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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 16, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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exist not here. te good morning, america. for our viewers in the west, the nation in mourning this monday after a racist massacre and a sunday church shooting. supermarket tragedy. the investigation after an 18-year-old gunman carrying an assault-style rifle opened fire at the store targeting the predominantly black neighborhood in buffalo, new york. killing ten people. this morning what we're learning about the victims, including the brave security guard who lost his life after he took on the shooter. plus, we'll hear exclusively from two survivors, a mother and daughter, both employees at the grocery store. their story only on "gma." also overnight, a mass shooting at a california church leaving one person dead. several critically injured. the search for answers this morning and how brave
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churchgoers stopped the gunman. critical baby formula shortage. as parents scramble to find supply, lawmakers vowing to take action to help ease the crisis. the fda commissioner joins us live with the steps the agency pis taking. ukraine's counteroffensive pushing russian forces out of the nation's second biggest city with nato on the verge of expanding on russia's border. severe weather threat. millions along the east coast from north carolina to new england bracing for damaging wind, hail and possible tornados. ginger is tracking it all. depp versus heard. people lining up to get inside the courtroom with amber heard set to be cross-examined and one of johnny depp's former girlfriends set to testify in the high-profile hollywood defamation suit. and a royal entrance. 96-year-old queen elizabeth's platinum jubilee. tom cruise and helen mirren there celebrating her 70 years on the throne.
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good morning, america. let's get right to the latest on those two deadly mass shootings, the first in new york on saturday, the second at a church in southern california on sunday. one person was killed. several others wounded. >> just as the news of that shooting broke, the country was still reeling from that massacre in buffalo. we are going to hear in just a few moments from a mother who was inside. she was working in that grocery store. we're going to check in with her. again, she and her daughter were both in the tops supermarket. >> as we come on the air, we're learning more about the shooter's additional plans. officials say they are investigating this as a federal hate crime calling the act, quote, pure evil. ten people were killed. three others wounded when the heavily armed gunman entered a supermarket and opened fire on the mostly black customers and employees. we have team coverage this morning starting with "world news tonight" anchor david muir on the scene in buffalo for us. good morning, david.
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>> reporter: robin, good morning. it is nearly impossible to wrap your head around the horror that unfolded here at this grocery store behind me. community members shopping on a saturday afternoon when police say an 18-year-old in tactical gear who drove from his home hours away came here, did reconnaissance around the store and we learned a store manager saw him sitting on a bench outside the store in camouflage gear the day before asking him to leave, then coming back the next day opening fire in the parking lot then inside. authorities say all of it, robin, driven by racist hate and just moments ago here right here on the scene the police commissioner telling us, had the suspect not been caught, that he planned to continue his rampage right down jefferson avenue here in buffalo. this morning, a demand for answers here after the deadly mass shooting at this supermarket in buffalo, new york, that authorities say was driven by racist hate. >> this is an absolute racist hate crime. this is someone who has hate in
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their heart, soul and mind. >> reporter: an 18-year-old gunman opening fire at this tops supermarket around 2:30 in the afternoon saturday, killing ten people and injuring three others. >> active shooter at the tops. still shots being fired. >> reporter: this is the moment authorities arrested payton gendron after he unleashed terror on shoppers and employees, starting in the parking lot and continuing inside. >> contact homicide. we have bodies here. >> reporter: officials say the gunman was wearing body armor and tactical helmet, carrying an assault-style rifle and say the shooter planned this, driving from a county several hours away to allegedly target a predominantly black neighborhood. livd threrod 50hoe was stopped. zeneta everheart whose child was injured in the shooting describing the horror. >> when the incident happened,
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he was helping an older woman in the parking lot with the car. zaire was shot in his lower neck area and it came out his back on the left side. >> reporter: jennifer tookes a young mother who was inside the store with with her cousin, telling me she escaped through a back door. >> i walked in probably i want to say two seconds before he came in. i just got around the corner. then you hear gunshots so i ran down the aisle, went through -- i saw the opening through the deli and ran out the back door. >> reporter: her cousin hiding in a meat freezer after they got separated. somehow they both survived knowing so many others did not. >> when i went in the store, the lady was standing there, it was like she was looking down in her purse like she was looking for her keys and when i came out and she was there right there on the ground with the cart on top of her. >> these were people you had just seen in front of the store? >> yeah, when i walked in they .
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that could have been us. >> reporter: all ten victims who lost their lives identified. the youngest, roberta drury, just 32 years old. many of the victims were active members of this community. 77-year-old pearl young, she was a churchgoer and a substitute teacher. her sister in mourning. >> i pray she had no pain, that it happened so quick and she was gone like that. >> reporter: 86-year-old ruth whitfield also killed shopping after visiting her husband at a nursing home nearby. her son, a former fire pcommiss remembering his mother. >> we're devastated. we're devastated. we're a very close family. we're a very, very close family, and my mother was the glue that held us all together. >> reporter: retired police officer aaron salter jr., working as a security guard at the store, losing his life after bravely taking on the shooter. >> i can't say enough about our retired fellow colleague, aaron salter, who confronted this individual to save the lives of others.
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>> reporter: but it was his battle with the gunman that allowed so many others to escape as his friend told our stephanie ramos. >> i'm going to remember him as a person that i thought he was going to change the world and now he'll be just remembered as a person that saved lives and i know people in this city will never forget what he did. >> reporter: president biden condemning the attack. >> a lone gunman armed with weapons of war and hate-filled soul shot and killed ten innocent people in cold blood. >> reporter: the gunman seen in court saturday. >> i understand the charges. >> reporter: this morning charged with first degree murder, being kept behind bars on suicide watch, held without bail. his public defender pleading not guilty for him as authorities dig through his past. officials searching his family home interviewing his parents. >> it appeared that his plans were to drive out of here and then continue driving down jefferson avenue looking to
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shoot more black people, as he put it, and possibly even go to another store location. >> reporter: according to law enforcement, the suspect previously posted extremist views online including a 180-page document fixated on replacement theory, a white supremacist belief that nonwhites will replace white people. >> a sick, demented individual who was fueled a daily diet of hate. >> reporter: the text also outlining a plan for his attack, including praise for other mass shooters, and authorities here say some of the names of those shooters on his gun. authorities revealing the suspect was investigated last june after threatening a shooting around the time of his hometown high school graduation. state police took him in to a local hospital for a mental health evaluation but no charges were ever filed. >> just quiet, smart kid that i wouldn't think could be able to do anything like what he did yesterday.
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>> reporter: and you heard the police commissioner telling us here this morning that they have now uncovered evidence that the suspect did plan to keep going in this neighborhood after this store. that young mother, jennifer tookes, finding the back exit told me she will never forget seeing that elderly woman on the way in, passing her in on the parking lot an a typical saturday afternoon only to find her when she came outlying in that parking lot, her shopping cartwright next to her. she said she will never be able to get her out of her mind. george? >> so difficult. david, thanks. we'll get to the other mass shooting, one person killed. fur others critically wounded inside a church where worshippers took down the shooter and saved lives. chief national correspondent matt gutman is on the scene in laguna woods. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, george. authorities telling me this morning they're still working to understand why that suspect chose this particular church. they say he's not from here. they're also going through 34 eye witness interviews hoping they'll understand a motive.
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at this point the one thing that's clear is the heroics of the pastor and parishioners who put an end to that rampage. this morning, authorities say when the gunman inside the southern california church stopped to reload, the congregants and pastor all in their 60s and 70s pounced. >> we believe a group of churchgoers detained him and hog-tied his legs with an extension cord and confiscated at least two weapons from him. that group of churchgoers displayed what we believe is exceptional heroism and bravery in intervening to stop the suspect. they undoubtedly prevented additional injuries and fatalities. >> reporter: the suspect described as an asian man in his 60s had already killed one person and wounded five others at the irvine taiwanese presbyterian church. eyewitnesses tells abc news the gunman stood at the front of the church and around 1:30 p.m. congregates were taking pictures together, and he opened fire.
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churchgoers diving under takes and pews for cover. one eye witness saying when the suspect stopped to reload, the pastor slammed him with a chair and several parishioners piled on him, tying him up. authorities arriving shortly thereafter arresting the already bound gunman. >> the suspect was not injured during the incident and he was taken into custody. he's believed to be an asian male adult in his 60s. we don't believe he lives in this area. >> reporter: four of the wounded remain in critical condition this morning. all of the victims were adults in their 60s, 70s and 80s. >> this is a very tragic incident for the victims, their families and this entire community. >> reporter: law enforcement officials tell me investigators interviewed the suspect through the night and into the morning. he's being booked into the orange county jail, likely facing a murder charge and attempted murder charges. george? >> okay, matt, thanks. let's bring in our chief justice
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correspondent, pierre thomas. pierre, more evidence we're facing, just an epidemic of violence and hate in this nation. >> reporter: george, good morning. the numbers tell the story. from friday through 9:30 last night there were 312 gun violence incidents in the u.s. where 127 people were killed, at least 294 wounded. 72 hours in america, stunning chronic epidemic gun violence, george. >> pierre, it's pretty clear now that some signs -- important signs were missed in the buffalo massacre. >> reporter: that's right. multiple law enforcement sources telling us during the suspect's senior year in high school, he allegedly wrote a paper where he mentioned murder/suicide. school officials contacted the state police. there was an investigation but no charges were filed and the matter was apparently dropped. about a year later this same young man was able to legally buy the assault weapon used to kill all those people. and there's great frustration about the suspect's obsession with white supremacy and past mass shooters. authorities are investigating repeated hate-filled posts on major social media platforms which may have been written by the killer. it was all right there. >> pierre thomas, thanks. t.j.? all right, george, we want
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to turn to two people inside that supermarket in buffalo. i'm joined by fragrance harris stanfield and her daughter, yahnia brown-mcreynolds. both worked there. ladies, i'm sorry for the circumstances that brought use together, but it's good to see you both. fragrance, can you tell me, describe for me, was it something you first saw or something you first heard that alerted you that you needed to start running? >> the first thing i felt was a pain in my neck, my stress point was extremely sensitive. i turned to my daughter to speak to her and we heard gunshots. i didn't start running at that point. no one did. we all stood still and looked towards the front door before we started running. we saw the security guard backing up and going for his weapon and we all began to run. >> and, yahnia, you made the decision, though, to hide, right? you didn't start running. you wanted to hide and be quiet. hainstd of stamember that momene
7:14 am
ruin >>t s somei was kid. if you don't feel like you can run -- because i was frozen in time. i literally couldn't move so i thought best to hide instead of try to run and get caught, you know. >> yahnia, as you were hiding, what were you hearing around you? >> i heard all the gunshots. i heard all the bodies fall. i heard everything. it was terrifying. >> and, fragrance, as you're trying to run and get to safety, not sure what's going on you have that worry but it was going through your head you had to worry about your daughter as well. >> yes, i had grabbed her arm as i started running, so i'm thinking she was behind me the whole time. i never looked back.
7:15 am
a mother and daughter both bumped into me. the daughter knocked to the ground. so i literally thought i was gone at that point, not sure how i got up to keep running but i didn't look behind me until i got all the wa r . >>ndfrrance, tt ment lkbo you also wanted to keep going because you didn't know what the fate of your daughter was but you knew you had two grandbabies at home. can you tell me that thought process going on? you were thinking about the kids at home. >> yeah, yeah, it was pretty devastating. i said, if i try to go back, you know, if she's still alive, she could see me get killed. that would be devastating to her. i don't know how she would recover and not have me to support her. there was also the thought that
7:16 am
i i go back and i get killed and she's already gone that the children would have no one. i mean, we -- i have other kids and i have my husband, but to lose your mother and your grandmother and for my younger kids to lose their mom and their oldest sister would be devastating. >> yahnia, what was the reunion like when you were finally able to get back together? >> i cried a lot. she would not let me go, at all. i'm like, mom, i need to breathe. she did not care. as long as i was breathing next to her. >> yeah, we pretty much collided into each other. >> right. >> well, ladies, i know it's a horrific time for this country but especially for your community. i'm glad we were able to muster up a smile here at the end but, ladies, you all hold on and hug each other as tight as you can. fragrance and yahnia, thank you
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for spending time with us, okay? >> thank you. >> thank you. >> oh, my, for the mother, all those different thoughts to be going through her head at that kind of time. president biden and first lady dr. jill biden are heading to buffalo tomorrow. let's go to our senior white house correspondent mary bruce and, mary, we know the white house wants to address what happened on two fronts including gun control? >> reporter: they do, robin. you are right, the president and the first lady will be in buffalo tomorrow to meet with victims' families and to try to begin the process of healing for this community and for the country and the president as we have heard has labeled this a racially motivated act of white supremacy but there is no question there will be fresh scrutiny in washington this week, not only on the debate over gun reforms but also on the question of hateful rhetoric and on the politicians and the members of the media who have embraced racist fringe theories like replacement theory which was espoused by the alleged buffalo shooter. i think it's important for us all to remember that president biden said he was inspired to run for president because of how former president trump responded to white supremacists marching
7:18 am
through charlottesville, virginia. bin made this issue a real centerpiece of his campaign and has taken steps so far and launched the first national strategy to counter domestic terrorism but advocates say it's not enough and want to see this administration and the president put more political muscle behind this issue and the issue of guns but we have seen this many times, robin, despite repeated efforts by some in washington. there simply is no appetite from republicans and some democrats to enact meaningful gun reform. robin? >> as you have said, we have seen this many, many times. mary, thank you. okay, coming up the latest on the baby formula crisis, the fda commissioner will join us as families struggle to find supply. and we're tracking the latest on the war in ukraine. ukrainian forces making advances as russia faces a possibility of a neighboring country joining nato. but first good morning, ginger. >> hey, good morning to you all. this afternoon we are going to
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get severe storms meaning damaging winds in excess of 60 miles per hour, scranton to philadelphia, baltimore, richmond, virginia, all the way up to albany need to be on the lookout. this is since i saw you last on friday, more than 360 severe storm reports over the weekend. that's the big picture. a check now a little closer to home. apply to soldier.ply to i haven't loaded with him obi-one. okay here in three two, i'm abc 7 news meteorologist routine with your accuweather forecast. it is a breezy and cooler
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moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. good morning. i'm reggie here from abc 7 mornings. the buffalo attack has police departments across the bay area. alert, the san francisco police department says it is increased patrols and districts with black houses of worship. they're also actively working with local law enforcement partners to identify any credible threats the oakland police department says, it will quote remain vigilant and continue to assess security levels as needed. have been it now has a look at your traffic. thank you reggie. good morning, everyone. we are going to start with the crash for following in sunnyvale. that is a two-car crash between a motorcycle and we do know that there are some slowdowns in that area. also on state route 13 in the northbound direction at redwood road. we have a stall there that's appearing to slow things down a bit and then the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights came on at
7:24 am
5:48 and we'll wrap up here with a look at our drive times antioch hercules will be 41 minutes and highway 4 to the maze a 26 minute ride reggie. we're checking with meteorologist. zuma right after this booking most cruises can be complicated. but this isn't most cruises. this is celebrity cruises. and we think cruising shouldn't be confusing. so, on our award winning vacations drinks, wi-fi and tips are always included. every sailing. every room. every guest. effortless from the start. celebrity cruises.
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breezy morning for some out there. look at the city right now have wings gusting over 30 miles per hour similar story through the delta fairfield gusting to 24 that onshore flow later on today. we'll bring about a cooler afternoon compared to where we were over the weekend right now. were generally warming through the low and mid 50s at this hour. here's a live look from our king street camera here in the city and there you can see sunshine mixing with clouds early on this morning and we'll have that marine layer with us throughout the morning cloud cover gradually breaks down as the day goes on by 4 pm. it is a mostly sunny day. but again that wind is with us this afternoon. gusting over 25 miles per hour at times and most of us going into the 60s and 70s. afternoon reggie. thanks drew. if you're streaming us on our
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abc 7 bay area app abc 7 at 7 continues next for everybody else. here's more good morning america.
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call 1-800-quit-now for (♪ ♪) ♪ ♪ love and only love ♪ that is wynonna singing "love can build a bridge" in nashville last night to celebrate the life and music of her beloved mother, naomi judd. we will have much more on the memorial coming up in our next hour. i was there and i got chills again. it was such a special night. >> very moving performance. >> it truly was. following a lot of headlines on thart an 18-year-old gunman at the tops supermarket killed ten ane rifle and the shooter drove from a county several hours away to
7:31 am
target this predominantly black neighborhood. also, there was a church shooting in california. injuring four and leaving one person dead. one eyewitness said the pastor and several parishioners took on the suspect and saved lives. millions along the east coast from north carolina to new england are preparing for damaging winds, hail and possible tornadoes. and queen elizabeth got a standing ovation as she, yes, walked to her seat at an event for her platinum jubilee celebration. the 96-year-old's second public appearance in the last few days after being sidelined for what were described as mobility issues. good to see her walking there. it was called a gallop through history, featuring an all-star lineup including dame helen mirren and tom cruise there as well. a whole lot more ahead here on "gma" including the trial is about to start back up. amber heard due back on the stand today, soon to face cross-examination from johnny depp's team. more on that coming up. george? now to the baby formula shortage. congress set to take up two bills designed to ease the shortage of baby formula. we'll talk to the commissioner of the food and drug administration after this report
7:32 am
from erielle reshef. good morning, erielle. >> reporter: good morning, to you, george. despite efforts by most estimates this crisis could take weeks to resolve. in the meantime, many families we talk to say they are desperately searching for formula, and the clock is ticking. this morning, as the formula shortage strains families nationwide, lawmakers in washington vowing to take action to help resolve it. >> we must do something as quickly as possible, but as safely as possible and use caution for these babies. >> reporter: the house working on two bills, the first emergency funding to expedite the process for the u.s. to purchase formula from fda approved facilities abroad. the second, widening formula access under government programs. that help can't come soon enough for new parents from coast to coast. >> it's hard. it's really hard. it's that -- it's scary. i mean, it's super scary. it's the only thing she can eat. >> my husband is running to three or four different stores just trying to find something.
7:33 am
>> reporter: 43% of formula varieties are unavailable nationwide. eight states plus d.c. have more than 50% of various kinds of formula out of stock. >> we went from formula being sent to us to scrambling and looking all over the place for it. >> reporter: mom amy dolan who lives in flanders, new jersey, says she's faced a crisis finding the formula her baby conner needs because of his milk protein allergy. >> we've been actively looking all the time, you know, every night we lay in bed and checking what websites we can find, and how much it's going to cost. people saw it as an opportunity to buy all this formula and price gouge parents who will pay anything. >> reporter: the fda now saying it is taking steps to dramatically improve supply in the u.s. in a matter of weeks. and one of the top companies now warning that this could last through the end of the year and as we've talked about, many
7:34 am
families going to social media to alert one another when there is a restock of formula at pharmacies and grocery stores in their area. george? >> erielle, thanks. let's bring in the smcommission of the fda. thanks for joining us. you tweeted about an announement about how manufacturers and suppliers abroad may import their products into the u.s. what more can you tell us about that? >> sure. george, it's good to be with you and glad i can address this issue which is of great concern. you grandparent of siof whom is an infant formula kid, so well aware of what's needed. so we are moving on the product that was intended for other countries and i anticipate that by the end of the day today we'll have a detailed announcement about how that is possible. remember that the instructions need to be in a language that can be understood by mothers and caregivers that are putting the formula together for these infants and also we have to be able to test the formula to make sure that the 30 required
7:35 am
constituents are actually there in the right amounts. >> nothing will be coming in that's not safe? >> that's right. we're going to assure that the product is tested, that it's coming from reliable manufacturers, most of whom we know quite well already and that we do the testing that's needed on the basis needed to assure it's safe. >> abbott is saying it will take ten weeks to get their factory in sturgis, michigan, which had to shut down back up and running. anything you can do to help them move that along more quickly. >> we are working closely with abbott and i expect that in a very short period of time we're going to have an announcement about the path forward. i think we figured out what to do. abbott's recently indicated that -- assured us in two weeks they can be in action and begin to do their part in getting supply back on the shelves. of course, it takes longer to
7:36 am
get in full motion. george, i want to point out one of the examples that you gave in your show of an infant who has special needs. that is really of critical importance to us at fda. we're looking at case by case to make sure that no infants go without the formula they need. we recognize it's difficult for parents and may take some time. but we'll get there and each and individual case. that plan in sturgis, michigan, was making a number of special formulas that are really lifesaving for infants and so we have a whole team that's doing nothing but working on making sure that that formula can get out even from that plant when it's going to be life saving. >> some suggested invoking the defense production act to get more manufacturers up and running to speed this along. >> i don't think we need the defense production act. i think the manufacturers are ready to go and they're going to increase their production. in fact, they already have. importantly there's been more formula bought, about 10% more
7:37 am
in the last month than in the month before the recall. so there is formula out there. it's just not in the right place at the right time. so this issue of the supply chain and how it gets disrupted when a major manufacturer has to shut down a plant, you know, is a real lesson for all of us that we're working on rectifying but it is taking just basic work to get the supply chain right. >> some parents in a desperate situation may move to make their own formula. remind them why that's a bad idea. >> that's a very bad idea because formula, as i said, has 30 constituents that have to be there in the right amount. ten of which if they're there too much, if there's too much of that constituent, can be dangerous. so formula for infants is a total substitute for breast milk which god has for reasons we don't know has made into a magnificent nutritional supplement. so we need the infant formula. it's critical for so many
7:38 am
families but it's got to be the right stuff. >> dr. califf, thanks for your time and information this morning. robin? going to move on to the latest on the war in ukraine. finland and sweden moving closer to becoming members of nato. as ukrainian forces make gains around the country's second largest city. senior foreign correspondent ian pannell is there on the scene for us in ukraine. good morning, ian. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, robin. russia has failed to achieve substantial territorial gains over the past month while sustaining consistently high levels of attrition. that's what the uk ministry of defense is saying, not just on the battlefield that vladimir putin's war aims are going awry. this morning, the tide of battle shifting, the ukrainian counteroffensive in the northeast successfully pushing russian forces out of the areas surrounding kharkiv. the ukrainian military posting this video as they say they forced russian troops to retreat back across the border out of ukraine. now western military aid in the
7:39 am
hands of the ukrainians playing a crucial role as they take the fight to the russians. these are u.s. howitzers, powerful advanced artillery systems that will play a major role. so far russia's lost one-third of its ground combat forces that were initially committed to the invasion. amid these losses nato saying russia's been unable to reach their strategic goals in the country. >> they failed to take it. they're pulling back from around kharkiv. the major offensive in donbas has stalled. >> reporter: in another major blow to russia, sweden just announcing it will join finland to apply for nato membership, expanding nato's presence on russia's border, something putin was trying to avoid. despite these setbacks russia
7:40 am
moving forward slowly in parts of the east and pushing to take full control of the port city of mariupol. this video released on sunday by pro-russian separatists shows fire attacks raining down on the azovstal plant where the last ukrainian fighters in the city are holed up. an expert telling abc news these are deadly incendiary munitions. inside the plant this ukrainian soldier sings as explosions can be heard in the background. [ singing in foreign language ] the song he's singing by the ukrainian group kalush orchestra. [ singing in foreign language ] over the weekend with over 200 million people watching the group bringing home gold for ukraine winning the eurovision song contest. well, guys, despite all the ukrainian successes of late the cost to this country in terms of blood and treasure are enormous. we don't know the true number of war casualties but they are mounting. they are significant. the damage to infrastructure is huge and the situation in other parts of the country this morning remains bleak. guys? >> it does, ian, thank you. that ukrainian spirit, my goodness. >> incredible. coming up here we will turn to something millions of folks
7:41 am
that's amber heard expected to - be cross-examined by johnny depp's team. also the hollywood actress who is set to testify in this high-profile hollywood case. stay with us. be tough when you have severe asthma. triggers can pop up out of nowhere, causing inflammation that can lead to asthma attacks. but no matter what type of severe asthma you have, tezspire™ can help. tezspire™ is a new add-on treatment for people 12 and over... that proactively reduces inflammation... ...which means you could have fewer attacks, breathe better, and relieve your asthma symptoms. so, you can be you, whoever you are. tezspire™ is not a rescue medication. don't take tezspire™ if you're allergic to it. allergic reactions like rash or an eye allergy can happen. don't stop your asthma treatments unless your doctor tells you to. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection or your asthma worsens. sore throat, joint and back pain may occur. avoid live vaccines. by helping control your asthma, tezspire™ can help you be you.
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and walmart always keeps prices low on our fresh ingredients. so you can save money and live better. ♪ > welcome back to "gma." back with the johnny depp defamation trial about to resume this morning after a week long recess. actress amber heard is due back on the stand. our trevor ault is outside the courthouse in fairfax, virginia, and millions have been watching on tv but spectators have been lining up as well. good morning to you.
7:45 am
>> reporter: good morning to you, t.j. it's a bizarre sight. we knew this captivated the whole world, but after a week off it's clear the public interest in this trial has only been galvanized. these are easily a few hundred people, spectators, supporters, people trying to gain entrance into the courtroom. and as i flew in yesterday there were a number of people wearing t-shirts specifically designed to argue for this case. now, what we're expecting inside today in court is amber heard and this cross-examination. now, last time she was on the stand, she testified to a number of alleged instances where she says johnny depp was abusive, now depp's attorneys will be trying to poke holes in her story. we're also expecting a number of other witnesses as well. siblings for depp and heard and one of johnny depp's ex-girlfriends, ellen barkin who testified in a previous case he once angrily threw a bottle of wine during an argument in a hotel room. that's something that depp denies, and right now the focus is going to be on amber heard and what could be a very contentious cross-examination.
7:46 am
t.j.? >> these are hollywood stars. this is often described as a hollywood trial but you're in fairfax, virginia. explain to folks why it's happening there. >> reporter: sure, it's a question a lot of people have asked and the short answer is that this is a defamation case based on an op-ed that amber heard wrote in "the washington post" and the servers for the digital edition of the paper are located here in fairfax. heard's attorneys tried to get this moved to california. they were unsuccessful and what could give more of a hint is the fact that depp's attorneys have indicated they wanted it held here because they felt the laws here were more favorable to their care, t.j. >> a lot of folks will be watching again. trevor, thank you as always. all right, t.j., coming up next, sam champion is here. it is national barbecue day. it really is. come on back. ♪♪ ♪♪ when you're chuggin' through life, sometimes you just wanna stop.
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♪ we are back now with ♪ we are back now with national barbecue day and the final four of our united states of barbecue competition are here. sam, he was a host in tampa friday. he has been elevated to judge and he's here with his fellow judges right now in the kitchen. sam? >> i know people, robin. i know people. so we not only got all our
7:51 am
winners from around the country right here but, chef millie peartree is right here. chef richard blaise is right here. we also have cc sabathia. i got to ask you, when you're judging this what are you looking for? >> flavor. i mean, everybody is down here plating and, you know, it looks great but this is flavor. >> that smell too. >> aww. it smells so good in here. you always hear that on cooking segments. >> isn't that what they always say? it is crazy wonderful down here right now. it's like amazing, guys. >> mm-mm. i wish -- smell-o-vision. you can smell it -- down in the basement, we could smell it up here. we cannot wait. we'll be right back. lemons. lemons. look how nice they are. the moment you become an expedia member, you can instantly start saving on your travels. so you can go and see all those, lovely, lemony, lemons. and never wonder if you got a good deal. because you did. what's with the double mcnuggets? oh, this one's my backup in case something happens to the first one. mmm. see. buy one favorite like 10 piece chicken mcnuggets
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♪♪ ♪ free to feel ♪ experience the perfectly balanced rich flavors of lindt excellence. by the lindt master chocolatier. ♪♪ ♪ that hermits peak calf canyon fire is closing in on the largest in their history. at least in new mexico's records there. we're watching that, and tough conditions. look at this. this is called a dry line. extremely dry air on one side, moisture on the other that kicks up winds as well. coming up here on "gma," exclusive reveal of the covers of this year's "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue.
7:55 am
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one didn't have it the other had it the smart ones got the sparknotes sparknotes, so that building a better bay area moving forward solutions, this is abc 7 news. good morning. i'm reggie. ake from abc 7 mornings. dobina is taking a look at the roads. thank you reggie. good morning, everyone. we are going to start here with a live. look at the richmond, san rafael braves are going to be under the limit as you travel in the westbound direction. we have a wind advisory issued for the san mateo bridge and also for the antioch bridge, so a heads up and keep your hands on the steering wheels nice and tight. we'll wrap up here with the commuter alert for the electrification construction project for caltrain. no local service from five five thirty am. am hydrated hydrobina, we're tracking those winds. it's breezy already this morning. you see those winds most active in the city right now. we're gusting close to 30 miles per hour. so those winds later today will bring about a cooler afternoon right now. we are slowly climbing through the mid and upper 50s this morning. so here's bay bridge toll plaza. you can see that sunshine. it is blending with clouds out there this morning. so we have the marine layer overhead for some of us.
7:57 am
we'll see that marine layer break down for partly cloudy skies later today 60s and 70s for most of us reggie. thanks drew if you're streaming on the abc 7 bay area app abc 7 at 7 continues next for everybody else. here's more gma.
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. supermarket massacre. the investigation after an 18-year-old gunman carrying an assault-style rifle opened fire at the store targeting the predominantly black neighborhood in buffalo, new york, killng ten people. this morning what we're learning about the victims and our exclusive with two survivors, a mother and daughter, both employees at the grocery store. baby formula scramble. lawmakers vowing to take action to help ease the shortage crisis. putting a strain on families all across the country. what the fda commissioner is saying this morning about how soon help will arrive. britney spears reveals her pregnancy loss just weeks after announcing the pregnancy. this morning, dr. ashton joins us live with more on miscarriages. ♪ i'm on the right track ♪
8:01 am
♪ baby i was born this way ♪ "gma" exclusive reveal celebrating the trail blazers in "sports illustrated's" swimsuit issue including ciara and some history-making models. who else is on the cover? ♪ let the good times roll ♪ and get ready for the grand finale of our united states of barbecue competition. the windy city's lexington betty smokehouse gearing up to blow everybody away. or will washington, d.c., federalist pig be living high on the hog? can dallas' smokey john's smoke out the competition or will it be tampa's jazzy's bbq singing sweet music? who will be name's "gma's" ultimate pitmaster? as we say -- >> all: good morning, america! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ as they say and we will say it as well on this monday, good morning, america. yeah, we have a lot to get
8:02 am
to this morning, including the latest on the baby formula cr crisis, where the shortages are most severe. we'll tell you about that and what the biden administration pledges to do to get formula to the families that need it. first, the latest on the supermarket shooting in buffalo, new york. ten killed. three others wounded. stephanie ramos there with more and, stephanie, this community as we can only imagine is reeling. good morning to you. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely, they are, good morning. there have been prayer rallies, cookouts and food distributions all in this area to help this community as they begin the healing process after that mass shooting at this supermarket. this morning, a community banding together to remember and honor those who lost their lives in the deadly supermarket shooting. an 18-year-old gunman opening fire at this tops friendly supermarket in buffalo. 13 people shot. 10 of those dead. ages ranging from 32 to 86 years old. the store located in a predominantly black neighborhood. officials investigating the
8:03 am
attack as a federal hate crime. parents hearing those gunshots grabbing their children and fleeing. >> picked her up and we ran. >> reporter: buffalo's police commissioner saying the shooter planned to continue his spree before he was taken into custody. >> it appeared that his plans were to drive out of here and then continue driving down jefferson avenue looking to shoot more black people as he put it and possibly even go to another store location. >> reporter: earlier this morning, t.j. interviewed fragrance harris stanfield and her daughter, yahnia, who were both working at the store. >> what were you hearing around you? >> i heard all the gunshots. i heard all the bodies fall. i heard everything. >> reporter: keyshanti atkinson and dream mcleod were also working. >> i got to my register and i
8:04 am
heard the shots getting closer and closer and i figured that wasn't the right place to be. >> reporter: all ten victims who lost their lives identified. the youngest, roberta drury, just 32 years old. many of the victims were heavily involved members of the community like 77-year-old pearl young. substitute teacher. 86-year-old ruth whitfield also killed. she was shopping after visiting her husband at a nursing home nearby. her son, buffalo's former fire commissioner telling us about her. >> we're devastated. we're devastated. we're very close family. we're very, very close family and my mother was the flew that he would us all together. >> reporter: garnell tells me he just hasn't had the heart to tell his dad what happened here. his parents were married for 68 years. survivors we've spoken to and those who lost someone here that we've spoken to say they are just still in shock. >> of course, they are, stephanie, thanks very much. now to the baby formula shortage. supply down nationwide and some areas getting hit harder than others. erielle reshef back with the latest. good morning, erielle.
8:05 am
>> reporter: good morning, george. despite efforts by the lawmakers and fda this could take weeks to resolve. in the meantime, many families we talk to are going to great lengths, desperately searching for formula. they say the clock is ticking and each day it drags on, there is more anxiety and more fear. this morning, as the formula shortage strains families nationwide, lawmakers in washington vowing to take action to help resolve it. >> we must do something as quickly as possible, but as safely as possible and use caution for these babies. >> reporter: the house working on two bills, the first emergency funding to expedite the process for the u.s. to purchase formula from fda approved facilities abroad. the second, widening formula access under government programs. that help can't come soon enough for new parents from coast to coast. >> i mean it's super scary. it's the only thing she can eat. >> reporter: mom amy dahlen says she's faced a crisis finding the formula her baby conner needs
8:06 am
because of his milk protein allergy. >> we went from having formula sent to us to scrambling and looking all over the place for it. >> reporter: george talking to fda commissioner robert califf on what steps his agency is taking. >> we are moving on the product intended for other countries and i anticipate that by the end of the day today we'll have a detailed announcement about how that's possible. we're going to assure that the product is tested, that it's coming from reliable manufacturers. >> that is good to hear and one of the major companies predicting this could last through the end of the year. in the meantime, some families now relying on social media or contacting friends and loved ones out of their cities and states to try to track down supply. guys? >> okay, erielle, thanks very much. want to turn to the celebration of the life and music of naomi judd. the biggest names in country music along with family, friends and many others gathered at the ryman auditorium in nashville last night for a public memorial.
8:07 am
many great performances including martina mcbride, little big town singing the judd's hit "grandpa" and a whole lot more. wynonna led the audience in a singalong of "love can build a bridge" to end the night. ♪ love can build a bridge ♪ ♪ love and only love ♪ ♪ between your heart and mind ♪ >> and, robin, you were there last night and she actually made the announcement. she said, hey, folks, i'm going to do what my momma would have wanted and do the tour. >> because they were planning on doing that before her mother's death and says she will continue to do that. the ryman is the mother church of country music. we went to church. we went to church last night there in nashville, tennessee, and as you said, so many of the stars were there. you talked about martina mcbride, brad paisley sang one of the judds' hits and said he
8:08 am
started his career as opening, opening for the judds. >> i didn't know that. >> they really helped put him on the map. there were testimonials, oprah, bono. just letting you know how many different people she touched, all different walks of life and so there are a lot of songs, of course, by the judds, but also naomi judd's favorite song was "the rose" and when wynonna and brandi carlile sang "the rose" last night, it was just incredibly special. incredibly special and to have ashley and her husband of almost 33 years larry there with wynonna, it's a night i will never forget. >> i'll bet. very emotional fitting tribute. >> yes, a fitting tribute, you're right. coming up on our "gma morning menu," britney spears revealing her pregnancy loss in an emotional post. dr. ashton is here with more. america's fentanyl crisis, bob woodruff went across the country to towns and cities hit hardest by the epidemic. made a discovery that hit close
8:09 am
to home. and also coming up this morning we are going to find a reason to smile with a little friendly competition this morning. a barbecue competition and sam is handling that for us. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, t.j. look at our amazing champions from around the country. look at this distinguished panel of judges. what could go wrong? well, this was supposed to be a sample. i probably ate some of this. it's all for the coveted golden barbecue. now, this is often talked about in the food world. >> yeah, this is. i don't have one of these on my shelf. i kind of wish i was competing right now. look at this award. >> see, all that excitement in just one place. don't go anywhere. come right back. we'll be back. ♪ truck unloaded ♪ i could've waited to tell my doctor my heart was racing just making spaghetti... but i didn't wait. i could've delayed telling my doctor i was short of breath just reading a book... but i didn't wait. they told their doctors. and found out they had... atrial fibrillation. a condition which makes it about five times more likely to have a stroke. if you have one or more of these symptoms irregular heartbeat, heart racing, chest pain,
8:10 am
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8:13 am
>> announcer: starting tomorrow >> announcer: starting tomorrow michael strahan will take you to the land of fire and ice. live from breathtaking iceland. the most extreme landscapes on the planet. "gma's extraordinary earth." are you ready for this, michael? starting tomorrow only on "gma." >> so that's where he is. >> he's already there. he's reporting on the climate crisis, taking a closer look at how global warming is affecting the country's animals and looking at solutions to climate change and that's coming up
8:14 am
tomorrow. >> it is. right now we'll turn to our "gma" cover story. britney spears sharing on social media that she had a pregnancy loss. kaylee hartung has that story for us. ♪ >> reporter: britney spears sharing heartbreaking news that she suffered a miscarriage. over the weekend in a joint post on instagram with her fiance sam asghari writing it is with our deepest sadness we have to announce that we have lost our miracle baby early in the pregnancy. at 40 years old spears first announced her pregnancy on social media last month. according to the mayo clinic about 10% to 20% of known pregnancies end in miscarriage before the 20th week and at age 40, the risk is about 40%. the couple writing this is a devastating time for any parent. perhaps we should have waited to announce until we were further along however we were overly excited to share the good news. spears and her boyfriend have been together since 2016, getting engaged last september. >> look at that. you like it? >> reporter: spears is already a mom of two teenagers from a previous marriage and still hopes to grow her family with asghari. their post concluding, our love
8:15 am
for each other is our strength. we will continue trying to expand our beautiful family. we are grateful for all of your support. we kindly ask for privacy during this difficult moment. for "good morning america," kaylee hartung, abc news, los angeles. >> our thanks to kaylee for that report. our chief medical correspondent dr. jen ashton, a practicing ob/gyn is here. >> yeah. >> when you saw the post -- you know, and she's 40 years old. was that a factor at all? >> i mean, it is obstetrically. we have this horrible term for women over the age of 35 in obstetrics. we call it advanced maternal age. i mean it's unbelievable to think that 40 can be a risk factor now because that is so young but in terms of miscarriage, pregnancy loss, it can be. we don't understand why. a lot of pregnancy losses are unexplained but there is a list
8:16 am
that twwe tend to go through. chrome soemal abnormalities that come from the egg or potentially the sperm obviously at the top of the list, previous pregnancy loss, any kind of structural abnormality in the cervix or uterus caused by previous surgery and a whole list of hormonal disorders including diabetes, thyroid disease, peri-menopausal hormone imbalance. there is a long list but doesn't make it any easier. >> physical, emotional. what do you tell your patients and their partners? >> you know, first of all, include the partner because they're oftentimes forgotten. you know, no matter how common this is, 40% over the age of 40 pregnancies end prematurely. this is a loss. it doesn't matter whether it occurs one week into pregnancy or 8 1/2 months in pregnancy and we're struggling with how we deal with that and the first step, i think, which is a good one is renaming this, it is called spontaneous abortion or miscarriage, the lay term. now we're shifting to a term that's less blame placing on the woman, which is pregnancy loss. and i think that's appropriate
8:17 am
and i think it's important. >> i know, that's why i was phrasing it like that when i saw the note come in and i remembered people saying, i mean, just -- you put a stigma on it when you say it another way. >> that's right. >> is there anything, anything that a woman can do especially as she gets older? >> you know, what i normally will tell women is that there are things under their control and things that are not under their control. before pregnancy the things that can be under control, you know, cutting down on alcohol use, smoking, when you are pregnant early prenatal care is the key and then again you want to loop in your midwife or your ob/gyn taking prenatal vitamins with folic acid three months before conception if it's a planned pregnancy. robin, remember, 40% to 50% of pregnancies in this country are unplanned. that doesn't mean undesired. it means unplanned so some of these things we can control and some of these things we can't. >> hope you'll talk about it more on "gma3." >> we definitely will. george has a very special
8:18 am
guest. >> sure do. bob woodruff with a closer look at the nation's opioid epidemic. the cdc reported that thousands of americans died last year from it caused by a jump in deaths by fentanyl. you had your own experience with this synthetic opioid and giving us a first look at the documentary. >> it's just been skyrocketing, this crisis in the united states. you know, the number of fentanyl fatalities have been rising every single year from the big cities to the small towns with victims at any age and many of them had no idea that fentanyl was in it and one of the medics who actually saved my life in iraq 14 years ago became a victim of fentanyl himself. covering the war in iraq, fentanyl became part of my life. in january of 2006 my cameraman doug and i were embedded with the u.s. and iraqi forces reporting about the status of the war. while traveling from village to village an explosion nearly killed us. we were rushed to the baghdad hospital. this blurry video shows one of
8:19 am
the medics who saved me, specialist dave williamson. >> you helped to save my life. what do you remember? >> i remember everything. we knew that you were in serious, serious, serious dire straits. >> reporter: given the severity of my injuries he injected me with multiple drugs, including his most powerful pain killer -- fentanyl. >> our go-to drug was fentanyl. the fentanyl that we had was given in micrograms and it was in glass vials. >> you knew exactly how much was in there. you had complete control over it and you knew that this was the kind of opioid that would kill my pain. >> yeah, we had a very solid understanding of what it is, what it's capable of doing and also how dangerous it was. >> reporter: but when the war began to wind down and before the u.s. withdrew from iraq, dave left the military and like
8:20 am
many others descended into the world of posttraumatic stress disorder. now at home the same man who had used fentanyl to save me ultimately became addicted to fentanyl himself and like so many others, it started with prescription painkillers given to him after surgery. >> they prescribed me percocet and then i had a very close friend of mine introduce me to oxycontin. >> reporter: now several years later after hitting rock bottom, dave and his wife jessica who was also suffering from addiction are sober and raising three young boys. >> if any of my children are proud of me or proud of their mother, then at least one of us did something right. >> they nearly died from fentanyl but now completely clean and both have great jobs and hoping they never ever seen fentanyl again. >> thank goodness they're on the mend. you prefer to use the word poison to overdose. >> we traveled around the country.
8:21 am
it seems like every friend, every family that lost someone say the same thing. they just did not know that fentanyl was in it. so they said if you ask for something that you never wanted and you die from it, that's poison. that's not addiction. >> they're right. no question about that. cannot wait to see this documentary. it's going to air tonight at 8:00 eastern, 9:00 pacific. "poisoned: america's fentanyl crisis." that's on abc news live. it will stream later on hulu later this week. t.j.? >> george, thank you. so good to see bob here in studio with us. want to turn to some groundbreaking women. we have an exclusive first look now at the 2022 "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue cover, all four of them. erielle, you talked to two of these groundbreaking folks here. the "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue has evolved. >> it's not the "sports illustrated" issue you expect from the past. for nearly 60 years the iconic swimsuit issue has made a splash. we sat down with two of this
8:22 am
year's groundbreaking cover models to see what it's all about. making waves for "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue 2022, four covers. two of them featuring trail blazers yumi nu and maye musk. >> what was your reaction when you found out you would be on the cover of "s.i.'s" swimsuit edition? >> i'm not a swimsuit model so to be even invited to do the shoot was amazing and then they showed me the cover and i said, wow. >> reporter: at 74, maye, the first woman in her 70s to land the coveted spot. longtime model, dietitian, best-selling author and, yep, mom to billionaire tesla founder and potential twitter acquirer, elon musk. >> you love talking about your kids' success. how did they react to the news that you would be in "sports illustrated"? >> i did not tell them. they were tweeted out. they would be too excited then everything is ruined. >> reporter: breaking barriers,
8:23 am
yumi, the first front page plus size asian american model. >> my mom never had that and so many generations never had that. i feel like we're finally making space for the asian community in ways that we haven't before. >> used to be like who took the most beautiful picture. it's also the person that is powering that inspirational photo and the message they bring. >> kim kardashian and ciara, how did you land on them? >> i want people to think about women in general and all the different ways that they can affect positive change and they are true representatives of that. >> so many firsts in this issue, the first visibly pregnant woman, the first to showcase a c-section scar. the magazine saying they are wanting women to know that there's no expiration date on our dreams and we don't have to check a specific box in order to be beautiful. this edition will be out on store shelves today. >> all right. thank you so much for that, erielle. you said you had a good time with them. >> i did. it was so much fun. >> thank you so much. ginger, let's head over to you. >> did you know atlanta has not yet had their first 90 of the
8:24 am
season but caribou, maine, did? they broke a record earlier this weekend. oklahoma city also had a record, tucson, thermal, california, across the nation we've been talking about records for over a week now. and we're going to see more of that today. houston could break one today. this morning looking a little hazy. the temperatures mostly in texas flirting with record numbers. well over 100, 105 in san angelo, abilene, close at 98. that's the big picture. apply to soldier.he big picture. apply to i haven't loaded with him obi-one. okay here in three two, i'm abc 7 news meteorologist routine with your accuweather forecast. it is a breezy and cooler afternoon today compared to the weekend. we have a first look at the we have a first look at the trailer for a new true crime
8:25 am
documentary. it's about the shocking murders of three young girl scouts back in 1977 and the personal connection of emmy and tony award winner kristin chenoweth, and what she adds to the case. "keeper of the ashes" starts streaming may 24th on hulu. take a look. >> this is a story i wish i never had to tell. it haunts me every day. as a girl scout i loved going to camp. i never once thought anything bad could happen, but i came to learn what murder was. >> three girl scouts were discovered today. >> this case is mystery upon mystery. >> was the real killer still out there? >> every day was a struggle. the first thing when i opened my eyes, just another day she wasn't there. >> the person who did this to those children should be punished. >> when i think of those three girls, i wonder what's the best
8:26 am
way to honor them. that's why i've come back home to find answers once and for all. >> announcer: now with so much hope for a brighter tomorrow filled with sunshine it's time to -- >> "rise & shine." >> announcer: and we're celebrating traveling all across the country. >> "rise & shine." >> "rise & shine." >> announcer: so celebrate with abc's "good morning america's" great "rise & shine" tour.
8:27 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: good morning, everyone. i am kumasi aaron from abc 7 mornings. we are going to check with jobina with traffic. hi, jobina. jobina: hi, kumasi. we have a stall at university avenue that is going to slow things down for you a bit. it is slow through the maze, and you can see why, because we have the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see highway, the airport flowing as well, at 12 minutes,
8:28 am
when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer
8:29 am
for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie. drew: good morning. "live with kelly and ryan" is coming up. we are taking a look at winds right now. a bit breezy right now. gusting from 20 come almost 30 miles an hour. the onshore flow will bring us a cooler afternoon later on today. we are going to the mid and upper 50's at this hour. a live look at our bay bridge. we have mostly cloudy skies from this vantage way.
8:30 am
kumasi? kumasi: thank you, drew. we will have another abc 7 ♪ let the good times roll ♪ ♪ let the good times roll ♪ i haven't taken a bite yet but i already have a food coma, okay? we are celebrating national barbecue day in a huge way. the final round of our united states of barbecue competition. >> we crisscrossed the country looking for the best barbecue, four different cities, now the first round winners in our barbecue bracket are all here in new york and they'll compete for the title of "gma's" ultimate pitmaster. $10,000 to the winner. t.j. is with the chefs. hey, t.j. >> here they are. robin, if you are all ready, you haven't even tasted anything, you're going to be a mess here shortly. there was a whole lot of smack talking.
8:31 am
each of the four finalists won the golden tongs in the first round. now it's all about the golden grill. they have their game faces. oh, she keeps a game face here on. folks from dallas, smokey john's whose big john sandwich was the big winner, we got from d.c. the federalist pig. there, carolina on the mind sandwich the top vote getter. then from chicago we've got lexington betty smokehouse. she smoked the competition with a smoked wagyu brisket and from tampa, jazzy's bbq, whose ribs and baked beans knocked the competition out there. let me give you a better introduction to the people we have with their delicious, delicious food. also the hardest job this morning our judges, check them out over there -- top chef, richard blaise. also former new york yankee all-star pitcher cc sabathia and the founder of full heart full bell, a friend of ours, chef millie peartree and then, i'm supposed to introduce him as
8:32 am
wabc weather anchor sam champion. >> why am i here? >> y'all know sam. >> how did i get here? >> before you get here, take a look at this. our competitors. >> oh! ♪ >> reporter: they took down their local competition. proving their barbecue was the best back home. but now -- >> new york, here we come. >> here we come, new york. we're ready. >> watch out, new york. we're coming. >> we're going to bring this party to the big apple, baby. ♪ >> reporter: each going for the grand prize and believing they've got what it takes to win. >> our barbecue is the best barbecue around. >> our beef short ribs is the best in the u.s. >> best barbecue in america. >> texas, baby! whoo! >> what about smoky john's? >> reporter: representing dallas brother duo brent and juan. >> we're about to smoke the competition. at>> slow downfe
8:33 am
doe c h >> this beef short ribs is going to win us $10,000. >> the winner of the golden tongs, federalist pig. >> reporter: and pitmaster rob is hoping to take the title back to d.c. >> they look like a $10,000 rack of ribs to me. these ribs right here, they're going to smoke the competition. >> all right, here we go. >> reporter: and rounding out the competition, former nfler johnny and wife pamela hoping to score big this morning. >> we're bringing the $10,000 back to tampa. >> reporter: so who will take the top prize? let's find out. right now. >> will you all please take a shot at my judges? i was supposed to tell you when to start eating but knock yourselves out. our competitors here are showing the best plate of barbecue so the judges are already judging. but fellas from dallas, tell me what you got on your plate.
8:34 am
>> the big john sandwich named after our dad, smoky john and it's got brisket, sausage, coleslaw with her homemade dressing, onion rings and we had to garnish it with one of our smoked ribs. a little side of our homemade mac and cheese. >> richard, what do you think? >> anyone who garnishes with a rib, that is big. this sandwich is all about textural contrast. there is a hidden onion ring in this sandwich. like this is a dream. is this real life? delicious, smoky and sweet. i love the texture. >> he's loving what you're doing. let's go to the nation's capital. you got a little nod to what they're doing down there. >> pretty good to me. >> tell me what you are doing. >> we've got some of the federalist pig favorites here. i've got our smoked spare rib, rib tips and jalapeno cheese sausage along with smoked cheddar mac and cheese and light refreshing roasted corn and tomato salad. mix it up just a little bit. >> robin, they told me you're struggling. you took a bite of something that was a little spicier than you anticipated. >> might have been me. >> that sausage is so good, but, boy, spicy. >> we like to keep it hot. >> cc, what do you think?
8:35 am
>> this mac and cheese is so good and these ribs are fire so i'm excited to dig in. >> all right. we're going to turn now to -- i said i was a homer, not because i'm from chicago but i did the chicago competition. that's where i first met chef dominique from lexington betty smokehouse. you were the big winner there. >> yes. >> what do you have on the plate? you mixed it up. >> i mixed it up but same farm. i did a wagyu beef short rib. we have our house-made brisket baked beans and our delicious tangy and sweet sauce. >> you hear that, fellas? she brought the wagyu beef. >> wagyu. >> i know, right? >> i brought the wagyu back. >> how we doing, chef peartree? >> let me get into it real quick first. give me a sec. okay, first of all, it falls off the bones. lean in. >> she said you got to lean into it. >> you got to lean into it. >> get your shoulders into it. >> uh-huh. >> absolutely delicious. one thing i like about it is it has some -- it doesn't fall directly off the bone. this is what you want.
8:36 am
get in there and get a bite on it. most importantly the meat is seasoned. not just sauce on top. absolutely delicious. >> they are loving it. johnny and pat from jazzy's bbq, you all tell us what you got going down there. >> we got some ribs here, some spare ribs and they are cooked to perfection and we drizzle a little of this sauce over it and this is the magic right here. >> the magic. >> yes, sir. >> what is the magic? >> the sauce, you know, and we got a few other magical things. we'll let pam tell you about it. >> a magical plate over here. robin, you hanging in over there? >> i was just saying the one before, yabba-dabba do! >> like, bam. >> bam-bam. i have never seen judges so devoted to their work. had to show you that. >> now, sam, do you have a moment? can you tell me what you think about the last plate we just -- >> i don't get to judge very much so i took this very seriously. >> okay. >> i got tips from richard so
8:37 am
every plate that comes in we get down. we get a gaze. then we come up, right? then we're doing this. we're doing this, right? like we're all very pro about this. this, though, you brought the sweet potato pie this time, right? >> i did. >> i was not expecting that. this is just incredible. thank you for bringing it to us. >> okay, but you all, this is the moment. now we do have to crown our ultimate pitmaster. we have gone to all of these cities. we've gone to dallas, d.c., chicago, tampa, we've been all over. it is that time. now, judges, you have your paddles over there. you're going to have to pick a winner. i'll start, yes, with you there, richard. i got to start with you. >> i have to kick it off? >> pick a winner and someone will get $10,000 and the crown. >> three teams won't like me after this. so tough. everything was really, really delicious, so many great flavors, salty, sweet, acidic. for me at the end of the day -- >> what do we got? >> federalist pig. federalist pig.
8:38 am
>> look at that. all right. millie, how you doing? who you got? yes, millie. >> oh, i'm just in here. all right. so delicious, i appreciate each and everything you brought to the table right now. but the plate that gave me everything as richard said, salt, fat, acid, heat, everything i was looking for is -- federalist. >> whoa! >> what is on that plate? cc? >> yeah, i mean i appreciate everything you guys brought. this is great. but for me the best flavor for the food and the ribs were for me federalist pig. >> i mean, oh, my gosh! >> wow! >> sam, i don't -- >> do you even need me? is my vote weighted? >> it's not. >> can i just say, first of all
8:39 am
vall, it's a major accomplishment. every one of you won your round. you came here, you brought something incredible to us. i will tell you i will never forget that sandwich as long as i live. and because of that, yes, federalist pig is the right taste for the folks who are educated. but am i right, smokey john's, that sandwich. [ applause ] >> you know what, sam, we can't thank you all enough. so much going on. you all are putting smiles on people's faces with the way you handled yourselves in this competition. it was fun. it was a competition but, yes, congratulations to you. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> and, yes, this is for you, my man. >> because you can't have a winner without a big check. >> just like that. >> you going with that and get the golden grill. i want to say thanks to our judges over there. richard blaise, we appreciate you. of course, want everybody to know, the podcast "food court" available wherever podcasts are found. cc, great to have you back as well. chef millie, we appreciate you. sam, i think you got it. >> both sides. >> where is the closest check
8:40 am
cashing place? >> he's trying to cash it. >> i see it. cash it quick. >> all i can say, i'm waving the flag. coming up next, the actor you saw in the oscar winner "coda" joins us to talk about his brand-new hulu comedy. come on back. [ applause ] ♪ let the good times roll ♪ >> "gma's" united states of barbecue is sponsored by king's hawaiian slider sunday. every single sunday.
8:41 am
[sfx: computer sounds] ♪♪ let play unwind your mind. ikea.
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8:43 am
we are back with eugenio derbez, part of the all-star cast for this year's best picture winner "coda" and now a new comedy on hulu called "the valet." welcome back to "gma." >> thanks for having me. >> congratulations on "coda." must have been an amazing night. >> oh, my god. it's a beautiful movie and we never expected to win. i mean, we were against this multimillion dollar budget movies like "dune," "nightmare alley," "house of gucci," "west side story" and meryl streep, jennifer lawrence and leonardo dicaprio, al pacino. never thought we had a chance and we won. >> let's talk about "the valet." a real passion project for you, years in the making? >> yes, i mean, it took us like seven years to nail the script. we were working on the script but then in 2016 we felt the country was different so we
8:44 am
rewrote the script and then we finally got this great, beautiful, funny story about a parking attendant who gets caught up in a paparazzi photo with a married and very wealthy guy and his lover who happens to be one of the most famous and beautiful actresses in the world, so it's a very, very funny fish out of water story. >> let's have a look. >> i'm nervous, very nervous. i'm sweating. look. >> oh, jesus. okay, well, can you talk to him and tell them him to stop sweating? >> hello, i'm antonio. >> try not to say anything. they'll mostly be focused on olivia. >> i don't want to say anything. >> if you have to, say something you're like here to support olivia on her big night. >> here to support olivia on her big night, okay. >> oh, no. >> is it true this was based on some of your real-life experiences?
8:45 am
>> well, some of them are there. i reflected there. i was telling them the other day when i came to this country seven years ago for first time, i had meetings with executives at the studios and the meetings didn't go well and one day my agent went with me to a restaurant and they saw all my peeps, you know, i've been working for the latino audience my entire life so the valet parking were like, oh, we'll leave the car in front of the restaurant of the they gave me the best table, the kitchen came out, took pictures, they gave us desserts for free and my agent immediately said, you know what, let's change the strategy. no more meetings at the studios, all your meetings are going to be at the restaurants. >> very smart and you did a little payback. you invited real-life valets to walk the red carpet with you at the premiere? >> yeah, it was very emotional. this movie is -- it's for
8:46 am
everyone but, of course, i think it's for them especially, for all the hard working class immigrants there are in this country, the cooks, the waiters, the gardeners, but it's a really funny story for everyone. >> i cannot wait to see it. thanks for coming in today. "the valet" is on hulu this friday. let's go to ginger. >> oh, yes, we are so warm out here. 71 degrees already in manhattan. this is our actual average high and look at the image over the city there and the bridge is covered in fog because you've got cold water right next to this extreme warmth and this is all ahead of severe storms so this afternoon and through your evening commute, please be weather aware because this is something that could hit you on the roads and have damaging winds, trees could come down onto cars anywhere from really richmond, virginia, all the way up to albany. okay. albany. in three two i'm abc7 news meteorologist drew tomah with your accuweather forecast 60s and 70 states. it's breezy and it's cooler, but the accurate the 74 cast will show you warmer weather hits us tomorrow, sunny and warmer by wednesday.
8:47 am
coming up, summer workouts for teenagers. jagger and i are warming up. we will be right back. let's go. ♪ you're doing fine ♪
8:48 am
8:49 am
♪ show you how to do this ♪ and we are back now encouraging teens to stay fit and have fun this summer. studies have shown that physical activity has huge benefits for teenagers, this segment sponsored by planet fitness and they are helping make it even easier for people to work out. especially young people. joining us is their spokesperson teddy savage and actress and spokesperson mckenna grace telling us all about it. we'll get active and have fun. even obviously everybody knows activity is good especially for teenagers, teddy. >> absolutely, so exercise has been shown to really improve both mental and physical health
8:50 am
important for teens because we've all been impacted by the pandemic. a recent medical study has show met the daily recommended physical activity during the pandemic which was only 60 minutes a day so planet fitness wanted to help them discover the greatness within themselves and have fun with fitness. >> more than 60 minute, mckenna, i know you have such a busy schedule, new projects coming up, the new series, not a new series but the newest of "the handmaid's tale" coming. how are you fitting fitness in. >> it's pretty hard whenever you work all day long. you know, it's just important to make sure whether it's at the end of the day or at the beginning to basically get some sort of physical activity. but it's a nice bonding activity for my dad and i because my dad likes to work out and always making me go to the gym with him and, you know, it's really fun. >> modelling helps from the parent, for sure. but i know there's a brand-new and hot way teens can get active. tell us about it for the summer. >> well, i mean, the high school summer pass with planet fitness. >> yeah. >> teens 14 to 19 are welcome at any planet fitness to work out for free. even a scholarship program where you can win a $500 scholarship. >> not bad.
8:51 am
>> in any state. >> in any state. you can do it. teddy, it's time. mckenna, when you get older like me you get sore real fast but good to be warmed up not just for the older folks but teenagers too. >> everybody. let's get it started. so, ginger, the golden rule before any great rule you have to start with a great dynamic warm-up. we'll get our bodies moving and do bend and reaching or just stay here and reach up towards the sky. the important thing as a teen our bodies are still developing so just getting blood flow and get into the postural chain and the upper extremities but stop right there. let's change the game up. spread those feet out nice and wide and go into a trunk twist. jagger is going to go into a squat. the best part about it, this is a compound movement meaning i'm combining two exercises into one and as a team who doesn't love a two-for-one special? safe, effective workout. >> i see mckenna each time. all right.
8:52 am
so let's do cardio. everybody knows we have to have cardio and thank you, jagger, by the way, violent and justin helping us doing their cardio. we know it's good. how long, how many times a week? >> right, right, a great question. when you do cardio you want to start out slow. do something that's comfortable, as a matter of fact use a machine you know and can control the speed and incline, violet is going at a nice walking pace for four or five minutes, get the blood flow and heart rate going to offset heart-related illnesses and when ready she'll tuding t gge just a 15-minute cardio workout can help to improve your heart health, get the joints ready for functional movement and release endorphins to help you feel great both physically and mentally. see, she's smiling. >> 14 minutes left, okay. mckenna, you have a cardio tip. >> i have to make sure i have a lot of water because i get out of breath real easy. >> so water it up, hydrate and finally i think this is my favorite part, strength. >> teddy, show us what we can
8:53 am
do. >> absolutely. so strength is so important to combine with cardio and we'll make it dynamic. we'll do a front lunge into a bicep curl and showing it right there or do a row or just stay here for a bicep curl and work on grip strength. as a teen i helped carry so many groceries, it helped tremendously. let's finish with a squat. >> i'll let you finish up. teddy, mckenna, hannah, everyone, thank you so much and thank you to our sponsor planet fitness for encouraging people to stay active this summer. go to our "gma" facebook page for even more information. all right, i need to get a couple more reps in. couple more reps in. we'll be right back. ♪music playing♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
8:54 am
nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california. ♪ ♪ how's he still playin'? aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength. reduces inflammation. don't touch my piano. kick pain in the aspercreme.
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don't touch my piano. meet apartment 2a, 2b and 2c. 2a's monitoring his money with a simple text. like what you see abe? yes! 2b's covered with zero overdraft fees when he overdraws his account by fifty bucks or less. and 2c, well, she's not going to let a lost card get her stressed. am i right? that's right. that's because these neighbors all have chase.
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alerts that help check. tools that help protect. one bank that puts you in control. chase. make more of what's yours. ginger, we're going to need those exercises after the barbecue competition. >> i was going to say. >> congratulations to all the competition. >> that check for $10,000. >> have a good day, everyone. ♪ got that sunshine ♪ ♪ got that sunshine ♪
8:57 am
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: good morning, everyone. i am kumasi aaron from abc 7 mornings. we are going to check with jobina with traffic. hi, jobina. jobina: hi, kumasi. really causing a slow ride everybody going southbound on 880. speeds are tracking around 19 miles an hour could we will wrap up with a live look at the toll plaza. the backup has not gone away. a very different from what we saw last week. drew? drew: yeah, definitely. look at these winds, gusting over 20 in haywood. a breezy at times gusty afternoon later on today. temperatures climb to the 50's to low 60's. good morning, san jose, the south bay, partly sunny skies. increasing sunshine, in the
9:00 am
70's. kumasi? kumasi: thank you, drew. now time for "live with kelly and ryan," and we will be back . today from the film "downton abbey: a new era." hugh dancy. and we're kicking off our bring on the heat week with a very important swim safety lesson. plus, author of "business is personal" bethenny frankel joins ryan as the co-host desk. all next on live. and now here are ryan seacrest and bethenny frankel. ♪ do it now or never babe ♪ there she is. morning, deja. oh, come on in, bethenny. yay! thank you, ryan. very welcome. i love that chivalry. well, i do it every weekday. i like it. monday, may 16th, filling in for kelly, today it's bethenny frankel. always great to have her back. thank you for having me. it's always... i get excited.


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