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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 13, 2022 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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a week. >> this shortage has left moms on their own searching for ways to feed their babies. >> all of us are trying to share the formula that we have. sometimes even half a can, i'll take half, you take the other half. it is really serious. i cannot rest feed at all, so if i don't have formula, my baby is not going to eat. >> for the past two months, she has been contacting strangers on social media. >> i'm having formula shipped from oklahoma, from kentucky, from sacramento. i recently looked into buying from canada. >> finding formula on the shelves is almost isible.the m'n
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jose is noticing an increase in more moms opting for donated rest milk. >> we are seeing about 20% increase in the amount of milk we shipped up to hospitals and patients. >> as the shortage intensifies, more moms are signing up to go through the process of helping those in need. about 4000 boxes of breastmilk are leaving this location every day. >> this represents shipments for several months. >> today, president biden said the shortage should improve but did not give any specifics as to win. as for teresa, she says every day that goes by is a day her son has less formula. >> how are we going to make this work this week? and there's no end in sight so far. dion: that situation sounds so dire. joining me to talk about it, abc
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7 news contributor dr. patel. you obviously know about the issue. how serious exactly is this problem? >> it is serious in two kind of evidence. it is serious in the fact that three companies control 90% of our formula supply, so the fact that we are in this position, the fact that our supply chain is so sensitive and we don't have a lot of resources from others -- four mothers who want to breast-feed so they are reliant on formula, i am increasingly worried about the mothers, those families who do not have the resources or time to go out and find formula power play -- pay increasing prices, but i'm also concerned about kids who have specific formula needs. they require not just any formula but a specific one. all of this is why this is such a national crisis right now. dion: that being said, what are some safe alternatives parents can use if they cannot get their
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hands on formula or just do not have the time to get it? >> if we are talking under six-month and children adjust formula fed with no health concerns, an alternative formula is acceptable. try it to see if your infant likes the taste of it. parents who are worried about a specific type should talk to a pediatrician and look to see if there is an extra supply from a local representative. they can call local charitable to look and see if you can get that specific formula because that is extremely important to this population. dion: i actually got an instagram dem from a mom says she is concerned and asking the doctor about watering down formula. is that safe? can you make your own formula as well?
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>> unfortunately not. i don't want to judge parents thinking of making their own formula, but it is not safe when it comes to him watering down formula. you can actually dilute formula down to a dangerous level when it comes to electrolytes. the nutrition that babies need. it is almost impossible to replicate the science of breastmilk and formula in your own home blender. the fda requires a specific minimum and maximum on vitamins and nutrients and if you deviate from that level, it could be catastrophic for infants. milk, almond milk, plant-based milk -- none of that is adequate. that is why we are so dependent on the supply. dion: thank you. pleasure having you. dan: moving on in the south bay, two new arrest in the death of a
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three-year-old girl. her uncle and grandfather were arrested wednesday. they along with the victim's mother are accused of taking part in an exorcism at the grandfather's san jose church that led to the child's death. police say the mother believed the child was possessed because she woke up and cried during the night. dion: abc 7 news reporter dustin dorsey explains how incidents could create a legal ripple effect leading to cases being overturned. >> the san jose police department is under fire. the mayor at a breaking point after at least four issues of officer misconduct have come to light recently. >> we have a serious problem. >> the stp pd chief seen yesterday escorting officer matthew dominguez out of internal affairs.
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civil-rights lawyer john burris worries accountability may not actually be demonstrated. he says officers accused of showing up drunk on the job, indecent exposure, dying from drugs, and offering a meth pipe in exchange for information should not happen and there are true consequences for actions. >> it has to make sense that officers will be held accountable for misconduct. if you don't do that, you send a clear message to the officer that rules don't matter and that you will be protected no matter what. >> many are questioning the st pd hiring process, a question the mayor voiced yesterday. >> there may be something very seriously wrong with whatever we are doing in screening and backgrounding, and we need to figure that out. we've got to fix it. >> if they do not, legal analyst
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steve clarke says it will lead to a legal ripple effect. he says cases can be overturned due to a lack of credibility if the officers facing misconduct charges made past arrests. >> when you have this much bad publicity involving some very disturbing events . dan: in san francisco, seven people were rescued, some taken to the hospital, alloying and apartment fire. two teachers are hailed as heroes for going inside the
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burning units to rescue someone. here as leanne melinda's on how it all unraveled. leanne: midmorning, this cellphone video shows a higher quickly spreading throughout a section of this apartment complex. >> we believe it started on the ground floor and spread vertically through the wooden decks on the exterior. >> before firefighters had even arrived, teachers and students from rosa parks elementary watched as smoke was coming out of the residential building. the schoolyard is right behind the apartment complex. >> i yelled for my amazing coworkers to clear the yard and move the kids away from the fire. >> sicily and vincent, both teachers, ran towards the apartments. this was all happening during the recess period. the children were quickly sent back inside the building, and it is fair to say that had it not been for those teachers, it is likely the outcome would have been much worse. both teachers pulled down the fire escape ladders. reyes went inside to rescue residents. >> i went inside this building here where the fire first started. i actually seen the fire. it was on the roof. that's when i seen the last person coming out of the building. >> this resident was one of the last people evacuated.
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>> they were screaming and knocking and crawling and trying to get us out. when the doors open, they went in and rescued the elderly people. they were fantastic. >> she managed to take her two parakeets with her. this man on a stretcher was also rescued and treated. >> started bringing one lady out. she was burned really bad on her face and hands. then they brought another lady out. she had smoke all over her. then they brought another lady out, she had smoke all over her. they were 80 years old, i guess. >> firefighters described it as a fast-moving blaze. it was a rescue effort aided by two teachers who thought of their neighbors first. >> we are teachers so we care about other people. hopefully anybody would do the same thing. dan: amazing work that those teachers did. this fire in alameda county was not out of control.
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it was part of a live fire training exercise. the three-day national ire operations are being held at camp parks in dublin -- the three-day national fire operations. dion: governor newsom proposed the biggest budget in state history of $300 billion. it comes with a nearly 100 billion dollars budget surplus. stephanie sierra joins us live in the newsroom to break down what all of this means for us. kind of hard to even wrap your head around such a big figure. stephanie: it is. that's a new record for california, and it means the governor has billions of extra cash to fund new and extra programs including checks to offset gas hikes and funding to help women get abortions. surging tax revenues fueling an ever increasing budget surplus in california. 97.5 billion dollars. here's how it could impact all
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of us. >> we are proposing $18.1 billion to putback in the pockets of tens of millions of californians. >> one of the most controversial proposals in allot 11.5 billion dollars worth of tax refunds in an effort to curb costs of record high lesion. this means $400 checks would be sent to every eligible vehicle owner with a maximum of two per person. >> you get a rebate to address the issue of groceries. you need a rebate to address the other cost burdens placed on you. stephanie: but the proposal comes with strong opposition in the state legislature. >> i just don't agree with that. if we are going to send money to people, first of all, let's make it very focused on the people suffering the most. stephanie: senator wiener says the money would be better spent on infrastructure investments that would benefit californians for decades. >> we have schools that do not
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have enough bathrooms. they have bad ventilation. we are at risk of the embarcadero flooding. >> do you think it will pass? >> i do not think governor is proposing has support in the legislature. stephanie: but there is plenty in the package that does have support, including $2.7 billion allowing low income tenants who were denied aid to get help. others include a 12-month pause in the diesel tax rate and hundreds of millions to provide priebus and train rides across the state -- free bus and train rides across the state. from subsidies to wage increases, newsom also proposed california's minimum wage will jump to $15.50 at the first of the year. another proposal announced aims to help waive childcare costs
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for families. this would make state subsidized preschool and child care affordable. the governor says if passed, it would impact 40,000 low income families across the state, saving them close to $600 a month. dan: thank you. returning to masking -- a warning from bay area health officials. and delays in cancellations -- delays and cancellations at sfo. and we will have a live preview of game six. >> i will have a live look at what is going on if you are at the watch party, but right now, check out the temperatures. we are up to 11 degrees warmer than this time yesterday and
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that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie. dan: the warriors are back home tonight with a chance to close out the grizzlies. chris alvarez is live at the chase center. the warriors obviously hoping for a much different start and anish then -- start and finish fan game five. chris: it is still shocking to remember what happened in game five. they trailed by as much as 55. that is a real number that happened in that game.
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tonight, i and everybody here expect a much different outcome. turnovers have plagued the warriors this season. the grizzlies were dominant over the warriors in every category in game five back in memphis. the goonews he ilng this postas, but testethe , ce. >> this aime to letnging ov your h that to get to this point in the season, it is hard and we expect it to be hard and the only thing we can do is attack it head-on and embrace it. it is helping us get better. >> we are still down in the series but not out. we keep trusting in the work, keep trusting in our routines individually and as a team. that is great experience and our guys have a lot of confidence in that.
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if we just keep relying on what we have done all season long, that will service. chris: if the warriors win tonight, they will advance in the western conference finals. if they lose tonight, game seven is monday in memphis. they want to put this thing to bed tonight and advance and rest and wait for the other series to end, but wait and see -- game six tips off at 10:00 tonight here on espn. dan: i know you will be there for us. i have a good feeling about it. thanks. dion: san francisco's biggest street party is back this weekend. er- bay to baks morngrom the barcadero anent ocean beach near golden gate park. dan: always fun. what an iconic event. the question is will the weather cooperate?
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mike: depends onisd d drizzly. there's an outside chance of some drizzle early in the morning. we will start at 6:00, and the temperature will be about 83 degrees, mostly cloudy, then 55. the clouds will open up about 10:00 and warm up to about 16 degrees by noon. this is the way it looks right now. milder lows as those clouds, you can see, making it a little fuzzy out here. by tomorrow afternoon, it will be our brightest and warmest afternoon this entire seven-day or cast. next week, minor swings in our highs and cloud cover, but no wet weather the next several days. some of those low clouds trying to develop along the coast and with the wind blowing in from the west up to 30, 35 mil earlyt
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7:00 or 8:00 this evening, so if you have plans to be outside in those areas, it will be windy and the cloud cover will increase. temperatures very comfortable away from the coast at 7:00. we will drop down to around 60 degrees by the time we get to 10:00 and the breezes will back off a little bit. going to a watch party at the chase center, the breezes will be there about the entire game. tipoff at 7:00 and we will drop down to about 56 degrees, so dress warmly. we also have baseball on the other side of the break. this is a six hole -- 6:40 first pitch. not quite as crisp in oakland as it will be in san francisco. san jose, look at that -- gorgeous into the afternoon and into the evening hours. if you are sneezing, that may be e as. jet streams well to our north as
4:21 pm
high-pressure asserts its influence over us and brings us morning clouds and temperatures mainly in the low to mid 50's tomorrow. clouds pull but to the coast. look what is left over. temperatures in the low to mid 80's, and many of our inlet neighborhoods will have mid 70's to near 80 around the bay. for sunday, the sea breeze kicks in. more cloud cover and temperatures a little bit cooler. you can see the up and down nature of temperatures monday, especially thursday with some dry cold fronts rolling in. dion: thanks, mike. just ahead head, a nightmare at sfo. canceled flights and long lines. what was behind this mess for travelers. >> the purge -- not the movie, the irs
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dion: you're looking at life pictures fromreli are back on track after a computer system went down this morning, triggering delays and cancellations. >> this was the message that greeted early morning travelers in terminal one at sfo this morning. >> we were standing in line to check in, and they told us our flight was pushed to 3:00 p.m. we were supposed to be getting to burbank for a wedding. >> an airport spokesperson said
4:25 pm
-- sfo was experiencing network issues at ticket counters in terminal one, forcing southwesth resulted in long lines. while people outside security struggled to check in, some who made it to the gate were told that her flight was canceled and they needed to go out and start all over again. >> come out and come all the way down to find my bag. >> that he got in this line in the hopes of getting on a new flight. we also saw plenty of people on their phones trying to call customer service. >> right now, i'm on hold with customer service trying to get on the next one. >> southwest canceled at least three flights to southern california and also canceled for flights into sfo because planes were still sitting here at the gates. cancel flights means people are missing some important events. >> i'm missing my sister's graduation.
4:26 pm
dan: that's tough, isn't it? let's move on now to consumer news. dion: help -- hopefully some good news. >> california's minimum wage is going up. starting january 2023, the minimum will increase to $10.50 an hour, due to a 2016 legislative bill that mandates a minimum wage increase if inflation rates rise above 7%. california's current minimum wage is $15 an hour for companies with at least 26 workers and $14 an hour for mpieitewer employees. an's proje co-o be h as.6%. an average retiree receiving $1657 each month would receive
4:27 pm
an additional $142.50 each month. the internal revenue service has cost an estimated 30 million paper-filed -- lost an estimated 30 million paper-filed returns. the irs says an estimated 99% had already been processed. 1% had been trashed. it could lead to mismatches of taxpayer information and possibly incur penalties, but the irs says no taxpayers have been faulted for issues stemming from the purge. dion: what a headache. thank you. dan: a new covert warning. what bay health officials say you should dart to do -- you should start to do. plus -- >> the most difficult for me
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let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ dan: a covert milestone in california. the state has surpassed 90,000 deaths from the virus since the pandemic began. dion: republicans are opposed to the $10 billion cost of a spending bill, which leaves the legislature planning to ration vaccines. a warning now from local health officials that the bay area has the highest covid infection
4:31 pm
rates in all of california. that has health officers in everyone to wear a mask indoors and in public settings. officials are monitoring a rise in the level of waters in local sewer systems and an increase in hospitalizations. >> joining me now is the marin county public health officer, dr. matt willis. it is interesting. so many times during the pandemic, the bay area seemed to be doing better than other parts of the state. now we are doing worse again. what does this new morning mean? what is going on? what should we be thinking about? >> this is led by the ba.2 subvariant of the omicron variant, and it is even more contagious, so that is the primary search we are seeing. we have seen four times higher case rates.
4:32 pm
we are seeing increased virus in our sewer sheds and wastewater. this is a signal to us that when we are out and about in the community, exposure is even higher than it has been, and that was the reason for issuing the recommendation for people to cover their faces in public settings. dan: i'm going to ask you more a couple of ways, but ba.2 variant is more transmissible but less severe -- is that not correct? >> that's right. as each week passes, we learn more and more about the characteristics of these variants. ba.2 -- what we are seeing with ba.2 is that it is able to spread through the community more quickly because it is more contagious, but we are seeing fewer cases coming into the hospital, and that is a sign that it is less.
4:33 pm
let -- less virulent. treatments, high vaccination rates, and a list virulent strain are contributing to the benefit of fewer hospitalizations, despite surges in cases. dan: that is certainly something to take some comfort in. what about the rise in cases given what you just talked about ? are you concerned, or will this ed without too much damage -- will this bb without too much damage? >> we are seeing new variants emerge, the virus continues to t sidestepom the message that went out today is let's use the tools we know are effective. face covering is effective.
4:34 pm
it is not something we need to use forever, but when there is a surge, it is something we should be using. when the search results, it is not as important and we can put those masks away again. >> it is relatively painless, and we are used to wearing masks. it is not a huge sacrifice. do you think we will return to mandatory mass and dates? >> i don't see that happening. i think we are at a place where especially in the bay area, people respect science and the guidance. right now, we know it is in everyone's best interest to recognize that the risk has increased. vaccine rates are very high, so i don't see us resorting to mandates currently, but of course, we will have to watch. if we do see surges of people coming into the hospital our --
4:35 pm
for our health system seems to be taxed, then we might be thinking of -- then we might be looking at something as extreme as a mandate. dan: thank you. dion: just after the break, a $120 diaper. $120 diaper. sounds a little too big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey? new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know.
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more drama around elon $44 billion takeover of twitter. musk tweeted that the deal was temporarily on hold. the issue was how many of twitter's active users are actually real. two hours after the tweet, musk posted that he is still committed to the acquisition. maybe i will start with you. we saw this with tesla and some of his other businesses, fits and starts, is it going to happen, not going to happen, what do you think? >> that is what i went back to. when he started up tesla, he was going to be in san jose, then southern california. i'm not surprised there were some bumps in the road. also, it was a $44 billion deal. between trying to get an even better deal for that and knowing his past -- he is clearly super
4:39 pm
successful -- but he has done things like this before. >> it will be interesting to see how he changes it and how he can make that money back. it is an enormous amount of money. >> i would like to be in the ad sales department right now and see what they are thinking and feeling. i know a couple of executives were asked to leave last week or this week, so there is already some turnover happening. i'm with michael. how often $44 billion deals go smoothly? dan: that's true. dion: i don't know about you guys, i just get a headache with some of all this back-and-forth. earlier this week, gwyneth paltrow showed off a $120 diaper on instagram too much horror and outrage. now we know why. >> if treating diapers like a luxury makes you mad, so should taxing them like a luxury. this is a fake product meant to shine and light on a real problem. dion: paltrow said the fake product was tt was to highlighte
4:40 pm
real problem of the diaper tax. in many states, diapers are taxed at a higher rate than other essentials. california band that tax in 2020. personally, i think good for her for using her platform to bring light to a very serious issue. michael: about to tell you, california only did a two-year stop of that tax. it ended at the beginning of this year. that's when governor newsom and the legislature said let's read a bit. but again, for only two more years. -- that's when governor newsom in the legislature said let's re-up it. but again, for only two more years. dion: some people are saying this is such a stunt and that it is another of those group -- group -- goop expensive products. >> they should have watched the whole video before passing
4:41 pm
judgment. i think it is great. congratulations to her and for us who did not even know there was such a thing. i was thinking about groceries and how many states still tax our groceries. it is unconscionable to me. dan: disney world is about to open its first ever reverse launch roller coaster. we heard all about guardians of the galaxy cosmic rewind from founder gavin doyle. >> it is a storytelling roller coaster, brings in the fun music of "guardians of the galaxy." dan: it is one of the largest fully enclosed coasters in the world and opens in two weeks. disney, of course, is the parent company of abc 7. we remember the other major indoor roller coaster that open many years ago, space mountain that got so much attention.
4:42 pm
the remarkable ability to innovate and create something new and exciting. >> i'm not big roller coaster guy. this one starts by going backwards, so i'm for sure not interested in that. they do something very big, and i'm sure this one is fabulous. >> i'm not a roller coaster person either. i tell you what -- we will both do it together. >> i love roller coasters, but i love the way disney does them also because they are enjoyable without scaring you to death. i think what they are feeling a little bit busy pinch from universal studios and also seaworld. i just was at seaworld, and i realized they are known for their speed, so i think disney likes to make it an experience,
4:43 pm
which i kind of like. >> are you a roller coaster person? dion: i scream like i'm about to be attacked, so that should say it all. i think you are right because there is storytelling with those disney roller coasters, which is nice. in case you have not noticed, today is fridayot notice, you probably not very superstitious. for those who are, here are a few somewhat creepy facts about this supposedly unlucky day. friday the 13th happens at least once every year but cannot happen more than three times a year. any month that starts on sunday will have a friday the 13th. the longest we can go without right if the 13th is 14 months. i've never really paid much attention to it, and if i may take a moment to say this, my birthday is may 13, and it happens to be a friday, so i think it is a lucky day.
4:44 pm
dan: i have never been superstitious either and until you said it, i did not even realize it was friday the 13th. dion: what do you guys think about being superstitious or not? >> with your birthday being today, i think we have proof there are some real issues here. [laughter] no, no, no, i really do not pay attention to it that much, and i'm really not superstitious, but i did notice the other day i will go a really far way around toeep from walki undneath a ladder. >> that is it for this addition >>are you looking to renovateon of your kitchen or bathroom? i'm mike holmes here with ivan from agm renovations thanks mike! too often, homeowners hire the wrong contractor. ivan, i see this all the time. delays, shortcuts, hidden fees - nightmares. at agm we use the top trades, and each project is finished on time, on budget, backed by a five year warranty. that's why agm are the only kitchen and bathroom
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[narrator] 100 percent of donations fund game changing cancer research. donate now at v dot org. dan: it is time for another our 2022 superintendent scholarship awards, granted to six graduating seniors in san francisco who are doing amazing things. senior education reportedly in melinda's introduces you to -- senior education reporter leanne melinda's introduces you to carlos -- leanne melendez introduces you to carlos wong ar science. i was about 14 when i first moved to this country. leanne: carlos and his family are chinese immigrants who came
4:48 pm
to san francisco from brazil. >> the most difficult subject for me personally was english. i would sit down with my teacher. she would make time after school to sit down with me and really explain and help me brainstorm some ideas. that made me push and get better at school was my mom sacrificing herself to bring us here for that opportunity. >> i teach government and economy and ethnic studies here at balboa high school. nothing felt particularly difficult or impossible for him. it was just like, i cannot figure this out now, but i need time to do that. >> you were very involved in helping your community when you found out about, you know, the hatred and attacks toward the asian community.ut that.
4:49 pm
attacks being done to asian feld t major in anmo lel computer science and become a software engineer, working on social justice issues. >> anyone who takes this lesson, learns this lesson, i think they can succeed in any type of environment. dion: congratulations. so well-deserved. moving on, the solar system is putting on a spectacular show this sunday night with a total lunar eclipse. to see it, you can just look east around sunset and as the moon is rising, it will start to pass through earth's shadow. >> they are skimming past the atmosphere like a prism, refracting. bouncing back off the moon into
4:50 pm
your eye. >> the best moment to watch will be at about 9:30 at night. so precise. i'm looking forward to that. mike: nice way to end the weekend. let's take transition into the weekend. the moon actually rises at about 8:06, but the sun does not set until about 8:12, so we will see quite a juxtaposition in our sky from that happening in the totality begins at about 8:29, goes all the way to about 9:53. that's why about 9:30 we will have our best chance. that is also the best chance of clouds starting to move away. you can see quite a mess over the top of us, but as we head through the beginning of the totality, you can see the high clouds start to diminish, but there will be a big layer of low clouds, so the best chance to see this to be above 2000 feet
4:51 pm
just to make sure you are about marine layer clouds. tomorrow, our warmest day in the forecast. 71 in san francisco to 80 in fremont, even 91 in antioch. my accuweather 7-day forecast will show you that temperatures will taper as we head into sunday and then kind of roller coaster -- a slow one, a nice, disney one. dan: we're going to start backwards then? mike: kind of seems like it, yeah. dan: this is a live image of the bay area's favorite falcon emily and cow. annie became a -- favorite falcon family andannie became ae of her eggs hatching. >> at this age, one of the most dangerous things for a chick is getting too cold, so they really do kind of cuddled together to keep each other warm and keep themselves safe. this is totally what they do for
4:52 pm
a little bit. in about another week or so, they will start moving around a lot more, but for the next days, we will see lots of little fluffy pile of two chicks. dan: how cute is that? may 27, we will find out the gender of the baby chicks, and a naming contest will be launched on that date. dion: now i see why we -- why people can watch this for hours and hours. this is one of the newest and smallest animals at the australian reptile part. he weighs just one and a half ounces. he usually eats greens and grass, but as you can see, he enjoys strawberries as a treat. he is a start toward us, which is listed as a vulnerable species. dan: modern and musical twist on a disney classic, "cinderella." >> it is not only a love story, but i think it is a learning to
4:53 pm
love yourself.
4:54 pm
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dan: now to a new movie streaming on disney+ -- "sneakerella" -- don't you love that title? it flips the script on the traditional cinderella story, no glass slippers here. instead, it is about sneakers. >> wait a second, did you design
4:56 pm
these? you're the designer everybody has been talking about. >> out of here. >> my curfew. "nare story of -- "seeker --eakerellal , who dreams of designing his own sneakers one day. >> i feel like we all could use a little epic this -- epicness, a little fly, a little dance party. that is the tone we wanted to sit with this movie. it is a movie you could watch with anyone from your little brother to your great grandma. ♪ george: this project was the first time jacobs had to learn real choreography. he got by with a little help
4:57 pm
from his friends and family. >> thanks to the team and my mother for making me practice all hours of the night. >> john sally plays the sneaker king who says he just could not say no to a role that lets him do things he had never done before. >> i love to do what they don't expect. a lot of people have dreams, and i have lived a lot for most of my dreams, but my big dream -- everyone that knows me, i talk about "the wizard of oz" and i talk about "west side story," and i just love that i got to finally be in a musical. george: we also see salley do a little dancing. he said he was inspired by "dancing with the stars" who proved that a seven foot tall
4:58 pm
man could bring the moves. future time the music five when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics
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that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie.
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for your wake of destruction. moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news the abuse that they did. the death of this three year old girl today san jose police announced two more arrests in the death of a three-year-old girl who prosecutors say died during an attempted exorcism at this church. the girl's mother has felony child abuse charges since january the child's uncle and grandmother have also been arrested. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley and i'm dion limb today. we learn new details as the two new suspects made their first appearance in court abc 7 news reporter zach f this was there and has new details. the girl died on september 24th of last year court documents show that the girl's mother drove her to a san jose church believing she was demon possessed that girl eventually died in their attempts to get


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