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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 14, 2022 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> right now, marching for abortion rights. the rallies happening today, including here in san francisco. warriors fans go wild, advancing to the western conference finals for the sixth time in eight years. good morning. i'm liz kreutz. let's start with a quick look of the weather with lisa argen. lisa: good morning. it will be a warm day today. the warmest day of the weekend. there is coastal fog we are watching. also a cooler day at the shoreline. 53 in dublin.
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you can see the fog from pacifica and santa rosa. milder. anywhere from two to six degrees milder. livermore is five degrees milder. there's a look at emeryville. low 70's around the bay. notice the coast stays cool. a localized sea breeze. upper 70's around the bayshore. 90 in the warmest interior valleys. sunset at 8:12. we have the clips to talk about any look ahead when we see you in a few minutes. liz: the lawyers are back in the western conference finals for the sixth time in eight years. they closed out the memphis grizzlies in game six. 30 points. steph curry got hot in the fourth quarter. they pulled away pray 11 -- 4for
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a 110-96 victory. >> i was in cabo last here. it was brutal watching. to make it back here after the last two years we've had and the dynasty talks and all that nonsense, this one feels good. >> al especially on the injuries i've had to compete at the highest level and be on one of the final four teams, it's a feeling that is hard to describe honestly. it is truly amazing and inspires me to keep going. we still have great basketball ahead of us. liz: tomorrow night the worriers will find that who they will play in the conference finals. if the suns beat the mavericks, w's open wednesday night in phoenix. if the mavs win, wednesday
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night at chase center. we will see what happens. [cheering] those are warriors fans pumped up. not a single fan was seated inside the chase center. they were on their feet and louder than ever. >> after losing by almost 50 points last game, we are trying to watch to see what will happen today. >> there's a lot of give-and-take. >> i was nervous about the game. we have the championship dna. ntth nch it we have been stressed all quarters. close-out game. >> when they played i was up in my seat every time they made a shot. >> were you nervous? >> yeah. i just needed them to win this. liz: last night was the third game without head coach steve kerr.
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he is still out with covid. if you want to help show support for the warriors, head to our abc 7 news bay area facebook page. we have this badge you can share on your social media pages. thousands of people are respected to march across the country for abortion rights today. in the bay area women's march sf is leading a march for reproductive justice event. this is video from previous marches. the event will start at grove and hide streets at 11:00 this morning. they plan to head down market street towards the ferry building. abc 7 news will follow the march as it happens and you can get the latest on our website,,nearly 400 similare planned today. in the nation's capital, thousands are arriving for the dance off our bodies protest -- hands off our bodies protest. >> abortion is murder. >> for more than a week tensions
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flaring as abortion and antiabortion rights demonstrators take to the streets, even to some supreme court justices' doorsteps. bans off our bodies outside the supreme court, which is not heavily secured with non-scalable fencing. >> americans are making their voices heard. public sentiment is everything. >> nancy pelosi and other house democrats expressing anger about the leak draft opinion. california congresswoman judy chu appearing to single out senate democrat joe manchin, and republican senators lisa murkowski and susan collins for voting down a measure wednesday that would have codified abortion rights and a federal law. >> the so-called pro-choice republicans voted against it because theyto far. 's not true. >> if the supreme court overturns roe, 26 states could
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move to restrict or outright ban abortion, including arkansas which would make an exception only if a woman's health is at risk. >> every state will make a different determination based upon the values of that state. i think what our constitution is designed from the beginning is to return the authority to the states. >> the bans off our bodies protest has 370 sister demonstrations in cities across the country. organizers declaring may 14 a national day of action. justin finch, abc news, washington. liz: oakland police are examining a piece of evidence in the disappearance of alexis gage, the 24-year-old woman last seen in late january. four months later, police have found her cell phone case in antioch. family and friends confirm this is hers. investigators suspect the man on the surveillance video got rid of the phone case as he was walking away from her car on the
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day of the disappearance. if you recognize him, contact oakland police. there is a $10,000 reward to find alexis's location. she was last seen on january 26. her car was found the next day with the keys still inside. two more family members are under arrest in the death of a three-year-old in san jose. prosecutors say she died after an exorcism attempt. the girls's mother is facing felony charges of child abuse. these are the suspects, the girls uncle and the grandfather were arrested wednesday. the girl's mother claudia hernandez santos was arrested in january. court documents show the mother and the uncle of the girl took her to a church to get the demonic spirit out of the child. they thought she was possessed by a demon because she cried multiple times throughout the night. her grandfather is a pastor at the church. i report says during the alleged
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exorcism she was tortured and held against her will for 12 hours. days before her arrest the mother spoke in vague terms about her daughter's death and a youtube video. >> i know it happened to her. i will not lie about how she passed away. when i tell you about how she passed away, i have been 100%. liz: all three suspects are expected to be before a judge in about a month on june 13. they could face 25 years to life in prison. teachers are being credited with helping save people from an apartment fire in san francisco. seven people were hurt and two critically when it broke out yesterday. pern takbu eatment heghoua io a on ellis street. firefighters say it started on the ground floor and spread up to the building. arrived, teachs from nearby rosa parks elementary saw the smoke and
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rushed over to help. >> they were screaming and knocking and calling and trying to get us out. when the doors opened they went in and rescued the elderly people. they were fantastic. >> we are teachers so we care about other people. hopefully anybody would do the same thing. liz: people were displaced in a fast-moving fire. public health officials are calling on all of us to start masking up indoors. to comes as covid cases so ar. the question is will we see a mandate. >> mask of is the message from the majority of the bay area's public health department. >> we are seeing four times higher cases now than earlier in april. we are seeing increased virus in our wastewater. >> marin county's dr. matt willis is one of 12 officers making an official recommendation friday for people to put on their masks indoors,
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citing a surge in cases fueled by the highly contagious omicron subvariant. the bay area now has the highest infection rates in the state. >> it's a signal when we are out and about our risk of being exposed is even higher than it has been over the past few weeks. that was the reason for this recommendation that people cover their faces in public settings. >> official stopping short of mandating masks. the golden gate restaurant association is hoping it stays that way. >> most people at this point probably feel like given the vaccination numbers in san francisco perhaps it is not necessary. >> the majority of restaurants have dropped their mask requirements for people eating indoors. >> if a mandate were to happen restaurants would support it. we have been good about following along with regulations. >> i don't see us resorting to mandate currently. we have to watch. the thing i'm watching most closely would be what is happening in the hospitals. >> if cases go up, abc 7 news
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special correspondent dr. patel worries hospitalizations are notable -- inevitable. >> even if a small percentage of people are hospitalized, hospitalizations will go up. >> that his when he says the real concern kicks in. >> we are worried about a strain on the health care system. we have not fixed that. we have a major supply issue when it comes to hospitals. definitely something we are keeping an ion. >> tara campbell, abc 7 news. liz: it will be a pretty warm day today. lisa: the warmest day we will see over the weekend by far as we see a return to a stronger onshore flow for the breakers tomorrow. we have that lunar eclipse you might want to check out tomorrow night. today near 90 inland. stay tuned. my forecast is next. liz: also, look up. the colorful show you will see in the sky this weekend. take crime investigation. the graffiti found at the school
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two different days this week, coming up.
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liz: here is a live look outside this morning. 5:14. thanks for waking up with us on the saturday. seven people are under arrest after the seizure of 30 cars and motorcycles, illegal guns, drugs, stolen goods and more than $30,000 in cash. san mateo county sheriff's office as as part of an investigation into a crime syndicate operating in san mateo and san francisco counties. investigators say some suspects moved into a deceased person's home and turned it into a stash house. graffiti found in a middle school bathroom in palo alto is being investigated as a hate crime. police say the letters 'kkk'were written on bathroom walls and toilet dispensers at fletcher middle school this week. police believe the same person is likely responsible.
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a similar thing happened at a palo alto elementary school in january. no arrests have been made in either case. is a new development in the case of a security guard killed during a robbery of a tv news crew. the suspect fled not guilty to killing former officer kevin ashita. the 25-year-old is charged with murder, attempted robbery and assault with a firearm. investigators believe he was the one who opened fire on ashita in downtown oakland last year. two others have been arrested. a historic day for oakland. a judge has ruled the police department can move toward ending almost two decades of federal oversight. it started in 2000 when four officers were accused of brutalizing people in some oakland neighborhoods. the settlement required the department to enact 52 reform measures under the guidance of a federal judge and outside observers. the judge says the city is nearly in full compliance. civil rights attorney john
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burroughs, one of the original attorneys on the case. >> the big issue to me is people being stopped unnecessarily. those people will not know in the future there was a time they would get stopped. there was a time not only would they get stopped, they would be searched, handcuffed for a reason that was unnecessary and run related. --and unrelated. liz: the department is on probation for a year to see if they can sustain reforms. the solar system is putting on a spectacular show. tomorrow night be will be treated to a total lunar eclipse. you have to look east around sunset just as the moon is rising and will start the past the earth's shadow. the sun's rays will be refracted and turn the move a reddish copper color. >> what you are seeing when that happens is the rejection of every sunrise and sunset from the earth onto the surface of the moon. the photons are coming, skimming past the earth, hitting the eight atmosphere like a prism.
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just the red light will be projected onto the moon's surface, bouncing back off the moon into your eye. liz: the best moment to watch will be around 9:30 tomorrow night. the moon will stay a reddish color for about an hour and a half. i have a feeling you will be out there trying to watch it. lisa: you definitely have to stay away from the fog that will be with us and get away from the city lights. a look at live doppler 7. a weather system to the north of us. we have high pressure building in allowing for a warmer day today. it is 52 now. a lot of 50's out there. 54, fremont. 55, san jose. upper 40's in the coolest locations. we will look for the fog to be at part of the coastline. the sea breeze will be light. the fog will allow for that cooler day and the temperature spread over 30 degrees from the coast to inland valleys.
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the warming trend continues. got warm yesterday. with breezy and cooler wins tomorrow and monday. the fog bank to write up along the san mateo coast. mostly sunny skies towards early tomorrow morning. maybe a little drizzle for the bay breakers. fog with stronger sea breeze allowing for the cooler day on sunday. if you like the warmth, that will be with us today. the typical sea breeze at 1:00 this afternoon. winds up to about 20 miles per hour. he have to be at the coast for the cooling effect. as i get into later on they get stronger but look what happens as we get into your sunday. lighter winds. here is where the breeze kicks up. into the afternoon over 30 miles per hour. that initiates a cooler air moving across the bay into the second half of the weekend. as for the look for today, it will be warmer than average.
5:19 am
the average is 64 in san francisco. should be about 70 today. upper 70's in oakland. that surpasses the upper 60's for this time of year. mid 80's from napa. 80 at fremont. reds indicating 90 towards the delta. pretty warm day. the breeze keeping his cool here. as liz was talking about, the total lunar eclipse with the moon coming up after 8:00 tomorrow night. it sets at 8:12. the best time is between 8:30 and 9:53. the eclipse ending right before 11:00 at night. if you're at the coast, you have to head inland. there will be clouds out there so keep that in mind if you want to check that out. should be brilliant. the warm day today with numbers in the 60's at the coast, upper 70's around the bay, low 90's inland. look at the cooling that takes place tomorrow.
5:20 am
mid and low to mid 80's. towards monday evening cooler out there. a little bump on tuesday, wednesday for pleasant weather towards the end of the week. the heat is on for one day today. i know you are a heat fan so you can enjoy it, or wait till tomorrow if you don't. liz: i do like the warm weather. just ahead, stuck in an elevator that was overdue for a state safety inspection. the issues that after the incident and new video of another group who had something similar happen to them, ♪ ♪ this is awesome for any type of plant, especially for a beginning gardener. [ barks ] - yeah? i think he likes them. create a season full of celebration. your happiest spring starts at lowe's.
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liz: now to an update on a 19 story about a woman who got stuck in an elevator that was overdue for a state safety inspection. the state says the inspector found enough issues with the elevator and it had to be taken out of service. melanie woodrow has the update and new video of another group of people stuck in an elevator overdue for inspection at a popular san francisco concert
5:23 am
venue. melanie: it took a by hotels efflandt in 2021 and 2020 two, and calls from abc 7 news for the department of industrial relations to dispatch someone to inspect the elevator. she recently got stuck on it for an hour. >> i called for help. i screamed. melanie: the elevator was last inspected in june of 2019 after abc 7 news uncovered a backlog of inspections, the department now tells the i team the inspector dispatched to hotels efflandt found four issues. the elevator was red tagged until corrections can be made. >> shame on you, because this could be presented. melanie: they acknowledge the need for more inspectors and hiring is a tough priority for the division. joel rodriguez and his girlfriend were in a group of nearly 10 people who got stuck
5:24 am
on this elevator at the masonic on california street after a concert in february of this year. >> we are all stuck in here after this concert with his old [beep].\ melanie: it was last inspected in march of 2016. >> there was a pregnant lady with us. myself and my girlfriend suffer from anxiety. melanie: the elevator has been inspected more recently. a spokesman provided abc 7 news with a permit for the same elevator that says it was inspected in february of 2020. the elevator is overdue for a state safety inspection by more than year. they sent the masonic this letter in february, three days after rodriguez got stuck that said the permit is valid until the elevator inspector can be dispatched. dir told abc 7 news elevators are required to be properly serviced and maintained by the building owner and their certified maintenance company, even with operating with expired permits. >> they were reaching out to a local tack in the area -- tech
5:25 am
can the area on a sunday night which seemed fairly impossible. melanie: firefighters rescued the group about an hour later. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. liz: if you would like to see a story investigated, contact abc 7 news hi team. -- i-team. go to a blueprint for joy was the theme of a make-a-wish greater bay area gala in san francisco this year. there was a virtual program at n-person with the hyatt regency last night. abc 7 news anger, served as the emcee. last year's event raised enough to grant more than 44 wishes. the goal was $550,000, which would mean 55 wishes. people will start moving into a new homeless shelter next week named in honor of late jeopardy host alex trebek. the ribbon-cutting was just held
5:26 am
in the northridge area of los angeles. for decades it was a rollerskating rink. trebek's family donated $500,000 to help convert it into a center with 100 beds. >> somehow, someway i know alex is aware of this center. i know he had a strong conviction added to a determination to make it work. liz: the first residents to move and start on tuesday. still to come on abc 7 mornings, the governor's plans to spend $97.5 billion budget surplus. beta breakers is back this weekend. when you can expect after a two-year hiatus. i'm mark and i live in vero beach, florida. my wife and i have three children. ruthann and i like to hike. we eat healthy. we exercise. i noticed i wasn't as sharp as i used to be.
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nationwide formula shortage causing anxiety for families with infants how the biden administration is trying to fix the issue plus the local mom working hard to help others. pockets of californians. good morning, everyone. thanks again for joining us here on saturday, may 14th. and as always, let's start with another look at the weather with lisa argent. it's certainly going to feel like summer today. yeah one day heat up liz that's for sure temperatures are going to be as much as 10 to 15 degrees above average. but if you're thinking not at the coast, you're right. it's going to be cool there. a quarter mile visibility half moon bay and as we take you inland it is 52 in pleasanton doubling concord. is that 56 some upper 40s where it is cool in santa rosa a there's that fog in pacifica 24-hour temperature change already ahead and start with five degrees warmer compared to. and as we go through the nine
5:30 am
o'clock hour 70s o'clock look ae 90s from the delta mid 80s around livermore mid 70s for oakland, but it should be even warmer than that the coast stays cool and there's that fog not going too far. it will certainly influence all of us tomorrow for a much cooler sunday. we'll talk about that coming up liz. all right, lisa. thank you families across the country are facing a lot of anxiety this morning about how they're going to feed their babies. the white house is working on the formula's shortage crisis trying to speed up supply, but it still could take a few weeks. here's abc news reporter tire hernandez. fight millions of anxious parents stalking empty store shelves looking for baby formula the fda insists. the stock is stabilizing president biden at the white house trying to offer reassurance. this is nothing more urgent. we're working on then that right now and i think we're going to be making some significant progress very shortly. this crisis has been building for months.
5:31 am
demic related supply issues and a massive recall of abbott brand baby formula after it was linked. death of twoda n of california reliespeal m f'y produced at abbott. she's now r to stop from running out. i'm just crossing down to the day where we're not going to have anything abbott now says they could restart production in two weeks. once the fda gives conditions at abbott's facility in the meantime. the white house says they're stepping in offering families that rely only on government. assistance more flexibility to purchase any brand of formula that is available taking steps to import more formula and cracking down on price gouging president. biden asked why he didn't take these steps sooner if we've been better mind readers. i guess we could have but we moved as quickly as a problem became apparent to us. his administration says the defense production act for formula is still under
5:32 am
consideration the challenge that i mentioned before with baby. formula is that you know, it's it's complex and and just say to a manufacturing facility that makes cereal you need to make baby formula now, it remains under consideration, but no decision has been made yet ty hernandez abc news, new york here in the bay area. we found a mom in san jose who is helping her friends. carissa brune has made it her full-time job to find baby formula for her son and shares it with others brune is not able to breastfeed. so if she doesn't have formula, she says her baby's not going to be able to eat one option has been contacting strangers on social media and paying them through venmo. i'm having formula shipped from from oklahoma from, kentucky. from sacramento. i recently looked into buying from canada. some people are able to turn to the mother's milk bank in san jose the nonprofit accepts donations and then offers the
5:33 am
milk to infants a need but most of the recipients are preemies and nedo needle care units governor newsome is proposed. the state's biggest budget in state history 300 billion dollars. this comes with a nearly 100 billion dollar budget surplus abc a news reporter stephanie sierra tells us that it includes things like checks to offset gas prices and funding to help women get abortions, but one thing in particular is already a tough sell in the state legislature surging tax revenues fueling a never-before-seent in california, 97.5 billion dollars. here's how it could impact all of us. we're proposing 18.1 billion dollars to put back in the pockets the pockets of millions and millions tens of millions. of californians one of the most controversial proposals in this package is to a lot 11.5 billion dollars worth of tax refunds in an effort to curb costs of record high inflation. this means $400 checks would be
5:34 am
sent to every eligible vehicle owner with a maximum of two checks per person. you could be a rebate to address the issue of groceries. it could be a rebate to address the other cost burdens or placed on you, but the pricey proposal comes with strong opposition in the state legisl. state senator scott wiener says it's shortsighted. i just don't agree. with the send money senator wiener says the money would be better spent on infrastructure investments. that would benefit californians for decades. we have you know, we're risk of the embarkadero flooding. think it will pass. i don't think that what the governor's opposing has support and legislature, but there's plenty of nuisance package that does have support including 2.7 billion dollars expand the emergency rental
5:35 am
assistance program allowing low-income tenants who were denied aid to get help. other perks include funding to pay past due utility bills stipends to hospital and nursing staff a 12-month pause in the diesel sales tax rate and hundreds of millions to hide free bus and train rides for three months in communities across the state plus big expansions to health care subsidies for eligible middle-class families 621 a month from subsidies to wage increases newsome. also proposed california's minimum wage. will jump to $15.50 at the first of the year. and that was stephanie sierra reporting another idea that governor announced would help waive child care fees for low-income families. this would make state subsidized preschool and child care more affordable. the governor says if passed it would impact 40,000 low-income families across the state saving them close to $600 a month. in the east bay in a claim cambodian restaurant in oakland is closing its doors in the
5:36 am
fruitvale neighborhood according to the chronicle nayam by is moving to a new location because it's current lease is up last night was the final night of service the restaurant brought cambodian culture and cuisine to the bay area with dishes like noodle soup marinated pork chops and other traditional dishes. black restaurant week is underway across the bay area. this event celebrates the flavors of african-american as well as african and caribbean cuisines. it started in 2016 and it features more than bay area restaurants this year the event runs through next sunday, may 22nd. and so i had on abc 7 mornings. it's believed to be the largest floating solar farm in the country and it's located in the heart of wine country. we'll tell you how it works and the inspiration for other cities and here's a live look outside this morning looking at the fog there on the golden gate bridge time right now 5:36. we'll chat with lisa when we get back. back. if you have type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure
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there. you can see this skyline and time right now 5:39. it's gonna be a pretty warm day to day so we'll chat with lisa about that in just a moment meantime, san francisco. biggest street party is back this weekend beta breakers is happening tomorrow after a two-year hiatus during the pandemic the race draws tens of thousands of runners and revelers many dressing colorful costumes the e tomorrow morning at the embarcadero, and it ends at ocean beach near golden gate park. you can spend expect a lot of rolling road closures along the 12 kilometer route. and while the race is back in person participates can still take part virtually. and if a debate a breakers you might want to consider taking public transit barton caltrain are both adding extra trains bart says it is adding four trains from millbrae pleasant hill dublin and el cerrito with limited stops. the trains will arrive at the
5:40 am
embarked aeros station near the starting line around 7:00 tomorrow morning. caltrain has two extra northbound trains with limited stops and many bay area families will be celebrating their college graduates today in person commencement ceremonies are making a comeback after a two year hiatus because of the academic cal state east bay and hayward is holding another ceremony this morning at 8:30. these are pictures from earlier this week other schools holding graduation ceremonies today include uc berkeley and mills college. it will be that school's final commencement before it merges with northeastern university, san jose state uni and san francisco state university will hold in-person graduation ceremonies in a few weeks. oh, it's that time of year lisa. i love graduation season and your daughter's gradu. soon. yeah, we got a couple. yeah, lots of kids graduating and it's gonna be a hot one today. like you said look at the sun already. it comes up six o'clock officially in san francisco and heist today. they're gonna be quite warm but pleasant town compared to 90s
5:41 am
expected inland. i'll explain next. thank you lisa also next game six play returns is the warriors close out the memphis grizzlies. chris alvarez is the highlights and the post game reaction coming up in sports.
5:42 am
5:43 am
welcome back. here is a live look outside right now. looking over the san francisco skyline pretty start to this saturday and this weekend in sports this morning. the giants will try to extend their sixth game winning streak when they face the cardinals first pitches at 11:15 this morning at adm the a's are playing a double header against the angels at the oakland coliseum. the first game starts at 107 with the nightcap set to begin at 6:40 today warriors season ticket holders and other exclusive club members will get the first crack at single game tickets for the western conference finals tickets will go on sale to the general public tomorrow last night the devs closed out the grizzlies in game six of their series and here's abc 7 sports anchor chris alvarez with the highlights in
5:44 am
this morning sports. good morning. mission was clear for the warriors on friday night beat the grizzlies in game 6 and earn some much-needed rest before the western conference finals lose. it's game seven in memphis on monday gold blooded the warriors are undefeated this postseason at chase. remember game 6 clay, he's back folks clay hit his first three triples and scored 11 in the first quarter and he was heating up clay had 17 at the half and watch this three in the emotion 941 days of rehab? oh, it was worth it grizzlies, though. tough dylan brooks. he scored 30 from memphis back and forth we go into the third and into the fourth dubs were up just one at the end of three stephan curry struggled until the fourth quarter and he came alive triple bang. that's good dubs up six. fired up curry again looking like steph go up 10, which is four minutes to go and kevon looney had 22 rebounds. you heard me right? it's time for the most in golden state history get it to clay.
5:45 am
the triple is true. he had eight triples tied for a game high 30 and chase center was going crazy time for step to adnc inffothe time lt ei in larx clay. i just try to focus on the president and today, you know, i was thinking about the last couple years and what this team has been through. i personally been through and to have a closeout another closeout game at chase center it gave me butterflies. i was nervous all day, but i was just had so much fun tonight and i'm proud of this team for being so resilient you guys have been around here a while. you know, how clay is with game sixes? what a time to step up tonight. giants reliever dominantly owned ready for some football giants begin in three game set with saint louis 17 weeks until the niners kick things off by the way top three one all micah strumsky to left center harrison
5:46 am
bader. nice tribe can't make the play two runs scored three one giants top of the a 4-1 giants evan longoria back off the il early this week. first knock of the season is a two-run double part of a five run inning giants win it eight to two dance it up a storm coliseum. it's the a's and the angels love the moves top 5 angels up. thing andrew velazquez deep off dalton jeffries. to nothing. halos jeffries sixsn that is your look at sports. let's send things back to you. all right, and lisa, let's go check out the forecast now. okay, it's gonna be another warm day out there that sun. just coming up at six o'clock setting after 8 o'clock. so long day out there and a lot of sun do i was some warm weather. so there's a look at thela and e
5:47 am
coast it is 50 quarter mile visibility half moon bay gorgeous view there. you can see the marine layer from sutro with 48 in santa rosa 49 in livermore 50 napa 56 in concord. so certainly not as chilly as it has been and here's the view from tam. this kind of says it all doesn't it a little bit of a breeze in the upper elevations and then a finger of fog and that glorious son coming up. so fog along the coast this morning with a warming trend that continues today got pretty hot yesterday and the for good weather for bay to breakers. here's a look at the south bay the next seven days mid 80s today since it's the hottest dad in the next seven average high about 73 will drop off to the mid 70s tomorrow. the coolest day should be
5:48 am
monday. not only for the south bay but elsewhere around the bay then we warm up come tuesday wednesday still not as warm as it's going to be today and then that cooler weather thursday and friday. so tomorrow starting out with the clouds even some mist and drizzle going up that hill there for beta breakers. so good running weather with mid 50s to upper 50s 8 o'clock towards 10 o'clock in the morning then by noon time. it'll be about 60 today. look at the mid 80s all around los gatos, san jose. how about 87 and morgan hill a warm day there the peninsula, you know, it's warm redwood city when it's 81 is 79 in palo alto, but the fog right at the coast will keep it breezy comfortable 62 in the sunset and up in the north bay those oranges arriving for upper 80s, santa rosa 87 sonoma vallejo. that's a warm day by the water at 85 and taking you to the east bay that double header today for the a's starting out in the 70s. so a warm day the afternoon highs will be in the upper 70s with a light west wind looking
5:49 am
at 78 for your afternoon high 79. a city with fremont at about 80 degrees and then as we get inland, this is where it gets pretty toasty from mid 80s in san ramon 90s arriving by the delta so virtually no. all there today and as we check out your accuweather 7-day forecast things really changed tomorrow is the numbers come down at least six degrees inland and another six bayside the coast continues on that cool regime, although the winds are certainly going to pick up along for even cooler days as we get to monday a little minor warming on tuesday and wednesday and then settling back into a kind of a typical spring like pattern thursday and friday so good with me just a one day. because it's going to feel pretty hot out there today liz. all right, good to know lisa. thank you. a study tucked along the lush vineyards of sonoma county's wine country is harvesting something else these days clean energy taking care of our environment is part of building a better bay area abc 7 news
5:50 am
meteorologist, mike. nico shows us the innovative project that's already having a significant impact on shieldsburg's power supply. first along the russian river the town of healdsburg is mostly known for great wine and weekend getaway. but these days the sun isngmore. it's producing power and an unusual setting you didn't set out to be the largest. it just turned out that when calculated out it turned out we are the largest utility director terry crowley and wastewater manager. rob skates are showing off what's believed to be the largest floating solar farm in the country more than 10,000 panels anchored on the surface of two ponds at the city's wastewater treatment facility and while they're floating the panels are also supplying roughly 8% of the city's electrical needs and combined with renewable energy produced adding nearby geother. night the project can earn healdsburg the title of the wine
5:51 am
countries sustainable city. so we're when we combine it with our geothermal resources. we're looking at close to 50% renewable. it's innovation that sprung in part from necessity rob skate says the shade provided by the panels cuts down on algae growing in the treated water that's used to irrigate surrounding vineyards. yeah, it made a little the water definitely better. i have happy. we're serving almost a thousand acres of vineyard and the multiple benefits of the surface solar system are catching on in the central valley turlock is getting set to cover a local irrigation canal with solar panels for similar reasons cutting algae and evaporation and generating power from publicly owned right-of-ways. the idea is especially appealing in areas like sonoma county where land prices have skyrocketed, you know, it's it's a local project that probably otherwise wouldn't be made because the land here's too expensive to install solar on it and while it doesn't float on a
5:52 am
the solar installation is providing cost-effective energy and clean irrigation water to one of the most popular wine-producing areas in the world with with the promise of more to come. mike nico, abc7 news healdsburg is planning to add power from a different solar site in the near future upping the use of renewable solar power to as much as 15% of the city's total. okay, this is a live image of the bay areas favorite falcon family at cal. just last week annie became a mom. and 2 over eggs hatched producing two healthy chicks on abc 7. pe dr. sean peterson aboutlcon how the baby birds are doing. but this age one of the most dangerous things for a chick is getting too cold. and so they really do kind of cuddle together to keep each other warm and keep themselves safe. so this is yeah totally what they do for a little bit i think in about another week or so they'll start moving around a lot more but for the next few
5:53 am
days, we're going to just see lots of little fluffy pile of two chicks. oh, they're so cute. we'll find out the sex of the two little baby chicks and about two weeks. there will be a naming contest. next ride the rides at the local county fair the events that's back this weekend for the first time since the pandemic. ♪♪♪ my name is austin james. as a musician living with diabetes, fingersticks can be a real challenge.
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it's a whole new way to save with xfinity. switch today! last night's 99 million dollar mega million drawing 1141-43-44 65 and 13. nobody mashed all the six numbers. so the jackpot rolls over to 112 million dollars for tuesday night's drawing disney world is about to open its first ever reverse launch roller coaster unless than two weeks. it's called gardens of the galaxy cosmic rewind mickey visited. com founder gavin doyle told us all about it. i said is the best disney attraction in 10 years?
5:56 am
it's a storytelling roller coaster brings in the fun music of guardians of the galaxy. things of that. it's one of the largest fully enclosed coasters in the world it officially opens may 27th. disney is the parent company of abc 7. and you can ride the rides at the contra costa county fair this weekend. it's back in antioch for the first time since the pandemic along with the rides. you're going to find food booths and performances all we can long and organizers say those staffing still has been a challenge they weren't able to find as many workers as they've had in the past. so lines may be a little bit longer than normal the fair opens at noon today and tomorrow and next on abc 7 mornings at 6 am coast to coast women's marches hundreds of events are planned today, and we're going to be live in washington dc plus a preview of what's happening here at home. and also this morning the search for answers and the disappearance of this young woman the new piece of evidence investigators just found in
5:57 am
every moment there's an opportunity the numbers truly don't lie to find a path forward to move ahead to build something better issues of race and social justice are a key part of building a better bay area. abc 7, it's our commitment to meet those moments the oakland city council is meeting right now with tough questions. is it worse now real solutions? we will all be okay for you for all of us. where did you learn to do? what you do? this is the moment to build a better bay area join us. better bay area join us. meet apartment 2a, 2b and 2c. better bay area join us. 2a's monitoring his money with a simple text. like what you see abe? yes! 2b's covered with zero overdraft fees when he overdraws his account by fifty bucks or less. and 2c, well, she's not going to let a lost card get her stressed. am i right? that's right. that's because these neighbors all have chase. alerts that help check. tools that help protect. one bank that puts you in control. chase. make more of what's yours.
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5:59 am
fainting; eye problems; extreme tiredness; changes in appetite, thirst or urine; rash; itching; confusion; memory problems; muscle pain or weakness; joint pain; flushing; or fever. these are not all the possible side effects. problems can occur together and more often when opdivo is used with yervoy. tell your doctor about all medical conditions including immune or nervous system problems, if you've had or plan to have an organ or stem cell transplant, or received chest radiation. here's to a chance to live longer. ask your doctor about the combination of two immunotherapies, opdivo plus yervoy. thank you to all those in our clinical trials. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. right now on abc seven mornings, marching for abortion rights. the rallies happening today, including here in san francisco. and the warriors go wild, with the dubs advancing to the conference finals for the first time in eight years.
6:00 am
good morning, it's saturday, may 14. let's start with a look at the weather with lisa arjun. lisa: we have some fog, a compressed marine layer, but temperatures are uniform in the 50's. live doppler 7 with fog on the coast. 52 degrees here in santa cruz. how about 80 degrees for the high today, 53 downtown as well as oakland with 57, half moon bay, and san francisco should warm to around 70 degrees. the average high there is 64. it is a warmer start, so we will warm up weekly today. look at the golden gate bridge, lots of fog there, so curbing the warming at the coast, only about 60 with low 70's by noon time around the bay. look what happens by 4:00. 78 in oakland, approaching 90 inland. the fog is back in


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