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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 18, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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let alone in my car. reggie: the police officer hit on a motorcycle. it is caught on camera. >> dr. in pennsylvania -- tracking the primary races in the battle for capitol hill. kumasi: a wednesday night battle with the mavericks. the nba finals, but there is somebody standing in the way -- luka. good morning, everybody. it is may 18. reggie: is going. drew: tracking 80's and 90's, well above where we should be. most of us waking up in the 40's and 50's. low 60's this morning and some warm weather on the way later.
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a lot of sunshine but temperatures quickly warm. by lunchtime, we are in the 70's and 80's. after that, 80's and 90's away from the coast with a lot of sunshine. average will be well above that. it look at those highs in nine minutes. kumasi: those warmer temperatures mean the risk of fire is going to be high over the next few days but experts say this risk could be elevated for months or years. >> good morning. it is a gorgeous morning here, went all we see is the son. that is going to warm things up and the dry conditions as we look across the hills, high above concord. studies are showing that the welfare risk is going to get worse.
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there is a website risk factor you can go to to see if your home is in the path of wildfire threats. fire crews have been working to get ready for this season. they have been working uncontrolled burns to create firewalls around communities. a study gives those burns a thumbs up, saying they are effective and we should be doing more of them. >> winter and spring are times when more prescribed burns should be done to help mitigate these extreme wildfires we could see in the future. >> the problem is the worker that climate brings, like erratic winds year-round that makes it tough to schedule controlled burns. on monday, they had to cancel
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one because of the winds. they hope to wrap up controlled burns in the next couple of weeks. when june rolls around, they are too busy to put resources on those controlled burns. reggie: as california faces another summer with drought conditions, the state is looking for innovative ways to save water. governor newsom. a plant in southern california. >> water recycling is about conserving water. if they are successful at scaling this water recycling project at the scale they are opposing, there will never have been a project like this in u.s. history. reggie: this year's budget includes more than $7 billion to address the drought. we are also trying to cut down on water usage with fines for people who do not comply.
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you can see climate watch coverage on our cap. -- on our app. kumasi: individual in oakland tonight for victims of the shooting in buffalo at 6:00 p.m. president biden and the first lady visited buffalo yesterday and left bowers at a memorial -- flowers at a memorial. the president called the attack a racist rampage a racist rampage. >> i condemn those who spread lies for power, political gain, profit. white supremacy is a poison. it was running through our body politic and has been allowed to tester" in front of our eyes. kumasi: investigators say the suspect plotted four months. reggie: a san francisco
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motorcycle officer recovering after being hit by a car. this happened yesterday. surveillance video shows the officer entering the intersection with her emergency lights and siren on. the driver did not stop at the stop sign. residence catering pressures are common. >> nuts prize. i was like, i would not want to be in this intersection on a motorcycle. reggie: she has been the neighborhood is part of a program where neighboring agencies help each other out. the driver stayed at the scene. the officer is expected to make a full recovery. kumasi: another election night and race too close to call. the republican primary in the vignette likely to recount.
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dr. hawes -- dr. oz will have to see -- wait and see if he is the winner. jobina: john federman, the states lieutenant governor, secured the nomination for senate. on the republican side, less than 1000 votes separated dr. oz and david mccormick. mccormick has a recently. both candidates addressed supporters last night. >> i am confident we will win. >> we can see victory ahead. jobina: in north carolina, and one is public and primary after being adores by donald trump, but madison cawthorn lost his reelection. kumasi: suing oakland, the
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former police chief taking the stand with people promoting over claims of retaliation. plus, the amazing effects just uncovered about the california redwoods. drew: we are in store for a day today, widespread 80's and 90's. tomorrow, prior concerns become and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing.
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made a new discovery about redwood trees. they found two types of leaves. one collects sunlight to make food. the other absorbs water. a large redwood can absorb up to
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14 gallons of water in the first hour that is leaves get wet. these findings could help monitor how the trees adapt amid the changing climate. isn't that cool, drew? i hug it trees. do you like to hug trees? reggie: [laughter] kumasi: reggie is like, i would never hurt a tree. -- never hug a tree. drew: i hurried in a tree in my -- i hugged a tree in my sixth-grade photo was fake when. -- fake one. winds increasing later today. tomorrow, we strengthen even
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more. we have a great of gusty winds, warm temperatures, concern for fire danger. whether it watch with grocery correct formula of as, including solano county. we will watch the northerly wind increased to 45 mph. the props humidity levels during the day and elevated our fire concerns. jobina: i hugged a tree. it was inspired by kumasi. we will look at the maps. we have been following a sick alert since yesterday afternoon that has cleared. thumbs up on eastbound 92. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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this is where the action is. this is our busiest spot. we will wrap up with live picture of the richmond san rafael bridge. kumasi: you have heard of and really fans at sporting events, but now you are about to see a group of another kind at a soccer match. a mob of kangaroos -- yes, kangaroos -- invaded temperatures during a match -- invaded the pitch -- in australia. hope you ended up bringing that the home team ended up winning. equal pay earned. the historic agreement. plus, get to the computer, your phone. you have another concert ticket to purchase. to purchase. the time to get tickets for
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reggie: anne kirkpatrick expected back on the stand in a whistleblower lawsuit against the city. she took the stand yesterday and some of her firing was humiliating and embarrassing. she accuses the city dealing protect her. she claims he was fired for exposing corrupt action by, commissioners. the city's attorneys say they never admitted firing her for whistleblowing. in month away from california's primaries. in san jose, one of the hottest
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items is measure b. dozens of women dressed up as rosie the riveter to make a push for a yes vote. >> by moving may oriole elections to combined with presidential years would increase latino voter turnout by 150 percent. reggie: deb davis is listed as being against measure b. they say that would mean may o -- mayorial issues would quote efforts could be lost. kumasi: the state will appeal a learning that overturned a law about women on corporate boards. the state defended it, saying it was necessary to reverse cultural discrimination. judicial watch challenge that law, claiming it discriminated
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against men. surely robert said, i am deeply disappointed in the decision to allow the state to revert to policies that allow systemic gender discrimination. reggie: aapi leaders attended reception at the white house to aapi heritage month. diane lane lynn got to meet president biden, handed her phone to him and took a sulfate with him. the president mentioned the published men's of norman pennetta. >> he spent three years in an incarceration camp. but with every reason to be angry and resentful, norm chose to believe in himself, in america, and in his country. reggie: two elected leaders from the bay area also went yesterday.
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they won tickets in a lottery. kumasi: the iconic san francisco home from full house is up for sale for $37 million. reggie: how much? kumasi: $37 million. this is on brodrick street. it is actually different from the one day show of the. to the 80's. according to property records, last sold in november of four in november 4 and the over $5 million. now it is being offered for $37 million. we do not have the rights into sure you inside, but go to zelle . they seem to have been a total remodel. reggie: we have been just great.
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times, -- we have been through this a million times, but why are there two houses? drew: the one for sale is the one they were supposed to live in but i think people thought they lived where the painted ladies are, because it is iconic. kumasi: we need to have my friend. i went on a tour of the painted ladies and they told me this, but i cannot remember. kumasi: i do not want people all day long taking photos in front of my house. kumasi: when you are in the house, you cannot tell there are people out there. reggie: but there are people on the stairs. drew: does he keep his windows closed? kumasi: barely, but the way it
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is set up, you cannot tell that there are people out there. drew: if you live in those houses, you have to have that mentality. also, your monthly mortgage is $190,000. good luck. reggie: then we had taxes and no. drew: do not worry about it. warm to hot today. we take you outside. here is a look from concord. look how dry our hills are. we have heightened fire concerns tomorrow and friday as we pick up. a gorgeous shot but dry hills, heightened fire concerns thursday and friday. wide range of temperatures for the weekend. right now, a mixed bag of temperatures.
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87 in, -- in san jose, cool along the coast in the 60's. downtown, 73, daly city at 66, 92 in santa rosa. the east bay upper 70's, 83 castro valley. 95 in renton, and two, concord, 92 in walnut creek. the uv index is high. without sunscreen, you can burn in less than 15 minutes. overnight, mainly clear skies, no evidence of a marine layer. and it is mild, 50's and 60's as we head into thursday. today the hottest day all week.
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tomorrow, gusty winds and fire danger. this weekend, above average, lots of sunshine. reggie: good morning america coming up at 7:00. >> good morning. coming up, we can break down the primaries in five states, including pennsylvania's republican senate primary race with dr. oz. this morning, president biden visiting the scene of the supermarket shooting as we learn new details about the unmanned and his allegedly for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money.
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how's he still playin'? aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength. reduces inflammation. don't touch my piano. kick pain in the aspercreme. breezy day. later on, we gusting over 25
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mph, stronger towards the coast line. tomorrow, winds that strengthen a bit more. that is part of the reason why we have a fire watch tomorrow for solano county. that is gusty winds and also warm temperatures, gusts over 40 mph. reggie: tonight, the warriors take on the dallas mavericks. they are in the finals for the sixth time in the past 8. they are facing a hot mavericks team. however, the warriors, the average. -- the edge. >> these guys are not afraid of thing that is where experience helps. it is good to link on that, but it is not the solution. >> the warriors are the best in
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the league. [indiscernible] reggie: tip-off is that it's :00 tonight. resale tickets start at about $200. kumasi: single day tickets to outside land go on sale at 10:00 this morning. the festival just released the lineup. green day taking the stage on saturday and post malone on sunday. single tickets are $175. the festival begins august fifth and we will be held at golden gate park. reggie: netflix and trail vip style -- tcp way to see the trees ahead of time. kumasi: tenuate to pay the does
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not involve scraping your card or your phone. -- a new way to pay that does not involve swiping your cardboard i joined the district attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin interfered in every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock
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to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now.
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temperatures set to soar. this is the hottest day of the week and there is a new tool to check fire risk. reggie: the major decision by the oakland city council on abortion. kumasi: a mega popular family-owned barbecue spot now open outside of oakland for the first time. reggie: it is wednesday, may 18. drew: sunrise underway. in-store one thing they later.
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in the 80's and 90's this afternoon. right now, 40's and 50's. later on this renewal, it is warm to hot. average this time year is usually 60's and 70's. we will take a closer look at these highs. winds become an issue. elevated fire danger tomorrow. reggie: fire risk, now we have a better idea of our chances of staying fire in our backyard. >> looks like it is going to be warmer for the rest of this month than average. those who 32 say the risk to your home is going up. the 1st street foundation just
6:31 am
released an analysis of welfare risk for individual properties nation wide. date used data on topography, climate tricks and found that things are going to get worse. >> on average, the risk associated with wildfire and burn probabilities are going to double. wildfires will distribute more embers, which opens up reach of wildfire exposure. . >> in the bay area, the steepest increase was in marin, napa, and sonoma counties. you can put in your address to get an assessment. the fire marshal said everyone needs to assume that the home is at risk and the elite parent --
6:32 am
and needs to be prepared. kumasi: we are earning more clout what caused that kind eastern plane crash. u.s. officials believe it was intentional. jobina: the plane plunged into a mountainous area in china in march. all passengers and troopers were killed. they believe pilate intentionally plane. the landing gear was never deployed. the critical descent pointed to deliberate force. they believe pilate may have struggled with and issues -- struggle with mental health issues. >> none of these pirates are
6:33 am
incentivized -- none of these pilots are incentivized to be open about their mental health issues. theng g to look, is there a better way to monitor the mental health of pilots? jobina: regulators have not flagged any mechanical issues. chinese investigators have also obtained the cockpit report. reggie: finland and sweden have submitted applications to join nato. the secretary general says date rapid conclusions on the ship. the alliance begins adding these crews strengthen nato. both countries applied it concerns over russia's war. russia says it could respond. kumasi: a rally is planned to save san francisco's laguna
6:34 am
hospital. patients learned they could be evicted. the hospital is failing to get recertified after state inspectors found health and 50 violations. -- and safety violations. efforts fail, the hospital first to close. reggie: oakland a coach rivers schuurs. the council passed a resolution. >> just because something is made illegal, that does not mean there is less abortion, but abortions, if illegal, that means more women will die. reggie: this was on the steps city hall yesterday. the proposal, while symbolic, open the door for reproductive
6:35 am
care providers. kumasi: a look at how abbott is trying to boost supply of baby formula. it shows how the company is shipping formula from ireland and is making more in ohio. in february, the fda shut down and abbott plant in michigan because of contamination. it was cleared on monday to reopen. reggie: ecdc expected to talk about the rollout of booster shots for kids five to 11. david kornfield says the vaccines protection for children decreases after five months. it has been seven months since the vaccine is age group authorized. dr. kornfield thinks kids should get the booster now. >> seems there are no no safety
6:36 am
concerns. reggie: pediatric hospital in ocean rates have increased over the last month. if your child got covid, wait 90 days before getting them vaccinated or boosted. kumasi: the san francisco mayor dismissed talk of a new mask mandate. she says she is reassured that infections are not resulting in serious illness. >> even though numbers are going up, we are not seeing hospitalization rates go up, not seeing the death rate go up. kumasi: san francisco's covid infection rate is 10% the past seven days the higher since a lot of people are self testing. the mayor says she is meeting
6:37 am
with san francisco businesses and encouraging them to meet -- to bring workers back. reggie: the owner of one restaurant in san francisco's mission district told the chronicle that today's grand opening is in jeopardy because two staff members tested positive closures are hitting businesses. owners say they are seeing new upticks in covid related cancellations. a call to let the decent live pass -- has -- a call to let the geese live has residents taking to the streets. >> there is nothing else i would rather eat. reggie: every valentines day, grew to my that drew tuma goes with his husband to mcdonald's.
6:38 am
we are meeting a man who makes a big mac a part of his daily life. then it is hiv vaccine awareness day. we are live with what a doctor on the forefront of hiv and aids research. the part -- the first non-binary award winner at beta breakers. we are live every weekday morning on our app. drew: tracking a hazy sky this morning. good to moderate air-quality, and thought of sunshine, hot day, wins picking up this afternoon. even stronger winds greet us thursday. fire weather watch in effect for solano county tomorrow.
6:39 am
tomorrow, -- today, get ready for above average temperatures. in the south bay, 81 in palo alto. that warming trend hit us yesterday and accelerates today. today is the warmest day all week. tomorrow and friday, temperatures remain above average. winds strengthen and fire danger is elevated for solano county. fire watch begins tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. we will see winds gusting at 45 mph. humidity levels drop low. any new flyers could spread quickly. -- any new flyers could spread quickly. jobina: crash in vacaville
6:40 am
blocking at least one lane and slowing traffic on westbound 80 past lagoon valley. it does not sound like injuries are reported. bay bridge toll plaza continuing to fill. we have three busy corridors. this is the first, the next westbound 80 in richmond and also in walnut creek on
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women won back-to-back titles took home our last and. developing now, the intensifying battle over canada geese and one count idea to get rid of them -- one town's idea to get with of them. the city is trying to acquire permits that would allow them to euthanize hundreds of these animals. ryan curry is in the newsroom. ryan? >> it certainly has become an interesting debate [no audio] -- have not taken official action, but the situation has risen to a level where they have to consider this. please geese have reached -- these geese have an ancestor
6:44 am
about the gross -- rate of growth. if their droppings causing concerns. the city had tried control, dogs but not had much success. great want a permit to gleefully -- they want a permit to legally remove the birds, something not all record are happy with. >> they are not thinking right. >> most of the time, we cannot walk here and sit on the grass. it is always dirty. >> protesters tuesday night say they have 14,000 signatures on a addition to stop the city. the city has not taken action but is considering it as a
6:45 am
possibility. the main concern from bird toppings. -- bird droppings. kumasi: a study shows midsize suvs perform well. the institute for highway saving that safety says 10 of 18 cars tested earned good safety ratings. everybody deserves a better chance to walk away from a crash. the national highway -- highway traffic safety administration says there were more deaths last year and since 2005. supporters are calling this the emerald deal. currently, revenue from pot sales rose into oakland general fund, but this proposal would use the money as reparations for immunities impacted by the war
6:46 am
on drugs. from 95 to 2015, at nearly 30,000 people were arrested in oakland for cannabis and 80% of them were black. >> it directly allocates dollars from oakland general fund in a way that repairs harm, addresses systemic racism. kumasi: supporters want the emerald deal on the november ballot. reggie: cupertino-based apple postponing plans to bring workers back to the office because of covid cases. apple was hoping to increase the number of days employees were in the office. but a memo sent to employees says that has been delayed. workers will stay with the two days schedule.
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advertisements coming toward us. it will offer an ad supported version later this year. no alcohol or political will be accepted. live look at the stock exchange, we are down this morning about 381 points. kumasi: if you are a member of taco bell's reward program, you can get mexican pizza today. everybody else can get it tomorrow. dolly parton to start in the musical about this item. the fast food chain took mexican pizza off of its menu in 2020, but fans demanded they bring it back. the wisconsin man has eaten a big back -- a big mac from
6:48 am
mcdonald's every day for 50 years. the street started may 13, 1972. in 1999, he set a record for boast -- for most big macs eaton canyon date lifetime. he has eaten more than 30,000 of them and now eats two a day. >> of people said, you will be dead before you reach 50 years. i proved them wrong. they are good to me. there is nothing else i would rather eat. kumasi: why are they trying to kill him off? that is rude. he says he is going to keep big macs in his diet, along with coca-cola, until he dies. reggie: be specific.
6:49 am
kumasi: i do not know why -- until he dies. that is what the script said, what keith said. it is just weird for me. he also says he walks six miles a day to maintain his health. reggie: he is in the movie super size me, right? i know this man. i am almost positive. drew: this makes me think everybody is different. if we big mac every day -- reggie: of course. kumasi: but he walks six miles a day. reggie: he lives in fond du lac, wisconsin. that was my first job. it was the first live shot i did. i got what to talk about it. [laughter]
6:50 am
it was grim. drew: not the grimest. reggie: please do not hand burglar my story. there is also bertie. and mayor mick she's -- mccheese and the fry guys. drew: warm to later. we are called three and store for the hottest day of the week. fire concerns, especially in solano county. over the weekend, it wide range of temperatures. 70's on the board today by 10:00 a.m., later 80's and 90's.
6:51 am
south bay will above average, 85 in santa clara. 82 redwood city. 65 in half moon bay. cooler and bright in daly city at 66. 90 in napa. 70 degrees if you can hit the coast. 81 in oakland, ab2 in fremont. 95 in brentwood. 92 in concord. overnight, 50's and 60's as we head into thursday. temperatures cool up a bit on thursday, but these numbers are above average. warm to hot today. windsor tomorrow increase fire danger. the weekend receipt, right.
6:52 am
-- the weekend breeze, bright. reggie: the last seven years on earth the warmest on record. sea levels rose twice as fast compared to the previous decade. melting ice sheets helped push sea levels to new heights. the average temperature erseas a
6:53 am
and mastercard says it could come to th -- reggie: this has having to do
6:54 am
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with that, but i am so used to you belong that whenever i see video of you from when you were not, it is shocking to me. up next, the things you need to know today.
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this morning. drew: tracking a warm to hot day. today the hottest day all year. 81 in oakland, into setting in -- 81 -- 87 in clinton's day. kumasi: the risk of experiencing a wildfire is going to double in the next 30 years.
6:58 am
berms could be key to preventing damage to homes. reggie: the president and first lady went to buffalo. a vigil is scheduled for tonight in oakland. kumasi: the cdc to discuss the rollout of covid booster shots for kids. reggie: in one of the western conference diners tonight at chase center -- finals tonight at chase center. jobina: a crash in vacaville is causing a backup on westbound 80 past june valley. -- lagoon valley. kumasi: the san francisco house featured in the house is back on the market for $37 million. it is on brodrick street.
6:59 am
the previous owners. a total remodel. reggie: i am looking at the pictures on zillah, we do not have the rights to show them to you. it looks really nice, very modern. jobina: but you have no privacy. reggie: none. jobina: walk around in your bonnet and towel and -- drew: everybody will see it. but the backyard private. jobina: what is it, five bedrooms, four baths? drew: it is. it is $10,000. the beach get a foot -- we each get a square foot, say in our area. jobina: we would half to contact
7:00 am
everyone we know. drew: and then some. reggie: good morning, america. for our viewers in the west, as we come on the air, a deadlock in one of the high-stakes primaries across the country. breaking overnight, too close to call, the pennsylvania republican senate primary race between dr. mehmet oz and david mccormick, a major test of former president trump's endorsement. while another one of trump's picks loses his bid for re-election. the state of play for the country and the midterms right now. president biden and the first lady visiting the scene of the deadly shooting in buffalo. >> what happened here is simple and straightforward terrorism, terrorism, domestic terrorism. >> this as new details emerge about the gunman and his alleged online posts.


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