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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  May 17, 2022 1:41am-2:01am PDT

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headphones for $20. i got these three suitcases for less than $40. and shipping is always free. go to right now and see how much you can save. welcome back. crews scrambled to clean up a mess on i-30 in dallas. a truck carrying 30,000 pounds of eggland's best eggs crashed on sunday. the mess was still there monday morning. the driver was not hurt. the eggs are worth about $90,000. >> one expensive omelet. today ufos are the subject of a congressional hearing for the first time in more than half a century.
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a house panel will hear from pentagon officials about dozens of unexplained sightings over nearly 20 years. it sounds like an episode of "x-files," but it's the truth. a report mandated by congress last year found most of those incidents involved objects that remain unidentified. the same report found no evidence the objects, though, were from a foreign enemy. >> interesting. expect more testimony today from amber heard as the actress fights a defamation claim from her ex-husband, johnny depp. heard faces another round of cross-examination as depp's lawyers try again to uncover holes in her claims that depp abused her during their marriage. >> i want to move on with my life. i have a baby. i want to move on. >> actress amber heard back on the stand in the defamation case brought against her by ex-husband, johnny depp. at the trial monday, heard testified that depp abused her physically on multiple occasions and that she used makeup to cover the bruises. >> after a day or two, you get more purple in a bruise. so you'd obviously have to go
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with more of the red tones. >> but in a contentious cross-examination, depp's lawyer pushed back. >> this is a picture of you and mr. depp at the event the night after mr. depp allegedly whacked you in the face so hard you thought he had broken your nose. >> he did whack me in the face, and i did think it broke my nose. >> your nose doesn't appear to be injured in any of these pictures, does it, ms. heard? >> that's why i'm wearing makeup. >> and makeup covers up swelling, right? >> makeup will not cover up swelling. ice will, though. >> depp's lawyer also grilled heard on her promise to donate her divorce settlement to charity. >> in this october 2018 interview, you said you had, quote, donated, end quote, your entire divorce settlement to charity, right? >> that's correct. >> you have not paid $3.5 million of your own money to the aclu, yes or no? >> i have not yet. >> and as of today, you have not paid $3.5 million of your own
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money to the children's hospital of los angeles, correct? >> i have not yet. johnny sued me. >> heard also addressed the now infamous claim that she defecated in the bed she shared with depp. she blames the couple's dog, boo. >> boo, having the issues she had, we had to leave her in bed so she wouldn't be encouraged to go to the bathroom, which would happen almost immediately once you put her down on the floor. and sometimes it happened in bed too. >> heard is due back on the stand today for more cross-examination. coming up, the intruder that crashed one couple's breakfast. but first, how this 11-year-old surfer is making waves of his own. that's next. you're watching "world news now."
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>> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. my name is wesley, and i'm with my knucklehead brother. my friend nafi. my boyfriend doug. i thought we'd be on the same page about this and we're not. how do i know the way i'm going to respond to it? there's not that long term research out there yet. i don't want to be on the front line. but you're human. you're going to make a mistake. i'm just saying everyone has a right to make their own decision. but why would you want to take that risk?
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♪ and waimea bay ♪ ♪ everybody's gone surfin' ♪ ♪ surfin' usa ♪ a boy from new jersey is catching the true spirit of "surfin' usa" after surfing more than 700 days in a row. >> crazy. he did it for charity, and get this. he's only 11 years old. our own will ganss is here with more. hi, will. >> hey, guys. i love being here in studio with both of you, but i have to say watching that sunrise over whatever beach that was made me want to be on vacation real bad. let me tell you this story, though. carter doorley taught himself how to surf when he was only 5 years old, and on top of going to school every day, playing hockey and skateboarding, he's also managed to surf every single day since the beginning of the pandemic. for the last 722 days in a row, carter doorley has been having a swell time. >> the most beautiful day when you can just see the wave come right over you, and you just go like that.
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it's amazing. >> the new jersey fifth grader has been surfing since he was 5. but the idea to hang ten every single day was the solution to a pandemic problem. >> covid, since there was nothing to do. >> every day after school, 11-year-old carter swaps his backpack for his board. >> my suit on, my gloves, the board in the car and go to the beach. it would be around ten minutes. >> were there ever any days where you looked outside your window and were like, i don't know if i can do this? >> yes, a lot of rainy days. >> but his worst day in the water? >> lightning, thunder, raining everywhere, and a shark chased me out of the water. i ran out, went to my mom, and said, did you see that? >> luckily, carter's dad is a fire department lieutenant and on the beach patrol. >> he'll like, you know, check the tides, check the weather, check the wind, and make sure that when carter goes out, that he's the safest as possible. >> now carter is using his surfing to spark a tidal wave of
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charity, starting with a local animal rescue. >> they found a bunch of cats in a box that were very sick, and i raised money for them to start helping the animals. >> since then, carter's collected more than 2,600 canned goods for a local pantry, raised $1,500 for surfaid, and over 1,000 bucks for save the children. not only is carter kind, he's good too. my last question, carter, is in order to be a really, really good surfer, do you have to have cool hair like you have? that's just extra? >> yeah. >> one week from today, carter will have surfed every single day for two full calendar years. if you want to follow along, find him on instagram @cartercatcheswaves, where mom uploads the daily surfing videos every single day. >> is he old enough to see the movie "point break"? one of my favorites. >> probably not. >> 11? >> they did a lot of surfing and
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♪ ♪ time now for "the mix," starting with a dramatic rescue on the high seas. >> it happened off the coast of north carolina but did not start with the report of a man overboard. >> that's right. the coast guard got a frantic call for a dog overboard. that call came in about a chocolate lab named myla treading water, no doubt doing the doggy paddle. >> the coast guard says they gave myla the vip treatment before eventually returning her to her owners safe and sound. she was just going for a little swim. >> good girl, myla. must have been hot out there. >> vip, very important pup. next, to the breakfast-time surprise for one couple in the sunshine state. >> and it had nothing to do with snap, crackle or pop. where is cap'n crunch when you
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really need him? oh, my goodness. >> oh. >> this gator invader in a yard at a home outside ft. lauderdale triggered a call to animal control. >> wait a minute. ft. lauderdale? that's a little too close to home here, and of course it's florida. but this guy was not going out without a fight. two professional trappers used a pole and a rope to tie him up and drag him out. authorities say the alligator will be relocated to a farm either in west palm beach or naples or further. get it away. >> does that fence look familiar to you there? >> i'm just going to say a little bit. >> is that your neck of the woods? >> that's too scary. >> it is. next, to the colombian teen combining two amazing skills into one incredible world record. >> 19-year-old angel alvarado has earned a guinness world record for solving not one, not two, but three rubik's cubes at
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once while also juggling them. did i leave that part out? all in just 4:31. >> what? if that's not impressive enough, the previous record holder he beat was himself. alvarado says it took him nine months to master his highly coordinated technique. i don't even understand. >> it would take me nine months to just get one side right. >> just one line. >> can you guys do a rubik's cube? >> never. >> no. >> me neither. can you juggle? >> a little bit. >> all right. >> a little bit. >> we're one-sixth of the way there. finally, to the birthday bash for one of the oldest residents of the oklahoma city zoo. >> isa, a galapagos tortoise, was born 41 years before man landed on the moon. >> that makes her 94 years old. there she is celebrating her big day with a custom fruit and veggie cake. just for reference, isa was born before we had tv, private telephone lines, automatic washers, tootsie rolls, and even penicillin. >> and the environment was probably in a much better place. >> aww. >> isa is enjoying that cake
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live with kelly and ryan. today from the film "downton abbey: a new era." hugh dancy. and we're kicking off our bring on the heat week with a very important swim safety lesson. plus, author of "business is personal" bethenny frankel joins ryan as the co-host desk. all next on live. and now here are ryan seacrest and bethenny frankel. ♪ do it now or never babe ♪ there she is. morning, deja. oh, come on in, bethenny. yay! thank you, ryan. very welcome. i love that chivalry. well, i do it every weekday. i like it. monday, may 16th, filling in for kelly, today it's bethenny frankel. always great to have her back. thank you for having me. it's always... i get excited.


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