >> no matter who or where we are. >> we can feel it for many different reasons. >> but we can all help each
8:15 am
other feel less isolated and more connected. >> reporter: prince william and his wife catherine reaching out to mark mental health week. here in the uk. this year focusing on loneliness and their minute-long message broadcast simultaneously on every radio station across the country this morning. >> if you think someone you know might be feeling lonely, just give them a ring. send them a text or knock on the door. >> maybe suggest meeting for a cup of tea or a walk. >> reporter: reminding people it's okay to feel vulnerable right now. >> but we can all help each other feel less isolated and more connected. >> the past two years have really reminded us of the importance of human relationships. >> reporter: the royals making mental health a focus is something that's been happening for a long time and something that's actually been very effective, because they've consistently been championing these issues, looking at it from different angles and i think it's something that's really started to resonate with the public now. >> reporter: mental health
8:16 am
awareness has been a passion for the whole family for years. the couple launching heads together with little brother prince harry in 2016. >> you can draw 150 charities everybody is running and in the middle would be mental health. >> reporter: and this week the duke and duchess making mental health the priority while visiting scotland. william seen hugging a member of the public. ♪ and the two taking time to enjoy some nursery rhymes with local school kids. ♪ beep, beep, beep ♪ ♪ the wheels on the bus ♪ >> reporter: guys, it's not all work, work, work for them. kensington palace announced this morning the couple will be guests of honor at the "top gun" premiere in london next week. cecilia, i'm kind of jealous. i want to be there. >> i hope you get to cover it, maggie. take us with you. thank you. we're going to turn to a "gma" health alert on makeup containing sunscreen. bright summer sun is on the way but the question is, do the
8:17 am
growing number of cosmetics containing spf offer enough protection? board certified dermatologist dr. rita linkner is here with all these answers. is makeup with sunscreen enough? >> that's a great question. when you're walking down that aisle and looking to pick up a sunscreen, the most important thing is look at the spf number. land between a 30 and 50 and they're not additive. a lot think my makeup as a 15, my sunscreen has a 15. it doesn't add up to 30. you always want to stick between an independent product 30 to 50. >> if you wear a sunscreen with your makeup what do you want to be on the lookout for? >> first things first the label should say broad spectrum. that's how you know you're protecting against uva and uvb rays. uva ages your skin. uvb burns your skin. broad spectrum will control both of those. >> sometimes you see zinc in there. >> if you have a personal history of skin cancer, or family history, that's the one
8:18 am
to pick. >> sunscreens, makeup with tint in them. >> tint is important. it protects against visible light, iron oxides pigments within the foundation or tinted sunscreen. prone to hyperpigmentation, that's the one to go for. >> you're going to show us how to apply makeup and sunscreen. >> let's do it, okay. so i always tell my patients, start with the sunscreen, couple of pumps. >> sunscreen first. >> sunscreen first. on clean skin. >> okay. >> doing a good job. >> areas people forget, tip of the nose, top of the ears, center, rub it all the way in. perfect. and then another big tip, a lot of people feel pasty with their sunscreen, add a lot of vitamin c to it. >> on top of the sunscreen? >> on top of the sunscreen. doing it backwards. >> vitamin c neutralizes a lot of sun damage that gets beyond your spf level. antioxidant. >> and what is this here? >> if you're looking to reapply, in sustained sunlight, powder sunscreens are great for touching up.
8:19 am
>> that's a problem they only last a couple of hours and have to do your touch-ups. >> work from home a good application will get you through. in sustained sunlight reapply every two to three hours. >> you're good to go, jess, doctor, thank you. lara, over to you. we're going to turn to our series "inflation nation." as food prices are climbing, people across the country are turning to their own gardens for produce. abc's mireya villarreal has more from dallas, texas. good morning, mireya. >> reporter: hey, good morning, lara. let me tell you rigt now we are at bon ton farms. this place is amazing. they've already planted their summer crops and i can literally pull this onion, and hopefully things go well, pull it right out of the ground. incredible. this place started off as a small community garden in an area dallas considered a food desert but now they've grown into two functional farms to help meet the needs of this community right now and people are really struggling. as the price of filling your fridge grows -- >> okay. >> -- people around the country are starting to get their hands dirty. >> so if you look at this row of
8:20 am
peppers, this -- >> reporter: darren babcock started this farm more than a decade ago and it produces between 40,000 and 50,000 pounds of food each year for the community. >> we have people coming and learning how to -- that want to come and learn how to do this in their own backyard. >> reporter: the consumer price index estimates that fresh vegetable prices will rise by nearly 5% this year. fresh fruit prices will rise even more to almost 7%. experts suggest to keep costs down, plan meals that use seasonal produce. during the summer that includes things like berries, melons, peaches, peppers, swiss chard and okra and growing your own produce can help even more. >> these are the first beds i put in. >> okay. >> reporter: michael turned his gardening hobby into a savings cornucopia. >> not only do we get better fresh tasting vegetables it doesn't hurt your pocketbook as much. >> reporter: home gardeners
8:21 am
hoping to grow their savings should look for plants that thrive a lot in a small space. tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers can all be bountiful options. as are salad greens, a packet of lettuce seeds can cost around $2 and could yield enough for a summer of salads providing hundreds of dollars in savings. >> you have to do a little work and research. >> reporter: if you are thinking of starting a garden at home he suggests starting slow and researching what plants grow best in your area. how often are you buying groceries versus harvesting them? >> significantly less than we used to. it's only proteins and, you know, non-growable things, it's hundreds and hundreds of dollars a month that we no longer have to spend. >> reporter: so, if you're wondering what to stay away from, the national gardening association says stay away from things like potatoes where you can still find them in the store and they're still fairly cheap.
8:22 am
around if you're saying to yourself right now, i want to do this and try this but i don't have a backyard, maybe i live in an apartment. don't worry, i got you. this is a hydroponic system, this is a home kit i have in my own home. i haven't bought herbs in several months because of this thing right here. you can use small pots, basically all you need is to make sure you feed them, give them good soil, water and plenty of sunshine. lara. >> such great advice. i love it, thanks, mireya. let's get to ginger. >> i was just planting yesterday. my favorite time of the year. all right, so did you know that madison, wisconsin, has been 90 plus for three days in a row breaking records every day and they're not alone. so much of that warmth has made it through the plains, up into the great lakes, traverse city, michigan, was 96, the hottest may temperature and, look, even maine was into the 90s, you guys realize new york city still has not had our first 80, right? so it's very -- but we will get there, don't worry. drew: here is your accuweather
8:23 am
forecast. get ready for a warm afternoon. we expect 70's and 80's away from the coast. after a cool week, we are going above average. tonight, fog at the coast. and the numbers will mainly be in the 50's. here is the seven-day forecast. saturday, feeling like summer. cooler on sunday. then early next week, temperatures above average. a special we got a special friday edition of "pop news." >> we sure do. good morning, george. good morning to you all. sharing special news with you, hosting a televised memorial our robin roberts will be hosting a televised memorial this sunday for country legend naomi judd. robin will be in nashville hosting the celebration of judd's life that will air from the ryman auditorium featuring performances by ashley mcbryde, brandi carlile, little big town and so many more. also participating, oprah, bono,
8:24 am
martina mcbride, morgan freeman all paying tribute. the live event, "naomi judd. a river of time celebration" will air this sunday 6:00 p.m. on cmt. robin is heading down there and i know it feels very deeply about this. movie news this morning, yes, "top gun: maverick," i am so pumped for this movie soaring to new heights even before it hits theaters, the reviews for the highly anticipated sequel are in and they are glowing. "deadline" declaring tom cruise is back in what may be the role of his career. "variety" says turns out we need maverick now more than ever. and my favorite, timeout says you'll want to high-five someone on your way out of the theater. i want to high-five you right now. i already have a date. we have a date. we have a triple date with our friends to go see this. let's go! >> maverick. >> the real test, though, the current rotten tomatoes rating sitting at 96%.
8:25 am
it was at 100%. it's at 96%. so, if you want to see what all the hype is about join me, "top gun: maverick" flying to theaters may 27th. >> exciting. >> that was a heck of a high-five. >> i know. >> high hand hurt on that one. ooh. i am pumped on this friday. you're going to love this story. a children's orthopedic surgeon in denver, colorado, going above and beyond for one of his very special patients. dr. riley has been performing surgeries on 13-year-old nelly for years now. nelly suffers from severe scoliosis, she's already undergone four major surgeries, but dr. riley noticed when nelly sees him out of his scrubs, she's much more comfortable with him so he took it to the next level. every time he met with nelly, he wore a new costume. yeah, you're seeing it there. full on dinosaur. human size chicken. he is not above it. there he is a pirate. smetimes just silly glasses will do the trick to make nelly
8:26 am
feel as comfortable as possible. her family telling our denver affiliate kmgh that nelly now loves going to see dr. riley. >> sweet story. >> so wonderful. >> yes. happy weekend, everybody. >> high-five for dr. riley there too. coming up, we have the fourth and final stop in our united states of barbecue tour. who will be competing for ultimate pitmaster right here in times square on monday. we'll be right back. we'll be right back.
8:27 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: a heads up if you are flying out of some of this morning. you might see delays. because of lingering network issues that affected the ticket counters at terminal one. southwest and jetblue and american airlines were affected. southwest connectivity has been restored and it is working to resume normal operations. jobina: good morning, everyone. we star in berkeley where we follow a crash on westbound 80 before gilman's. speeds are on 23 miles per hour at least one lane blocked and also the richmond san rafael bridge, not an issue here but in richmond approaching it, we have a's disabled vehicle on west on
8:28 am
580 causing a slowdown. kumasi: t
8:29 am
drew: taking a look at temperatures right now, already have 60's on the board. 60 when in antioch. the rest of us in the 50's so we are on our way to a warm afternoon for our friday. here is a live look at the bay bridge. tons of sunshine from the south beach camera and a lot of sunshine today. take the sunglasses later on today. temperatures above average,
8:30 am
coast in the 70's and 80's. kumasi: thank you. at 8:30, abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield will have a live ♪ welcome back, everybody. it is time for round four of our united states of barbecue competition. so far we named winners in three of the four cities in our barbecue bracket. barbecue bracket. dallas. >> we're all in. >> dallas, washington, d.c. and chicago. >> yep, we have, indeed and the winners of each round will come here to new york to compete in our grand finale on national barbecue day. that's next monday, by the way, the winner will be crowned "gma's" ultimate pitmaster, yeah, and take home $10,000. that's real. >> yes. >> for our fourth and final city we had to get sam in on this.
8:31 am
he is live in tampa. he never says no to a live assignment in florida. sam, talk to us. >> never. lara, i was on my way to florida anyway so here i am. hey, the business of barbecue, let's get going. we are in this beautiful spot by the way, i can't stop talking about these trees and the water behind us and everything. it's old mickey's farm. this is jacob and ralph is his dad. this is their spot right here and they were nice enough to set us up so everybody, a round of applause for them. [ applause ] we had to break for a wedding yesterday so there was a lot of business going on here. also so let's get to it. we have two married teams that are up against it during the day today, former tampa bay buccaneer johnny and pam smith who run jazzy's bbq. i got to say johnny ray smith, that's what i got to say. [ applause ] all right, also, firefighter anthony fonseca and his wife alison, a former teacher, big golden smile, my friend, right there.
8:32 am
all right, and, look, captain fear is here as well. everybody did the applause there. let's introduce our judges. we can't do this without them. wwe superstar, global ambassador and fan favorite of the barbecue day, titus o'neil. [ applause ] michelin star chef of tampa, joe isidori, and by the way, opening a new restauant arthur's jr.'s >> june 1st. >> in new york. derrick brooks, not only a former tampa bay buccaneer, but i mean the list of your -- i can't go through the list of all the wonderful things you did for tampa bay and you will awards and rings. did you tell me something about michael? >> he is my hall of fame classmate. >> there you go. [ applause ] >> so we've got three fine judges ready to set this off and now everything went so perfectly the first four days of this competition, let's just mess it all up today.
8:33 am
first, we'll roll that beautiful barbecue footage. ♪ here in the sunshine state it's new school versus old school. ♪ >> there's a lot of old school around here and for here to take it by storm. >> old school will always be the best school. ♪ >> reporter: the fonseca family's station house bbq not even two years old but still ready to fire up the competition. when fireman anthony isn't on shift at the station he's calling the shifts at station house. >> this is the best brisket in tampa bay. >> reporter: and fellow firefighters love their cooking. >> always call me, you got any leftovers. >> i'll run them over food and they'll meet me in between calls. >> reporter: their specialty, a 16-hour brisket, top contender this morning. >> anybody can cook a brisket but can you cook it consistently on a daily basis where it's always going to be fresh. >> reporter: down the street, a tampa bay institution. jazzy's run by the smith family. >> we've been here for 26 years and that speaks for itself.
8:34 am
>> reporter: johnny, a former tampa bay buccaneer, and wife pamela, a former cheerleader passing the torch to their son. >> you're only going to get this at jazzy's, it'm telling you. ♪ >> reporter: and the smiths keeping jazzy's menu all the same all these years. >> good food made from scratch. there's nothing like it. [ cheers and applause ] >> tampa is definitely a barbecue town so we're going to start with the tastings. judges are ready. with jazzy's. now, jazzy's, pam, johnny ray, you guys put together this beautiful beans and ribs, i mean, come on. this is gorgeous. so tell me why this is a number one plate. >> well, i grew up watching my grandfather cook and we got here this pepper, seasoned salt and this is the bomb. this is the makeup of it. the finished product. >> all right, okay.
8:35 am
well, then -- go ahead. i'll get a little of the bomb here. go ahead. >> we have our beans here that we make and we slow cook them and this is our special sauce that goes with the beans that we mae. >> mm-mm. >> and that just -- that's the magic for the beans. >> that's our magic for the beans and that's the sauce. >> our barbecue sauce that also goes on the beans. >> that is great. >> these are peppers that go in our sauce that makes it really hot. >> i want to know what's in that jar. judges, what do we think? derrick, tell me. >> well -- [ laughter ] but it is some magic going on with the beans, i must say that and i was not prepared how hot that spice is. >> i heard you yell for water. >> my lord. >> joe, hit me. >> i feel the same way. >> yeah. >> i'm a sauce guy. this is just amazing. that is hot. hot. >> you're the tough one to please but now, titus, i don't know that we have enough to feed you. >> you're right. >> but what happened with
8:36 am
jazzy's? >> well, i can tell you, i mean, this is what happened. my plate is butt naked so i -- but, yeah, the beans were tremendous. the ribs were tremendous and the sauce was definitely hot. i just drank two gallons of water. >> i know, i know. we had to put extra water down. i'm not kidding, we had to put extra water down. so now, let's talk to anthony and alison. so you guys, married how long. >> 16 years. >> let her answer that. >> always the best move, anthony, but tell me about this because there's something magical, i think, about brisket and coleslaw and that's what you brought to the competition. tell us about that combo. >> we have usda prime biscuit, brisket, smoking for about 14 to 16 hours depending on the size and seasoned salt and pepper and our own blend of seasoned salt we use. we use a pickle juice mustard to kind of spread the mustard out so it's not so thick and pair it with our nice not your momma's slaw. refreshing, apples in it, green
8:37 am
onions. pairs well. >> people miss out on the whole idea of slaw but it's cooling, right, it cools down that fire. all right, guys, so now i'll work backwards. tell me about the brisket and the slaw. >> the brisket was very tender. how long you cooked it? 14 hours? >> 14 hours, yeah. >> it is exactly 14 hours worth -- i mean i cook personally but this is amazing. i couldn't do it the way that they do it. >> awesome, joe. [ cheers and applause ] finger licking good. >> sauce is unbelievable. >> all right, and? >> with the slaw. >> not a big slaw eater but i'm definitely eating this and -- >> it's cooling. >> it's great. so i actually enjoyed it and they did an awesome job and i love the spicy white sauce. >> the spicy white sauce. that's yours, right? >> that's mine. >> all right, so, let's choose a winner, guys. so you've had a chance to taste
8:38 am
so get your paddles ready. drum roll, everybody on your thighs. come on, let's go. thigh drum roll. go. hit me. >> jazzy's. station house. come on, come on, titus. come on. >> all right, here we go. jazzy's. ♪ let the good times roll ♪ >> come on! >> come on out. come on out. >> the beans, the beans, the beans. >> alison and anthony, come on guys, come on around. [ cheers and applause ] what i'm amazed about -- >> congrats. >> we didn't hurt anybody. this is beautiful. congratulations. so happy for you. so that's the way day four of the barbecue competition rounds up, guys. we have our winner. you guys are going to new york. pam, johnny ray, we're bringing you to new york. can i just hole the golden tong for just one minute, pam. just one second, i want to clap
8:39 am
the golden tong. all right, we'll see you in new york. >> that was an odd request right there. >> only sam. >> he did give you a run for your money as a pitmaster. >> yes. and everybody at home, you can get recipes from both contestants on our website,, and tune in on monday when our four finalists compete here in new york city to be named "gma's" ultimate pitmaster and win that $10,000 prize. coming up, we have the coastal grandma fashion trend, hey, and it's not for your nana. ♪ "gma's" united states of barbecue is sponsored by king's hawaiian slider sunday. every single sunday. ♪
8:40 am
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♪ welcome back to "gma" on this friday. fashion trends, we all know they come and go but the latest style emerging on tiktok called coastal grandma with looks coming straight out of your favorite rom-coms, fashion and lifestyle expert our friend melissa garcia is here to talk to us all about this, how to re-create it for ourself. we're calling this -- i've been calling this coastal grandma chic. i'm throwing in the chic. tell us what our model is wearing. item us what this is. >> this is basically a whole moment. it's in fashion, decor, but it's really like coastal living that
8:43 am
really effortless vibe. so here as you can see we have jessi and we put her in linen which it has that coastal feel. this is a great top from the gap and put a wide leg elastic band pants because you want to be comfortable. flowy. these are from loft. a white sneaker, of course, always pulls the look together and a great straw hat from lulu's because you need to shade yourself from the sun if you're on the coast and it pulls it together. >> all you have to do is point your phone at the qr code. sara, i see you back there, our producer sara looking very fabulous. you ready for a beach vacation. >> so this is totally giving me diane keaton in "something's gotta give," right, a whole monochromatic moment. a lightweight turtleneck paired with abercrombie jeans and loafer from steve maddon in that tonal family and added texture and length with this great cardigan from the gap and, of course, the glasses, you have to add in a little tortoise shell
8:44 am
glasses. so cute. the whole coastal vibe moment. >> you got the hand on the hip, my friend. i see you over there popping that hip, all right. not just for women. >> not just for women. >> coastal grandma is not just for grandma. >> i see george is paying close attention. [ laughter ] >> yes. so it's for the men too. so think about the same feel. so those linens, those really earthy tones, we put a chambray top on adam from abercrombie which is great and these great shorts, these are from banana republic and then, of course, you have to have that effortless sweater thrown over your arms from abercrombie. >> it took you 20 minutes to tie that in my case. effortless. >> super effortless and a great white sneaker pulls the whole look together. >> is that kind of key, all sort of in the same color family, same soft linens? >> exactly, it's that soft linen vibe, really just that monochromatic earthy tone. >> you look like you're ready for a vacation. we're talking housewares too. >> and i love this. you can have a whole moment. if you don't feel the vibe bring it into your home. so think lots of beautiful
8:45 am
gorgeous flowers, these are peonies, hydrangeas, and if you can't get them where you live, if you can't go to the local farmer's market -- >> pull them from your garden. >> then, of course, we love these great vases, these are from crate & barrel, giving a coastal vibe. >> never hurt. never hurt. and, of course, candles. i love a boujee candle. you can always do an h&m candle if that's a little out of your budget. >> thank you. everybody, shop all of these looks using that qr code like we said right there at the bottom of your screen or by heading to our website, ginger, over to you. >> cecilia, once you get the coastal grandma outfit in make sure you stuff kleenex in the pocket. man, pollen is high. allergies have been exploding this week all around us with the warmer weather but we're not alone. this segment is sponsored by zyrtec and the high pollen
8:46 am
levels stretch back to the midwest where this video was taken in honey creek, iowa. that is michele from the hitchcock nature center tapping that tree to show us just how much pollen cedar trees can hold but it's not just the cedar trees, we've got maple, birch, oak, also giving us the high pollen trouble. see it on the map. send us your photos and videos to me on twitter @ginger, underscore, z. that's the big picture. drew: here is your accuweather forecast. a warm day today with sunshine. 70's and 80's away from the coast. even warmer tomorrow. still above average on sunday. time now to reveal this week's "gma" buzz pick "the swimmers" by julia otsuka. it's about when a group of r recreational swimmers
8:47 am
discover a crack at the bottom of their pool giving an unforgivable look at mothers, daughters and loss. "the swimmers" out now. we'll be right back. "gma's" pollen report is sponsored by zyrtec. zyrtec, powerful 24-hour allergy relief that starts working hard at hour one. relief that starts working hard at hour one. meet a future mom, a first-time mom and a seasoned pro. this mom's one step closer to their new mini-van! yeah, you'll get used to it. this mom's depositing money with tools on-hand. cha ching. and this mom, well, she's setting an appointment here, so her son can get set up there and start his own financial journey.
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♪ back now on "gma," get ready to lace up and dream. performing an exclusive mix of songs from the new disney plus original movie, "sneakerella," here's chosen jacobs. ♪ ♪ limited release had to pull up early ♪ ♪ number 33 on the back of my jersey ♪ ♪ i'm an all-star from low to high tops ♪ ♪ the line's for five blocks, can't wait till they drop my ♪ ♪ kicks, kicks, kicks, ain't nothing fresher, no one's stepping on my kicks, kicks, kicks, kicks ♪ ♪ they be like, what are those,
8:50 am
those soles are sick, sick, sick ♪ ♪ i be like, sure, you right, paparazzi taking pics ♪ ♪ they want the kicks, they want the drip ♪ ♪ they want the heat and they know who's lit ♪ ♪ we stroll the streets laced up, don't trip, don't trip ♪ ♪ i like custom nikes, woo ♪ ♪ gucci suits me nicely ♪ ♪ prada makes 'em pricey no one wears 'em like me ♪ ♪ my soles got soul, i've been this gold since i was 3 years old ♪ ♪ i'm going for my goals, soaring high to the stars ♪ ♪ it's more than what you wear, represent who you are ♪ ♪ just when you think i'm high enough, high enough ♪ ♪ i'm about to take it higher up, higher up ♪ ♪ leaving gravity, i'm fired up, fired up it's a king 6 release, bruh ♪ ♪ ain't nothing fresher than my kicks, hey ♪ ♪ ♪ i should be making reebok, i should be making nike ♪ ♪ hit the world with my kicks ♪ ♪ i glide out, slide out with my
8:51 am
kicks ♪ ♪ you can tell a lot about me by the way i wear my kicks, kicks ♪ ♪ ♪ a dream is a wish your heart makes when you're fast asleep ♪ ♪ in dreams you will lose your heartache whatever you wish for, you keep ♪ ♪ have faith in your dreams and someday your rainbow will come smiling through ♪ ♪ no matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing ♪ ♪ the dream that you wish will come true ♪ >> let's dance. ♪ ♪ ♪ hey, a dream is a wish ♪ ♪ hey ♪
8:52 am
♪ hey, a dream is a wish ♪ ♪ hey ♪ >> good morning, america. ameri. i'm dan o'dowd and i approved this message. tesla's full self- driving technology. the washington post reported on "owners of teslas fighting for control..." "i'm trying..." watch this tesla "slam into a bike lane bollard..." "oh [bleeped f***]" this one "fails to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk."
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8:55 am
me? yeah, that's right, i'm learning the moves. this was such an awesome way to start the weekend, chosen jacobs, gang, you were so great. i got the sneaks on because this is cinderella for sneaker heads. >> yes, ma'am. >> what do you hope fans love most about it? what do you want to give them? >> "sneakerella" is an epic musical about discovering love and discovering yourself and chasing your dreams and i think families will love it and, yeah, dance in your living room. >> let me tell you, the energy is contagious. get out here, we want to show you a move, you guys. >> a little cross, a little bounce. "sneakerella." >> "sneakerella," guys. streaming right now. >> what? >> streaming right now. check it out. disney plus. >> cecilia promised the worm so i'm waiting for it. >> uh-oh. >> have an awesome, weekend, everybody. we want to thank our competitor, jazzy's bbq and station house bbq for hosting us. that's it? have a good weekend. >> hi, grandma.
8:56 am
>> show the moves. ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:57 am
hey you two, go outside and play. ♪ ♪ create a season full of playfulness. your happiest spring starts at lowe's.
8:58 am
fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
8:59 am
>> welding a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. kumasi: good morning, here is jobina with a look at traffic. jobina: a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. some good news that the backup is completely weird. the only slow spot right now is going to be in the richmond bridge but speeds will pick up once you reach the center of the bridge. >> sunshine, temperatures warmer compared to this time yesterday. we already have some 60's on the board. 63 in nevada, 63 in palo alto. showing you the sunny skies. take the sunglasses with you, it is bright and warm. away from the coast into the 70's and 80's.
9:00 am
kumasi: now it is time for live with kelly and ryan. we will be back at 11:00. have a good morning. >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, our "virtual road trip" makes its final stop, sacramento, california. today, singer, dancer, and not broadway star, julianne hough. plus, from sacramento's localis restaurant, a cooking lesson from chef barnum dan. also, the wonderful maria menounos takes a seat at the co-host desk. all next on "live!" and now, here are ryan seacrest and maria menounos! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> ryan: morning, deja!


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