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moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. at investigation is underway in san francisco after a person was hit and killed by a muni light rail. good evening. i'm amidates and i'm dan ashley. thank you for joining. it happened last night in the city's visitation valley neighborhood abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow talked with police about the investigation. the sfmta sfpd and the california public utilities commission are reviewing detailed footage from near the arleta station in san francisco. after a pedestrian was killed by a light rail train. the sfmta says it happened around nine last night and involved a t-third light rail train a francisco police. spokesperson says sfpd responded just after 10 pm to bayshore boulevard and arleta avenue to
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meet with muni personnel regarding human remains discovered on the muni tracks the medical exam. is conducting their investigation in this incident our traffic collision investigative unit also responded to the scene and are currently investigating how this may have occurred based on their video review the sf. asus investigators will make recommendations about what if anything could prevent a collision like this from happening again, it's not clear how far the pedestrian may have been dragged by the the scene spanned for several hundred feet but that's not necessarily the area that that the victim may have been dragged the sfmta said it sense. it's deepest condolences to the family and friends of person struck in san francisco melanie woodrow abc 7 news while most bay area counties saw an increase in homelessness during the pandemic san francisco saw a decrease. mayor, london breeds celebrated the good news today during the opening of a residential building that was inverted into
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160 units of supportive housing since 2019 the number of people living on the streets in san francisco and not in shelters dropped by 15% air breeds has a factor was fast-tracking transitional housing during the pandemic. they gave us an opportunity to not only cut a lot of bureaucratic red tape to get people into over 25 locations 2600 hotel rooms a number of buildings. purch in the past three years. san francisco has seen an increase of 8% 18% of people living in shelters and transitional housing and now despite the good news in san francisco other parts of the bay area saw an increase in homelessness. during the pandemic contra costa county had the biggest jump by percentage with a 35% increase since 2019 homelessness was up 22% in alameda county eight and a half percent in marin up 6 upn napa and up 3% in santa clara
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county solano and san mateo counties have not released their figures yet. sonoma saw a drop of 2% patients at francisco's laguna honda hospital learned today, they could be evicted as the hospital fights to retain critical federal funds laguna. honda said the transfer plan is required as part of the process for recertification right now the hospitals medicare and medicaid funding is set to end. months after state inspectors found by a violations last october the mayor tweeted a statement today about the situation saying quote. it is unthinkable that laguna honda could lose essential federal funding to support life-saving programs. we will fight to ensure the hospital stays open in the south bay, san jose police are invest. getting two deadly crimes that happened less than 24 hours apart. now the cases appear to be unrelated. but as abc 7 news reporter, zach fuentes explains. it's not only the crimes themselves that have police so concerned it's also the number of homicides that have occurred so far this year in san jose.
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san jose police are now investigating the city's ninth and 10th homicides of 2022 each of them happening. in 24 hours apart in different areas of the city by may 31st of last year the city had seen 17 homicides so far homicides are trending down for the year and police say they stay that way. we're not taking this lightly. we're taking this very seriously officer. steve aponte says that the ninth homicide happened sunday morning here on vera lane when they got a a loved one of the victim that a woman was injured when officers arrived they discovered an adult female victim who had sustained at least one stab wound. that victim was pronounced deceased at the scene. the suspect is still at large and they don't have a motive. they're still looking for witnesses with any information or video that may lead to an arrest in the city's 9th homicide as for the 10th homicide a double shooting a few details available are also disturbing police responding to the scene on 10th street near san jose state just after three this morning when i be located in adult female suffering from a
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non-life threatening shooting injury the discovered an adult male who also had a life-threatening injury. they to perform life-saving measures on that man, but he eventually died. the woman is in stable condition right now police are not saying anything about the relationship between the man and the woman only that more information will be released at a later time and that for now the public is eight, we don't believe that there's a threat to the public. there's no ongoing threat of some stranger going out there and committing these crimes in san jose zach fuentes abc 7 news. former ufc champion came velasquez has been denied bail for a second time in san jose velasquez is charged with attempted murder for chasing down henry eugene guillarte who is accused of molesting velasquez's young relative velasquez shot into the man's vehicle and struck the suspect stepfather paul bender in the arm. the judge called velasquez's action extreme recklessness. the family is fearful. of cain velasquez being released
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but the judge denied bail and they're also fearful to other individuals that support came velasquez. supporters of velazquez were also at the hearing aid stood behind benders lawyer as he spoke retired mma fighter faces 20 years or more in jail if he is convicted one person is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries after being hit by a car in san jose this afternoon. it happened just after 12:30 in a shopping center parking lot on south king road. so for police have not said what led up to the crash, but they do say the driver remained at the scene and was cooperative with the investigation. people who come out to watch sideshows in antioch could face up to six months in jail and a thousand dollar fine under a measure city council will consider tire marks remain today after chose on saturday an officer was assaulted and a patrol car vandalized in response today mayor lamar thorpe announced a proposal to crack down on sideshow spectators. don't come to antioch because
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we'll be waiting for you, but the fullceor f the antioch police department our allied agencies and the appropriate resources to ensure that that does not happen in our community. the mayor says last year, he declared antiocha. no sideshow zone and created a proactive side show enforcement detail since then thorp says there have been no sideshows in the city only to that were quickly disrupted and cleared. san francisco police are searching for a man who vandalized a home early yesterday morning. ripping down ukrainian flags, and now police are trying to herman if it was a hate crime the homeowner has relatives in the line of fire in ukraine, and she spoke with abc 7 news 9 team reporter dan noyes, who is here with the story tonight dan. well, dan the homeowner did want to make a big deal out of this with so many series headlines around the world and here at home but acts of vandalism like this matter to the quality of life in a city that's already suffering the effects of so much crime. sunday leanna dewittier
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connected with relatives in ukraine for the first time just before the pandemic and travel to laviv to meet them after russia invaded she looked for some way to show her support for ukraine to be honest with you if my route ukrainian was a little bit better. i would be over there. but i just think i'd be more trouble because my language skills aren't i mean they're getting there, but they're not there yet. at least you could do. she thought was hang some ukrainian flags in a wreath at her home in the inner richmond neighborhood. leanna was done to wake up sunday to this mess planters toss to the ground and broken the facing on our house split and the flags torn down. i wasn't scared. i was just really -- and i you know, it's like i want to go out and start driving around and see if i could a guy her surveillance cameras caught it all. a man who appears to be white with long dark hair bleached at the ends wearing a san francisco giants jacket rips down one flag. a planter falls with it.
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he tosses the flag in the street and return. to rip throws both planters to the street seems to toddle away and returns to throw the outdoor furniture off the porch. his focus was obviously the flags he the damage and the vandalism i think was collateral to his i don't know why. except the only thing i could think of is what's going on now? it's kind of a hot topic you think this was a hate crime i do. yeah, even though liana dewittiac is a former sfpd sergeant and lawyer for the department. she had to make several calls to get a police response twice to 911 then to the local station police are checking one of the flags for fingerprints trying to identify this man. and if you know this guy the police want your help. also, we have a long-running list of charities who are doing good work in ukraine if you'd like to show your support that way at abc 7 dan ama.
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all right. thank you so much. dan after the break. we're learning new details about yesterday's deadly shooting at a southern california church, including what investigators say is the possible motive. plus we're learning more about the suspected gunman accused of killing ten people at a new york supermarket abc 7 news at continues in just new details
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are coming out tonight about yesterday's deadly church shooting in southern california, including a possible motive today officials in orange county. say the man who opened fire inside the geneva presbyterian church was motivated by anger over political tension between china and taiwan police. say the suspect david chou tried to super glue door locks to prevent parishioners from leaving the person who died was john chang a doctor who is being called a hero. dr. chang charged individual the
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suspect attempted to disarm him which allowed other parishioners to den intercede taking the suspect into custody. showers from china the parishioners were meeting with a member who had just returned from a trip to taiwan. i hate crime investigation is also underway on the east coast following that deadly mass shooting at a supermarket in buffalo new york that took the lives of 10 people today. we're learning more about the victims and the suspect. abc news reporter rena roy has the latest as this community tries to wrap its head around this senseless tragedy. the family of victim ruth whitfield overcome with emotion the 86 year old remembered as a devoted mother wife and grandmother her loved ones now calling for action, but we're not just hurting we're angry. this shouldn't have happened. whitfield was one of 10 innocent people. shot dead while shopping or
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working at top supermarket saturday afternoon when police say 18 year old peyton gendron stormed in with an ar-15 assault style rifle. exclusive cell phone video obtained by abc news shows the moments gendron was taken into custody. zenera everhart says her child was injured when gendron allegedly began shooting outside the store he was helping an older woman in the parking lot. cart zaire was shot in his lower neck area and it came out his back on the left side the president paying tribute to retired buffalo police lieutenant aaron salter jr. who was working security at the store. and lost his life after trading fire with the gunman. he actually was able to shoot the assailant twice, but he had on he had on the bulletproof vest. and he lost his life in the process authorities say gender and was driven by hate. they're now digging into
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extremist views. he allegedly posted on social media including a 180-page document filled with racist and anti-semitic rhetoric and previous threats of violence. he's made state police investigated gender in last june after he threatened his shooting at his hometown's high school graduation. he was given a mental health evaluation, but no charges were filed rena roy abc news, buffalo, new york. president biden and first lady jill biden are scheduled to travel to buffalo tomorrow still ahead here covid-19 vaccine boosters for children ages. five to 11 could be on the way how soon the fda could give approval stay with us.
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another round of free at-home covid tests is available through the us postal service. you can order up to eight. which means you'll get two separate packages the fda is expected to authorize pfizer's vaccine for five to 11 year olds. abc news has learned it is likely to happen by thursday. in the meantime the fda has
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approved the first at-home tests that detects coronavirus flu and rsv made by labcorp. it also allows people to collect samples at home and then send them off for testing results are available through an online portal some relief may be on the way for families affected by the baby formula shortage, but not anytime soon. unfortunately today the federal government reached an agreement with infant formula maker abbott to restart production at largest domestic factory the fda is investigating safety. at that facility abbott could begin production two weeks after getting fda approval then it would take at least six weeks to get baby formula back on the store shelves. so there's a ways to go here. yes. all right, let's turn our attention to the weather and now wind and warmth sandia? yeah, it has been a windy one. no doubt about it, especially along the host and a cooler day amanda. let me show you a live picture from our mount tam cam. try looking for sutro tower there. it's read under the marine
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layers somewhere winds right now 43 miles an hour on shore in san francisco 30, san mateo, san jose, and those onshore winds helping to take some of those temperatures down as a dry front has passed to our north 5 degrees cooler. carlos santa rosa compared to yesterday at this time eight degrees cooler in livermore low clouds are still hanging tough across parts of the coastline as you will see on live doppler 7. here's a view from our sfo camera and you can see some gray skies still 57 in the city 61 in oakland 67 san jose santa clara is a chilly 55 in half moon bay roof cameras showing you the trees blowing around in the wind 74 in santa rosa 70 in napa cooling breeze in petaluma 66 if you're inland pretty mild around concord and fairfield in the 70s and here's a live picture from our emeryville camera as we are already noticing. some low clouds over downtown oakland gusty winds, especially near the coast tonight warming trend begins tomorrow, and we do have fire weather concerns in
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the hills later in the week. so i want to show you what it's going to look like. this is looking at the upper parts of the atmosphere humidity values tomorrow morning and watch what happens as the winds begin to pick up out of the north as you will notice here and then out of the north northeast 10am wednesday, you will notice those values coming down into the single dig. napa 7% humidity, calistoga 5% with the lowering humidity severe drought obviously winds are a concern and fire danger is a concern thursday. we do get a little bit of recovery and humidity only to drop again as we get that northeast wind single digit humidity once again, so that's something to keep in the back of your mind, especially if you're in the higher elevations tonight seven o'clock some areas of low clouds with the drier air coming in tomorrow morning. limited low clouds and then getting blown away for the late morning early. afternoon morning temperatures 40s 50s some fog and low clouds right around the coast and bay tomorrow afternoon in the south
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bay 79 and morgan hill 76 san jose on the peninsula. it's a warmer day 71 in palo alto. you might not notice it along the coast upper 50s still windy downtown san francisco 66 degrees north bay mid-70s around san rafael mid 80s, santa rosa calistoga heading into the east bay 72 oakland fremont 74 castro valley inland areas. we'll be warmer 86 in fairfield 8 livermore 82 in concord, the accuweather's seven-day forecast warming begins tomorrow. it continues on wednesday. we'll have the 90s inland 60s coast side similar temperatures for thursday a slight drop off on friday, and then they bounce back as we head into the weekend warmth will be building again with mid-60s coast side low 90s inland. okay warming up. thanks sandy very much. well, it looks like the good weather and bay to breakers was enough. asian for people to get back on bart bart tweeted this video with the headline record-breaking weekend for ridership. that's record-breaking during
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the pandemic nearly 91,000 people rode bart on saturday and another 64,000 took bart on sunday. both figures are still 63% of prepandemic levels, and you've heard this one before gas prices in california hit a new record high today triple a says the cost of a gallon of regular gas in the state is now $5.98. that's regular it's a lot more in san francisco six a gallon it. six bucks eight cents in san jose same in oakland where the price is 36 cents more than just a month ago. caltrans broke ground today on a project that will add 18 miles of express lanes on highway 80 in solano county. the project will create 10 miles of new express lanes between air base parkway and fairfield to leisure town road in vacaville. it will also convert eight miles of existing carpool lanes to exo express lanes between red top road and air base parkway. still ahead. it's to be a life-saving concept for trauma patients by improving coordination and care among first responders and
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medical professionals. now that program born here in the bay area is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. stay with us. for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu.
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not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller. live newscasts breaking news weather and more with our new
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abc 7 bay area streaming tv app on apple tv android tv fire tv and roku just search abc up in bay area and download it president biden presented the medal of ballard today to 15 public safety officers including three from the california highway patrol ceremony took place at the white house and honors officers for their bravery and courage while on the line of duty. the three chp officers are from riverside county. they got into a shootout with a suspect who had killed another officer during a traffic stop. well, we saw with great admiration how first responders acted. swiftly and buffalo on saturday, and we've seen a similar response during the vta and gilroy shootings in recent years here in the bay area. and part of coordination of trauma care in many parts of the country is modeled after a concept called one team and it was created in san jose abc 7 news reporter david louie takes a look at how it is saving lives for the 2500 people each year who need trauma care at regional medical center. in a diary emergency your first
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responder might be a paramedic a police officer a firefighter their job is to get you to a will trauma center, but knowing how to alert nurses and doctors of a patient's condition and needs on the scene and during transport is critical that led to a concept called one team created at regional medical. matter of san jose. i just gives everyone a collaborative environment. we understand each other. roles we train together we have education together. we you have a hospital staff and providers to ride alongs on the ambulance ambulance staff training paramedics come into the hospital and they do their clinical shifts there. so it's a really big learning experience for everybody. one team is now 10 years old and is a model for similar practices across the country kevin greer former paramedic and flight nurse was the co-founder and it makes a huge connection when you can communicate and everybody's saying the same thing even though we might be using different words to celebrate national ems week one team members gather for day barbecue the pandemic has put them under heavy stress and risk, but for a
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few minutes they were able to feel some appreciation for their dedication and commitment to better outcomes for patients. we have a mission. we have a process that we're going through we're building the relationship continuing to renew. that's that's crucial to get to to quality. one team also has a new logo that reflects the partnership of separate agencies that now works. honestly as one if ever you have need for trauma care, and you come to this facility, you may not remember their names or their faces, but know that they're all part of one team and they will take very good care of you at regional medical center in san jose. louis abc7 news something be so proud of and grateful for mama, you know, we don't often we don't thank our first responders enough and we don't because we don't need them every day, but boy when you need them, they are there. they really are. all right. well world news tonight with david muir is next. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley and i'm a dates for sandia patel all of us here. we thank you so much for joining us tonight. our next newscast is coming up
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tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight." chilling new details about the deadly mass shooting here at this grocery store in buffalo. authorities now believe this was just one part of the plan. and investigators now say the suspect visited this store as early as march. tonight, abc news obtaining video showing the final moments of the attack here at the tops market. the alleged gunman being taken into custody. ten people killed in what authorities call a racially motivated hate crime. racist slurs and the names of other mass shooters written on the suspect's ar-15. and tonight, abc news obtaining a document suggesting the attack was in the works for at least two months. the suspect, they say, planning this down to the supermarket aisles. tonight, we hear from a shopper who said the gunman was also


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