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tv   Up  ABC  May 16, 2022 8:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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he alarm. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ newsreel announcer: movietown news presents --
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"spotlight on adventure." what you are now witnessing is footage never before seen by civilized humanity, a lost world in south america. lurking in the shadow of majestic paradise falls, it sports plants and animals undiscovered by science. who would dare set foot on this inhospitable summit? why, our subject today, charles muntz! the beloved explorer lands his dirigible, the spirit of adventure, in new hampshire this week, completing a year-long expedition to the lost world. this lighter-than-air craft was designed by muntz himself and is longer than 22 prohibition paddy wagons placed end to end. and here comes the adventurer now. never apart from his faithful dogs, muntz conceived the craft for canine comfort. it's a veritable floating palace in the sky, complete with doggy bath and mechanical canine walker. and, jiminy cricket, do the locals consider muntz the bee's knees. and how! adventure is out there! [ cheers and applause ]
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newsreel announcer: but what has muntz brought back this time? gentlemen, i give you the monster of paradise falls! [ crowd gasps, applauds ] newsreel announcer: and, golly, what a swell monster this is! but what's this? scientists cry foul. the national explorer's society accuses muntz of fabricating the skeleton. no! the organization strips muntz of his membership. [ gasps ] humiliated, muntz vows a return to paradise falls and promises to capture the beast alive! i promise to capture the beast alive, and i will not come back until i do! [ crowd cheers ] newsreel announcer: and so the explorer's off to clear his name. bon voyage, charles muntz, and good luck capturing the monster of paradise falls! [ imitating engines roaring ] ♪ here's charles muntz, piloting his famous dirigible.
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[ continues imitating engines roaring ] [ car horn honks ] he hurdles pikes peak! he hurdles the grand canyon! [ grunts ] he hurdles mount everest! [ grunts ] he...goes around mount everest! is there nothing he cannot do? yes, as muntz himself says, "adventure is --" ellie: adventure is out there! look out! mount rushmore! hard to starboard! must get spirit of adventure over mount rushmore! hold together, old girl. phew. how are my dogs doing? [ imitating dogs barking ] all engines, ahead full! let's take her up to 26,000 feet. rudders 18 degrees towards the south. it's a beautiful day. winds out of the east at 10 knots. visibility unlimited. enter the weather in the logbook!
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oh! there's something down there. i will bring it back for science. aww! it's a puppy! aah! no time! a storm! lightning. hail. what are you doing?! aah! don't you know this is an exclusive club? only explorers get in here, not just any kid off the street with a helmet and a pair of goggles. do you think you've got what it takes? well, do you?! uh, uh, i -- alright, you're in. welcome aboard. what's wrong? can't you talk? hey, i don't bite. [ static crackling ] you and me, we're in a club now. ♪ i saw where your balloon went. come on. let's go get it. my name's ellie. ♪ there it is. ♪
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[ gulps ] well, go ahead. ♪ go on. ♪ aah! [ thud ] [ siren wails ] aah! ow. hey, kid! [ shrieks ] ow. thought you might need a little cheerin' up. i got something to show ya. ♪ i am about to let you see something i have never shown to another human being. ever! in my life! you'll have to swear you will not tell anyone. cross your heart. do it! ♪ my adventure book.
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♪ you know him. [ gasps ] charles muntz, explorer. when i get big, i'm going where he's going, south america. it's like america, but south. wanna know where i'm gonna live? "paradise falls, a land lost in time." i ripped this right out of a library book. [ gasps ] i'm gonna move my clubhouse there and park it right next to the falls. who knows what lives up there. and once i get there? well, i'm saving these pages for all the adventures i'm gonna have. only i just don't know how i'm gonna get to paradise falls. ♪ that's it! you can take us there in a blimp! swear you'll take us! cross your heart!
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cross it! cross your heart! good, you promised. no backing out. well, see you tomorrow, kid. bye! adventure is out there! you know, you don't talk very much. i like you! wow. [ balloon squeaks, pops ] [ camera shutter pops ] [ jazzy "wedding march" playing ] [ crowd cheering wildly ] [ gunshot ] ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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[ humming stops ] [ birds chirping ]
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[ groans ] [ grunts ] [ bones cracking ] [ grunting ] [ sighs ] [ bizet's "carmen - habanera" playing ] ♪ [ stair lift whining ] ♪ ♪ [ whining stops ] [ whining continues ] ♪ [ glass squeaking ] ♪
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♪ [ locks clicking ] ♪ [ groans ] [ chain clinking ] ♪ ♪ [ music stops, men shout indistinctly ] [ man whistles ] [ backup alert beeping ] man: stevie, throw me a -- [ jackhammering ] quite a sight, huh, ellie? ah, mail's here.
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[ loud smashing, backup alert beeping ] [ scoffs ] shady oaks retirement. oh, brother. hmm. [ blower motor roaring ] [ indistinct conversation ] hey! morning, mr. fredricksen. need any help there? uh, no. uh, yes! tell your boss over there that you boys are ruining our house. well, just to let you know, uh, my boss'll be happy to take this old place off your hands, and, uh, for double his last offer! what do you say to that? [ blower motor roars ] uh, i take that as a "no," then? i believe i made my position to your boss quite clear. you poured prune juice in his gas tank. [ chuckles ] yeah, that was good. here, let me talk to him. [ feedback blares ]
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you in the suit. yes, you. take a bath, hippie! [ megaphone whines ] i am not with him! this is serious! he's out to get your house! tell your boss he can have our house. really? when i'm dead! [ door slams ] i'll take that as a maybe. salesman: [ on tv ] order now, you get the camera, you get the printer, 4x optical zoom, schneider lens, photo printer, sd card. [ backpack jingles ] "good afternoon. my name is russell. and i am a wilderness explorer in tribe 54, sweat lodge 12. are you in need of any assistance today, sir?" no. i could help you cross the street. no. i could help you cross your yard? no. i could help you cross your porch. no. well, i gotta help you cross something.
8:19 pm
no. i'm doing fine. "good afternoon. my name is russell." uh, ki-kid -- alright, kid -- "and i am a wilderness explorer in tribe 54, sweat lodge 12." i -- slow down. kid! "are you in need of any assistance today, sir?" thank you, but i don't need any help! ow. proceed. "good afternoon --" but skip to the end! see these? these are my wilderness explorer badges. you may notice one is missing. it's my assisting the elderly badge. if i get it, i will become a senior wilderness explorer. "the wilderness must be explored!" caw, caw! rowr! [ feedback whines in hearing aid ] it's gonna be great! there's a big ceremony, and all the dads come, and they pin on our badges.
8:20 pm
so, you want to assist an old person? yep! then i'll be a senior wilderness explorer. you ever heard of a snipe? snipe? bird. beady eyes. every night it sneaks in my yard and gobbles my poor azaleas. i'm elderly and infirm. i can't catch it. if only someone could help me. me, me! i'll do it! oh, i don't know. it's awfully crafty. you'd have to clap your hands three times to lure it in. i'll find it, mr. fredricksen! i think its burrow is 2 blocks down. if you go past -- two blocks down. got it! snipe. here, snipey, snipey. bring it back here when you find it. snipe! [ clapping hands ] steve: okay, keep her coming. [ backup alert beeping ] and stop. stop. stop! why -- hey! hey, you! what do you -- what do you think you're doing? i am so sorry, sir. don't touch that!
8:21 pm
no, no, no. let me take care of that for you. get away from our mailbox! hey. sir, i -- i don't want you to touch it! ow! [ groans ] [ gasps ] ♪ [ cellphone beeps ] [ people murmuring indistinctly ] man: no, it looks bad. don't move. [ indistinct conversations in distance ] [ siren chirps ] ♪ ♪ ♪ sorry, mr. fredricksen. you don't seem like a public menace to me. take this. the guys from shady oaks
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will be by to pick you up in the morning, okay? ♪ what do i do now, ellie? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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morning, gentlemen. good morning, mr. fredricksen. you ready to go? [ chuckles ] ready as i'll ever be.
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would you do me a favor and take this? i'll meet you at the van in just a minute. i, uh, wanna say one last goodbye to the old place. sure. take all the time you need, sir. that's typical. he's probably going to the bathroom for the 80th time. ugh. you think he'd take better care of his house. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ electricity zapping ] ♪ ♪ aah! aah!
8:28 pm
[ car alarm blaring ] [ cackles ] so long, boys! i'll send you a postcard from paradise falls! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ birds chirping ] ♪ heh!
8:29 pm
♪ ♪ [ grunts ] ♪ ♪ [ balloons thumping softly ] ♪ we're on our way, ellie. ♪ [ strings twanging ] [ grunts ] [ chuckles ]
8:30 pm
[ sighs ] ♪ ♪ ♪ [ quiet creak ] huh? hmm. [ scoffs ] aah! hi, mr. fredricksen. it's me, russell. what are you doing out here, kid? i found the snipe, and i followed it under your porch,
8:31 pm
but this snipe had a long tail and looked more like a large mouse. [ gasps ] please let me in. no. oh, alright, you can come... [ backpack clattering ] [ breathing heavily ] huh. [ backpack clatters ] i've never been in a floating house before. [ chuckles ] goggles. look at this stuff. wow! you're going on a trip? "paradise falls, a land lost in time." you're going to south america, mr. fredricksen? don't touch that! you'll soil it. you know, most people take a plane, but you're smart, because you will have all your tv and clocks and stuff. whoa. is this how you steer your house? huh? does it really work? [ imitates engines roaring ] kid, would you stop with the --
8:32 pm
oh. this makes it go right. let go of the -- and that way's left. aah! hey, look! buildings. that building's so close, i could almost touch it. ♪ wow! this is great! [ car horns honking in distance ] you should try this, mr. fredricksen. look, there's a bus that could take me home 2 blocks away! hey! i can see your house from here. don't jerk around so much, kid. whoa! aah! well, that's not gonna work. i know that cloud. it's a cumulonimbus. did you know that the cumulonimbus forms when warm air rises over cold air? ugh. stayed up all night blowing up balloons for what? the airs go by each other, and that's how we get lightning. that's nice, kid. mr. fredricksen -- [ hearing aid whines ] [ muffled ] there's a storm coming. it's starting to get scary. we're gonna get blown to bits! we're in big trouble -- [ muffled thunder crashing ] [ gasps ] what are you doing over there? look. [ rustling ]
8:33 pm
[ air whistling ] ♪ see? cumulonimbus. [ thunder crashing ] ♪ [ grunts ] ♪ aah! [ gasps ] [ screaming ] ♪ [ clock cuckooing ] ♪ aah. ♪ [ grunting ] my pack! [ coins rustling ] [ gasps ] ♪ gotcha! oh! aah! ♪
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[ groaning ] whew. i thought you were dead. [ grunting ] what happened? i steered us. i did. i steered the house. steered us? after you tied your stuff down, you took a nap. so i went ahead and steered us down here. yeah. sure. [ grunts ] [ gasps ] ♪
8:38 pm
can't tell where we are. oh, we're in south america, alright. it was a cinch with my wilderness explorer gps. g-p what? my dad gave it to me. it shows exactly where we are on the planet. [ imitates beeping ] with this baby, we'll never be lost. [ whistle! ] oops. [ groans ] we'll get you down, find a bus stop. you just tell the man you wanna go back to your mother. sure, but i don't think they have buses in paradise falls. ♪ there. that ought to do it. here, i'll give you some change for bus fare. nah, i'll just use my city bus pass. whoa. that's gonna be like a billion transfers to get back to my house. ♪ mr. fredricksen, how much longer?
8:39 pm
well, we're up pretty high. could take hours to get down. huh? that thing was -- building or something. aah! what was that, mr. fredricksen? we can't be close to the ground yet. [ gasps ] aah! ♪ [ gasps ] wait! wait, no, don't! don't, don't! wait, wait. wait! [ grunts ] whoa! russell, hang on! [ screaming ] oh! whoa! ♪ [ screams ] walk back. walk back. okay. come on. come on. [ stammering indistinctly ] [ grunting ] [ house structure groaning ] [ panting ]
8:40 pm
where -- where are we? this doesn't look like the city or the jungle, mr. fredricksen. [ wind rumbling ] don't worry, ellie. i got it. [ grunts ] ♪ ♪ there it is. ♪ ♪
8:41 pm
♪ ellie, it's so beautiful. ♪ we made it. we made it! russell. we could float right over there! climb up. climb up! you mean assist you? yeah, yeah. whatever. okay. i'll climb up. [ both grunting ] watch it! sorry. [ both grunting ] now, when you get up there, go ahead and hoist me up! got it? [ russell grunting in distance ] you on the porch yet? [ grunting ]
8:42 pm
[ panting ] what? that's it? i came all this way just to get stuck at the wrong end of this rock pile?! [ echoing ] rock pile?! oh, great. [ huffing ] [ grumbling ] hey, if i could assist you over there, would you sign off on my badge? what are you talking about? we could walk your house to the falls. walk it? yeah! after all, we weigh it down. we could walk it right over there. like a parade balloon. [ house structure groaning ] carl: now, we're gonna walk to the falls quickly and quietly with no rap music or flash dancing. uh-huh. we have three days, at best, before the helium leaks out of those balloons. and if we're not at the falls when that happens... sand. ...we're not getting to the falls. i found sand! [ groans ] don't you worry, ellie. we'll get our house over there.
8:43 pm
♪ this is fun already, isn't it? by the time we get there, you're gonna feel so assisted. oh, mr. fredricksen, if we happen to get separated, use the wilderness explorer call. caw, caw! rowr! [ feedback whines in hearing aid ] [ groans ] wait. why are we going to paradise falls again? hey, let's play a game. it's called "see who can be quiet the longest." cool! my mom loves that game! ♪ good time ♪ ♪ i'm here to havewho can a good time ♪ longest." ♪ i'm here to have a good, good ♪ ♪ time ♪ ♪ i'm here to have a good time ♪ ♪ i'm here to have a - ♪ ♪ i'm here to have a good time ♪ ♪ i'm here to have a good time ♪
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mom's here! i want that one! ok, go for it. ♪ ♪ that is not how it went! (laughter) (laughter) (children's laughter) we need to do this more often! (laughter) ♪ ♪
8:47 pm
[ footsteps ] ♪ [ growls ] ♪ [ dogs growl ] ♪ ♪ [ feedback whines in hearing aid ] [ dogs whine ] ♪ [ feedback whining in hearing aid ] [ grumbles ] darn thing! [ russell groans ] come on, russell. would you hurry it up? i'm tired. and my knee hurts. which knee? my elbow hurts, and i have to go to the bathroom.
8:48 pm
i asked you about that five minutes ago. well, i didn't have to go then! i don't wanna walk anymore. can we stop? russell, if you don't hurry up, the tigers will eat you. there are no tigers in south america. zoology. ohh. oh, for the love of pete! go on into the bushes and do your business. okay! here! hold my stuff. ♪ i've always wanted to try this. ♪ [ sighs ] mr. fredricksen, am i supposed to dig the hole before or after? aah. none of my concern! oh. it's before! aah! ♪ la, la, la, la, la ♪ ♪ [ sighs ] huh? tracks? snipe.
8:49 pm
here, snipe. come on out, snipe. snipe. huh. [ gasps ] [ gasps ] ha! gotcha! don't be afraid, little snipe. i am a wilderness explorer, so i'm a friend to all of nature. want some more? [ gasps ] hi, boy. don't eat it all. come on out. come on. come on. don't be afraid, little snipe. nice snipe. good little snipe. nice -- giant snipe.
8:50 pm
i found the snipe! [ chuckling ] oh. did you? are they tall? oh, yes, they're very tall. do they have a lot of colors? they do, indeed! do they like chocolate? oh, ye-- chocolate? [ chirps ] aah! what is that thing? it's a snipe! ah, the-there's no such thing as a snipe! but you said snipes eat your aza-- [ screeches ] whoa! [ laughs ] [ cooing ] go on! get out of here. go on! go! [ screeches ] [ laughs ] whoa! [ chuckles ] whoa! [ laughs ] careful, russell! hey, look, mr. fredricksen. it likes me. whoa! russell! no, stop! that tickles. get out of here! go on. get. [ screeches ]
8:51 pm
aah! uh-oh. no, no, no, no! kevin! it's okay. mr. fredricksen is nice. kevin? yeah. that's his name i just gave him. [ squawks ] [ grunts ] beat it. vamoose. scram. hey! that's mine! [ choking ] [ coughs ] [ groans ] shoo. shoo. get out of here. [ squawking, imitating carl ] go on! beat it! [ squawks ] ah. [ squawks ] [ grumbling indistinctly ] can we keep him? please? i'll get the food for him. i'll walk him. i'll change his newspapers. no. "an explorer is a friend to all, be it plants or fish or tiny mole." that doesn't even rhyme. yeah, it does. hey, look. kevin. what? get down! you're not allowed up there! [ balloon pops, sputters ] [ coughs ] you come down here right now! [ honks ] sheesh! can you believe this, ellie?
8:52 pm
ellie? uh, hey, ellie! could i keep the bird? uh-huh. uh-huh. she said for you to let me. but i told him no. uh -- i told you no! n-o. [ screeches ] ♪ ♪ i see you back there. go on! get out of here! shoo! go annoy someone else for a while. dug: hey, are you okay over there? [ kevin chirps ] uh...hello? oh! hello, sir. thank goodness. it's nice to know someone else is up here. dug: i can smell you. what? you can smell us?
8:53 pm
i can smell you. hey. [ chuckles ] you were talking to a rock. hey, that one looks like a turtle. look at that one! that one looks like a dog. aah! it is a dog. what? um, we're not allowed to have dogs in my apartment. hey, i like dogs. we have your dog! whoa. wonder who he belongs to. sit, boy. hey, look, he's trained. shake. uh-huh. speak. dug: hi, there. [ both gasp ] did that dog just say "hi, there"? oh, yes. aah! my name is dug. i have just met you, and i love you. uh, wha-- my master made me this collar. he is a good and smart master, and he made me this collar so that i may talk. squirrel!
8:54 pm
my master is good and smart. it's not possible. oh, it is, because my master is smart. cool! what do these do, boy? hey, would you -- [ speaks spanish ] [ southern accent ] i use that collar... [ speaks japanese ] talk with. i would be happy if you stopped. russell, don't touch that! it could be radioactive or something. i am a great tracker. my pack sent me on a special mission all by myself. have you seen a bird? i want to find one, and i've been on the scent. i am a great tracker. did i mention that? [ kevin screeches ] hey, that is the bird. i have never seen one up close, but this is the bird. may i take your bird back to camp as my prisoner? yes, yes, take it. and on the way, learn how to bark like a real dog. oh, i can bark. [ barks ] and here's howling. [ howls ] [ kevin screeches ] can we keep him? please, please, please? no. but it's a talking dog! it's just a weird trick or something. let's get to the falls. please be my prisoner.
8:55 pm
oh, please, oh, please be my prisoner. [ gamma sniffing ] oh! [ barks ] here it is. i-i picked up the bird's scent! beta: wait a minute, wait a minute! [ barks ] what is this? chocolate. i smell chocolate. i'm getting prunes and denture cream! who are they? oh, man, master will not be pleased. we better tell him someone took the bird. right, alpha? [ high-pitched ] no. soon enough the bird will be ours yet again. find the scent, my compadres, and you too shall have much rewardings from master for the toil factor you wage. [ snickers ] hey, alpha, i think there's something wrong with your collar. you must've bumped it. yeah, your voice sounds funny! [ both laugh ] beta! gamma! mayhaps you desire to -- squirrel! mayhaps you desire to challenge the ranking that i have been assigned by my strength and cunning. no, no. no. but maybe dug would.
8:56 pm
you might wanna ask him. [ laughs ] y-yeah. [ snorts ] i wonder if he's found the bird on his very special mission. do not mention dug to me at this time. his fool's errand will keep him most occupied. most occupied indeed. do you not agree with that which i am saying to you now? sure, but the second master finds out you sent dug out by himself, none of us will get a treat. [ both whine ] [ barks ] you are wise, my trusted lieutenant. [ barks ] this is alpha calling dug. come in, dug. dug: hi, alpha. hey, your voice sounds funny. i know! i know! have you seen the bird? why, yes. the bird is my prisoner now. yeah, right! [ kevin screeches ] impossible! where are you? i am here with the bird, and i will bring it back, and then you will like me. -gotta go. -hey, dug, who you talking to? no, wait, wait! what's dug doing? [ all barking ] why's he with that small mailman? where are they?
8:57 pm
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dug: oh, please, oh, please, oh, please be my prisoner. dug, stop bothering kevin! that man there says i can take the bird, and i love that man there like he is my master. i am not your master! i am warning you once again, bird. hey! quit it! i am jumping on you now, bird. russell, at this rate, we'll never get to the falls. here, bird. [ groans, gasps ] [ gasps ] i am nobody's master, got it? i don't want you here, and i don't want you here! i'm stuck with you! and if you two don't clear out of here by the time i count to three -- dug: a ball! oh, boy, oh, boy! a ball! ball? [ dug whining ] yeah, you want it, boy? oh, oh, oh, oh! huh? huh? yeah? yeah? yes, i do! i do ever so want the ball. go get it! oh, boy! oh, boy! i will get it and then bring it back!
9:01 pm
quick, russell. give me some chocolate. why? just give it to me! bird. bird! [ kevin squawks ] [ grunts ] [ chirps ] come on, russell. wait. wait, mr. fredricksen. aah. [ glass shatters, carl yells ] aah. what are we doing? ah. ♪ [ grunts ] hey, uh, we're pretty far now. kevin's gonna miss me! ♪ [ panting ] i think that did the trick. dug: hi, master. afternoon. [ squawks ] [ rain pattering ] [ thunder rumbles ]
9:02 pm
[ grumbles indistinctly ] well, thanks for keeping us dry anyway, ellie. which one's the front? oh, boy. is this step three or step five? [ scoffs ] there. [ grunting ] [ pole creaking ] [ whack ] all done! that's for you. ohh. tents are hard. wait. aren't you super wilderness guy, with the "gpms" and the badges? yeah, but... can i tell you a secret? no. alright. here it goes. i never actually built a tent before. there, i said it. you've been camping before, haven't you? well, never outside.
9:03 pm
well, why didn't you ask your dad how to build a tent? i don't think he wants to talk about this stuff. well, why don't you try him sometime. maybe he'll surprise you. well, he's away a lot. i don't see him much. he's gotta be home sometime. well, i call, but phyllis told me i bug him too much. phyllis? you call your own mother by her first name? phyllis isn't my mom. oh. but he promised he'd come to my explorer ceremony to pin on my assisting the elderly badge. so, he can show me about tents then, right? hey, uh, why don't you get some sleep? don't wanna wake up the, uh, traveling flea circus.
9:04 pm
♪ mr. fredricksen? dug says he wants to take kevin prisoner. we have to protect him. [ yawns ] can kevin go with us? ♪ alright, he can come. promise you won't leave him? yeah. cross your heart? ♪ cross my heart. ♪ what have i got myself into, ellie? ♪ [ carl snoring ] ♪ [ croaking ] [ groaning ]
9:05 pm
morning, sweetheart. we better get moving. huh. bird's gone. maybe russell won't notice. alright, everybody up! where's kevin? he's wandered off. kevin! dug, find kevin. find the bird, find the bird! hi, hi. ah -- point! oh, look. there he is! [ kevin squawks ] point! hey! that's my food! get off my roof! yeah, get off of his... [ barks ] [ birds squawking in distance ] [ squawks ] what is it doing? the bird is calling to her babies. her babies. kevin's a girl? [ squawks ] her house is over there in those twisty rocks. she has been gathering food for her babies
9:06 pm
and must get back to them. wait. kevin's just leaving? [ kevin purrs ] [ screeches ] but you promised to protect her. her babies need her. we gotta make sure they're together! sorry, russell. we've lost enough time already. [ sighs ] yeah. [ squawks ] [ chirps ] [ sadly ] this was her favorite chocolate. [ swallows ] because you sent her away, there's more for you. [ sighs ] huh? kevin? [ rustling ] [ dogs barking ] aah! aah! [ dogs growling, barking ] aah! ♪ [ alpha growling ] alpha: where's the bird? you said you had the bird.
9:07 pm
oh, yes. oh, yes. since i have said that, i can see how you would think that. where is it? uh...tomorrow. come back tomorrow, and then i will again have the bird. yes. [ barks viciously ] you lost it. why do i not have a surprised feeling? well, at least you now have led us to the small mailman and the one who smells of prunes. master will be most pleased we have found them and will ask of them many questions. come! wait. we're not going with you! we're going to the falls. [ dogs barking ] aah! aah! aah! get away from me! aah! [ dogs continue barking ] get down! ♪ ♪ [ gasping ]
9:08 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ [ dogs growling ] ♪ [ gasps ] ♪ charles: stay! you came here in that? uh, yeah. in a house? a floating house? [ laughing ]
9:09 pm
[ both chuckle nervously ] that is the darnedest thing i've ever seen. [ laughs ] you're not after my bird, are you? [ laughs ] but if you needed to borrow a cup of sugar, i'd be happy to oblige! [ cackles ] [ dogs laughing ] well, this is all a misunderstanding. my -- my dogs made a mistake. wait. are you charles muntz? uh, well, uh [coughs] yes. the charles muntz? "adventure is out there!" [ laughs ] it's really him! [ laughs ] that's charles muntz! it is?! who's charles muntz? him! dogs: yes! -that's him! -i'm carl fredricksen. my wife and i, we were your biggest fans. oh, well. you're a man of good taste. [ both laugh ] [ coughs ] now, you must be tired. hungry? uh-huh. now, attention, everyone! these people are no longer intruders! they are our guests. yay! yay! yay! yay!
9:10 pm
dog: follow me. i like you temporarily. -you do smell like prunes. -i love our house. whoa! dog #2: i will not bite you. dog #3: the small mailman smells like chocolate. i'm sorry about the dogs. [ chuckles ] hope they weren't, uh, too rough on you. dog #4: we weren't! go ahead and moor your airship right next to mine. ♪ [ gasps ] we're not actually going inside the spirit of adventure itself? oh, heh, would you like to? would i? [ giggles ] wait up, mr. muntz! jiminy cricket. beta: not you. gamma: what do we do with dug? he has lost the bird. put him in the cone of shame. [ dug whines ] ♪ dug: i do not like the cone of shame. life's kinda unpredictable. like when your groceries arrive the moment
9:11 pm
you remember everything you forgot. [dog barks] or when your kids says... there's a bake sale at school tomorrow. tomorrrow, tomorrow? or when you discover art-cuterie is a thing you have to try. like now. or when you could go to the store but you also need to walk the dog, pack the lunches, and uhhh... oh yeah take the kids to school. you have children! for anything today brings, fresh groceries and more. free same day delivery. eva: my skin but better. walmart plus everyone wants it. aja: this does it. true match nude tinted serum. 1% hyaluronic acid in a foundation. aja: feels like second skin, naturally radiant. true match tinted serum from l'oréal paris. we're worth it! (mom allen) verizon just gave us all a brand new iphone 13. (dad allen)atch tinted serum we've been customers for years. (dad brown) i thought new phones were for new customers. we got iphone 13s, too. switched to verizon two minutes ago. (mom brown) ours were busted and we still got a shiny new one. (boy brown) check it out! (dad allen) so, wait. everybody gets the same great deal? (mom allen) i think that's the point.
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9:15 pm
muntz: well, most of the collection is housed in the world's top museums -- new york, munich, london. of course, i kept the best for myself. [ chuckles ] did you ever! will you look at that? oh, yes, the arsinoitherium. beast charged while i was brushing my teeth. used my shaving kit to bring him down. [ chuckles ] [ whines ] oh, yeah. well, surprise me. only way to get it out of ethiopia at the time was to have it declared as dental equipment. oh, my gosh! the giant somalian leopard tortoise! oh, you recognize it. i'm impressed. that's an interesting story there. excellent choice. yeah. i-i found it on safari with roosevelt. he and i fell into a habit of playing gin rummy in the evenings,
9:16 pm
and did he cheat! oh, he was horrible. [ laughter ] [ high-pitched ] master, dinner is ready. oh, dear. broken translator. it's that loose wire again. or is it... [ static crackles ] there you go, big fella. [ deep voice ] thank you, master. i liked his other voice. [ laughs ] well, dinner is served. right this way. so, how are things stateside, huh? almost tempted to go back a few times [clears throat] but i have unfinished work here. please. i hope you're hungry, because epsilon is the finest chef i've ever had. woof. oh, epsilon, you've done it again! yes! hey! hey! oh, my ellie would've loved all this. you know, it's because of you she had this dream
9:17 pm
to come down here and live by paradise falls. i'm honored. and now you've made it. [ chuckles ] you're sure we're not a bother? i'd hate to impose. no, no. it's a pleasure to have guests, a real treat. -treat! -treat! where's the treat?! [ dogs shouting ] no, no. quiet! calm down, calm down. -i want a treat! -i want a treat! hey! i shouldn't have used that word. having guests is a delight. [ shouting stops ] more often, i get thieves come to steal what's rightfully mine. no! they called me a fraud, those... ah! but once i bring back this creature, my name will be cleared. beautiful, isn't it? oh, i've spent a lifetime tracking it. sometimes, years go by between sightings. i've tried to smoke it out of that deathly labyrinth where it lives. you can't go in after it.
9:18 pm
once in, there's no way out. i've lost so many dogs. and here they come, these bandits, and think the bird is theirs to take. but they soon find that this mountain is a very dangerous place. [ grunts ] hey, that looks like kevin. kevin? yeah, that's my new giant bird pet. [ clears throat ] i trained it to follow us. follow you? it's impossible. how? she likes chocolate. [ gasps ] chocolate? yeah. i gave her some of my chocolate. she goes gaga for it. but it ran off. it's gone now. ♪ you know, carl, these people who, uh, pass through here, they all tell pretty good stories.
9:19 pm
a surveyor making a map. a botanist cataloguing plants. an old man taking his house to paradise falls. [ helmet thuds ] ♪ i mean, that's the best one yet. i can't wait to hear how it ends. ♪ [ gasps ] ♪ well, it's been a wonderful evening, but we better be going. oh, you're not leaving. we don't want to take advantage of your hospitality. come on, russell. but we haven't even had dessert yet. oh, the boy's right. you haven't had dessert. epsilon here makes a delicious cherries jubilee. oh, you really must stay.
9:20 pm
i insist. we have so much more to talk about. [ kevin squawks ] kevin? [ squawks ] it's here. get them! [ dogs barking ] hurry! i am hurrying! [ gasps ] aah! they're coming! [ gasps ] [ dogs barking ] master, over here! [ barking continues ] ♪ [ both scream ] ♪ go toward the light, master! ♪ [ both groan ] [ kevin squawks ] aah!
9:21 pm
aah! [ barking continues ] ♪ ohh! aah! [ grunts ] ♪ aah! russell! ooh! aah! aah! aaaah! get back! [ gasps ] go on, master! i will stop the dogs! stop, you dogs. [ barking continues ] [ whimpers ] whoa-oh-oh-oh! aaaaah! ohh! ugh! whoa. whoa!
9:22 pm
oh! ♪ help! aaah! help! caw, caw! rowr! caw, caw! rowr! give me your hand! ah! aaah! ♪ hang onto kevin! [ barking ] [ squawks ] [ barking continues ] ah! aah! oof! [ panting ] [ groans ] [ dogs barking ] ah. [ grunts ] [ house creaking ]
9:23 pm
ah. kevin. [ squawks ] [ backpack clattering ] [ zipper unzipping ] [ kevin whimpering ] ♪ [ squawking in distance ] [ squawks ] oh, no, no, no, no, no. kevin. stay down. [ groans ] she's hurt real bad. can't we help her get home? ♪ ♪ all right, but we gotta hurry. ♪a boy went back to napoli♪ ♪ ♪because he missed the scenery♪
9:24 pm
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9:26 pm
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9:28 pm
[ whining ] ah. you lost them? naw, it was dug. yeah. he's with them. he helped them escape! agh! wait. wait a minute. dug. [ beeping ] [ sniffing ] see anything? no. my pack is not following us. boy, they are dumb. this is crazy. i finally meet my childhood hero, and he's trying to kill us. what a joke. hey, i know a joke. a squirrel walks up to a tree and says, "i forgot to store acorns for winter, and now i am dead." ha! it is funny because the squirrel gets dead. [ chuckles ] [ thudding and creaking ] careful, russell. [ kevin squawks ] you okay, kevin? [ whimpers ]
9:29 pm
you know what, mr. fredricksen? the wilderness isn't quite what i expected. yeah? how so? it's kind of...wild. i mean, it's not how they made it sound in my book. [ scoffs ] get used to that, kid. my dad made it sound so easy. he's really good at camping and how to make fire from rocks and stuff. he used to come to all my sweat lodge meetings. and afterwards, we'd go get ice cream at fentons. i always get chocolate, and he gets butter brickle. then we sit on this one curb right outside, and i'll count all the blue cars, and he counts all the red ones, and whoever gets the most...wins. i like that curb. that might sound boring, but i think the boring stuff
9:30 pm
is the stuff i remember the most. [ squawking in distance ] [ squawks ] look! there it is! ugh! [ chuckling hey, kid. hold on, russell. stand still. ♪ [ kevin squawks ] [ dug barking ] [ squawks ] look at that bird go. wait up, you overgrown chicken. [ laughs ] that's it. go, kevin! go find your babies! run, kevin! run! [ squawks ] oh, no! [ squawks ] russell, give me your knife! get away from my bird!
9:31 pm
[ gasps ] [ glass shattering ] ah! ♪ ah. [ popping ] [ clattering ] no! [ gasps ] [ barking ] nooo! [ squawks ] [ barking continues ] careful. we'll want her in good shape for my return. let her go! stop! [ blades whirring ] keviiiiin! [ grunting ] ah.
9:32 pm
[ panting ] you gave away kevin. [ sighs ] you just... gave her away. this is none of my concern. i didn't ask for any of this! master... it's alright. i am not your master! and if you hadn't a shown up, none of this would've happened! bad dog! bad dog! [ panting ] now, whether you assist me or not, i am going to paradise falls if it kills me. [ house creaking ] ♪
9:33 pm
♪ [ clinking ] [ creaking ] ♪ [ grunts ] [ creaks and thuds ] [ rumbling in distance ] [ water crashing ]
9:34 pm
here! i don't want this anymore. [ steps creaking ] [ door clicks ] [ hinges creak ] ♪ ♪ [ sighs ] ♪
9:35 pm
[ inhales ] ahh. ♪ ♪ ♪ ah.
9:36 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:37 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ russell? ♪ russell! i'm gonna help kevin, even if you won't! [ motor whirring ] no, russell, no!
9:38 pm
♪ [ groans ] ahhh! ugh. aaaah! [ panting ] [ clattering ] [ creaking ] [ glass shattering ] ♪ ♪ ah-ha-whoo-hoo! ♪ ♪
9:39 pm
♪ [ knocking ] huh? russell? [ whimpers ] dug! i was hiding under your porch because i love you. can i stay? can you stay? well, you're my dog, aren't you? and i'm your master. you're my master? [ laughs ] oh, boy! oh, boy! good boy, dug! you're a good boy!
9:40 pm
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9:43 pm
[ motor whirring ] ♪ ♪
9:44 pm
ahhh! ahhh! ahhhh! ooh! yes! don't worry, kevin. i'll save -- [ growling ] [ motor whirring ] and they wouldn't believe me. just wait till they get a look at ya. master? the small mailman has returned. what? let me go! [ grunts ] where's your elderly friend? [ motor whirring ] he's not my friend anymore. well, if you're here, fredricksen can't be far behind. where are you keeping kevin?! [ grunts ] let me go! scream all you want, small mailman. none of your mailman friends can hear you. i'll unleash all my wilderness explorer training! alpha, fredricksen's coming back.
9:45 pm
guard that bird. if you see the old man, you know what to do. hey, where are you going? i'm not finished with you! nice talking with you. [ gasps ] ahhh! where are you, fredricksen? ♪ ♪ [ screaming ] russell! ♪ ah! ahhh! [ squeaking ] [ grunts ] ahhhhhh! mr. fredricksen! dug, bring her over! [ squeaking ] you came back for kevin! let's go get her! i'm getting kevin. you stay here. but i wanna help.
9:46 pm
i don't want your help. i want you safe! [ grunts ] [ barks ] [ gasps ] how do we get past these dogs? uh...point! ♪ [ panting ] kevin. [ squawks ] don't worry, kevin. we're on our way. allow no one to be entering through these doors. guard well that bird, my minions. what do we do now, dug? [ gnawing ] ♪ [ clanging ] [ whining ] who wants the ball? -me! -i want it! -me! -i do! -i want the ball! -give it to me! then go get it!
9:47 pm
i'm gonna get there first! [ barking ] give me the ball! i got it! -hey! -oh! uh-oh. dogs: ohhhhhh. i'm sorry, kevin. let's get you out of here. -master! -he's gone! the old man! what? ah... -he's got the bird! -the bird's gone! calm down! one at a time! [ grunting ]! ha-ha! aaaaah! aaaaaaaaaaah! aah! [ panting ] -he's in hall d! -he's in hall c! -the old man! does anyone know where they are?! [ thud ] [ squeaking ] aaaah!
9:48 pm
gray leader, take down the house. aaaah! oh. [ motors whirring ] gray leader, checking in. gray two, checking in. gray three, checking in. target sighted. [ squeak ] [ gunfire ] aaaaaaaaaah! come on, kevin. ♪ [ barks and snarls ] ah! arrggghh! [ barking ] [ growling ] hi. [ barking ] yah! ah! [ clank ] [ grunting ] [ squeaking ] ahhh! oh, gee! ahhhh! ohhhh. [ grunts ]
9:49 pm
[ cracking ] aaaah! ahhh -- [ cracking ] aaaaaaaah! [ both grunting ] [ crack! ] ah! any last words, fredricksen? come on! spit it out! [ spits ] aaah! come on. enough! i am taking that bird back with me, alive or dead! [ both grunting ] [ barking ] [ yips ] ohhhh! [ warbles ] aaah! gah! ah! [ grunts ] [ gunfire ] come on, kevin. [ squawks ] hey! [ grunting ]
9:50 pm
aah! ♪ [ snarls ] [ whimpers ] [ growls ] i will have many enjoyments from what i am about to do, dug. [ snarls ] [ fizzling ] [ gasping ] he wears the 'cone of shame'! [ grunting ] [ high-pitched voice ] do not just continue sitting. attack! [ snickering ] [ laughter ] no, no! stop your laughing! get this off of me! listen, you dog. sit! all: yes, alpha. alpha? i am not alpha. he is... oh! [ straining ] i can't do it. -russell! -huh? caw, caw! rowr! caw, caw! rowr! you leave mr. fredricksen alone! ♪
9:51 pm
[ gunfire ] ♪ hey! squirrel! squirrel? where? -where's the squirrel? -squirrel! i hate squirrels. [ both grunting ] aaaah! ♪ ♪ [ banging ] [ gasps ] dug! master! [ chuckles ] russell! over here! let's go! ♪ mr. fredricksen!
9:52 pm
come on, kevin! ♪ [ grunting ] ah! [ popping ] aah! aaah! no! ♪ [ grunts ] ♪ russell! get out of there! [ gunshot ] no! leave them alone! ah! ah! ah! ♪ ah! ah! [ grunts and gasps ] russell, hang on to kevin! don't let go of her!
9:53 pm
ah! kevin! chocolate! [ squawks ] ah! agh! [ glass shattering ] ahhh! ahh! [ panting ] [ grunts ] that was cool! [ laughs ] ha-ha-ha-ha! don't jerk around so much, kid! easy, russell. [ laughs ] oh, i am ready to not be up high. [ laughs ] ♪ ♪
9:54 pm
sorry about your house, mr. fredricksen. you know, it's just a house. ♪ [ squawking ] ow, ow! [ laughing ] ow! ow. look at you. you're so soft. [ squawks ] -awww! -aw! i wish i could keep one. [ squawks ] what? uh? where's my cane? i just had it here. [ squawks and horks ] [ horking ] you know what? keep 'em. a little gift from me to you. bye, kevin! [ squawks ] ♪ ready? ready.
9:55 pm
[ barking ] ♪ man: and by receiving their badges, the following explorers will graduate to senior explorers. for extreme mountaineering lore. congratulations, jimmy. for wild animal defensive arts. congratulations, brandon. for assisting the elderly... uh, russell, is there someone that... uh... [ clears throat ] excuse me. pardon me. old man coming through. i'm here for him. congratulations, russell. sir. russell, for assisting the elderly, and for performing above and beyond the call of duty, i would like to award you the highest honor i can bestow...
9:56 pm
the ellie badge. wow. man: all right, i think that covers everybody. so let's give a big explorer call to our brand-new senior wilderness explorers. ready, everybody? all: caw, caw! rowr! caw, caw! rowr! [ dogs barking and howling ] blue one. red one. blue one. gray one. rein blue one. that's a fire hydrant. [ laughing ] maybe i need new glasses. another blue one. ♪
9:57 pm
♪ -- captions by vitac -- ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:58 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
banana blueberry with a hint of cinnamon. i think it's my best yet. hm. i like chocolate chip... mmm. ...with syrup. i like eating pancakes in bed. do you want to have sex again? yes. do you want to finish the pancakes first? yes. me too. [ chuckles ] we are very good at pretending to be married, but we are very bad at getting married. i don't want to do it anymore. not the marriage -- the wedding. i don't want any more dress fittings or guest lists. i just want to be married. ♪♪ shaun... [ keys clacking ] ...we have 45 more minutes of our fake honeymoon. no work. there is an opening at the courthouse tomorrow at 4:30.


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