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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 19, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now on "america this rning," geurnt actioton dradess the byba formula presenidt biden voinking the defee nsproducti aonct and congressov ernight passing two w proposals but llwi they make an imdimeate difference? pl, usthe top formulaak mer facing a newnv iestigati oonver what idit d with i ptsrofits. new worries on wall street. stocks taking a tumble down remo than a thoanusd points. lmart and target sufrifeng the worst ssloes since98 17. atwh's goingn? o is a resecsionex nt? ouexr perts weigh in. > abc news exclusive. rare access bonoard a u. .s nueaclr submare inamid grongwi rethats fromus rsia and rtnoh rekoa, how t mheilitary is preparing for the worst. > >>amber hed'ars sisterpe saks t.
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the new stteimony anand alysis from the johnny depp defamioatn ial. tom cruise in the spotlight his hi-fghlying weomlce at the nnes filfem stival a hnd ow 's cruis tedhrough tghou tesim to emeerg on top. and lar,te a special spa.rk ese newlyweds exaipln their fiery ddweing day. good thursday morning, everyone. i'm andrew dymburt. >> and i'm rhiannon ally in for mona. we want to begin this morning with new action to address the critical shortage of baby formula. president biden is now invoking the defense production act. >> and overnight on capitol hill, lawmakers approved two new bills, but it could still be weeks before parents see any relief. abc's em nguyen is now here with the very latest. em, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, andrew. as families struggle to find baby formula, the country's biggest formulamaker is facing a
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new investigation. this morning, the house of representatives taking new action to address the baby formula shortage approving a bill last night that would allow more formula to be purchased with money from a federal program for low income families. the house also approved a measure to spend $28 million to help the fda increase formula supply. >> they can move quickly. we can get product here rapidly and, again, it should come from fda approved facilities. it's not about politics. >> reporter: both bills now head to the senate, but president biden taking a more immediate step, now invoking the defense production act to boost production. >> the defense production act gives the government the ability to require suppliers to direct needed resources to infant formula manufacturers before any other customer who may have ordered that good. >> reporter: it comes as lawmakers launch an investigation into the tax practices at formulamaker abbott labs. the shortage is partially blamed
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on abbott's michigan plant shutting down in february when bacteria was reportedly found at the facility. now in a letter to abbott, the senate finance committee accuses the company of using corporate tax cuts to enrich executives and shareholders. records show abbott's profits increased 90% since 2019, and the company spent $8 billion in stock buybacks during that period. the senate committee claiming as abbott spent billions buying back its own stock, it appears that it failed to make necessary repairs to fix a critical manufacturing plant. abbott denies the buybacks impacted the michigan formula plant and says it complies with all local and international tax laws and regulations. abbott's lab in michigan is expected to re-open in two weeks but it could take months before store shelves are restocked with formula. andrew. >> em, thank you. covid cases are surging in parts of the country prompting a
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new warning about masks. the cdc says one-third of americans mostly in the northeast and upper midwest are living in medium or high risk area and recommends those in high risk areas wear a mask in public, indoor settings and including schools. meanwhile, the cdc could recommend vaccine booster shots for kids age 5 to 11 today. less than 30% of kids in that age group are fully vaccinated. we turn now to the worries on wall street. the dow falling more than a thousand points yesterday and overnight stocks in asia fell sharply. inflation gets much of the blame. the wild ride on wall street this week may be hurting your 401(k), but consider this, the waltons, the family behind walmart just lost $34 billion in just two days. the dow wednesday suffered its worst one-day drop since 2020 and major retailers took the biggest hit. walmart's stock sliding 17% and
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target down 24%. both say higher expenses are eating into their profits. >> they're struggling to maintain their profitability in the face of very high costs of doing business and higher labor costs. >> reporter: but home depot offered a different perspective showing a strong quarter as the home improvement industry remains hot. many of the company's customers are home builders and contractors who will get more clues about consumer spending later when bj's, kohl's and manufacturing company applied materials release their earnings. meanwhile, for the first time ever, gas prices now average at least $4 in all 50 states. with the cost of just about everything rising, experts are mixed on whether we're headed towards a recession. >> on the one hand we have a very strong jobs picture right now. there are more -- far more job openings, a record number of job openings versus
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the number of unemployed but inflation is deeply embedded in our economy right now. rents are higher, groceries are higher, gasoline is higher. across the board it's higher and wages aren't keeping up. >> reporter: a survey of more than 130 ceos found more than half believe the u.s. will face a mild recession. other analysts predict a significant recession while warning that food prices are set to climb even higher. >> i don't think stocks are headed much further south unless the economy is going in a recession, and i just don't see that at this point. >> as for those food prices many suppliers still haven't passed on their new expenses to customers. for example, the wholesale price of eggs rose 200% last month the sameer piolad st year> e 18-yeasuspect peshtiooy the alledge nmguan reportedly claimed he w jasust joki lngast arye when hero wte about p alan to comt mimurder/sciuide. w york'sov gernor isow n looking btoolster t shetate's red agfl law by qureiring poceli
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atoutomaticallyil fe a referral whenhe ty encounr tesomeone eyth beevlie poses ria sk. such a petition wod ulhave preventethd e suspecfrt om legally yibung a rif alend the gerovnor hasls aord oered iannvestigaonti into thsoe cial media sites the suspect used. > >>overseas russianol sdiers are taki angim at more cilivian rgtaets in uaikrne even as ukrainian troops push emth back wardths e border. the peagnton says vladimir tipun's mainff oensi iven the eaerstn region is now stalling th littlpre ogress aerft three monthsf ofighting. a captur redussian sdioler uld get feli in pris aonfter pleadingui glty at uaikrne's first r wacrimes talri. kild lea 62-yeaolr-d civilian whwao s riding a be.ik > as tenonsis with rsiusa and north rekoa escala, tecrews on a s. nucle sarubmarine ares a ways prerepad for thwoe rst d now wee 'rgetting raa re acce tsso one ofhe tir exercesis satea. isth morningn aabc news excluse,iv abc's mthara raddatz
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king us oaabrd a masvesi nucleaarr med subminare, t he ss"u maine." >>e ware aboa trdhe "uss maine" one of only 14 ballistic missile submaresin in the s.u. arsenal. reporte ir:t is america's answer touo r adversy'ars rethats. s itmission cislear, derrteence rough stngreth. ce admir balill houston tishe commandeofr submari fneorces. >> deterncree is whe yreou can ha tvehe adverrysa recogni ze th hate has nointhg to gaiann d erevything tloo se. r>>eporter:ut b the cretrw ains for e thunthinkable enscario, an adrsveary suchs arussia or nortkoh rea posslyib launchi ang stragitec nuclear attac aknd in this simulati,on the subminare ew was oerrded to stkeri back. e 20 nucarle armed blialstic ssmiiles on arbod are cablpae of stroying t aarget asar f as 000 mileaws ay. lateonr "good mniorng ameri,"ca mahart shows uths e orgean unch tub teshat housthe ose ssiles. rmfoer presintde bush slpeipd up whi dleenouncinthg e
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war uinkraine. he h hadarsh wor fdsor vladir mi putin ridung his secpeh in daasll, but heis mtakenly idsa aq inste oadf ukraine. >> thees rult is aabn sence of ecks andal bances inus rsia and thdee cision oonf e man to unlach a whoy llunjustifd ieand utbral invasn ioof iraq i-- mean oukf raine. iraq. anayyw. b>>ush poki fngun at hielmsf teafrwards mbluming 75, icwhh s waa rerefence to h aisge. >>an> d time now for aoo lk at yo turhursday weatr.he iptrle-ditig heat andrd y nditionsre a caungsi big probmsle for fire crews tinhe new ximeco's larstge ever fire hafos rced 15,0 00people to evuaacte and 100,0 people veha fled a wdfilire burng innear abilene,ex tas. elseerwhe toy,da seveerto srms are expeedct in the upper
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miesdwt and peleop from mioussri ttohe carolasin couldee s dagimang windsha, il and en ve toadrnoes. checkingod tay's high temperatures, record heat possleib from dallaso tatlanta. co ioln new enangld. >>co> ming up,r. d taylor swift'ins spiring eespch about the valuofe mistake s. > but fit rswhen we meco back, a rare ce asof monkeoxyp now confirmeind the u.s. what is so different about the paentit? > and lar tethe bearha tt was refusingo tcome dowfrn om the tree.
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>>ha tt's the sound of nfguire atar pk near stanfdor
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ivunersity. policeay s raliv gangs fired over the heads of cldhiren and softballea tm. eon died inha wt police say is taetrged attac k. learninabg out rare ceas of monkeyox p cfionrmed in the.s u. more on eth patient and the growing nccoern. >> reporr:te a massauschetts man so ilationft aer diagnos ed with fstir case of monkey pox in the s.u. this year. >> teamhi tnking abouthe t tipaent andea hring over the weekd enabout seom of the cas es in united kidongm, thoughtor me brdloay abouthe t diagsinos. >> reporter: uk, portugal and aispn repordte unusual monkey x poclusters ttha heldpe agdinose thean m in maacsshusetts, said to be doing llwe. remo commonn ifr aica. traveledo t canada, not associated withig hh risk.
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u.s. reporte odnly two cases last ye,ar bhot associad tewith trav.el esqution isow hid d this man corantcton mkey p.ox >>o t have somneeo get it from iving toan cadand a comg in back sgeugsts it may be tipf o thece iberg and there maye b mo preeople wi mthonkeyox p who dotn' know it. reporter: symptoms initially similar to the flu and covid-,19 often starting with fevernd a chillsra, sh and pus-filled lesions telar. spreads rothugh respiratory droplets and ctaonct with the body. dr. chin-hgon says it can spread throhug sharing of any bodily fluid. fatalityat re lses than 1%. the'ers no need for panic but mu bste prepar. ed >>eh boove uss to think about paemndic or epidemi rcesponse
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t only to covid but other ings. monkeyox ps i a paradigm for many other >> ahoutrities are contact tracg ineveryone who mayav he dha conctta whit t he ssmaachusettmas n, and cdc moniritong six americans who arshed flighwit th british patien t. >>wi> ld scene in n ewjeeyrs. bear spent hrsou in tree in bayackrd nowhere near bear habita.ts wilildfe experts showed up with tranquilzelir and tnhe it crawledod wn. stneund. we don't live around bears. never seen a bear. that'sy mfirst teim seegin a bear. >> and in a different town in new jersey,ea br was hanging onto this poleor f 15 minus.te s>>o cute but don't want them in yr ounehbigorhood. unngsu heroes from world war ii finally getting honor they
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justsk a your asthma speciali astbout dupixent. > >>ckba now with honoron lg erdue. congressaw deardts i higsthe honor,on cgressol gd medal, to members of the merchtan minare in world w arii, sufrefedne o of theig hhest casualty rates in the war,ai sling supiepls across the atlaicnt and inttho e cific. the johnny ppdend a aermb heard trl,ia actress claimgin ppdebu ased her. but wereig sns the jury isot n on her side. vealing wne testimonys a they ttbale over $50 million fademation lsuawitte smming from arhed's eayss cimlaing being domestic abuse survir.vo
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he deniest. i hesir ster cimlaing to be caught in the fhtig. >> jnnohy hurls a can and hits her in the back and johnny runs up t hestrsai,om ces up behind me, siktres me in theac bk over here, i hrea amber shout don't hit my [le bep ]is ster. she smksac him, ldsan one. byha tt teimoh jnny had grabbed amr beby the hair and was acwhking herep reatedly in the face. a>>lso heard from makp euartist who wordke with amber hrdea on night of herpp aearance on tv. sa sidhe saw injieurs on her face and said behavrio was rati c. >>ov ceredhe t scdioloratioorn uises with heavier concealer with meor peach undeonrte, which i norllmay d'ton use on amber, buto tcancel t bhelue.
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>> some sayay m be too little too late. court porerters nongti after more tnha a ntmoh, many jurors vehato spped enveoo lking at heard. >> oenc the juryto spsoo lking you, game ov,er tell-teal sign they no longer bieelve your side. >> ellen barkin, who dated depp, tse to testify. tir gewoods hadig hh profile playinpag rtners datoy,ee t off with rory mcilroy andor jdan ieth. covera, ge8:00 a.m. easte.rn nba ayploffs, blowout, rriors btea the msav 112-87 to takeam ge one. coming up, one man's world record eating big macs. also we hearro fm this uple who found a spark to igni tteheir relioatnship. from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures yohou pe the me oryou give
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meti to check the pseul. weeg bin with the cannes film festival, llroingut oed r carpet for tom cruise. >> gothe t welcome at "tom gun: mariveck" debut. ma dnyiscussing hista sying power enve after the jpum on rah's couch. ra pised as last hlyolwood movie st oarf his time, duen i part tooi dng his own stunts. hoisw this for a stunt? one couple's fiery start to rrmaiage. >> they're performers, stunt perfmeorrs, lit on fire after gettgin hitedch. lkwaed, then ran as friends and family cheered them on. >> saw the whole process, the laye, rsfire retardant, putting
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the burn gel and top that's dummy to bnur and her double of the dress to burn. >> reay llimportan t. >>ea nt to sha wrehat we . do >>se ud fire einxtguishers to puitt out. >> c>elebrating a annivsaerry. don goreisk eating two big macs lyon missingwo t days, eneard a inness wldor rerdco. > >>taylor swift. honarory degere from nyu, spoke ouabt miakstes. my mistake led tohe t best thing miny life. inbeg embarrassed when youes ms up isar pt of eth human exripeence. >> said neveber ashamedf o trngyi. new way to protect yr ou meho. meho. >> 14-ft ootransf
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>> ks idrunning for cover as bullets fly at loa cal park. veinstigation into t shehooting. the push to getor me kids and adult otprective. ggreie: the eagrter riskf ofire across t aherea. the preparation for a tepontially ryve busy fire seas.on >> fans ear pumd peup to civil list, the warris orone step osero tthe nba fina wlsith a gehu winn i game one. lo tveo see that. regg:ie theyre a really rntuing e thing ouarnd. wasn't'it just keli a wk eeago thateo pple weread s? it is bra and-new y.da let's start with a on the weather. ew: we will keep meso of the rm weather,ut b today, eth wi wndill actulyal increase yrou elevat fedire d


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