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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 17, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: it could be days until kids get covid-19 booster shot. reggie: elon musk did to buy twitter takes another turn overnight. kumasi: good morning, it's tuesday, may 17. reggie: we will start with a check on the weather. drew: the wind is not as active as yesterday. we had wind gusting over 25 miles per hour but now we have a light onshore flow. so we are about 60 miles an hour with a strong gust and it will be a breezy afternoon. we are waking up to temperatures in the 40's and 50's.
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45 in santa rosa and 51 is the current temperature and look at this camera and it's showing you the moon. it's pretty full right now with clear skies overhead and we will find a lot of sunshine in the forecast. the sun rise is at 5:58 a.m. and 70's and 80's away from the coast but it's breezy later this afternoon we will look at the wind in the warm weather coming up in about eight minutes. kumasi: president biden will travel to buffalo to meet with the families of the 10 people who died in the supermarket attack. police say the shooting was driven by racist hate. we notes is coming as the president is planning to call in congress to take action. jobyna: president biden is expected to call on congress to take action on guns to keep them out of the hands with people with serious mental health issues. the suspect meticulously planned
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the attack at least two months before. the document shows how it allegedly -- he described tough supermarket is the first area of attack in one of the survivors is an eight-year-old. she was with her dad in the store when shots rang out and her mom was in another aisle. >> i was scared for my mom and i don't know what happens to her because she was at the front and i was at the back and i didn't know where she was, i thought she was gone. she is the best mom that i ever saw in the entire world. jobyna: she had from the gunman in a cooler. she and her debt escaped and were reunited with her mother and the suspect is being held without bail is being charged with first-degree murder. reggie: the man accused of the deadly attack in the southern california church is expected in court this morning.
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one person died and five were injured in that attack and the taiwanese congregation in arndt county took down the suspect. the church members pinned the man to the ground. investigators say the suspected gunman is a 68-year-old man and is a chinese immigrant upset about political tensions between china and taiwan. they jumped into action as the gunman reloaded. >> you hit the shooter with a chair? >> yes. reggie: investigators save the gunman had bags of ammunition and molotov cocktails. they changed some of the church doors and super glued blocks. when it comes to issues of gun violence, you can go to action. there is a list of local resources to give you a starting point. kumasi: the fda is expected to
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authorize shots for kids by thursday. this is what parents can expect. amy: at this time next week, elementary school children could arrive at school boosted and have access in the next few days and by next week, they could be boosted, the fda is expected to authorize the booster for kids ages 5-11 in the next couple of days and they could issue shots friday or saturday of this week. some parents and teachers say having the kids boosted will help give them peace of mind. dr. say any parent who has concerns about the safety of the shot should not be worried3 >> we see note evidence of any safety issues in this age group like we haven't seen any issues of safety issues in older age groups. amy: dr. say the extra shot is effective against the delta covid darian and it doesn't --
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but it doesn't work as well against omicron but it offers protections against hospitalizations and death. the state of california says children will be required to be vaccinated next year. reggie: thank you, you can pickup free covid test in antioch today. there is a giveaway that's happening later today from 3:30 p.m.-7 p.m. in the health department is doing this as part of its path to zero initiative. all of us can get free test because the government is offering a third round of covid rapid test in the two earlier rounds, family -- families ordered three rounds and now they can get 16. they will be mailed directly to your home. kumasi: there is new legislation to ban crib bumpers. present biden signed the safe sleeper babies act. crypt mongers or soft fabric as
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that tied to the insides of cribs. experts say they can be dangerous because they can have babies faces against the pad and they can suffocate. products have been linked with more than 200 reported debts and they will be banned in 180 days so you can see them off of store shelves in the next six months. there are new efforts to increase the supply baby formula. the house is working on a bill. president biden is offering formula makers and retailers transportation and logistics are in the fda says is taking steps to boost production. >> we have set up a mechanism that streamlines the ability for companies that don't normally sell incident formula just to sell infant formula to do so and it provides other flexibilities to domestic distributor's who can help increase availability. kumasi: the nation's largest formula maker abbott reached a deal with the fda to restart its
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production at its largest u.s. facility. the fda shut the factory down in february, citing unsanitary conditions. once production resumes, abbott says it will sit -- take 68 weeks to ship to stores. reggie: elon musk is made and new demands to take over twitter. he says the deal cannot move forward until the issue of the number of spam accounts is resolved and he made that comment in reply to another user early this morning. he paws the deal last week revealing that twitter believes 5% of accounts are fake stop he believes the number is much higher. all this is stoking speculation that elon musk may try to lower the price or just walk away from the deal. kumasi: if you see smoke in the rodeo area today, there is a prescribed burn. the wind was gusty so they canceled it yesterday. that can reduce the risk of a damaging wildfire by clearing brush. >> it reduces that fuel in the
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open space by providing a nice break between the houses in the open space that were very strategic that we would select a burn so it provides extra defensible space. kumasi: the burns will provide an opportunity to test out new technology. uc davis wants to put drones to fight the fires. ground sensors are used in engineers hope to have them ready to go in a few years. drew: we will find elevated fire danger inland tomorrow because of hot temperatures arriving and breezy conditions will continue in the afternoon stop you will feel the warming trend today. here is a live look from her san jose camera with the south bay looking beautiful with clear skies as the sun is slowly rising at 5:58 a.m. we have high pressure off the coast and low pressure to our east and the wind flows from
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high to low pressures of the onshore flow will continue as long as these two are set up in this exact place. that's today, tomorrow and into thursday. i don't think today is as windy as yesterday but by 3 p.m. today, the wind will gust over 20 miles per hour and stronger along the coastline and it continues for tomorrow. not only tracking gusty winds tomorrow but temperatures back into the 90's. it is sunny and warmer today. bright skies today and 66 in the city was 72 in oakland. even warmer weather moves in by wednesday. we are tracking 90's in our warmest spots inland and 70's and 80's around the bay shoreline. jobyna: we are looking at wind advisories from ch be post-up heads up to you there but we
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will start the live look in san jose. it's very clear and it looks beautiful from that camera. walnut creek looks beautiful with no locking issues from chp. there is a notice that this is the last week so good news from caltrans on this electrification construction project that has involved construction. that starts in 20 minutes and there will be three trains per hour and the same thing in the afternoon into the evening 3:30 p.m. if an 7:00 p.m.. reggie: a new major music festival is coming to san francisco. kumasi: and a woman to help women in business struck down because it hinders men. reggie: a first look inside google. kumasi: we will be right back.
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kumasi: california nodes women -- california's women on board law has been ruled
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unconstitutional and that required all public companies to eventually include a minimum number of women on their board of directors. judicial watch is a conservative foundation the challenge this law claiming it violated men's constitutional rights. the foundation issued a statement that read, thankfully, california boards have upheld the or american value of equal protection under the law. experts call the landmark law necessary considering the board's responsibility to oversee management. >> it make decisions like hiring and firing of senior management, compensation, the strategy of the company and basically are looking over the functions so there is not too much internal control. kumasi: experts say the law has led to change. the ruling can be appealed. reggie: microsoft think cybercrime could cause the world $10.5 trillion annually by 2025. that's up from the $6 trillion
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in losses in 2021. there is concern about our future in the metaverse. >> interest of the metaverse is growing as companies like facebook and microsoft work to build digital world. >> you could say the metaverse is the next version of the internet. it's been basically flat up to now but the metaverse becomes 3d. >> is the metaverse safe? the founder and ceo ofknow be fore, cyber criminals will want to steal your information. >> you have to defend yourself against bad actors who now are in this 3d environment with you and who can see you and talk to you and try to pull a scam. >> what happens when data inevitably gets hacked? >> you don't want to share too much of your private life on social media as it is. the metaverse is social media on steroids. you will be profiled much more in detail than ever before the
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nuts at hundreds but thousands of data points just you as an avatar in their metaverse. >> when the opportunity for you to explore the metaverse arrives, he suggest you take precautions. >> want to stay anonymous. you don't want to use your real name. you don't leave your address or your phone number or your email for anyone in the metaverse. financial information obviously needs to stay secure. >> he says to remember you don't really know the identity of the avatar you are interacting with, adding the ultimate thing you should keep in the back of your mind -- >> if the product is free, you are the product. sure, they will let you into this fantastic new world so you can build new stuff and it's great. in the meantime, what they are tracking about you is a humongous amount of data. reggie: we are getting a look inside google's new bayview
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campus in mountain view. about 4000 employees will work at the campus next door to the nasa ames research center which includes two office buildings, and 200 units to house employees who travel to the campus short-term work. google says bayview is a new future way of working. >> the ground level is like a vibrant marketplace. it's where a lot of the meeting rooms are, the cafes, the fitness and the upper level is more quiet. it's where teams are where they can be with their immediate teams of 6-8 people but also feel connected to their overall community. reggie: the campus uses solar panels and nearby windfarms to power 90% of the time. employees will start working there in the coming weeks. kumasi: if you love music, a major music festival is on its way to san francisco. the promoter behind coachella is bringing portola.
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music festival to the city and the lineup includes charlie xcx, james blake and other performers. it's happening late summer at san francisco's peer 80 and a kicks of september 24 and single day passes are $200 to start and you can get your tickets starting friday. reggie: were we talking about james blake recently? kumasi: yes, because i went to the ballet and they did a performance with his music and it was amazing. reggie: he is on this poster. so ismia. kumasi: how do you say portola. kumasi: when i was doing a story, it was in potola and people were saying it both ways. drew: i've never heard that. reggie: i'm with drew. kumasi: ok.
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drew: peer 80? i have to discover more, i thought i knew this place where? this city? that will be fun, the more music festivals the better. it's late september. reggie: so we are good. drew: that will be nice. you are with thousands of your friends. if you are going, you will probably have good weather and a similar story today. a lot of sunshine and temperatures above average in warming trend starts today and continues tomorrow afternoon most of their is the bright moon as it sets in the western horizon.
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tomorrow, the only issue is moderate here while too. the warming trend begins this afternoon. not only is the wind with us tomorrow and thursday but we have heightened fire concerns. it drops humidity levels we will watch that closely. oakland is at 51 and 53 in antioch. the sun will be effective and warming us up into the 70's by mid day and later, 70's and 80's in our irma's spot so many of us going above average. expect a lot of sunshine and breezy in the afternoon with the wind over 20 miles per hour.
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66 in the city with the breeze and 85 in santa rosa and we will have clear skies overnight. tomorrow, 90's make a return and 70's and 80's around the bay shoreline. a lot of sunshine and mild to warm conditions. reggie: coming up, the seven things to know this morning. kumasi: the trend and homelessness during the pandemic in one county says it dropped big town -- big time. reggie: and this live look outside at 5:2
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old. it can happen as soon as today and we will keep you informed. reggie: a special hearing on ufos to give an update on last summer's pentagon report that could explain one of the 140 four incidents reported by the military since 2004. drew: a warming trend gets underway today so expect a lot of sunshine for your tuesday. temperatures later on in the 70's and 80's. jobyna: we are following wind in terms of traffic. the chp has issued advisories for the san mateo bridge and all the rest of the area bridges. kumasi: the presidio picnic and twilight are ending permanently. they say covid, staffing and operational needs played a part in the decision to end these popular events. reggie: most of the bay area has seen an increase in homelessness during the pandemic. contra costa county had the
5:24 am
biggest jump by percentage with a 35% hike. it was up 22% in alameda county, 8% in marin county, 6% in napa and 3% in santa clara county. solutions are in the works. >> we have homeless people that are out of their luck, need a hand to get back on their feet. we have another group that's mentally ill, drug addicted and alcoholic. that's a different problem and we need to start for the governor calling for an city and county officials are starting to say what we need is rehab cents,otust wre people go wn they don'tn step you cannot say on the street, you they're going to the shelter ago into to a rehab facility. reggie: solano and san mateo counties have not released their figures. sonoma so i drop of 2% and san francisco saw a drop as well. kumasi: the mayor supported the
5:25 am
progress during the opening of 160 units of supportive housing. the building is on mission street at ninth and the mayors is a factor in decreasing homeless numbers was fast tracking transitional housing during the pandemic. >> it gave us an opportunity to not only cut a lot of bureaucratic red tape to get people into over 25 locations, 2600 hotel rooms, number of buildings purchased. kumasi: in the past three years, san francisco has seen an increase of 18% of people living in shelters and transitional housing. reggie: homeless shelter named in honor of alex trebek opens today in los angeles. this is from the ribbon-cutting last week. his family donated have a million dollars to help a nonprofit purchase the building and converted into a center with more than 100 beds. the building used to be a rollerskating rink. kumasi: the average price of gas in california has topped six
5:26 am
dollars. that's the highest statewide average we have ever seen. in the bay area, the prices are even higher in oakland and san jose prices are $6.12 and san francisco, it is $6.24. reggie: coming up opening day for the new food marketplace coming to the south bay. kumasi: a look inside the passage stretching from tijuana to san diego county. reggie: the cdc advice for all travelers coming up. kumasi: this is a live look outside at sfo. we will be right back.
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reggie: coming together to embrace the people of buffalo, the call for unity and justice in the bay area. kumasi: extra covert protection for kids age 5-11 in the likely timeline. reggie: voters in five states heading to the polls today and one of the most anticipated elections in pennsylvania. kumasi: the changes you might notice the next time you eat out. reggie: good morning, it is tuesday, may 17. kumasi: let's start with a check of our forecast. drew: we are tracking a warming trend but the wind is not as active as they were yesterday. the wind gusted over 30 miles
5:30 am
per hour and they are generally calm at less than 15 miles per hour but another breezy afternoon. we are in the 40's and 50's right now. a lot of sunshine on your tuesday so take your sunglasses with you with bright sky. it is a breezy afternoon on the way and we will take a closer look at the wind and afternoon highs in tomorrow will be warmer. we will show you that coming up. reggie: we could be days away from kids ages 5-11 being able to get a covid-19 booster shot. the fda's excited to authorize them today. we go live to the east bay this morning. amy: elementary school children
5:31 am
could be arriving here at school next week boosted. the fda's expected to offer eyes just to authorize the shopper kids 5-11 in the next couple of days. they could start giving them shots as early as friday or saturday of this week. some parents and teachers say this will bring them peace of mind and they have been waiting for this. dr. say even though the booster is not as effective against some of the variants compared to others, it is safe and recommended. >> we do know that with two jabs with delta, it can offer very good protection. we also know with omicron, doesn't work as well but it still offers protection against hospitalization and death. amy: demand for the booster in this age group is not expected to be high. only about a quarter of kids across the country ages 5-11 are
5:32 am
vaccinated. 28% of them have the covid vaccine and this is the lowest vaccination rate of eligible american. children under the age of five are not authorized to get the vaccine yet. clinical trials are underway to get that approved for that age group. a decision on whether they can receive it could be coming within the next month. reporting live in san ramon. reggie: thank you. get tested before catching a flight, that is the new recommendation from the cdc. the agency updated its travel guide for domestic travelers, encouraging testing for all domestic travel. that's different than the previous recommendation which just suggested testing for unvaccinated people. the cdc says it's best to get tested is close to your travel date as possible but no more than three days before. kumasi: i knew over-the-counter covid test can detect the flu. the fda authorize this at home test which can tell the difference between multiple respiratory viruses including covid.
5:33 am
this is the first test for three types of viruses. you have to send in your sample to labcorp. you can get the latest covid-19 up dates and we have a full-page on it on our website, reggie: the government is taking new action to buy baby formula from overseas. this won't be an immediate solution. jobyna: the fda's taking new steps to ease the baby formula shortage including making it easier to import it. about 90% of formula consumed in the u.s. is american-made. but the agency warns imported products potentially coming from the u.k., australia and new zealand will take weeks to get here. >> we are seeking manufacturers from around the globe who may have available product that could meet our regulatory standards for both nutrition and food safety. jobyna: and another moved to
5:34 am
boost supply, the nation's largest formula maker abbott labs his recent agreement with the fda to restart production at its biggest factory. the fda shut down the michigan facility as what is described as unsanitary conditions but there was no conclusive evidence. despite the agreement, abbott says it could take two weeks to restart the plant and another 6-8 weeks to get the product onto store shelves. kumasi: president biden and the first lady are on the way to buffalo, new york to pay their respects to the victims of the tops supermarket shooting. this is a live look at joint base andrews where the president is departing on air force one right now. his first stop will be the store were 10 people were killed sunday. in san francisco, there is a call to action to tackle racism as well as gun violence.
5:35 am
we spoke with church and city leaders. >> african-americans, humanity have been assaulted. >> reverend amos brown of san francisco speaking out monday about the shooting in buffalo, new york, one that authorities call a racially motivated hate crime. >> we in san francisco acknowledge that this city is not immune from the same violence. >> reverend brown was not alone. >> we must denounce this demon behavior. >> he was joined by religious and committee leaders from san francisco and oakland, a call for unity and justice. >> it is not acceptable and it's quite upsetting to see our brothers and sisters being killed and being hunted down. >> reverently right adams from the providence baptist church
5:36 am
spoke of his personal connection to his hometown of buffalo and the supermarket where this happened. >> i'm grateful that my mother is not there at that particular grocery store on saturday. she does go there several times but just on saturday, she was not able to make it. there is a nationwide meeting that was held monday among law enforcement agencies across the country. >> one thing i was impressed by this morning was the call to not let this happen, not let this pattern occur again. >> what vision desmond tutu said -- bishop, are you hopeful that things will get better? he loved him -- he looked at him and smiled and he said young man, as a christian i am a
5:37 am
person of hope. >> on wednesday, their rallies and visuals -- and vigils scheduled of the memory of those killed in buffalo. reggie: new developments in dallas, the fbi has no open to the old hate crime investigation into a shooting at a hair salon last week. all three shooting victims were korean women and all three survived. the suspect is not been caught. police say the suspect could possibly connected to two other shootings at asian owned businesses in the area. when it comes to issues of gun violence commute can find an ally but to action with a list of local resources. kumasi: new developments with the search rate missing east a woman. someone donated $50,000 for the reward fund to help find alexis gabe. the city of oakley offered a $10,000 reward for any information leading to figuring
5:38 am
out where she is. she was last seen in antioch at the end of january stepped over the weekend, her cell phone days was found and that has been sent to a crime lab for analysis. reggie: voters in five states are picking their candidates for congress and other offices today. the most anticipated vote will unfold in pennsylvania. former talk show host dr. oz has former president donald trump's endorsement for senate. senate candidate kathy barnett was marching with members of the proud boys on january 6. she has denied any connection to that. -- to that group. kumasi: what police now say happened in a spring break cold case from a decade ago. reggie: sky high airfares, we been complaining for weeks and we spoke with experts about when could we can expect these prices to drop.
5:39 am
right now, a check on the weather. drew: we will take a live look outside with just a little bit of patchy fog out there and mainly clear skies this morning step high levels grasp pollen and weed is moderate. make sure you wear that sunshine because the sun will be strong step let's talk about why it's been so windy. low pressure to the east and we have the onshore wind continuing every afternoon. with the wind, we feel armor temperatures. along the coastline, 20-40 miles per hour. today it is breezy and sunny and
5:40 am
warmer afternoon compared to yesterday was to 82 in concord and 80 five in santa rosa. wednesday we go back into the 90's full that continues for thursday as well. we will preview the weekend forecast coming up. jobyna: we are going to start with the drive times. we have no blocking issues coming in from the states. there is a wind advisory for all the area bridges. if you drive interstate 80 in solano county, get ready for a change.
5:41 am
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♪music playing♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california.
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kumasi: there has been a tragic ending to the case of a teenager reported missing in north carolina a decade ago. her remains have been found in the suspect has been arrested. >> a major developing in a spring break vanishing cold case. >> the charges are murder, and criminal social conduct in the first degree. >> the remains were confirmed to be the 17 euro who disappeared in 2009 while partying with friends in myrtle beach.
5:44 am
identifying raymond moody in the investigation is a person of interest. at the time, they didn't have the evidence to name has a suspect. her remains were found 2.5 miles from a motel where moody was living at her disappearance in this morning, and abc news exclusive, her mother speaking out. >> i never thought we would get to this place and we are finally here and now i can get britney back and lay her to rest. kumasi: people are charged after the discovery of this massive cross-border drug tunnel that stretches from tijuana to southern san diego county. the tunnel was more than 1700 feet long and had a rail system and electricity and ventilation. it was first found friday night and the six people arrested or accused of trafficking more than 1700 pounds of cocaine. for the first time in more than 50 years, congress will hold a public hearing on ufos.
5:45 am
the house intelligence subcommittee is going to discuss the pentagon's progress in investigating uap's or unexplained aerial phenomena which is the new name for ufos. the hearing will likely give an update to the report from laster that can only explain one of the 144 incidents reported by the military since 2004. investigators found no evidence that the sightings were from extraterrestrial life but they said it's a possibility. >> reggie: i will have to get used touap. travel experts they are desired to get away is exploding this summer and so are airfares. how much more are you paying and will these prices come back down? michael finney is here with what we can expect. >> airfares are getting more expensive. >> the return of travel season came with a shock, fairs rising faster than ever.
5:46 am
>> the airfare increased 18% in the past month. that is a record high. i think it's leading to a lot of sticker shock. >> a surgeon jet fuel prices is one reason for fair hikes. >> 126% rise in jet fuel prices is going to be passed on to the consumers. >> is not the only reason. airline slowed operation during the pandemic and are struggling to ramp up staffing and airplane delivery. >> rebuilding that capacity takes time and network planning and which flights will be run from which airports with what crew on what plane. >> you are seeing the airlines trimming their schedules because they don't have enough i listen i don't have enough ground crew. >> the biggest factor could be a pent-up desire >> to travel. travelers are willing to pay much more to go traveling. >> domestic flights are 34% higher than they were in 2019.
5:47 am
international flights rose only 2.5% stub that's mostly due to less demand but it won't stop here. >> they are expected to increase more as we get into june and we will see prices closers to $420 for domestic round-trip tickets compared to $260 and 2019. >> fares from san francisco spiked in some cases not others. it found the average round-trip to new york is 628 dollars, up 99% since 2019. >> from chicago, 560 seven dollars, up 100% stub to honolulu, it's $480 which is down 2%. >> we sought flights in san francisco to barcelona for $286 round-trip and to las vegas for 78 bucks. prices can still be popping up
5:48 am
abundantly. kumasi: i like abundantly. reggie: we were paying more attention to that story than any other. both experts say they expect airfares will start to drop in september and october. when the summer travel season ends and people go back to work and school is when it should be over. if you have an idea, send it to abc7news. go to on your side to share your story. kumasi: inflation is showing up on your restaurant bill. it's also on your to go order so you likely noticed that over the years, candy bars shrink or ice cream comes in smaller packages when inflation hits. consumers are calling this
5:49 am
shrink inflation. it's happening now to your restaurant meals. some companies are putting less meat on the sandwich or ordering lesser quality meat. some are offering fewer fries or fewer wings. you have to ask how many wings come in the order. you have to clarify. drew: someone's giving away free wings. it's like a few less. drew: maybe instead of a dozen, you get 10. reggie:reggie: i don't like the restaurant putting us on a diet. kumasi: you know you didn't eat all those fries but i will. reggie: let me choose. kumasi: if you put all the fries on there, i will probably eat all of them stuff drew: what's your favoritedrew: type of fright? kumasi: we can have a full discussion on that. reggie: don't say curly fries. kumasi: i do like waffle fries. drew: what about steak fries?
5:50 am
kumasi: they are not done although in the middle sometimes. i like crispy. reggie: all right. drew: outside this morning, we have a pretty picture, a live look with generally clear skies and if you patchy areas of low cloud cover but we are waking up to pretty quiet and clear morning. light wind this morning and it will be breezy later this afternoon most a warming trend gets underway today and it alerts thuday, w heightened fire c. when temps air humidity to low levels and we will watch that closely. we are in the 40's and 50's right now.
5:51 am
45 is the current temperature. future tracker temperature shows 11:00 a.m. and the temperature effective it coming except please of 60's and 70's before lunchtime. we will find 70's and 80's and 80's in our warmest spots. it's sunny today and warm compared to yesterday with temperatures above average but breezy in the afternoon. 60's and 70's in the bay shoreline. generally clear skies and little if any fog with numbers in the upper reasoned upper 50's into wednesday. sunny and warmer today and that warming trend continues tomorrow with 90's in london that continues for much of the week. out their plans, lots of sunshine and temperatures above average for this time of year. reggie: pixar's next project in the animation city asks what if toys had feelings or cars had feelings and what a had feelings?
5:52 am
the new twist with the release dates. kumasi: also new features coming to your iphone. another crazy day? of course—you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business, with fully integrated security solutions all in one place. so you're covered. on-premise and in the cloud. you can run things the way you want—your team, ours or a mix of both. with the nation's largest ip network. from the most innovative company. bring on today with unbeatable business solutions from comcast business. powering possibilities™.
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reggie: set up new features to help people with disabilities. one is called door detection that can tell a blinder low-vision person if it doors open or closed. it can also read symbols and bathroom signs and give descriptions like if there is a tree or person in front of you and there will be a magnifier feature for iphones to magnify objects and people in the new features will be available later this year. kumasi: two food truck events at the presidio served their last meals. the presidio picnic in its evening version have ended. the trust and off the grid issued a joint statement saying
5:55 am
covid and staffing cuts and operational needs and the presidio tunnel all played a role in this. the two groups say they made make a run again in the future. there is an opening day for the bay area location. eatole is opening at westfield valley fair in santa clara. this will have quick dirt -- quick service counters. it has hired many of the 300 people needed to operate this location but it's holding recruiting events this week to fill out the rest of its positions. drew: are you the one obsessed with it? reggie: i like it as well. drew: three floors? that will be fun. i think that's a thursday. we can go. looking outside, it's beautiful, 40's and 50's so this camera
5:56 am
showing you the sun coming up in about three minutes. clear skies and we are expecting a lot of sunshine out there. it's breezy this afternoon with wind onshore shore gusting over 20 miles per hour but today, you will feel the warmer air move-in compared to yesterday with numbers going up above average. 50's and 60's along the coast and then you hop in london we are well into the 80's by the afternoon. 82 in concord and 72 in oakland. a lot of sunshine and 66 in the city with the breeze. tomorrow, 90's will make a comeback in our warmest spots. kumasi: some top stories we are following at 6 -- three covid night -- free covid-19 tester coming to your door. back to bartz, the ridership records hit over the weekend and the new contest and you back on board.
5:57 am
hotel cleaning habits, the top hospitality group in north america is urging you to get your room cleaned more than you are. we will be right back. booking most cruises can be complicated. but this isn't most cruises. this is celebrity cruises. and we think cruising shouldn't be confusing. so, on our award winning vacations drinks, wi-fi and tips are always included. every sailing. every room.
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you're a champion. you're not a quitter. quitters don't do what they're supposed to. champions do. and you're a star. and you shine. that's what you do. that's what you do every day. [inspirational music] >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: now at 6:00, president biden heading to buffalo. he and the first lady lying now to pay their respects after a
6:00 am
racist attack at a local supermarket. the president's plan to get powerful weapons off the streets. reggie: booster shots coming for kids, the age group that is next up just in time for summer break. plus -- >> oh, no. oh, god. kumasi: my goodness. hold onto the rail. a baseball stampede at the a's game. this all-out race with a flock of young fans. [laughter] kumasi: she did not know what was going on. holding on for dear life. good morning, everybody. it is tuesday, may 17. reggie: we will get to all of that but first, drew. drew: breezy conditions later on but this morning it is not nearly as windy as it was yesterday morning. remember this time yesterday it was over 30 miles per hour. calm conditions with a light breeze, all in all a light start
6:01 am
to our tuesday morning.


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