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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 13, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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[inspirational music] >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions this is abc7news. >> the golden state warriors are heading to the western conference finals. >> that's right the warriors back in the western conference finals, dubnation cheered them on. as the warriors knocked out the memphis grizzlies, thanks to a really exciting fourth-quarter run. thank you for joining us. >> we have team coverage beginning with m adele castille you live at the chase center. draymond green said this was the loudest he ever heard the arena. % high-stakes, high energy. warriors with the win, dominating the series, taking out memphis, turnovers and all.
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fans could not contain their excitement but who could blame them? the last quarter not a single person was seated in the chase center, everyone is on their feet and louder than ever the best feeling as the warriors advance to the western conference finals for the first time since klay thompson returned from his injury. they will not even get into wednesday's warrior performance because we are focused on tonight. the momentum shifting late in the game but hitting no less. >> after losing by almost 50 points, the last game, we are trying to watch it to see what is going to happen today. >> there is a lot of different takes. we made a lot of mistakes. >> i was nervous about the game, but we got the championship dna. >> we knew we were going to win. we had to get them out of the way and now we are onto the next. >> we have been stressed all
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quarter. fourth quarter, closed out the game. >> when they played i was up in my seat every time klay made a shot. i just needed them to win this. reporter: win this they did, tonight was the second game without these -- the head coach. hopefully making tonight swing, his -- tonight's win swift recovery. dan: what a fun night. thanks amanda. ama: let's get to sports anchor chris alvarez with mann how the ducks pulled off the wind. reporter: the warriors just one point leaders after three quarters but there championship pedigree came when it mattered the most. give it up for all 82, he played all season groups grabbed rebounds and gave it to klay thompson. he was back, scored 30 points. steph curry struggle to find a
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shot, but in the fourth when it mattered the most, he hit 29 and puts the grizzlies to sleep. draymond green with major respect, and the warriors win. >> we miss the playoffs the last two years i remember sitting watching the playoffs. don't get me wrong i love them, it's great to be in that place to watch the playoffs it was brutal watching it. to make it back here after the last two years that we have had and the dynasty over talks and all of that nonsense. this one feels good. >> especially the perspective of the game, from the injuries i had to now to be able to compete at the highest level and be one of the final four teams. it's truly amazing and it inspires me to keep going because i think we still have great basketball ahead of us. >> warriors now await the dallas
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phoenix game. the western conference final is wednesday. the warriors will host games wanted to. if phoenix wins the games will be in the arizona desert. exciting night, warriors are moving on. ama: so much excitement. chris, thank you so much. if you want to help show your support had to our bay area facebook page, we have this badge you can share on your social media. dan: let's move on. oakland police have located a key piece of evidence in the disappearance of alexis gabe. the 24-year-old woman last seen in late january. police say they found her cell phone case in antioch. family and friends confirm that it is hers. investigators suspect the man in this surveillance video discarded the case as he was walking away from her vehicle on the day of her disappearance. if you recognize a man, please contact the oakley police immediately. there is a $10,000 reward for
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anyone who can lead officers to alexis gabe's location. she was last seen in antioch on january 26. her car was found on a residential street the next day with the keys still inside. ama: a covid milestone in california. the state has surpassed 90,000 deaths from the virus since the pandemic began. that is more than in any other state. the white house is preparing a plan to ration covid vaccines. congress cannot placer -- pass a new covid spending bill, republicans are opposed to the cost. the american academy of pediatrics is urging the fda to complete its review of a vaccine for children under five. families have waited for a long time for a safe and effective vaccine for their kids. dan: a clear message tonight from bay area public health officials, calling on all of us to start masking up again endorse. this plea to put on a mask as covid cases store. -- soar. will we see a mandate? reporter: mask up is the message
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from the majority of the bay areas public health departments. >> we are seeing four times higher cases then we are seeing early in april. we are seeing a virus in our wastewater. reporter: marin county's dr. matt lewis is one of 12 public officers making official recommendation friday for people to put on their masks indoors. citing a surge in covid cases fueled by the omicron subvariant. the bay area, now has the highest infection rate in the state. >> this is a signal to us when we are out and about in the community are risk is higher than it has been over the past few weeks and that was the reason for this recommendation that people cover their faces when they are in public settings. reporter: officials stopping short of mandating masks and the golden gate restaurant association is hoping it stays that way. >> most people at this point probably feel like, given the vaccination numbers in san francisco, perhaps it is not necessary.
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reporter: the majority ofreporter: restaurants have dropped their requirements for people eating endorse. >> if a mandate were to happen, restaurants would support it. we have been good all along about following regulations. >> i do not see us resorting to mandates but we will have to watch it. i will be watching what is happening in hospitals. reporter: if cases go up, abc7news correspondent dr. aloe patel worries hospitalizations are inevitable. >> we start to get it increase in cases, even if a small percentage of people are hospitalized, hospitalization is going to go up. reporter: that is when he says the concern kicks in. >> one thing we are worried about is a strain on our health care system because we have not fixed that. we saw a major supply issue when it comes to our hospitals, so we are keep an eye on it. ama: feeling like spring this weekend. let's get to our meteorologist with the look of the forecast.
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>> temperatures have been running below average but that is about the change today, numbers came up a good five to 15 degrees of bumping us up a few degrees above average, tomorrow the trend is going to continue. high pressure will bring heat to our inland communities. let's check out the summer microclimates, fog and 62 at half moon bay. oakland 78, you had inland and it is going to be a warm 86 in walnut creek, 91 in antioch. if you're going to be out and about look at this view good air quality both days except in santa clara valley moderate for tomorrow. we are expecting ranges for sunday. -- changes for sunday. dan: two men have been arrested in connection to the tragic death of a three-year-old girl in san jose. her mother is facing felony charges of child abuse,three-yéd the grandfather were arrested on
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wednesday. the mother, claudia santos says the girl was possessed by a demon because she cried multiple times throughout the night. court documents show the mother and uncle took her to a church to get the demonic spirit out of the child. her grandfather, is a pastor at the church. helleged exorcism, she was tortured and held against her will for 12 hours. she eventually succumbed to her injuries. mother spoke in a youtube video. >> i know what happened to her. one thing i am not going to do is lie about how she passed away. when i tell you guys how she passed away and the people that know, i am being 100%. dan: the girl's uncle and grandfather are in custody without bail. all three suspects could face 25 years to life in prison. ama: in san francisco seven people were injured, two critically in an apartment fire. one was taken to a burn treatment center.
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a fire quickly spread to a section of an apartment complex on ellis street. it started on the ground floor and spread up the building. before firefighters arrived, teachers from a nearby elementary saw the smoke and rushed over to help. >> they were screaming and knocking and calling, trying to get us out. when the doors open, they went w s a -- rescue the elderly people. >> we are teachers. . we care about other people hopefully anyone would do the same. ama: 18 people were displaced. as a fast-moving blaze. dan: president trying to reassure parents amid a dire baby formula shortage. how some bay area parents are coming together to get the kids what they need. ama: california has a $100 billion budget surplus. what it means for the states budget and the programs that impact you. dan: quiet oakland restaurant is taking a break.
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ama: several people are displaced after a fire cause damage to an apartment complex and multiple cars. the fire broke out around six, all residents are safely evacuated. fire crews rescued a large lizard which has been reunited with its owner. there are no reports of injury. dan: a lot of anxiety is being felled by young parents and mothers across the bay area and the country because of the shortage of a baby formula. the white house is trying to speed up the supply but it can take a few weeks. parents are going from store to store to find formula. abc new reporter morgan norwood with more on what is being done. reporter: despite millions of
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anxious parents stocking baby isles for formula, they insist stock is stabilizing. the white house trying to offer reassurance. >> this is a process where working hard on. there's nothing more urgent than what -- than that. we're going to be making progress very shortly. reporter: this crisis has been building for months. the cause, pandemic related supply chain issues and a recall of abbott brand formula. that was linked to the death of two infants. she had a better -- special medical formula that was only produced from abbott. she is rationing to keep from running out. >> i am counting down to the day we do not have anything. reporter: abbott says they can read -- respond -- resume production in two weeks. we are told the fda is still investigating the safety conditions that abbott's facility. the white house says they are stepping in, offering families
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that rely on government assistance more flexibility to purchase any brand of baby formula that is available, taking steps to import more formula and cracking down on price gouging. president biden asked why he did not take the step sooner. >> if we had been better mind readers we could have. but we moved as quickly as we -- is the problem became apparent. reporter: moms are coming together to help one another. she's a feeding technician that created the formula mom on instagram. >> it's been great to see folks really paying attention to how we can help one another in the situation. i would encourage folks to ask around in your neighborhood and your local facebook moms group, what do people need? ama: new details about governor newsom's revised budget proposal includes several big lands for how to best spend a record $97.5 billion surplus. his plan includes education spending from transitional kindergarten through high
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school. that works out to a little less than $23,000 student. another $23 billion will be placed in the states rainy day fund to draw from from the next time the economy slows. 18 billion dollars will provide financial relief for californians hardest hit by inflation. $2.5 billion for housing, including 500 million for the inclusion of vacant malls and storefronts into homes. >> all of these extraordinary malls and open space, the parking light -- lots themselves are fake it. -- vacant. the old shopping mall and we want to see what we can do to convert them to as many office buildings and housing. ama: the governor proposing spending even more on climate driven problems like wildfire and drought. adding $9.5 billion to funding proposals to a total of $32 billion. dan: an acclaimed cambodian
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restaurant in oakland is closing its doors. according to the chronicle, it is moving to a new location because it's current lease is up. tonight was the last night of service. a brought cambodian culture and cuisine to the neighborhood, like noodle soup, marinated porkchops and other traditional disses -- dishes. ama: san francisco street party is back, it will take place after a two-year hiatus. the trace draws tusands of runners and revelers many dressed in colorful costumes. is that where's waldo? the event begins sunday morning from the embarcadero and and set ocean beach -- and ends at ocean beach. expect road closures. all the races back in person participants can still take part virtually. dan: that's fun to have that iconic race. the question is will the weather cooperate? ama: we have that answer.
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sandhya: it is going to be ideal running weather. so check out the forecast, as we head toward sunday. 6:00, a combination of fog and clouds, 53. the temperature will remain in the mid to upper 50's during most of the race. peaks of sun, comfortable at noon. 60. i think it should be just fine. fog around tonight, sunset at 8:11, as the sun was going down it was a -- it was beautiful to watch the fog rolling. that is pretty much what we are going to see, a combination of the two on sunday night when that total lunar eclipse takes place. if you want to look on the eastern horizon, the eclipse will begin at 8:30 and it will run until 9:54. partial eclipse and set 10:55. the key is to find a higher elevation and away from the coast, because there will be fog around and it might interfere with your viewing.
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it is a super blood moon as the moon passes through the earth shadow. get that reddish, koppers view. live doppler 7 showing you some fog around the coast. is reducing visibility to just over a mile and a half. if you got early morning plans, keep that in mind. temperatures on the mild side, 50's, 60's. today's highs were anywhere from the mid 60's to the mid-80's. tomorrow we will turn up the heat. tomorrow at 7:00 you will notice the fog around the bay and along the coastline. the fog will peel back to the coast and just that there. meanwhile, inland areas will be up into the 80's and 90's by 2:00. that is not where they will end up. i will show you in a moment. live view from our camera as we look out towards the bay. warming trend continues tomorrow. it is going to be breezy and cooler for your sunday and monday. first thing in the morning, 40's, 50's, fog as i mentioned is something you will have to watch out for tomorrow afternoon.
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it will be warm in the south bay. 87 in san jose, 86 on the peninsula, 70 in palo alto. 62 in half moon bay. 70 in downtown san francisco. 62 in the sunset district. low 80's in places like san rafael. in the east bay going to be a nice 70 degrees in oakland. 80 in fremont. it is warm, 92 fairfield, 87 in livermore. if you're going to the a's game, mild weather is expected. low to upper 70's. make sure you have your shades and sunscreen. summerlike heat tomorrow, cooling sea breeze for sunday. those of you who do not like the heat, the second half of the weekend is your kind of weather. that cooling continues monday before temperatures come back up again. dan: thank you. ama:
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which would mean 55 wishes. dan: that is so great. you are a great supporter. ama: it's a great cause. dan: i know it is a labor of love for you. the warriors stay on beat at the chase center. >> coming up in sports the warriors advanced to the western conference finals and the dubs come alive in the fourth. it
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>> the mission was clear for the warriors beat the grizzlies in game six and earn some rest before the western conference. lose and it is game in memphis on monday.
11:29 pm
warriors are undefeated at chase. member game six clay. he is back. he had his first three triple scored 11 in the fourth quarter. looking good. klay has 17 at the half, another triple and look at the emotion, 941 days of rehab was worth it. grizzlies hung the town, dillon brooks scored 30, back and forth we go from the third into the fourth. stephen curry struggled until the fourth quarter. the triple, gives the dubs the six point lead, chase was going crazy. korea fired up and again, staff puts the warriors of 10 which- with just four minutes ago. all 82, had 22 rebounds tonight. tied for the most in gold state history. yet a triple tied for a game-high 30. time for staff to t grizzlies to sleep. he beats the shot clock buzzer, dubs finish with a 21-3 run.
11:30 pm
and the series, warriors win 1096 an advance of the western conference finals. thanks in large part to game six klay. >> i was trying to focus on the present and today, i was thinking about the last couple of yeaough. what i have been through. and to have another close-out game at the chase center it gave me butterflies. i just had so much fun tonight and i am proud of this team for being resilient. >> you guys have been here for a while you know how klay is with game six. what a time to step up tonight. >> giants reliever ready for some football. giants, 17 until the niners kickoff. mike to left-center, he cannot make the play two rounds underscore, 3-1 giants. evan longoria back off the opener this week, first knock of the season a two run double part of a five-run inning at the giants when it 8-2. a's and angels top of the fifth,
11:31 pm
angels up 1-0. andrew velasquez deep off daulton jefferies. jeffrey six innings two runs but the a's only managed to wait -- two hits and lose 2-0.
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dan: remember you can watch all of our newscast to live or on demand to the abc 7 bay area connected tv app, it is available for apple tv, fire tv and roku. download the app now and start streaming. ama: that is it for tonight. thanks for watching i am ama daetz. dan: all of us here we
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appreciate your time. jimmy kimmel. is next. >> lou: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- miles teller. rhea seehorn. and music from the b-52's, with cleto and the cletones. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you. very nice. i appreciate that. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. [ cheers and applause ] glad you seem to be in a positive mood. well, it's very kind. yeah, we got some positive news


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