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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 18, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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crash involving a police officer on the peninsula. a man who called 911 reveals what he saw. kumasi: the votes are in and one big race is likely heading for a recount. reggie: analyzing the wildfire risk that your home. the danger today as we head into the hottest day of the week. kumasi: the warriors facing the mavericks tonight in the next round of the nba playoffs. good morning everybody, it is may 18. reggie: drew, it is hard to think we are going to be in the 80's and 90's. drew: today is the hottest day of the week and you will see why in just one second. some pockets of air. antioch already starting this morning at 64 degrees. a clear view outside.
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we are fog free over the city and we are in store for another sunny to warm and hot day. 70's and 80's by lunchtime and then for clock, look at 80's to mid 90's. well above where we should be for this time of year. average is typically in the 60's and 70's. we will take a closer look at these highs and show you a preview of the weekend coming up. kumasi: the risk of wildfire is going to be high over the next few days but experts say the risk could be elevated for months and even years to come. amy hollyfield joins us live with what experts are saying. amy: it is going to be a warm day and this dry brush is going to be on the minds of firefighters today. crews have been working on controlled burns to try and create firewalls around communities.
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a study out of uc irvine gives those burns a thumbs up, saying they are effective and that we should be doing more of them. >> studies show winter and spring are seasonable times of the year that more fires should be done to help mitigate these extreme wildfires that we could see in the future. amy: the problem is the weather that climate change is bringing. it makes it tough to schedule those burns. contra costa county had to cancel one on monday because of the wind. this is the last window, for those controlled burns. in june, they are just too busy to put resources on controlled burns. reggie:. thank you. -- reggie: thank you. the state is looking for innovative ways to save water.
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>> water recycling is about finding new water, not just accepting the scarcity mindset. being more resourceful in terms of our approach. if there is successful scaling, this water recycling project at the scale they are proposing, there has never been a project like this in u.s. history. reggie: this year's budget includes more than $7 billion to address the drought. emergency regulations take place next month to cut back on water usage and that includes a limit on outdoor watering and possible fines for people who don't comply. from drought to wildfires to much more, you can see our climate watch coverage on the abc 7 bay area streaming app. kumasi: a vigil is planned in oakland tonight the victims of the supermarket shooting in buffalo, new york. president biden and the first lady visited the city yesterday, to honor the 10 people killed in the attack.
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they left flowers at a memorial and during an impassioned speech, the president called the attack a racist rampage. >> i condemn those who spread the lie for power, political gain and profit. white supremacy is a poison. it is a poison running -- it really is. running through our body of politics. it has been allowed to fester and grow in front of our eyes. kumasi: investigators say the suspect plotted for months, even visiting the store on two separate occasions. reggie: a south san francisco motorcycle officer is recovering in the hospital after a car hit her in redwood city. surveillance video shows the impact, and the officer launching into the air. this happened yesterday afternoon at the intersection of fifth and bay road. we want to warn you, you may
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find this difficult to watch. >> surveillance video shows the moment a south san francisco motorcycle officer was hit by a car in redwood city. as she comes behind the large truck with her lights and siren on, you see a blue sedan blow through the stop sign, hitting the officer and sending her into the air. >> this is the south san francisco police department motor operator. >> south city police say the officer is stable, taken to the hospital with moderate injuries. she has been with the department for 15 years and was in redwood city as part of a remote -- as part of a program that involves cooperation from neighboring agencies for traffic enforcement. residence nearby say unfortunately, creches here are common. >> not surprised at all. i would not want to be in this intersection on a motorcycle. >> the intersection is a four-way stop. >> people don't know who got
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there first, so they all go whenever they want to go. it is a dangerous intersection. >> a witness to the crash says the blue car did not stop, slamming into the officer, losing control and then hitting another vehicle parked at a gas station. as quickly as it all happened, evan says he remembers seeing the officer on the ground and he immediately called 911. the driver remained on scene. they sustained minor injuries and they are cooperating with the investigation. a corporal with the police department says the officer is expected to make a full recovery. kumasi: developing news this morning, another election night and another race that is too close to call. voters in five states headed to the polls today. pennsylvania will be heading to a recount. dr. oz will have to see if he is a winner of that primary race.
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>> john federman, the state lieutenant governor secured the democratic party nomination for senate despite undergoing a heart procedure just hours earlier. on the republican side, less than 1000 votes separate dr. oz and david mccormick. oz is backed by former president trump. both candidates addressed supporters last night. >> when all the votes are tallied, i am confident we will win. >> we can see victory ahead, and it is all because of you. >> in north carolina, congressman ted budd won his state's republican senate primary after being endorsed by former president trump. the trump backed candidate in north carolina's house primary lost his reelection bid. reggie: we are less than a month away from california's primary election. in san jose, one of the hottest items on the ballot is measure
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b. dozens of women dressed up as rosie the riveter to make a push for a yes vote. if it passes, the mayoral election would be moved to the same year as the presidential election starting 2024. >> by moving it to align with presidential years, it would increase latino voter turnout by 150%. reggie: mayoral candidates would have to spend more to campaign and local issues could be lost in the national election. they believe efforts to increase voter turnout should be done upwards. drew: we are in store for ari -- for a warm to hot today. here is a live look. we are completely fog free this morning. we have clear skies with a lot of sunshine on the way. the wind is still an issue. high pressure is building,
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creating warmer weather this afternoon. there is still a weak area of low pressure in southern california keeping san diego relatively comfortable. but the wind is focused right around northern california, so again this afternoon, we will find the wind pretty gusty and close to the coast. again we are feeling those breezes once again, strongest along the coastline and they will ramp up even more as we head into thursday. solano county will be under a fire weather watch because of strong gusty wind. we are talking 90 in antioch, 87 in san jose, 92 in santa rosa and we are going to 73 degrees later on today. we have that warmth that intensifies today and it stays pretty warm. we will track gusty wind and talk more about that fire weather watch coming up in about nine minutes. but first let's talk traffic. jobina: good morning.
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we are going to start in half moon bay where we are following an alert. this crash happened yesterday at 4:00. a power pole came down and there are lines across the roadways. it is closed and there is no estimated time as to when that will reopen. a live look in oakland showing the coliseum camera. we do have wind advisories. chp has issued advisories the bridge and also through the altamont pass as we wrap up with a live look at the san mateo bridge. kumasi: happening tonight, the warriors are taking on the dallas mavericks at chase center, game one of the western conference finals. the dubs are in the conference finals for the sixth time in the past eight years. the warriors have the edge on playoff experience heading into this series. >> our guys have guts. they are not afraid of anything. that is where our experience
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helps us. it is good to lean on that, but it is not a solution for anything. we've got to do this with this particular team. >> we haven't faced the warriors, as the best in the league for 10 years. they know what it's about. kumasi: tipoff is at 6:00 tonight. tickets starting around $200. reggie: another case of a taking of a pet. kumasi: a beloved substance abuse treatment home where many people say they got their lives back is on the verge of closing. reggie: a live look outside. we are coming right back.
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reggie: a substance abuse treatment program that has been operating for more than 40 years is on the verge of closing. the decision is devastating to the more than 50 women and children who live at the house. liz kreutz reports the impending
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closure caught county officials off guard. liz: for more than 40 years, athena house has been a safe haven for women and children facing addiction. >> i feel safe on this property. liz: where alumni say they got their lives back. >> you come in when somebody has just gotten into the program and empty, and you come back in a couple weeks and see the light and the spark and the hope. liz: but athena house is on the brink of closure. the nonprofit that runs the program says that due to rising costs from inflation and challenges from the pandemic, the can no longer afford to keep it going. they decided to shut down the program and have told all the women and children to leave the home by the end of july. >> i was given a phone call and it was devastating.
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we had a process group and a lot of them cried. liz: many of the women who graduate from athena come live here, but this village is also scheduled to close. the women tell us it is unclear where they will go. >> there won't be anywhere for these women to go. that is the truth. liz: she oversees athena house re tha50 and children, many of whom could soon be homeless. >> because of athena house, i have learned how to live, free of drugs, free of alcohol. liz: since the announcement, dozens of former athena house alumni have shared videos pleading for the program to stay open. they have started a gofundme and they hope anyone will step in to help. officials with the county say they are disappointed by the closure and hope to find a solution to keep it open. >> weather that is funding from the federal government, state government, county or private.
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i don't think anybody cares where it comes from. kumasi: the state will appeal a ruling that overturned a law requiring -- a judge law -- ruled the law violates the right to equal treatment. the state defended it as constitutional saying it was necessary to reverse a culture of this, nation. these qatari of state spoke with politico, saying -- the secretary of state spoke with politico, saying they were disappointed. reggie: a api leaders from across the country attended a reception at the white house to mark a api heritage month. abc 7 was a guest and here is the proof. a selfie with the president who addressed the crowd and mentioned the a compliments of his good friends. >> he spent three years in an
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incarceration camp, one of many japanese-americans across the country. with every reason to be angry and resentful, he chose to believe in himself, to believe in america. reggie: two elected leaders from the bay area, city attorney david chiu and a summary member evan low also attended yesterday's event. they won their tickets in a lottery system. kumasi: if you see a straight animal, it might be best to leave it alone. another case of somebody who mistook a baby fox for a pet. this is the fox. a woman in placer county apparel he thought it was a kitten -- apparently thought it was a kitten. reggie: really? kumasi: rocklin police got a call from a concerned family member. animal control did confirm that this is not a kitten, and
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officials took it to a wildlife rescue so it could be cared for properly. reggie: i could see you thinking that is a kitten if you've never seen a kitten before. kumasi: that is what it would take. drew: from this vantage point. kumasi: the angle? reggie: i don't think that is a kitten. drew: i don't think i think it was a cat -- i don't think i would think it was a cat. kumasi: would you think it was a fox? maybe the color? i'm just going to leave it alone. reggie: we are learning a lot about what foxes are and what cats are not. drew: whenever going to get that segment, is it a dog -- when are we going to get that segment, is it a dog? put the picture up for like 20 seconds and then we will hear from you. reggie: we are doing the work. drew: this is what you need to
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know. good for us, if you like warm weather today. feeling like summer. today is the hottest day of the week but even tomorrow and friday, temperatures are still above average this time of year. clear skies. not a breeze to be found. it is warm to hot with sunny skies. fire concerns get elevated tomorrow and friday as the wind strengthens. even over the weekend, a wide range of temperatures. the coast is comfortable but we are hot inland. out there right now, it is a mixed bag of temperatures depending on where you are. some cool spots in the north bay but even inland we are starting off in the 60's. highs in the south starting in the 80's. 84 in cupertino. along the peninsula, 81 for palo alto.
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the coast is in the 60's. 73 downtown. 87 in petaluma. 89 in vallejo. 81 in oakland and inland, we are hot in the 90's. overnight tonight, we will hang on to this warm air. 50's and 60's under mainly clear skies. tomorrow morning through friday, we will see some gusty wind and very low humidity. we are watching very closely for any new fires that could come up. fire danger tomorrow. it remains breezy but warm over the weekend. even early next week, we will track a lot of 90's. reggie: coming up, seven things to know this morning. kumasi: the outside land daily lineup, plus your first shot to buy tickets.
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reggie: did you see this? i saw it when i was driving this morning. when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie. ♪♪
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drew: here are the seven things to know this morning. today is the hottest day of the week. seeing a lot of 80's and 90's this afternoon. 87 in san jose 73 in the city. kumasi: a new study has found the risk of experiencing a wildfire is going to double in the next 30 years. controlled burns could be key to preventing damaged homes. reggie: the president and first lady visited buffalo, new york to pay respects to the victims of the supermarket shooting. a vigil is planned in oakland at 6:00 p.m. tonight. kumasi: foster city officials are trying to get rid of these animals in and around marlin park, they say pose a potential health risk to humans. reggie: the cdc is expected to meet tomorrow to discuss the rollout of covid-19 booster shots for kids.
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the fda gave emergency authorization for kids ages five to 11 yesterday. jobina: a heads up if you take bart to work. they are experiencing a 20 minute delay at both the sfo and antioch directions. kumasi: game one of the western conference finals between the warriors in the mavericks is tonight at chase center, and tip-off is at 6:00. reggie: lawyers for actor johnny depp have concluded their cross-examination of actress amber heard in a defamation trial. here is andrew dymburt. >> amber heard cross-examined. >> he knows he is lying. >> heard facing off against ex-husband johnny depp as she wrapped up her testimony in the bombshell defamation trial. depp's team challenging heard's claim that she was sexually assaulted in 2015. >> there is not a single medical record reflecting treatment for any of those injuries. >> i did not seek treatment.
5:25 am
>> and playing audio recording of her admitted to fighting with depp, something she claimed was defensive. >> i get so mad i lose it. >> surveillance video also played in court of actor james franco visiting heard the night before she filed for divorce. we will have more of the courtroom fireworks plus a preview of what witnesses will take the stand next coming up at 7:00. kumasi: single day tickets go on sale today for outside land in the festival just released their daily lineups. the big headliner on friday is r&b singer sza. single day tickets, $175. the three-day festival starts on friday, august 5 at san francisco's golden gate park. i saw them. reggie: the skeleton twins? kumasi: that was cute.
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reggie: i don't know what that was about. kumasi: they looked happy. reggie: i just saw the fog everywhere. kumasi: that is why you need the skeleton onesie. reggie: coming up, a lot of us count our steps and calories. now disney world is doing it with animals. kumasi: also san francisco's mayor addresses talks of new mask mandates with rising covid cases. reggie: and a new way to pay, that is not involve swiping your card or tapping your phone. kumasi: we will be right back.
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: unintentional hack -- an intentional hack. why investigators do not think this was an accident. kumasi: rolling out covid
5:29 am
booster shots for kids ages five to 11. one doctor is explaining what parents need to know. reggie: ramping up production of baby formula. a look at how the nation jake largest maker is to sting supply during the nationwide shortage. kumasi: this is a battle. it has become a messy problem at a local park. the controversial option to get rid of these animals. reggie: good morning on this wednesday. kumasi: let's check in with drew for a look at the forecast. drew: today is the hottest day all week. we expect widespread 80's and 90's this afternoon. kind of a mixed bag of temperatures right now. around the bay shoreline, generally in the 50's and inland we are seeing spots in the 60's. location is key as to how cool it is. the moon and the sky, clear
5:30 am
skies over the city with lots of sunshine and we are quickly warming. by noon we are into the 70's and 80's. into the afternoon, you will end up going into the 90's. growing up -- going above average compared to where we should be. the hottest spots in the 80's and 90's. we will take a closer look at these highs and also give you a preview of what to expect heading toward the weekend coming up. reggie: that hottest day of the week has a lot of us thinking of fire risk and now we have a better idea of our individual chances of seeing fire in our backyards. amy hollyfield is live. amy: here is a pretty look to this beginning of this warm day that we are expected to have. we are just hearing that it is going to be warm weather for the rest of this month, warmer than average and the wildfire risk to your home is going up. the 1st street foundation just released a first of its kind analysis of the wildfire risk
5:31 am
for individual properties nationwide, creating hundreds of millions of simulations using data on local top graffiti, climate, metrics and building footprints and what they found is things are going to get worse. >> we found on average, the risk associated with wildfire probabilities are going to double, as wildfires grow in terms of the area they cover and the intensity of those wildfires that will distribute more embers. amy: the bay area, the steepest increase in risk was in napa and sonoma counties. you can log on to and put in your zip code to get a risk assessment. we asked the fire marshal and he says everyone needs to assume their home is at risk and needs to be prepared. kumasi: developing news this
5:32 am
morning, we are learning more about what may have caused that china eastern plane crash that killed all 132 people on board. a spokesperson we talked to says they believe it was an intentional act. jobina: the plane plunged into a mountainous area in china in march. all 120 three passengers and nine crew members were killed. officials who spoke to abc news say they believe one of the pilots intentionally crashed the plane. they say the landing gear never deployed and the flags were -- the flaps were not engaged. the near vertical dissent pointed to a deliberate force. investigators think the pilot may have struggled with mental health issues right before the crash. contributor steve gain your is on gma talking about the screening for pilots. >> none of these pilots are incentivized to be true about whether they have mental health
5:33 am
issues because if it is detected, they could be immediately grounded and lose their job, so the faa has been directed by congress to go back and look. is there a better way to monitor the mental health of pilots throughout their career? jobina: chinese investigators have not flagged any mechanical issues. they have the cockpit voice recorder and they say it is a crucial part of the investigation. reggie: finland and sweden have officially submitted applications to join nato. the secretary-general of nato says they will work through all issues and reach rapid conclusions on the membership bids. the alliance believes adding the countries would strengthen nato in the baltic sea region. both finland and sweden applied amid concerns over russia's war in ukraine. russia has warned it will not welcome this move and that they could respond. kumasi: a rally to save san
5:34 am
francisco's laguna hospital. the mayor is planning to attend along with members of the board of supervisors. the hospital is currently fighting to get recertified after state inspectors found health and safety violations in october. if the efforts fail, the hospital will lose federal funding in four months and be forced to close. reggie: oakland has declared itself a quote, pro-choice sanctuary city. the city council passed a resolution. >> we know that just because something is made illegal doesn't mean there is less abortions. but we do know his history has shown that abortions being illegal means more women will die. reggie: this was a rally on the steps of city hall yesterday and the council president pro tem introduced that proposal. while symbolic, it could open the door for more funding for reproductive care providers.
5:35 am
kumasi: we are getting a look at how the nation jake largest navy formula maker is trying to boost supply. abbott gave this video to abc news showing how the company is shipping infant formula from its plant in ireland. the formula maker says they are converting other manufacturing in ohio to make formula. back in february, the fda says it shut down and abbott plant in michigan because of contamination. that plant was cleared on monday, to reopen. reggie: the cdc is expected to meet tomorrow to talk about the rollout of covid-19 booster shots for kids ages five to 11. the fda gave emergency authorization yesterday. luz pena is part of our vaccine team and she found out what parents should keep in mind before kids get that third shot. luz: as covid cases increased throughout the country, the fda authorized a covid-19 booster for children 5-11 years old. this group would have to wait at least five months after getting
5:36 am
vaccinated to get a booster. >> do you think it is necessary for this age group to get boosted? >> necessary depends on whether or not you believe that there is a risk. there is definitely a risk for children. luz: dr. kornfield, chief of petty yet -- pdr -- chief of pediatric medicine at stanford says the vaccine protection for children decreases after about five months. it has been seven months since a vaccine for this age group was authorized. dr. kornfield says a booster now is timely. do you recommend for children in this age group to get boosted now, or should they wait for the next school year? >> the best data i have seen suggests 30% of kids five to 11 throughout the united states have received both vaccines. i don't believe you should wait. luz: in san francisco, the
5:37 am
mission while this pharmacy is gearing up to offer boosters. throughout the pandemic, they have held vaccine clinics in over 20 bay area schools and now they are planning to explain the importance of the booster. >> the fact that we have fda authorization is important, particularly for people who wanted to see the data. it is really reassuring to many families. luz: pediatric hospital admission rates have increased by 57%, in the last month. if your child got covid, dr. kornfield says it is best for them to wait 90 days before getting vaccinated or boosted. >> looking at the data that was submitted to the fda, it seems there are no additional safety concerns relative to these boosters. kumasi: san francisco's mayor dismissed talk of a new mask mandate because of rising covid infection rates in the city and bay area.
5:38 am
they spoke with abc 7 and the mayor says she is reassured infections are not resulting in serious illness. >> even though the numbers are going up, we are not seeing the hospitalization rates go up, we are not seeing the death rate go up. the biggest thing we want to do is prevent the loss of life and i think we are doing a good job at that. kumasi: san francisco's covid infection rate is up 10% in the past seven days and could be higher since a lot of people are self testing. despite the rising cases, the mayor says she is meeting with san francisco businesses and encouraging them to bring workers back to the office. a battle brewing over canada geese. there is a push to control the problem and one bay area city but there is a controversial option on the table. reggie: crash tests on small suvs. new information you will want to know. drew: we are tracking a warm to hot day this morning. along the -- we have really calm
5:39 am
conditions. light if any wind and clear skies. a lot of sunshine, warm temperatures. it does turn breezy this afternoon. this is the pattern we are currently in as we shift towards a summertime pattern. wind gusts later on, close to the coast and then tomorrow, the wind actually intensifies and as they do, we will see a fire weather watch go into effect for solano county because that elevated fire danger. 70's and 80's, 81 in oakland, 87 in san jose, 92 in santa rosa. tomorrow and friday we are well above where we should be for this time of year and tomorrow with the stronger wind, we have that elevated fire danger. this will begin tomorrow morning, up for solano county.
5:40 am
we will watch the north wind. it is a dry wind that tends to drop our humidity into the single digits. any new fires could spread quickly and we will keep our eyes on that over the next couple of days. jobina: good morning. we have a positive update from bart. it is now just down to 10 minutes for your delay in both directions. the sfo direction and the antioch direction. moving down to the sig alert we are following in half moon bay. this is due to a crash that happened yesterday afternoon. powerlines came down between diggers canyon road and highway one. that will be closed until further notice. a hazy look at emeryville. we are seeing light conditions in san rafael and we have wind advisories issued by the chp the altamont pass.
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big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey? new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm. for controller, yvonne yiu. as an executive at to the top financial firms, yiu managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, yiu saved taxpayes over $55 millio. finding waste. saving money. yiu is for you.
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kumasi: suvs are getting safer. new side impact crash testing shows midsize suvs are performing well. the iihs says 10 out of 18 cars tested showed good ratings, an improvement from last year. the organization says everyone deserves to walk away from a crash. 43,000 road deaths last year, the highest number since 2005 -- 43 thousand rd deaths last year, the highest number since -- 43,000 road deaths last year, the highest number since 2005. reggie: this proposal would use the money as reparations for communities most impacted by the war on drugs.
5:44 am
between 1995 and 2015, nearly 13,000 people in oakland were arrested for cannabis use, something that is no longer illegal. nearly 80% of them were black. >> it directly allocates dollars from oakland's general fund in a way that repairs the harm, addresses the systemic racism and inequality that has been perpetuated. reggie: supporters want the city council to put the new deal on the november ballot. kumasi: there is a battle brewing over canada geese in one bay area. the animals in and around morlan park pose a potential health risk to humans and the city is trying to acquire permits that would allow them to kill some of the animals. some community members rallied against the idea. >> you are looking at bucket loads of canada geese droppings in foster city. >> it is always here.
5:45 am
the poop is always here. >> the city says that is because the fosse sit -- foster city canada goose population has yielded what they call an unsustainable rate of population growth. 181 geese in 2020 to 323 in 2021. indications for a higher number in 2022. the city says the animals pose a potential health risk for humans. >> it is a problem most of the time. we cannot walk here and we cannot sit. it is always dirty. >> foster city officials say they have tried nonlethal deterrents in the past but with limited success. now they are attempting to acquire permits to allow legal route -- lethal removal or killing a limited number of geese. the reaction inside and outside of tuesday nights city council meeting was a bold one. >> don't kill the geese. >> let the geese live. >> they were here first and for
5:46 am
40 years they were fine. all of a sudden they are dirty because some but complaints about poop. they are not thinking right. >> nobody wants the feces around, that makes sense but how do we balance that? i just think they are moving too soon on it. >> foster city officials say water quality testing shows high e. coli levels partly attributive to goose droppings -- attribute -- attributed to goose droppings. those of this rally want a nonlethal solution. >> the solution is to coexist. there are geese everywhere. >> those with foster city says no decision or action has been made as they are still trying to acquire the permits so that lethal removal would be an option. reggie: tracking fitness and exercise are part of a humans life but now walt disney world is using the tech attract the fitness of a rhino.
5:47 am
helen is a 30-year-old white rhino at the resort. she has sporting an activity tracker on her ankle to the park can see how active she is every day. specialists can see the distance she covers and tracker sleeping schedules -- track her sleeping schedules. disney is the parent company of abc 7. if this is successful, and they find she is ok with wearing this on a daily basis, there is something funny about seeing that around her ankle. they are going to increase the testing. itoes look like shklralet. n akit differentmaink, something that pops. reggie: or camo. kumasi: what were you about to say? reggie: if this works for her,
5:48 am
if she doesn't seem to mind it, they're going to put it more -- they're going to put it on more of the rhinos to track them. drew: i wonder what steps they need daily. kumasi: i feel like she is getting too many. reggie: she is on the kilimanjaro attraction. it's like 100 acres big. she doesn't get all 100 acres because there are also liens and other things. -- also lions and other things. kumasi: i don't know. i know it is important data. i want her to be free. drew: it is a sunny start to our day. we have clear skies. a little bit of haze this morning.
5:49 am
today is the hottest day all week. tomorrow and friday, the wind increases even more. heightened fire concerns and increased wind. even over the weekend we have a wide range of temperatures but the coast is pretty comfortable. out there right now, talking about temperatures mainly in the 40's and 50's, a couple spots like cloverdale and antioch in the 60's. highs in the south bay, 87 in san jose, 90 for gilroy, 82 in redwood city and mountain view, 64 in pacifica. downtown today, it is pretty hot in the north bay in terms of middle of may numbers. 89 in vallejo. into the east bay, upper 70's to
5:50 am
low 80's. 81 in oakland. 92 in concord. the same in livermore. 94 and antioch. the uv index is running very high -- 94 in antioch. the uv index is running very high. overnight tonight, temperatures on the mild side. 50's if not the low 60's we headed to thursday. warm to hot today, still warm for the rest of the week. we will watch for that elevated fire danger. sunshine saturday and sunday. reggie: whatever happened to affordability? the san francisco full house is up for sale, but it looks a little different now. kumasi: a new twist to a zelle scam. reggie: the next generation of in person payments.
5:51 am
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reggie: a zelle scam is popping up all over california. michael finney shows the new way criminals are using the app. michael: esther was try to sublet her uc irvine apartment when she heard from a potential renter. >> she sent me her id which established a former friend ability. michael: they were trying to rent an apartment in utah. [inaudible] michael: both esther and ralph got taken in and taken advantage of. esther's fake renter built a relationship. >> she told me about herself and she asked me about myself and
5:54 am
she seemed more interested in looking at the apartment. michael: she sent esther a check and then shortly after asked for the money back. esther checked and it appeared to clear the bank. >> in total i lost $2000. michael: the con man setting up ralph sent all kinds of paperwork. it looked legit. >> in total i paid $1100. michael: and that just disappeared. >> i've heard stories, but i figured with my bank, at least the bank would cover it. michael: but his bank did not return his money and esther's bank didn't either. reggie: once you send money with zelle, it is very tough to get back. 7 on your side is reaching out to both banks.
5:55 am
we will let you know if they come through with refunds although our team reports they have been scattered at best. if you have a story about a zelle scam or anything to do with money, you can contact 7 on your side. go to our website to share. kumasi: future payments could be made with just a smile or a wave. mastercard is developing a biometric checkout program. it is undergoing testing in brazilian grocery stores. there are other tests planned. mastercard says this could soon come to the u.s.. drew: it is all about a summer preview today. we are talking about a pretty wide range of temperatures. the coast is pretty comfortable and cool but we have wind gusting this afternoon. it is breezy around the bay. low 80's for a lot of us but inland those numbers really jump. we are talking temperatures well into the 90's.
5:56 am
it is a hot afternoon. 94 in antioch. 90 in livermore. 90's from santa rosa to napa. 81 in oakland. 73 in the city. 65 and half moon bay. this is -- half moon bay. we have a fire weather watch that will go into effect for solano county tomorrow morning at 11:00. that wind intensifies, seeing gusts up to 45 miles per hour. that will drop you mid-levels -- that will drop humidity levels. kumasi: new at 6:00, netflix's secret army of subscribers. reggie: plus with california in the thick of this drought, governor newsom gave a peek at one innovative idea the state is trying. kumasi: equal pay secured. the landmark agreement that was just announced. reggie: a live look outside.
5:57 am
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motorcycle, i was like, i would not want to be in this intersection on a motorcycle, let alone in my car.
6:00 am
reggie: the police officer hit on a motorcycle. it is caught on camera. >> dr. in pennsylvania -- tracking the primary races in the battle for capitol hill. kumasi: a wednesday night battle with the mavericks. the nba finals, but there is somebody standing in the way -- luka. good morning, everybody. it is may 18. reggie: is going. drew: tracking 80's and 90's, well above where we should be. most of us waking up in the 40's and 50's. low 60's this morning and some warm wea


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