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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 17, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now on "america this morning." platforms of hate. what we're learning about the social media sites allegedly used by the buffalo supermarket shooting suspect as new details emerge about how police say he planned his deadly attack, even storing ammunition at a friend's house. we hear from an 8-year-old who survived the shooting by hiding inside a milk cooler. new action to ease the critical shortage of baby formula. how the war in ukraine is impacting supplies in the u.s. and when parents could see relief. >> the white house announce as policy change in cuba. reaction coming in this morning. the higher prices americans will soon be paying and the war of words between amazon founder
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jeff bezos and the white house on how to fight inflation. new tensions ahead of today's ufo hearing on capitol hill. and we can't worm our way out of this problem. the so-called jumping worms that can leap one foot off the ground, and the big problem they could cause in your garden. >> good tuesday morning, everyone. >> we begin with several new developments as authorities investigate the buffalo supermarket shooting. we've learned the teenage suspect allegedly planned to continue his racist rampage. sources say he plotted the attack for months and stored ammunition at his friends' house. >> president biden will visit buffalo today to meet with the victims' families. >> one of the youngest survivors of the supermarket shooting is now describing her terrifying experience.
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>> people say i'm a brave girl. >> reporter: 8-year-old hid in a milk closet. the cart onlies hit by the bullets. >> the door was locked and we could not get out until manager opened the door. we had to go out the back door. the cops led us out. >> reporter: we're learning more about the 18-year-old who allegedly gunned down ten people, all people of color. saying he was not even allowed by his parents to play violent video games. but the suspect mysteriously dropped off five boxes of ammunition at his house the day before the shooting. the suspect laid out his attack plan weeks before the shooting in a 589-page document posted on social media site called discord. the minimal moderation allows conspiracy theories to spread. >> you can say almost anything
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you want to say online as long as it is not a specific threat. and so it really is a huge dilemma for law enforcement to figure out who will shoot and who will not shoot. >> reporter: the suspect's documents show sketches of the supermarket's aisles, and indicate the suspect visited the store back in march. the teen allegedly described the store as the first location to target. >> it appeared that his plans were to drive out of here and then continue driving down jefferson avenue. looking to shoot more black people. >> reporter: according to the "washington post," the documents also were uploaded anonymously to a file sharing site called media fire april 29th. >> it is unclear who if anyone had access to that group. you can be sure this will be a key focus for fbi officials as they try on determine whether other people knew an attack was coming. >> reporter: authorities say a separate document attributed to the suspect show he was fixated on replacement theory. a white supremacist theory that
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claims nonwhites will replace white people. >> the idea that people who are racially defined as white are entitled to displace other people, to enslave other people, to colonize other people, and literally replace them has been a bed rock of modern racism. >> reporter: and there are new questions about missed warning signs. last year, authorities say the suspect was assigned to write a school paper about his future and he referenced murder-suicide. there was an investigation but no charges were filed. the d.a. said he was not notified about the incident saying the school chooses to handle at this time way they chose to handle it. the suspect was able to legally buy a rifle used in saturday's shooting. now experts are questioning why he was not a candidate for new york's red flag law which allows police, family or school officials to ask a judge to prevent a threatening person from owning a gun. the store where the suspect bought the gun has temporarily closed after facing criticism
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online. ? we have more on that 8-year-old survivor west just learned she's the daughter of julie harwell, the woman seen on her knees distraught outside the supermarket. julie's partner said they all separated just moments before the shooting and julie didn't know her daughter had survived. >> at this point, all i know is she was out there and she is gone. so i'm hysterical, crying, trying to keep my daughter together. >> reporter: the family says it was the longest 20 minutes of their lives. a hate crime investigation is also underway in southern california after sunday's deadly church shooting. police say the chinese born suspect who was hog tied by elderly parishioners was angry over political tensions between china and taiwan. they say he chained the door shut and glued the locks before opening fire inside the presbyterian church in laguna woods, killing one man and wounding five others. the man who died was the first
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person to charge at the shooter before the pastor threw a chair at him. new details overnight about the critical shortage of baby formula. the government is taking new action to buy formula from overseas. but it won't be an immediate solution. abc's reporter is here to explain. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. despite the new action to boost supply, it could be weeks before families see any results. the fda is taking new steps to ease the baby formula shottage, including making it easier to import form last currently, about 98% of formula consumed in the u.s. is american-made. the fda warns the imported products potentially coming from the u.k., australia and new zealand, will take weeks to get here. >> we are seeking manufacturers from around the globe who may have available product that could meet our regulatory standards for both nutrition and food safety. >> reporter: in another move to boost supply, the nation's
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largest formula maker, abbott labs, has reached an agreement with the fda to restart production at its largest factory. the fda shut down the michigan factory in february for what it described as unsanitary conditions. but abbott says an investigation found no conclusive evidence linking its formula to infant illnesses. and despite the agreement abbott warns it could take two weeks to restart the plant. and another six to eight weeks to get the products on to store shelves. meanwhile, the makers of america's second largest formula have increased production by 30%, with operations now running aound the clock. te company says the war in ukraine has contributed to the shortage because ukraine is a major supplier of sunflower oil, a key degreed in some formulas. >> as much as we want to increase the production, we know we're taking care of a very vulnerable population and safety
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is absolutely paramount. >> reporter: here in washington, congress is working two bills. one for emergency funding to buy formula overseas, and the second bill would expand formula access for people receiving government assistance. andrew? >> thank you. president biden is changing u.s. policy toward cuba. the changes include expanding flights beyond halve an, a loosening restrictions on u.s. travelers and lifting trump era restrictions on money that can be sent to cubans. republicans claim the changes will benefit cuba's communist regime. today is primary day in five states, from pennsylvania all the way to oregon. one race includes dr. memorandumet oz who is running for senate. trump called into a town hall last night near philadelphia. take a listen. >> we don't want people that will sell out to china. i put in taxes and tariffs to
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china, hundreds of billions of dollars. nobody ever got ten cents from china until i came along. >> in march, polls show dr. oz trailing the businessman dr. mccormick but now oz is leading by two points. in the same race, the commentator has been seen on video walking toward the u.s. n proud boys. bargeett denies any connection to the group. in ukraine, hundreds of fighter have finally been evacuated from a steel plan in mariupol after 82 days. they were taken to russian-held territory as a deal was reached to exchange them for russian prisoners. meanwhile, ukrainian forces say they destroyed this bridge, stalling progress of russian troops in the east. >> time now for a look at your tuesday weather. it is a day for drying out and cooling down after strong storms rolled through the
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northeast yesterday. there were no immediate reports of damage or injuries. on the radar, clear skies and lower humidity today for the northeast. severe storms are possible today from wichita to kansas city, and des moines with damaging winds and hail possible. checking today's high temperatures, more record heat across texas. another day of high heat in the southwest and around 70 near great lakes. 98 in dallas. coming up, why your cell phone bill is about to get more expensive. >> also ahead, an arrest involving a
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. more discouraging news about
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gas prices. they rose 16 cents in the last week. experts say prices could average $4.75 by the end of the month with $5 a gallon becoming more common. millions of americans will also be paying more for their cell phone. verizon is joining at&t, raising fees next mofl it blames higher costs. president biden and amazon founder jeff bezos are fighting over inflation and taxes. it started when the president suggested having companies, quote, pay their fair share in taxes. that would bring down inflation according to the president. but bezos said biden's near trillion relief package has fueled inflation. now the white house is firing back. >> it's not a huge mystery why one of the healthiest individuals on earth opposes economic agenda that is for the middle class, that cut some of the biggest cost families face. fights inflation for the long haul, right? >> meanwhile, fed chair ben bernanke is predicting
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stagflation. that means slow growth with high inflation. a tragic ending to the case of a teenage order spring break in south carolina who went missing more than a decade ago. police now finding her remains and identifying her suspected killer. here's abc's derrek dennis. >> reporter: this morning, an answer to the disappearance of an upstate new york woman 13 years ago that gained national attention. brittanee drexel, last seen on spring break in myrtle beach, south carolina, in 2009, was kidnapped and brutally murdered, police say, by a man they suspected all along. >> every police officer has that one case that frequents their every waking thought. this was that case for many people. >> reporter: investigators have concluded raymond moody snatched her at just 17 years old, sexually assaulted and killed her before burying her body one day after her disappearance. moody, a convicted sex offender,
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is now charged with obstruction of justice, murder, kidnapping and first degree criminal conduct. police have not said how they determined he was her killer but her remains were found by investigators searching a wooded area. her parents, heart broken. >> weighing this out is tough on a dad, tough on a mother. but having faith and hope and what will get us through. >> today she would have been 30 years old. >> i've been waiting for this day for 13 years. ever since, you know, the day she disappeared. and i never thought we would get to this place. and we're finally here. and now i can get her back and lay her to rest. >> brittanee thanked police for their work. abc news, new york. >> thank you. coming up, remembering a beloved actress from andy
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you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription. ♪ there's a time for us to wonder ♪ >> that's maggie peterson on the andy griffith show. she died over the weekend. she also appeared on green acres and gomer pyle. she was 81. a major drug tunnel has been uncovered near the mexico border. it is 60 feet high with its own rail system connecting san diego and tijuana. people are facing charges for distributing nearly a ton of cocaine. new testimony at the johnny depp defamation trial. the actor denies abusing his wife amber heard and now heard is facing cross-examination. >> i have a baby. i want to move on. >> reporter: actress amber heard back on the stand in the
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defamation case brought against her by johnny depp. at the trial monday, heard testified that he abused her physically on multiple occasions and she used make-up to cover the bruises. >> after a day or two you get more purple in a bruise. so you would have to go with more of the red tones. >> reporter: in a contentious cross-examination, epidemic's lawyer pushed back. >> this is a picture of you and mr. depp at the event the night after mr. depp allegedly whacked you in the face so hard you thought he had broken your nose. >> did he whack me in the face and i did think it broke my nose. >> reporter: your nose doesn't appear to be injured in any of these pictures, does it, miss heard? >> that's why i'm wearing make-up. >> reporter: and make-up covers up swelling, right? >> no. ice will though. >> reporter: epidemic's lawyer grilled her -- depp's lawyer grilled her. >> you said that you had donated, end quote, your entire
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divorce settlement to charity, right? >> that's correct. >> you have not paid 3.5 mpbl million of your own money to the aclu. yes or no. >> i have not yet. >> and as of today, you have not paid $3.5 million of your own money to the children's hospital los angeles. correct? >> i have not yet. johnny sued me. >> her address, the infamous claim that she defense indicated in the bed. >> boo, you have to leave her in bed so she would be encouraged to go to the bathroom which would happen almost immediately once you put her on the floor and sometimes it happened in bed, too. >> heard is due back on the stand today. coming up, the tensions ahead of today's ufo hearing on capitol hill. >> also ahead, something you don't want to s no matter who you are, being yourself can be tough when you have severe asthma. triggers can pop up out of nowhere,
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time to check the pulse. we begin with the first public congressional hearing on ufos in more than 50 years. >> it will be interesting. intelligence officials are set to testify today about what the government knows about unidentified flying objects documented in a report last year without much explanation. u.s. military pilots have reported sightings for years. >> these unidentified aerial vehicles can basically do things that no earth bound vehicle can do. we don't know how to do athletic. it is really the appropriate thing the navy said, yep, these pictures are real. they're pinging our radars but we don't whack they are. >> i don't think muller and skully are testifying. there's a demand for
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transparency. next, they're not ufos but they could be straight from a horror movie. >> yep. worms from asia are invading yards in the u.s. they can jump a fat in the air and destroy soil by consuming organic matter faster handle the other earth worms. apparently mustard can bring them out of soil. next, a dream come true for a young drummer. >> he had a chance to play with pearl jam after the drummer got covid. the 18-year-old heard about the band's problem so he tested the lead singer who he knows. hours later, he was performing in oakland. >> they put us in a practice room with the whole band and we got to practice the song a couple times before the show. >> they were really friendly. super supportive. it seemed like they were having a lot of fun. i was having a lot of fun, too. >> the band watched a video of him before letting him step in. he has the hair for it. >> yes, he does.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: it could be days until kids get covid-19 booster shot. reggie: elon musk did to buy twitter takes another turn overnight. kumasi: good morning, it's tuesday, may 17. reggie: we will start with a check on the weather. drew: the wind is not as active as yesterday. we had wind gusting over 25 miles per hour but now we have a light onshore flow. so we are about 60 miles an hour with a strong gust and it will be a breezy afternoon. we are waking up to temperatures in the 40's and 50's.


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