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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 18, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now on "america this morning," breaking news overnight from the midterm primary elections. tv doctor mehmet oz and his senate race too close to call. but elsewhere a victory and a loss for former president trump. the surge at the southern border. the new record just set as the biden administration responds to critics claiming not enough is being done to secure the border just days before a major policy change could take effect. breaking right now, climate crisis, the new figures just in on greenhouse gas levels and sea level rise. what scientists have found. the johnny depp/amber heard defamation trial taking a new turn. the video of actor james franco shown in court.
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a first of its kind deal. two soccer sisters score an endorsement deal with nike. they haven't even graduated high school yet. amazing catch times two. the same fan catches two home run balls in one inning. and there's no such thing as a free lunch, but one food delivery app tried to offer one. the chaos that followed. good wednesday morning, everyone. i'm andrew dymburt. >> and i'm rhiannon ally in for mona. we want to begin with breaking news. another election night and another election race that's too close to call. >> dr. oz will have to wait to see he is if the winner of his senate primary race. in the meantime, former president trump has picked up a big win and a big loss in a different state. >> abc's em nguyen is here with the results from the midterm primary elections. em, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rhiannon. the senate primary in pennsylvania was the marquee race last night, and it's still
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too close to call. this morning, the republican senate primary in pennsylvania is likely headed to a recount with the leading candidate separated by fewer than 1,000 votes overnight. >> thank you, thank you. >> reporter: tv personality dr. mehmet oz addressed supporters just before midnight. >> when all the votes are tallied, i am confident we will win. >> reporter: minutes earlier dave mccormick sounded confident about his slim lead. >> we can see victory ahead, and it's all because of you. >> reporter: the pennsylvania race is a critical test that could determine control of the u.s. senate next year. the primary winner will face john fetterman, pennsylvania's lieutenant governor who secured the democratic nomination for senate last night despite undergoing a heart procedure just hours earlier. fetterman's campaign announcing that doctors implanted a pacemaker and defibrillator tuesday following fetterman's stroke last week. >> he can and should, you know, completely recover from this,
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but what it does disclose is that his heart disease appears to be more substantial than previously disclosed. >> reporter: overnight fetterman tweeted his thanks. voters in five states headed to the polls as a new poll revealed president biden with only a 40% approval rating. the same poll showed 65% of americans are concerned about how things are going in the u.s. with 21% saying they're scared. in north carolina congressman ted budd won the senate primary after being endorsed by former president trump but the backed candidate in north carolina's house primary, madison cawthorn, lost his bid for re-election. >> a mixed bag for former president donald trump who endorsed an unprecedented number of races. but in one of the big surprises of the season so far, congressman madison cawthorn going down in his primary. >> reporter: cawthorn faced
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criticism from both sides of the ail after several scandals. back to pennsylvania, doug mastriano won after trying to overturn president biden's win in pennsylvania in 2020. rhiannon. >> thank you. immigration is one big issue in the midterm elections and the surge at the border just hit a record high. u.s. officials encountered more than 234,000 migrants at the southern border in april. title 42, which allows officials to immediately expel migrants, is set to expire on monday unless a judge intervenes. the secretary of homeland security insists the border will not be open. >> that does not mean that the border is open beginning on may 23rd. we continue to enforce the laws of this country. we continue to remove individuals who do not qualify for relief under the laws of this country. >> mayorkas went on to say they also plan to increase prosecutions for illegal
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crossings and crack down on smugglers. investigators looking into the deadly crash of a boeing passenger jet in china back in march now say it was likely an intentional act. sources confirm that u.s. officials believe one of the pilots deliberately sent the 737 into a nosedive killing all 132 people on board. they believe that that pilot was struggling with undisclosed issues before the crash. >> the most chilling aspect of this, even just the initial speculation that it might have been a pilot who wanted to kill himself and take everybody else with him is that it's happened before. we have to be much more aggressive in the international community in finding out how we can make sure it never ever happens again. >> china eastern airlines reportedly said it has not found any evidence of mechanical problems. now to the breaking news overnight about the suspected buffalo grocery store shooter and the hateful messages he allegedly spewed online. we're learning that a small
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group of people was allowed to view his private chat log minutes before the attack. more disturbing details are now emerging about the 18-year-old accused in the buffalo supermarket shooting. in messages online authorities say he appeared to write about his parents having no idea that he had been collecting weapons in his bedroom and apparently financing his purchases of ammunition by buying and selling silver coins. the posts also suggest the teen took part in animal abuse alleging that his mother gave him a box to bury a cat he had killed and overnight, abc news learning the suspectjust 30 minutes before last week's shooting invited a small group of people to view his private chat log on the online community platform discord, which he allegedly used to plot his attack. it's unclear who was in that group. >> the level of hatred in the heart and head of this individual is stunning. >> reporter: investigators say the suspect carefully plotted the attack for months first visiting the store in march then again last friday, one day before police say he opened fire.
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all ten people killed were black and now we're learning the suspect also allegedly mentioned hasidic communities in both new york and new jersey in his online posts including jersey city, the scene of an attack on the local jewish community back in 2019. ♪ trust me ♪ >> reporter: in buffalo last night, the historically black neighborhood gathered near the tops supermarket to remember the victims. earlier an emotional president biden visited with the victims' families and called the attack a racist rampage and called out politicians and members of the media for fueling hate. >> we have to refuse to live in a country where black people going about a weekly grocery shopping can be gunned down by weapons of war deployed in a racist cause. >> the suspect has pleaded not guilty to first degree murder. and last night attorney general merrick garland said the justice department will
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relentlessly investigate it as a hate crime. turning to the economy, the chairman of the federal reserve is sending a clear message about rising prices. jerome powell says the fed is prepared to keep raising rates until inflation is under control. meanwhile, for the first time ever, average gas prices now top $6 a gallon in california and five other states are seeing average prices top $5 a gallon. the critical shortage of baby formula nationwide has resulted in two children being hospitalized in tennessee. a toddler and a preschooler got sick after being forced to use a substitute for their specialized formula, which is manufactured by abbott. both children are recovering. one is receiving iv fluids. and for the other, doctors modified a formula designed for adults. >> we had to take a formula that's not really, you know, designed for what we're using it for, and we've had to create some additions and bases in adult formula and alter it to
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where it will work for the patient. >> it could take eight weeks for abbott's products to return to store shelves. the severity of the world's changing climate is the focus of a new report from the u.n. the report finds that greenhouse gas levels, sea level rise and the heating of the oceans, all of them set new records last year. the report also confirms that the last seven years have been the warmest on record. it warns climate change will be felt for centuries unless something is done about it soon. time now for a look at your wednesday weather. the national weather service confirms a rare tornado touched down in new hampshire earlier this week. 90-mile-per-hour winds took down about 1,000 trees and knocked out power. no injuries were reported. on the radar today rain and scattered storms in the midwest and plains and a storm in the pacific northwest could dump 15 inches of snow in the cascades. checking today's high
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temperatures, more record heat across parts of the south but comfortable, 70-degree readings for the northeast. coming up, the best places in america to live. the city that just came in number one. >> it might surprise you. but first a deadly day at the beach. the frantic effort to save teenagers trapped beneath sand. and later getting thrift
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back now with the best places to live in america. u.s. news and world report came up with a list by looking at the 150 biggest metro areas, judging their job markets, the quality of life, and the value.
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so huntsville, alabama, came out on top. second place, colorado springs, colorado. and then green bay, wisconsin. now to a tragedy at the beach. a teenager has been killed after digging in the sand on the new jersey shore. just the latest in a string of reason cases like this. here's abc's report he. >> reporter: this morning, one teenager is dead. another rescued after sands collapsed on them at this new jersey beach. >> one is buried up to the chest. another one is below the sands. >> reporter: first responders were seen frantically passing buckets of sands late tuesday, trying to rescue the two teens who were reported trapped in tom's river. police say the two were digging a large hole in the sand when it collapsed on them. 18-year-old levi who was visiting from maine, died. his 17-year-old sister got out alive. and we've seen similar tragedies
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in reason weeks. in utah last saturday, a 13-year-old died after sand collapsed on him while he was digging into the side of a dune at a state park. family members saw it happen. about 25 minutes later, ean's body was recovered. six and a half feet beneath the sand. >> it is pretty rare. the biggest thing we see is holes on the beach. >> reporter: in santa cruz, california, within the last month, first responders rescued children in two separate incidents. both trapped by sand after digging holes. life guards say they do train for these situations. >> as we get on the scene, we'll ask how big the person was, how deep the hole was, where the person was in relation to the hole, where they were so we can get to the air way the fastest. >> reporter: as more people head to the beach in warmer weather, experts say if you're going to dig to the sand, dig no deeper than the knees of the smallest person in the group. do not dig tunnels, do not dig
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into sand embankments and fill the holes up afterwards. it is because of cave-ins and people can be buried in just seconds. >> thank you. the first congressional hearing on ufos in 50 years left lawmakers searching for more answers on tuesday. the pentagon is looking into roughly 400 unexplained objects. nearly three times as many as first reported. officials admit, some of the situations are baffling but they do want to encourage members of the military to report them. >> we have our questions. we want to know what is out there as much as you want to know what's out there. we get the questions not just from you. we get them from family members. we get them night and day. not just in committee hearings. >> last year's so-called pyramid hearing. officials say it was likely
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it could change the future of medicine. it could change the lives of millions. see what mrna could do. moderna this changes everything. back now with the pope and his remedy for knee painful francis was speaking with mexicans and tells them he needs tequila to deal with it. explosive new testimony at the johnny depp-amber heard defamation trial. he is suing her after she wrote an essay saying that she was a victim of domestic abuse. >> reporter: amber heard facing cross-examination in the $50 million defamation case brought by her ex-husband, johnny depp.
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epi depp's lawyer pushing back, saying they argued about the divorce to make the case that it was depp who was the victim. >> i don't want a divorce. never wanted a divorce. start punching on me. >> so mad. i lose it. >> you got physical with mr. depp often, didn't you? >> i had to defend myself the best i could. it didn't seem to make much of a difference. >> you couldn't control yourself, could you? >> i tried to defend myself when i could. but it was after years of not defending myself. >> heard previously testified that depp was jealous of her and that led to violence. but depp's defense team played audio attempting to show that it was her that was jealous. >> to go run, come on, go be a real married man. go deal with it the way a real man does. run to the next house.
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every man does. go. >> depp's team also returned to the night in 2015 which left depp with a severed finger in wh which she said he sexually assaulted her. >> there was not a single medical record reflecting treatment for any of those injuries, is there? >> i didn't seek treatment. >> depp's team showed this video which they say shows heard taking actor james franco to her apartment the night before she filed for divorce. franco can be seen resting his head on her shoulder. he testified he believes heard and franco were having an affair. >> today, heard's sister along with an actress who once dated johnny depp are both expected to testify. the heat rallied to take celtics. jimmy butler scored 41 points for miami. a pair of high school soccer players just scored an endorsement deal from nike. it is the company's first name
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image and likeness deal for high schoolers. they are sisters from los angeles. they're set to play at stanford. the terms of the neil deal have not yet been disclosed. coming up next, a kangaroo invasion. >> plus, the food d if you're always asking, “where next?”... capital one has the travel card for you: venture x. earn 10x miles on hotels and 5x miles on flights booked through capital one travel. venture x. what's in your wallet?
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lunch promotion, which was actually not free, it was a discount, but the grubhub app and website immediately began crashing because the app was averaging 6,000 orders per minute. restaurants couldn't keep up. one customer dade who could have predicted that grubhub offering free lunch to new york would be a complete disaster. what a shock. >> no such thing as a free lunch, right? next to fenway park where one fan had the inning of a lifetime. >> he caught not one but two home run balls in the same inning. the first over the green monster and the guy grabbed it. >> a few batters later, he caught another one. houston tied a record hitting five home runs in that inning. >> unbelievable. and finay, f m down uerinathisocceram stormed field, whereelse, e players stop
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news.
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>> new video showing a scary crash involving a police officer on the peninsula. a man who called 911 reveals what he saw. kumasi: the votes are in and one big race is likely heading for a recount. reggie: analyzing the wildfire risk that your home. the danger today as we head into the hottest day of the week. kumasi: the warriors facing the mavericks tonight in the next round of the nba playoffs. good morning everybody, it is may 18. reggie: drew, it is hard to think we are going to be in the 80's and 90's. drew: today is the hottest day of the week and you will see why in just one second. some pockets of air. antioch already starting this morning at 64 degrees. a clear view outside.


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