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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  May 19, 2022 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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their race, religion, sexual orientation, has access to services that support their mental health. >> that's "nightline." you can watch all our full episodes on hulu. we'll see you right back here same time tomorrow. thanks for staying up with us. good night, america.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding
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solutions, this is abc7news. >> east palo alto police are looking for shooting suspects after a gun battle at a busy city park. one man was killed yesterday and three others were shot, violence breaking out in a city which has worked so fard -- hard to overcome it's murder capital reputation in the 1990's. ama: this evening, the east palo alto community came together for a vigil. >> to community vigil following a night of gun violence in east palo alto. presidents and city leaders were back at jack farrell park where only 24 hours earlier two groups were involved in a shootout that killed one man and injured three others. the vigil organizer hoping the gathering would reestablish a sense of safety at the popular city park. >> we don't want this sort of gun violence to continue within our community. it is not welcome here and we are not going to stand for it.
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>> police say at least 33 shots were fired and believe tuesday's shooting was targeted. disturbing video shows the moments shots rang out. a girl was playing tag with her cousins, one recording. one shooter was only 10-15 feet away. [gunshots] >> they even broke the street code by shooting where kids were. >> it marks the first homicide of the year for the city. 34-year-old ralph fields jr. was shot and died on the way to the hospital. he was paroled last year after serving two years in state prison on conspiracy charges during a major gang sweep in 2014. he is the first cousin of nfl wide receiver davante adams, who is making headlines as he joins the raiders from green bay. other relatives describe fields as a family guy. >> always smiling, very friendly. every time i see him, he was like, what's up?
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give me a hug. just a cool guy. >> has the community grieved in private, presidents are hurting, but explains they are resilient. >> it will continue to be better, not just for ourselves but because our future is our children,, are young people, so we want to ensure that their safety and their future is attainable. >> the city council has called a special meeting for thursday at 6:00 p.m. to address the incident. in east palo alto, amanda del castillo. dan: right now in the east bay, highway patrol and oakland police are investigating a shooting. searching near the seminary offramp. shooting victims were found with a car on a freeway embankment. their condition and exact location is unknown. ama: san jose's police chief unveiled a seven point plan to address recent incidents of officer misconduct.
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>> when it comes to officer misconduct, i have made my line clear and if crossed, it will be her last day is a san jose police officer. ama: the chiefs plan comes in response to an officer's death from a fentanyl overdose and several alleged acts of misconduct, including an officer accused of masturbating at a crime scene. dan: in tonight's covid headlines, the cdc is expected to recommend covid booster shots for five to 11-year-olds as early as tomorrow. it comes after the fda authorized those shots yesterday. the cdc says 32% of u.s. residents live in areas of medium to high covid levels and is encouraging those individuals to wear masks. a new projection by the agency says nearly every state is expected to see an increase in covid-19 hospitalizations in the
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next two weeks. ama: governor newsom got his second vaccine booster today. got a stop -- another booster of moderna. another booster is available to all californians 50 and older as well as those who are immunocompromised or who received the johnson & johnson vaccine. dan: the latest covid hotspot is the bay area with some of the highest case rates anywhere in the state. california's chief epidemiologist explains why. >> it is a question we are all kind of thinking about and looking at it a bit. i will say this particular virus continues to really throw us curveballs and i think it continues to find people who have not been infected. dan: abc7news reported luz pena spoke with a doctor who says the bay area's previous low infection rate is one reason why omicron's subvariant is spreading so quickly. as cases arise, the doctor says there is one critical factor in
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determining whether mask mandates will return. >> i think we should always maintain that readiness and possibility that especially if we see a large impact on our health care system, if we see an increase in deaths or unusual severity, that thankfully we have maintained low hospitalizations to now, but those are all things we are all concerned about. dan: the doctor says she is not overly concerned right now, but says it is possible that a variant can evolve that is more serious. ama: tomorrow will bring high fire danger for parts of the bay area, so we want to get right to sandhya patel for what we can expect. sandhya: it is a combination of dry, gusty winds that will raise the fire danger, red flag warning for solano county until 8:00 p.m. friday -- 35-45 mile per hour winds combined with high humidity -- low humidity.
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watch out for possibility of some power outages. as we look hour-by-hour, you will notice the fire danger index, which takes into account not just the wind and humidity, but how dry it is, is indicating high to very high fire danger in the north bay and parts of the east bay hills. the red flag warning extends up and down the central valley. i will be back to let you know when things will get better in terms of the fire danger coming right up. ama: thank you. you can track the weather conditions where you live anytime on the abc 7 bay area news app. dan: all right, the warriors are now three wins away from the nba finals after a dominant win over the dallas mavericks in game one of the western conference finals. ama: chris alvarez has more from the warriors after another home win at chase center. >> the warriors continue their unbeaten streak at chase center this postseason, a perfect 7-0
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after tonight's when. the warriors defense was tough. draymond green, a great block. a big shout. stephen curry, the game-high 21 points. thdae nce movears e back. jordanoo ple, o19ff the bchen. then dymraondre gen, 10 points, nine rebounds, foul and a flex. the warrrsioin w,ak ting a 1-0 lead, but still aot l of sketballef lt to be aypled. one game. we didn aexcellent job defensively, but we are under no illusion that whae ve figured anytnghi out. we just played really hard and coetmped andri ted to coesntt shots. >> iist jusont eam ge ande w cod ulfeel good now, t buthis am was dnow 2-0 and won the series ltas round, so i don't reallyay p attenti tono the noise. g>>ame two fisriday at chase.
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it is goin tgo be a by usnight in the ngheiborhood. stju on t shetreet, gntias and padres will get going a7:t 15 at oracle anpl accordingly. more warorris coverage cominupg in spos.rt dan:ft aer golden state's victor wy,arriors nsfa poured into tivhre city to celraebte d anj.r. sto wneas there and coinntues our team coverage this eneving and injos us livfre om rithve city. someer vy excitefad ns. aughter] j.r.: yes, tsehe fans were ecsticat. i said to one of them, you are gogin to get goosebusmp after a mega like this -- e shsaid, osgoebumps? i'moi gng to get tea orsf joy after a mega like ts.hi warrrsio fans doinghe tir viorcty dance teafr wniinng game one tofhe weste crnonference finals. and the dubs had tirhe fans fired aupfter their 2po5-int when. it cldou have be tenhe lucky gold hair r fothe blue hair,
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ybe it w tashe nails t,he warriors fan on stilts,r othe predicontis early , onbut the dubs were d-rehot. >> i think thepl sash brothers are going toav he a poolar pty nitoght. r.: iist pfeerct weath feror poa ol ptyar. >>et gou yrlo faty's. lldaas, we a arebout to keta j.:r. are youor wried about luka? >> luka magic dsoe not worink safrn ancisco. r.: it was lal warriorans d nsfa loved watinchg,ot bh inside thche ase center and outside at e thriveit cy viewingar pty, one atth came atn aunbeatable pric teag. isth had to behe t best pceri of e night. >> you can't beat free. j.r.: my anofhe tse fans ear cainllg for a sweep. you tnkhi they are goingo tkeep nnwiing? dubs in urfo. >> i woulday s warriorins fo ur.
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j.r.: evi en heardom se people say sweep. >> don't t geoverconfenidt. they a nreot that j.:r. a little alreity the aret e thend. it was jpiumng out here at thrive cenr teafter th gisame. iaw s hall ofam fer shaquleil o'neilal wked by, thero cwd llfoowed himor f a littlehi wle, enth l aittle whi hleall of famer chlears barklecay meut o an hdeas hee bn vocal on h howe esdon't li skeanra fnciscond a e thcrowd staedrt chantinang d poopsition aingast him. itas wha ttin kd ofun f night out rehe at the asche center. porerting live in san francio,sc j.r. sto, neabc7news. dan: wha at fun shaq ctaerinly stas ndout in a crowd. [laughter] we will have even more ghlights from the warriors game tonightom cginp ulater in sports. ama: athnoer bay aare recdor toy dathat no e onwants. awerera tcking o rurising gas dan: a sw hoof solaridity acrsos
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the region honorinthg e buffalo massho soting viimcts. a:am etme apamert 2nta, 2b an2cd . 2a 's nimotori hngis nemoy with aim sple text.
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likelo cckwork. do it! run your shdiwasher whit cascade platinum and saveat wer. di d you kn aowenn ergy sta r certieifd dishwasher us es lesths an four llgaons pe r cycle? di d you kn aowenn ergy sta r certieifd dishwasher whila e running nksi uses that, every o twminutes. thatea mns even alsml los adcan sa wveater. so whyot n do it? n ruyour disashwher every nighti th casca pdelatinum. th e surpringsi wayo tsave wa ter. ama: in the east bay, a rkwo cr iewnak olandis dcovered eth dybo oaf om wanil kled 18 yrsea ago. theod by identieifd as cyniath liand alonso,ho w disaparpeed thangiksving 2004.
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rkwoers fou hnder body apwrped in tarpsn othe oakld anarmy se. she was last se wenith her boriyfend. in 27,01 he was sentenced t11o years in ispron for t mheurder. n:da 30 minutes before the raci ssthootingt a a serupmarket in bfauflo, the susctpe revealed his monthlos ng plot sonocial media. mmcounicatio anspp disrdco said e suspe cctreated ari pvate at room and invited people to view his ct halogs befe orthe attack. new york's attoeyrn general says e will iesnvtigate siaocl dimea cpaomnies that police say he used. hes isuspected ofil kling 10 ople and wouinndg three heotrs sinaturday'' he is edu back cinourt morrow. ama: here in t bheay aa,re lidarityve ents were helind muipltle citietos honor tseho who lost tirhe lesiv in the buffalsho ooting. m tijohns hasor me ownf othe ssages ounf ity tod.ay >> i will be hones tt,his one has been,hi ts one habes en
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rdhaer. >> days afr tea mass binuffalo killed0, 1 events of rembremance ve takenla pce arounthd e bay area. on wedsdneay, a vig filocusing on heangli was helind oakland. >> vario tusypes of heali,ng from music teno ergyea hling to prayer. >> she says ilwhe she wantetod horno thoseho w lostht eir lives overhe t weendke, wednesyda nit'g's gheatring was autbo regncoizing thpae in iidncents keli these can inflictn o counmmities of col.or >> trauma is one of the largest caus oesf chaos oinur community dan also won the largest inhitobirs of foslk being aebl tr suggle folir beration. >> similar entves were hd elin nsa one of the steps ocif ty hall, policatil and religis ouleaders thgaered to rally against violen, ceracism, dan >> we a hreere to sndta and say no manr o woman is an isla tndo
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mshielf or hseerlf. each of us ias part omaf nkind and mahunkind. >> therehe ty caedll on all of us tour cb biases inur o own velis and communieits. >> risacm iecnfts eryvething we do unless mweake a conscious efrtfo to not idot. >> a rndemindedeo pple ttha the on wlyay tovo ercome hreatd is by remaingni united. >> butf iwe come together dan stay togetherwe, willon cquer is violence of hate and cirasm. >> in san francisco, tim johns, abc7news. dan: today, the biden administration has invoked the defense prucodtion act to dress thbae by formula the splupies r fobaby formula deeacrsed dramaticayll after a ppsuly chain issue and a ntaminatn ioclosure aatbbott laboratoesri in febarruy.
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it wl ilprovide ingreditsen to manufaurcters in aefn forto t spdee th aedministrioatn announdce opaterion fly formula, launching commercial planes to imptor formula overss,ea while mtieeng fedel rastandards. >> ''m directgin my team to do everythi pngossible to eurnse theer is enoughaf se baby rmfoula andha tt its iquickly reachi fngamiliesho w needed the n: in tennesseetw, o cldhiren have bnee hostapilized beuscae tofhe it could te akweek fsor formula to h tithehe slves from abbott labotoraries. ama: the pceri of gas ctionnues soar aoscrs the cntoury and gasri pces in t bheay area thi anheotr recordig hh. san fraisncco has the hheigst icpres in california. gas sinan franccois averages $6.2pe8 ral glon. oakldan gas is $156.. it is the same price inan s these are l alnew record highs. acrdcoing to aaa, e thstate average price is $056..
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nationwide, nearly every state is paying me orthan foudor llars per galn.lo dan:n:da actor a dndirector ele of schreib iers trying to just leave srechiber -- actor and director liev schreib herosted the unite for ukraine funaidrser washingn,to d.c. hheasel hped lncauh aro pgram lledlu be check toak me sure money gs etto t pheeople and gaornization wsho needethd e stmo in ukrneai. >> wt hawe decid tedo do was identify,ur o missi ions to entify, vet,nd aas ft-track fincnaialup sport for organitizaons on t gheround in raukine ttha a dreoing theor wk atth needs tgeo t done. dan:in sce march, the belu cckhe initiaveti has vetted more anth a zedon oanrgizations tt haneed ney to ctionnue thei wrork. you can find lia nk on our website. ama: l'e's tn urto the ht eawe d hatoday. dan: sanyadh pelat is he erwith that andhe t weekendor fecast. sandhya: theea ht is ingog to
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art to ee astoday. tempaterures are 7-13 grdeees ove avegera. try 96 degesre in fairfield, san farael, sant raosa. 80 in oakla.nd 86 degesre in san jose. witas plentyar wm, unlses you are hinalf moon bay, whe are sebra eeze kept tayod. asou y check o tuthe mpteeratures, it is ilstl warm. most of you in e th60's'and the 70' tsonight. ase wtake a lk ooat live doppler 7, f aew psiasng high ouds. let's'take a lkoo at what is happineng in thetm aosphere. we have thhie gh-presseur it will coinntue to reinma is area shpuing easartwd. the presseur gradit enis going result ginusty winds a tndhe evelated fir deanger. yo cuan see over the hills, solano county, you are looking at the dry northerly wind, and that is what is concerning as we head into tomorrow.
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from our roof camera, we are looking at coit tower. ineacrsing firdae nger stainrtg motorrow. mild twao rm weath feror the weekend. stgus to5 3in santaos ra. stl ilwindy acssro parts othf e yba area. the wind switchemos re out of the north a nndot just arne the ascot, but we will be talking about sonola countsey eing the wind awes ll. north bayil hls, 27-3mi4 les per hour. geinttg strongeasr we head toward tomorrow night into eayrl frayid and that is what is going to bri ungs the fi dreanger. tomorrowor mning, itil wl start off forget about the jackets. 50's,0' 's, brey ezat the coastline. afternoonig hhs, 84 imon rgan ll's. 79n isan jose. 75, palo alto. 60 degreesn i pacifica. a littleut b cooler anth where we wereod tay. 68 idon wntown san francisco. mid-80' ns,apa, caltoisga, santa rosa.
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aew fig hhlo cuds, sshunine, 76, oaklan sd,an inland areas, you are still going to be warm, not as hoast toy.da 83, liverremo. 86, conco.rd hi fghire danger gibenning tomorrowco, ntinuingn o friday. wase headow tard theee wkend, the windil wl ease,em tperatures wille bin t 6he0's to0' 's nge. ckba to theon mday touhrgh weesdnday, lowo tmid 90'' inland. inland. ♪music playing♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ nothing brin tgshe pack together li ke a trip to great wo llfodge. noopw en in nohertrn califoiarn.
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a:am the rules and guideneliso t ter for xtne ye'r's oarscs are getting ckba to pre-pdeanmic times. oscar hopefs ulwill hav teo unlach new fmsil that media -- d movie theaterans d streaming seicrves. the theaictral run must be a minimum of sev cenonsecutive days inaj mor metrolipotan areas inclinudg the ba ayrea.
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violating new and past guidelin cesan lead to disqliuacafitions. the oscars will takela pce march 12, 20.23 dan: a f nunight forhe t
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>> abc 7 sposrtpo snsored by riveror ck casino. >> the warorris 11-ag3 ainst the maveris ckand the regarul season,ra gnted thewey re never fairly hlteahy- -fully hethaly. nitoght, opetiraon dinoman- - donamite dallas. andrew wgiigns catchg ina piece ofuk la doncic. aypling defee.ns kaluig fhtin tghrough i bt,uries the bia g scrat achcross thfae ce. 20 pntois, but jt ustwo after theal hf. the dsub weer finlygro aund on fedense. aymond genre, the bcklo and e shout. jordan poo, leatwh a pastor drmoaynd.
1:36 am
the hoop and theou fl anthd e axfl. stheepn curry, look atht e sspaing. andrew wignsgi had 19 points. worrrsie up ni anet the break. curry starting ftoeel it inhe t stepdah inncg to theatm hhead a game-ghhi 21 poin atsnd gaa me-high 12 rouebnds. jordanoo ple came off t bheench d it is a poolear pty tond e the third. warrrsio up 19 afterhr tee. th jenp puttinthg em on skates. he had 19 of his own. the warrrsio take 1 a-0 series >> when you get to this stage, you do have to elevateou yr ecexution ifou y want toin w because e thcompetitn iogets ttbeer. dallas is ugtoh. we did a good job with one game. we've got to keep dog initve or and overnd a over again. however you grade the execution, we'v' goto tkeep levinelg up. >>he t giants have won 12 in a
1:37 am
row aiagnst the ckroies. logan webb 17 innings, xsi strikeoutsan, de hhad to ldea wh hene lef bt,ut the blpulen ulcod not hd olit. the rockies win-3 52 snappin -- 5-3 snpiapng the slideo tthe ants. chad pinder arstted the game dan le, ftfinishedn othe mou.nd two rb i kckno. that is going to hurt pdainr's recaer e.r.a.. earthquaske taking onhe t tiermbs. thats ia great oklo. lookt athis pasngsi from the quakes. inhe t offensi evend. maske it 3-2. the quakes win b
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ama: tnkha you so muchor f wahitcng. n: for all of us here, we appreciate your time.
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