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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 15, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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coming together for an urgent discussion when abc 7 news and begins in 60 seconds building
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a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. good evening, and thank you for joining us. i'm dion limb. you're watching abc 7 news at 11. it has been a violent weekend in the united states on saturday 10 people died in a mass shooting at a grocery store in buffalo new york investigators say it was driven by hate then this afternoon a shooting inside a southern california church left at least one person dead. and in milwaukee a playoff watch party for the bucks was canceled following a series of shootings that left 21 people injured. we begin with the developing news coming out of orange county and the church shooting. it happened this afternoon in laguna woods about an hour south of los angeles in addition to the one death and at least five
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other people injured as reporter elena gomez with our sister station in la tells us investigators are crediting some heroic churchgoers with stopping the gunman. yellow tape still blocks the entrance of the geneva presbyterian church has investigators still try to figure out why a gunman opened fire at a lunch event at this church. a lunch banquet at geneva presbyterian church ended in gunfire after a man shot multiple people killing one person and injuring five others the victims ages range from 66 to 92 tonight officials are praising the group for managing to detain the suspect themselves by tying his legs with extension cords. we believe a group of churchgoers detained him and hogtied his legs with an extension cord and confiscated at least two weapons from him. he was detained when the deputies arrived that group of churchgoers displayed what we believe exceptional heroism heroism and bravery in interviewing or intervening to stop the suspect.
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they endowly prevented additional injuries and fatalities two handguns were also recovered at the scene. the atf will be tracing those guns for any leads investigators will be working to find a motive for the shooting to determine if the shooting was hate related or if he had an intended target our thoughts are to all the members of that congregation and their families. and i think that we have to think and i know we do think the city of laguna woods is so pleased the city's nearby immediately contacted it and wanted to support us. it was so outstanding to have that happen. deputies don't believe that the suspect lived in the area, but they're still trying to determine if he had any connection to the congregation or the church in laguna woods, elena gomez abc 7 news. we are also following developments coming out of buffalo new york president. biden will be there on tuesday to meet with families of the victims 10 people were killed when a man who investigators say was fueled by hate targeted black people at a supermarket.
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abc news reporter derek waldor has more on this story. saturday's horrific scene unfolding at this topps friendly supermarket in buffalo, new york times like homicide. we have body found here authorities. say peyton gendron drove 200 miles from his home in broom county new york to the scene. this individual came here with the expressed purpose. of taking as many black lives as he possibly could officials saying the gunman fired about 50 shots killing ten people injuring three more all of those who died were black. this is an racist hate crime. this is someone who has hate and their heart soul and mind among the victims retired. buffalo police officer, aaron salter. r he has a security guard at the supportively fired multiple shots hitting the suspect but that did not stop him because he was wearing body armor. the gunman fatally shooting the guard moments later.
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also killed 32 year old roberta drury and 67 year old hayward patterson shot in the parking lot. he didn't deserve that. our community didn't deserve that. no one deserves that and 86 year old ruth whitfield her son garnell tells abc news. his mother stopped by the market on her way home from visiting her husband in a nursing home outside the tops market on sunday a prayer vigil turned protest was the problem was what is the underlying root of hate? is it fair? is it the nazis that there's snowing out investigators are now combing through gendron social media searching his home. and interviewing his parents the 18 year old arraigned hours after the attack. charged with first degree murder he's being held without bail and could face additional charges including hate crimes derek waller abc news buffalo. the buffalo attack has police departments across the bay area on alert tonight the san francisco police department says, it has increased patrols
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in districts with black houses of worship. they're all so actively working with local law enforcement partners to identify any credible threats the oakland police department says, it will quote remain vigilant and continue to assess security levels as needed. the black community in the bay area is shaken by the mass shooting in buffalo. so local leaders are banding together in their fight against racial violence. abcs have a news reporter tara campbell spoke to the head of the local naacp. shock waves from the mass shooting in buffalo are being felt here in the bay area. i'm sad to report the audience. this is just a mirror. of america reverend amos brown pastor of third baptist church and leader with the naacp responding to the supermarket shooting targeting the black community and killing ten people within it shows that america is still infected with this virus
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of race injustice and downright inhumane attitudes and treatments to black people and it extends he says far beyond one community the shooter in buffalo just one example of the hate this young man. was infected with that virus of nationalism racism anti-semitism eight of asians hatred of anyone who is different and local leaders from within different communities are reaching out to the reverend with a message of solidarity and a call for action. you know, they all saying we feel the pain with you and we must stand in solidarity. and call out this evil. of hate and violence. jeff lee is a local leader in chinatown and one of the first to call the reverent facing the fight against racial violence together people are afraid to
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even walk out the doors. we are in solidarity to make action rev brown calling for an urgent discussion about the mass shooting to be held monday evening as a call to action tara campbell abc 7 news. now when it comes to issues of gun violence, you can find an ally by going to abc 7 action there. we've put together a lists of local resources to give starting point. all over the east bay tonight bard experience major delays today due to equipment issues on the track bart canceled all trips on its red line from richmond to millbrae crews have been working to fix the issue in downtown oakland since this morning after a series of switches failed. riders on dublin pleasanton lines had transfers at the macarthur station to head towards daly city. well coming up. did you see it if you were in the bay area the answer is
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probably not we though can share this image of tonight's total lunar eclipse that made the moon turn red here from an astronaut on this celestial spectacle. and it all started with a text message howa bay area teen wound up rocking out with pearl jam when the legendary band played in oakland. i'm gonna tomorrow finals are set in stephen curry. exactly, you know who the warriors will play in game one on wednesday? i'm spencer christian the cooldown that started today will continue tomorrow, but we won't last long spring like warmth will reawaken. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up when abc 7 news at 11 continues. it's time for our memorial day sale on the sleep number 360 smart bed. why choose proven quality sleep from sleep number?
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exciting one for space lovers of all ages a total lunar eclipse was visible in many areas around the world. a special viewing party was held at the chabot space center in oakland abc 7 news reporter jr. stone was joined by clouds and fog though, even so there were still moments where the eclipse could be seen. you're looking at what the total lunar eclipse or blood moon as it's called look like at the chabot space and science center in oakland on sunday night. not the most vivid image. but with bay area fog and clouds in the sky. at least it was something it's amazing was behind the trees at first and it's pretty cloudy tonight. i haven't really got a good view because this is my second. the kids all had something to say about the views from the a elsewhere though many of you send in pictures from all over in santa rosa in san jose in
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rohnert park in petaluma. the blood moon was on full display rusty red color and that color has caused by refraction of sunlight through the earth's atmosphere. got your your rainbow moons. you've got your blood moon. you've got your blue. you have your harvest moon we howl at them all but we all have our favorite yvonne cagle is a former nasa astronaut one of dozens who came to chabot to see the eclipse when we step off of the planet. we look back on this planet of origin called earth. there are no lines. there are no borders. we just see this fragile blue marble and it makes you care. so while the views may have been a bit limited the space talk among those here outstanding and unrivaled. the grand scheme of things when you look at all the planets and the milky way and beyond we are definitely us back in the universe if you missed this eclipse mark your calendar. the next one is in november jr.
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stone abc 7 news. how cool is that? they all still appreciated it so much. well the show must go on at levi's stadium. it has been at least 1,000 days since a musical artist. formed at the stadium because of the pandemic not that we're counting now tonight coldplay and her kicked off the stadium concert series for 2022. as you can see fans came out in droves to see the british rock band along with the bay area native this year levi stadium will host a six concert series through november with musical performances ranging from the weekend to elton john's final tour and much more. hey speaking of concerts a young bay area man's rock and roll dreams. came true after a legendary band's drummer got sick. here's the story of how a chance encounter and a text of all things led to a performance. he'll never forget. and it was a long shot. i knew that there might be a
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small possibility for 18 year old kai nugerman's a single text was all it took to go from longshot high school student to playing with pearl jam at the oakland arena friday night. the mill valley high school students opportunity of a lifetime to sit in started when he learned the band's drummer had covid and decided to text lead singer eddie vedder's daughter olivia. they had met several years ago at a concert. in the middle of class olivia texted me to send her a video of me playing a pearl jam song because they were. in submissions almost immediately kai left school and went to record a demo with his music teacher just minutes later. what was the moment like when you found out that you had gotten the position? oh, it was crazy. my heart started beating really fast. and i called my dad and he said he nearly had a heart attack guy already plays in a band called the alive with a friend and his
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14 year old brother here. they are playing at lollapalooza in chile. so despite being a performance pro kai still needed to prepare listening to the pearl jam song mind your manners about 50 times and playing it about 20 to prepare for the role a moment. he will never forget. it was crazy. i can't even explain the feeling. well kai admits going back to a high school student is going to be an adjustment after all of the attention a lot of positive support. and kind of been non-stop calls. he has these words. vice for any young musician chasing a dream star practicing a law and listen the bands that inspire you and take what they're doing and make it your own definitely push yourself to be better every day. he is wise beyond his years what an experience kai says he does plan to take some college classes and see how far his music career will take him by the way. he and the alive are playing bottle rock in napa in just a
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few weeks spencer. what a remarkable store and look at what happens it may seem unattainable but to make that one text you never know absolutely is worth a try, right? what did he have to lose and now pearl jam marches to the beat of a different drummer. oh, wow, but think he'll be here all night. just a symbol of my humor. let's move along and take a look take a look at what's going on with our weather starting with the look at the current surface winds. this is interesting many locations have winds absolutely calm not even measurable while right next door. san francisco has wind speeds of 34 miles per hour and sfo gusts to 36 miles per hour. thus the micro clements here in the bay area. so the 24-hour temperature change shows that that onshore breeze even though it's some spots has brought us a cooldown. most locations are several degrees cooler right now than they were at this time last night. here's a nice nighttime view from emeryville looking back across the bay. it's currently 54 degrees in san francisco 56 at both oakland and mountain view, san jose 59,
11:19 pm
santa clara 57 and 54. excuse me at half moon bay. at the golden gate a little bit of mist in the air, but not enough to call it an actual fog. it's a 57 degrees up north of santa rosa right now, napa 55 petaluma 53 fairfield 56 598 concord and and 54 at livermore and the view from our exploratorium camera looking back at a little bit of the skyline there. you can see a few clouds roaming through the sky there, but it's a pretty clear view at the moment. these are our forecast features local clouds and fog will expand especially near the coast overnight. it'll be breezy and cooler tomorrow and the warming trend begins on tuesday our forecast animation overnight looks like this drawing in midnight. we'll see some local clouds and fog filling in from the coast locally across the bay and lingering there through the early morning commute but beginning to burn away. about mid-morning into midday giving way to of high clouds, but mostly sunny skies overnight lows will range from 49 half moon bay to 52 at going oakland.
11:20 pm
in fact low 50s around the bay shore line and over into the inland east bay up in the north bay. we'll see some lows dropping into the upper 40s. highs tomorrow 57 half moon bay san francisco 63 mainly 66 67 degrees right around the bayshore line inland areas will warm up to upper 70s and most locations and maybe up to about 80 at fairfield and santa rosa, but it'll be a much cooler day than today was here's the accuweather seven-day forecast warming begins on tuesday. we'll see high temperatures inland reaching into the mid 80s on tuesday low 70s around the bayshore line even warmer on wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday with inland highs. 90 degrees. we'll see upper 70s around the bay and about 60 on the coast and looks like the warmest day in the forecast future if things hold up as they're looking now will be next sunday low 90s in 80 around the bay shoreline 64 on the coast looks like a beach day or at least a day for some kind of outdoor activity spencer. that is music to my ears.
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oh, well, you just keep going and going and going just bring you along. hey. show is not over yet. let's pace ourselves. that's our thing. okay deal. well just a head stuff curry added one more accomplishment to his resume today. it's actually something that may come as a bit of surprise stay with us. fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math
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behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california. are you looking to renovate your kitchen or bathroom? i'm mike holmes here with ivan from agm renovations thanks mike! too often, homeowners hire the wrong contractor. ivan, i see this all the time. delays, shortcuts, hidden fees - nightmares. at agm we use the top trades, and each project is finished on time, on budget, backed by a five year warranty. that's why agm are the only kitchen and bathroom renovation specialists i recommend. ♪ ♪ [announcer] call now and get $3,000 off! get fast, reliable internet for any budget. act now to get xfinity internet for a great low price.
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for your wake of destruction. curry is officially now a graduate of davidson college in north carolina. curry grew up in charlotte and he needed to complete one semester for his bachelor of arts degree now along with basketball. he has championed literacy in the community curry re-enrolled at davidson for the spring semester and studied with two faculty members. he wasn't at today's graduation ceremony, but he is hoping to return to the campus to receive his diploma.
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better late than never. chris alvarez joining us now with the preview of more sports. hey, chris. deon coming up in sports a tough day for bay area baseball teams, but in basketball the western conference finals are set in the head coach is back steve kerr talks about what it was like to next.mpois
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sponsored by river rock casino warriors head coach steve kerr has cleared covid protocols and will be back on the bench for game one of the western conference finals on wednesday, kerr mr. total of three games last series against memphis fortunately his symptoms were mild and curb was able to stay in touch the team through video and phone calls. he said he was proud of his team's effort and described what
11:29 pm
it was like to watch those games from home. only the best best teams are left at this stage. and so it's all about figuring it out. and i thought our team and our staff did a really good job of making that adjustment to the way the series had shifted and finding a way to get through the wife indicated by tweet. you were not that much fun to watch the games with did you forget to bring the guacamole? yeah. she she's sat there for about two minutes and then announced that she was gonna head downstairs to watch the kardashians instead like all good marriages you you know, you know when to be together and wanted to give other little space so all is good now though. that's great stuff. well the dubs face chris paul and the sons or luca duncich in the mavs game 7 in phoenix and cool hand lucas. i like to call them started out red hot hit his first three shots the mavs watch party in dallas. oh, they were loving it. dallas was up 10 at the end of one that lead kept growing spencer dinwiddy 30 off the bench and luca from the bench so
11:30 pm
he likes that of the night luca had 27 at the half and so did the sons 57 27 at the break sons fans incomplete shock. ahead 35 mavs win 123-90. so game one of the west finals will be at chase center wednesday night sunday night baseball giants and cardinals from st. louis bottom of the first giant killer paul goldschmidt sends a big mac land that card score four in the inning off carlos rodan who went just four plus innings rodan gave up eight runs tonight. he had given up just seven all season prior to that bottom eight giants down 15 to 2 utility man louis gonzalez pitching through an indian in the third. no runs allowed covers it first for the out to end the inning that's important because in the night 42 year old albert pujols pitching for the first time in his 22 year career facing gonzalez who hits a homer for pool halls to officially become the first pitcher to hit a home run this year all kinds of craziness giants lose big 15-6 yio salvage a four-game tro
11:31 pm
split with the angels top of the first show. hey otani 425 feet to center off frankie montes career homeowner number 101 to nothing angels. and of course there is the cowboy hat bottom one bases loaded for christian death in court. out ends the inning oakland was over 11 with renders and scoring position monta settled in after the first he went six innings striking out 12 with just two run. but the ace fall 4 to 1 sports on abc 7 sponsored by river rock casino dion chris thank you. well, you could call this part sporting event, but mostly spectacle they to breakers returns in all of its glory after being put on hold for nearly three years by covid. and this is what it has come to for desperate parents the clear impact the baby formula shortage is having on the united states.
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area moving forward finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. oh, it is one of those truly only in san francisco events and it is back the bay to breakers, which was stopped in its tracks by the pandemic took over the streets once again today and as you can see there was no shortage of those wacky costumes. we are so used to seeing you could call it a san francisco legacy the foot race returned today after two-year covid hiatus. runners and walkers and those just taking in the scene made their way through some of the city's most iconic neighborhoods
11:36 pm
abc 7 news reporter ryan curry spoke with some of the people who registered for the race. one of the iconic san francisco events is back. heated breakers made its return to the city following postponement due to the pandemic the longstanding tradition is something runners say they were eager to see return. it's like a special kind of energy like i haven't felt this in a few years. are the race started at eight sunday morning, and it only took a half hour before the first runners started crossing the finish line that's good start off slow. but while it's perfect and a lot of good costume, so it's really fun as a custom with tradition beta breakers brings out the unique side of san francisco. it was fun. great. it was hiding this. i took it all even the ones committed to running the race. we're not afraid to do it wearing a wacky costume. waldos there were like change to each other and they were pushing me there were fast. yep. that is how the race usually goes and as it goes on all kinds of folk and mortar.
11:37 pm
oh lord the weirder it gets it's been a marvelous. event so far and we hope to continue about an hour into the race is when people stop taking it seriously and embrace the fun atmosphere. it usually generates which is why so many were excited to see it returned. you won't get a run like this ever so i figured i'd try it and there's definitely worth it. i'll probably be doing it next year in san francisco ryan curry abc 7 news so much fun and first in the bay to breakers race a new gender category for runners calumia of san francisco was the non-binary winner in today's race read buchanan from san diego was the overall winner while julia vasquez of san francisco had the fastest time among women a big crowd and graduations to the winners and all of the participants. old pandemic as claimed another casualty in the bay area organizers have canceled the san rafael's downtown farmers market for the rest of the year. the market has fallen on hard
11:38 pm
times after revenues dropped by about 30% last summer it typically runs from the first thursday in may to the last thursday in september in the meantime, though. the nonprofit is partnered with a local merchant to offer $30. bounty boxes filled with seasonal fruit and vegetables the future of part of napa's main street is up for discussion at the city council's meeting on tuesday the block between second and third streets downtown has been closed to traffic since august of 2020 now that has allowed restaurants to expand outdoor seating. the closure is temporary and will stay in place until december 1st of this year. the council is during whether to make it permanent to coincide with the city's planned permanent parklet plan. well this year california had the driest winter on record in 100 years causing. stream dry conditions all 58 counties are under an emergency drought since january 1st. the state has seen over 1,700 fires.
11:39 pm
there is no fire season that that is one of the things that we've been trying to get across to the public for a couple years now. we're getting away from using the terminology the implication being that if we're in fire season, there's a time of year that we're in fire season and simply is not the case. yeah wildfires apparently according to cal. could mean fire season is turning into a year-long event now something else to point out. is that the best practice is to be prepared? they recommend creating a defensible space of a hundred feet around your home and have an evacuation plan in place. well sweden is the latest country in the baltic region to seek nato membership since russia's invasion of ukraine or nearly three months ago the announcement came soon after finland said it would apply to join the western security alliance the fans share an 810-mile border with russia. finland has stayed out of nato to avoid antagonizing its eastern neighbor that is until
11:40 pm
now russia sees nato as a security threat and has has warned of consequences if it extends. influence parents around the country are scrambling because of a shortage in baby formula desperate parents have been driving hours to find formula to feed their infants milk bands are stepping in to fill the gap and formula designed for use in a natural disaster is now being distributed to families in need about 400 cars came through this baby formula giveaway in houston this weekend. i want to cry because i'm in struggling with the formula. i've been going 10 12 stores a day say they have it and about time we get there don't have it no more. now congress is taking up an emergency funding bill this week to allow the us to purchase baby formula from fda approved facilities abroad and a virginia lawmaker is also proposing a bill to release more formula from the low-income women infants and children program about 70% of babies in the us are fed formula. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11
11:41 pm
tonight a modern and a musical twist on the disney classic fairy tale cinderella. we take a look at sneakerella. i'm spencer christian louboutin will be sneaking across the bay tonight. i'll have the accu. forecast coming up when abc 7 news at 11 continues
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the streets of santa rosa. the city is adding 200 of them as part of a pilot program. this summer bird will be supplying the e-scooters and they'll be scattered throughout the city including the downtown area. the pilot program will last for one year and then it'll be up to the city to decide. there to continue it or end it all together. the fairy tale of cinderella is similar to generations familiar. i should say to generations of children and the animated movie by that name is a disney
11:45 pm
classic, but now the company has reimagined the story for today's young audiences sneakerella switches it up to place a young man at the center of the narrative that features a fairy godfather reporter sandy canyon from our sister station in new york has look at the premiere in manhattan. once upon a pair of sneakers there lived a boy who was full of creativity this cinderella story has been transformed into sneakerella and at the heart of this disney plus movie is a cinder fella. i think we just wanted to have fun and make something that families could dance to in their living rooms and they accomplish that jacobs plays elle whose stepfather is not enthusiastic about his dream of becoming a shoe designer, but the guy who plays him does not seem unkind just really happy to be at the film's premiere hip hop culture and sneaker culture are birth in new york city. we could not do this premiere anywhere else, but here we're in
11:46 pm
kicks to the showing of sneakerella was the movies director liz allen rosenbaum. i have seven nephews. they are all like they were like aunt liz you have to get this project because then you'll be cool to us and speaking of cool. there's no better young performer working today than lexi underwood who was so terrific in the hulu series. i was everywhere. she got her start as a child on broadway and gets to sing and dance again in this musical, but when i first saw it with all the magic and all the sparkles and the laces, i mean it was like i honestly did tear up a little bit because it was like all my childhood dreams were coming true. and so this moment just feels really special former nba champ john salley plays her dad in sneakerella. i think it's special because it teaches you no matter where you from. that's where you start you can end up wherever aiming to be another person know what's happening on my cakes.
11:47 pm
plus disney, of course the parent company of abc 7. well on american idol tonight global superstar rita ora and legendary songwriter diane warren stopped by the show to preview an exclusive clip from their music video of their new song finish line which supports women and girls fight for equality. just such a great movement. you know, we're here to really support women and there's no obstacles we can't get through, you know as women as people. yeah right now, especially what's going on right now, you know, it's definitely it's just it means a lot. it's a great message. finish line is the soundtrack for the upcoming espn donkey series 37 words part of the walt disney company's 50/50 initiative celebrating the 50th anniversary of title 9. all right one last check of the weather and spencer has it all with our very well. i don't know fluctuating forecast. that's for sure. that's what happens in the bay
11:48 pm
area though. i mentioned the local clouds if holly earlier. here's a look at our forecast animation during the overnight hours. we'll see an increase in low clouds and fog certainly near the coast in bay and locally inland and maybe a patch or two of some just light spotty drizzle. that'll be for the morning commute, but then the conditions will get a little bit brighter going into the daytime hours. tomorrow overnight lows will be mainly in the low 50s. chillier in some of the north bay valleys upper 40s there highs tomorrow will range from upper 50s at the coast to upper 60s around the bayshore line to upper 70s in the warmest inland spots, maybe one or two spots. will top out at 80 degrees. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. it'll start warming up rather noticeably on tuesday by wednesday. we'll see inland highs near 90 degrees upper 70s around the bay shoreline similar range just a slight drop off in temperatures on thursday and friday saturday temperatures bounce, right? to 90 inlet upper 70s around the bay sunday if prognosis holds up will be the warmest day in the seven-day forecast period with low 90s inland up to about 80
11:49 pm
degrees around the bayshore line and mid-60s on the coast. so it'll be not only spring like but almost summer like by next weekend. yeah, practically right spencer. thanks. okay. yeah chris alvarez joining us once again with a of sports. hi, chris. deon coming up in sports a day of game sevens across the nba and nhl. we'll hear from the dallas mavericks on the warriors ahead of the western conference. final showdown sports is next.
11:50 pm
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sponsored by river rock casino the warriors are back in the western conference finals for the sixth time in the last eight seasons. they'll host the mavericks in game one wednesday at chase center. steve kerr back is the head coach after clearing covid protocols. he said he's hopeful forward auto porter jr. can play game one as he recovers from a foot injury gary payton the second met with the media for the first time since suffering an elbow injury and game two that force him to miss
11:53 pm
the rest of the grizzly series coach kurd did not rule paint now for the western conference finals, but said, it's a long shot that he could play. gp2 is not able to do basketball activities quite yet adding that time and his teammates are the best cure in the healing process. essentially, you know they take out my back just because of you know, the type of players they are and they figure it out. and i'm just itching to get back out there just to be another piece, you know to the puzzle just to put it all together and get it done. so as soon as we get everybody back. you know the sky's the limit. next up for the warriors the western conference finals against the dallas mavericks. the mavs are led by oakland's own in college. and jason kidd is the head coach dallas bullock phoenix and game 7 of their semifinal series tonight. thanks in large part to all world superstar luca doncic who scored a game high 35 the third seeded warriors will open with home court advantage over the foresee dallas kid and luke are ready to turn their attention towards the dubs. we're playing a very special
11:54 pm
team in the warriors when you talk about dynasty and one of the best coaches they ever do it. we'll celebrate this enjoy this today and then we'll turn close the book and and get ready for golden state. honestly, i'm really happy man. it's you can't get this smile off my face right now. i'm just really happy. you know, i want to setting we deserve this our locker room believed everybody believes, so i'm just happy. game 7 between the bucks and celtics winner will take on the heat in the east finals milwaukee started hot giannis scored 10 of his 25 in the first quarter in the second now gets blocked marcus smart ahead to cows jalen brown mrs. but smart cleans it up boston up five at the half and it was a boston three-party down the stretch grant williams had seven triples in a game high 27 boston hit a game 7 record 24 threes and roll 109 81 celtics will face the heat in the east else games three and four will be right here on abc 7 next weekend. there were two game sevens in hockey today first a big watch
11:55 pm
party in calgary as they hosted form. park joe pavelski and dallas goes to overtime stars. goalie jake ottinger standing on his head 60 saves each one seemingly better than the last but seconds after that johnny goudreau finally beats him from a very hard sight angle. calgary wins, three two and will face edmonton in round two at madison square garden the rangers and penguins in another game seven another overtime five minutes in the rangers are tammy. paneran scores game clincher new york wins four three they take the series after trillium three games to one just the second time in nhl history two game sevens on the same day have gone in overtime. the cincinnati reds season. somehow got worse today. the reds became just the 16 and major league history to throw a no-hitter and lose because pittsburgh score in the bottom of the eighth on three walks and a groundout. so the reds lose one. nothing technically doesn't count as a no-hitter because there was no bottom of the the pirates were ahead. the reds have a major league
11:56 pm
worst nine and 26 record. season. hey, did you see this? yeah, let's go the stanford softball team excited to find out today. they made their third consecutive ncaa tournament. the cardinal are in the tuscaloosa regional hosted by the sixth ranked, alabama squad stanford will face murray state in the first game on friday the cardinal finish fourth in act 12 this season their highest finish in nine seasons abc 7 sports survive river rock casino dion chris thank you very much and a quick reminder to everybody. out there tonight that abc 7 has launched brand new streaming apps. so wherever you happen to be you can get our live newscasts along with breaking news weather and so much more with our abc 7 bay area app. you can find it on different app
11:57 pm
devices like apple tv android tv fire tv and roku. all you have to do is search the words abc 7 bay area and download it for free. and with that that is all themef abc 7 news at 11. i'm dionne lim the news continues tomorrow morning at 5 for spencer christian chris alvarez and all of us here. thank you so much for joining us. we leave you now with a live. look outside looking kind of foggy and drizzly out there. but mike nico and drew tuna will have your forecast tomorrow.
11:58 pm
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