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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 18, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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half million people in the central valley under the gun, including solano. here is what you need to do. obey at local burn bans, properly dispose of cigarette and matches, avoid using equipment like mowing dry vegetation that could hit a rock and spark. that could start a fire. remember, your defensible space if you need to maintain it, you got a couple more hours of daylight to do that. after you create the action plan and have that plan for the evacuation or meeting place in case you are separated from your loved ones. it is going to be a two day event and we are going to talk about some heat and already one record high today. a lot to talk about coming up in the seven-day forecast kristen: now to a story only on abc seven. a san francisco firefighter is facing felony charges after a brutal attack on another firefighter. the department has tried to keep this quiet over the past several weeks until the source there
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called the i teams dan noyes. dan: no one involved in this case, the firefighters or the chief would agree to an on camera interview but i have been able to piece the story together through sources, court documents and other information obtained under the california public records act. this is the mug shot for 47-year-old robert mohammed. he has pleaded not guilty to felony assault with a deadly weapon. with several enhancements and one special allegation, great bodily injury. the victim, 56 rolled gabriel chin told police he has known mohammed for over 20 years as they are both firefighters for the city of san francisco. it appears some disagreement on the job turned into an attack in the off hours. here is what happened. sources tell me on the morning of february 1, mohammed went to station 25 on 3rd street, retrieved chin's home address from a fire department computer, and left with what is called a spanner, a heavy ranch measuring
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about 15 inches used to turn hydrants on and off. he drove to chin's home in oakland and confronted him. the argument escalated, mohammed striking him with that spanner. >> 911 emergency, what are your reporting? >> got beat by a wrench onto 9th avenue and east 19th street. a neighbor reported the attack the got the victims gender wrong. dan: by the time police arrived, mohammed was gone. they transported him to highland hospital -- hospital group where he had suffered a swollen right arm and concussion as a result of the assault. one week later, he self surrendered to face charges. the victim's attorney, jim torres agreed to an interview, but backed out. over the phone, he criticized san francisco fire department officials. he told me robert hamed displayed acts of aggression towards colleagues and
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superiors for a decade. he called a pattern that went undocumented and unaddressed. he also claimed within the eight hours of the attack, fire department brass urged a real to drop the charges. i asked san francisco fire chief janine about that. her spokesman said she would not be available because this is an hr matter. mohammed's attorney also declined an interview for this report. mohammed is out of jail after posting $30,000 bail. he is scheduled to appear in court next month and i will let you know what happens. for the eye team, dan noyes, abc7news. >> a work crew in oakland discovered the body of a woman killed 1years a the corner has identify the body as cynthia manzo. she disappeared on thanksgivingr boyfriend, eric, on the way to alonzo's mother's house for dinner.
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in 2017, more was sentenced to 11 years in prison for alonzo's murder. moments ago, san jose's police chief on boiled -- unveiled a plan to address instances of officer misconduct. >> when it comes to serious misconduct, i have made my line clear. if crossed, it will be the last day as a san jose police officer. >> chief anthony modest plan came in response to an officer's death to a fentanyl overdose and several alleged acts of his conduct including an officer accused of masturbating at a crime scene. these steps included independent reviews of the departments background check and hiring processes as well as improvements to drug and alcohol treatment and mental health care and programs. abc7news reported zach fuentes attended the news conference and will have a full breakdown on the chiefs plan coming up live at 5:00. >> turning to covid, cdc says 32% of u.s. residents live in areas with bm and high covid levels. kristen: it is once again
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including those that encouraging those in those areas to wear masks. ama: white house covid coordinate are warned about without more congressional funding, the u.s. will not be able to buy enough vaccines for every american who wants an updated shot. a study out of china says 55% of people hospitalized with covid early in the pandemic still have at least one symptom two years later. kristen: governor gavin newsom got his second booster shot today. he got another dose of moderna while encouraging others to get there booster. a second booster of the pfizer or moderna vaccine is available for all californians 50 and older, as well as those who are immunocompromised or received the johnson & johnson vaccine. >> as covid cases increase, how close is california to implanting a mask mandate? what is the plan as the latest subvariant continues to spread? these are seven -- these are questions that we asked top experts today.
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we begin with reporter luz pena. luz: as california braces for the latest covid-19 wave. we sat down with the states chief epidemiologist. she is hopeful but realistic. >> we are learning how to live with the covid-19 virus. luz: according to data, the eye of the storm in california is in the bay area. san francisco, san mateo and marin are counties with the highest covid case rates in the entire state. how did the bay area become california's latest covid hotspot? >> that's a question that we are all thinking about and looking at quite a bit. i will say this particular virus continues to really throw us curveballs and i think it continues to find people who have not been infected. and potentially, we know that we have immunity from vaccines. we could get immunity from prior infection and if you have both, that actually gives you what we
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call hybrid immunity which is stronger luz: the bay area had a lack of natural immunity because some people were vaccinated. >> people have been able to avoid being infected and i think this virus again will often try to find people who are not. luz: san jose is requiring city employees to mask indoors again. so we asked. is there a possibility that a mask mandate could be brought back? >> i think we should always maintain that readiness as a possibility, especially if we see a large impact on our health care system. if we see an increase in deaths or unusual scenarios that thankfully, we maintain low hospitalizations. but i think those are things that we are all concerned about. luz: they confirmed omicron subvariant makes up about half of the sequencing throughout the state. meaning it is quickly overpowering other variants. despite this, she is not highly concerned right now. but says anything can change. >> we could have a variant
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evolve, that is more serious and a debates are immunity to an extent that we really have much larger impact on of the structure. luz: in san francisco, abc7news. ama: now to the south bay where we got inside from another expert, santa clara public health expert has been at the forefront of the covid response in the south bay since the pandemic again. today, she sat down with abc7news reported dustin dorsey. dustin: san jose is one of the largest cities in the country with just over one billion residents. -- one million residents. imagine if they were all gone. that is essentially what covid has done to the united states. nearly one million deaths nationwide since since patricia became the first to lose her life on february 6, 2020. >> it is a most impossible to comprehend one million people dieting in just over two years from a single disease. -- dying from a sickle disease. dustin: dr. sarah cody has led
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the charge in the south bay ever since. she says the way residents have responded to covid has saved many lives, but the pandemic is far from over. >> we all want this to be well into the rearview mirror, but the fact is that the pandemic goes on. we are seeing that we are in another surge and we do not know what lies ahead. dustin: the latest variant is causing higher levels of transmission then that of delta in cases in hospitalizations on the rise in the bay area. she says there are a number of theories as to why we are at the center of a covid hotspot in the state, the reality is that variants are evading vaccinations despite us being a vaccinated region. >> with new variants, there is more immune escape. it is better than not being vaccinated, but as compared to previously, it is great for keeping folks out of the hospital. ed is less effective for reducing the spread in the community. dustin: dr. cody says mandates
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and regulations could come back, but only if there is a lifesaving need. she does not think we are there right now in hopes the community embracing vaccines, boosters and voluntary masking can slow the spread. >> eventually we will have the light at the end of the tunnel. right now, we are backed into a bit of a murky time but eventually, we will come out of it. i just do not think it will be anytime in the near future. dustin: in santa clara county, dustin dorsey abc7news. kristen: a coalition of city leaders, health care workers, as well as patients and families staged a rally to save laguna honda hospital in san francisco. >> laguna save my life. they preserve my life. laguna is the final connection in the city of san francisco to save and preserve the lives of many others. kristen: today's rally comes two days after the hospital released a contingency plan for shutting down the facility and moving patients to other treatment
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centers. the report is part of the process to try to restore medicare and medicaid funding that is set to end in four months. ama: state of san francisco, the problems voters say the city is facing and how it could affect the primaries. equal pay, big news for women in sports. ready to play, we are live as the warriors take another crazy day? of course—you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business,
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>> happening tonight, warriors taking on the dallas mavericks at chase center in game one of the western conference finals. abc 7 sports chris alvarez is live with a preview of tonight's game for us. chris: and then there were two great warriors and mavericks are the last teams standing in the west. game one of the best-of-seven western conference series with a trip on the line. let's set the scene as we get out of the way and show you live happenings. jordan poole out there, what will he do tonight in his first ever western conference finals. the warriors waiting to see after a two-year hiatus. there back in the western conference finals for the sixth time in eight seasons. this is the furthest the mavericks have been since they won the title in 2011. golden state led by their championship. ito unh super start luka doncic and jason kidd. he is the head coach for the mavericks.
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while it is automatically warriors would be here, they are in a dynasty run, they are relishing the opportunity be back in this opportunity to win another title. >> we are hungry enough for the last two years, in terms of being realistic championship contenders. and now we are knocking on the doorstep of getting back to the finals. not trying to be playing the old guy tagged, what we are hungry as they are to get it conquered/ . >> number one is a huge compliment in the league. you get down to the final four and there is a sense of satisfaction getting this far, and a sense of anticipation with what is next. >> it is good if you have home court. and we are excited to play. were ready to get out there. chris: the warriors theme has been cold-blooded. you made a member the previous two games, now it is a sea of
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yellow. those cold-blooded yellow shirts with the warriors on the front. everyone is going to get one tonight. it is going to be loud and it feels different thus than hours before tipoff. >> i can feel the energy already. let's go warriors pretty thank you chris good a landmark equal pay agreement has been set by the u.s. soccer federation. the uss f is now the first governing body to promise equal pay for both men and women. abc7news reported tara campbell has the story. terra: a long-awaited day of celebration. the u.s. soccer federation announcing a deal to pay players on the women's team as much as the men. they area soccer legend chastain getting the news this morning. >> our group has been celebrating in our text chat and the heart emojis and the muscles and the fist pumps. tara: from her historic world cup kick in 1999 to this historic day, chastain says the landmark agreement is a relief
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>> it was so exhausting hominy times we've had to have the same conversation over and over and over again. and so, i feel much lighter right now. tara: the deal will be millions for u.s. women national team players, closing the pay gap in prize money between what fifa awards for the men's and women's world cup spewed under the collective bargaining agreement, the teams will pull the prize money from their world cup appearances and split the total among the two teams and the federation. u.s. soccer will also give up ticket sales equally. >> game changing moment in the u.s., but it has the potential to change how international soccer and international sports do business. with the equalization of prize money for men's and women's world cup. tara: chastain says this new deal transcends the soccer field. she is hopeful it will set an example for equal pay across the board. >> this is not about one team in one country.
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this is about us as a collective , about what can happen in every single corner of the world. tara: generations of u.s. women soccer players fighting the equal pay battle and chastain says there was no giving up. >> deep in my heart i knew that we were significant as people, as players, as a move and. as a game. there is no denying that it i have always believed that. >> tara campbell, abc7news. >> alright, those temperatures, they are going up. >> yes, it was warm and early today, mike. mike: you noticed that? it is going to go away for a couple of days but that is when we have high fire danger. once the fire danger tapers it gets hot again. we did set one record today with this abundant sunshine and those breezes out there. i will show you that in his second, first let's talk about what to expect as we look at a
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beautiful shot from mount tam this afternoon. elevated fire danger for thursday and friday, so that's tomorrow and friday, slightly milder the next two afternoons and then we got that wide means of weakened high temperatures, quite the summer spread. look at us, just about half of our neighborhoods double digits warmer than this time yesterday. we would go down to the south bay, where we had mainly mid to upper 80's, but then look at this, santos hills and at stanford, 91 and 92. we got 91 in livermore, 93 brooklyn, 96 fairfield and here it is, 93 in santa rosa, which was 95 last hour, which is a record high temperature. you notice the temperature of the ocean, 49 degrees because we have had these strong winds for a couple of days now. that upwelling took the temperature down from 51 degrees, or ocean is even colder than it normally is. all right, small craft advisory that ending until 9:00 tonight, going all the way through friday morning. this is part of the wind event coming our way, so if you are anywhere near the bay shoreline, it is going to be windy until at least friday morning. here is a look at the evening as
4:20 pm
you're heading out. we'll have a few passing high clouds with sunshine that will turn to starlight as we had past 8:15 and the sunset. look at the separatist, 56 to 71 at 9:00 away from the coast. still in the mid to upper 60's at 10:00 and i was going to lead to a very mild night tonight. set up for today, two areas of high pressure you can see this cold front trying to divide and conquer them. and that is going to bring the easing of the heat but it is a dry cold front, so these temperatures tonight, well above average. mid to upper 50's, even some 60's in concord and antioch and fairfield, and then that green and yellow you see is of the mountains, where $.60 70's will linger. in fact, look at these temperatures could the averages about 50 per will be there sunday, next week when it is warm again, we will have temperatures in the mid to upper 50's. north bay, same thing, ever slow is 47, 57 tonight. and near six he bedtime get to next week. this is the ending of one warming trend with another one coming. 76 to 80 tomorrow in the south bay as we head of the peninsula,
4:21 pm
67, redwood city and sunset near 70 wntown sncisco. north bay, temperatures in the low to mid 80's for most part speared along the east bayshore we are back into the 70's everywhere. as you had to these bay hills, 81, break out into the bows, 80 in san ramon to about 88 in pittsburgh and brentwood. your is my accuweather 7 day forecast. we've got that red flag warning for solano county. thursday and friday, look at the heat, especially monday, tuesday, and wednesday. away from the coast, that means summer is here and it is staying for a while. >> all right, thank you mike gruden san francisco's tourist attraction the full house house drew some unwanted attention yesterday. >> the bizarre real estate listing and why it was all a
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for controller, yvonne yiu. as an executive at top financial firms, yiu managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, yiu saved taxpayes over $55 millio. finding waste. saving money. yiu is for you.
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>> the famous full house home is back in the news, first being listed for $37 million, then for >> having the listing come down. >> it turns out the listing was fake. michael finney has been looking into this pretty here is the question can this happen to any homeowner? michael: yes it can. let me explain what happened. the house was listed on monday. on tuesday, cillo users started tagging the offer users started
4:25 pm
tagging the offer is phony. the listing came down. this is not unusual. here are headlines. i will show you, there it is coming up in just a moment. and that wasn't enough, they cillo poster tutorial on how to report it if this happens to you. our sister station in new york spoke with the homeowner six months ago. they said it was alarming because someone from outside of the area was able to gain control over the listing of their home. i talked with zila today about this and was told it allows homeowners to claim their home and make changes to the listed information. that allows some bad guys to get in on the action. they have safeguards but do not want to discuss them. it does not make anyone show a deed before claiming a home so it is far from full proof. although if you complain, they move pretty fast or so >> they
4:26 pm
say. >> still, just thinking about that could think you, michael. the state of the city. you've heard the stories of crime and homelessness, but what do san franciscans really think? plus. can you been my picture? more than just when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere.
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there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7news. >> mark my words, i promise you we are taking action to >> keep our communities safe. >> that pledge from san francisco district attorney to get ghost guns off the streets and take other actions to fight crime in the city. he joined county supervisors and
4:29 pm
community leaders today for a rally against violence, racism and hate. a new poll released today by the san francisco chamber of commerce has bad news for district attorney jason ahead of his recall election next month. anchor liz kreutz joins us live and at this poll shows voters continue to be frustrated with the direction of the city ry. liz: this poll shows concerns about crime in the city are getting worse. more than half of voters see those as a major issue. the poll shows a majority of san franciscans are unhappy with the district attorney and want to see him recalled. san francisco is heading in the wrong direction, that is according to the results of in any willby the city's chamber of commerce. the poll, which surveyed 500 residents, found 76% of respondents feel san francisco is on the wrong track. 20% feel the city is on the right track. >> unfortunately this year again we have pessimistic views on the city. liz: rodney is the ceo of the
4:30 pm
san francisco chamber of commerce. he announced these findings at a breakfast this morning alongside their been buried the mayor acknowledged frustrations about the city and pledge to do more to increase police staffing. >> i'm tired of people saying they don't feel safe coming to work. i'm tired of seniors in our chinese community wearing about walking down the streets. liz: 82% of the polls respondents say crime has gotten worse in san francisco. 45% say they are likely to move out of the city in the next few years. >> the overall takeaway is that people want laws and policies that are in place to be enforced. liz: the numbers also show bad news for district attorney jason , 67% of respondents say they want him recalled. the chamber of commerce agrees. >> i think the recall sends a message that we want a tough cop in the da role, but also helps send a message to everybody who is saying they have to listen to the public. liz: he told me last week he is being tough on crime and that
4:31 pm
removing him would only destabilize the district attorney's office. there is a feeling that your office is not holding people accountable. >> well sure. there's lots of stories you hear every day, but if you look at the facts. and i know as a journalist, you're working with facts. you will see that my charging rate is actually hired then my predecessor or other bay area district attorney's and it comes to pre-much every category of crime. domestic violence, drug sales, property crime . liz: they have released their own polling that shows them down by 10 points. date say that shows the entire race and other polls suggest that the da is facing an uphill battle as we saw from the chamber of commerce poll, voters are frustrated and they want to send a message. ama: thank you, liz. joining us now is abc 7 insider phil. it lets dig a little bit deeper into this poll. overall, it seemed like it was pretty bad news for jason, however, what you look at this? i think that is a cover of hope for him, which is only 25% art
4:32 pm
listing crime as the primary reason they want to leave san francisco. phil: there are other concerns as well. the cost of living in san francisco, the education system, remember, we had a recall of the board of education. people's frustration with the kabul school system was expressed there. but what has changed however or is the high number of people who say that crime has gotten worse. and that is trouble for jason, but it is also trouble for the mayor as well. mayor london breed, you know, she is the leader of the city and she is taking more and more of a center roll for it. these next couple of months are going to be interesting for a number of people, because it is clear voters are not happy with the flow in san francisco politics. it just so happens that jason is in the barrel and headed over the falls right now. >> alright, but if things trend in this direction, you are right. other politicians may not have a very good fate. what did they need to do between now and a year from now or two
4:33 pm
years from now? phil: what they need to do, if you talk to the people around, is they may even agree with them philosophically in how to handle problems, but they want to see results. the reason i am bringing this up is because it was just last year that homelessness was seen as getting worse and worse in the city. that is not necessarily changing either, it is just that crime has gone out ahead of it. by the way, people not feeling good about the direction of the city is not all that new either. back in 2015, people were actually feeling ok about how san francisco was going pretty in a 2016 it got worse and a 2017 it got better. after that, it is just accumulative effect going on. and the thing is how to get out of it is tough because they are in a deep hole right now. is, most people want more police in high crime areas and eber hood that the matter is san francisco does not have police. police are leaving the force so i don't know how they're gonna make up for that anytime soon.
4:34 pm
same issue with crime, same issue with homelessness. billion's of dollars being spent, but real questions about results. ama: there are budget issues. they want more police, but they also want more caseworkers to help people with behavioral health problems and they want new mental health and behavior centers. how are we going to do all of that? phil: you can build in most places, but you cannot build in san francisco. you got a really good point. we are having a shortage of health care workers. it is not like you can just dial them up ifficult profession and not necessarily people want to get out there and work with the homeless on that level. so what people want these days and have been told by the way that that is the alternative we should go to. that is one of the things politicians have to watch out for from the governor on down, saying i've got a solution. the solution does not have the building blocks in it to actually work at this point. ama: abc7news insider phil, thank you so much. phil: thank you. ama: it's all about wrapping it
4:35 pm
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are or plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding. for more information about side effects talk to your doctor. be in your moment. fantastic! ask your doctor about ibrance. >> it's time now for the four of four, you can see dan and mike are joining us for this. the greatest show on earth will be back next year but without any animals. ringling brothers is reviving its once beloved circus. it shut down in 2017 after more than 140 years in operation because of dwindling ticket sales. years of controversy over the use of live animal performers.
4:38 pm
a former cirque du soleil choreographer is winning the casting. for new human performers. what do you think? ama: well yeah, i think a lot of people hate to see the animals. just wondering about the conditions that they are in. so i think humans, they can choose whether they want to be a part of the circus. so i think -- how close is a going to be to cirque du soleil? kristen: i don't know. i got a little uncomfortable when i saw the trainers not whipping the animals, but cracking the whip around the animals. >> sensibilities have changed, right, in recent years. we have a better understanding now. i love traditions and i am a little sentimental, i'm not a big circus person, although i do like search -- cirque du soleil. i was a little sad to see ringling brothers go away, although i was glad that they decided to move away from the animals. so i'm glad to see it come back. i hope it can come back.
4:39 pm
it is one of those iconic american traditions that has been around for more than 100 years, so i'm excited to see if we can it off. >> are there going to be more clowns? >> do we want more clowns? they give me nightmares. >> i'm not freaked out them, never have been, but i've never enjoyed them either. >> here is a question are magazines becoming a thing of the past? dot dash has canceled several magazines including martha stewart living which is been around for more than 30 years. other canceled magazines included in style, entertainment weekly, health and parents. these are big names magazines. they want to focus on digital. i'm trying to think. i did grab a magazine recently. there was some headline. >> i thought you were at the doctor or dentist office. >> mike, when his last time you read a magazine?
4:40 pm
mike: i do get car and driver. i'm a big car buff, i love cars, but i realized over the weekend i recycled a whole year's worth without opening hardly any of the covers, because i do not read it online, so i'm going to see if they have an option to stop sending me the paperback form, so i can just read it online and at least save that waste. >> it is also easier to save something if you see something in the magazine that you want to save. that's what i often do, dan. dan: i agree. and i still have one or so magazines, like the new york times in print on sunday still. i read it online. it is a different experience when you needed something, flipping the pages, rather than looking at what they want you to look at, you can flip through it. it is a different experience and i do enjoy that experience. it is hard to give up come but these days, they are just not around like they used to be. we have to adapt. >> i am fine with online for most of it and certainly there are good environmental reasons for that, but i enjoy my alumni magazines pretty >> i still get my alumni magazines from carolina.
4:41 pm
>> i also have aarp. >> i do too, dan. >> you know you're getting older when every article is fascinating. >> a wisconsin man has eaten the most big macs and a lifetime. donald holds the record for eating 32900 and 44 big macs. is the streak began in 1972. he eats to a day and at that time, he says he is only missed eight days of big macs. >> i wonder why he missed? >> i don't know. he was in the hospital? >> i have to say he is trim, which is surprising pretty is not particularly heavy and i suppose, i looked at the calories, there's 550 calories in a big mac, so 32 a day that's 1100 calories, depends on what else you need around it. calorie wise,. >> just lettuce and tomato on it. >> exactly. >> as someone who worked at mcdonald's i could tell you it
4:42 pm
has the smallest patty of a most all hamburgers. >> you get two of them, don't you? if you skip the special sauce, i think it does not even have that much fat? >> i also looked this up. 79 grams of cholesterol, you are supposed to have 300 or less a day. so it depends on what else this guy eats all day long. >> and activity level. >> if you throw in fries and a shaken other things, then you have trouble. but you know. >> the supersize, the documentary. >> oh yeah, that was powerful p although i have to say, i think you would get sick of almost anything everyday. >> twice a day. are, now to a problem that may or may not have been there to begin with. researchers at johns hopkins have designed what they call tasty tape. it is an edible adhesive that makes sure everything in your burrito or rap stays locked inside. it is supposed to be clear, researchers just kind of diet here to show how it will work. >> i don't know.
4:43 pm
i think it's part of the fundraiser my grandma always said and i just love this saying, the messier it is, the better it tastes. and i just like that. i do know, what you think mike? >> can i tell you a story about what happened couple of weeks ago. this jogged my memory. my son and i went to a local burrito place and they had a trainee hoe had not been trained. and he -- a trainee who had not been trained. mine was the size, my sons was this size and he could not get it close. so he grabbed another tortilla and wrapped it. and then he had to take like seven or eight of those aluminum things. getting it all wrangled up and put in the bag. >> he could have used the tape? >> yes. >> did your son have to eat that with a chainsaw? >> i was jealous of his extra food. >> at his age, he probably needed every calorie and was happy it was so big. >> if you're doing it right you do not need the tape, ok.
4:44 pm
but for those of us who might be a novice. >> clever idea and a solution in search of a problem. in search of a problem. >> that did you know that renovating your kitchen and bathroom is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home? i'm mike holmes here with ivan from agm renovations america's kitchen and bathroom renovators thanks mike! we make kitchen and bathroom renovations easy for everyone. we quote and design each project and help customers select all finishes without having to leave their home! wow! agm are the only kitchen and bathroom renovations specialists i recommend. ♪ ♪ [announcer] call now and get $3,000 off! booking most cruises can be complicated. but this isn't most ♪ ♪ this is celebrity cruises.
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>> we all know one picture can change the world it can also change one person's sense of self. a group of napa county students were recently treated to a special workshop by internationally acclaimed auto journalists when the solomon. as abc7news anchor list kreutz reports, her goal is to help students realize their potential through the power of
4:47 pm
photography. >> i'm going to need a bunch of people for this. liz: addison andrews has a vision. she is gathering a group of friends, mentors, even strangers. >> i would love to be in your pict >> can you be in my picture? liz: asking them to join in a circle and put up their hands. >> make them like that. you go right there, kind of touching. liz: all to slap -- snap one image that captures her livestream. >> my dream is for everyone to be equal, like actually equal, not just saying oh yeah, let's be equal and not finishing it. liz: she is participating in pictures of hope, a program founded and one -- run by linda solomon. solomon was the longtime personal photographer for aretha franklin and author of the book the queen in next-door. through pictures of hope, she gives students their own camera and challenges them to share their hopes and their dreams through photography. >> sometimes it is very difficult to share something deep within, verbally.
4:48 pm
but through an art form, through photojournalism, it is often easier to share something that is so personal. >> for years, solomon has traveled to dozens of cities, bringing pictures of hope and the power of auto journalism to students from all walks of life. her hope, to help young people find inspiration through images. to learn how a single photo can change the world. and your own sense of self. >> one photo can change a life, but you've just got to give that child a chance. >> so is it photojournalism fun? >> solomon lead a workshop at the culinary institute of america with 14 a middle school students who were part of napa county to five school program. she came at the personal request of superintendent dr. arber, who noticed many students were struggling after two years of the pandemic. >> tickly, i meet kids in june and i will see them in the parking lot and i will say what are you going to do now? i'm going to go to college.
4:49 pm
good, what are you going to study? i dunno. well, what he wanted do? i don't know. well, we would like to see kids prepare for it now. liz: that is where pictures of hope comes in. on a sheet of paper, solomon had students write out their hopes and dreams. to go to college, to help those in need, to find a talent i am truly proud of, to find self peace and allow myself some love. >> we just need to show how these kids are dreaming dexter not jimmy for iphones. there to me for things that truly matter. >> for 12-year-old jonathan, his dream to help someone. >> alright, jonathan, when you can public people, what kind of photograph do you see? >> i feel like if the world is kinder to each other, so like, if someone is in need, you can help them. liz: jonathan set out to help find inspiration. >> what i did, i found two super nice people who are holding hands and she was helping him appeared liz: the
4:50 pm
other students also finding small everyday moments to symbolize something much more significant. >> my dream is that one day we will have a tolerant world with no hate and no discrimination against other people. >> i hope is to really make people happy and make them smile and stuff. >> my dream is to find a location or a room that feels like home accrued liz: among the photos, the one from addison. this diverse circle of hands representing her dream of equality. >> i thought that showed like ages. it showed different races. i could not really show sexuality, or gender, but i feel like it was a good example or demonstration of equality. liz: the students photos will then be printed onto notecards and sold at an exhibition here at the culinary institute of america on may 2 any third. -- make any third. >> they will have a
4:51 pm
professional camera they can take with them and get in the habit of really looking at the world around them. you think of how often we walk five things we just do not pay attention. and when you have a camera that is always with you, you are always looking for something that is unique. and i think that that will open their eyes to so many things that they otherwise might never see. >> i want to be a photographer when i am older. >> a little bit. but not as much as i know now. >> every child needs that chance to share a dream. and know that it can come true. liz: in napa, liz kreutz, abc7news. >> that was a fantastic program and everybody is looking to attend the students photo exhibit on monday a 23rd at 5:30 p.m. at the culinary institute of america at cobia in napa. proceeds from the sale will go to the napa unified afterschool program.
4:52 pm
>> looking at them in a holy way. >> somewhere in north carolina, they are going thank you. >> you know it. those hands are going to get kinda sweaty, are they than xp days? >> sweaty because of the heat and the concern over fire risks. let's talk about some fun stuff. western conference finals start tonight at the chaise. the tip-off is 6:00 but if you want to get there early, it is 75 but when you come out it will be 63 and breezy. here is a look at tomorrow's temperatures, still warmer than average. no records like today. 50's along the coast and near 60, 70's and 80's inland. remember fire danger starts at 11:00 tomorrow morning for solano county and goes all the way through 8:00. the rest of us, we did not quite reached the critical fire conditions, so we are not in that, but heightened fire danger for all of us because of gusty breezes. we got some real warmth especially monday, tuesday, wednesday because lowes will be
4:53 pm
in the 50's and sick decent highs will be in the 80's and 90's. so a little bit warmer on both ends. >> thank you, mike. disney releases a look at upcoming shows. >> transformations are triggered. >> the baseline of any woman just existing. >> among those, the first trailer for she hold is just one of many previews this week in
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
i joined the district attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin interfered in every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now.
4:56 pm
>> dozens of disney's biggest stars joined executives in new york to promote fall shows. during the pandemic, this had to be done virtually, but as sandy shows us, it is back to business as usual. >> thank you disney upfront people. >> martin short, steve martin and selena gomez have a hit on their hands and with the second season of only murders in the building launching on loot next month, this was a good opportunity to get advertisers excited about this hit. >> i did not know what it was going to be. i hope that it was going to be good, but i have no idea. i just thought the character was so interesting and i love hanging out with these guys. >> the welcome from disney ceo bob chapek and the galaxy of stars assembled here indicate the importance of this gathering. >> the huge thing about it is you know that they believe in you, because they put their money behind it. and that is all that really matters. >> one star had a message for those buying commercials. >> i say bet on a sure thing,
4:57 pm
baby. abbott elementary. >> in years past, this presentation was limited to the abc television network. but not anymore. >> the best opportunity to really showcase the walt disney company. it is the unparalleled set of franchises. >> grants like the one kerry washington talked about. >> it is this brand-new platform within hulu where we are telling stories by artists of color. >> the presentation is more elaborate than the one tovar greyser members when he was an abc intern. >> i should have known from that two of never gotten into television, but i did anyway. >> now he is going into season three of home economics. also on abc, oscar-winner and hilary swank has a new drama called alaska. >> we are seeing content being told from different points of view, which is so exciting. >> i'm sandy kenyon, abc7news. >> that is it for abc7news at
4:58 pm
4:00. abc7news at 5:00 with dan and anna is coming up next. meet apartment 2a, 2b and 2c. 2a's monitoring his money with a simple text. like what you see abe?
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moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. we're here that you know like four big shot boom. boom. anic and tragedy tragedy after gunfire erupted data neighborhood park. claiming the life of one man and injuring three others and tonight. we've learned the one person killed is cousin of nfl superstar devante adams good evening. i'm amidates and i'm dan ashley. thank you for joining us late today the interim police chief of east palo alto spoke about the deadly shooting calling on witnesses to come forward. and in just about 30 minutes a community vigil is scheduled to take place at jack farrell park where this shooting happened abc 7 news reporter david louie spoke with people at the park and ha


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