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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 16, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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ballot can have a long-lasting impact on the state. it is a long ballot with a lot to choose from. the first race you will deal with is the governor. liz kreutz down with one candidate hoping to challenge governor newsom for the job. >> governor newsom is expected to win his reelection handily but issues around crime and safety and homelessness and drug crisis are front of mind for many californians. bay area author michael shellenberger has thrown his hat into the ring. he is hoping by talking about these issues here will be able to break through. as californians receive their ballots for the june primary, they will find a long list of candidates hoping to take on governor newsom for the top spot. among them, michael shellenberger. an environmentalist turned homeless advocate and author of the book san fransicko. the democrat turned independent told us he is running for
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governor to put an end to homelessness and drug crisis across the state. you're running as a no party preference candidate. how would you describe your politics? >> truly independent. there are seven things i cerro -- i share with democrats there there is of things i share with republicans. the basic strategy i believe we need to follow is the same one they have done in europe including the netherlands and portugal. >>'s plan includes creating a centralized state wide psychiatric interdiction care system. this would replace the current county based system should he would enforce a statewide and on public camping to get people off the streets immediately. >> we do have a camping ban in san francisco and most other california cities paired we need to enforce that and enforce laws on public defecation, public drug dealing. those things are not compatible with having a livable, walkable city. >> we asked him what that would mean for a place like san francisco's tenderloin. your policy would be anyone
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camping on the street is breaking the law. you can be arrested. and then you can go to jail. you can live with a fairly member. you can go enjoy shelter. you can go into a treatment program. >> that is right. being arrested is not the same thing as being incarcerated. we can arrest people all the time without putting them in jail or prison. they make it a court sentence or court date but there has got to be some consequence for breaking the laws because it turns out when you don't enforce laws, people don't follow them. >> it is unclear if the proposal would be possible. critics point out their ethical and legal concerns around mandating services. shellenberger believes it is time to take a more hard-line stance on these issues if the state wants to see any improvement. >> the cost of living in california is outrageously high. we should demand from this high cost of living, these high taxes safe streets, safe cities. >> as for the other issues,
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shellenberger says he is pro-abortion rights. he supports gun control laws. and supports increasing the minimum wage. on climate change, he supports increasing nuclear energy and that includes keeping diablo canyon open. as for his chances and of the june primary, the top two people with the most votes will face of in november. >> it is interesting he is running as a no party preference candidate. do you think that is going to help him or be a hindrance and is there a leading republican candidate he is up against? >> the gop has endorsed state senator brian doll. he is a farmer from lassen county. the reality is california has not had a republican governor in over a decade since arnold schwarzenegger and given the political breakdown of the electorate, it is unlikely there will be a anytime soon. some political strategists say running as no party preference may be a better strategy in california then running as a
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republican. >> that is interesting. election day is less than a month away as i said in ballots are already in the mail. they're going to every registered california voter. you have one more week to register to vote. mail-in ballots must be returned or postmarked by election day june 7. you can vote in person if you choose. >> high winds and high fire danger forced prescribed burns in the east bay to be canceled. prescribed burns are a priority for reducing injury around the bay area. as leslie brinkley found out, lots of new technology is being tested out and coming our way soon. >> in livermore and in rodeo, prescribed burns were canceled. the wind made it too dangerous but prescribed burns are still a priority. >> it reduces that fuel in the open space by providing a nice break between the houses and the open space that were very strategic in the area. it provides some extra defensible space.
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>> we can change the way we manage the land. that can make us more resilient in the face of climate change. >> besides prescribed burns, fire scientists and engineers across the uc system are thing of efforts to address a year-round fire season. this summer, engineers at uc davis are hoping to experiment with launching a swarm of drones into prescribed burns. the goal is to measure toxins directly in the plumes of smoke and not just use ground sensors. >> you can think of this as your eyes and ears and nose in the sky because you're seeing what is happening. you're also detecting what substances are there. >> the drones could be operational in real wildfires the next few years. at uc riverside, experts are quenching big data. from every wildfire across the country to come up with a system down the road that could provide
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firefighters with an instantaneous prediction of wildfire behavior. >> once we have all these together, a firefighter would be able to point on the map and say this is where the wildfire is right now and that will tell them right away what should be done to >> the fire training and prescribed burn that was canceled in rodeo is instead supposed to start tuesday morning. expect to see flames. expect to see smoke along interstate 80 for the rest of the week no need to call 911. >> let's check in with sandhya patel about our possible fire concerns ahead. >> those concerns are because of a change in the wind direction that is coming. right now, they are transporting higher humidity from the ocean toward the land 43 miles an hour in san francisco. san mateo tomah 24. gust to 28 at the sappho. -- at sfo. a severe drought, we have been
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in drought for multiple years now. the offshore winds that are about to develop are going to raise the fire concerns in the hills. tomorrow evening, you're looking at 26 to 30 mile-per-hour winds out of the north. as we head into wednesday and thursday going into the end of the work week, you will notice a northeasterly wind developing. that is going to drought the atmosphere even more. that is going to bring the concern. relative humidity is not bad at 7:00 tonight. it is later in the week those humidity values starts to plunge. on wednesday, we are going down to 10% in fairfield. remain vigilant especially over the higher terrain. >> we are going to make a turn now to these terrible tragedies. unthinkable loss of life this weekend here in california. a church attacked by a gunman. numbers of the congregation taking action. across the country in new york,
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a racially targeted supermarket shooting that left ten dead. the white man accused of killing people and a racist mass shooting at a supermarket in buffalo, new york had visited in early march. that information out tonight as investigators dig into a one hundred 80 page diatribe posted online and attributed to the suspected gunman. it lays out motives and plans for the attack. payton gendron is suspected of traveling to the grocery store because it is located in a heavily black neighborhood. committed is not enveloped in a sense of loss. >> there is nothing to take away the pain, take away the hole in our hearts because part of us is gone. senselessly taken from us by hate. >> victims include 86-year-old ruth whitefield. the oldest of the victims and the mother of buffalo's former fire commissioner. aaron salter work security at the score and his retirement. his last heroic act, exchanged
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gunfire with the shooter whose body armor protected him from getting injured. >> the fbi is looking into adding hate crime charges against a man who opened fire yesterday at an orange county church. officials say david choh was motivated by anger over political tensions between china and taiwan. they say he tried to superglue or logs at the church to prevent parishioners from leaving. collects we have discovered evidence that the individual was motivated by some type of hate and we want you to know we will be working to get to the bottom of every piece of evidence that has been uncovered. >> the person who died was john chiang, a doctor being hailed as a hero for charging at him so others could disarm him. experts who study violent extremism say these recent attacks have been a part of the growing trend in the united
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states. ryan curry shows is why those experts say it is time for lawmakers to take action. >> two mass shootings over the weekend resulted in several people dead. the flow and orange county authorities are labeling them as hate driven. >> what we have seen is crime has gone up and hate crime has gone up. >> brian levin studies hate and extremism at cal state san bernardino and he says these incidents them from ongoing tension between political and ethnic differences. he says lawmakers and authorities need to take a look at red flag laws. >> in south carolina, that terrorist was not eligible to have a firearm. the el paso shooter, his family reached out to authorities when he was attempting weapons acquisition and told he can get it. >> authorities say the gunman in the buffalo instance posted about his attacks and motives before executing it. part of the attack was streamed on twitch which other experts
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are concerned about social medias roles in these attacks. >> people had already recorded it and passed it on. i think as of this morning there were still links to it on twitter. >> a professor of media ethics at santa clara says misinformation and conspiracies online are factors any these events. > we living in an era where people are conflating truth with things we know clearly could be untrue. >> he fears video of the shooting could create scenario where others planning attacks could be influenced to carry them out which is why he and levan are calling on social media companies and lawmakers to do a better job regulating the hate and violence spread online. >> people should not be able to use these kinds of public, semi public utilities to promote hate when we know there are downstream effects in violence. >> when it comes to issues of gun violence, you can find an
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ally by going to action. >> still to come, a show of support shattered. clues that will help identify who tore ukrainian flags off a san francisco home. >> rejoined live by phil matier because in the first time on the pandemic, we are finding out how many of our neighbors are homeless. >> still to come, michael finney. if you want to get away, it is going to cost out-of-state corporations wrote
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tell your doctor right away if you have new or worsening symptoms, including breathing problems, cough, chest pain... a change in your heartbeat, dizziness, yellowing of the skin or eyes, dark urine, tiredness, loss of appetite, abdomen pain, bleeding, bruising, fever, chills, or other symptoms of an infection, a severe or worsening rash, are or plan to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. avoid grapefruit during treatment. your future is ahead of you, so it's time to make the most of it with kisqali. because when you invest in yourself, everyone gets the best of you. >> as we work to build a better
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bay area, one of the most stubborn issues to tackle is homelessness. we are getting your numbers on how many people that involves shared the point in time count is required every other year by the federal government to receive hud funding. the 2021 count was delayed because of the pandemic. results are now in from seven of the nine counties. santa clara county has the highest total. for the first time, that number tops 10,000. alameda county is closing in on the 10,000 mark as well. after seeing homelessness jumped 22% since the last count. the increase is later -- is greater in contra costa county were almost as increased by more than a third. two counties saw a decrease. sonoma and perhaps surprisingly san francisco. joining me now to talk about this more is phil matier. always great to see you. are these numbers accurate?
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> it is about as close as we are going to get. it is people going out there and seeing what is on the ground as opposed to estimates about seeing how many people are applying for programs and such. it shows us a few things that are interesting as far as where the growth is going and where the decline is. overall, it is a mixed bag. it is not as bad as people thought it was going to be with covid. but it is bad to it shows little signs of letting up. >> it is still terrible. 10,000 in couple of counties at least. a lot of people think the problem is worse in san francisco. according to this count, that is not the case. alameda and contra costa county are going up significantly. 22% and 35% respectively. did homeless folks head across the bay and the east bay? >> they did not but homeless folks did appear appearing more and more in the east bay. one of the differences is in the east bay, a lot of people are
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living in their cars. that is obvious. they are parked along under the underpasses of the freeways next to railroad tracks. they are spread out more. it is another problem in santa clara. they're not as visually seen as they are in a san francisco and they're not having the impact as in san francisco on tourism and downtown business. san francisco did manage to reduce the number of people living on the street. how did they do it? by opening up hotels that have been shut down during the covid time because there were new tourists and turning them into quick homeless shelters and living spaces. how long they can keep doing that remains to be seen because it is a very expensive proposition. san francisco's visible homeless are out there. they now have a roof over their head. but the long-term solution whether it is alameda county, contra costa county or santa clara county or the smaller counties is going to be or than just rooms overhead. >> as a region, we are getting
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close to record-setting numbers. or than 35,000 people in our region homeless. the question is what can be done collectively? how do we address this problem on a larger scale rather than in each local town? > that is a staggering number. 30,000 plus. that is like pleasant hill. what we have to do is collectively start moving into phase two even while we are working on phase one. that is coming in with the facilities. we have homeless people out of their luck, need a hand, get back on their feet. we have another group that is mentally ill, drug addicted and alcoholic. that is a different problem. we are starting to see the governor call for it. i'm hearing city and county officials start to say what we need our rehab centers. not just hotels but rehab centers where people go and they don't necessarily have the option. you cannot stay on the street. you either go into a shelter or you go into a rehab facility. that is where we need to start spending money and working. that is going to be a tough one
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financially and philosophically. people want to see the problem fixed. they don't want to be coping with it anymore. >> they're not going to be help staying on the street. that is for sure. >> let's check today's pandemic headlines are the fda has authorized a new at-home test from labcorp that can tell the difference between multiple respiratory viruses including covid, the flu or rsvped it is the first test for all three. results are not rapid should have to send your sample in. you can order up to eight free covid test from the government. this is the third round of free tests should be offered to all americans. we believe the fda will authorize booster shots for kids ages five to 11 with them the next few days. if the cdc follows through with recommending them, kids boosters could start happening by this weekend. amidst this latest wave of cases, we asked dr. peter chang hung with ucsf to look at the future of covid.
6:20 pm
expects it to keep evolving. >> we have already seen and heard of colleagues who have gotten covid more than once. the estimate some people believe is unless we update the vaccines, you will expect it to be like the cold in terms of frequency. it is not going to be like influence at one time of the year. it is going to be throughout. people might get three or four infections a year. >> he did say it is not unreasonable for the country to have a goal of zero deaths from covid he pointed to vaccines being key. >> let's move on to the weather. maybe warmer coming. >> definitely going to see a warming trend starting tomorrow. let's take a look at those winds. they are coming off the ocean. 33 miles per hour. spring valley. mount diablo, 31. a dry cold front passed through. a few degrees below average.
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as we look at the hour-by-hour forecast, 7:00 tonight, 30 to 36 mile per hour winds along the coastline. a little breezy. still in the same direction. the wind start to ramp up the evening. 30 to 40 miles per hour especially near the coast tomorrow. wednesday does not get much better. close to 50 mile-per-hour winds near the coast line should it is a beautiful view because of the winds. mixing out the atmosphere. certainly will deliver good air quality for most of the next three days part most areas i should say except santa clara valley on wednesday. you're looking at moderate air quality appeared there is a dry friend that went through. not bring as much other than deepen our marine layer. a repeated pattern for several weeks. live doppler 7 tracking some low clouds and fog as you look at a beautiful view from our golden gate bridge camera.
6:22 pm
temperatures, 56 in the city appeared 60 in oakland. 65 in san jose. from our san jose camera, a few wispy clouds looking at the shark tank are mild spots, low to mid 70's except around the delta where you got into the low 80's should 72, fairfield should 73, santa rosa. you see a few passing clouds over san francisco. gusty winds especially near the coast tonight. a warming trend begins tomorrow. there are fire concerns for the hills later in the week. offshore winds cranking from thursday to saturday. tonight at 7:00 you will see areas of fog, low clouds. tomorrow morning because we are going to start out with limited low clouds and fog, it is going to burn off quickly. everyone enjoying sunshine and those temperatures will respond. 40, 50's those numbers. fog around for the morning commute. it is not going to be
6:23 pm
everywhere. tomorrow afternoon on the south bay, 75 in santa clara. up to 80 in gilroy. on the peninsula, blue skies. 67, san mateo upper 50's near the coast. downtown san francisco, 66 degrees. 59 at of the sunset district should north bay temperatures from the 60's coast side. not come 82. 75 in san raphael. 70 in newark. 82, concord. 86, antioch. we are going to start to notice temperatures trending higher above average for most of the inland communities especially next couple of days going from the 80's to the 90's inland. 50's and 60's, coast side. but a bit of a dip to see temperatures coming right back up for the weekend. >> the days of near empty car trains could be coming to an end. riders
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>> uber is willing out new features to expand the services it offers. it will coordinate with your travel plans to book rides to get you from the airport to the hotel and anywhere else you planned. uber is branching out with something called uber charter to let users look party buses and passenger vans. >> here is a site bart has been
6:27 pm
waiting to see. the transit system tweeted this video announcing it had a record-breaking weekend for ridership. the number of passengers was nearly two thirds of normal. by comparison, weekday passengers are normally irof >> teamwork works and saves lives. >> you would think this is a hate crime. >> i do. >> a hate crime at the home of a former san francisco police sergeant. we have
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>> building a better bay area. weaving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7news. >> sam just go police are searching for a man who vandalized a home yesterday morning, ripping down ukrainian flags. no police are trying to determine if it was a hate crime. >> the homeowner has relatives in the line of fire in ukraine and she spoke to with dan noyes who joins us with the story. >> the homeowner did not want to make a big deal out of this with so many serious headlines around the world and here at home vandals like this affect our quality of life in a city that is already suffering the effects
6:31 pm
of so much crime. leanna connected with the relatives in ukraine for the first time before the pandemic and traveled tel aviv to meet them. after russia invaded, she looked for some way to show her support for ukraine. >> if my ukrainian was a little better, i would be over there. but i just think i would be more trouble because my language skills -- they are getting there but they are not there yet. >> the least she could do she thought was hang some green flags at her home in the inner richmond neighborhood. she was stunned to wake up sunday to this mess. planters tossed to the ground and broken. the flags torn down. >> i was not>> scared. i was just really -- off should i wanted to start driving around to see if i could find the guy. >> her surveillance cameras caught it all. a man who appears to be white with long dark hair leeched at the ends wearing a san francisco giants jacket rips down one flag
6:32 pm
, a planter falls with it. he tosses the flag in the street and returns to rip down the biggest flag, throws both planters to the street, seems to toddle away and returns to throw the outdoor furniture off the porch. >> his focus was obviously the flags. the damage and the vandalism i think was collateral to his i don't know why except the only thing i could think of is what is going on now. h topic. >> you think this was a hate crime. >> i do. >> even though the leanna is a former after -- sfpd sergeant come she had to make several calls to get a response. twice to 911 and then to the local station. police are checking one of the flags for fingerprints trying to identify this man. if you know this guy, the police want your help. we have a long-running list of charities that are doing good work in ukraine if you would
6:33 pm
like to show your support that night at >> thank you. >> other pedestrian has been struck by a vehicle in san jose. it happened after 12:30 today at king road near kelly road. the pedestrian was hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. the driver did stop and is investigating with -- cooperate with investigators. at least 30 pedestrians have died in collisions in san jose. >> police are looking for information to solve two murders that happened within hours of each other. police found a woman who had been stabbed to death inside a home. the suspect is still at large and police do not have a motive. the second deadly crime happened early this morning your san jose state. officers found a woman entered from a gunshot wound and a man dead. police say the public should not be alarmed. >> we don't believe there is a threat to the public. there is no ongoing threat of some stranger committing these crimes.
6:34 pm
>> these were the ninth and 10th homicides this year. that is less than last year when there were 17 homicides in san jose by the end of may. >> we saw how first responders acted swiftly in buffalo on saturday and we saw a similar response during the vta and gilroy shootings. part of the coordination in trauma care in many cities is modeled after a concept created in san jose. >> in a dire emergency, your first responder may be a paramedic, police response -- police responder or firefighter. knowing how to alert nurses and doctors of a patient's condition and needs on the scene and during transport is could go. that led to a concept called one team created the regional medical center of san jose. >> it gives everyone a collaborative environment. we trained together. we have education together. we have hospital staff and hospital providers who do right along's on the ambulance.
6:35 pm
it is a big learning experience for everybody. >> one team is 10 years old at as a model for similar practices across the country. a former paramedic and flight nurse was the cofounder. >> it makes a huge connection when you can communicate and everyone is saying the same thing even though we might be using different words. >> to celebrate national ems we, one team gathers for a barbecue for a few minutes, they were able to feel appreciation for their dedication and commitment to better outcomes for patients. >> we have a mission. we have a process we are going through. continuing to renew it. that is crucial to get to quality. >> one team also has a new logo that reflects the partnership of several agencies that work seamlessly as one. if ever you have need for trauma care and you come to this facility, you may nariman where their names or their faces but know that they are part of one team and they will take very good care of you.
6:36 pm
>> nice to serve as a model and great to coordinate all those efforts. >> they do such great work day in and day out. coming up, the an outstanding san francisco student. compared to what she has overcome graduating high school sounds like the easy part. >> why are airfares skyhigh and will they ever come back down to fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless.
6:37 pm
and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
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>> the summer tourism season is upon us and travel experts say our desire to get away is exploding but so are the airfares. fares are through the roof. how much more are we paying and will prices ever come back down? michael finney is in the newsroom with the story. >> millions of covid weary americans are eager to travel even with the skyhigh airfares. we put it to the experts. why are prices so high and how long will they last? >> airfares are getting more expensive. >> the return of travel season came with a shock. fares rising faster than ever. >> airfare increased 18% in the
6:40 pm
last month. that is it record high -- that is a record high. >> a surge in jet fuel prices is one reason. >> one under 26% rise in jet fuel prices is going to be passed on to the consumers. >> but it is not the only reason. airlines slowed operation during the pandemic and now are struggling to ramp up staffing and airplane delivery. >> rebuilding that capacity takes time. it takes network planning. which flights will rerun from -- will we run from which airports? >> airlines are having to trim their schedules because they don't have enough pilots and they don't have enough ground crew. >> perhaps the biggest factor, a pent-up demand -- pent-up desire to travel. >> travelers are willing to pay more than ever before to going vacation. they have not traveled for more than two years in many locations. > domestic flights are 34% higher than they were in 2019.
6:41 pm
an average of 383 dollars per ticket. international flights rose only 2.5%. mostly due to less demand. it will not stop here. >> we expect it to increase even more as we get into june. we'll see prices closer to $420 for domestic round-trip tickets. compared to $260 in 2019. >> hopper found fares from san francisco spiked in some cases but not others. it found the average round-trip to new york is $628, up 99% since 2019. to chicago, it is 560 seven dollars, up 100%. the dallas, it is $411. to honolulu, it is for hundred $80 down 2%. >> we saw flights, san francisco, places like barcelona for $286 round-trip. over the lots vegas for 78 books so cheap flights can be popping up and popping up abundantly.
6:42 pm
>> experts say they expect airfares will start to drop in september and october with a summer travel season ends and folks go back to work and school. i want to hear from you. send me your stories about buying a home, a car, paying off a loan. anything that has to do with you and your money. go to on your side to share your stories. it will be nice to see those prices drop. >> we are going to have a good weather in the bay this week. no need to get away up to here is a live look at sfo.
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>> a quiet start to the week of wall street. the dow was up slightly. the s&p was down a little. nasdaq moved the most dropping 140 points. tech stocks did not fare well and that brought it down. >> now to another 2022 super attendance -- superintendents awarded scholarship winner. six 3000 dollars scholarships are granted to graduating seniors in san francisco who have excelled in school and their communities. leon melendez introduces you now
6:46 pm
to a student from san francisco international high school. >> i am at sf international high school and am ready to work with others. >> living in sierra leone, she was three years old when her mother died. a few years later, she lost her father. her grandmother allowed her go to school if she agreed to also work on the farm. >> not educated, go to the farm. especially ladies. they are married at the age of 18. experiencing hardship. >> sports were also out of the question. >> because i am a lady, i am not supposed to play sports as men
6:47 pm
because they are not supposed to be -- they are supposed to be in the kitchen taking care of kids in the house. >> as a young teenager, she met a woman visiting from san francisco who later agreed to adopt her. >> i was really happy because it was life-changing for me. >> how was that first day in the classroom? i bet you were nervous. >> yes. i was nervous and a little scared and also shy because i did not know how to speak english. my english was not really good. >> her new mother gave her this advice. >> study hard. do what you want to do. you choose your own life. >> my name is olivia. i am the 11th and 12th grade counselor at san francisco international high school. she is a leader that creates change. she is always learning together with her peers. she is always challenging herself.
6:48 pm
> she once to major in computer science and has been accepted to uc santa cruz. she says her grandmother's words still carry her through each day. >> any negative things that people are saying to you, you have to push all of those aside and focus on what you want to do. >> what an amazing story, amazing young woman. on her way. >> loved hearing about her story. let's get to our weather. >> let's take a look at the beautiful skies we have from our exploratorium camera. there are some low clouds out there. good air quality. the wind not helping with the tree pollen running high. if you have allergies, all of, pine, hickory and pecan are to blame. low clouds along the coastline. afternoon highs tomorrow coming up. it is going to be most notable
6:49 pm
inland will you get low to mid 80's along the coastline. still going to be a windy one for your tuesday. as we head into wednesday, temperatures coming into the 90's inland. coach said, you remain comfortable. the temperatures drop off a little bit friday only to recover heading into the weekend. here is a look at the accuweather 7 day forecast. warming continues tomorrow. temperatures will be within a few degrees the next several days. the highest fire danger for the hills will be between thursday and saturday so keep that in mind. >> steaming up a bit. >> we have casey pratt in for sports tonight >> hopefully you had a wonderful weekend. we know who else had a wonderful weekend? ? the warriors. they did not have to play at all. we will tell you which object coach kerr almost destroyed while he was stuck at home
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>> sports on abc seven by united way bay area. >> warriors coach steve kerr has returned from his covid absence in time for the western conference finals he said he almost broke his beer glass while watching his team from the couch. same here, steve. those turnovers. anyways, since the warriors close-out on friday, they were awarded with a leisurely weekend at home. since the mavericks knocked off
6:53 pm
the sons, the warriors won't have to hop on a flight for game one so they had a nice practice at chase center today. they will have their work cut out for them soon. the mavericks were three-went against the wearers this season but don't read too much into that as the splash brothers and draymond green only played 11 regular season minutes together. >> the differential was shocking. you don't expect to see that. one of those nights, we have all been on either side of those things. we were last week when we lost by 39 to memphis. dallas was really impressive. played a perfect game. they will come in here with a lot of confidence game one. >> we know we have to be prepared on both ends. we have to pick -- we have to belonged in tour game plan understanding things will change as the series go on once we get a better feel for what they're like i knew the playoffs game after game.
6:54 pm
>> just like we all expected it openly and jason kidd and the mavericks are heading to the bay. look at dunkage dropped 35 points knocking off the sons and a game seven. he appears unstoppable but the mavericks know they are on a collision course with a battle tested warrior squad. >> we are playing a very special team and the worriers when you talk about dynasty and one of the best coaches to do it. we'll celebrate this, enjoy this today and we will close the book and get ready for golden state. >> i am really happy. you cannot get the smile off my face right now. i am really happy. honestly i think we deserve this. i'm just happy. >> in the east, it is a rematch of the 2020 eastern conference finals as the boston celtics take on the miami heat. their previous to finals took place inside the nba bubble. now the home crowds can get into them xp the heat r 6-0 in this postseason. >> i think it hit different
6:55 pm
going up against boston. we like that. i think it is going to be fun. this living is going to be rocking. it is going to be more on the road. i like our chances. >> we'll get to play miami again. another extremely physical team. obviously well coached. we played them two years ago in the conference finals. looking forward to it. excited. >> sports on abc 7 is sponsored -- is sponsored by united way bay area. at steph curry was leading the warriors to the western conference finals, he actually got his degree from davidson college on sunday. he finished college after 13 years. he had one semester left. he did not get to walk in the ceremony but he did get a bachelor of arts degree. he said he even wrote a story on some of his teammates tattoos and articles. he was interviewing his own teammates. it is really impressive.
6:56 pm
i graduated in 2008. i still have those dreams. i wake up in sweat like i have a final. >> i don't want to talk about how long it has been for me but i'm member those dreams. i'm glad to hear this because i have been a little concerned about steph curry's chronic underachievement. >> yeah, what can this guy not do? actor in commercials, and be a superstar, amazing father. >> a great role model. >> you are right. he is a treasure in this community. very quickly, the series should be a good one. >> it should be really good. it not expect to face the mavericks now they are at home, which is great. >> that is it for this edition of abc7news. thank you for joining us. >> for sandhya patel, casey pratt come all of us, we appreciate your time. have a great evening and we will see you again for abc7news at 11:00.
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♪♪♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is "jeopardy!" here a software developernts-- from coal valley, illinois... a photographer from los angeles, california... and our returning champion-- a rideshare driver from philadelphia, pennsylvania... ...whose 1-day cash winnings total... [ applause ] and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- mayim bialik! [ applause ] thank you, johnny gilbert. and welcome, everyone, to "jeopardy!" our rideshare driver and schwarzenegger impersonator, ryan long, was able to keep up his poker face pretty well
7:00 pm
on friday's show until the moment he realized that the reigning champ had missed final and that he was our new "jeopardy!" champion. it was a very emotional end to the game, and we look forward to seeing who will experience today's winning moment. welcome, nick and divya, to the alex trebek stage. good luck to all three of you. let's take a look at the categories in the jeopardy! round. we'll start with... you'll name the country that each one belongs to. and that feeling when... ryan, you will select first as our returning champ. let's start with face the music for $200. this funnyman and former fiancé was one of those who inspired ariana grande's song "thank u, next." nick. who is pete davidson? - yes. - face the music for $800. this late comic is the andy of r.e.m's hit "man on the moon."


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