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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 15, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. we're getting new details about the mass shooting that police call racially motivated violin extremism 10. people are dead and now we're learning more about the suspected killer. we know. there's definitely someone who knows something. and we're hearing from the parents of an east bay woman who has been missing for months. now they say they're not losing hope good morning everybody. it's sunday, may 15th. i'm liz croeds. thank you for joining us. let's start with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa arjun lisa. you are right. it sure did warm up yesterday. yeah it did and the fog is with us right along the coast so elsewhere it is clear, but as we look at live doppler 7, you can see it lining up along the san mateo coast the marin county coast and it's gonna push into
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the bay there and bring us a breezy and cooler afternoon. it is 56 in pleasanton dublin also in livermore with low. you can see that fog from pacifica. we're in a couple degrees from where we were yesterday, but the afternoon probably about three to six degrees cooler. so with the clouds around by 9 o'clock, we're in the 50s and 60s partly cloudy the winds kicking up 60s and 70s bayside and inland by noontime and by the afternoon, we've got high clouds. it's a breezy to windy afternoon still around 80 inland, but even the delta getting windy and looking at those cool temperatures at the shoreline. we'll talk about the viewing of the eclipse tonight. and a warmer week ahead coming up liz. alright lisa. thank you. so let's get back to the latest with that deadly mass shooting in buffalo at least 10. people are dead and three injured at a local supermarket store in buffalo, new york 11 out of the three victims were black the federal bureau of investigations. the fbi is considering the incident as racially motivated
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violent extremism abc's reena roy has more 18 year old peyton gendron arranged saturday evening charged with first-degree murder just hours after a shooting rampage that left 10 people dead and at least three other. injured 11 of the 13 victims were black that charge of murder in the first degree carries with it a life without parole sentence. the horrific scene unfolding inside this supermarket in buffalo, new york shortly after 2:30 saturday afternoon. this is the worst nightmare that any community can face authorities. say gandering of conklin new york. allegedly shot several people in the parking lot before entering tops friendly markets and continuing his rampage. he exited his vehicle. he was very heavily armed he had tactical gear. he had a tactical helmet on he had a camera. was live streaming what he was doing. he was eventually taken into custody by buffalo police while still inside the store according
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to law enforcement officials a home associated with gendron more than 200. away from buffalo was searched by investigators the shooter traveled hours from outside this community to perpetrate. this crime on the people of buffalo, new york governor kathy hogle a buffalo native says there is no depth to her outrage a white supremacist who has engaged in an act of terrorism and will be prosecuted as such in a cold-hearted. cruel calculating way according to authorities the suspect live stream the attack as it unfolded the fbi now assisting authorities in the investigation. we're aggressively investigating this at the federal level. as a hate crime and as an instance of racially motivated violent extremism. investigators are looking into a 180-page document that gendron is believed to have posted
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online allegedly filled with racist and anti-semitic rhetoric and a detailed outline of what he planned to do rena roy abc news, buffalo, new york. and president biden issued a statement saying quote a racially motivated hate crime is abhorrent to the very fabric of this nation any active domestic terrorism, including an act perpetrated in the name of a repugnant white nationalist ideology is antithetical to everything we stand for in america hate must have no safe harbor and we must do everything in our power to end end hate fueled domestic terrorism. all right meantime moving on now. we are hearing from the parents of missing oakley woman alexis gay authorities revealed a key piece of evidence was recovered her cell phone case abc 7 news reporter stephanie sierra. spoke with gabe's parents who say they're not losing hope it's been three and a half months since alexis gabe went missing and tonight her parents. tell us the recovered cell phone cases one of many new developments that's giving them.
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hope alexis is still alive. it's it's really scary. like i said earlier. it's scary the parents of alexis gabe have a renewed sense of hope after their daughter's cell phone case was recovered by investigators late friday night the missing 24 year old was last seen in late january at her ex-boyfriends antioch house along. freeway a location. they say is not far from where investigators found her phone case where the phone cases found. it was very very close to where the battery way. houses last thursday oakley pd served a search warrant at gabe's ex-boyfriend's house investigators last searched the home in february. do you think alexis is still alive? yes, we are hoping. of the feeling, you know. one mixed emotions pretty much because there's a lot of things unfolding right now with the kids. they're not telling people that they're looking for a body gabe's parents. say her two nieces found her car
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the day after she was first reported missing with the keys in the ignition. not far from the ex-boyfriend's house in oakley last month oakley pd released this surveillance footage of a person of interest a man seen walking down the street in a hooded sweatshirt. not far from where gabe's car was. covered have you heard from investigators any leads on who this man is? yes, we do. but he said the support from the community has been overwhelming but added recent reports of bodies recovered across the bay area is making it harder to keep that. hope alive. we're just really to find out that it's not for lexus could hear you right now. what would you tell her we miss you so much. we're not gonna give up we're gonna get yeah, we're gonna keep searching going to find you. we will find you. the city of oakley has created a $10,000 reward fund for anyone
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who has information on this case. you could submit tips to the number on your screen. deputy sierra abc 7 news i'm just so tragic. we hope that there is an update there. all right, meantime rallies and marches were held across the country in favor of reproductive rights. these are just some of the demonstrations where abortion rights supporters gathered on saturday. they express their outrage that the supreme court appears poised to overturn. wade and several rallies were held in the bay area one of the largest made its way through the streets of san francisco. you can see sky seven video here abc 7 news reporter ryan curry was there. here you each step is a step calling for change and people have to have their feet on the and that's why we're here today. in san francisco thousands making their voices heard for the rights of women following the leak that roe versus wade will be overturned women. i know.
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harshans if they had money, they went overseas for abortions. they went to guam they went to japan they went to mexico and puerto rico for abortions do we want to see that again? absolutely not sky 7 flying over the protest that started at civic center and made its way down market street various ages and ethnicities joining together to stand up for their rights, and we would like to take back just being able to have control of our bodies and we're out here just representing and standing in solidarity with all these women that just want to be represented. those aspiring to be future leaders walking side by side with current ones. i don't think men should be making decisions about what we do with our bodies and more importantly, you know, we're going back to the days where you know, we're talking about backyard back alley abortions and things that could lead to illness or kill women women's marches have been happening for several years in san francisco, but this one feels different some here even calling this one
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historic. there was a feeling that something like this might happen. we couldn't predict that trump was gonna people in the supreme court, but we knew our rights were something we had to march for. protesters say it has been difficult processing the news from the supreme court, but many in san francisco saturday say joining together as a community keeps them hopeful for a bright future when i found out when i read the leaked draft opinion. i was surprised that i was devastated as i was and it's comforting to know that other people. exact same way in san francisco ryan curry abc 7 news in the south bay group gathered at san jose city hall. in support of abortion rights organizers. say the message they want to send is that women have the right to determine their own futures on their own timelines a coalition of groups supported this rally including the santa
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clara county democratic party the south bay labor council in silicon valley pride in the east bay sky 7 was over a rally at oakland's lake merritt the group heard from several speakers, including a doctor from planned parenthood oakley city council president pro tem, tao and shang tao was calling for oakland declare. self a sanctuary for women seeking abortion access there was also a show of support for women's rights in the north bay people gathered in petaluma's walnut park is part of a day of action. so a lot going on this weekend and lisa beta breakers today as well. yeah, that fog is lurking right in san francisco, but pretty sure here check it out sun coming up at 5:59 so you can see the fog in the foreground there. so making a cooler day and some clubs. out but we'll talk about nice looking sunday on the way and warm-up mid-week. that's all a few minutes away thank you lisa. also, the countdown is on beta breakers. we mentioned just few hours
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quickly put out a fire near the castro on saturday officials say they were called to an apartment building on coren street near kite hill for report of smoke firefighters found fire in an attic space. it was quickly knocked down fire damage was limited to two units, but two other units suffered water damage. nobody was hurt and the causes under investigation. non-binary runners will now receive awards after beta breakers this morning. that's according to sfgate the paper had previously reported the company that puts on the race was not going to issue awards organizers told sfk that quote. it's important we knowledge that we made a large oversight in our awards plan. this will be the first beta breakers since 2019 the race
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kicks off just after eight this morning at maine and howard streets near the embarcadero. it finishes at ocean beach and keep in mind. there will be a lot of road closures because of it take a at the map here of this 12 kilometer course, the only north-south crossover points are the embarcadero and and howard street and crossover drive in golden gate park, and this year's race is taking on a meanl ukrainian man, abc 7 news reporter tara campbell caught up with the san jose resident as he made his final preparations for race day. one step at a time for nick bilagorski the ukrainian-born san jose resident getting ready to run the bay to breakers race sunday morning. i'm a computer programmer and far from from a runner and this is a 12k race, which i don't know to me that seems like a marathon. it's a small price to pay says nick. evening to raise money to help his homeland. it's been difficult. i feel like maybe i should go there and fight for ukraine, but
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i have family here and i have a job here and so he's doing what he can to help so far collecting roughly $2,000. i hope that the money will help but i think more more than that. i think the awareness of with the people coming to the race and i want more people to think about what can i do to help? tens of thousands will line up barceroarki the return of aft a two-ye the pmi runners cladding colorful costumes will wind through the streets of san francisco towards ocean beach nick will the ukrainian flag a flag. he's been lifting at local rallies in support of the war-torn country this pretty stressful to to think about what's going on. like i've worried about parents and i just generally feel bad to read. all the folks who are being killed the miles offering momentary peace of mind running is physically difficult. so it's kind of puts all my
5:16 am
thoughts out of my head and clears my mind his wife anna seen in this photo with her mother and in this photo with her grandmother will be there cheering him on the first days of the war she pulled them and tell them to get out so they got in a car and they drove and seven days later. they were able to cross the border and then eventually james shares about her mom and her grandmother. they're now living with us lace-up and ready to race keeping it all in perspective. my goal is not to finish first. but just to take part in it and and to do it in a meaningful way tara campbell abc 7 news. and if you're headed to beta breakers, you might want to consider taking public transit bart and caltrain are both both adding extra trains today. it's adding four trains from millbrae pleasant hill dublin and el cerrito with limited stops. the trains will arrive at the embarcadero station near the starting line around. seven this morning caltrain has
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two extra northbound trains with limited stops lisa coming over the bridge this morning. it sure was foggy. yeah, and that is going to be a factor in the forecast not only in san francisco as the winds kick up, but throughout the day the breeze is going to go right through the delta. here's a look at system well to the north of us and that is going to initiate the sea breeze look at live doppler 7 and the fog looks like it's lined up right along the coast it is, but it's already beginning to push in a little bit. it is 52 in san francisco 55 in hayward so numbers still on the mild side out there but by this afternoon anywhere from five to 10 degrees cool. cooler than yesterday you can see the fog a mile and three-quarter visibility and we are looking at the clouds to gather throughout the next couple of hours. so in terms of the forecast in san francisco, mostly cloudy skies staying in the 50s through about 10 o'clock, and then it's not till noon. you see a little more sun, but boy those winds are going to kick up and temperatures will be in the lower 60. so at least five to six degrees
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cooler downtown with those gusty winds. here's a look outside our window there where we have low clouds and fog at the stena breezy and cooler day today that will take us into monday and then by tuesday and wednesday, we're gonna get warm throughout the middle of the week and then we could even see some gusty offshore winds and speaking of wins as we get through about eight nine o'clock. it is breezy along the coast and then the winds continue to build through about two o'clock. so gusts over 30 miles an hour common in san francisco, and then you'll notice even through livermore san jose getting breezy throughout the day and you can see the colors here indicating the easy wins today same thing on monday. so keep that in mind heading out. it's not going to be until the middle of the week and then we'll get conditions more like where we should be for this time of year 70 in oakland today look for 77 in san jose high clouds from time to time low 80 so still a warmed up and wine country, but the wind san francisco half moon bay just in the 50s. 70 san mateo and then remember
5:19 am
tonight an entirely red moon is on the way and the sun it doesn't set until 8:12. so still pretty light out there until about 8:20 8:25 and not until 8:30. you might be able to see that total red moon just above the horizon and then totality comes into play at about 9/11. so it's a four hour event, but maximum totality about nine eleven. it ends at 9:53. so that's tonight. got to get away from the fog the low clouds. and also the city lights the accuweather seven-day forecast looking at fifties eight chilean windy day at the coast low 70s bayside mid 80s inland and then the coolest day tomorrow by tuesday wednesday. we're warming it up the winds kick up by thursday, but still we've got some warmer 80s inland 70s around the bay and that is pretty typical for this time of year. so should be very cool for that eclipse, but you got to get away from that fog, right? definitely. hopefully it clears at lisa. thank you. just ahead american idol down to the final five. we'll take you behind the scenes
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or high blood potassium. contestants and they're being mentored by former idol winner. carrie underwood. we'll see how that helps them tonight when they take the stage twice abc 7 news entertainment reporter. george panaccio has more if you've got any more aces up your sleeves pull them out pull them out. that's katy perry's advice for the top five for its hager hunter. all leah marlene, nicolina and noah thompson. can i handle seating katie might be silently coaching from her judges chair. sometimes i'm at the desk looking at i'm going like this. i'm like trying to draw it up. i'm such a stage mom. oh my god, lionel richie says these final singers all share. in common real talent. i mean from here on now now it's
5:23 am
not about coaching. it's really about improving. we're throwing off amazing people now to the point where is sickens me, we just get closer and closer and i feel like you know when people go home it sucks worse part of the night, but at the same time, it's like it's it's grind time. it's time to push last sunday the two men's still in the competition couldn't do the press line because they were both dealing with testing for covid, but the women enforces hunter girl. once again heard she had a voice that was ready for radio. you have a really awesome voice. i've always wanted to hear my song on the radio and so for them to say that people have looked up to since i was young. it's kind of hit you all at once. i came into the show having no expectations. i came in to just deliver my goods and not change anything about me deliver my good now change a thing and just like maybe that's what people like is that i'm not like i'm not trying to be anybody else two of the
5:24 am
top five will be eliminated. monday night the other three move on to next week's finale in los angeles george panaccio abc news and you can catch the top 5 episode tonight right here on abc 7 live at 5. then stay with us for abc 7 news at a special time of 7 pm. okay, hearst castles finally back open after a 26-month closure due to the pandemic hearst castle once the playground for san francisco, millionaire and newspaper man william. randolph hearst is now a state park you can see where it is on the map. just north of san luis obispo doing its two-year closure it lost an estimated 32 million dollars in revenue reporter dale yurong from station in fresno takes us inside spectacular hearst castle rises high above the crashing waves of the central coast visitors to san simeon can once again enjoy this historic estate set among fragrant blooming gardens. so when you walk around yours,
5:25 am
it's not just a site. it's also a smell it's the trees coming off state park. superintendent, dan fallett. can't wait to bring people back. this is what mr. hurst intended was to have have visitors enjoy this place and and use it as a place of learning but also enjoyment it's clear newspaper magnet william randolph hearst loved to entertain. oh wow. that is really cool. your first glimpse of the i neptune pool takes your breath away hurst opulent lifestyle is reflected in every feature every work of art and i think he perfected this one. i don't think there's anything more you can do to this. michael young has the foundation. hearst castle the ex denver bronco receiver is a former los angeles dodger senior executive. so the pent-up demand i think is going to be pretty significant, especially with the castle introducing this hidden terrace this spot over here is something that very few people have ever
5:26 am
had the opportunity to go into the email architect. she designed hearst castle really i think something. showcase in a story that has not been told this woman was so far ahead of her time. and she paved the way for so many women that are nowneering e every turn every detail demands your attention strolling. the grounds of hearst castle is like taking a trip through time these columns date back to ancient rome 1800 years ago you think about it? this is the only fine arts museum in the entire, central, california. each room grander than the next imagine having winston churchill and stars like charlie chaplin as your dinner. guests hurst extensive collection includes tapestries from the 1500s you're enveloped by artwork which can really be able to look at the peace and
5:27 am
really see what does this mean through the foundation young has made sure things are looking up when it comes to projects like wood restoration the amount of time that it's taken to do just this extraordinary in the amount of money is extraordinary, but it's something that absolutely needs to be done the portion of road damaged by storms leading up to the castle has been fixed. up to the enchanted hill. this is really cool. the in pool featuring gold leaf and tomb tile s we'd expect nothing less. castle is a four-hour drive from san francisco in san simeon dale you wrong abc 7 news. and visitors to hearst castle are strongly recommended to make reservations. i've learned that the hard way myself. you can do that online silicon on abc 7 mornings an update on the baby formula shortage and how the government is now
5:28 am
stepping in and look up in the sky tonight. it's a bird. it's a plane actually it is a total lunar. so we have all of the details on how and when you can get the best view.
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moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. a surprise visit to ukraine coming up details on what top senate republicans are doing is the war against russia continues. the biggest thing that parents need to avoid doing right now is trying to make that homemade formula or water down formula both of which can be absolutely catastrophic nutritionally for children. and experts are weighing in on the baby formula shortage as the government is now asking and taking steps to help. good morning again everyone. thanks for joining us here at 5:30. let's start with at the weather with meteorologist lisa arjun a lot of people hadn't debate a breakers today. yeah and look at these live
5:31 am
shots we have for you. just gorgeous. 559 is the official sunrise from our sutro tower camera. you can see that fog moving in right on cue right to cool. honors off it is in the low 50s downtown 56 in san jose half. moon bay is 52 and look at mount tam doesn't disappoint right 67 degrees on top of mountain mount diablo 65 so still a lot of warm air aloft that's going to change throughout the day 60 in concord 're going toee the winds kick up and some high clouds visit us nine o'clock. you can see in the 50s by noontime. we're in the mid 60s over in oakland high clouds the breeze picking up. the way to our inland valleys and by the afternoon, we've got some 70s inland maybe a few 80s, but cool 50s at the coast liz. all right, lisa. thank you now to saturday's mass shooting in buffalo that authorities describe as racially motivated violent extremism at least 10 people were killed and three hurt in this shooting in a supermarket and it's parking lot
5:32 am
18 year old peyton gendren the suspect shooter. the suspected shooter was arraigned in court for multiple counts of first degree murder. he is currently in he without bail and is pleaded not guilty authorities. say jendra drove hours from his hometown to buffalo. he arrived to a supermarket heavily armed wearing tactical gear and a camera live streaming the attack a retired officer working as a security guard shot him, but he was unharmed because he was wearing body armor. the suspect put the gun to his own neck buffalo police personnel two patrol officers suspect in the dropping the gun. he dropped the gun took off some of his tactical gear at that point. the fbi lal authorie facilitate. the investigation gender and is due to appear in court again thursday morning top senate republicans made a surprise visit to ukraine meeting with president zelensky and kiev. this came amid reports that
5:33 am
ukrainian forces have pushed the russians back from the city of kharkiv abc reporter tom sophie burridge of the is on the ground in ukraine. a trail of destruction and as russia retreats from northeastern ukraine senate republican leaders arriving unannounced in kiev for a face-to-face with ukraine's president, australia the lensky calling for the us to label russia as a sponsor of terrorism that show of support coming as ukrainian forces pushed the russians back near ukraine's second largest city of harkiv. for those forced to live underground darkness for weeks utter relief says she's been waiting and waiting for ukrainian troops to free her village and in the east ukrainian officials claim. they thwarted russian attempts to cross a river these images released by ukraine's armed forces show burnt out tanks an armored vehicles littering the
5:34 am
landscape and this is what putin's invasion looks like in chiranhiv a city in northern, ukraine. homes hit by a russian airstrike. there were no military targets here 12 people were killed hundreds in similar attacks across this city, which was under siege for five weeks. all of these attacks now being investigated as war crimes across town more apartments vaporized by another russian strike here an entire family with two young twin boys killed. and that was tom sophie burridge reporting after leaving ukraine senate minority leader mitch mcconnell said the us10 squarely behind ukraine and will sustain our support until ukraine wins this war and earlier meantime, we showed you of the reproductive rallies for the rallies to reproductive rights that were held saturday in the bay area and across the country also supreme court justice claris. thomas said the court has been changed by the shocking leak of the roe v wade draft opinion if
5:35 am
someone said that one line of one opinion would be leaked by anyone and you would say that. oh that's impossible. no one would ever do that. there's such a belief in the rule of law belief i believe in what we were doing that that was verboten. it was beyond anyone's understanding or at least anyone's imagination and look where we are. we're now that trust or that belief is gone forever. thomas has previously said government institutions shouldn't be quote bullied and to delivering what some see as the preferred outcome. oakland police are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in a deadly shooting next to a food stand. this happened on foothill boulevard and 35th avenue on thursday night. in this surveillance video three suspects stressed in black attempt to rub two men and the
5:36 am
food stand workers. one person was shot and later died at the hospital in a separate shooting oakland police found a shot victim early friday morning at 30th in chestnut streets. he was pronounced at seen these shootings bring oakland's homicide total to 43 so far this year. peninsula a homicide investigation is underway after a body was founded a bustop in san mateo police. say a man was found slumped over a bench at the stop on el camino real. tillesdale boulevard just before 7 am saturday police did not say what the victim's injuries were investigators asked that anyone who was driving southbound on el camino real between 1 am and 7 am who has a dash cam to give them a call. after a seven-year court battle a houston-based pipeline company is settled a class action lawsuit of 230 million dollars for a large oil spill that occurred in southern, california in 2015. a corroded pipeline owned by planes all-american pipeline
5:37 am
spoon spewed 630,000 gallons of oil into the ocean and that's according to experts it caused extensive harm to beaches marine life. and fishing tourism for miles the pipeline company will pay $184 million dollars to fishermen and 46 million to property owners. it was the worst oil spill to happen in dec. coming up on this week with inflation on the rise george stephanopoulos goes one-on-one with speaker nancy pelosi on the next steps for dems following the failed senate vote to codify row and the future of covid funding in congress you watch that full interview on this week with george stephanopoulos ate this morning right here on abc 7. and just ahead on abc 7 mornings. we're saying action from the government regarding the baby formula shortage as experts weigh in on what? should and should not do and here's a live. look outside this morning. we'll look. side time right now 5:37. it's foggy there on the golden gate bridge take it slow. if you're heading the roads. we'll check in with lisa when we get back.
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morning time right now 5:40 and it is beta breakers day here in san francisco. a lot of people waking up early coming into the city. all right an update now on the baby formula shortage the government is taking steps to help now, but experts warn that there is one thing nobody should do the biggest thing that parents need to avoid doing right now is trying to make that homemade formula or water down formula both of which can be absolutely catastrophic nutritionally for children. president biden is urging suppliers to get more formula onto the shelves and expects supply to improve dramatically in the coming weeks. the government is also taking steps to stop price gouging and hoarding. the shortage is blamed on a recall of one popular brand supply chain snags and historic inflation.
5:41 am
black restaurant week is underway across the bay area the event celebrates the flavors of % african and caribbean cuisines. it started in 2016 and this year it features more than 50 bay area restaurants black restaurant week runs through next sunday, may 22nd. oakland's mills college celebrated. it's 134th and last commencement as an all women's school. these students have been through so much they persevered and they earned degrees and great to see so many people back in person on the campus celebrating. the college is going to be merging with northeastern university in july and will be known as mills college at northeastern university mills will remain partially in service for continuing students graduating in spring of 2023 in recent years. the campus has dealt with financial hardship after a decline in enrollment and budget deficits mills college was one of the last remaining women's colleges in the state. abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo hosted the alzheimer's association a bright night.
5:42 am
in san jose last night. it's the second annual event, but it's the first one to be held in person. the alzheimer's association. norcal said all proceeds help move us closer to our vision of a world without alzheimer's and all other dementia. okay lisa. it's a pretty start to this morning but a foggy one. yeah, it's beautiful here from mount tim. can't make out the low clouds or can you it is 67 on top of mount tam a north wing yesterday. it was 77 and widespread upper 80s in parts of the north bay. not today though. we're going to trim the numbers back at least five to maybe eight or nine degrees. so we'll talk about that the breeze and a warmer week ahead coming up. all right lisa. thank you. also next two series down two to go the warriors wait to see who they will play in the western conference finals what it means for the dubs to be back on the door. of the nba finals chris alvarez while the highlights coming up while the highlights coming up in sport everyone remembers the moment they heard...
5:43 am
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and ask your doctor if keytruda here's a live look at a very foggy golden gate bridge this morning, and hopefully it doesn't ruin the total eclipse tonight that we're all hoping to watch. you have to go away from the fog to make sure you can see that all right in sports this afternoon. the a's will try to get a split of their four game weekend series with the angels. teams play at the oakland coliseum at 107 this afternoon and the giants will try to win their weekend series in st. louis. they face the cardinals at busch stadium at 4 pm ant 4 pm and yon watch the game. our sister network espn tickets for ttern conference finals. go on sale to the general public at 10 am on the warriors website tonight. the dubs will find out who they're going to face. here's abc 7 sports anchor chris alvarez with the details in this morning sports. good morning, the warriors win over the grizzlies in game six friday night earn them some much-needed rest as the mavericks and sons play later today in game 7. the winner of that game will take on the warriors in the western conference finals the warriors use day 21.
5:46 am
three fourth quarter run to ice the game and the against memphis in-game 6 kevon looney had 22 rebounds klay thompson thompson scored 30 stephen curry added. points as the warriors punched their ticket to the western conference finals for the sixth time in the last seasons, you know to miss the playoffs the last two years like i remember sitting in cabo last year watching the playoffs and don't get me wrong. i love cowboys. it's great to be in that place watching the playoffs but it's brutal watching go two years of type of basketball we was playing and not so certain that you're gonna get back everything. we've been through the last few years. it's really an incredible opportunity. we want advance obviously, but we're going to embrace the challenge definitely special never take it for granted and understand. this is what it's all about and for us to have another opportunity to get formal wins and play for a trophy like that's special aids and angels double. header start with the impressive helmet and game two top two tied at one bases loaded for fresno states taylor ward.
5:47 am
third career grand slam. it goes off. adam oller the angels home run prize is a plastic. boy had 5-1 halos just a triple shy of the cycle hayes often's not as good ramon lauriano grams into their eight double play in just three games and top five milestone alert show heyotani 100th career major league homer made it eight one in the ace fall nine to one as for game one earlier bottom nine a's down three when they startedith nobo. it's luis barrero with two on hits it past all the angels in the outfield. his first career homer is a walk-off winner. made bath a's wind 4-3, so they split the double header giants right in the season high six game win streak in a saint louis. the brandon's playing a very close game of catch bottom five cardinals won. nothing. tommy edmund solo shot off. jacob junus two. nothing saint louis a very warm day in the midwest giants load the bases in the seventh, but brandon belt grounds into a inning ending double play san
5:48 am
francisco one for six with runners and scoring position 10 men left on and bottom seven. runner on two out for paul goldschmidt high fly to deep center austin slater fighting the sun fighting the sun can't find the baseball a run score st. louis adds another and the cardinals shut out the giants for nothing same two teams later tonight on espn sunday night baseball giants and astros played let's make a deal on saturday. sending utility men mauricio. dubon houston for michael papyrski who can play catcher in first. dubon who grew up a giants. 17es with the team since it's arrival in 2019. that's your look at sports. enjoy the rest of your sunday. all right, and let's go check out the forecast now lisa. we're seeing that fog this morning. yes, it is moving in and we're gonna have a cooler day as the system moves into the pacific northwest allowing for breezy winds even some lives were watching the low clouds moving to san francisco and as we look at live doppler 7 a better viewpoint is our live cameras
5:49 am
here salesforce said over a thousand feet, so the fog probably about 800 feet there and it'll continue to bring that cooler. are with it, so it is 52 downtown 53 in oakland 56 in san jose with low 50 santa clara and half moon bay and a look from our east bay hills camera another vantage point there of that marine layer, but upper elevations are mild. well into the 60s so that inversion with us that warmer air a law 52 in santa rosa. it's 55 in napa with 60 in concord 55 in livermore and finally classic sfo right with all the clouds there a cool and breezy day on the way plenty of 60s around instead of those 70s it was in the 80s yesterday redwood city low clouds and fog of the coast breezy cooler today tomorrow and then some warmer days throughout the middle of the week. we could have a windshift for an offshore flow later in the week. so we'll have to watch that. here are the high clouds notice throughout one o'clock. they will thin out from time to time. so we'll have mostly sunny to partly cloudy then taking this through monday noon time about
5:50 am
the same deal the low-classes start out and then the high clouds in the afternoon making for a partly cloudy day. so with the and it's gonna feel a lot cooler out there and it will be anywhere from 10 degrees cooler in some locations, especially along the peninsula here and some of our inland valleys as we get towards the afternoon 20 to 30 miles an hour comment along the coast and then that wind just builds out to our east bay you could see the delta particularly breezy even livermore down through palo alto and san jose so into your evening hours still kind of breezy and that will continue as we get into monday the coolest day of the week 75 in i look for low 70s closer to the bay there milpedius even some 60s here menlo park 68 with about 70 some of the locations near belmont redwood shores. so that's a good 10 degrees cooler 65 downtown 61 in the sunset and heading up to the north bay. still have a few 80s high clouds around and then an afternoon sea
5:51 am
breeze and i stayed there 82 in napa look for 75 in petaluma, and as we take into the east bay, it's certainly going to be slower warming for you with on in hayward castro valley 72 heading inland. we were in the upper. east to near 90 i think was 93 yesterday by a fairfield and today into the 80s, but it's going to be windy out there by the afternoon three four o'clock 75 in pleasanton the accuweather seven-day forecast fifties at the coast 70s around the bay mid 80s inland and don't forget that sun sets at 8:12. so begin to see that red moon just above the horizon say about 8:30 to about 9:15 9:30, and then it's the cooler day arrives on monday. it won't be for long because switch it around and bring the warmer weather in midweek and then watching those potentially northerly winds the end of the week list. right. sounds good lisa. thank you a new treat for acres this summer the world's longest suspension bridge just opened in
5:52 am
the czech republic. so maybe you got to make a trip to europe. it measures 2300 feet long and stands 3,600 feet above sea level the bridge can handle 500 people at once some of the first visitors to cross the bridge admitted. it didn't move a bit. the designers say the structure proves that nothing is impossible. abc 7 news was honored this asian american pacific islander heritage assembly member evan lowe held a luncheon in. yesterday to recognize the accomplishments of asian american journalists in the bay area abc 7 news came out in force for this the un limb kristin z a mental castillo and producer lindsey nakano. we're all there for this special event former abc 7 news reporter vic lee was also recogn eyes for uplifting visibility and being a voice in the community. next everything you need to know about tonight's total lunar eclipse and why this one is extra special.
5:53 am
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from last night's 83 million dollar powerball drawing. 640-41-45 52 the powerball number 9. er 9. nobody picked all six numbers tomorrow night's jackpot increases to 90 million dollars and the winning number from last night'0 million dollar super lotto plus drawing 625 30 34 36 the mega number three. nobody matched all six numbers in going either wednesday night's jackpot grows to 11 million dollars. the solar system is on a spectacular show this weekend. we will be treated to a colorful total lunar eclipse tonight to see it. you got to look east. on sunset just as the moon is rising it will start to pass through earth's shadow. the sun's rays will be refracted and turn the moon a reddish copper color. what you're seeing when that happens is the projection of every sunrise and sunset from the earth onto the surface of the moon those photons from the sun are coming skimming past the earth getting earth's atmosphere
5:56 am
like a prism reflecting refracting and so just the red light projected onto the earth moon surface bouncing back off the moon into your eye. the best moment to watch will be around 9:30 tonight. the moon will stay a reddish color for about an hour and a half. can't wait to see that. alright next on abc 7 mornings at 6 am and update on the mass shooting that police are calling a hate crime the suspect live streamed the entire thing and a local ukrainian man is running for a cause this morning as we count down to bay to breakers. he re her e in every moment
5:57 am
there's an opportunity the numbers truly don't lie to find a path forward to move ahead to build something better issues of race and social justice are a key part of building a better bay area at abc 7. it's our commitment to meet those moments the oakland city council is meeting right now with tough questions real solution. i'll be okay for you for all of us. where did you learn to do?
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that's because these moms all have chase. smart bankers. convenient tools. one bank with the power of both. chase. make more of what's yours. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: we are getting details about the mass shootings a police call racially motivated violent extremism. 10 people are dead it. they're learning more about the killer. >> we know this is someone who knows something. liz: we are hearing from the parents of a woman who has been missing for months. they are not losing hope. good morning. it is sunday, may 15. thank you for joining us. we have a lot to get to. let's start with a quick look at the weather. lisa: we've got


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