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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 19, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> kids ruinnngor fov cers a buetlls f alyt a locapal rk. investatigion toin the shoinotg. the shpu t goet more dski and uladt protecveti. reggieth: e greaterir sk of fire acssro the area. the preparaonti for a potentlliay very by usfire ason. >>an fs are pumped up to ciliv stli,he tar wriors on setep closer to the nbfia nals with a huge win in geam one. love to ese that. ggie:he ty are rlleay turning the inthg around. snwa't itus jt like a week ago at peoplwee re sad? iits a branned-w day. let's start with a on the weather. drew: wwie llee kp some of the warm weaerth, but tayod, the wind wilacl tually irencase your evelated fire danr,ge ptar of
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the aa rewill go deunr a red flagar wning, ssoo me active weheatr to finh isout the ekwe. it is pttrey warm inland,0' 's and 70's' 60 in san ram,on a little eth coerol around the sreholine, but ilstl 50'ans d 60's this hour. clear seski over t cheity right now. mainly clear skiesa, fewlo cuds ssing fr tomime to maybe we wilbul mp a feweg drees off ofhe t highestom cpared to yestery,da but sti all lot of 70's'and 80's' even so lmeow '9's. it dsoe come witthh e evaleted sk of fi dreanger. a thinkor ption of rtnohern liforniail wl go und aer red ag warning today. low humitidy, this esdo include sola cnoounty. a wind advisor in front of the north bay et asbay. ggreie: happineng today,he tdc c expected to authorize pfizer's
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booster shots for children 5-11 years old. that comes as new cov cidases are at the ghhiest since mifed-bruary. jobina: the cdc is oncega ain recommdienng amerinsca wear masks inordos. sphoitalizatnsio are up more than 60% in the last mohnt and a w neprojecti sonhows theum nbers ll keep gogin up over e thnext four weeks. in the next two weeks it is tiesmated weou cld see 5030 dehsat. new york andal ciforniare a amonthg e statesro pjected to see ethar lgest dea ttholls. inas whington,he t white hseou isrg uing congssre to act, saying witutho newov cid funding,me aricans m baye left vulnerab.le >> we will not be aebl to ovide enghou vaccineor f every amiceran who wtsan one. will find ourseeslv in the fall or winrte witheo pepl geinttg infected annod treatmten avaabille for tmhe cause weil wl have r ounut. bina: with the cdc said to pand avaabilility of pfir'z's oster tohi cldren asge 5-11, less than 30% ofid ks in thege a grp ouare fullvay ccinated. that wouldea mn mostly young peop alere not egilible for a thirshd ot.
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a sendco booster shot ulcod soon abevailableor f more adtsul. the cdc says it is working with the a fdto expaneld igibility. second boosts erare currelynt on alyvailableo t people a50nd older. kama:li a lot of people are wonderg inif califniora might see a mask manda rteeturn and atwh the pla ins to get those cod vinumbers wndo. amy: right now, yodou n't have to wr eaa mask to gons iide a store or r aestaurant. the state epimideologist esdon't think that wi blle changing for now becaus sehe says hospitizalation rates areti sll low. even though we are seeing an increase in the number of cases in the bay area, a hospitizalation ras teare still ok. dr. ericpo un sai wde shouldld o d--r. erica pawn said we shodul alwayse b ready for the possibitily that we wldou be
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skma mandates agnai butig rht now atth is not pphaening. we also ask heder about why the y baarea is chsu a hototsp for vid caseris ght now. >> it is aue qstion th wate are all thinngki about a lndooking at quite b ait. thisar pticular ruvis continsue to rlleay throw cusurveballs and i tnkhi it reallcoy ntinues to finped ople whoav he not bnee actednd a potenaltily, we know that we have immunity from the vaccin,es we can get immituny omfr prior iecnftion. if you have both, that gis veus what we call hybrid immunity, which amy: according to cdc data, san francisco, san mateo,nd a marin uncoties have some of the highest seca rates i tnhe state right dr. pnaw says she is tno higyhl concerned ouabwet will have a variant that could evolve and have an impact on rou
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inasfrtructure. masks are still requiredor f san jose citemy ployees. she doesn't'think a uniform mask policys icoming bk acanytime soon, but s ihes also saying we ne tedo be alert, do''t let our guard do.wn with the variant rhtig now, we seem to obek. reggie: presidentid ben and congress are taking aconti to eed up produioctn of baby rmula. last night, conesgrs aroppved a w lathat wouldxp eandhe t brasnd ofor fmula avaabille toar pents cinertain gerovnment asstsiant itam ce hours after pridesent biden ioknve defenspre oduction act that requisre suppliers to send ingredients to formula manuctfaerurs firstef bore lfillingth oer orders. the debin adminisattrion is also thorizedhe t defense partmento tuse mmcoercial planes tflo yn ior millefrr om overseas. debin: ''m directing my team to dove erything sspoible tons eure there is ouengh safe byba foulrma that qisuickly rcheaing milies ndeeed most.
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reggiepa: rt of thpre oblem has beenhe t closuref othe largtes foulrma manufacturg inplant in the cotruny because of safety concerns. the abbo lttabs planist expect tedo reopenn itwo weeks. >> olaaknd policare e veinstigatina g shooting. the call ce amin last night as they crash on eastbound 580 but wh oatfficers tgo there,he ty founsed veral peleop with gunshot unwods. all of them were taken to the sphoital for treatmentut b their conditio hnsave not been released. investors earry ting toig fure t the exactoc lation ofhe t shtioong and intdeify susctpes. >> the east lopa alto city councilil wl be meeting tayod to lk about r aeally scy arbattle in c aity park. ait ltleir gl playin tgag pphaened toe brecordinag video with theho soting stteard. we want to warn you that its i likely going to be difficult to watch. [multiple gunshots] >> oh, goodness.
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one man was killed in the shooting on tuesday. he has been idenfitied as the cousin of nfwil de receiver adams. police are still loongki for the shooters. >> a community vigil folwilong a night of g vuniolence einast lo alto. residents and city leaders back at jack farrell parked wnesday afternnoo where only 24 hours earlier, two groups rewe inlvvoed in a should outht at killed o mnean and injured teehr otrshe. e thvisual organizerop hing the thgaering would reeabstlish a sensofe safety at the poparul ci ptyark. >> we don't'want thisos rt of gun olvience to ntcoinue witnhi oucor mmunity. it isot n welcomeer he, we are not ingog tota snd for it. >> at least 33 shots were fired and thebey lieve tuesday's shooting was targeted. disturbing video shows the moments shots rang out.
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at the park, a girl was playing tag with her cousins, one of them recording. one sugar was only 10-15 feet ayaw. >>e heven broke t shetreet code by shootinwhg ere dski were. >> the sothoing marks the city's firshot micide othf e year. 34-yeaolr-d ralphie flds jr. of stea palo al wtoas shot andie dd tonhe way ttho e hospital. elfids was paredol last year ter serngvi two yearsn i state prison on conspiracyha crges ring a moraj gang swpee and 20.14 isls ao the fstir cousin of davanteda ams, w ihomas king headlineass he joinths e raerids from genre bay. otrshe descredib him as faa mily y. >> aaylws smilin vg,ery iendly. every meti iee s him, heas w like what'' up,uz c, givmee a hug. st a cool guy. >> as the communi gtyrieved in private wednesd, ayresintdes are
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hurting but ty heexplainethd ey e also rilesient. >>al polt aos i going to coinntue to be bett nerot just r ourlvsees, but because air futures iour chilendr, our youngeo pple we want to ensure th tatheir safy etand their tufure is acevhied. c>>ity counl cihas call aed spiaecl meetinfog r thursd aayt 006: p.m. todd aress the incide.nt >> warmer temperaretus across the ba ayrea meaa n grear terisk fire. refifightersnd a concorde say they feel nfcoident because they ha pverepared for a penottially busy firsee ason. eythre ape snding the week tting sml alfires anpud tting em out to providtwe o benefits to ridesents. >> eliminas tesome of eth fuels ghrit along teinrstate 80 that cks up ttho e houses. the othethr ing it does,nd a allows us ptoractice rifing eropations with firigefhters.
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>>he ty have two new type xsi engines, giving them four now to helphe tm get touhrgh diffiltcu teairrn. >> weil wlav he validadte- - evelated fire danr getoday and tomoowrr. w lohumidityom cing our way telar on thiafs ternoon. ited r flag wniarng wlil gino to feefct todayor f solano uncoty. this, stlaing untitol morrow night. thnoe rth wd inwill pkic up later tshi aerftnoon, gusting about 35, 45 miles per hour. any fires that start could very quickly. that is somethi wnge are watchinger vy closely. partly cloyud seski rhtig n,ow he ires a liveoo lk. thwie ndil wl pick ulap ter on toy.da by nn,oo alreadyee sing aivcte ndwi gustingve or 25 miles per hour. we cldou leliky see windus gting to 50 mesil per hour. elsewhe,er likely sn eewind gusting -3200 miles perou hr. ernight intfro iday mniorng,
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weee s thein wd sti ollut of the nort eh,levatedn ithe nortbah y unmotains. a wind adsoviry will igonto fect the north aou mntains and the easbat y hil alst 11:00 tonight. highs tod, ayit is warm and it becosme windy lerat this ternoon. we wilknl ock a fedew grees off th ey♪ daytime hhsig, but '0's d an70's ouarnd the sholirene, 80'' and 90's'in the wmearst otsp inland. we will take a closer look at the ndwi advisor tyonight coming up iabn out eighmit nutes. jobi:na thess iue is goi tngo be for the uimlta pass as we inbrg u yothis loo akt our dveri slow dnow for the super commeruts comingut o of tracisy gointog be abou rteadyin ne numites for e thderi. everytnghi ee lsis on ti rmeight w. san jose, showing off 101 right now. very carle ridesp eecially if you'r' traliveng southunbod ghrit now.
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those adhelines are travengli we astnd thenn aoveralloo lk of e bay area,ha tt red congmi out ofra tcy. everythi englse greeicnwh is good news. regg:ie today the warorris will pracceti a chase center to get readfoy r gamtwe o of the westercon nferencein fals. st night, the dunbs beat the mavs to take the series lead. seven ldgoen state players scedor in double firegus, led by step churry. the warris orexpect the maveris ckto come back with a chmu better foefrt in geam two. >> one ge,am we didnd a exllceent job defensively, but we are und nero illusion that we have figured anything out. we just played h aard and compedet. >> it is stju one game. we can feel good now, but this team was down 2-0 and won the series last rndou, so i d'o't alrely pay aentttion to eth ise. ggie:am getwo t tips off
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tomorr aowt 6:00 m.p. kumasi: the tm eais plangyi it cool, but n tothese fans. manyan fs left cseha centelar st ghnit, as yocau n see, danci,ng hangvi a greatim te celebrinatg. the warrrsio are undefeadte at ho tmehis postasseon, perctfe 7-0. manyan fs are aladrey calling for saweep. >> iou w slday warrisor are 4. i am a fan,ho tugh, i'm'going to be >> i'v' heard se ompeople say eeswp. >> don't'get overnfcoident. they a nreot that >> the ires gngoi to be another freeat wch ptyar. that is the plasma jt usoutside chase ntceer tomorw ronight. if you want stoee the aioctn liveth, e resale tictske on the warrior webtesi start atbo aut 50$2. i just keli how the team is keli, we pladye well, ware e ingog to keeitp cool,he ty are a good tm.ea
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evyberody else. reggie: can we play the fans stla week back to back withhe t fa tnshis week? last week it was "th iiss the worst team,' 've nev sereen them play tshi b, adthey aren ia ump." is week, "yeah!" makusi: swe.ep reiegg: we remember. gas prices eecrping up aiagn today. the nerew cord highs you wlil se aet the pu tmphis kusima: also, in unusually dewispre tadrendur ding the paemndic. reggie: sparks literally finlyg tinhis wedding ceremony. an other cry azday? of cour—e-you're a cio in02 22. but you'r' ready. be cause y'u've got the nexten geration
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kusima: gasri pces haveit h anheotr recordig hh. gas in san frciansco now eravaging $69 .2per gallon is the sa tmehing in n sajose. and these a arell new rorecd
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ghs. coacrding to aaath, e steta averagfoe r regula gras is $66..0 thnae tional aravege i$4s .58. reggie: iits a trend that is widespre aadnd unpredecented: peoplere a moving tou of expense ivbig cieits in lifornia toma sller, more affoabrdle cities. em nguyen elaxpins. em:he srry aorlfd lives in the surbbus of nasilhvle, tenssneee. esh and her husndba moved aoscrs uncotry omfr california. >> dmaraticallymp irove the qualitofy living r fous. : in padasena, shead h been renting 19a 58 heom are $3400 r pemonth anstd ruggled ktoeep up whit t rheising ctsos. but esh stad yeto te akcare of her husbd'a's motrhe and wnhe r mothern--ilaw passed in 2020, she dedecid it wasim te ssusst eimates -- s.u. census estimaste show thatme aricans moved out the meor populsou arsea like newor yk, los
5:18 am
angeles,nd a wasnghiton, d.c. in fact, according to the censusbe, tween thspe ringf o 2020 and smeumr of 2021, calirnfoia saw an tiesmated net loss of nearly 30000,0 residents, s aharpur tnaround r a sta lteong seens aa hub of growth. research shows thisre tnd is unusuallwiy despread. >> roteme wkor has had a lot of ople decploued wrehe they work and where they live. em: in 202 s0,he started taetrging disaecffted lifornia ansnd onlinade s. >> it has bn eereally, alrely ccsuessful. no state income xtahi wch is a huge plus, andow l property taxeovs erall. em:ut b with grthow comes consequences. sheay ss accommodatinghe t expaionsn could alsopa srk suises with >> areas are going to have to make disecions abo wuthat the future lksoo like anwhd ether to
5:19 am
investr o notnd a these soreurces. em: for many who have alreyad modve on,he tre is nooi gng back. >> this wa as brand-n sewtart congmi here. even if not his very house, isth ishe wre i wantot stay. reggie: a wedngdi ceremonthy at swa this iwhs at happens when two unt performser fall linove and get married, iue gss. thbre ide and groomet s themseeslv ofin re as ptar of the wedding at a sta pteark in utah. agn,aihe tse are snttu dbloues. this is what thedoy for a living. they decided to make dra amatic exit. asou y canee s, theyer we extinguished justom ments after nnruing wndo the ais.le congrats.
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the groom share this video on instagram saying "make a fire burning in our hearts for the rest of our lives." you don't have to incorporate all of your hobbies and your profession into the wedding. you don't. you are allowed to just have a classy, pretty wedding. kumasi: and you also don't have to -- i forgot the word. what if this went wrong? reggie: she's actually burning. kumasi: don't put me through that. jobina: i'm traumatized. also, do you think the part knew? -- the park knew? >> i think they knew. they are in a severe drought. reggie: thank you. we are used to it. it is like when those gender
5:21 am
reveals go bad. we just wanted to show you the gender. starts like the largest wildfire in history. there is nothing about this that i like. do not get any ideas out there. if i see people putting gel on you preparing you to get lit on fire, i am walking out. i do not want to be an accomplice, i do not want to go to court. i do not want to be on the news on the other cited this. >> i don't. and if they force that camera in my face, i will say this is a dumb idea, and we all new. ok, let's get a good segue out of this. speaking of fire danger -- reggie: congratulations to the couple, though. drew: what was the other one? i hope you are the spark of life? kumasi: i hope the fire burn in your heart like it did on the wedding day. drew: wedding night?
5:22 am
reggie: oh, no. kumasi: i forgot what it was. go to the weather. good morning, here is our -- right, san jose. we are in the south fail right now. seriously, we do have to talk about fire danger. the winds are even stronger today and tomorrow. the weekend features sunshine and mild temperatures. actions that we can all take to help during these critical conditions, obey any local burn bans, properly dispose of any cigarettes or matches, avo mowing dry vegetation and avoid equipment that sparks. one spark is all it takes. 50's and 60's, if not 74 right now in antioch. mid to upper 50's around the shoreline. today, warm and windy, 60's and 70's. 80's and 90's in the warmest
5:23 am
spots, certainly above average. the wind advisory begins tonight from the north bay mountains, the east bay hills. they hills could gust as high as 50 miles per hour, so it could blow around unsecured objects. overnight tonight we will track the winds and numbers in the 40's and 50's in the clear skies. elevated fire danger today, warm and windy tomorrow. the weekend is still mild, and a lot of sunshine.
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skip the rinse with finish quantum. its activelift technology provides an unbeatable clean on 24 hour dried-on stains. skip the rinse with finish to save our water. kumasi: if you are just joining us, here are the seven things to know this morning. chp and open police are looking for any information about a shooting that left several people injured. the victims were found in a car but it is not clear if that is where the shooting happened. reggie: the east palo alto city council will hold a special meeting tonight after a gun battle at a busy city park. one man was killed in tuesday's shooting and he has been identified as the cousin of nfl wide receiver davante adams. police are still looking for the shooter. kumasi: president biden took action to ease the baby formula shortage invoking the defensive production act. it is going to produce more formula faster but it could be months before store shelves are fully stocked again. reggie: get ready for another
5:26 am
rocky day on wall street. yesterday with the dow's birthday since 2020, dropping more than 1100 points. this is all over inflation fears. drew:drew: and we do have elevated fire danger. not only a lot of sunshine, warm temperatures, winds are stronger. and red flag warning will go into effect starting this morning. jobina: the commute is pretty much clear right now, so probably a good time to remind you that we are getting for the end of this construction project. at rasa tomorrow. kumasi: the warriors will try to take a 2-0 series lead tomorrow night over the chase center. last night, the dubs beat the mavs to win game one of the best-of-seven series. reggie: abc news got exclusive access on board the newly arms submarine, the uss maine.
5:27 am
martha: an abc news exclusive, taking you on board a massive nuclear arms ballistic missile submarine. we are aboard the uss maine, one of only 14 ballistic missile submarines in the u.s. arsenal this is america's answer to our adversaries' threats. >> deterrence is where you can actually have the adversary recognized that he has nothing to gain and everything to lose. >> the crew trains regularly for the unthinkable scenario: an adversary launching a strategic nuclear attack and in this simulation, the submarine crew ordered to strike back. and we will have much more of our exclusive access to the uss maine coming up at 7:00 a.m. reggie: coming up at 5:30, a warning for travelers if you have plane tickets booked for a
5:28 am
while. the travel trouble one bay area couple ran into. kumasi: a ♪music playing♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ nothing brings the pack together
5:29 am
like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california.
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7news. reggie: the pandemic climbing in california. h■earingfromtop experts as covid cases continue to rise. kumasi: another tough day for your 401(k). the mixed answer on whether we may be headed to a recession. reggie: four other bay area tower cam drew is tracking elevated fire risk in some spots this morning. kumasi: let's start the check of the forecast withdrew. drew: a red flag warning going into effect later on this morning, tracking warm temperatures once again this afternoon and even stronger wind bringing that elevated fire danger. as you step outside, that mild air, 50's and 60's right now.
5:31 am
hanging onto some of the warmth from yesterday. 69 currently in concorde, 60 in san jose. outside right now, partly cloudy conditions this morning. we stick with partly cloudy skies throughout the forecast, bright and breezy midday. we do have been elevated fire danger for warm and hot temperatures and strong wind ramping up. a large portion of northern california will go under a red flag warning later on today for wind gusting over 35 miles per hour. locally, solano county will be under that red flag warning but later tonight, a wind advisory will go into effect for rights of the north bay and the east bay. we will talk much more about this coming up in about nine minutes. kumasi: cdc advisors are meeting today to talk about covid booster shots for kids ages 5-11. this is coming after the fda authorize the shots on tuesday. more than 30% of u.s. residents
5:32 am
live in areas with medium to high covid levels and so it is once again encouraging those living in those areas to wear masks. also, a new projection by the agency says nearly every state is expected to see an increase in hospitalizations in the next two weeks. reggie: part of the reason is because so many of us were able to escape getting infected before now. that is the word from california's chief epidemiologist. amy? amy: yeah, the chief epidemiologist does not think with this rise in cases that you are going to be required to wear a mask anytime soon when you go inside a store or a restaurant, but we are seeing an increase in cases and the bay area is a hot right now. according to cdc data, san francisco and san mateo, they have some of the highest case rates in the state right now. even though we are seeing the increase in the number of cases
5:33 am
in the bay area, and masks are recommended in public places, dr. erica pawn pulled us she does not think a mandate will be coming back anytime soon, but she says there is always a possibility that could change. >> i think we should always maintain that readiness and possibility, especially if we see again the large impact on the health care system, if we see an increase in deaths or really unusual severity, again, thankfully we've maintained low hospitalizations until now, but i think those are the things we are all concerned about. amy: we asked her why the bay area has some of the cases. she said the virus continues to throw curveballs and it could be because it keeps looking for people we shtold us she inos t y nccoernedig rht nowec bause hoitspals are t nobeingve orrun, but she inpots out we sulhod not assumehi ts is or:ve weou cld have aar viant elvvoed and ttha
5:34 am
codul bmue ch meorer sious and wod ulagain ha avenother overwhelngmi act on rou teinrest. -- on our kuma:si gerovnor nsoewm now has his cosend vacci bneooster. he got anoerth dose of moderna yestdaery while coenuraging others tgeo t boosted. a sendco booster de osof the pferiz or merodna vacci ines aiavlable toll a calorifnians 50 and older as well as people who e immunompcoromised or reivceed the jnsohon & johonns vaincce. if you heav any queiostns autbo e increa isen cas, esmask maatndes, or jtus the latt eson osboter shots, our team is ready to answeatr reggie: thean m accedus of the racial mlyotivatedho soting in ffbualo is d bueack in crtou today. mmcounications s sct crte chatinted people to view ht
5:35 am
log 30 minutes before the attack. the new york attorney general said she will investigate. he is suspected of killing 10 people and wounding three others in the weekend attack. kumasi: solidarity events are being held in multiple cities to honor those who lost their lives in the shooting. a vigil focusing on feeling was held in oakland last night. organizers say the gathering was also about recognizing the pain that incidents like these inflict on communities of color. >> i'll be honest, this one has been harder. trauma is one of the largest causes of chaos in their community and also one of the largest inhibitors of folks being able to struggle for liberation. kumasi: similar events were also held in san francisco. political and religious leaders gathered on the steps of st. paul to rally against violence, cirasm and hreatd. house modecrats ha avedvanced a billn ireactiono tthe attack and owfl.
5:36 am
the domestitec rrorism prevenonti act of 2022ea hding the it would set of there federal officesps ecifical flyocused on dostmeic terrosmri. they wouldna alyze andtt aract etic terrirost activyit with thgoe al of bei bngetter prepedar to enidtify risks and prevent attacks. itsat fe in theen sate is uncertain. regg:ie biden a hndarris will meet finndla's pridesent and swed'e's primein mister at the whe ithouse as a shortup sport the u.s. after the two countrsie appli fedor nato memberipsh. their applicaontis were in spreonse to eth russian war on ukinrae which sparkedec surity concernscr aoss eure.op after the meeting, esprident biden will depart f sorouth korea foris h first tp rito asia as predesint. heil wl also vitis japan. kumasi: after a really bad day on wall street, scktos are all but guaranteed to finish down. jobina, the turmoil is really beg infueled bhiy gh inflaonti anund certainty. jobi:na theow d futuresre a
5:37 am
aladrey in the red, down asuc mh as 4 p00oints inre pmarket sterday,t iuf sfered itsor wst e-onday drop sin 2ce020, slingdi remo than 11 w00ines. walmart stockro dpped 17%. rgtaet was dn ow24%. both say higr heexpensesre a eating into eithr profi wtsith e cost of ju astbout erythingis ring. experts are mixed on etwhher we are heedad toward rea cession. >> we have aer vytr song jobs ctpiure righ ntow, faror me job openings, raecord nuermb of job bu itnflations ideeply eedmbded the ecomyno right n.ow ntre is higher,ro gceries are gasoli ines higher. acssro-the-boa, rdit is higher, and wages a nreot keepi ungp. jobina: a surveyf omore than 130eo cs found more than half belieev the u.s w.ill facend a mi rldecession. other analystsre pdict a significt anrecession. kuma:si one firefhtiger in the hospital t,he othernd uer
5:38 am
rest. a disagemreent on t jhe tobhat rned intano attack. this is a story will onlyee s on c 7 news. regg:ie movies and thear pt turerning toan s drew: a trackg d reflag tncdilug a. tm.oday and lastingom torrow evening. rtnoherlyhe wn pickin ugpat ler today,us gting or ve35 miles per hour. warm temperatures and dropping humidity levels to single digit. any fires that start could spread quickly. live look from the east bay hills, it is shaking a bit. we do exctpe winds to irencase in the first thingom torrow morning. againod tay, it bra eezy day. we wlil fdin thein wd bomecing evated lerat on this afternn.oo lookt ahe t cstoaline, even stroerng wind gust at or ve40 mileser p hour alg onthe astline.
5:39 am
oufor cusil wl be ptsar ofhe t noh rtbay mounintas in theas et yba hills raiemning preytt acveti, leliky gusting0- 230 miles per hour. its i a wm arif not cselo to hot day. we wlilno kck a feweg drees off compar tedo yesterday. 68 in thcie ty today. 79 in sajon se. from ccoonrd to frfaiield, mid-8''s to lo90w 's lar teon today. we will teak a cselor look at that wind aisdvory that wilgol into efftec at 11:00 p.m. tonight comgin up in autbo eight minutes. jonabi: ware e folwilong a car fire rhtig now inal vlejo. e thfire deptmarent is othn e y.wa thiss igoing toe b westbound 80 beforehe t hunter llhi rest ea. liveoo lk here at the chmond-s ranafael bridge, evyterhing is movi sngmoothly. we have no problsem on the adways, just meso wind
5:40 am
advisories forhe t ultima sspa ase wbring ithn e cameraer he tathe those heaigdlhts arera tveling southbou fndor you. i would keeanp eye on the toll plaza. as of right now, no lights on as of right now, no lights on yet at the bay bdgri g bitobacco'cis garette butts filter practicallyot nhing an d are made of microplastific bers thatre a toxic and cunning. theyay m seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastsic get, the mordae mage they do. could they end up in you, yo burodie ts,heir pre new udsties indicate posblsi e links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a futur''s worth of har to the worldno, w you kn.ow so soundhe t ala.rm
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5:42 am
kuma:si ithn e eastay b, aor wk ewcr inak olandas h found the bodyf oaom wan whoas w kildle 18ea yrs ago. the coror nehas idenfitied the body as w aoman whois dappeared on thasgnkiving 20.04 workers wndo her by odwrapped in rptas in s ahallowra gve on the openrm ay she was lt asseen witheh r yfriend on theiwar y to alon's's mo''s house forin dner. in 2017, he was sentenced to 11 years in psorin for thmue rder.
5:43 am
reggie: saa n franciosc fifireghter fangci felony chargeafs ter a braluttt aack on another refifighter. the padertment hasri ted to epke is quiet orvehe t ptas sevaler wes ekuntil a ursoce calledad n miller. >> no one involdve in isth case, the firefhtigers, their lawrsye, the fir cehief wou aldgree to an intvierew, but i'v' been able to pie tcehe story togheetr throhug srcoues, court cudoments, a ondther infmaortion tained uernd the calorifnia blic recdsor act. th iiss the moshm ot for 47-yr-eaold robert mohammed, who s stadte notui glty to fonely saasult wita h deadly wpoean. with several enhceanments and one spealci allegioatn, great bodilynj iury. the victim told police he has owknn mohammed for ove20r years as they are bh otfirefighrste fo trhe city sofan franccois. it aeapprs some disaeegrment on the job turned io ntan aacttk in the f ofhours. here is atwh happened. sources tele on the morning of brfeuary 1, mohamd mewent to statio25n on 3rd seetrt,
5:44 am
retrieved schinn's home addssre and lt efwith what is caedll a drant spneanr, a heavy range measinurg about i15hencs used tour tn fire hraydnt on anofd f. hero dve acrosths e bdgrie and confntroed him. e thargument escalated and mohammed allegedlytr suck him with tt haspanner. >> emergencywh, at are you repoinrtg? >>es y, i'veee bn beatenit wh a ench. >> a neighbor porerted the attackut b got theen gder wrong. >> ilot oks like a lady with me kind fofireyd hrant. >> an ambulan tceransported him to theos hpital whe erdoctors determe inhe had sufrefed a oken left arm, swollen right arm, and ccuonssions aa restul ofhe t assault. oneee wk later,oh mammed suenrrdered to fa cceharges. the victi''s attoryne agreed to
5:45 am
an intvierew but tn hebacked t.ou over the phone he criticizethd e san fraisncco fe irdepartment fiofcials. he deftela tactically active gragession for over a decade, a paerttn that went undomecunted and undradessed. taurus also aiclmed atth within h48ours of thett aack, fire depamertnt brassrg ued gabriel inch to dr tophe a spokesman said she would not be available because this is an hr matter. mohammed's attorney also declined to be interviewed for the report. mohammed is out of jail after posting $30,000 bail. ai will let you know what happens. kumasi:kumasi: a coalition of city leaders, health-care workers, patients and families are rallying to save laguna hospital in san francisco. >> lacuna honda save my life. >> laguna honda helped preserve
5:46 am
my life. laguna honda is a vital connection in the city and county of san francisco to save and preserve the lives of many others. kumasi: yesterday's rally comes two days after the hospital released a contingency plan for shutting down the facility and moving patients to other treatment centers. the report is part of the process to restore medicare and medicaid funding that is set to end in four months. reggie: if you're looking for something fun to do, outdoor movies are returning to san francisco. sundance, kicks off next friday. the events will feature eight movies at eight different parks across the city. some of the movies to have a san francisco connection, so here is what is playing. sister act ii. that was filmed at st. paul's catholic church. it will be showing at dolores park on may 27. other movies include the rock -- that makes sense, star trek iv,
5:47 am
the voyage home. harry potter and the deathly hallows part ii. disney's encanto, indiana jones and ritter of the lost ark, shang chi, and the addams family values. >> what if you haven't seen part one? reggie: that is what i'm saying. kumasi: get ready. what about j. lo, the wedding planner? that is all throughout the city. >> and she watches a movie in golden gate park outside. i'm just saying, could that be a missed opportunity? >> i think we could switch out the star trek one. maybe there is a local actor. maybe there is some connection there. i love this.
5:48 am
i'm ready. >> no pixar? that is in the room. -- that is a little rude. >> encanto? >> that is not pixar. i just see a disney movie and assume pixar. outside we go. bouncing around a bit, wind will be the focus of the forecast the next few days because they bring elevated fire danger along with some warm temperatures. we talked about the red flag warning for solano county beginning today. we will show you that in one second. increasing fire danger starting today. the weekend features a moderate sunshine and above average temperatures. we talk about these critical fire conditions, things you can do to help stop any fires from starting. obey any local burn bans, properly dispose of cigarettes and matches, avoid mowing dry vegetation.
5:49 am
we all know one spark is all it takes this time of year. the wind ramps up in the afternoon and the humiditys,op d now, hanging onto seom of thear wmth we had yestery.da today is another warm if notot h dafoy r some ousf . not as hot as yesterdaybu, t ilstl temperurates above 60's and 70'fos ros mt of us ouarnd the sreholine. 80's and 90' isn t whearmest spots inndla. matt wilbel gin tonightor f the rtnoh bay islan td,he east yba his.ll were a talkingin wd out of the north guinstg over 30 mesil per ho aurt that could blow uncusere ojprects arod unand will brgin usle evated fi creoncerns. 40's ltoow 50's under clear skies. the accuweheatr 7 day forectas will track t wheind todaany d motorrow. the weekend, the win adsre not as strong. stl,il mdil to warmnd a even nextee wk, tempeturares stay ovabe average. regg:ie i need toay s thank you
5:50 am
to ldrany and st tarrek ivak tesla pce in san fransccio in the0' 's. didn'knt ow that. drew: i anom t a trekkie. reggie: i di'n't know. thank u yofor lettg inus know. new at 60 :090's stnoalgia. e thband binehd one ofhe t top ts of theec dades iback with a neanw nome.kusi:re coup'e's ae ou
5:51 am
focor ntrolleryv, onne yiu as an executivate top finaiancl firms,. yi u manage d hunddsre of audi.ts as mayor, yiu saved taxpayes over $ m55illio. ndfiing wast e. saving meyon. yi u isor f you. you're a champion. you're not aui qtter. quitters don't dwho at they're supposed to.
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champions do. and u'yore ata sr. and you inshe. that's what you do. that's what you do every day. ns[ipirational music] ggreie: if y aoure looking to learn a new skill, apple is offeri tngraining btoecome an i. pt.rofessional. the company saysom cpleting otw urcoses shou tldake abo 2ut7 hours. erthe's ao lsa certifaticion am. participan wtsill learn how to pldeoy, manage,nd aup sport
5:53 am
apple deviceins the workplace. goleog aounnnced simaril classes rlier th misonth. kumasi: this ais warningor f trelavers. if you havhae d planeic tkets r ahi wle,e whave been repoinrtg on a b sigpike in airfe arthis tral veseason. baa y areaou cple endeupd in a bindec bause tirhe fghlit got canceledbe, low airfe aris ge,on anthd e airlineri ted to llte em that eyth had to pay $4000 more to rebook e thsame sea.ts so mhaicel finney is explaingin why. >> iea mn, i was pullingy mhair out. i was like, ian c't beevlie isth. >> karen and her husband decided to splgeur on a tp rito italy. >> our annerivsary iths e summer and dweecided to rten a villa in tcausny for aon mth. ar kenoo bkedhe t flightas lt ptseember onni uted airlesin and busissne class. the airrefa, $7,600or f two tickets. >> we splurged on business
5:54 am
because its iour >> theyot g t cheonfirmatn,io booked t vheilla. >> everyinthseg emedre gat. tusarday g iet this ema silaying your flight has enbe canceled. >>he tot nice thathe t airafcrt iso non lger avaibllae and they should cl alto rebook. >> i was on the phoneit wh her for 3.5 hours. >> the antge booked otw more tickset but later she saw they were nowea sted in enocomy ascls. she llcaed back demandi hnger businessla css seats. >> and they sd aiit is not compabar.le if i wanted the ectxa same flhtig that i purasched eight nths ago i woul''ve had to pay $40 00more. that is enwh i said no, no, i am not pinayg a penny more. you hady mmoney for eight months. i held umyp side ofhe t corantct. >> sheon ctacted us andt i turned out of anir aline cceanls uryo flit,gh you arent eitled to a cashef rund. rlaiinesry t to avo tidhat by offering g aood deal. >> a tirlineyp tically wldou prerefha tt you kp eeyour money with tmhe and take the
5:55 am
ternativope tion. you can acaltuly requesto tbe aonn improd velight. >> indeed, when kenar called again,he t airlinegr aeed to give herho tse busins esclass seats the same price teafr all. ituned telling us we wordke digelintly toin fd customs era itsuable alternaveti if their avel ismp iacted by s achedule change. >> my husband and i are just thrill aednd eternlyal grateful. masi: hpyap for youka, ren. travel slowed down in the earlr iephases o tfhe pandec,mi so nowir alines argee aring back out. the stbe advice is toee kp track of your boinokgs, tcwah out for those flight caelnclations dan chgeans. drew: we d hoave a r fedlag rning th watill go io nteffect today fomur ch of nohertrn licafornia. e thstrongest wdin in the sacrenamto valley,ut b solano coun wtyill gond uer the red flagar wning lat oern this afternoon. let's lkta about t wheind.
5:56 am
wead h h tadhem foruc mh of the mohnt omaf y, bute wow n have those rmwa to hot mpteeratures. th tisime ofhe t yr,ea that brgsin ithn ery dir a and low relati hveumidity. thwie ndil wl rpam upve or 25, if not 3mi0 les perou hr. look at theoa cstline, enev stngroer out othf e north. trkiacng the wd,in wanti tnghem ry the hhsig tayod, anoerth warm if not hot y.da noasw hot tod aays yteesrday, thtee mperatur aesre still elateved for ts hitime of arye. 6''s and '0's along eth shelorine. kumasi: if they take, b wutith ro waste. e thtrends meor couespl are rntuing to to go gre oenn their weddindag y. reggie: plusor me gunfire along the east bay freeway. a sothoing lightinupg the retch of 058 and some new infoatrmion overghnit. kumasi: and the reason
5:57 am
california might be most vulnerable to the virus in the weeks ahead. drew: but first, a live look outside from us. we will beig rht bac i want tbeo at cancer. i'm ingog to beat it. that'so ndoubt iny mmind, i'm ingog to winhi ts battle. [male narrator] at the vou fndation v is for victory ov er cancer. [nraartor] 10pe0 rcent ofon dations fund ge amchangingca ncer resrceah. nadote now av t dot org. nurse mariyam sabo knowa s moment this pure... ...deman ads lotion isth pure. new gold bond pure moisture lotion.
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>> buiinldg a bett beray area, movingor fward, fiinndg lusotions, ts hiis abc 7ew ns. kumasi: minakg news right now at 6:00, a teifrrying trip to aay b ar peaark. gun battle asid ks run for
6:00 am
cover,il kling a ftbooall star mily member. now, an idea what it is all out. reggie: and cov bidouncing back. the new recommendioatns, plus news on aov cid booster for kids. kumasi: ithn e fansai sd were a adreyor f thisee wk. odgo morngni,ve erybody. 'i's thuraysd, may 19. reggie: weil wl geto tthat, but let's'get a chk econ your weather. drew: windil wlec bome aisn sue enevor me. we have d reflagar wning' isn feefct and hh igwind advorisies. have elateved fire ngdaer to shout a and sma -rt- to finhis out today dan tomorrow. 90 and o hurottest spo itsnland, buwet have the eswarm mpteeraturesow n, the hottest spots lainnd, and a r fedlag warning ingog on later othn is rnmoing. will tk almuch meor autbo the send a wind advisory for parts of t bheay area tela


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