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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 17, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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ama: there is new travel guidance from the cdc recommending travelers get tested no more than three days before they fly. kristen: back to the fda approval for a booster for children five to seven years old. luz is part of our vaccine team and has what parents should keep in mind. luz: as covid cases increased throughout the country, the fda authorized a covid-19 booster for children five to 11 years old. this group would have to wait at least five months after getting vaccinated to get a booster. >> you think is necessary for this age group to get boosted? >> i think necessary depends on whether or not you believe that there is a risk. and there is definitely a risk for children. luz: this doctor at stanford says the vaccines traction for
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children decreases after about five months. it has been seven months since a vaccine for this age group was authorized. dr. kornfield says a booster now is timely. >> your recommend for children in this age group to get boosted now or should they wait for the next school year when they are going to be exposed to more kids? the best data that i have seen suggests that 30% of kids five to 11 throughout the united states have received both vaccines for kids five to 11. i do not believe you should wait. luz: the mission while this pharmacy is gearing up to offer boosters for children five to 11 years old. throughout the pandemic, they have held vaccine clinics in over 20 area schools. now they are planning to explain the importance of the booster. >> the fact that we have fda authorization is really important, particularly for people who want to see the data. i think it is really reassuring too many families.
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luz: pediatric hospital admission rates have increased by 57% in the last month. if your child got covid, dr. kornfield says it is best for them to wait 90 days before getting vaccinated or boosted. >> ament looking at the data that was submitted to the fda, it seems that there were no additional safety concerns relative to these boosters. >> and san francisco, abc7news. zach: joining me now is dr. patel. thank you for joining me today. >> thank you for having me. thank you for the platform trade we can bond over this because we both have young kids. ama: i am in the under five group, but we are talking about this five to 11 group, so how important is today's news? is this going to make a big difference in the fight against covid-19? >> i think on an individual level, especially for kids with underlying medical into may be in a high-risk apartment, that
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is a big game changer, especially if we see good safety data after the meeting. in terms of the grand scheme, i don't think this is a game changer because you look at the vaccine is approved for kids five to 11, 2 shots, only 30% of those kids have been fully vaccinated, so there is no indication were go to see a massive rush to get this booster, which i'm not same as a good thing. that is just reality. ama: that is just how it is played out. who exactly should get the booster? is it everyone or just those who may have a higher risk? >> i would recommend that if we see -- i keep stressing this, but if we see good data coming out of thursday's meeting, we want to see what the cdc's advisory committee on immunization practices really says. then anyone out there who has kids who are already fully vaccinated should consider getting the booster when it should be something that is especially important for parents out there who have kids with underlying conditions, such as asthma, heart disease, cancer, etc. ama: i feel like with summer
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coming up, with everything more open, people are going to be doing a lot of camps and things like that. there is going to be a lot of things with kids out of schools. when we see shots going into arms? >> we've seen headlines saying fda approved the shot, but this committee that is going to meet on thursday with the cdc, th do. isis wt thso if they approve thy say we would actually give a shout to our own children, that should give parents a lot of trust. the cdc drucker signs off on it, she usually does following recommendations. we may see approval as early as this weekend, so any parents out there who are following the data, who have kids who are high-risk or in the high-risk community should be paying close attention to when that approval comes. ama: i always have people reaching out to me saying have you heard anything about the vaccine for the five and unders? where do we know about that? >> that is what people like you and i are paying attention to and there will be meetings in june to look at that. parents can expect if everything goes according to plan, which
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are member, we pay close attention to efficacy. just because a vaccine is up for approval, does not mean it is automatic. we should see a vaccine approved by the end of june. we are keeping a close eye to what could potentially happen this fall regarding any other surges. so i agree with the previous assessment that people should just go right now. if your child did have a previous omicron infection, it is ok to wait parents should be on high alert for breaking news. ama: we are always on high alert. all right, thank you for joining us. we appreciate hearing from you. take care. kristen: traffic a tallies are the highest they've been in years. -- traffic fatalities. they report estimates nearly 43,000 people died in vehicle crashes last year. that is up more than 10% from 2020. that is despite the fact that miles traveled last year are below pre-pandemic levels. abc7 reported dustin dorsey tells us what san jose is doing to cut down on deaths on the road.
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dustin: simply walking on the street in san jose can be deadly. 33 people have been killed on city streets this year after another fatal collision yesterday. it was the 19th pedestrian fatality in the 31st deadly traffic accident of 2022. >> the contrast at this time last year in 2021, there were 17 collisions resulting in 18 fatalities and three of those being pedestrian debts. dustin: last year, san jose tied to the all-time death mark and it is not just in the south bay or even the bay area. >> people all over the nation or try to figure out what is happening. we've seen this nationwide surge in the beer and fatal traffic crashes. dustin: the national traffic association estimates traffic fatalities reached a 16 year high last year and in 2022, they are projecting the highest number of deaths in nearly two decades. in san jose, we saw a 22% increase from 2020 to 2021 and an 80% increase from this year.
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a factor in this, more people are driving in 2022 than in years past according to the san jose department of transportation. >> when the economy started to open up in the second half of the year, we saw fatalities take up good and it looks at that same ad behavior that people started to adopt during the lockdown and the work from home time continued even as people where driving again and out on the streets again. dustin: to curtail bad behavior police will increase traffic enforcement. d.o.t. says when police broke more tickets, the reviewer fatalities and sj pd hopes this could make a difference. >> arc patrol units who in every time, in addition to taking calls for service, are dedicating time specifically to enforce traffic in the areas where there is the most need. this is specifically in western divisions and southern division. dustin: drivers and pedestrians need to be more aware of their surroundings. one moment of not paying attention could cost someone their life.
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in san jose, dustin dorsey, abc7news. kristen: the city's plan to kill hundreds of geese is facing fierce opposition. animal rights advocates will hold a save the geese rally in front of city hall. they are upset foster city has applied for a permit to kill geese in order to control their population. the number of geese in the city has exploded from 180 in 2020 to 323 last year. residents near the lagoon and beach areas say is everywhere. tests have shown increase bacteria levels in waterways. ama: turning out to the weather. things are going to heat up across the bay area this week. so let's head right to abc7news meteorologist bike for a first look at the forecast. michael: we have hot temperatures. we are in the middle of a warm spell it right now and that warm spell is going to peek tomorrow. and then we're going to see the warm spell taper for a couple of days, but then we have this fire weather watch, could go far conditions for thursday and
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friday. it goes from 11:00 in the morning thursday to 8:00 in the evening friday. and right now, it is mainly solano county. check with the national weather service in monterey which covers the rest of the bay area and they're watching cripple our conditions, but our fuels and -- where little bit more moisture laden, wind will not be as fast as what you're going to see in this area of orange, especially from interstate five to the western part of sacramento valley. that is where the greatest danger of fire is going to be. member, maintain your defensible space. you have today, tomorrow, most of thursday to do that. create the action plan and have a kid ready because if you have to go, make sure you have the evacuation route and meeting place planned also. even warmer temperatures on the way this weekend. ama: happening now, president biden and the firstly are hosting a reception to celibate asian american and native hawaiian and pacific islander heritage month. >> abc seven news anchor dion was an invited guest and she joins us live from washington
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dc. >> quite an honor. dion: my heart is still beating. at first, i did not think this day would be real. the invitation popped into my inbox saying on behalf of the president and the first lady, that they would like me to attend this heritage event at the white house. it was not until that reservation actually went real that i knew this day it was true. now, take a look at some video and photo i took from the rose garden today. there were 100 50 asian americans from across the country in attendance. here is after they know kim taking a selfie with me and congresswoman from new york, grace. elected leaders had to enter a lottery system to attend good to of the winners, san francisco city attorney david and assembly member evan. shortly after 4 p.m. eastern time, the first lady and ambassador catherine, the united states trade representative and the first asian woman to hold that title, and vice president
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and oakland noted, harris spoke. then the president himself spoke addressing the former secretary of transportation and san jose mayor. mr. biden spoke of their friendship and her legacy. >> norma was born in san jose california, and immigrant. from japan. as an 11-year-old. spent three years in incarceration camp, more than 120,000 japanese americans across the country. but with every reason to be angry and resentful, he chose to believe in himself, to believe in america, and to believe in his country. dion: norms two sons were in attendance and what a wonderful trip into their father. lots of the area representation. by the way, no trip to the white house would be complete without this, a selfie with the president, himself. as he took my phone, i noticed there was a shadow across my face, so i asked him to move his
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arm slightly so we could have a clear picture. this photo and the memories i hold from today will last a lifetime. part of me still it does not believe this afternoon happen, but i am so incredibly grateful to represent journalism at the white house today. >> looked incredible could all read, thank you so much. to be an ally, go to action could we have a most of -- a host of local resources to support the community. searching for ufos, lawmakers dig into the mysteries today on capitol hill. cleaning up. from wastewater to water recycling and meta-security.
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taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. ama: for the first time since the 1960's, the topic of your post is being discussed in the capitol hill hearing. a house intelligence subcommittee is discussing progress in investigating origins and threats posed by unidentified on. abc's news reporter like as a look at today's hearing. ike: moments like these challenging the limits of physics raised potential security risks that were too big to ignore. >> my gosh. were going against the wind. the wind is 101 miles per hour. ike: the military releasing this 2015 video showing naval pilots off the coast of california completely stuck.
4:16 pm
>> we were seeing it nearly every day. ike: for the first time since the 1960's, numbers of the house intelligence subcommittee and top pentagon officials discussing the topic of ufos. now referred to as you aps or unidentified aerial phenomena on. >> we are committed to a focus effort to determine their origins. ike: in 2000 for the pentagon a knowledge tracking more than 140 reports of you aps, but today, deputy for naval intelligence scott gray says efforts to encourage pilots to report mysterious encounters has swelled the number they are investigating to approximately 400. last year, a government report found a definitive estimation for only one of the encounters. they say at the video was a distortion stemming from light passing through night vision goggles. as for a second video showing a shiny spherical object. >> i do not have a vaccination for what this specific object is. -- i do not have an expo nation for what this specific object is.
4:17 pm
ike: the military has never recovered not terrestrial wreckage. the pentagon says it is determined to remove the stigma associated with reporting settings. >> unidentified aerial phenomenon are a potential national security threat. ike: navy and air force crews have step-by-step process for reporting right in the cockpit. abc news washington. ama: the scientific committee wants more collaboration in the search for extraterrestrial life. this morning on our -- excuse me, 7:00 a.m. streaming discussed, the senior planetary astronomer from the institute in on view says there is a disconnect right now in the search for you aps between astronomers and military intelligence, which has recordings of identity and for objects. >> we have a sky camera looking at the sky and we have not setting -- not yet seen anything like this in the sky. so it is a present to us that the military seems to have more recordings and people seem to be
4:18 pm
recording more advance. and we do not see those. >> frank wants a scientific community to have access to recordings. he believes there is likely life on another planet, he just does not know if it is microbial or more intelligent. >> yeah, i mean, it's a big world out there. >> you would think they would let us know if they were here maybe. >> maybe. right.y want to sneak n o.>> oh my goodness, well, you know it's not sneaking up on you as the warming trend we are living through right now. and the other one that is coming later on in the seven-day forecast. here is a beautiful look from sutro tyler, our first warm wave it peaks. we will have those increasing fire aaynd friday and then we'll have an inland heatwave that begins saturday. temperatures right now, look at this, up to 11 degrees warmer in sync carlos, 13 in livermore, so let's head to our inland bay neighborhoods.
4:19 pm
livermore is at 81 degrees are now. we got 85 in antioch, concord, 84. comfort in danville, san ramon, 75 degrees. 76 in mountain view annd sesi.x d san francisco. 73 in nevada and 77 in napa right now. the breezes as usual kicked up this afternoon, gusting around 38. 20 in san francisco and oakland, and 18 in livermore, so you know the windmills out there on the ultima pass, they are making some electricity thanks to this wind. it will be fastest or not :00 it will continue on in an easterly trajectory, so watch out on the north-south bridges. as far as what is happening cloud was, look at how clear it is, even along the coast. as we talked about yesterday, sunshine was going to take over. from emeryville, a gorgeous evening where temperatures will be in the 50's at the coast from 7:00 to 10:00. mid to upper 60's around the bay and inland and low to mid 60's at 8:00. sunsets and we drop into the mid
4:20 pm
and upper 50's by 10:00. area of high pressure exerting influence over us. pushing the storm track to the north through tomorrow. and it is going to bring us a pretty seasonal night tonight with very limited clouds and few patches along the peninsula coats. otherwise, we're looking at clear conditions. 51 degrees. for tomorrow, we will have sunshine just about everywhere again. look, we jump up, about eight to 50 degrees warmer than average. -- eight to 15 degrees. of her 70's to low along the peninsula. how about some 70's for downtown and south san francisco. mid to upper 80's to most of the north bay taking you to sonoma, calistoga, low to mid 90's there. hward and newark. and as we had inland, san ramon a lesson 10 will try to buck the while everyone else around 90 to 95 degreesen. maybe the first time someone was turning on their
4:21 pm
air-conditioner. if not then, looking ahead, bibby saturday, sunday, monday, or tuesday inland. -- maybe saturday. here's cooler weather with a dry cold front. even though we drop two to six degrees, we are still warmer than average. saturday, you can see we took off once again with 80's and 90's around the day and the coast. what free a condition, i should say the bear dusty baker and inland. that is when you go to the coast. i hope you have great evening. back to you. >> thank you, mike. the trouble with traveared new plan for flexible travelers good will talk about what that means to you coming up
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>> gas prices hit another record. overnight the price in california top six dollars. according to aaa the prices at $6.02, that is the highest date white average ever. in the bay area, the price is higher. in oakland and san jose, the average is $6.12. san francisco, it is 624. >> it is time now for consumer news. 7 on your side's michael finney is there with a look at today's headlines. michael: the federal government is cracking down on financial institutions misrepresenting their product. today, the nation's top consumer protection bureau issued a warning against misusing the
4:25 pm
name or logo of the fdic. the federal compositensceit cam. it is concerned that companies selling cryptocurrencies might use the fbiinto s misad thinkinr money is protected. it looks like more americans are buying electric vehicles. regiermbstrati oons shot up by a whopping 60% in the first three months of this year. now, while tesla is still the top choice, the economy ev market is growing. about 40 million electric vehicles are expected to be on the road by 2030. southwest airlines is rolling out a new fare that gives passengers more flexibility. it is called want to get away plus. with this fair souse what -- southwest travelers could transfer flight credits were different passenger. passengers can switch their flight we different time without added charges.
4:26 pm
the only catch is the flight must have the same destination on the same day. that is quite a restriction, but still. >> just ahead, good news on the horizon in the south bay for people sensitive to odor. plus, palms on a mission. their efforts to give
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- i'm norm. - i'm szasz. [norm] and we live in columbia, missouri. we do consulting, but we also write. [szasz] we take care of ourselves constantly; it's important. we walk three to five times a week, a couple miles at a time. - we've both been taking prevagen for a little more than 11 years now. after about 30 days of taking it, we noticed clarity that we didn't notice before. - it's still helping me. i still notice a difference. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7news. >> the latest in the supermarket massacre that left 10 people dead. president biden visiting buffalo new york calling it a racist rampage an act of domestic terrorism. reporter derek waller from our
4:29 pm
sister station in new york has the latest. derek: with his most forceful language yet, president biden denounced white supremacy. and the racist white replacement theory. investigators say it was espoused by the buffalo shooting suspect in hundreds of pages of writings found online. >> hate that through the media and politics, the internet, as radicalized angry, alienated, lost and isolated individuals into falsely believing that they will be replaced. that is the word, replaced. derek: biden calling for congress to pass a ban on assault weapons like the high-powered ar rifle used in the massacre. >> we can keep assault weapons of our streets. we have done it before. >> the president and first lady also visiting the site where those 10 black americans were murdered. placing flowers and bowing their heads in prayer, before meeting
4:30 pm
with the victims families. >> my message was they are going to be paying for a long while. -- they're going to be in pain for a long while, but they will get to the point where something will open the closet door or theieythr favol ilrite ice cread they will think of the person they lost. derek: buffalo mayor byron brown was in the room pretty >> the president spent a lot of individual time with families and i think that it's very hopeful to the healing process. derek: it buffalo new york, derek while her, abc7news. >> and san jose a wastewater plant is building a new indoor facility that will eliminate drying sludge in the sum. david louis explains an additional benefit and serving as a magnet for women engineers. david: 466 years, the sludge generated by trains and from wastewater from homes and businesses from eight south bay cities has been dried in the sun along the edge of the bay. that is 100 million gallons of wastewater per day.
4:31 pm
those days are numbered. a groundbreaking was done today as work begins on an indoor sludge dewatering facility. $175 million project that will be complete in 2025. until then, the son tried will continue to be trucked to cap a nearby landfill site. >> this will change that process and will actually use the material for fertilizer, or composting, so it will add to the environment which we nice. david:ft t new i t ope wl up 700s davi e traspaces for recreation. >> there will be an additional benefit. >> will benefit from the project because they are next-door. it will get the odors off of these sludge treatment areas. david: the site is home to burrowing owls, whose numbers are declining. because of its positive environment to impact, this project has also had a very strong inclusion and diversity aspect.
4:32 pm
attracting a lot of women engineers. 15 of the 50 engineers working on the the sodi project are women. >> you can see what you do for the environment and it is a rewarding experience, much more so than doing construction and other things. i think it just feels like you are making a difference. david: the biosolids are too rich in nutrients to be used as fertilizer without processing. in the near future, the hope is the dried sludge could be used by farmers and growers in the central valley. and san jose, david louis, abc7news. >> with california mired in drought, the state is looking at innovative ways to save water. governor newsom toured a water recycling plant in southern california. >> water recycling is about finding new water. not just accepting the scarcity mindset. being more resourceful in terms of our approach. if they are successful scaling this water recycling project at the scale they are proposing, there will never have been a project like this in u.s. history.
4:33 pm
>> this year's budget includes more than $7 billion to address the drought. emergency regulations take effect next month to combat water usage. >> we are less than a month away from the primary election. and san jose, one of the hottest items on the ballot is not a global candidate, but a measure. if it passes, mayoral elections in san jose will be moved to happen the same year as presidential elections. abc7news reported zach fuentes has more on why and supporters say it will increase voter participation. zach: dozens of women made up of groups rep resenting latinos came together making a push for a yes vote on measure b. the measure hoping to increase voter turnout for san jose mayoral election. >> it is want to get out and exercise their god-given right to vote. zach: a yes vote means in 2024, the election for san jose mayor will be moved to the same here as the presidential election. it would limit the term of the person elected to mayor this
4:34 pm
year to two years, leaving them free to run for 24-year terms. -- two more for your terms. >> aligning with presidential years would increase the latino turnout by 150%. zach: not everyone agrees with the proponents of measure b. san jose city council voted 10-1 to bring the measure to the ballot. councilmember deb davis is listed on the argument against measure b with four other local leaders. in a document, they say moving the election to a presidential election year will mean at mayoral candidates will have to work a lot harder and spend more to campaign. they say local concerns will be lost in the midst of the national election and not focus to increase voter turnout should be done in other ways. according to a poll commissioned by the organization silicon valley rising action, a majority of san jose residents are in favor of moving the oral elections. >> nearly six to 5% of people really want this measure to be passed. zach: regardless of measure b's outcome, committee leader and vice mayor blanche alvarado says the work to increase voter
4:35 pm
turnout cannot stop after the june 7 election. >> we have to engage with the community about the issues of our times. directly. not only odd election time. zach: zach fuentes, abc7news. >> childcare advocates are calling on the governor to sign a bill that would provide stable funding for child care providers. now that more people are working more flexible schedules. assembly bill 1649 would guarantee payment to childcare centers based on the hours they are open. right now, they get reimbursed only fort lee hours of attendance. >> it is unjust to expect small businesses, largely women of color to have to constantly be living under the threat that this lifeline might disappear. >> childcare providers say the bill will allow centers to stay open for parents with lexical schedules that may not always know what days they will need childcare. >> the secret lives of cats and security in the metaverse. the four at
4:36 pm
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>> and s time for the fourth for putative spencer and by joining the conversation. this is interesting, congress held its first meeting in more than 40 years on the existence of ufos or you aps as they call them now. you aps stands for unidentified aerial phenomena on. officials say most sightings can be explained. drones, but not all. while there is no big announcement about life on another planet, there was a promise to treat ufos with
4:39 pm
seriousness. >> yeah, it is important to study this, but what is your theory, spencer? spencer: i don't have a theory except i read all of the reports and it appears that whatever these objects are that are going to be viewed, they are moving in a way that defies physics as we know it. so if indeed this is some life form visiting us, but is way more advanced than we are first of all, it has a bodie to get here and is moving in ways that we cannot even -- as i said, that if i physics. >> is it a shock that it is more advance we are question mark >> not a shock. not a shock at all. >> the speed and the direction and their ability to change direction at that speed i think is really what is astonishing. and i would really like to know what is causing that. >> look, i have always believed there is other life out there. it's a big universe, right? we cannot be the only ones on this little planet earth. in this little solar system. >> where the most intelligent
4:40 pm
life form? >> that is debatable. >> we may not even be the most intelligent life form on this planet. >> alright, well you probably already know to keep your information private on social media, but what about in the metaverse question mark abc news reporter reena roy has a look at how you can stay safe. reena: interest in the metaverse is growing as companiee facebook and microsoft worked to bu lild digital world. you could say the metaverse is the next version of the internet. but as the dutch is the metaverse safe? founder and ceo of no before says that just like on the internet, cyber criminals we trying to steal your information. >> you're going to have to defend yourself against bad actors, who now are in this sweeping environment with you and who can see you and talk to you and try to pull a scam appeared reena: what happens when it data inevitably gets hacked? >> the metaverse is social media on steroids. you're going to be profiled much more in detail than ever before. reena: when the opportunity for
4:41 pm
you to exploree the metaverse arrives, stu suggests you take precautions. reena: you want to stay anonymous. you don't want to use her real name. you do not leave your address or your phone number or your email for anyone in the metaverse. financial information obviously needs to stay secure. he says to remember that you do not really know the identity of the avatar you are interacting with. adding the ultimate thing you should keep in the back of your mind. >> if the product is free, you are the product. so, sure they are going to let you into this fantastic new world and you can build new stuff and it is great. in the meantime, what they are tracking about you is a humongous amount of data. reporter: reena roy, abc news new york. >> we are the product. mike, what you think about that? mike: we are the product every day. if you really think about it. >> on facebook, twitter, everything good on google. >> just keep using the same
4:42 pm
precautions you use now, just on a different platform. >> if you are using a fake name, spencer, you got to imagine that a person on the other end is using a fake name. spencer: exactly. it is kind of a disturbing and slightly scary new world, isn't it? mike: i'd like to know what some of your victims are. >> between that and the uaps, there's a lot of craziness. >> i go to my settings and make everything as private as possible. >> might as well have a fake name. >> very good could all right, a new study found that many of us are ready know, that some of the best places to live in the country are right here in the bay area. the ranking by u.s. news & world report has san francisco intent because of its good job market -- san francisco intent. san jose came in at number five for having high-paying jobs of the overall well-being of residents. the top spot went to huntsville, alabama, which i have never been to, so i without to hear. as anybody been there? >> i've been there a couple times. >> both of you question mark
4:43 pm
what is great about it, tell us question mark. >> last time -- not to put huntsville down, but last time i was there was probably in the mid-90's. and i was not terribly impressed in a positive way. >> nasa is there, that is one of the things. there are a lot of high-paying jobs in a very economically affordable place to live. >> that hurts us here. >> it's kind of an island in the middle of that area and some of our earliest radar technology for television based out the national weather service came out of a company in huntsville also. >> there you go. >> well. mike, if we ever do team jeopardy, you're on my team appeared >> lots of useless knowledge. >> only behind spencer. >> all my knowledge is useless. >> spencer is my first pick in your my second pickard >> we
4:44 pm
have a lot of knowledge on cats apparently now. cat lovers, yep. a new study finds that cats understand their own names and the names of other cats in the same household. and when cats stare, it is because they were confused. so if your cat is not responding to its name, it is not that they do not understand you, they are just ignoring you. >> so cats are like teenager? >> yeah, or the occasional husband. >> cats are good at ignoring us, aren't they? i think cats are pretty cool. >> as a kid i had a cat. >> does it respond to its name? >> no. >> so it's ignoring you? >> yes, i am third on the pecking order. i thing my son has overtaken my wife as his favorite. >> how you earn a cats love? >> total attention, affection and feeding him. >> that is usually ait.
4:45 pm
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>> nine bay school district have new bush's -- new books in
4:48 pm
the library. to tell the story of being inclusive, that it's ok to be exactly who you are. here is abc7news reporter amy hollyfield. amy: these second graders at nystrom elementary school in richmond are listening to a new story today. from a new lgbtq of forming bk -- affirming book, one of 3500 lgbtq plus book set up and donated to bay area schools. the donation is from gender nation, the nonprofits founders say they want kids to find comfort and hope in the pages of these books. >> and today matters because i hope kids that see this coverage of this event or are here on campus, that they get a message loud and clear from your presence, that you are loved. you are needed. and you are beautiful exactly how you are prettyamy: the state superintendent was on hand to show his support saying he is proud books so be on the shelves
4:49 pm
of 234 schools in nine bay area school district. >> the research proves what we know in our hearts. that one we support all gpd -- lgbtq plus students they do well academically. they do bow well -- they do better with attendance. >> some of the book titles include pride and it is ok to be different. for parents out there who are uncomfortable with this or do not want their children to have exposure to books like this, the state superintendent says they are doing this to keep kids safe and he believes these folks are age-appropriate. >> the books to create space for children, if they want to ask questions. but they are very thoughtful in how they are written. and i think they are written in a way that students can see themselves. >> he says it is important for students and faculty to support each other, including lgbtq views.
4:50 pm
and he kicked off that support by reading one of the books himself. to an attentive group of second graders. in richmond, amy hollyfield, abc7news. >> disney's 2020 two pride collection is out. check out the collection on disney's website, shop it is the first to be branded the disney pride collection instead of the rainbow disney collection. it includes brands and franchises such as star wars and marble and was all designed by members of the lgbt q plus community. 100% of profits from the collection will go to organizations from now through june 30. of course, disney is the parent company of abc 7. >> all right, some of those look really nice. ok, it is going to start to get warm really fast. are you ready for that? >> plus windy if i recall? mike: the wind will be an issue
4:51 pm
thursday and fire -- friday with critical fire conditions in solano county. what we would really like to see get hotter and warm up our the bats in open. the twins are in town again once again over at the coliseum, 6:40 first pitch, 63 down to a breezy 57 this evening. tree pollen is up there once again. we got all of, pine, hickory and pecan. the uv index very high again tomorrow. mostly sunny sky. a little haze today, but you know, that is as high as we rose on the scale. that is moderate. most of us are going to be green. not only tomorrow but thursday and friday. santa clara valley, some of those areas could go moderate once again. tomorrow, look at these temperatures, anywhere from eight to 15 degrees warmer than average. with some 90's and the north bay and also the east bay. and friday, we are looking at temperatures above average from 68 in san francisco to 88 in fairfield. 90's are creeping in as we head towards saturday and also sunday, but you can always go to
4:52 pm
the coast for the comfort. temperatures will be stuck in the 60's there to near 70 in san francisco. by accuweather 7 a forecast, a little bit of a roller coaster in temperatures thanks to a dry cold front tomorrow. behind that cold front, we get dried gusty breezes and the heightened fire danger thursday and friday. and high-pressure settles in, wind, down and temperatures shoot up that well above average for saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday. a touch of summer the next seven days. >> thank you, mike. how would you like to surf every day? how about 700 days in a row? that is just what one boy did and he is just 11 years old. why he did it, coming up next.
4:53 pm
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smart bankers. convenient tools. one bank with the power of both. chase. make more of what's yours. fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california. >> coming up on abc 7 at 8:00, catch holy moly followed at 9:00 by the chase. who do you believe comes on at 10:00, and stay with us for abc7news at 11:00. an 11-year-old boy is catching the true spirit of surfing usa.
4:56 pm
after serving more than 700 days in a row. abc news reporter will has the story. will: for the last of 722 days in row, carter has been having a swell time . >> it's the most beatable thing when you can see the way come right over you and just go with it. it is amazing. will: the fifth grader has been surfing since he was five, but the idea to hang 10 every sickle day was the solution to a pandemic problem. >> covid, since there was nothing to do. reporter: everyday after school, 11-year-old carter swapped his backpack for a board. where there ever any days where you look outside your window and you were like i don't know if i can do this? >> yes, a lot of rainy days. reporter: his worst day in the water? >> it started raining everywhere and a shark chased me out of the water. i got out, went to my mom and said did you see that? reporter: carter's doubt is a
4:57 pm
fire department lieutenant and on the beach patrol. >> he will check the tides, check the weather, check the wind. and make sure that when carter goes out that he is as safe as possible. reporter: carter is using saving to spark a title wave of charity. starting with a local animal rescue. >> they found a bunch of cats in a box that were very sick and i wanted to start helping animals. reporter: carter has collected more than 2610 goods for a local pantry, raised $1500 for surf aid in over $1000 for save the children. one week from today, carter will have served every civil day for two full years. if you want to follow him, follow him on instagram at carter catches waves where mom uploads daily surfing videos every day. will gantz, abc7news new yorker >> that's going to do it for abc7news at fork awkward abc7news at 5:00 is coming up next.
4:58 pm
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news and that breaking news is in redwood city where a motorcycle police officer has been hit by a car. it happened near 5th avenue and bay road. we have learned that the injured officer has been a member of the south san francisco police department for at least 15 years. she was redwood city as part of a step program that involved cooperation among neighboring police agencies. she is listed in stable condition, but apparently sustained major injuries. thankfully you'll be glad to know she is expected to make a full recovery, even though she's badly hurt. we will continue to follow this story and bring you any update just as soon as we get it in the meantime, good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley and i'm a dates our other top story is newly released data showing an increased wild. ir risk across the country the risk associated wilir


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