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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 14, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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there. so nice to see all of you in real life. that is it for this edition of tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. a deadly mass shooting inside a supermarket in buffalo, new york. multiple people shot, at least ten dead, after a man walked into a supermarket and opened fire with a rifle. the massive police presence at the scene. the suspected gunman dressed in military fatigues and wearing a helmet, now in custody. what we're learning about the suspect tonight. and the fbi investigating this as both a hate crime and racially motivated violent extremism. our team standing by in new york and washington with late details just coming in. also tonight, thousands taking to the streets in cities across the country, marching for and against abortion rights. the intense reaction on both sides to that leaked supreme court draft opinion, suggesting the justices are ready t overturn roe v. wade.
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justice clarence thomas condemning the leak, saying it's destroyed trust in the nation's highest court. breaking news from miami. at least one person killed when a small plane crashing into a car on a busy bridge and bursting into flames. patients rushed to hospitals. the desperate search for baby formula across this country. mothers scouring store shelves. the states most affected, and how long this could last. plus, advice on what parents should and shouldn't do. a major show of support for ukraine. senate republican leaders making an unannounced visit as russian forces retreat from ukraine's second largest city. and vladimir putin's new warning to finland not to join nato. plus, the urgent manhunt for an escaped killer in texas. new information on his ties to a mexican gang. how he broke out of a prison bus, and the reward now for information leading to his capture. and the dramatic water rescue. how a state trooper and firefighter got a woman out of
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her suv as it sank into a pond. good evening. it's great to have you with us on this very busy saturday. i'm whit johnson. we begin tonight with that breaking news -- a mass shooting in buffalo, new york. witnesses say a gunman dressed in army fatigues and a helmet walked into a supermarket, then opened fire on shoppers and staff. at least ten people are dead. several more wounded. police say fbi is investigating the shooting as a hate crime and racially motivated violent extremism. first responders encountering numerous victims at the scene. the suspected shooter who was armed with a rifle was taken into custody. relatives of those who were inside the supermarket among those gathering at the scene, anxious for word on their loved ones. witnesses say they heard dozens of shots fired. and tonight we're told biden be
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and the attorney general have been briefed. phil lipof with details. >> this is the worst nightmare that any community can face. >> reporter: several onlookers describing the gunman as a white man dressed in military fatigues. shoppers running for their lives. people living nearby horrified. >> my god, i never thought in my lifetime at my age i would live to see something like this in my community. >> reporter: the horrific scene unfolding inside the tops friendly market shortly after 2:30 this afternoon. buffalo police quickly taking the suspected shooter into custody. >> the suspect put the gun to his own neck. buffalo police personnel, two patrol officers talked the suspect into dropping the gun. he dropped the gun, took off some of his tactical gear, surrendered at that point. >> reporter: late tonight that
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suspect identified as peyton general of conklin new york. as he was being arraign in the court, the fbi searching his home 200 miles from the shooting scene. >> this is a great day of sadness for all of us in the city of buffalo. >> awful scene in buffalo tonight. phil, developments still moving quickly. what more are you learning from investigators? >> reporter: we just learned the suspected shooter here is 18 years old, drove hours to get to this particular supermarket. when there, live streamed the shooting as it was happening. once he was inside the supermarket he himself was actually shot by a retired buffalo police officer doing security at the supermarket, but it had no effect because he was wearing body armor. 11 of the 13 people he shot were black. the fbi is investigating this as a hate crime. >> phil, thank you. as we noted the scene still very active at this hour. let's go ed dranch from our
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buffalo affiliate, at the scene with what's happening now. >> reporter: buffalo mayor byron brown calling this the worst nightmare for any community. ten people shot and killed inside this tops friendly market, a major grocery store chain here in western new york. a number of people shot inside the storm a number of people were also wounded inside the store. here tonight you can still see a very active scene here. we should let you know the suspect is in custody, and according to eyewitnesss we're told this man was on a mission, armed heavily, dressed in fatigues, and camouflage. what this man's motive was, still unclear tonight. >> ed, our thanks to you tonight. again, we're learning more about the suspect. the authorites saying he was 18 years old and traveled hours to get to the scene. law enforcement sources telling abc news he may have possessed extremist views. abc's alex presha joining us now from washington. and alex, they're looking at his postings online. >> reporter: that's right, investigators are going to be
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combing through multiple online postings they believe this alleged shooter made. the early indication now is he may have held extremist beliefs. some posts praising south carolina shooter dylann roof who killed nine in a south carolina church. other posts praising the new zealand mosque shooter. but the attorney general merrick garland and the president have been briefed on this. the fbi is going to be investigating this as a possible hate crime, and whit, by our calculations this is now the 198th mass shooting of this year. whit? >> alex presha in washington, thank you. our breaking coverage for this evening. another big story we're following tonight, thousands of protests across the country marching in the streets over the issue of abortion. large events from coast to coast. many outraged by the leaked supreme court draft opinion and the strong possibility that roe v. wade could be overturned. anti-abortion rights advocates holding their own counterdemonstrations. supreme court justice clarence
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thomas, what he said about the leak and what it could mean for the court. ike ejiochi tonight. >> reporter: across the country tonight, abortion rights advocates rallying in the streets, defiant against that leaked supreme court draft opinion overturning roe vs. wade >> this is a decision that treats women as objects, as less than full human beings. it puts us back. i've been fighting for women's rights for 50 years, and i'm not going to give up. >> we won't go back! >> reporter: abortion rights supporters descending on washington, d.c., for the "bans off our bodies" march. the march is now mobile. just take a look. the people are making their way up constitution avenue, all headed for the steps of the supreme court. close to 400 protests held in cities all over the u.s., according to organizers. from philadelphia -- >> bans off our bodies! >> reporter: to austin. back in the nation's capital -- >> abortion is murder! >> reporter: supporters facing off with anti-abortion rights activists.
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>> we're here to have the pro-life voice and the christian perspective here. this is hard work. there's not a lot of us. you see the responses that we get. >> reporter: it all comes as supreme court justice clarence thomas spoke out again overnight, denouncing the draft's leak during a conference in dallas. >> what happened at the court is tremendously bad. i think it's -- i wonder how long we're going to have these institutions at the rate we're undermining them. >> reporter: justice thomas, who voted in the majority in the draft, also saying trust within the high court had been damaged. >> you begin to look over your shoulder. it's like kind of an infidelity. it was beyond anyone's understanding, or at least anyone's imagination, that someone would do that. >> reporter: if roe is overturned, at least 26 states are certain or likely to ban or severely restrict access to abortion, according to the guttmacher institute.
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whit, other than a couple instances where people were escorted from the rally, the event was peaceful, with thousands of people participating. now, the high court is expected to publicly rule on the case in question by the end of june. whit? >> ike, thank you. now to more breaking news out of miami -- the horrific scene on a bridge. at least one person has died after a small plane lost engine power, slamming into a car, both bursting into flames. first responders rushing to the scene, pulling people from the wreckage. at least five other people were hurt. the faa and ntsb are now investigating. here's abc's zachary kiesch. >> reporter: it was an incredible crash landing on this miami bridge connecting two barrier islands. the single-engine cessna, captured here just moments after it crash landed, striking a car before coming to a stop. one passenger in that plane has died. two others in critical condition. the female and two toddlers in that suv are reported to be in good condition.
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one person can be seen climbing from the burning wreckage before collapsing on the road. he's then helped to safety by a good samaritan. as the flames grow, another passerby approaches the plane, checking for more passengers. >> go back, go back. go back. >> reporter: the plane continued to burn out of control before firefighters eventually put the fire out. at least one passenger reportedly with burns was air lifted to a local hospital. the faa says the crash occurred when the plane lost engine power. part of the investigation moving forward will be determining exactly how and why that happened. whit? >> zachary kiesch with that incredible video tonight. thank you. we turn now to the growing concerns for millions of parents, the desperate search for baby formula. shelves increasingly empty across the country. many stores limiting the number of items that can be purchased at one time. we're now learning the problem could go on for months. here's abc's elwyn lopez. >> reporter: tonight, the u.s.
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racing to put an end to the nationwide shortage of baby formula impacting millions of infants. >> i originally had tried to breastfeed, and i tried so hard, but i had a very hard time with production, and i tried all the things to make it work, and it just couldn't. this is my fourth store today. >> reporter: in alabama, first time mom carrie fleming drove for hours and searched through countless websites, unable to come up with formula for her daughter. >> this is my worst nightmare. how am i not able to provide my daughter's primary nutrition? >> reporter: 3-month-old lennix's last batch came from new york, 1,000 miles away. the cost, $245 for just 4 14-ounce cans. eight states including delaware and kansas are seeing half the usual stock on store shelves. and across the country, about 70% of babies are fed formula.
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>> the biggest thing that parents need to avoid doing right now is trying to make that homemade formula or watered down formula, both of which can be absolutely catastrophic nutritionally for children, even dangerous. >> elwyn lopez joining us now. elwyn, unfortunately parents should not expect normal supplies any time soon. >> reporter: that's right, whit. the maker of four formulated brands for the likes of amazon and walmart says heightened demand and shortages may last throughout the rest of the year. we spoke to moms saying they're relying on online groups to find breast milk to feed their babies. whit? >> so challenge. all right, elwyn, thank you. make sure to tune into "this week" tomorrow morning. george stephanopoulos goes one-on-one with house speaker nancy pelosi on what congress is doing to help desperate parents, and the next steps for democrats following the failed senate vote to codify roe v. wade. now to the war in ukraine. top senate republicans, including minority leader mitch mcconnell, appearing with president zelenskyy in kyiv. the unannounced visit just the latest show of support from
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high-ranking americans as russian forces continue their retreat from areas near ukraine's second largest city. and vladimir putin now warning finland's president against joining nato. finland's leaders this week announced they favored nato membership. tom soufi burridge on the ground in ukraine. >> reporter: tonight, a trail of destruction, and as russia retreats from northeastern ukraine, senate republican leaders arriving unannounced in kyiv for a face-to-face with ukraine's president. >> nice to meet you. welcome. >> reporter: zelensky calling for the u.s. to label russia as a sponsor of terrorism. that show of support coming as ukrainian forces push the russians back near ukraine's second largest city of kharkiv. for those forced to live underground in darkness for weeks, utter relief. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: alla says she's been waiting and waiting for ukrainian troops to free her village.
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and in the east, ukrainian officials claim they thwarted russian attempts to cross a river. these images released by ukraine's armed forces show burnt-out tanks and armored vehicles littering the landscape. and this is what putin's invasion looks like in chernihiv, a city in northern ukraine. peoples homes hit by a russian air strike. there were no military targets here. 12 people were killed, hundreds in similar attacks across the city, which was under siege for 5 weeks. all of these attacks now being investigated as war crimes. across town, more apartments vaporized by another russian strike. here, an entire family with two young twin boys killed. vladimir putin warning finland that joining nato would be a mistake, but finland's president says it's russia's invasion of ukraine which has impacted finland's security. whit? >> tom, thank you. meantime back here at home
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and the weather extremes being felt by many parts of the country. sweltering heat in the south leading to major concerns about the texas power grid. let's get right to abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano. the timing here, how long is this record-breaking heat expected to last? >> reporter: some coastal cities here in the northeast are getting some cooling rains and there's a cold front sweeping across the country, but it's not going to catch everybody. texas is going to be excluded, so more stresses on the power grid the next several days. high temperatures tomorrow across the lone star state. temperatures approaching or getting over 100 in dallas, austin. 20 degrees above average, and we're looking at more records to fall. the heat is being squeezed off to the east by the cold front, and it's triggering some thunderstorms that could become severe, especially tomorrow across the midsouth, tulsa to little rock to memphis, up trough louisville. damaging storms that can have hail and maybe a tornado. and then on monday, you're looking at northern new england all the way down to north carolina, highly populated
5:46 pm
cities of the corridor in the afternoon could see winds firing up. scattered hail, tornado possible as we start the workweek. whit? >> rob, thanks. tonight a curfew is in effect in milwaukee this weekend after shootings overnight that wounded at least 21 people. terrifying scenes of civilians caught in the crossfire running for their lives after shots fires after the celtics/bucks game. two other incidents of gun violence follows just hours apart. in all, 11 arrests. ten guns were seized. there's much more ahead on "world news tonight" this saturday. the urgent manhunt in texas. hundreds of officers now searching for an escaped killer. and the dramatic rescue as a state trooper bashes in a sunroof to save a woman who had driven into a pond. stay with us.
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ugh-stipated... a flexible plan for cash flow designed to last. feeling weighed down by a backedup gut" miralax is different. it works naturally with the water in your body to unblock your gut. your gut. and your mood will follow. tonight, dramatic footage of a water rescue in upstate new york. an suv crashed into a retaining pond last week. you see here the female driver was stuck inside. the vehicle submerged in the chilly water. state trooper christopher hardy used a pole to break through the sunroof to get her out. the assistant fire chief john russell helped pull the woman to safety. she was treated at a hospital and released and later charged with dwi. tonight, the manhunt is intensifying in texas for a convicted murderer who escaped from a prison bus. gonzalo artemio lopez now is on the state's ten most wanted list. rewards topped $20,000 for information leading to his capture.
5:49 pm
authorities say on thursday that lopez, who has tied to a prison gang called the mexican mafia, cut through a barricade, stabbed the driver, and then took the wheel of the bus. the driver's injuries are not life threatening. a second officer shot out its tires, causing the bus to crash, but lopez got away. when we come back here, a possible hate crime spree in dallas. why police think three shootings could be connected.
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to the "index" now. police in dallas are investigating a series of shootings at asian-run businesses as possible hate crimes. on wednesday, three women were shot and wounded at a hair salon that took place just a day after shots were fired at another business and one month after someone opened fire from a car at another asian-run business. police believe a maroon minivan may have been used in all three shooting incidents. tonight, the g-7 condemning india's decision to ban exports of wheat, warning it could worsen the global food shortage. safeguard its own - the price of wheat has shot up by more than 40% this year, mainly because of the war
5:53 pm
between ukraine and russia, which together produce a third of the world's wheat supply. tonight, the streets of tulsa, oklahoma, are filled with motorcycles. they came from all over the country, traveled there for the black wall street rally. the event spotlights black-owned businesses in the city's greenwood district and honors the victims of the tulsa race massacre 101 years ago. if you are looking for peace and quiet, aurora, illinois, might be your place. the chicago suburb wants to silence noisy dogs. though owners could be left howling. under a tough new ordinance, if a dog barks for more than 15 minutes, the owner could face a $100 fine. there's also a new limit on how many pets you can own. when we come back here, new information just coming in on our top story, that mass shooting in buffalo. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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we want to go back to our top story. there's new information on the mass at shooing in buffalo. at least ten people were killed. let's go back to alex presha in washington. alex? >> reporter: we're learning the homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas has been briefed as the fbi prepares to investigate this shooting as a possible hate crime. also briefed attorney general garland and also the president. but investigators are going to be poring through multiple online posts that this alleged shooter made. some reportedly praising south carolina shooter dylann roof and others praising the new zealand mosque shooter. and also late today we're getting a statement from the naacp. president derrick johnson saying, we are shattered and extremely angry and praying for the victims' families. whit? >> alex, thank you.
5:58 pm
tonight, buffalo's mayor describing that mass shooting as the worst nightmare any community can face. we're also getting haunting images from the scene -- bystanders comforting each other beneath an umbrella. teams of detectives collecting evidence. we know a young man in military fatigues a helmet opened fire with a rifle. 13 people shot, 10 killed, among them a retired buffalo officer working security. the suspected shooter is in custody now. police say he's 18 years old and traveled about 200 miles to the supermarket. law enforcement sources tell abc news they're looking into whether he had extremist views cultivated online. their investigation, of course, still in the early hours. so many unanswered questions. i'm whit johnson in new york. i'll see you on "gma" in the morning. have a great night. it
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