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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 16, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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also the relative humidity. so let's start off. talking about how we got into this year around fire season. well, it's been this mega drive that began in the year 2000. we haven't been this dry in years in california every once in a while we get some rain and we don't have year-long fire season, but you you know, we've been in a mini dr. last two and a half to three years so temperatures are going to warm up as dan mentioned. here we go. let's talk about the north. and you can see wednesday's 93, but it's as we head into the weekend when the winds will start to add to that warmth in the humidity. so what i've done here is i've overlaid the winds you can see the wind speed blue is to red and purple is fast, and i've also overlayed the humidity now starting thursday evening watch what happens friday the winds increase look at that humidity dropped down to single digits as we head through friday and into early saturday morning. this is going to be an elevated mean up in the mountains and hills where we'll have our most critical fire conditions
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kristen. thank you. hi winds and high fire danger force prescribed burns in the east bay to be canceled prescribed burns are a priority for reducing danger. where wildlands meet developed areas around the bay area and as abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley found out lots of new technology is also being tested out and coming our way. in livermore and in rodeo prescribed burns were canceled the wind made at two dangerous but prescribed burns are still a priority it reduces that fuel in that open space by providing a nice break between the houses and this open space that were very strategic in the area that we're going to select to burn so it provides some extra defensible space. we can change the way that we manage the land and that can make us more resilient. face of climate change besides prescribed burns fire scientists and data engineers across the uc system are ramping up efforts to address a year-round fire season
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this summer engineers at uc davis. thing to experiment with launching a swarm of drones into prescribed burns. the goal is to measure. toxins directly in the plumes of smoke and not just use ground sensors. you can think of this one of drones as sort of your eyes and nose in the sky because you see in what's happening. and you also detecting what what substances are there. the drones could be operational in real wildfire. the next few years at uc riverside experts are crunching big data slope vegetation win geography from every wildfire across the country to come up with a system down the road that could provide firefighters with an instantaneous prediction of wildfire behavior. once we have all these defenses together a firefighter will be able to show just put a fin on the map and say this is where the one part is right now and this will fill them right away. what should be done? fire training and prescribed burn that was canceled in rodeo.
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is instead supposed to start tuesday morning. so expect to see flames expect to see smoke. interstate 80 for the rest of the week, but no need to call 911 in the east bay. i'm leslie brinkley abc 7 news. new developments with the deadly mass shooting in buffalo investigators say the gunman who had plotted the attack for months and was considering hitting another store afterward as they get new information. about this reporter derek waller from our sister station in new york joins us now live with some new information from buffalo police derek. good evening. dan there was a press conference this afternoon. we learned some new information about this investigation including the fact that the suspect had visited buffalo back in march. he lives three hours. so that's why that's interesting. they're also looking at his digital footprint his social media postings. try to determine how long he had been planning this attack. it was an attack rooted in white supremacy. to as well orchestrated
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well-planned. well thought out by a very evil sick person buffalo's police commissioner revealing accused murderer peyton gendron plan to continue his racist shootings free had he not been stopped appeared that his plans were to drive out of here and then continue driving down jefferson avenue looking to shoot more black people police confiscating a total of three guns, including that high-powered ar-15 rifle the 18 year old. towards with murder police say he drove hours to this predominantly black neighborhood with a detailed plan to kill shooting at least 50 rounds and live streaming the massacre of the 13 shooting victims 10 were killed all of them. they include 86 year old ruth whitfield shopping in the store after visiting her husband of 68 years. nursing home. he's in that nursing home for the last eight years and every day she went there to care for him. we're just gonna climbing a hate. i don't know why we as human
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beings have not evolved and we won't evolve until we realize there's only one race in us human race the store security guard retired police officer. aaron salter was also shot and killed after engaging with the gunmen trying to save lives. this could have been worse. it's if not for the actions of a retired officer salter absolute hero on our eyes and the the initial for officers at one inside and you know, keep in mind they were here on scene within a minute. we've also learned the shooting spawned a copycat. the erie county da announcing a 52 year old man is under arrest after threatening to shoot up a buffalo pizzeria and a brewery. this is what's gonna happen if you make threats. you are going to get arrested. and then i am going to prosecute you. and the other major headlines tonight president biden is expected to be here in buffalo tomorrow with the first lady. they will be meeting with some of the victim. family members reporting live
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here in buffalo new york. alright derek.eror abc 7 ns. thanks very much a replacement theory is a concern in the rise of hate crimes in the united states a recent study and survey finds that one in the american in the american adults believe in conspiracy theory that immigrants are purposefully replacing native-born americans for electoral gain, 29% are concerned that immigration leads to a loss of economic political and cultural influence. abc 7 news reporter ryan curry lookst the recent rise of extremist views and how social media is contributing to them? two mass shootings over the weekend resulted in several people dead both buffalo and orange county authorities are labeling them. as hate driven what we have seen. it is that crime has gone up and hate crime has gone up brian levin studies hate and extremism at cal state san bernardino. he says these incidents stem from a trend of ongoing tension between political and ethnic
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differences. he says lawmakers and authorities need to take a look at red flag laws. in south carolina that terrorist the el paso shooter his family reached out to authorities when he was attempting weapons acquisition and told well he can get it authorities. say the gunman in the buffalo incident posted a long manifesto online detailing his attack in his motives before executing it part of the attack was streamed on twitch, which other experts are now concerned about social media's role in these attacks. people had already recorded it and passed it on and i think as of this morning there was still links to it. like twitter don heider is a professor of media ethics at santa clara. he says misinformation and conspiracies online are factors in these events. we're living in an era now where people are conflating truth with things. we know clearly to be untrue he fears video of the shooting. create a scenario where others
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planting attacks can be influenced to carry them out which is why both he and eleven are calling on social media companies and lawmakers to do a better job regulating the hate and violence spread online people should not be able to use these kinds of public semi-public utilities to promote hate when we know that there are downstream effects and violence ryan curry abc 7 news. new details are emerging now about yesterday's deadly church shooting in southern california, including a possible motive today officials in orange county. say the man who opened fire inside the geneva presbyterian church was motivated by anger over political tensions between china and one police say the suspect david cho tried to superglue door locks or door locks. that is to prevent parishioners from leaving. the person who died was john chang a doctor who is now being hailed as a hero. dr. chang charged individual the
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suspect attempted to disarm him which allowed other parishioners to then intercede taking the suspect into custody. is from china the parishioners were meeting with a member? had just returned from a trip to taiwan. i want to issues of gun violence. you can find an ally by going to. action. we put together lists of local resources to give you a starting point two deadly crime scenes are being investigated by police in san jose though. they happened less than 24 hours apart police say they are two separate incidents abc 7 news reporter zach fuentes talk with police about a rise in the number of homicides this year in san jose. san jose police are now investigating the city's ninth and 10th homicides of 2022 each of them happening less than 24 hours apart in different areas of the city by may 31st of last year the city had seen 17 homicides so far homicides are trending down.
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a year and police say they wanted to stay that way. we're not taking this lightly. we're taking this very seriously officer. steve aponte says that the ninth homicide happened sunday morning here on vera lane when they got a call from a loved one of the victim that a woman was injured when officers arrived they discovered an adult. now victim who had sustain at least one stab wound that victim was pronounced deceased at the scene. the suspect is still at large and they don't have a motive. they're still looking for witnesses with any information. in her video that may lead to an arrest in the city's nine thomas side as for the 10th homicide a double shooting the few details available are also disturbing police responding to the scene on 10th street near san jose state just after three this morning when they arrived they're located in adult female suffering from a non-life threatening shooting injury the discovered an adult. all who had a life-threatening injury. they tried to perform lifesaving measures on that man, but he eventually died. the woman is in stable condition right now police are not saying anything about the relationship between the man and the woman
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only that more information will be released at a later time and that for now the public is safe. we don't believe that there's a threat to the public. there's no ongoing threat of some stranger going out there and committing these crimes in san jose zach fuentes abc news former ufc champion cain velasquez has been denied bail for a second time in san jose velasquez is charged with attempted murder for chasing down henry eugene goularte who is accused of molesting velocity's young relative velasquez shot into the man's vehicle and struck the suspect stepfather paul bender in the arm. the judge called velasquez's action extreme recklessness. the family is fearful. of cain velasquez being released but the judge denied bail. and they're also fearful to other individuals that support came velasquez. supporters of alaska hearing and stood behind vendors lawyer as
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he spoke the fired mma fighter faces 20 years or more in jail if he's convicted a lot more to come on this busy monday helping the homeless. official count in cities across the bay area what the numbers mean back to work a look at who is returning to the office and who isn't and your voice your vote the race for governor will kick it off with one of the candidates stay with us. candidates stay with us. hat renovating your kitchen and bathroom is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home? i'm mike holmes here with ivan from agm renovations america's kitchen and bathroom renovators thanks mike! we make kitchen and bathroom renovations easy for everyone. we quote and design each project and help customers select all finishes without having to leave their home! wow! agm are the only kitchen and bathroom renovations specialists i recommend. ♪ ♪ [announcer] call now and get $3,000 off! hi, i'm debra. i'm from colorado. ♪ ♪ i've been married to my high school sweetheart for 35 years. i'm a mother of four-- always busy.
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now. you've probably received your ballot in the mail for june pri. gavin newsom is facing re-election abc 7 news anchor list crates has more on the race and a look at one of the bay replace him. she's in the newsroom list. hi, dan. yes, governor newsom is expected to win his reelection. to leave but issues around crime and safety and the homelessness and drug crisis are front of mine right now for many californians bay area author michael schellenberger has thrown his hat into the ring. he's hoping that by talking about these issues. he'll be able to break through. as californians receive their ballots for the june primary, they'll find a long list of shot candidates hoping to take on governor gavin newsom for the state's top spot among them michael shellenberger an environmentalist turned homeless advocate and author of the book san francisco why progressives ruined cities? an interview with abc 7 news this morning the democrat turned
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independent told us he's running for governor to put an end to the homelessness and drug crisis across the state. you're running as a no party preference candidate. how would you describe your politics? truly independent. i mean there's certainly some things i share with democrats. there's certainly some things i share with republicans the basic strategy that i believe we need to follow to solve. the homeless crisis is the same one. they've done in europe including another one. it's in portugal schullenberger. is plan includes creating a centralized statewide psychiatric and addiction care system dubbed calcite. this would replace the current county-based system. he would also enforce the statewide ban on public camping to get people off the streets immediately. we do have a camping ban in san francisco and most southern california cities. we need to enforce that and we also need to enforce laws against public defecation public drug use public drug dealing those things are simply not compatible with having a livable walkable city. we asked him what that would mean for a place like san francisco's tenderloin.
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your policy would be anybody who's camping out there on the street is breaking the law. correct? you can be arrested. yes, and then you can go to jail. you can go live with a family member you go into a shelter or you can go into a treatment program. that's right. that's right. and again being arrested is not the same thing as being incarcerated. we can arrest people all the time. outputting them in jail or prison so they might get a court sense or a court date, but certainly there's be some consequence for breaking the laws because it turns out that when you don't enforce laws people don't follow them. it's unclear if schellenberger's proposal would even be poss. all critics point out there are ethical and legal concerns around mandating services, but schellenberger believes it's time to take a more hardline stance on these issues if the state wants to see any improvement the cost of living in california is outrageously high we should demand from this high cost of living these high taxes safe streets safe cities. now as for other issues
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schellenberger says he is pro-abortion rights supports gun control laws and supports increasing the minimum wage. on climate change she supports increasing nuclear energy and that includes keeping diablo canyon california's last nuclear power plant open as for as chances in the june primary. he's also up against the endorsed candidate brian dahl the two top people with the most votes in june will then face off in november in the newsroom liz croix abc 7 news. alright liz. thank you. a judge has ruled that california's law requiring women on corporate boards is unconstitutional the law required boards to have up to female directors the judge said that violated the right to equal treatment the conservative group judicial watch challenged the law claiming. it was illegal to enforce a law. that violates the equal protection clause of the california constitution. well after a cool start. it seems that the regular spring services resuming kristen. that's right. those temperatures are going to be rising right mike. absolutely by the time we get to the weekend.
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will threaten a few records really? yeah, it's gonna be pretty warm stretch for us in the seven day forecast. good afternoon. let's take a look at what happened today about the same same thing as yesterday temperatures cool as seabreeze roll through all of our neighborhoods, but it was enhanced by a dry cold front this morning and look at these gusts 46 miles per hour. hold on to the hats the steering wheels. everything in san francisco 38 and sfo to 25 in hayward. 15 that livermore 20 at napa and this is almost a due west win. so what that does is it pushes the wind into our inland east bay neighborhoods where the temperature right now in places like san ramon is 61 degrees. you have that west wing go right up crow canyon, but you go up about 10-15 miles and it's 75 right now in concord. so we have some serious microclimates going on in our inlet east bay neighborhoods. you can say the same for san francisco 57 to down the mountain view about 71, but that's a little bit wider spread. right now in vallejo. all right. these winds are going to continue through the evening and overnight hours and it's our
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northwest our north south bridges the carquinas bridge the benicia bridge and the golden gate bridge is going to be most comfortable to that. this is what it does to our temperatures. we're already starting off cooler temperatures barely 60 at 7 o'clock and then falling into the low to mid 50s with that breeze out there in the field a little bit cooler than that so dress appropriately. all right, let's talk about what to expect. the head warmer than average afternoons away from the coast all seven days. it will still be breezy through the afternoon and evening hours at least through friday and that fire danger remember that increases friday. also, here's a look at your cloud cast and those stubborn low clouds on the peninsula coast, especially san mateo county coast there. we have some high clouds rolling through right now. those are going to exit off to the east while those low clouds you can see in our cloud cast will spill across and fill up parts of the bay south of the bay bridge, but not nearly as widespread as the cloud cover we had this morning. so look at that by the time we get into the afternoon hours everybody's sunny. let's see how the temperatures respond. well wake up tomorrow morning the mid 40s to around 50 pretty close to where we were this
4:21 pm
morning. but tomorrow afternoon. look at this 10 to 15 degrees. warmer with mid upper 70s in the south bay. we'll have upper 60s to low 70s on the peninsula still cool with the coast mid-upper 60s there but mid-60s in downtown at south san francisco. we'll go from the 50s. this lacosta mid 60s in the north bay coast so a little milder there, but look at the valleys anywhere from 75 in pellu to 85 in santa rosa along the east bay shore around 72 about 75 degrees and as we move into the east bay valleys, we'll still have a little coolness hanging around san ramon in pleasanton in the mid-dupper seventies everybody else in the low to mid 80s. here's my accuweather 7-day forecast even warmer temperatures, especially for the bay in inland wednesday. we jump up about six degrees another dry. cold front will knock us down a little bit thursday and friday, but we're still warmer. average and then look at these temperatures take off and remember the high fire danger spilling into saturday it goes away but sunday and monday near record warmth 80s and 90s, dan. wow. all right, here we go. thanks mike caltrans broke ground today on a project that
4:22 pm
will add 18 miles of express lanes on highway 80 in solano county. the project will create 10 miles of new express lanes between air base parkway and fairfield to leisure town road in vacaville. it will also convert else have e existing carpool lanes to express lanes between red top road and air base parkway vacation plan i'm seven on your side to michael. finney inflation is taking its toll even in restaurants, and it's not just on higher prices seven on your side is next.
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or high blood potassium. news. it is seven on your science. michael. finney is in the newsroom with a look at today's consumer headlines, michael and let's start with inflation. it's showing up on your restaurant bill, but also on were played at a restaurant a wrapped up in paper for that to go order? you have no doubt notice over the years how candy bar shrink or ice cream comes in smaller packages when inflation hits hard. well consumer advocates call that shrinkflation and forbes magazine says it is happening now to your restaurant meals. some companies are putting less meat on sandwiches or ordering lesser quality meat some are offering fewer fries or fewer chicken wings. with saying a home prices.
4:26 pm
we are finding rising down payments more than half of all home buyers make a down payment above 20% the cities where buyers put down the highest down payments are all in, california. you san jose and nearby cities are number one number two is san francisco oakland berkeley. third is los angeles and coming in four cities in san diego county now in san jose 2/3 of home buyers put down more than 20 percent with a median down payment just shy of 300,000. american to do more when protests and he just hit the streets one in four americans are currently boycotting a product or company this comes to us from lending tree which has been looking into the subject the leading the lending giant. i should say says the number show that to be successful companies today need to reflect their customers' values you that thank you. thanks, michael. well uber is rolling out a new
4:27 pm
feature that expands the services that it offers. it's called uber travel instead of just booking rides the app will let users also book hotels plane trips and restaurant reservations uber is also branching out to let users book party buses and passenger fans as well as premium electric vehicles like a tesla or a pollstar. there's some good and some bad news when it comes to homeless numbers across the bay area the new county. is today and what that means and what the federal government is doing to get more people into homes. stay with us.
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moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news.
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homelessness is on the rise in alameda county. that's according to the area's latest homeless population count a total of 9,747. people were found to be experiencing homelessness in the county. that's a jump of 22% from the previous count in 2019, alameda county homeless care and coordination says the cost of housing continues to be a major cause rents in alameda county have gone up 9% since 2019 officials say homelessness could have been even higher without some measures that were taken during the pandemic we also saw an influx of prevention. and an eviction moratorium that we believe really saved off a much more dramatic increase in homelessness. the majority of those experiencing homelessness were either living in tents or their vehicles alameda county saw a 53% jump in people living in shelters. san francisco got a much different result from its bi-annual homeless count since
4:31 pm
2019 when the last count was done the overall. of homeless people in san francisco dropped by three and a half percent more importantly the number of homeless people living on the street dropped by 15 percent at the same time, san francisco. saw an 18 percent increase in people staying in shelters at corresponds to a jump in the number of sheltered beds available now joining me to discuss. this is abc 7 news insider film material phil always great to see you santa clara county has the highest number of homeless. and for the first time that number tops 10,000 in san francisco. homelessness is down 3.5% since 2019 as i said that seems counterintuitive from what we sort of see do those numbers seem accurate to you know, they do dan but you have to remember that santa clara county is much larger than san francisco, although we pay a lot of attention to san francisco in part because it's so easy to see but santa clara county has a huge population twice that of san francisco and the homeless there are more spread out they're tougher to find but they
4:32 pm
are in big big. numbers especially in san jose. it's very typical problem for them to manage because in san francisco one of the advantages is you can see them they're there you can deal with it in santa clara and other counties. it's much more spread out. interesting now san francisco and sonoma county are the only in the bay area that saw a decrease what's making a difference in those sonoma the the increase in decreases in some of these counties like napa and sonoma are small because they're small counties and they don't have the numbers in san francisco. i would say it's the attention that's being paid for too the problem. it's got a tremendous amount of pressure here because it affects everything from tourism to the downtown office workers. lost the board and plus the population is pretty tired of what they're seeing. so what san francisco was able to do largely with the help of the feds in the state was remember put about 2,600 people off the streets and into empty hotels that were shut down because of the covid virus shut down so they were able to make a
4:33 pm
very quick change rather than building affordable housing for the homeless. they just took over pre-existing the state's going to be trying to do that with its project home key across the state with billions. hundreds of millions of dollars to revamp motels that have not been used and turned them into homeless shelters, but it doesn't come cheap down the price tag for building these new. is about 300,000 per unit and that's prohibitive. so we've got to come up with new ways to house them and not everybody in their own place with a toilet and their own kitchen those hotels. it's a group living situation not very popular with homeless advocates, but as they seen in san francisco it can get you off the streets at least the people that want to get off the streets, right? and of course are some that for one reason or another do not seem to want to give up that freedom of being on the street. let's go to the east bay for a second fill the homeless numbers in alameda and contra costa went up significant 22% and 35% respectively did the problem
4:34 pm
just migrate across the bay. no, i think the problem came across not across the bay, but just throughout the bay, you know, dan any time in the east bay where you find a free way these days especially around oakland berkeley richmond that quarter you find a homeless encampments under them. some of them are the size of just full-blown neighborhoods. and so what we have here is a migrating into those areas contra costa county, you know, it was interesting when they were talking about their you know, one of the supervisors pointed out that it takes, you know, a wage of thirty seven dollars even you know think about getting an apartment in contra costa county these days. these people are so far from that. this is what we're seeing people in rvs people. cars people just laid out under overpasses like that. bay area wide the problem has gotten worse, although not as bad as people had thought it might get but we're still talking about something like 30,000 throughout the bay area then that is like saying the
4:35 pm
entire population of pleasant hill is living in tents like that out there somewhere. yeah, that's basically it in perspective. right phil. thanks phil material. thank you. biden administration announced a plan to make housing more affordable particularly for first-time homeowners and renters being impacted by high inflation. a plan will expand federally backed financing focus on building and preserving rental housing and started test program to fund. action of tiny homes the biden administration also plans to work the with the private sector to address supply chain challenges and build the most new homes in any year since 2006 the controversy over how much or how little you should bathe is back in the news now it's expanding to how often you should wash your hair before is next.
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4:39 pm
office the most popular day seems to be wednesday middle of the week many workers are going to the office tuesday through thursday, but some are returning for just the first part of the week monday through wednesday. i know i mean all of that sounds pretty good to me. alright tuesday for it. sounds good. it's like having a long long weekend, right if it was up to me all the people that commute into san francisco would be on split shifts and those between you know, seven and nine in the morning commute time and five and seven evening afternoon commute time. thanks to stay home. yeah, or send them to texas because that's what i'm on the road and mayor and nico has kind of a nice ring to it doesn't funny right? you know, it's funny. is that even though we say only 34% our back to me driving on the road. it feels like 100% is bad. yeah, or at least 80 or 90% right? yeah that way to me too. yeah, well yeah, how does unlimited vacation days at work sounds since we're talking about work.
4:40 pm
that's exactly what goldman sachs is now offering its senior staff. it's the latest effort by wall street bank to hold on to talented workers. junior employees will be given at least two extra days off each year and all goldmen employees will be required to take three weeks off each year unlimited vacation days. that is mike an inducement certainly. oh the wealthy get wealthier, isn't that great for the more time off and money and a time. so chris and i were talking earlier and she made a great point and if you want to go ahead and jump in here and talk about the culture of those high achievers most of them. don't take a lot of time. it's true. yeah, they might get it on paper, but you know most days but you rarely take it or you go on vacation and they're playing on the beach and you're still working on the laptop and there's a bit of peer pressure sometimes right? you know, it's a little uncool to take all that time off. are you serious about this job or not as sort of the underlying
4:41 pm
undercurrent there? yeah. yeah, what do they mean by unlimited though? is that you keep track you took a day here. you took a day there. you take your 20 days. i said they don't do that. no. yeah. okay, you can take what you want. but i say if you take that literally means, you know ever have to show up for working. well, i think they expect the numbers to still. a job. yeah. all right forget waiting in line for food at ballparks anymore. at least that i could happen if uber has its way the right handling app will now let to a concessions at seven ballparks including paypal park in san jose. that's where the quakes play. you just mark where you're sitting and choose the concession stand for you. hear you and when the food is ready, you can pick it up. yeah, they plan to expand to other stadiums in the future. that's a great thing. love you. cool. well, yeah, you see i hate going to events and waiting you missing, you know. winnings waiting or half a quarter basketball waiting for your drink or your food. yeah, i think on the warriors app you can order the food in advance and then you just like
4:42 pm
walk over there and go get it when it's time. so you miss less, you know, that's great. yeah. yeah if you sit down there the court they actually bring it to you. i hear that's even better. those are the people with unlimited vacation exactly right b. ingo, all right. but now to more controversy about how much or how little perhaps to bathe in a discussion. california's order shortage actor and talk show host james. corden said that he only takes three to four minutes showers, which seems about average japan. i don't but and only washes his hair though about every other month what i know true story. he said about that one hard to believe and he joins other celebrities like jake gillianthal kristen bell and dax shepard and ashton kutcher and mila kunis in washington themselves or their kids in frequently spencer as you know, as i've told you before i like to take a bath every other saturday night whether i need it or not. it's two things saves water and it keeps unwanted people away from that way i can't b
4:43 pm
utimagine i can't imagine that either and the hair thing like every month or so. yeah during a typical week. i'll just say i swim three days monday wednesday and friday by friday. you're not going to be near me. that's the smell in my hair is like the straw man or something, like does he not exercise or ever slight? i was just thinking about that because our warm days i you know, i'll shower twice a day if i'm exercising it me too and brief showers. i mean you take quick kind of jump, right, but you know, i mean, he is european that this may be a bit of a stereotype, but i know in france it's sort of people don't necessarily base every day. it's a bit more normal. it seems we're dust. yeah, right. it's funny. kristen bell actually was quoting saying i'm a big fan of waiting for the stink. catch a whiff that's biology's way of letting you know, know, you need to clean up really. fan of getting ahead of that. yeah exactly ahead of biology anybody.
4:44 pm
right us. we're near you right smell a corner, and i'm all for water, but there are limits right? keep it short, but you know, keep it daily or almost daily, right? yes. all right. well that is this edition of the ford 4 the cleaner the cleaner version. hi, i'm debra.
4:45 pm
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4:47 pm
both school and their communities abc 7 senior education reporter leanne melendez today introduces you to zainab viznitski of san francisco international high school. my name is zainab. i got sfa international high school, and i'm ready to lead and walk with others sign up business key is both resilient and adaptable living in sierra leone. she was three years old when her mother died in a few years later. she lost her father. her grandmother allowed her to go to school if she agreed to also work on the farm people in the village. the annual educated said i go to the farm especially they are like marriage at the age of 18 and x like experience in hardship and i did wonder for me sports were all so out of the
4:48 pm
question because i'm a lady. i'm not supposed to play like sports as men because ladies are supposed to be in the kitchen taking care. kids in the house as a young teenager. she met a woman visiting from san francisco who later agreed to adopt her. i was really happy because if i come back a life changer for me, how was that first day in the classroom? i bet you were nervous. yes. i was nervous and a little scared and also shy because i didn't know how to speak english. my english was not really good her new mother gave her this advice study hard. slowly hard do what you want to do? you choose your own life. my name is olivia jimenez cruz and i am the 11th and 12th grade counselor at san francisco international high school sign of acts with empathy. she is a leader that creates
4:49 pm
change. she's always learning together with her peers, and she's always challenging herself zainab wants to major in computer science and has been accepted to uc santa cruz. she her grandmother's words still carry her through each day any negative. things that people are saying to you you just have to push all of those outside and focus on you want to do? ,noermazing k some of the most brilliant minds in tech certainly reside in the bay area, but none of them can likely compare to a seven year old we spoke with today on getting answers. i've even moolah of san ramon shared her inspiration for the she created sheba developed called med reminder. i wanted to create this app especially for my grandmother because she has she's been suffering from her heart
4:50 pm
condition and when she is facetiming on me, um, i i noticed that she always misses taking her medicine. because she's busy. so obvious mother says her work on the reminder app started at the beginning of the pandemic because her daughter got bored while sitting around and being unable to go out. lockdown she was building animations and then moved on to med reminder. what did you do while board learn how to code and build something that could help a lot of people not quite amazing. let's go and update the forecast. time. yeah, we were transitioning into summer means a lot of us for the first. this year maybe turning on our air conditioners? in the end of this seven day forecast. let's take a look at oakland where it's mostly to partly sunny right now in about 63 degrees aids are taking on the twins at 6:40. that first pitch temperature is 60 dropping down to 55 breezy. so we'll feel a little bit cooler than that. all right, let's talk about the and there's a lot of players and there's high amounts of tree
4:51 pm
pollen olive pine hickory pecan weed remains low, but grass is moderate. so watch out if you suffer from those allergies. all right so air quality, otherwise look at that all that green. let's see how long it lasts it is going to pretty much stay that way other than wednesday in the santa clara valley world will bump up to moderate, but that's still healthy for all of us. here's a look at our inland eastband. i'm looking at sunday monday, and i'm really looking at you livermore you're record high sundays 96 record high monday is 93. so if that heat does come. tuition we're talking about some serious heat and some record high temperatures. in fact, it's gonna be warmer than average just about every day away from the coast dan. okay, mike. thanks so much a bay area teenagers rock and roll dreams came true after a legendary band's drummer got sick. what was the moment like when you found out that you had gotten the position? oh, it was crazy. my heart started beating really fast. and i called my dad and he
4:52 pm
nearly had a heart attack. 18 year old kai nukerman's spoke to our dion limb after playing with pearl jam at the oakland arena friday night the mill valley. school student says he jumped at the chance after learning. the band's drummer had covid so he texted lead singer eddie vedder's daughter olivia. they had met several years ago at the middle of class olivia texted me to send her a video of me playing a pearl jam song because they can submissions pretty cool kai plays in a band called the alive with a friend and his 14 year old brother. band is playing bottle rock and napa nextk aee wdoo g thrill th. yeah dream come true right now to some high drama streaming on hulu. i'm in love with you. obviously don't feel. the same i look at the book turned limited series conversations with friends and how you just might get lost in the story. stay with us.
4:53 pm
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based on clinical data, i recommend salonpas. agreed... my patients like these patches because they work for up to 12 hours, even on moderate pain. salonpas. it's good medicine it's pixars up followed by the good doctor at 10:00 then stay with us for abc 7 news at 11. a new limited series streaming now on hulu hopes to duplicate some of the same success enjoyed by normal people two years ago. the new project is from the same creative team, but it's a different cast telling a very different story reporter sandy kenyon from our sister station in new york. has a preview.
4:56 pm
francis and bobby are poets who perform together friends who are also former lovers my entire romantic history is just bobby that begins to change when the pair meet nick a tv star and his wife melissa a writer. i kiss melissa. we've been flirting when it just happened both are bold and opinionated, but their partners are less outgoing i think they really recognize a similarity in each other and that's what kind of brings them together. it grows from that as well, and i think you know for this affair to kind of continue their there's definitely a reason more than just attraction or intrigue fundamental thing that and i think is happening between them. that's kind of yeah healing them away, which it is great. he's older and they proceed haltingly with long silences punctuated by high drama. i'm in love with you and you obviously don't feel the same. this is a stunning debut for
4:57 pm
allison oliver who is so great. she actually made me forget. i was watching a performer so i could experience this character in all of her. plexity. i don't want to be a homewrecker. her fully realized performance is all the more astounding when you consider. she's playing a college senior in dublin and only recently graduated from a university there herself. it's great to be able to relate to your character and maybe a life stage that there at is one that you recognize like. oh, no. i'm an adult and aware in the world like kind of thing that i think she's going through. i'm sandy kenyon abc 7 news conversations with friends is streaming on hulu owned by the same parent company as bc 7 abc 7 news is streaming 24/7 get the abc 7 bay area streaming tv app and join us whenever you want wherever you are. that's it for abc 7 news at 4. this is 7 news at five is coming up next. up next.
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when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ri for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie. fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far
4:59 pm
less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
5:00 pm
moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. at investigation is underway in san francisco after a person was hit and killed by a muni light rail. good evening. i'm amidates and i'm dan ashley. thank you for joining. it happened last night in the city's visitation valley neighborhood abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow talked with police about the investigation. the sfmta sfpd and the california public utilities commission are reviewing detailed footage from near the arleta station in san francisco. after a pedestrian was killed by a light rail train. the sfmta says it happened around nine last night and involved a t-third light rail train a francisco police. spokesperson says sfpd responded just after 10 pm to bayshore
5:01 pm
boulevard and arleta


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