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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 18, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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sspoible freayew shooting. >> a tndhe wriarors inch athnoer step closer ttohe nbain fals. step closer ttohe nbain fals. ♪music aypling♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ nothing brin tgshe pack together li ke a trip to great wo llfodge. noopw en in nohertrn califoiarn.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7news. >> east palo alto police are looking for shooting suspects after a gun battle at a busy city park. one man was killed yesterday and three others were shot, violence breaking out in a city which has worked so fard -- hard to overcome it's murder capital reputation in the 1990's. ama: this evening, the east palo alto community came together for a vigil. >> to community vigil following a night of gun violence in east palo alto. presidents and city leaders were back at jack farrell park where only 24 hours earlier two groups were involved in a shootout that killed one man and injured three
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others. the vigil organizer hoping the gathering would reestablish a sense of safety at the popular city park. >> we don't want this sort of gun violence to continue within our community. it is not welcome here and we are not going to stand for it. >> police say at least 33 shots were fired and believe tuesday's shooting was targeted. disturbing video shows the moments shots rang out. a girl was playing tag with her cousins, one recording. one shooter was only 10-15 feet away. [gunshots] >> they even broke the street code by shooting where kids were. >> it marks the first homicide of the year for the city. 34-year-old ralph fields jr. was shot and died on the way to the hospital. he was paroled last year after serving two years in state prison on conspiracy charges during a major gang sweep in 2014.
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he is the first cousin of nfl wide receiver davante adams, who is making headlines as he joins the raiders from green bay. other relatives describe fields as a family guy. >> always smiling, very friendly. every time i see him, he was like, what's up? give me a hug. just a cool guy. >> has the community grieved in private, presidents are hurting, but explains they are resilient. >> it will continue to be better, not just for ourselves but because our future is our children,, are young people, so we want to ensure that their safety and their future is attainable. >> the city council has called a special meeting for thursday at 6:00 p.m. to address the incident. in east palo alto, amanda del castillo. dan: right now in the east bay, highway patrol and oakland police are investigating a shooting. searching near the seminary offramp.
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shooting victims were found with a car on a freeway embankment. their condition and exact location is unknown. ama: san jose's police chief unveiled a seven point plan to address recent incidents of officer misconduct. >> when it comes to officer misconduct, i have made my line clear and if crossed, it will be her last day is a san jose police officer. ama: the chiefs plan comes in response to an officer's death from a fentanyl overdose and several alleged acts of misconduct, including an officer accused of masturbating at a crime scene. dan: in tonight's covid headlines, the cdc is expected to recommend covid booster shots for five to 11-year-olds as early as tomorrow. it comes after the fda authorized those shots yesterday. the cdc says 32% of u.s.
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residents live in areas of medium to high covid levels and is encouraging those individuals to wear masks. a new projection by the agency says nearly every state is expected to see an increase in covid-19 hospitalizations in the next two weeks. ama: governor newsom got his second vaccine booster today. got a stop -- another booster of moderna. another booster is available to all californians 50 and older as well as those who are immunocompromised or who received the johnson & johnson vaccine. dan: the latest covid hotspot is the bay area with some of the highest case rates anywhere in the state. california's chief epidemiologist explains why. >> it is a question we are all kind of thinking about and looking at it a bit. i will say this particular virus continues to really throw us curveballs and i think it continues to find people who have not been infected. dan: abc7news reported luz pena
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spoke with a doctor who says the bay area's previous low infection rate is one reason why omicron's subvariant is spreading so quickly. as cases arise, the doctor says there is one critical factor in determining whether mask mandates will return. >> i think we should always maintain that readiness and possibility that especially if we see a large impact on our health care system, if we see an increase in deaths or unusual severity, that thankfully we have maintained low hospitalizations to now, but those are all things we are all concerned about. dan: the doctor says she is not overly concerned right now, but says it is possible that a variant can evolve that is more serious. ama: tomorrow will bring high fire danger for parts of the bay area, so we want to get right to sandhya patel for what we can expect. sandhya: it is a combination of dry, gusty winds that will raise
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the fire danger, red flag warning for solano county until 8:00 p.m. friday -- 35-45 mile per hour winds combined with high humidity -- low humidity. watch out for possibility of some power outages. as we look hour-by-hour, you will notice the fire danger index, which takes into account not just the wind and humidity, but how dry it is, is indicating high to very high fire danger in the north bay and parts of the east bay hills. the red flag warning extends up and down the central valley. i will be back to let you know when things will get better in terms of the fire danger coming right up. ama: thank you. you can track the weather conditions where you live anytime on the abc 7 bay area news app. dan: all right, the warriors are now three wins away from the nba finals after a dominant win over the dallas mavericks in game one
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of the western conference finals. ama: chris alvarez has more from the warriors after another home win at chase center. >> the warriors continue their unbeaten streak at chase center this postseason, a perfect 7-0 after tonight's when. the warriors defense was tough. draymond green, a great block. a big shout. stephen curry, the game-high 21 points. the dance moves are back. jordan poole, 19 off the bench. then draymond green, 10 points, nine rebounds, foul and a flex. the warriors win, taking a 1-0 lead, but still a lot of basketball left to be played. >> one game. we did an excellent job defensively, but we are under no illusion that we have figured anything out. we just played really hard and competed and tried to contest shots. >> it is just one game and we
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could feel good now, but this team was down 2-0 and won the series last round, so i don't really pay attention to the noise. >> game two is friday at chase. it is going to be a busy night in the neighborhood. just on the street, giants and plan accordingly.aclear more warriors coverage coming up in sports. dan: after golden state's victory, warriors fans poured into thrive city to celebrate and j.r. stone was there and continues our team coverage this evening and joins us live from thrive city. some very excited fans. [laughter] j.r.: yes, these fans were ecstatic. i said to one of them, you are going to get goosebumps after a game like this -- she said, goosebumps? i'm going to get tears of joy after a game like this. warriors fans doing their
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victory dance after winning game one of the western conference finals. and the dubs had their fans fired up after their 25-point when. it could have been the lucky gold hair for the blue hair, maybe it was the nails, the warriors fan on stilts, or the predictions early on, but the dubs were red-hot. >> i think the splash brothers are going to have a pool party tonight. j.r.: it is perfect weather for a pool party. >> get your floaty's. dallas, we are about to take over. j.r.: are you worried about luka? >> luka magic does not work in san francisco. j.r.: it was all warriors and fans loved watching, both inside the chase center and outside at the thrive city viewing party, one that came at an unbeatable price tag. this had to be the best price of the night. >> you can't beat free.
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j.r.: many of these fans are calling for a sweep. you think they are going to keep winning? >> dubs in four. >> i would say warriors in fo ur. j.r.: i even heard some people say sweep. >> don't get overconfident. they are not that bad. j.r.: a little reality there at the end. it was jumping out here at thrive center after this game. i saw hall of famer shaquille o'neil walked by, the crowd followed him for a little while, then a little while hall of famer charles barkley came out and he has been vocal on how he doesn't like san francisco and the crowd started chanting and opposition against him. it was that kind of fun night out here at the chase center. reporting live in san francisco, j.r. stone, abc7news. dan: what a fun night.
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shaq certainly stands out in a crowd. [laughter] we will have even more highlights from the warriors game tonight coming up later in sports. ama: another bay area record today that no one wants. we are tracking our rising gas prices. dan: a show of solidarity across the region honoring the buffalo mass shooting victims. ama: the pandemic change the oscars
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fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
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ama: in the east bay, a work crew in oakland discovered the body of a woman killed 18 years ago. the body identified as cynthia linda alonso, who disappeared thanksgiving 2004. workers found her body wrapped in tarps on the oakland army
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base. she was last seen with her boyfriend. in 2017, he was sentenced to 11 years in prison for the murder. dan: 30 minutes before the racist shooting at a supermarket in buffalo, the suspect revealed his months long plot on social media. communications app discord said the suspect created a private chat room and invited people to view his chat logs before the attack. new york's attorney general says she will investigate social media companies that police say he used. he is suspected of killing 10 people and wounding three others in saturday's attack. he is due back in court tomorrow. ama: here in the bay area, solidarity events were held in multiple cities to honor those who lost their lives in the buffalo shooting. tim johns has more own of the messages of unity today. >> i will be honest, this one has been, this one has been harder. >> days after a mass in buffalo
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killed 10, events of remembrance have taken place around the bay area. on wednesday, a vigil focusing on healing was held in oakland. >> various types of healing, from music to energy healing to prayer. >> she says while she wanted to honor those who lost their lives over the weekend, wednesday night's gathering was about recognizing the pain incidents like these can inflict on communities of color. >> trauma is one of the largest causes of chaos in our community and also won the largest inhibitors of folks being able to struggle for liberation. >> similar events were held in san francisco. one of the steps of city hall, political and religious leaders gathered to rally against violence, racism, and hatred. >> we are here to stand and say no man or woman is an island to himself or herself. each of us is a part of mankind
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and humankind. >> there they called on all of us to curb biases in our own lives and communities. >> racism infects everything we do unless we make a conscious effort to not do it. >> and reminded people that the only way to overcome hatred is by remaining united. >> but if we come together and stay together, we will conquer this violence of hate and racism. >> in san francisco, tim johns, abc7news. dan: today, the biden administration has invoked the defense production act to address the baby formula shortage. the supplies for baby formula decreased dramatically after a supply chain issue and a contamination closure at abbott laboratories in february. it will provide ingredients to manufacturers in an effort to speed production.
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the administration announced operation fly formula, launching commercial planes to import formula overseas, while meeting federal standards. >> i'm directing my team to do everything possible to ensure there is enough safe baby formula and that it is quickly reaching families who needed the most. dan: in tennessee, two children have been hospitalized because of the shortage. it could take weeks for formula to hit the shelves from abbott laboratories. ama: the price of gas continues to soar across the country and gas prices in the bay area hit another record high. san francisco has the highest prices in california. gas in san francisco averages $6.28 per gallon. oakland gas is $6.15. it is the same price in san jose. these are all new record highs. according to aaa, the state average price is $6.05. nationwide, nearly every state is paying more than four dollars per gallon.
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dan:dan: actor and director lee of schreiber is trying to just leave schreiber -- actor and director liev schreiber hosted the unite for ukraine fundraiser in washington, d.c. he has helped launch a program called blue check to make sure money gets to the people and organizations who needed the most in ukraine. >> what we decided to do was identify, our mission is to identify, vet, and fast-track financial support for organizations on the ground in ukraine that are doing the work that needs to get done. dan: since march, the blue check initiative has vetted more than a dozen organizations that need money to continue their work. you can find a link on our website. ama: let's turn to the heat we had today. dan: sandhya patel is here with that and the weekend forecast. sandhya: the heat is going to start to ease today.
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temperatures are 7-13 degrees above average. try 96 degrees in fairfield, san rafael, santa rosa. 80 in oakland. 86 degrees in san jose. it was plenty warm, unless you are in half moon bay, where a sea breeze kept today. as you check out the temperatures, it is still warm. most of you in the 60's and the 70's tonight. as we take a look at live doppler 7, a few passing high clouds. let's take a look at what is happening in the atmosphere. we have the high-pressure ridge. it will continue to remain here. this area pushing eastward. the pressure gradient is going to result in gusty winds and the elevated fire danger. you can see over the hills, solano county, you are looking at the dry northerly wind, and that is what is concerning as we head into tomorrow. from our roof camera, we are looking at coit tower.
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increasing fire danger starting tomorrow. mild to warm weather for the weekend. gusts to 35 in santa rosa. still windy across parts of the bay area. the wind switches more out of the north and not just near the coast, but we will be talking about solano county seeing the wind as well. north bay hills, 27-34 miles per hour. getting stronger as we head toward tomorrow night into early friday and that is what is going to bring us the fire danger. tomorrow morning, it will start off warm. forget about the jackets. 50's, 60's, breezy at the coastline. afternoon highs, 84 in morgan hill's. 79 in san jose. 75, palo alto. 60 degrees in pacifica. a little but cooler than where we were today. 68 in downtown san francisco. mid-80's, napa, calistoga, santa rosa. a few high clouds, sunshine, 76,
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oakland, san leandro. inland areas, you are still going to be warm, not as hot as today. 83, livermore. 86, concord. high fire danger beginning tomorrow, continuing on friday. as we head toward the weekend, the wind will ease, temperatures will be in the 60's to 80's range. back to the monday through wednesday, low to mid 90's inland.
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when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie.
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ama: the rules and guidelines to enter for next year's oscars are getting back to pre-pandemic times. oscar hopefuls will have to launch new films that media -- and movie theaters and streaming services. the theatrical run must be a minimum of seven consecutive days in major metropolitan areas including the bay area. violating new and past guidelines can lead to disqualifications. the oscars will take place march 12, 2023. dan: a fun night for the warriors and dubs nation. ama:
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i joined the district attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin interfered in every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now.
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>> abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> the warriors 11-3 against the mavericks and the regular season, granted they were never fairly healthy -- fully healthy. tonight, operation dominan -- dominate dallas. andrew wiggins catching a piece of luka doncic. playing defense. luka fighting through it, buries the triple. a big scratch across the face. 20 points, but just two after the half. the dubs were flying around on defense. draymond green, the block and the shout. jordan poole, what a pastor draymond. the hoop and the foul and the flax. stephen curry, look at the passing. andrew wiggins had 19 points. worriers up nine at the break. curry starting to feel it in the third.
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steph dancing to them at chase. he had a game-high 21 points and a game-high 12 rebounds. jordan poole came off the bench and it is a poole party to end the third. warriors up 19 after three. then jp putting them on skates. he had 19 of his own. the warriors take a 1-0 series lead. >> when you get to this stage, you do have to elevate your execution if you want to win because the competition gets better. dallas is weid d aoo gd job wit. we'v' g toto kp eedoing it over anovd er and orve again. howerve you grade the exeticuon, 've got to ke lepeveling .up >> the giants heav won 12 in a w againstht e rockies. logan web17b inngsin, six strioukets, and he hatod lead when he left, buthe t bullpen couldot n hold it. the rockies win 5-32 snappin --
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3 5-snapping theli sde to the gian.ts chad pdeinr started theam ge and left, fishnied on th meound. two rib knock. that is going to hurt pindar'' career.r e.a.. eahqrtuakes tinakg on the timbers. at is a eagrt look. oklo at th pisassing fm rothe quesak. in the oenffsive end. makes it 3-2. thque akes win byha ttco sre. sports
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ama:ha tnkou y so mu fchor
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tcwahing. dan: for all of us here, we appreciate your time. immy kimmel live!" with gstue hosts j >> lou: from hollywood, it 's "jimmy kimmel veli!" with guest hosts jn ohmulaney and andy samberg. tonight -- cheryl hines and music from gang ofou yths. with cletond a the cletones. and now,oh jn mulaneany d andy sbeamrg! ch[ eers andpp auslae ] ♪ >> and wy:hoa, yes! alril ght! john anand dy: welce omto immy kiml melive!" >> joh in:'m your esgut host, hn mulan.ey >> and ay:nd i'm yr ouother


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