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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 14, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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fire inside a supermarket, killing at least 10 people and when investigators are calling a racially motivated attack. an 18-year-old white man who is not from buffalo faces charges. investigators say he drove to the market heavily armed,
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wearing tactical gear. he also had a lead -- allegedly had a camera livestream's actions. reports and manifest it was also posted in connection with the shooting. a witness described the terror. >> i see a guy and a formal army suit shooting shots at people. i see the guy go in army style, bent over, just shooting at people. >> abc news reporter alex presha has the latest. alex: policing buffalo, new york are on the scene of a mass shooting, multiple people struck by gunfire. >> the worst nightmare any community can face. alex: authorities say just after 2:30 saturday afternoon, a male gunman entered tops friendly market with a rifle and began shooting. >> you have assault weapons that aren't for hunting. they are for killing people. and this is another example of
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the government failing to recognize this is a major public health crisis. alex: a witness described the chaotic scene. >> my granddaughter works there. she happened to be on her break at the time. she works customer service. thank god. she ran into the bathroom and locked the door. alex: police of the shooter in custody but did not reveal details of his condition. investigators say there is no longer an active threat to the public, although the public is asked to avoid the area. >> this tops market is one that i patronize from time to time. some of the victims of this shooter's attack are people that all of us standing appeared out. alex: alex presha, abc news, washington. >> investigators said the gunman shot for people in the parking lot, killing three and injuring one.
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he then went inside, where he was confronted by a retired buffalo police officer working security. the guard shot struck the gunmen, who was wearing body armor, and did not get hurt. the suspect proceeded to shoot nine more people in the store. 13 people were shot, 11 blackened two of them were white. for the latest, watch abc 7 world news at 5:30 after this newscast. our the big story -- a united call across the nation as abortion rights protesters hold more than 380 rallies, several held across the bay area. one of the largest made his way through the streets of san francisco. abc 7 news ryan curry was there. [demonstrators chanting] ryan: each step is a step calling for change. >> we have got our feet on the
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street. ryan: in san francisco, thousands making their voices heard following the leak roe v. wade would be overturned. >> women had back alley portions, they went overseas, they went to japan, mexico and puerto rico for abortions. do we want that again? absolutely not. ryan: sky 7 flying over the protest started at the civic center and went down market street, various ages and deafness that together. >> we would like to take back and have control of our bodies and we are out here demonstrating and standing in solidarity with these women who just want to be represented. ryan: those aspiring to be future leaders walking side-by-side with current ones. >> i don't think men should be making decisions about what we do with our bodies and more importantly, we are going back to the days of backyard and a
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back alley abortions and things that could kill women. ryan: women's marches have been happening for several years in san francisco, but this feels different, some even calling this historic. >> there was a feeling that something like this might happen. we couldn't predict the people in the supreme court, but we knew that our rights were something we had to march 4. ryan: protesters say it has been difficult processing the news from the supreme court. but many in san francisco say joining together makes them hopeful for a bright future. >> when i read the leaked draft opinion, i was surprised, i was devastated. and it is comforting to know other people feel the exact same way ryan: in san francisco, ryan curry, abc 7 news. >> in the south bay, a group
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gathered at san jose city hall in support of abortion rights. organizers say the message want to send is that women have the right to determine their own futures on their own timelines. a coalition of groups supported this rally, including the santa clara county democratic party, south bay labor council in silicon valley bride. sky 7 was over a rally at oakland's lake merritt. the crowd heard from several speakers including a doctor from planned parenthood. the oakland city council president pro tem is calling for oakland to declare itself a sanctuary for women seeking abortion access. a show of support for women's rights in the north bay as well, people gathered in petaluma as part of the day of action. the protests come nearly two weeks after a leak of the draft supreme court opinion overturning roe v. wade. add one of the largest ban our bodies rally was held in washington dc. california congresswoman barbara really shared her story about
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having to leave the u.s. to travel to mexico as a teenager to terminate her pregnancy. >> i did not know what to expect, other than this decision could put my life in jeopardy. that is all i knew. >> organizers expected as many as 17,000 people to march from the national vault of the heavily barricaded u.s. supreme court. antiabortion protesters also gathered at the supreme court. one demonstrators said they are against the direct killing of the unborn. supreme court justice clarence thomas says the court has been changed the shocking leak of the roe v. wade draft opinion. >> if someone said that one line of one opinion would leaked by anyone, you would say that is impossible no one would ever do that, there is such a belief in the rule of law, belief in the court, belief in what we were doing, that that was forbidden.
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it was beyond anyone's understanding, or at least anyone's imagination. and look where we are, where now that trust is gone forever. >> earlier, thomas said government institutions should not be "bullied" into delivering what some see as the preferred outcome. abc 7 news sent a push alert with live video is the san francisco rally got underway. you can get news alerts sent straight to your mobile device. i just downloaded the abc 7 news news abend enable push alerts. other news -- on the peninsula, a homicide investigation after a body was found at a bus stop in san mateo. police say a man was found at the bus stop this morning on el camino reality at east hillsdale boulevard. the investigation shut down the south bend lane of el camino rialto a time. police called the death
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suspicious but have not provided details. in the east bay, oakland's mills college is celebrating its 134th and last commencement. >> these students have been through so much, persevered and earned degrees and it is great to see so many people back on campus. >> the college will be merging with northeastern university in july and will be known as mills college at orth eastern university. mills will remain partially in-service for continuing students graduating in spring 2023. the campus has dealt with financial hardship after a decline in enrollment and budget deficits. mills college was one of the last remaining women's colleges in the state. just ahead, bay to breakers is back. the unique run returning tomorrow after a hiatus. one big change to the event this year. and, may in full bloom and the moon will have stargazers seeing
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red. tips on how to catch the eclipse this weekend. >> a mild to warm day, but cooling breezes are blowing forcefully. the accuweather forecast
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morning at the embarcadero and ends at ocean beach near golden gate park. expect a lot of road closures along the 12-kilometer route. if you are heading to bay to breakers, you may consider public transit. bart and caltrain are adding extra trains just in case. bart is adding four trains from millbrae, pleasant hill, dublin and el cerrito with limited stops. trains arrive at the embarcadero station near the starting line at 7:00 tomorrow morning. caltrain has two extra northbound trains with limited stops. the solar system is putting on a spectacular show this weekend. tomorrow night, we will be treated to a colorful, total lunar eclipse. you see it, all you have to do is look east at about sunset. as the moon is rising, it will start to pass through the earth's shadows. the sun's rays will be reflected in turn the moon a reddish color. >> what you are seeing when that happens is the projection of the
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sunrise and sunset of the earth onto the surface of the moon, those photons getting through the earth's atmosphere like a prism, reflecting and reflecting, so the red light projected on the lunar surface is bouncing off the moon into your eye. >> now you know. the best time to watch will be at 9:30 p.m. the moon will stay reddish for about an hour and a half. encouraging news for parents struggling to find baby shortage. steps to replenish supply and an indication of when we can expect to see the formula back in stock. spencer: beta breakers returns to san francisco tomorrow. i would look at weather conditions in a moment when abc 7 ne
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shortage -- the government is taking steps to help. but experts warn there is one thing that no one should do. >> the biggest pair -- the biggest thing parents need to avoid right now is trying to make homemade formula or watered-down formula, both of which can be catastrophic nutritionally for children. >> president biden is urging suppliers to get more army left on shelves. expect supply to improve dramatically in coming weeks. the government is also taking steps to stop price gouging and hoarding. parents have been traveling hundreds of miles just to find formula, other families turning to buying breastmilk from nursing mothers. the shortage is lamed on the recall of a popular brand, supply chain snags and historic inflation. a black restaurant week is underway across the bay area,
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the event celebrating the flavors of african-american and african and caribbean cuisines. it started in 2016 and this year, features more than 50 bay area restaurants. black restaurant week runs through next sunday, may 22. is it too early to think about dinner? spencer: i have been thinking about dinner since lunch. [laughter] >> that is why we get along. spencer: let's look at our weather right now, dion, brisk and breezy new the coast, when he three mile per hour gusts at half moon bay, 33 miles per hour at sfo. cooling breezes are having an effect on -- effect on the coastline. but elsewhere, quite a warm day in our inland areas. our 24-hour temperature change shows most locations away from the coast and by our warmer than this time yesterday. a few from sutro tower, blue skies over san francisco where it is 60 degrees, 67 oakland,
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san jose and santa clara, 80, 50 five half moon bay. a view from mount tam, increasing clouds tonight, 85 right now in santa rosa, petaluma 70, 90 fairfield, 86 livermore, inland areas still quite warm. looking at the golden gate, here are our forecast features -- look pleasant fog expanding overnight. breezy and cooler tomorrow and certainly monday, and a warmer pattern by midweek. overnight, clear skies give way to advancing my clouds. patches of green, not expecting any leisure of lorraine, but clouds and fog will contain enough moisture that there could be a drizzly spot. there, but basically a dry pattern, just clouds going into tomorrow. overnight low temperatures mainly in the low to mid 50's with some 40's on the coastline. and bay to breakers
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forecast, mostly cloudy when the race starts at the embarcadero, more sunshine by 10:00 a.m. and a milder day by noon. the highs tomorrow, upper 50's at the coast, low 70's around the bay shoreline and low to mid 80's in the warmest inland spots. here is accuweather 7-day forecast, notice how much cooler we are on monday come only upper 70's inland. tuesday, warming begins again, 90's inland, low 70's around the bay. warmer wednesday. temperatures moderate thursday and friday before bouncing back to more warm, springlike temperatures next saturday. dion: thanks. chris alvarez now with a preview of sports i do have your worriers colors on. chris: the blue and yellow. happy belated birthday. coming up, the a's fly past the angels, and kevon looney, how good was he last night
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i'm going to beat it. that's no doubt in my mind, i'm going to win this battle. [male narrator] at the v foundation v is for victory over cancer. [narrator] 100 percent of donations fund game changing cancer research. donate now at v dot org. alvarez. chris: warriors center kevon looney has been an unsung hero, playing in all 82 regular-season games and the seventh your center came up big against memphis. noon he made his first start in the semifinals last night at the request of stefon curry and draymond green. looney delivered with a career-high 22 rebounds in 35 minutes, making a major impact on the warriors' return to the western conference finals. >> it means a lot to the
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teammates i have been playing with for the past few years. they have put trust in me in these moments. it is big for me. it is paying off. >> loon was unreal in the second half. his presence, the rebound, the way he impacted the game. >> kevon, i am so proud of him. he also had injury problems early in his career, a couple surgeries, and for him to be doing this at the highest level, he is going to be rewarded for it. chris: ahead of the day's game in st. louis, giants and astros played list make a deal, trading for michael popper minsky. davon played 177 games for the team. the giants a six-game win streak , a close game of caster the cards up 1-0, tommy edmond solo
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shot off jacob judas, 2-0. a warm day in the midwest. the giants loaded the bases in the seventh, a chance here with brandon belt and, the pitch rounds into an inning-ending double play. bottom of the seventh, runaround for paul goldschmidt, a high drive to deep center, austin slater fighting the son and he cannot find it. sosa scores, st. louis adds another. the giants are shut out 4-0. same two teams tomorrow night. warm at the coliseum. kid, dad is going to need some of that icee. top of the first, a grounder, diving for the bag, the runner is safe. a run doesn't score. the a's challenge and the glove beats the foot to the bags of the out call is overturned. but of the myth that bottom of the seventh, 1-0 halos, a smash
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game is tied. the a's are down three-morning the ninth, luis with two men on hits it passed all the angels in the outfield. his first career over is a walk-off. camp with the gatorade about, the a's win. game three starts in about an hour. we have highlighted the story of portuguese artist rita oak who promised she would draw a picture of jimmy garoppolo every day until he is traded. day 101 is a 101 dalmatians drawing, too good to share -- drawing, too good to share -- too good not to share. i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take osteo bi-flex, to keep me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens
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get our live newscasts with breaking news and weather and much more with our abc 7 app on android, roku and fire tv. download it for free. finally, an honor for kgo on this asian-pacific islander heritage month. take a look, sibley number evan low held a luncheon in san jose today to recognize the accomplishments of asian american journalists in the bay area. abc 7 news came out in force. there i was, alongside amanda del castillo, kristen sze and our producer. vic lee and others also recognized for uplifting visibility and being a voice in
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the community. congratulations to everyone there. so nice to see all of you in real life. that is it for this edition of tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. a deadly mass shooting inside a supermarket in buffalo, new york. multiple people shot, at least ten dead, after a man walked into a supermarket and opened fire with a rifle. the massive police presence at the scene. the suspected gunman dressed in military fatigues and wearing a helmet, now in custody. what we're learning about the suspect tonight. and the fbi investigating this as both a hate crime and racially motivated violent extremism. our team standing by in new york and washington with late details just coming in. also tonight, thousands taking to the streets in cities across the country, marching for and against abortion rights. the intense reaction on both sides to that leaked supreme court draft opinion, suggesting the justices are ready t


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