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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 19, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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sister back to right now.
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abc newsxc elusive, boonard a nuclear bmsuarine.
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>>white house is stepping up their response to the baby formula crisis. president biden is ordering manufacturers that make baby formula's key ingredients to prioritize orders. the president directed the military to pick up formula overseas approved for use in the u.s. also right now the latest on that pennsylvania senate primary. could be weeks before we know which republican won. dr. mehmet oz or former hedge fund manager david mccormick. still tens of thousands of ballots to be counted. donald trump is urging dr. oz to declare victory despite the race not being called yet and so many votes out there waiting to be counted. and the golden state warriors with a comfortable win over the dallas mavericks in game one of the western conference finals. steph curry led the charge for golden state with 21 points and 12 rebounds. >> wow. >> yeah, impressive, the other half of the nba's final four is back in action tonight with boston taking on miami on espn. >> the amy shoulders going.
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>> we got a lot more ahead. speaking of amy she's saddling up to show us around the lone star state. she's saying "rise & shine" from texas. there she is. that is coming up, george. right now know explosive testimony in the johnny depp/amber heard trial. heard's sister on the stand saying she saw depp strike her repeatedly across the face and strike her too. >> her sister testified she actually saw johnny depp hit amber heard but many of the other witnesses said they saw the aftermath. they saw amber heard's mood. they saw her tears and, yes, they saw her injuries and some of them even tried to cover those injuries up. >> if he was using or if he was drinking, there was almost always a fight. >> reporter: people closest to actress amber heard testified wednesday about what they say they witnessed as heard and ex-husband johnny depp continue their defamation battle. heard's sister whitney described a violent fight in march 2015 where she alleged depp not only hit amber he hit her too. >> i hear amber shout, don't hit
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my [ bleep ] sister. she smacks him and lands one. by that time johnny had already grabbed amber by the hair with one hand and whacking her repeatedly in the face with the other. >> reporter: a makeup artist testified she saw evidence of injuries when working with the actress for a december 2015 late night talk show appearance. a day after she alleges she split her lip open, among other injuries he caused. >> we covered, you know, the discoloration, the bruises with a little slightly heavier concealer. >> reporter: depp's team bracing for his ex, ellen barkin to testify. the "ocean's 13" actress claimed in the suit against "the sun" newspaper in the uk that he threw a bottle in her direction. depp called that allegation untrue. depp lost that libel case where the uk has a different burden of proof. this time it's in a jury's hands. depp is out to convince them
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heard defamed him when she wrote a 2018 op-ed calling herself a victim of abuse. seven jurors and four alternates are hearing the testimony. the identities are being kept private but one potential juror admitted during jury selection that his wife had texted him amber is psychotic, if a man says a woman beat him, they never believe him. he insisted he could still be impartial and was left in the pool for selection. a source close to amber heard tells abc news that the depp team called them sleight of hand artists who are trying to get the public, trying to get the jury to focus on things salacious and silly and say, guys, this is still just a case about freedom of speech. >> okay, t.j., thanks very much. let's bring in chief legal analyst dan abrams. big day for heard yesterday? >> very big day. because there have been a lot of questions about her credibility and the key question is, was she abused? did johnny depp abuse her? now you don't have it from her, you have it from other people, not just her sister but a makeup artist, for example, backing up exactly what she said about why
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you couldn't see the bruises, et cetera. so the corroborating witnesses that we heard yesterday, i think, were very helpful for amber heard. >> heard and depp took different approaches when they were on the stand, you know, she looked at the jury a great deal. he did not. is one approach more effective than the other? >> so, lawyers will typically tell a client try to look at the jury. but you can also do it too much, right? there's also the risk that it starts to seem fake and rehearsed and, you know, i do think that amber heard was running that risk. literally every question she was asked, she'd be looking this way and then she would specifically turn to look at the jury. remember, she's an actor, right? the jurors are going to know that. the last thing that she wants these jurors to believe is that she's acting. so i think there's some sort of balance that they both want to sort of figure out there. >> there are reports that heard's team could call depp back to the stand. what do you think about that move? >> you know, i don't know exactly how long they would call him for. i mean, these reports that depp
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is going to be called back to the stand and people are thinking, oh, he'll be called back for a day. it might be to ask two questions, three question, five questions, et cetera. i don't know exactly what they want to ask him so we'll have to see. i think it probably would be a mistake to call him for too long but we'll have to see what they had in mind. >> what does your gut tell you about the case? >> this is tough for johnny depp legally. if you're not sure what the outcome ought to be. if you think, well, you know, i think she did a little of this and he did a little of that, he doesn't win because he has the burden of proof. >> thank you, as always. appreciate you. now we turn to our abc news exclusive, rare access to a u.s. navy nuclear ballistic missile submarine. our martha raddatz got a chance to spend some time on one and they have enormous destructive power but, of course, the hope is they never have to use it. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, michael. you're exactly right. right now we have north korea on the verge of a nuclear test and a ballistic missile launch and vladimir putin vaguely threatening to use nuclear
7:37 am
weapons in his war with ukraine so we wanted to see what the u.s. is doing to keep us safe, getting exclusive access to a warship like no other. this is america's answer to our adversary's threats, its mission is classified but clear, deterrence through strength. we are aboard the "uss maine," 1 of only 14 ballistic missile submarines in the u.s. arsenal. below us in each of these hatches, massive nuclear armed ballistic missiles, 20 in all in these four-story-tall orange missile tubes capable of obliterating a target 4,000 miles away. these submarines are the most destructive warships ever built. >> i'd say it's the most powerful force in the world right now. >> reporter: from the top of the bridge to the decks below we got exclusive access, submerged hundreds of feet below the surface for 24 hours surrounded
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by those huge launch tubes housing the missiles. vice admiral bill houston is the commander of u.s. submarine forces. >> deterrence is where you can actually have the adversary recognize that he has nothing to gain and everything to lose. >> reporter: but the crew trains regularly for the unthinkable scenario, an adversary launching a strategic attack. >> this is the captain. >> reporter: in this simulation, this submarine crew ordered to strike back. do you feel like we're in another cold war given what's happened in ukraine, given what's happened with the comments that putin has made? >> yes, i would agree that i would say we're in a cold war. we're approaching unprecedented times. >> reporter: a cold war says the
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admiral that involves not just russia anymore, but china as well which is why these crews will continue to stealthily patrol and prepare. all again, of course, to prevent nuclear war. we should add that the missions are so classified that the navy did screen our video, not our story, to make sure nothing classified was revealed and the images and for anyone wondering what it was like to sleep on that submarine, don't be envious, guys, you have zero privacy. you are with eight other people stacked in their bunks nettled between those nuclear missiles, guys. you don't want to do it. >> but we're glad you did it for us, martha. >> yes. >> as always. thank you. thanks so much. >> you bet. >> thank you. you can see more of martha's rare access inside the sub it exclusive reporting on america's nuclear defense on "world news tonight," "nightline" this sunday on a special edition of "this week," robin. coming up here on "gma," how you can protect yourself from
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we we're back with a new warning about scammers using the baby formula shortage to take advantage of parents. the ftc is using -- urging consumers to beware of online scammers charging sky high prices for formula that never comes. erielle reshef is here with those details for us.
7:44 am
good morning, erielle. >> good morning to you, robin. this is so unfortunate. this is a particularly vulnerable time for so many new parents and many are turning to social media as we've reported and other sites desperate to find formula for their babies. now several agencies are warning scammers are capitalizing on this crisis tricking some parents into paying for formula that just never shows. this morning, the dire shortage of baby formula forcing many moms to scour social media for supply. but now an urgent warning from the better business bureau to look out for thieves taking advantage. >> they are on a social media platform and a chat box pops up. someone is claiming to sell that product and they're asking people to pay using a peer-to-peer payment system. once that money is paid out, they never end up receiving that product. >> reporter: this as seven states raise the alarm about baby formula scams.
7:45 am
according to new reporting from abc news, in texas, first-time mom jesse says she went to ten stores before she turned to the online community for help. >> i spent $290 and messaged her afterwards and she just didn't respond to me afterwards. >> reporter: she said those coveted cans never showed up. >> and then i realized i was like, yeah, i just got scammed. >> reporter: this tennessee mom, kate says she got scammed earlier this year. the seller even sending her a fake tracking number. >> this woman responded to my post to say that she had a couple of cans. we exchanged information and nothing was really out of the ordinary until after i paid her. >> reporter: the better business bureau says scammers can appear legitimate posting ads or commenting on reputable facebook groups offering to sell formula, even showing photos of the cans they claim are available. but the catch, once payment is made, the source goes dark. >> find another way to make a payment using a credit card. because you have a better chance of getting your money back if you never received that order. >> reporter: so what else can you do? our experts say if you're using
7:46 am
a cash payment app use the goods and services function. it's offered on paypal and venmo. if your formula doesn't arrive you may have a good chance of getting refunded and if you suspect you may be a victim of an online shopping scam, you can report it to the better business bureau or file a complaint with the ftc. guys? >> shame. >> shame. >> shame. i mean, when people are so -- thank you, erielle, for that report. when people are feeling so vulnerable about -- >> and desperate. >> happens all the time unfortunately. >> yeah. coming up next, amy is saddling up to take us on a tour of the lone star state. yee-ha! ♪ te. yee-ha! ♪ ha! ♪♪ you know real chili never has beans. you know which pizza is eaten with a fork and a knife... and which one is definitely not. you know a cappuccino is for the morning and an espresso is for the afternoon. you know how to answer "sparking or still"
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chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now. ♪ back now as we "rise & ♪ country girl ♪ back now as we "rise & shine" from the lone star state, amy is live in fort worth, texas, with a very special guest. hey, amy. >> reporter: hey, michael. yes, this is little texas right here, my new best friend for the day and we're here, yes, in fort worth. it is such a special place. it looks like you're on a movie set but there is so much history. back in the late 1800s, this was the final stop for cowboys to get their supplies ready as they headed up north driving their cattle up north and today this is home to the world's largest twice daily cattle drive where you'll see the stars of the show, the texas longhorns, the
7:51 am
good folks here in fort worth are going to have a special early morning cattle drive coming up in just a couple of moments and i was able to spend some time with the herd drovers and the trail boss here in fort worth. she showed me the ropes. there were ropes, bullwhips, saddles. i learned how to be my own trail boss. we'll take you along for the journey coming up. there's a lot of people you will meet and a lot of cool gentle giants still untamed and we need those drovers to get them up and down the streets. >> back to you in just a little bit. much more from amy in texas just ahead. we'll be right back. the next sale is a digital treasure trove - charming ellie's private data! what? lot number 1: her emails. the ones she's opened and read. drug store purchases. her recent transactions. do i hear 600? 620? 640? 660? 680? oh! ♪♪ ♪♪
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>> blduiing a beertt bay area, movi fngorward, ndfiing lutions,hi ts is abc n 7ews. reggie:oo gd morning. i am reggie aqui. jobina:oo gd mornin eg,veryone. we want to g teto sky 7. they have it able to get onef o th veehicles t ouof the w.ay they are working on the second one. as sky 7 zooms out, you will see w rough this is for eth people tonhe richmd onsan rafael idbrge. the backup isbo aut five lemis uryope seds bero aund three miles per hour as you try to get on the bridge yasou travel towa trdhe northay b. expectaj mor dels.ay drew: o lneane blocd keon a two-lane bridge, that inos t
7:57 am
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> good mniorng, amera.ic it 8's:00 a.m. e thmajor nestw eps to hp elease the natiwionde baby rmfoula ortage. how esprident bin deis kicki ng his respseon to the iscris in hi gghear inclinudg "operaonti fly rmfoula." wall street wipeout. ocstks suffethr eir worst day in near tlywo years. growing concerns aboutpe snding and just h fowar you can settrch yo wureekly paheycck. plus as s gaprices h aitnother new highha wt could feaf ct sulypp and demd?an brn iaaustin genre and shnaar burgessth, e couple talkg inabout ovcoerming bri'san health btlate while eppraring to welcomthe eir first baby gether. w the "dancing" pro stepped up lyon on "gma ." i♪'m levitating ♪ behind the magic behind "har pryotter and the cursed
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child,th" e nechw apter of the beloved story findinlig ght in the danerkss. larger than lif♪e > >>supersiz sedurprise. the texas 2-year-old with a larger tn halife lunch order. hohew spent aoslmt $100 whoitut mom owkning. >> good morning, america. ♪ i feel alive♪ > plus, y amis sayingog od morng inand dancg infrom my meho >> "rise & shine," texas! he wre everyinthg is shs e'saddlingp uto take us on a tour othf e lone sr tastate. >> yes, i did it. >>ro fm the wod'rls largest honky-nkto to the tedermined lilett cookie opsh making tito oprah's farivote things. dot n'miss their fst day of our big two-day trip to the d olwest and she'sas ying -- >> allgo: od morni, ngamerica. [ chee arsnd applae us] i feel alive ♪ go modorning, eramica.
8:02 am
looks ni acend sunnyhe tre in texaans d a lot fofun ahead from tex aasnd as i idsa in the tease cabeuse everhiytng in texas isig bger, we edne to ise & she"in there f torwo ys. >> thas t'right and amy this rning li iven fort wthor. d,an amy, ju lstike you idsa it looks keli youe 'ron a mov sieet aofn old weerstn. good morngni to you. >> rorepter: yes. od morni, ngrobin. yes,t ireally ds.oe it a's beautif mulorning me erin rtfo worth. a lot eofxcitement. and isth is one mofy good friends. he a ind became quacainted yestery.da shteoor, one othf e texas longrnhos, the by abof the grp,ou the smaesllt in theer hd. wweill brinyog u the bigug y, t-nebo is his mena over 2,0 00 podsun and comg inup we'llri bng you lia ve cattldre ive onlyn o "gd oomorning eramica." ye, ahyee-ha. back tyoo u, george. >> our first of many. >>ha tnk you, >>we> 'll starwit th presintde biden'bis g steps ttoackle the babyor fmula thpre esident voinked the defenspre oductionct a to import rmfoula fromve orseas.
8:03 am
wa tnto go back to ouren sior naontial corrpoesndent, terry moran. goodmo rning, terry. >> rorepter: goomod rning, george. with so nyma parentsak wing up erevy day woierrd about w hoto ed theirab bies, thicrs isis in the splupy of babfoy rmula is ickly bemicong a cris siof coidnfence in e thbiden adnimistrationnd a so the esprident isow n taking signifanict actions. this morngnia , big stepro fm whe e ithouse todd aress a iscris that'bes en brewing for mont.hs presidt enbiden isow n ordering mafanucturers atth make some of the key inedgrients inab by formul taso prioritize orders from fmuorla compaesni. i>>'ve direedct my teamo tdo everhiytng possie blto ensure erthe's enou sghafe byba formula and attht' is quicklrey aching famili iesn need. >> reporr:te the predesint using militaryss aets to hp,el redicting thpee ntagon to tranorspt formultha at's made erse aasnd approved for use rehe to e thu.s., dubbing the moveop "eration y flformula." the forma ulmanuctfaurer abbt ot is alrea idymportingro fm elirand aftethr e fda rexelad import resul on monday. but w noto speedhi tngs up,
8:04 am
pridesent bidehan s invokethd e densfee produconti act. atth's the 10s95 law emperowing the feradel governntme to order privatcoe mpanies ttoake acontis deemedn ithe natialon teinrest. withar pents anxusio and incrsieangly ang arybouthe t orshtages ofuc sh a basianc d esseiantl food produ, ctit's unclr eahow quicy klthese latest moves llwi get formula on store elshves. >>ha wt were we suospped to do? are sweupposed stoit here d an wah tcour kidsuf sfer? reporte or:vernighthe t house sspaed a biptiarsan bill that would loenos restricontis on which tys peof formu plaeople o whare receinivg federal benefitsan c buy. the nasete is exctpeed to pa ss itat ler today. d anthere's meso good ne twshat michiganac fility th matakes ba fbyormula a tndhat was utsh downac bk in febarruy becausofe coamntination nccoerns, th'sat going toe- ropen und aern agemreent withhe t fda. but it wl ilbe weeksef bore it n caprovide remo formulan o ste orshelves. michael. all rig, hta hint ogof od news
8:05 am
anthk you souc mh. w noto the sckto market t se tope on this mniorng follongwi its worsdat y in neay rltwo ars. t's go bk acto our cefhi busine cssorresponntde rebecca jrvis onal wl street. goodor mning, agn,ai rebecca. >> rorepter: goomod rning, chael. stksoc opedneow lerer he today at the newor yk stock chexange. eth s&p 500 isow now dn about % for the year, but wnhe you om out to the last five years, 'sit up %.65 a lot of people looking at the mbnuers, feengli that stinra, el elfeing tha re's wha ytou can don i momesnt leik this, cutac bk in y anways youos psibly can. thatan c be hard to do. paofy f cret dicard debt. crited cards are getting meor peexnsive. the cost of broorwing is gtietng remo expensive. if you can payha tt off, y'loul iben better shop. it's g aood idea to go outnd a seek extra rkwo, again, if
8:06 am
you' iren a posioitn to do the hdearst tnghi to do in ments leik thishe wnou y're watchi tnghe 4(k01), thear hdest ing to ,do absutolely nothing. avlee it there. let it heal. at'sha wt warren buffet has idsa to do, look away. robin? >> all right,re becca, thank you mhuc as alyswa. > >>now to tseho record s ga presic and whawet can expt ec fosur mmer. back to r outransportitaon rrespondt engio beniz teat a gas statn ioin miami. goodor mning, agn,ai gio. >> reporr:te hey, go modorning ainga. ahye, by allcc aounts exrtpes libeeve it'soi gng to gewot rse fore it tsge better. let's oklo at thatat nional erage rit ghnow. .58 a gaonll and thi ts,his is justnc iredible. every atste in theat nion is seeingn aaverage s gaprice ovabe $4 a gallon. lookt acaliforn tiahere. $6.06. turns o autmerican mifalies are spdienng $5,00a 0 year on ga as, year agtho at numbewar s $2,800. just twoon mths agot iwas
8:07 am
,8$300. a scaryho tught here. analtsys at jpmoanrg say the natialon averageou cld hit $a 6 llgaon or mo brey august. now,he t best thg inyou can do rit ghnow, getou yr phone, downadlo free ap lpsike wazer o gabus ddy to hp elyou findhe t eachpest gasn itown. michael, i canel tl you right now is t'not this gas staonti rehe. i>>t's hardo tfind thaart ound the country. gio, tha ynkou. > now hoa w 2-year-o tldexas y bostunned s himom, kely se golden, enwh she disvecored rrett hagrd abbed heunr locked phone anord dered hielmsf 31 eechseburgerons the delerivy apdop ordash. the mothm ought hesor n had been kitang selfi uesntil sheot g the rgbuer bill,91 $ includi tnghe kiisd a good pptier, 18% atth gheave the ivdrer. as f torhe burge trshemselvehes on alyte half oofne cheebuserger. soom m took to social meadi begging rhe fridseno t comeic pk up are fe lunch. >> iti sll can'tig fure out w ho heid d it but odgo for himi , guess. c>>ould havbee en a who lleot rse.
8:08 am
>> whae ve to talk autbo what's ming up, but scein you've bnee aski,ng robin, here's your puffins. >> theree wgo. >> puffin for you, puffin for yo u. >> tha ynkou. >>co> ming up rehe on "gmawe" ha oveur "morng inmenu." it is cute. brn iaaustin genre openingp u on olyn "gma" ouabt his pafuinl chronic health issue and howis h partner, sharnbua rgess, iats his side pregnt anwith the ir fit rsbaby. > >>also thimos rning thnee w gidital resoceur for peoe pl sufferinfrg om anxiety. > >>plus, ams y'down in e thlone arst state. wa uitntil youee s what shs e' wraninglg up fors uin the old west. 're liven itexas th misorning and, lar ia, know yoreu' upstai trshere wittoh ry. hi trehe, robin. it's trshuday. u know wt hathat mea, nstory j. in thhoe use, serngvi up some "deals s &teals." it's summer skiarnce day, ladi -es- and guys. great deals coming up on "good morning america." b♪ut everyow n and then when i get paid ♪ swolle pn,ainful. emergere tmfyant®. tremfya® is approv ed to help reduce...
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8:11 am
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8:12 am
suppedos to cleaupr here in new rkyo. d>>id you bringhi ts back from iceld,an this ra?in >>t ifollowede. m tomorrow ongm "a," lance
8:13 am
ssba and judd wee 'rlooking forward to tt.ha michael? r ou"gma" cor vestory. briaaun stin gre aennd sharna burgess tainlkg in an clexusive teinrview abt oufacing banri's alth sca ares they pparered to welcome eithr first ilchd getother. kaylee htuarng has t dheetails for us. odgo morningka, ylee. >> rorepter: heygo, od morni, ng miaechl. arstting a ratelionship tinhe pandemicea rlly spedp uthe time line for a lot of couplesut o the,ernc iluding brian austin green and shar bnaurgess a nd with each unforeseen challenge ey he avfaced, iist only strethngening thr eindbo. >> what is the week countdown? where e arwe? >>3 3weeks. ♪ r>>eporter:ee tn hearttobhr ian aust ginreen helngpi his girlfrie, nd"dancingit wh the sts"ar pro sharna rgbuess prepear to be a motrhe for the first time,ut b for brian it's s fifth child. did youve er think u'yod have more kids? >>ni itially, .no >>o. n >>ri ban alwaykns ew that i want tedo have ks idbecause atth s waa deal bakreer for me. e of thehi tngs i fe illn love withim h about wchating him abe daand d the wahey parentsnd a outhght it wldou be so incribedle to rae isa child thwi him.
8:14 am
>> repteorr: but hfwalay through the pregncnay brian cifang a alth >> iad h ulcerate ivcolitis r fo abt ou6, 6 1/2ee wks. i was prtyet bedridd.en i det alwith ulcaterive colis ti a few times. it's aea rl rough expeenrice and arna hadev ner experncieed it before aalt l. r>>eporter:lc uerative licotis is ainn flammato bryowel disease. ctdoors say u yocan haveew f mpsytoms in twbeeen flarupe-s t butends toet g worse or ve meti. i>> didn't alreize how bidelitatingt iwas untii l saw hianm d watchewed ight droofp f m. i lost keli 20 poun.ds i>> was also notav hing expeenriced this type of thg inbefore a sndtill learni, ngi was li skeupportive anlod ving and'm i here foyor u d internlyal fearfulf ohow long ds oeisth go on f.or >>s ithere a eatrtment pl an ingog forward? i>> try andvo aid gluten and dairy asuc mh as posblsie. it's rlleay just dtaiery. ke as lo angs i can epke
8:15 am
thgsin within smyystem th maty bodyoe dsn't thi ink'm poisongni witith, youno kw, then it don'est fight ckba. i wod uleat foodnd a it would litellray was li mkey body didn p'tceross any oitf . tsohen you arstt playing tccah-up witlih ke tryintog st oayn top ofei bng hydrad te enghou. chsu a battle. w>>hat was litike whene' hs bedriddeann d responbisility of ruinnng this hseou comes tyoo u preparinfog r what mheotrhood looklis ke? >> isht owed me w homuch i relyal am capae blof and tt hai hdoave a naratul instin fctor this. >> it's azaming to s heeow people c aandapt to tusiations and howew ll she h aasptdaed to th oisne. >> i love you. >> iov le you too. >> rorepter: jusont e year aerft meeting the coupleut pting that velo to the stte in the ballroom. ♪ tbeo happy ♪ >> rorepter: on stla season's "danngci with thste ars." >> the tnghi we had ftoigure oueat rly on, thi ink, washa tt the relaontiship came
8:16 am
we've aaylws been gd ooat mmunicatg inbut certnlaiy that experien pceut it tohe t test. >> will sweee you bk acin the ballroom? i wouldov le to combae ck. who kns owif it's isth season or nextea sson? i'm denifitely noton de dancing. >> rorepter: fan lsove to hear atth. 'sit not har tdo seeow h in love these two are, but theyay s it was not love at first sight. they we erset up ba y business manar gewho theyot bh work th weyent on tirhe first de at ov berreakfastnd a five hos ur lar tethey werste ill talkg inso eyth knew prtyet quicklyhi ts ltfe differe antnd it was someinthg that ty hewanted to rsue. guys? >> good r fothem. and glade' hs doing ttbeer. thanyok u, kaylee. now it's timtoe "rise & shin ae"s we saygo, od morni, ng from t lheone starta ste. amy isiv le in fort woh,rt texa os,utside t hheistoric livestk ocexchangehe wre sitors c sanee the wldor's only twi dceaily cate tldrive. and, a, myyou're rlleay seeing e old we cstome to le,if aren't y?ou reporte r:oh, i am, robin. yes, y couan see ie 'vmade my waupy on top sofhooter, e th ba obyf the wee 'rso excit tedo bring u yo
8:17 am
is live ttcale driveon, ly on ood morng inamerica,as" we celebratthe e rich htoisry here in forwot rth. itse ud to be owknn as cowow tn ck in thlae te 1800sec bause of the mliilons of ctlate that ulwod pass touhrgh here tashey were herd deup north. thisow tn, the eirnte state of xas, so chmu historynd a so chmu personatyli. take a look. ♪ the lone sr tastate whe erbigger is more anth a motto. it's l aifestyle. ♪ u yosmildie fferentlwhy en you'rehe t wor'sld tallest cowboy. anthd ese are inguness recd or holds,er 35 feet high, 10,000 poundsea hvy cowboboy ots. and wh'sat texas whoit iutts onic lonorghns? from ft orworth whe erbucking takes ntceer stageto, dallas where the cowboys uebl and white reign prsueme and ghrit down the lane fm rocowboy hdqeauarters in
8:18 am
frcois, texas,he tre's another teamak ming big aypls. good mornin ag,merica. >> welmeco to the okcoie ciety. me on in. >> reporter: meet jeff a nd massria aln leowners othf e okcoie socie. ty >> alepp pie or acpeh cobbler? we uocnlked someinthg when we put osthe on theen mu. >> reporter: theoo ceki dream team staedrt as aha cllenge in 2017. >> iur tned towa hrder and sd ai yocau n't makeny athing li ke thisok jing wither h knowing she's gog into go ho amend try it. >> iik le a odgo >>ep rorter: initilyal only shippi ongrder bs,usiness okto off and einarly 202as0 they prareped to op benrick and mortar -- >>e wdidn't have gra and opineng or a ptyar andeo pple show uedp for us. i wafls oored. r>>eporter:he tir only algo became love in every crumb. by thend e of the arye their zzbu landed emth a 20 02spot on oprah's farivote things. ♪ wndo in texawis ne count, ry ough thein ves were fruiultf, e thpandemichr teatened rtoun e wine a hndospitali ty instdury here y.dr >>e wdiscover medaking wi ines essenti ialndustry t buthe
8:19 am
tasting omro was r>>eporter:ik le many ousf lijue had toin fd a new y wato nnect. >> the virtual tastings have enbe a discoryve. u yowould tnkhif o all things in the rlwod, wineas tting would be poor in a vtuiral vienronment. infact, it swa a way foreo pple to share wine orve long dianstces. ♪ >> reporr:te but somthe ings you just g toto come tteo xas to expericeen. we'rate billy b'sob texas, e th worls d'largest nkhoy-tonk. since e th1800s, hkyon-tonks or danchae lls haveee bn at the center of the texas communit y. >> a fewig b names, cofourse, tim mcgr gawot a bigar ceer in front hofim. ringo strar played with laittle band called the beatles. >> repteorr: count mryusic's greastte have ma tdeheir wayo t biy llbob's. w>>hat happeden during e th paemndic? >> iav he 270 peleop that wo rk he arend at one pot inwe got do twno 10 andll a 10 of utos ok tscu in pay stju becausee w waednt to meak sure the machine
8:20 am
ran. >> repteorr: now ts hi100,000 squareoo ft entertnmaient space is bk acopen. completeit wh live micus. i'm here on a texas-sized dae nc flr.oo onrhda has bn eeshowing tmehe ves. let's hit it. >> all: "seri & shine ,"texas. r>>eporter: i belveie we ntennsnt aly'l some sweets, some ofho tse banana pudding cooeski. doi n't haveoo ckies herbue t i do have meso good olfad-shioned cowb moyusic. we got ms isdevin anthd e outlaw toer senade yowhu ile you ysgu e artrying o tuthose cooeski so ke it aw.ay [ deyoling ] ♪ >>e wtalk whi wlee're yodeling ] ♪ really odgo cookies.
8:21 am
amy is ingog to havmoe re om texasom cing up. > first, let's go to gierng. >> tnkha you, george. i have dt usstorms f yorou, a dustto srm for y.ou weav he had th aemll over. south dako ltaast weeknd a now 'vwee got one from ksaans. soou y can seeha tt dust srmto inbeg blown bupy big wis.nd sereve weatheros psible agn ai toy.da part of witill comelo ang the warmro fnt in miesnnota so that's onef othe areaans d the cold fro, ntlacrosseac bk toes d moesin and st.ou lis all t wheay to northar colina, sthou rolina. now awelso havehe t heat coming. i stju heard la artalking ouabt .it e said y kounow it'lbel in e th90s thisee wkend, ye ts,he at keepsov ming easts awe get into theee wkend. les t'get a chec drew: a warm day with lots of sunshineit, does turn windy. red flag wniarng begins at 11:00 m. today and solo ancounty. 60's and 70' asround the shorinele, 80's and '0's inland. clear skies tonight, '4's and '5's. evated fire danger today and tomoowrr, the windee wkendsve or theee wkend.
8:22 am
tslo of sunshine tusarday andndd ♪ wn hei met yoinu the sumr me♪ >>it> is timeor f "deals & eals," smeumr skin ce ar edioitn. ry johns ions here theo lp you vesa big on aanssortmenoft sk sinoothing odpructs. go to th"de eals & saltes" little tnghi you seehe tre on yo -ur- you kn wowhat i'm talkinabg out. also knn owas a qr deco. t>>hank youo smuch. i'stm ill eati tnghe cookie and/oro gto our wsiebte. we'ltel ll you allbo aut it. i'm holdg inthis becseau tory said we l alneed it. t>>hat's thhee ro. sotr sivectin,e wknow ande w that iths e numberne o selling ckne and decleolte creamn i america. and atwh they prisome is if u yo usite in the rnmoing and at nit,gh in eighwet eks as ltlite asig eht weeksis vibly tigenhts fts and rmfis the ne ackrea t buwe have hua ge assortment fromhe tm as well. that hpeapns to be f aan vorite. noat mter age,ki sn type oskr in concern,tr sivectin s ha sothmeing for u yoand it ials l ct.inin amera icand big diou50oh
8:23 am
>> lovstrivectin. okay, let'so. g >>et l me grabhi ts. rrsoy i'm congmi back foi nstold me t noto do i d diit anyway. sorry. tavi liberat ya,ou want atth n-kissedlo gw withoubat king in the s.un this her be,aby, thiiss their one ofhe tir neweshet ro oducts. it is ndki of a crm eathat goes on, ltmes into yr ouskin andou y t geboth thens itant as llwe as long-ltiasng nuratal looking sun th yatou just looknd a feel fabulous. i likeak fe tannerll a year long. so do i. >> y jouust feel gd ooabout it. we he avbia g assortntme. yifou prefea r mist or cream or lotionhe ty've gotom sething for you. these arstt at 9.7an5 d also fr seehipping omfr vita liberata. nowew 've got sonrei. >> thifes els right. t your nuratal glow enth protecyot ur skin.
8:24 am
acextly. then you use this. atwh i love abouthi ts is was createdy bwomen beuscae th weyere frustrat bedy that whiteng inghostingou yet g from a lot ofun sscreens. th gisoes on clearly. it is urnoishing with vitamin c iint to proctte and it'a s ally gre satunscreenha tt you n cause for e thwhole falymi icwhh i love. these arstt at $170..5 've got bia g variet y. >>pe> rricone,.d m. i hope lily haser h cdiret card ready. >> two for me eaplse. this is bndra new. this o rneight her ie, put it right tonhe edge ghrit for you, theibrr and-new alhyuronic intense ivhydratinseg rum. is is a odgo one. >> this rkwos deep iidnse your skin. you'llee s resultsro fm the inside o. ut there y gouo. she told you, so, yeah, epdely noisurhes. a smooerth, plumper complexion so that kemaup goes bonetter. if you don'tan wt to weamar keup yostu ill haveha tt gorgeo us insk. a gehu assortmt enfrom thebom th inanstt as welasl long lainstg drhyation whh ici love autbo it. l these odpructs tod saytart
8:25 am
at $170 .5and freehi spping. >> go. >> you'rhoe lding thnee w one. okay, alnigest, a coleup heroes i wanto tcall outo tyou here. onise this lilett eye balm. iple alg eaeye renew balalm. this onthe ey say results in as ltlite as tenay ds if youse u that o mneorning a nndight in e eye ar, eait's forar dk circs,le depuffi, ngsort of l al th -at- i'm doi wngrinkles. >> cw'ros feet. you're doing itn ithe right y, wchhi is gently in that ea. nogg aressive rubbing for eyes. no aggreivsse rubbing for your wsoe've got h auge assomertnt om algent isstarts a$1t 9. a>>wesome. >> thefin nally, seple is a relyal bigne o and thafit rst, you know, onofe the this ngyou ed for gatre skin, dp eesleep llpiow spray. thisne o is scieifntically proven. smel slso good. lavend, erchamomile. it'so sgood. we've goa t huge asstmorent from
8:26 am
them, thghou. that is their hero bt-esseller to help sleep ttbeer and we akup feeling remo refresh.ed esthe start $at14.50 anfrd ee ipping fm rothis andof, urcose, lara- - >> i heardhe tre's a box mewhere. y>>es, a mabey auty boxha tt's ght there. we've go24t full si pzeroducts, snoample sis zein this evyterhing to mppaer you, kema yofeu el great. all thdee tails onneli. amazing. we ptnarered witalh l these compans,ie thank y, ouguys, on these aldes. getht em by gog into our wsiebte or the qr > coming up, amy is going on a calett drive. you do not wtan to miss it as we "ris& e shine" iten xas.
8:27 am
nouncer: this aisbc7news. kumasi:et l's get time >> you canee s tt hatraffic is vimong now. what we ilstl have a back up around s mixiles. just a heads up thatou yr speeds will be aroundhr tee mesil per hour as you approach the brie,dg but once youre a on, smooth sailing. kumasi:
8:28 am
so qmeuestionsbo aut why e thsuspect voinedlv was arreedst mulpltie times and nohet ld. ye s on. h recall csahe boudin now.
8:29 am
>> bay area, goomod rning. >>e wwill seeou y in a lilett bit. we alrdyea have stspo in the 's. getty cteenr to faiierfld. 5''s and 6''s for t rheest of us. we heav tsehe norther wlyinds cking up. lohuw midity mnseaha tt we veha cricital fire ngdaer. a looft sunshe infrom the tower. todaloy oks brig ahtnd bezrey. we will track those winds later this aftnoeron.
8:30 am
kuma:sie wwill havane other update in theex nt 30 minesut. ♪ mmmbo ap, duba do♪p ♪a bdu bop bdua ba dop ♪ b♪a du bopa bduba dop♪ >>ou y remembethr at song yifou were arod unin 1997. [ laugerht ] >> looatk them. >> they' arell grownp. u >> we cat n'wait to veha hanson perform veli in a femow ments. first,im te to head back to texas. [ apauplse ] y is livine fort woh rt ouidtse what ud seto be caedll e thwall strt eeof the wt esand real texas fldie hdsan still dre iva real texas cattle drive of longhorns every single y.da >>ow w. >> what'gos ing on, y?am
8:31 am
>> repteorr:e' wre very excid.te inus jt a few numites you' ll me tethe fort rtwoh herd. you'llav he those mofaus texas longhorncos ming up tonhe street behind meit wthh eir credibleer hd droverles ading the y.wa i got to sndpe a day wh itthem where th weyere showg inme the ropes hon towo bcome tra ail ss. ♪ it's the old wesbrt ought to lifeef bore yourer vy eyes. down atht e fort wthor stock yards, htois irys both psererved d re-imanegid. e thstar of isth show, the maivsse texas nglohorns. erevy day visitors gheatr to tch themov me down ptuicresque exchangeve anue. >> aig b represeatntion of texas. so i ledov every b oitf it. r>>eporter:he ty may se cemalm but esthe thousand-poundni amals e very mh it tak aes team ofer hd drovers to guide them and trail boss chstriian is ginivg me a behindhe-t-scenes oklo. >> hi, i'm amy. >> i'mri ksten jawskori. it's great toav he you. >> tnkha you for hinavg me. isth is excingti. >> we want to irontduce you to
8:32 am
the rtfo worth stocarkyd. >> rorepter: first uwep meet the teamf odrovers. getother therey tell theto sry ofhe t chisholtrm ail, a jrnouey atth took ple acover 155ea yrs >> ts hiteam repserents the droverwh, ich werehe t cowboys and wgcoirls thadrt ove them throh ugfort wor. th >> rorepter: betenwe 1867 and 1884 it's estimated over 5 million ttcale were vemod along the >> krist, eni'm hereo twork. i'm hereo tlearn. so wt hado you g iotn store r fo me? i>>'ve got loa t to tea ychou out beina g trail >> repteorr: before i t gomy hands dirtthy e first epst is okloing the rtpa. >> how do i look? f>>antastic. >> i a'mlready srttaing to fl ee keli a herd ssbo. r>>eporter:ar pt of the traingni learninhog w to g>>et ready. thro swtraight at the hor.ns >> repteorr: it's t noalways a dummy you'reea dling with. >> tsehe longhor wnseigh 1,5 00 unpods. youot g 3,000un rning off and at'sal cled ata smpede. >>ep rorter: tt'has why th ey ll out t bheullwhip.
8:33 am
>> yayi , did it. >> repteorr: the lt asthing, get acquntaied with uryo new best friend. >> h mowuch doeshi ts weh?ig >> repteorr: thatad sdle has to get on before we do. that wasig snificant hlyeavier than iho tught it s wagointog . be >>ea yh. w>>ow. ♪ >>ep rorter: t theeam and hoi p on horsacebk. >> and your team is remarkable because you e sethe impoanrtce at you p outn diversyiifng ur group. >> we'reea rching miiollns of people fm roall erov the wor ld th hatave neveser en a hor, se ner veseen a lghonorn catt le escipeally in e thmiddle othf e restet. >>oe ds little texas know i'm notn icharge? >> he probab tlyhinks he r'seady go workhe tse cattl e. he g'sot a job to do. >>ep rorter: a llright, guys, i'm ckba on little texas here, teh bind me the show is starting. we'vgoe t 17 lonorghn steer comingp uon this restet. ere theyre a. they areea butiful. they'rmae jestic a lndook at those rnhos. ey can bane ywhere fm rosix to
8:34 am
ne feet nglo and it's remarkable jt uswatchinghe tm move. i can'evt en imagi wnehat it would beik le holdinupg their heads keli that butht ey move along d anwalk the ssetreets and th aeyre linedit wh folks stju so eitxced to sethe em and getre emth. is is thshe ow, twica e day in fort wor. th >> becseau they'reel cebrities, y,am they li ave pamperelid fe? reporte r:yeah, they .do sohe tse guys e arput to wk,or 9 to 5 jobors probablloy nger than tt habut now esthe big feasll live a feli of leise ur d anget to relax. we saw them sunngnihe tmselves sterday. eythak te a nice strlol twice a day to adoring fans. yeah, they really do. theyav he the li rfeight now, george. >> andam, y, don'the ty al so ea hchave theiowr n personitaly? you t metwo in ptiarcular, bot-ne and gd oonight. >> rorepter:es y. tso-bone ishe t bigstge of the bunch. i lovehe tir names, rit?gh weighs ouarnd 2,000ou pnds d we're ldto he liketos strut his stuff. he w kasind of aho swman ande h
8:35 am
stl ilis to th disay and tn hewe veha good nit ghwho has e th longt eshorns. eyth're overin ne feet lg.on soye, s, they l alhave their littleay ws about emth and their own diinviduality. >>nd a you gotou yr ways autbo yoanu d your o iwnndividuatyli. after yoweu re the tilra boss, how do iest feel t yo,ou know, end uryo night wh itthe texas two-epst? >> rorepter: ahye, anyeon who knows me knows i leov a good ncdae floor. 0,000 square feeant d one of the ggbiest dancfle oors i've everee sn. what bteetr way toap c a long day rdheing catt tlean to ki ck yupour bootans d have se omfun? , soyeah, th wisas my ki ondf y.da i had a blast, guys. u shouldom ce here. it'sea rlly -- ts hiis as old wests ait gets. prettyem rarkable. >> wcae n tell y aoure hinavg n.fu y>>ou got tteo ach us the shoulderhi smmy. oulder smmhiy on thean dce floor eispic. lovet. i reporte r:tomorrow, robin, you anmed . i>>t's on. >> thas t'right. our is"re & shin fe"rom texas n't overet y. tomorr wowe're takg inyou to houston. d ancoming ubep hind the
8:36 am
ensces of thbre oadway h it "hryar potter d anthe cursed child."
8:37 am
8:38 am
♪ ♪ > welcombae ck t"go ma." it has been 25 yrsea since "harry pteotr" firstic pked up a wand. w he is stcaing spel olsver oadway aieudnces in ar"hry tter and theur csed chil"d. ll reeveot g unprecentdeed cess for l aook insi tdehe macagil produconti.
8:39 am
♪ reporter: it's the zawirding world on the great wtehi way. ♪ >>ep rteorr: the broadway smash, "harry pteotr and the cursed ild" is a new story in "harry potter" lore. e thon sgeta experience is thnoing shoroft wizardry. i hatod see forys melf. ♪ all rig, htjames anbrd ady, what a wree going to s beeack here? >> wree' going tseo e a litt le gic today. >> wow! >> repteorr: jamesnd a brady are havinghe t time ofhe tir lives playg inalbus anscd orpius. >>ey h. >> i've been a huge "harry tter" fafrn om the vy er gibenning. i wantedo tbe a wizd arwhen i s wa8 years d oland i fit rsread orcerer'sts one." 's prettamy azing. >> wt halevel ofes rponsibily it ydoou feel ttohe billis onof peleop who lov"he arry potr"te?
8:40 am
>>s aa queer rspeon, as a nder nonnfcoorming psoern to a visib vleoice giv teshe gift of anyo cnean be a rtpa of th wisorld and that's our respsionbility, u yoknow, toe b th oispen and sivible forcfoe r incliousn and reesprentationn i presenting this new version of the orsty. >> sroo n and heiormne but wrehe isur o harry? >> sryor i'm late. reporte tr:hey playro gwn-up versnsio of the rethe. atwh is it like as aer pformer to iabnhit threef othe most icicon characters hinistory? >> i remember gointog likthe e midnig ohtpening of the reaslee ofhe t book anthd at guy, unger ste evis havinthg e time ofis h life.
8:41 am
>> ron w masy favori te charteacr. when thicas me arouni d thought, ron --'m i right f torhis one. >> it's loa t of funbu, t it alsoea dls with loa t of profoundhe tmes. >> one othf e themesha tt has been aar pt of our shoisw a the emof findi lngight in e th rkness a wndhat's betiauful about oushr ow is th iatt's nscotantly srceahing forha tt peho. >> it'a s friendship. nothing aischieved thwiout the union of friends. and i never will! >> ts hiis about b a woyho neededis h friendsnd a his -- who cabeme his filamy. that'she t onlway y he andll a of the wizarngdi world is able tour svive. >>ep rorter: wl ilreeve, a bc ne, wsnew york. >> a yndou can s "eeharry poertt d the cuedrs child" rehe in w york a indn san frciansco now. hey, ginger, what you got? >> michael, do you get
8:42 am
lealrgies? >> i havnoe t but i outhght it was stju a dirtyar c. at is a dirty car with somethin wgeon d't like. >> it's pollen. today ctpiures to ovpre it. this secondmenspt onsored by rtec and steanphie shared that from sthouern new rsjeey of that llen coangti her carnd a in grand pirads, my friden eenll drew a fwelor in the pollen coriveng ttha waste this wk eewe are sllti seeing high te repollen fm romichigan new jery,se a littlbie t less in the nthoreast thas nkto the rain a endven graspos llen, though, tonhe rise r foa lot of folks. that'she t one thaget ts me. i think u yocan heart iin my icvoe today. send youphr otos andid veos of poenll to me dr: ewwarm andin wdy todaylo, ts sofunshine. 60'ans d 70'ars ound theay b shelorine and elevated fire danger whit these gusty winds
8:43 am
today. toyda and tomororororororor w noto mentahel alth areness ntmoh and a oklo at e recentoo bm in online mental hethal resourc heselping bakre wndo the stia gmaround skieeng lp. mo knaosar abdisi here wi th at very poimrtant story. od >>oo gd mornin rg,obin. ry imporntta, indeed. part oinf creasingwa areness around mtaenl healths ibringing e thconversaonti out inttho e open because cnchaes are seoomne u know m baye struggngli in silence. >> w ias feeli ingntense i s wahaving tubrole focusg in d just fctunioning ilin fe. >> iea rlized th aatt no timine myar ceer was evi er able to leador wship witutho taking anti-anxiety medicine berefohand. r>>eporter: theary e not ale.on fact, aesn timated one in fi uve.s. adul rtseported an xianety disoerrd in the stla year. >> i w dasesperateor f a sotiluon. reporte tr:hat's wh tenhey ard aboulet arn to le.iv
8:44 am
learn tlio ve was pt arof our benetsfi packageit wh our suinrance anthd e barrie trso try werere ptty small. just kd inof log iann d see how it went. r>>eporter:t' is a digil ta source tt hagives users ceacss otonline clicinians andt- ahome ided praicctes focusg in spifecically ocon gnitive bevihaoral thepyra, a kindf o therapy atth helps pieatnts ttbeer understand and control thr eithoughtsnd a reactio.ns cogniti bveehaviorathl erapy ketas negati tvehoughts d an allo twshe clientot turn th em in ptoositive outhghts wita h reisaltic evaltiuaon of thr ei thkiinng. reporte tr:he digit palrogram is part aof growingar mketplace eofasily acssceible onle inand app-basemed ntal heah lt reursoces likeet bter help, talkacspe and mofiodt. being ae blto do itnl oine was almo astnonymousnd a much easier to enr tethe progm rathat
8:45 am
y.wa >> you'rine the comrtfo of your own th patrivacy gesiv them a nssee of ctronol that i'm contllroing thisit suation b iut am also takingha crge of msiy tuation. >> ihi tnk a lotf ous deal thwi anxiy etand panianc d don't owkn at to dobo aut it. seek help. don'sut ffer in lesince. accordi tngo the naontial stitutesf omental hlteah one in three.s u. adultsil wl deal an anxtyie disordeinr their drwi. lliams airffms any mtaenl health is eagrt care, biron, ether th bate onneli or in person. i love how witas said ouabt kitang charg ye,ou know,ei bng controlnd a feelingou y're in control d antaking crghae like that. soer vy go todo have y houere. we a preutting mtaenl health fronant d centerll a mon lthong. ansc the qr deco or go to to tcwah r ou"gma" rodtunable coernvsation autbo how race teinrsects wh itmental hlteah d anhow to sfthi the nartirave to bakre the we got to do it, geor. ge >> weur se doro, bin. > right w nowe'll cebrleate ian ameranic and nate iv haiiwaan/pacif iicslander herita mgeonth. this morngni we debuout r "gma" spiniration stli highliginhtg 14
8:46 am thlie st celebteras peopleho w e arpassiona atebout represtaention andev doted their livetos liftingp utheir commituny. sc tanhe qr co oder go to goodmorninmegarica.como tsee e full micong up, hsoann is here perfmiorng live. ghrit here in times ♪ > "gma'spo" llen rept oris onsored zbyyrtec. zyrt, ecpowerful4- 2hour allgyer lief thastt arts worngki hard hour one.
8:47 am
8:48 am
♪ > >>we're ba wckith a spiaecl veli performcean. they we erthe boy ndba who brought "usmmmbop." they'rale l grown aupnd tomoowrr will reaslee their w ne alm buand playhe t first aumlb's ngsile this rnmoing. let's y sahello toan hson. aac, tayr loand zac. good mniorng. ron,bi have we been saygin it
8:49 am
all morning -- mmopmb. n'cat help it. the new bual "m,red, gre, en bl."ue e 30th aivnnersary oyof u guys as a band. how caitn be? >> it's hardo tbelieve. we staedrt 30 yearags o. the corerd is unueiq. dweecided tbro eak it artpa. basillcay each o tneook five songans d sa tidhis is wt ha we're ingog to do. ">>red, gre, enblue" chdhilood ference. >> it's coa mbinatioofn a couple othf ings. many chiholdod favore itcolors but alsoin kd of -- eyth're also colorful. red, grn,ee blue. >> imat kes all e thcolors b ut it was alsabo out eachne o -- basicay lllike thr seeolo eps at we putot gether a wnde did playn oeach oth'ser stuff b ut 's each e onwriting d an siinngg lead oa n third ofhe t cord. >> thean bd has alyswa been ree writs,er three sgeinrs, rethe playerans d you'rery ting to bcre eative. it's a irthd, a thi, rda third soou y'll get una ique flaifor r each trdhi of the
8:50 am
album. who wre otthe one atth -- it's fromhe t "red." >> i rreepntse red andap hpen to be wrieang red, csoolorod ced. >> i'mot n color coded. >> "chd ilat heart n,"ow you can find the videos and sings leas ll and rorecd comes out torrmoow. tomorroitw comes o butut ght now gweet to he iart rsfit. tccah hansonn otour stainrtg, the wayin, july. righnot w off thr einew album t tomorr, owhere's "ilchd at heart." y♪ou can jt usbreathe u yoare no mista ke♪ ♪ a tndhough yoreu' feeling rastnge, jusgit ve your arhet away ♪ ♪ like u'yore not aaifrd to face anheotr day ♪ ♪ho tugh you' freeeling f yarou can chasa e star ♪ ♪ le ika child hateart, oo h, h ♪
8:51 am
you've enbe carefulit wh your secrets ♪ ♪ and y'voue been fthaiful but you reesgrs ♪ ♪ou y've beenol hding justot feel se afagain ♪ ♪ y'voue been htiurng you've been hidg in♪ ♪ i'vbee en faili tnghough i' ve been tryg in♪ s♪o breathyoe u are no mistak♪e ♪ thougyoh u're feengli strange st give uryo heart ay wa♪
8:52 am
♪ou y've beenur hting youe 'v been hidg in♪ ♪'v ie been fliaing thougi'h ve beenry ting ♪ ♪oh o ♪ ♪ so eabrthe you are no stmiake ♪ t♪hough yoreu' feelingtr sange st give uryo heart ay wa♪ like yoreu' not afrd aito face otanher day ♪ ♪ wn heyou're flieeng far y ou can chasa e star♪ ♪ like cha ild at hrtea ♪ >> announcerto: morrow mniorng after s ithistoricnd a stunning 00$1 millionen rovation,he t scaffoldg inis down.
8:53 am
it t'sime for r oumemorial day lesa on the eesl p nuermb 360 sma brted. y choose pron vequalitysl eep omfr sle nepumber? wh cabeuse evergry een umthb, 5k , and all-day dance party star ttshe nightef bore. the 360 arsmt besed nsesou yr mo veme antnd automicatally
8:54 am
ad justs toel hp keep y ou bo cthomfortab alell night. and n cahelp youet g almo 3st0 minutemos re restful sleep penir ght. sleenup mber tak cesare of t shecience. l alyou veha to do is during o muremorial yda salesa, ve $1,00on0 the eeslp number60 3 spiaecl edition smt arbed, queen noonw ly $991,9. only f aor limited tim e. toea lrn more,o gto t-ouof-stateor cporation s wrote an onlinspe orts ttbeing plan theyal cl "solutnsio for e thhomeless". really? the corporations take 90 perce ontf the profits. anusd ing looplehos th weyrote, they'd take even more. e thcorporatnsio' own promotiol nacosts, li ke free bets, e ttaken from to' own promhehomessle funds. and they'd get a refdun tonheir $100 millionic lenseee f, ta ken from homele fssunds, too. the esguys didt n'write pla an for t hheomeless. eyth wrote i tfor themlvsees. >> announcer: motorrow morngni
8:55 am
teafr its histor aicnd stunng in $100il mlion renatovion, the scaffoldg inis down. and "g" mais gngoi inse idgiving you the rsfit look iidnse big n. >> ts hiis it. >> a that a'sll
8:56 am
right w nowe want ttohank haonns for thapet rformance. >> yh.ea amazinggu, ys. > >>also got b aig thanktos amy d our tes xacrew. tomorrowe' wre goingo t"rise & shine"ro fm my homcie ty of houston. t>>hank youor f watching. have a great one, y'all. >> bye.
8:57 am
i joined t dheistrict attorney'sff oice to pursue justice foevr eryone. but keli so many of my llcoeagues, i resign iedn protes cabeuse chesa boudin teinrfered i eversiy ngle cas and fail tedo do hisob j. the office is ablusotely in disarrariy ght now. escha dissold vemy unit osprecuting r cabreak-in now crinimals floc toan s francis be causthe ere ear no conquseence we can't wai recall che bsaoudin no (musichr toughout)
8:58 am
w. we can't wai for state corontller only yiu wl ilsave taxpayermos ney. , itwa, who, me? only yiu wl ilsave taxpmeer?os ney. , nono, t you. yvonne y.iu yvneon yiu. not . megood choe.ic for y25ears, yiu worked as an exutecive at top finaiancl fis.rm namaged hunddsre ofud aits. as mayor, she sadve taxpayers erov $55 million. fiinndg waste. sangvi money. yiu is f yorou. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controerll. etme apamert 2nta, 2b an2cd . 2a 's nimotori hngis nemoy with aim sple text. likeha wt yoseu e abe? yes! 2b's'covered wither zo overdraft fe es wn hehe overdraws his accot unby ftfiy bucks loress. and 2c, well, s'e's not ingog to let a lo cstard ge t her stssreed. am i right? atth's ghrit. that's cabeuse thes e neighborals l have cseha. alertsha tt help cckhe. to ols that helprp otect. one nkba tha t tspu you in ntcorol. chase.
8:59 am
makeor me of what's'yours. noanuncer: thiiss abc7news. kuma:si gd ooafternoon. >> good moinrng, everye.on the bigstge issue we are follinowg is a crh asinvolving multipleeh vicles. it is on north on 1.10 our otherpo st will bthe e bay bridge toll plaza. drew: we arear wming up icqukly day. 60' asnd 70'bes fore 90 :0a.m. a refld ag warning with winds gustin ogver 30 mesiler p hour. the fire could sprdea preytt quicy.kl we expeca t lot of sshunine today with elevedat fire daerng. kumasi: n iowt is time for a
9:00 am
lly and ryan. we wl ilsee you at noon for dday. >> annncouer: it's iv"le with klyel and rya"n! today, writer, producer, and rector jd udapatow. plus, tsip for packing your beach survivell a week ase w contin oueur "bt eathe heatee wk." and ndfi out howou y canet g ur favore it"americaidn ol" arti tsto perforrim ght here. us, starf othe seri,es ngelyne," emmroy ssum joins ryan at e thco-host desk. all nextn o"live!" [ches erand plapause] d now, he erare ryanea screst and emmy rsuosm! [cheerans d applau]se r>>yan: you lkoot a that! oh, wow. he[cers and plapause] the erare a l ootf people here rfo you, emmy. me on in pure


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