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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  May 19, 2022 1:41am-2:00am PDT

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incredib vleideo andou snd of just meso of the b33ullets poli sceay were refid between rival nggas at a nthorern licafornia pk arnot far omfr anford. e thgun batt bleroke outs a zens of ilchdren plad yeand a churchof stball te pamracticed for uanpcoming mega. e personie dd.
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ree othe wrsere injud rein what picole say was a rgtaeted, not rand aomttack. > now tohe t johnny ppde/amber heard trl.ia hears d'sister tk oothe stand. she'ths e first rspeon to stify th sathe persollnay tnwiessed de hppitting h is th-wenife, butom se legal peexrts say the ryju may have now netud out. if he w uassing or hife was inking, therwae s almost waalys a fig. ht >> this morng,in reveali nngew testonimy by tho cselosest to ambeher ard as s ahend her ex-husndba, johnnyep dp, battle inou crt over $5a 0 million fademation lsuawit stemmg infrom hed'ars essay winhich she claimetod be a dostmeic abuse survoriv. pp denieabs using her. hed'ars sisterwh, itney, tk oo e stand dnweesday deriscbing how she was once caught tinhe middle of a fight between e th >> johnny then hurls a red bull ca an,nd it hi dtsebbie inhe t ckba. i'm tathe t oopf the strsai with my back to the stai arsnd at's when jonyhn runs uphe t stairs. he cesom up behi mnde, strik es me in e thback kinofd just someerwhe over he strik mese in theac bk. i he aarmber sho, utdon't himyt [ blp ee] sister.
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e smacksim h, lands e.on that ti, mejohnny h aadlready grabd beamber byhe t hair wi th one hand and was whacking her repeatedly ithn e face wh itthe other. t>>he jy uralso hea frdrom menilae inesglsis, theak meup tiarst who wkeord on amb hereard the ghnit of her appraeance on "the le,at late sh wowith james cordenba" ck in 20.15 inesglsis sayshe s saw injieurs on hea'srd facane d said heard's behavi woras errat.ic we coved,re you know, the scdiolorioatn, the bisrues, with a littleli sghtly heieavr ncealer,ne o that haa s peach dertone,hi wch i norllmay don't e uson amberbu, t peach to caelnc blue. s>>ome analtsys say wedsdneay's testimony may be t looittle too te with urcot reports ernoting thatft aer more anth a monthf o is trialma, ny jurorhas ve now stopped enev lookingt aheard. o>>nce a ju srytops loongki at yo iu,t's pretty much mega over. that a's telltalsie gn that eyth no lgeonr believyoe ur side of thste ory.
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that's teinresting. >> and lerat today, ppde's formero- cstar, eln lebarkin, omwh he onceat ded, is s teto stteify on balehf of hea. rd cuthe e sportsus mic because getir woods aismong theol gfers starti tnghe pga cmphaionship in tulsa, oahkloma, tod.ay it's gols f'second moraj tourmenant of thsee ason. woods made the c autt the masters last mon bthefore fading out. he ipls aying wi sthome high prilofe company. tigeisr in a grp ouwith rory mcilroy d anjordan setpih. eyth tee offus jt after 009: m.a. easternim te. >> this eisxciting. it's t sheecond ouoft four majo orsf the >> love getir being ckba. micong up, tniurng your hobbiny to a hustle. t what iyof ur hobbys i llectingea rl human nebos? ouwir ll ganssin fds out, and it's not as odd as you might ink. and telar, this pphaened. a babyor bn on an rpailane. you're wchating "wor nldews w." poli ycyou no longer nee nd?ow yocau n sell your poli -cy even a term poly ic- for an immediate cashay pmentwe. thoughte whad plneand carefuy llfor our tirereme. ntbut we qckuily
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realediz we need aed way to ppsuleme ont iurncome. iyof u ha $ve100,000 morore of life insuncrae, you m qayuali tfyo se yllour poli. cydon'cat ncel loret yr oupoli lcyapseit whout fi nding out what is t'worth. visicot to ndfi out yifour poli qcyualifiesor. ca tllhe numbeonr your scenre. contvery direc rt,edefining suinrance. scene 3,10 take on here we go. e. my namise wesley,nd a i'm withy mknucklehead brotr.he my friend fina. my boyfrndie doug. i thoughwet 'd bone the sam e pa agebout thians d we're ho w do i kw nothe way i'm gointog respondo tit? th ere's notht at long rmte research o tutrehe yet.
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ho w di n'dot want tay i'm o ibe on the fronlit ne. but you' hreuman. you'reoi gng to maka e miste.ak i'm ju sstaying ev eryone has aig rht to mak e their n owdecionsi. but why would you ntwa to keta that risk? cayon u imagine beg inthe pers on that gs oeto someby'ods house and giveths em the virus th katills them? what if u yoend iupn a hospalit? yeah. that's wt ha m i'scar oedf. yifou were to die, thatou wld liratelly kille, m man. if it mas keyou elfe that way bro... i will problbay do it. can i huyog u? ahye. i lo yveou, i love you too.
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♪ >>a> hobby to husetl that happens to ♪ them nebos, them nebos ♪ > a hobbtoy hustle atth haenpps to be mohurous. it n'sot everyay d that weet g e chanceo tmeet somneeo who is linivg the drm eaby llectingon bes, humabon nes. >> humanon bes. fopar rt two oouf r seesri, "hobby to sthule," ourwn o will ganss epstped into w aorld that woulled ave manyf ous shaketon thboe ne. to the nebo. bad tohe t bone. at's jon rrfey is a sdetunt at parsons hoscol of degnsi here in new yo, rkbut his desi hustle sellinbog nes has enbe a long me coming. s hifather ge avhim his rsfit sketelon of a usmoe when hwae s kia d, and hs e'been dignggi in ever scein. jon ferrhay s some sleketons in s hicloset. he also has th iemn his lingvi om and his home office, tinhe drawers. yeahth, ere's a t loof them. right n, owin the cleolction, hweave over00 1 skulls,00 1 spines a 1nd3 fu sllkeletons. j>>on-jon'sro boklyn aptmarent
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home toon jsbones, coa mpany atth restoreans d distritebus real hanum remains. >> wtre y to wormak inly with educatorans d working profesonsials. that rans gefrom chiprrotoacrs, med studtsen. our largt esclient a re univsierties, anwed also wo rk wi mthembers osef arch and resc. ue >> thiiss seriousus biness. at is thgoe ing ratesa, y, for spa ine? >> well, s apine canan rge anheywre from 00$8 to $1,5.00 a rausdi or an ua lnselling r fo $8up0 wards. a human skl ulcosting ,0$200 to $3,000. >> a be onwith anyin kd of pathologory defect ulwod be enev more vaablule than atth. t busome of e thstories hibend the nebo ts,hose areri pceless. th siskeleton unfod during a lodgree storatio n. t>>hey weren ithe procs esof norevating iant d quite terally unfod it hidn dein the llwa, anthd e currenowt ner was eafrked out,ad h no ideaha wt to with itno, idea wh tathe laws a. re >> wt hawould yosau y is the mo mstisundersodto aspect ouabt
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atwh you do? >>el wl, the mt osmisunderoostd pect is loa t of peoe plthink atth i'm shol vein hand tathe local cetemery, diggg inup these bones. the dimecal bonera tde hasn't alrely been talked about in media. u>>ntil now. jon-jon's show a tndell also inudcles the wldor's large st colltiecon of spesin right here in jon-j'sonpa artment. wh yenou bringeo pple overor f the rsfit time, etwhher it's meone yoreu' datg,in a friend, at is thfie rst reaconti typicallliy ke? well, oenfttimes th'reye met thwi curiosi atynd fascitinaon.. heebie-jeebies, only a few. chonk, jon-jon's cat on the other hand, unbothered. >> usually i call chonk the guardian of the grave. >> meanwhile, jon jon works to educate the living. >> our two main missions are to destigmatize a stigmatized industry and make osteology more accessible to everybody and to educators. we really want to try to get
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these pieces back to its original intention, which was for learning and understanding. and now that they've fallen out of that circulation, they're no longer being used for that. >> so i was looking on jon's website,, and prices range from a tooth for less than 15 bucks to a phantom skull, which you saw at the very end of the piece right there. it looked like a skull encased in hard jell-o. those go for 7,400 bucks, but they're super rare, so it makes sense. >> do you want to go in on one with me? we could share it. maybe keep our mascot on the desk? >> i'm down. >> you know why those skeletons are so calm? >> why? >> because nothing gets under their skin. >> oh, man. >> yeah. >> i love that they have that sound effect just ready to go for andrew. >> know what a skeleton's favorite food is? >> what? >> spare ribs. >> we're not even giving you the rim shot. crickets. i was expecting maybe a weird smell when i walked in. but it's very sterile-smelling almost. so it was -- it was very on the
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up and up, which was cool. >> did you get any souvenirs? >> no souvenirs. i have all the bones i need right here.
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♪ time now for "this happened," starting with the frontier airlines flight that arrived at its destination with one more passenger than it left with. >> yeah. flight crew jumped into action when a passenger went into labor at 35,000 feet. >> this happened on a flight from denver to orlando. flight attendant diana giraldo helped deliver the passenger's baby as the captain worked on diverting the flight to pensacola. >> diana is being praised for being exemplary and calm throughout the delivery. the baby's middle name, sky. so the baby can't walk. she can fly. >> i guess it's better than a car. an airplane. at least there are people there to help you. >> like a taxi or uber or some weird place you're not expecting. i love a glass of wine but i
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feel really bad for this next person. the cyclist left hospitalized after a freak accident on the winner's podium. >> this happened shortly after an italian bicycle race as he attempted to open the ceremonial bottle of prosecco. oh, the cork flew directly into his eye. >> that's what happens when you look directly at the bottle's opening. after a brief visit to the hospital, he's expected to make a full recovery. you see he went on with the ceremony there. he's sitting out the next stage of the race because of this. >> i mean, he must not have opened too many bottles of prosecco in his life. >> yeah. >> that's unfortunate placement. >> it's not that easy. actually, it kind of is, but you've got to know what you're doing. next, to one man's lifelong dedication to the golden arches, hitting an incredible milestone. >> this happened nearly every day since 1972. this is wisconsin native don
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gorske. he has visited mcdonald's for his daily big mac fix for the past 50 years. believe it or not, i've done a story on this guy before. i don't know if it's because he also proposed to his wife at a mcdonald's. there was some other connection. but now he's back. >> you ought to reach out. renew that friendship. he earned a guinness world record back in 1999, which was most recently updated last august when his total surpassed 32,000 big macs. gorske says he usually eats two missed eight days in his 50-year run. >> he also -- i don't know if he's cut his hair since he started eating big macs. >> that's a sweet ponytail. >> we also had a front row seat to the big mac getting smaller and smaller. >> and more expensive. finally, to the bear turning heads from high above a street in northern new jersey. >> this happened at a busy intersection in the wyckoff township. the black bear was spotted clinging to a utility pole. he looks kind of cute. >> he was hanging on for 15
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>> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, writer, actor, and stand-up star of the "supernature," ricky gervais. plus, from the new comedy, "abbott elementary," quinta brunson. plus, spruce up your outdoor space as we continue "beat the heat week." also, actress and comedian caroline rhea is ryan's cohost for the hour. all next on "live!" [cheers and applause] and now, here are ryan seacrest and caroline rhea! >> caroline: good morning. hi. >> ryan: please, come on in. [cheers and applause]


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