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tv   Nightline  ABC  May 19, 2022 12:37am-1:06am PDT

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[ cheers and applaus]e ♪ this is "nightline." >> tonight, ffbualo's pain. e thchilngli new detlsai emerging autbo the alledeg supearrmket shoor teas a communitmoy urns theiv les lost. i>>t's like c aollective urning rhtig now. erevybody ki ondf knew sebomody. >> theam filies anthd eir pain. a>>nd we're goi tngo miss t we're ingog to hon horer. a>>s new york's govnoerr takes tiac aongainst g vuniolence. >> a ind hope tood g that th is is the weuakcap ll that isth untry has needed. >>pl> us cooki fngor a cause. inside the kitchen of e onof the naonti's hotte csthefs. rving upui csine borofn culture d anlived exripeence. >> wt hayou eat hinere is cw ho
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n. >> it's so delioicus. >> and bandi tngogether thwi fellow asianme arican chs efto fit ghteha. >> we kind of just reached a boiling point. >>an> d senale gomez. e award-winning pesurstar with hits like "lose u yoto love ."me ♪ to love le ovto le ovlove yeah ♪ >> the pernasol missiothn at oubrght her l althe way ttohe white ushoe. meet aut fure mom, a rsfit-time mom d ana seasoned pro. th misom'ons e step closer to theirew n mini-van!
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ye, ahyou' gllet ud seto it. thisom m's'depositi ng monewiy th tools on-hand. cha inchg. and isth momwe, ll, e's's setting an aoippntme hntere, so heron s can getet s up there and start his own nafinciajol urney. th'a'bes causthe ese moms all have chase. art bankers.on cvenient oltos. one ba wnkith the wepor of both. chase.
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make more ofha wt's yours. ♪ >>th> anks foroi jning us. night, wree' learninmog re about e thalleged ffbualo shooter. those onneli postingprs oviding veinstigatorcls ues abouwht at mahay ve been s hitwisted motitivaons. and thwae rning sis gnmissed. we're soal reflectg inon the ten precio lusives lost. their mifalies andhe tir communieits speaki ongut making sure therey' not forttgoen. c'abs stephae niramos fr om buffo alfor us tigonht. r>>eporter:n ithe midsoft tragy ed-- >>ou y are theea hler! reporter: in thcoe llective brace ofhe t cirommunity- - let's l tets hibe a sta ortf mesothinneg w. >> rorepter: hanind hand, gatheder togethe lr,ooking f or ho, pelooking r fohealing teafr unimagiblnae horrorha tt's shenak their et asbuffalo meho its core. >> it wawhs ite supracemy. it wasat he. was domtiesc teorrrism. it w aasll of the osthings.
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t it's mh ucbigger tn hathat. m i'angry. i'm hu.rt i'a m man whosmoe ther wasak ten omfr him by otanher man. >> reporter:ou fr da aysgo, a gunman dasevtated this edpromintlany black ffbualo ignehborhood. ten peleop dead. otanher threin now in the wake of another senseless tragedy, investigators are uncovering chilling new details about the alleged shooter. >> it's the case of an 18-year-old male who was radicalized -- i'm not going to sugarcoat this because there's no way to do that -- who was radicalized by white supremacists and white nationalist beliefs. >> reporter: attention now turning to the 589-page document found online containing posts the suspect allegedly wrote on the social media platform discord prior to the supermarket attack. >> these 589 pages are a collection of all of the social media posts that law enforcement
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officials said payton gendron made in the months leading up to the attack. detailed plans for what was to come on saturday at the supermarket. >> reporter: discord said in a statement that the suspect initially created a private invite-only server that served as a personal diary chat. overnight, abc news confirming that some of those posts were later made in a private group. 30 minutes prior to the attack. it's unclear who had access to them or who saw them. >> they create platforms so they can share their demented ideas with each other in the hopes that this continues to spread. >> reporter: in december, the suspect allegedly building up an arsenal of weapons, including the rifle used in the assault. then in march, multiple posts about his alleged visit to the buffalo area where he did reconnaissance on the tops grocery store. >> he's there making drawings of the market, of the aisles. he seems tnd where theo understa
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sericuty guards iposted, what kindf oweapon t sheecurity guard rrcaies. reporte tr:he shoot aerlso lealgedly poinstg about kitang rtpa in animal abusecl, aiming his moerth gave hia m box to bury a c hate killed. >> h iope to g todhat thiss i e thwakeup cl althat this untry hanes eded, beuscae we've d haother cresis. r>>eporter:n ia scathi pngress conferceen, new yo grkovernor kay thhochul tinakg aim athe t risi engpidemic gofun >> we veha the touesght gun laws oinur natio bn,ut guessha wt, e gun thine dividualur pchased our sta wteas legal. you can t gethe baseun g here lellgay in theta ste of new york, gouy b a high-pacacity gazine, and justtt aach . it >>he tre are, coacrding tohe t vegornor, alyswa loophol teshat she now ntwas to trynd a close. shale so wantso tadju tsthe stats e'red flagaw ls. e shwants toak me it mantodary for ste atpolice treo fer someonune der the d reflag law, li pkeayton gerondn, so th at
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nobody c sanell them g aun. >> repteorr: the gerovnor gning anxe ecutive oerrd direinctg state teinlligence offialcis to be tonhe looko ut r fotrexemism onoc sial media. this mt osrecent act of domestic terrisorm appearing to be fluencedy bria ght-wing conspiracy knowns agreat replemacent theo. ry >> t ghereat repcelament theory, it's actually a rncoerstone eaid in moderran cism. it's thede ia that wtehi people, d only t rheight kinofd white ople, arene titled tbeo in a cotruny like t uhenited stesat and atth it's teth oer people who are e ththreat a wndho are trying treo place white oppele. r>>eporter:he t allegedun gman seedem fixated on the nscopiracy in onlinpoe instgs. witas this t seof ideas that we breelieved to be bendhi the 1820 anti-setimic shooti angt the tr oeef life sagynogue in pittsburgh that killed 11 people. d anthe 2019ho soting at a waarlmt in el sopa, texas, where the guannm was targeting hispans.ic 23 people rewe killed.
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t>>hroughouhit story, t he groupsha tt have bn eetarget the d anlabeled rasacial inrifeors, the on wesho shoul'tdne bhere don't he avthe rightot be re, it'sor st of shiedft dependg inon the cteonxt and the litics and the memovents of poputilaons. reporte tr:he unitestd ates has long grappled with ce-basedio vlence, but the ideas espousedy bthis white supracemist rhetoric can be found around the globe. st mthons berefo the el sopa shooti, ngthe world watched in horrors a51 worshpeiprs were nned down inhr cistchurc nh,ew zealand. the shooter, who ao ls livestreedam the event, atsted thate hwanted tsoo w discord betwn eeracial gupros in an atmptet tori dve out nwhonite siredents. but heret ahome, wh watere once nscoidered tbeo frie ngconcepts are nofiw nding thr eiway into the mainrestam. t>>hese areon lg-standi ng rastci ideas tt hawere in e th mainstre uamntil relivately rentcely, thene whave some
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wener develoenpmts conneedct to social miaed, the inrnteet, that helpingo tpopulari tzehese but soal the rolofe influenalti nscoervativeans d right-wing eoidlogues tt hae arbringingt i ckba into thmae instream. reporte nr:ow as thcoe untry attemptso treconcilwie th the carne agin buffa, lomanyre a spdeerate foa r solution. >> we cat n'brush rasmci under the rug. we c'tan pretendha tt white supracemy is a fngrie moveme.nt we he avto acknoedwlge h ow deeply eedmbded the obprlem is inrd oer to delovep the ki ondf licies, e thkind of ucedation, the kindf osocial cnghae that we despeteraly need stoee. >> reporte sr:weepg inchange doesn't move quicy.kl here on the eas stide of bualffo, it canee fl leik time stdsan still. >> therere a amazing peopl ien this communy,it which has sibacally bnee negctleed and overokloed. andhe t fact that there's only one supmaerrketha tt that killer could go to in this city spesak
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volumes abo wuthat needs to be ne here. r>>eporter: alnisa bksan has devodte her leif to giving a ice to theoi vceless as itor-in-iechf of "the alchlenger," a local bfauflo newspepar, ampliinfyg black voicesor f years. it was here that 72-year-old luvonteer katherine maeyss, feafctionately called itor-at-rglae, dedicedat heelrsf to impvirong livesf o her bualffo neighbs.or it's coeclltive mouinrng ght now. erevybody's minourning cabeuse erybody ndki of knewom sebody who knewom sebody. reporte kr:atherine l'sife tricagally cutho srt on sardtuay by t vheery thinshg e strivetod prott echer commituny from. >> lt asthing shdie d write abt ouactuallyas w gunio vlence. and cofourse he wree have n ow r dying tathe handsf ogun violen, cethe handofs a racist. >> rorepter: a ldeear, a civ il rights aocdvate, a vceoi for gun control,nd a a towerg infigure th watill be selory missedy b e thpeople s ohence foug fhtor.
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>> sheas w a smartin, telligent peonrs who absutolely did t no deserve isth kind ofra tnsition. my brotr heand boi th are mama's boys. ey mightav he meant it as a knock on us, but i wr eait as a badgofe honor. honest, lyi do. i lo mvey mother. >> reporr:te for garl ne whitelfid jr., t dheevastati ng realy itof losing his moerth, ru wthhitfieldal, so meanshe t inful reitaly of telngli their derly faerth what haenpped to hilos ving wife. t>>he last meti we spok ye,ou mentionethd at you dn'idt have the hear tt,he famildiy dn't veha the hea trto tell yr oudad what hpeapned ytoour mom. >>o, n he doesot n know. -that's h lisifeline.c bause e's his feli. shwae s his s hidaily, y kounow, hisai dly blsiesng. you kn, owhe came etoxpect that from her.
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so wkne ow that he knowshe s's nobet en there. r>>eporter:he t messageer he fr tomhe famils ieof thoseho w are lo hstas been d ancontinues to be velo. all of kusw sh d we're ingog to mishes r. 're gointog honor 're gointog honor h, erwe're going to bthe e peopleho w she uld haves uto be, w shohe wod ulhave wand teus to be. that o'sur goal. that's it. >>ur o thanks stotephanie. > >>up next,ur tning up e thheat in the kchiten with meso of the tthoest young chefs tinhe uncotry cookg infor a ng e yoreu' not thenl oy one wi th questnsio about boxot®. boto®x® prevents adheaches in adults with chronic migraine berefo they ev sentart—w—th ab out 10 mutines of trtmeaent once eryve 3 months. so, ask your doctor if botox® is right for you,
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thwi attacksga ainst asi an americs anstill inhe t adlines, g aroup of unyog efs has cideded to do mething ftoight theat he. inusg their e-awinspiring lents inhe t kitcheno tsend a ssage. >> reporr:te kev tinien has masteredhe t delicatare t of dectleable vieamtnese >>h omy god, loi ve that. w>>e brush witith a gaicrl and aith basil bteutr. >> reporr:te don't fgeort the icchken feet. i'm constantly ttseing tirsme, wh deno you kn towhis is ne? >>hi ccken's de onaround 1 65 degrees. for uswe, sell soan my of ose. we kinofd have annt iernal timer >> reporr:te fine vinaetmese cuisine thwi a cajunwi tst, urcotesy of his boyhd oospent in
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louisian a. i did srtta cookinghe wn i s wareally yngou. t buit was me orout of single m, omshe had wushen e was ve yryoung. mmyom was still in r heteens when s hhead me. so trao ise two dski, she hatod work mtiulple jobs. as t oheldest inn aasian hoehusold, it'als ways the responbisilityor f us to te ak ca oref all thsie blings. for , meit was ckioong for my litt sleister. i guesats the agef o8, cooking for wmeas like, c ian make gseg the i can rdoice in a ricpoe t. th aennything atth fits inhe t micravowe. >> that's nefi dining. o>>h, yeah,bs aolutely. r>>eporter:od tay, tiens i executivche ef of the uber-poparul moon raitbb in washington, d.c. stla yeadur ringhe t height of the paemndic, attas ckagainst asian americs anspiking 9%33 acrosshe t country. vin and s higood frid,en fellowhe cf tim made, cided to doom sething to coatmb the hate. >> we rewe watchinthg e videos. we were arheing abou yt,ou know,
12:56 am
erythingap hpening touo r commituny. anwed kind ofus jt reachea d boilg inpoint. it was jt uslike, ok, aywe have platrmfos. thatas w really when we arstted tainlkg. when ts histarted pphaening, what dweo do? that'sow h all thigos t started. >> repteorr: tim gw reup in conw, ayarkansas. hipas rents' cnehise restaanurt, e thonly onen itown. his falymi didn't waalys fl ee welcom e. a>>rkans sawas an ierntesting time ithn e '70s a 'nd80s. especilyal where wlie ved. the erwas not loa t of peoe pl th latooked li mkee. e onof the iidncents thai t do rememb weras in thmie ddle of e thnight, mane d my sisr'tes bedrm,oo our window facethd e street. you know. someinthg got huedrl. we hea grdlass breinakg. we hea wrdords. th wene heard oppele drivi ng off. >>er we the wos rdhate? >>he t words ion d't i n'cat imaginite was "weomlce atorkansas." mend a my sist jerust sat erthe afraid t rheest of t nheight. myar pents actlluay didn'tea hr
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it. theyou fnd us inhe t morning thwi the bri tckhrough t he window a tndhen, youno kw, just two very scad rekids. and weid dn't real clyome to terms thwi what haenpped until muchat ler in li. fe >> repteorr: all tsehe years later, t jimoining kinev to lachun che sfstopping piaa hate aas way to ghfit back, e thbest y wathey knohow w, with sttay >> wnoe rmally ck oofood forn a even rt,aise mon feyor a nonpfirot or a cseau. but isth was vercly ose to iaasn americ canhefs, les t'get togeth iern the miledd of the pandemic. the onlyhi tng we cod ulreally do w tashese takuteo dinners. that's alrely how we got started. wee 'rlike, ok, ayfive che, fs fiveou crses, les t'do a and sitold out meimdiately. kevin's keli, let's epke going. let's ma tkehis the xtne day, phe oncalls and text messages d anemails, erthe were 45 efchs. >> reporr:te their entves have
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only ctionnued to snowball. >> we arstted in d. .cwith nine dinners. rweeached o tuto chef ptnarer friends ointher so we got launch iedn san francisc do,etroit, d annew rkyo. >>ep rorter: o onef those panertrs, andr heworry, ecutive usso chef atin sgle thadre farm inea hldsburg, califoiarn. i>> got intcoo oking beuscae of really aes dire to hp el mmcounities d anhelp tri y to givbae ck in whevater way i cod,ul whatevewar y i knew how. and th watay was ckioong. reporte ir:n the pa ystear, chefs stpiopng aapi teha has israed almos$5t 00,000, eacrting caa ring fooe dicommunitaly ong the way. isth is insane. this isos beautif.ul whe ilwe dig io ntthe sumptuous asfet, the pr aican't he blput inpot out it's n jotust the odfo th'sat hot andpi scy. in 1320, timas w "eater d.c." 'ssexiest efch. >> wow, dii d know tt.ha ren't yo"pu eople" mazagine's seesxit chef?
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>> exact. ly t>>hat's which lisike -- nice stoee. cabeuse, you know. noalrmly, asiamen n aren't perceived as sy.ex 1,000%. but th'sat changing. you gu aysre changg inthat. >>ea yh, absoleluty. >> fors, u here toy,da a chance to make dia fference. by lnieang into r ouculture d an gging in. >>ur o fried cckhien, whicish baseofd f of a vtnieamese street odfo, what y eouat here is cw ho fun. so delioucis. >>wh> en we co bmeack, grammyom-ninated sgeinr and tress senale gomez tmieang up wi tthhe first ladtoy deliver hope. sign that your digtiesve system isn't working at its best. takinget mamucil ev eryday can hp.el tamemucipsl yllium fiber, ge tlso trap a rndemove th e waste that weis ghyou down.
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♪ finally tonight, selena gomez at the white house. ♪ love love ♪ >> reporter: the grammy-nominated singer with hits like "lose you to love me." ♪ i needed to lose you to love me ♪ >> reporter: and the star of "only murders in the building." >> who's cooler than me? >> everyone. >> reporter: visiting the white house for a cause deeply personal. >> we have an incredible historic day ahead of us. this is the first-ever mental health youth action forum. >> reporter: she teamed up with first lady dr. jill biden and youth advocates for a round tale on stopping the stigma surrounding mental health. >> they are wounds that sometimes go unseen. too often cloaked in secrecy and shame. >> reporter: gomez has been candid about her own struggles with mental health, opening up in our conversation earlier this year.
1:05 am
you've talked, selena, about you now live with bipolar. and you don't suffer from it as much anymore. how did you go about learning how to live with bipolar, as opposed to suffering from it? >> well, i do the necessary things, you know. i see the therapist. i have tons of workbooks, like a nerd. i write music. i try to take what's going on and turn it into something beautiful in the best way that i can. >> reporter: and last month, she launched an online platform, wondermind. she and her team are hoping to share the tips and tricks they've learned from their own therapy sessions. >> i love the rare reminders that i read about with your sticky notes. >> it can be quotes, it can be something that i need to validate my feelings with. i'll put it visually somewhere, and i'll keep it there until that's in my mind. >> reporter: gomez today inspiring young people who look up to her by living her own truth. >> i want to ensure that
1:06 am
everyone, no matter their age, their race, religion, sexual orientation, has access to services that support their mental health. >> that's "nightline." you can watch all our full episodes on hulu. we'll see you right back here same time tomorrow. thanks for staying up with us. good night, america.


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