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tv   ABC7 News Getting Answers  ABC  May 19, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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>>ui blding a ttbeer bay aa,re mongvi forwardfi, nding solution ts,his is a 7bc news. kristen:ig hhhe tre i am iskrten u are wahitcng getti angnswers live on abc seven. we get awensrs for y ioun real timeto, day can uryo hair be the key to cleinang upil opi slls d other ntcoaminantsn ithe ters? aro gup think so, wwie ll show you hothw ey turn donatedai hr into absorpteivat ms. his fear of gtietng someone deport, edkeeping the da omfr gettg indrug deangli cvionctions i make a--mid theen ftanyl epidemic. lots of micedal questnsio today from covid boostser to kids to
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monkpoeyx, to bdianng -- banning orabtions ater ftilizati,on joining us a tk alall abou tthis disr. patel. >> good stoee yous a wl,el you e right, d angoal heaindles e arbooming ghrit now. kristen: let'' startit wh the biesggt one toy,da mkeonypox, we have heard much about it, but upping tmuo ch attenonti because it is mostly in europ we,e now ve a case in maschsausetts. what is monkeypox? >> it is so incribedly rare that a vtasaj mority of physicisan whenerev see a ce asin their entireif letime. peopleik le myselfav he done a lot of reading, it is a virus that is in theam se familys aa smallpoxir vus, that people have t noseen becseau we eradaticed it severalec dades ago because of the vciacne, thanyok u sciee,nc mkeonypox basiclyal -- a virus atth causes flu like sympto,ms sllwoen lymph nod,es
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and apitycal rash, lioesns, pox. uauslly casears e associedat wi tthravel hiorsty there is a coacntt with a group of animals, mahun to hum tanransmissn iois rera. that is why the outbreak is bein sgo close dan looked at, infeioctus disease positions that epimideologistsre a woernding if trehe is someinthg ffdierenabt out thi osutbreak. why there a sreever calases in europe andhe t case in acid oozes wioutht a cle caronnection to -- maschsausetts without a ear conntiecon to anni amal or person. peleop should t nobean kristen: it is not transmissleib likeov cid,ou y have to have really really cle oscontact, right? hoisw it transmitted? >>cq auainted cdcs i transmsiisble through bodyil flui,dsir dect transssmiion from e source, or it caben transmitted through respite
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torrey droe st-- droetpls -- torrey patientst a a hospil talikehi ts wi blle in airborne protection, it does not mea int will spread likeil wdfire like cov-1id9, that's not thcae se. we live ia n diffenert world ere travel is accessible, human to animal envonirment ntact isnc ireasinglmoy re mmcoon. the eris a loto tpay atteiontn .to krisn:te there is nothing aans diinvidual bnee ed to be precotted agait.ns >> and the rare situati wonhere u are inon ctact withom seone o whmay haveee bn exposecod me yohau ve to pay attenti, onthe incubationer piod coulbed as ng as 21 dreeges -- days ingog tohe t cdc. kristen: as n aation wtsai for the prsueme courrut ling that maovy erturn r voe. we,ad state
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legiatslors thatan wt to rlol back rhtigs contin tueo be very busy. oklahoma juspat ssed a bill banng inabortionats fertilizatn,io yr oulanguage even -ly- nwood even mentioned >> trehe are sereval states out thereha tt have tggrier laws in place like oklahoma where r voe. wade iovs erturned it goes into effect. atwh is impoanrtt, regaresdlsf o whatid se yosiu t on, lo aokt e thbills anlod ok at thwae y the sencice is acaltuly dinefed. in these bills, where the big meets the'ser pm,t iis not protteecd for ectopic pregnaiencs, atth can kilthl e repant. it willev ner be a viaebl prnaegncy. it will notut rn into hea althy baby. oklahom''s dell ds oehave a ipstulation yisa ingt can be -- bill doesav he ati sck etilaon yisang that citan be rmteinat.ed
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the actuainl dication i nsot eaclrly defid,ne the ires no poinwht ere it says thesere a thvie tal signs in the situaonti whe erit i osk. a tlo of physicians have exprseesd coerncns sayg,in how we knothw at the l wawill ree with us a wnde wi hllave to go a dndefend ourselvesf o tack is iaasn of murr dewhen are tryg into protect -- cuacsation ofur mder we are tryingo tprott ecthe repants fe. there is also a case of severe fetal analomy that couldea mn ffsuering eayrl death f torhe byba. the lauangge krisn:te thiiss not targeting the pregnant wanom, is somneeo who aedid, a doctor,eo pple who that would be sued aerft the fact f horaving do sneome thing to hp.el >> aolbsute, we e aralready hearing reports in cerinta stesatik le texashe wre pharmacists are afraid of filling rtceain preriscptions. isth will have aip rple effect, founrtunately, iav he had commentsn osocial miaeday sing,
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y do not stay out of it, they can fly tono ather sta tteo get an that pros vethe fact that meso ofhe tse bills can wenid sparity, peoe plto do have the resourceswi, ll be in a vyer cupeliar andan dgerous situation. krisn:te turning to covid, there is more d anmore evincdee of a relapse fo ar percente agof peleop that it is their crsoue pofaxlovid,he t antiviral treaentmt. it d nidot happen in clinical iatrls come y whis it happengin in real life? >> there ias preprint study, about w hoit cesomac bk, this is a paper studyha, s not been pe-rereviewed. it does t nolook like the ruses mutitang against paxlidov or there is some new immunityva esion. it loo lksike the speculaonti is a drugos de is too low. this is an early hotyphesis ttha nes edto be pr-eereviewed.
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xlpaovids i still dngoi his job in preveinntg hostapilizations, thiss i notny a cause for pican t outhere, if peoplhae ve that resurgceen of symompts, they are so positive, potentilyal infectious, and i do think there has to be a cnghae in guidenelis r fothose of h aigh risk sucash the immunocpromomised a hndow chmu of the ugdr they kristen: i was in say iths at the sedo or the ngleth? maybe y noueed a sen veday eatment right 10ay d treatment a stdyea five d oayne. currtleny does vefi, let's'say yodou not want the relapse,an c yogeu t another fe?iv >> we arewa aiting the formal recoenmmdations, i suspe ictt llwi be ianncrease in the sage or an increase tinhe ngleth. i have snee both of tmhe thrown ourit ght now sbycientists. iskrten: cdcan pel today enrsdoed pfiz'r's covid booster for kidfis ve to 11, how quickly do thi tnkhe cdc decirtor will sign off? >> immedialyte, i expect to see
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signed tupomorrow morning, there e aralready parents itwaing to get their children the boost,er docto, rsp tratactions- - pedtriaicians itwaing. >>he tre is a deba iten the advisory comttmiee praicctes, it is thorohlugy vetted data. i hope it ilbuds trustn i the first two shots, 'e've only had 30% of kids e agfive to1 1 cereiving the pfizer vacci,ne we sawhe t focus on that deficnciey befo rreeturn alofl our tention to the booster. presumlyab we wldou have lorwe than0% 3 of kidsac vcinated geinttg a bstooer ttha makes a overall ve lryow perceagnte of ki adsged fiveo t11 who have two shotans d a boosr teas cases ri asecross thcoe untry. kristen: only 3 a0%re fully vaccinedat in thatge a gro, upif onlyal hf gethe t boosterha tt is sti nllot a lot ttha are fuyll pterocted, ian wt taso k you, there a are lot of repants
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at say, iil wl put thaint to semylf, i amac vcinated dan boosted, im anot surebo aut my kids. they are so yog,un this iso s new,ut b reassurceans can you give thethm at trehe would be no reas tono worrybo aut a longer-terimm pact or downse?id >> their fst thing thatou wld tell allho tse partsen out there is a00 1% undersndta the concn,er you're stainrtg froa,m pleac of wanngti the best and e onis to precott the cldhiren. swehoulbed listeni tngo the paresnt and hearinghe t coerncns, eth reassurances rothughout history the overwhelming majitory of these ry serio ausdverse effects of vaccinesap hpen with tinhe first two mohsnt. thats i why youav he the wainitg period of emgeerncy use auorthization. in the cnilical tris alof were no serusio adverse eecffts when they weer approved. what iai sd earlier, tshi committee tbyhe cdc thoroughly looks all the setafy data and ok at an assesensmt and whether norot theen befit
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tweighs y anpotentia rlisk. rerdgaing the booster shots, eth sks or se ideffects notewed re inthgs like resoness, rneedss, na avy little tbi of elswling at injeioctn -- maybe a littl beit sofwelling tathe injeconti si.te parents have two reazeli that we are deinalg with a very infectious vusir. especially with children with unrldeying medalic conditison it cod ulbe devastitang to geat covid-19 iecnftion if u yoare t proteedct. iskrten: thank you so much for the great info, niceal tking to u,yo see youex nt time. >> likewe,is thank you. kristen: coming up next, heav er thoug ahtbout recliycng uryo hair? san franciosc company wtsan it
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d impvirong the envonirment are key pilrsla in cab' 's efforto tbuild a ttbeer day areaut b today we ear leainrng abt oua san frciansco nonpfirot atth is giving us al alway to be equal eosur, all y houave to do is g aet haircut. yourai hr can buse ed to clnea up oil spisll and other contaminants, injoing us leiv to lkta about this mission is maertt of trusprt esident vice chair lisa comi fngrom the eco-hub in san francisco. you fndoued matteofr trust whit uryo husband 20 years a, goyou do l aot to help the vienronment. one thing really cool involves collecngti hair that has been cut, you put it to good use, te ulls wt hayou are doing with hair. >> aonnye cagen t their hair t, and send us their irha, if it is fo iurncheors longer we lo ivet if its iseparated as lo angs it is one inches or
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long were will teak it. we evetan ke pet hr aiand we are ttpuing intoat mths at soak up oil hairs -- oil spills. kristen: before we vit sithe chmaine, whenid d youea rlize human hair or analimor f i,s greafot r soakinupg il o? >> you useha smpoo becseau hair collects o,il the ires a hairstylist hinuntsville alabama,e h care -- came uwip th ethde ia aerft watchinotg ters covered in oil after exxon valdez, he was very excited to llcoect lal the hair that was cut and left on thelo for ohif s losan. script uedp and start tedo use it tsoo ak up oil spills -- scpeood it up and uset ito soak up oilpi slls. kristen: i think that is david, who is turning io ntmatsha tt you thense u it to sk oaup the
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oi sl,how how it -- us howt i works. >> david is an invtoenr as well, mheade this nail brdoa, he will take the top of it o, ffand put e hairow dn. this is longirha that were a king iont it. we are sdwaniching srtho hair and peprpe -- pet fur. use your nlaioa brd. he createdhi ts nice ltlite thg inthat fitovs er all of these nails. theyre a dull on top, we edus to ha sveharpai nls, but enth diovscer the c tuthe hair. we fndou that dishwasnghi ssruia's'work best. -- bshrues wkor best. we take longhairsro fm pytonails mailed into us, tha ynkou to everyoneho w was maingli in lal
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the hair. he does ts hiand then putst ion it. you cashn ow them w hoit gs oeto the macnehi. kristen: i want stoeeha tt, i ve ts hindki of stu.ff >>hi ts is a ndleee punch kind of machineit, is dry felngti, t wefelting tisoo tight ande w ntwa to r aipockets so the oil anwad ter can mix witthh e hair. krteisn: of urcose, atth makes see.ns >> he will show you -- esthe needlegos up dan down, they are jagged kristen: watch you hrandsoh, my gosh, atth makes m nevoerus. while -- wow, look at that. is that tera to use form it mes out? -- rdyea to use in the rmfo it comes out?
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>> it mecos ouint he sets. wheill lift uedp and shoyow u how icqukly it a hllolds iskrten: w.ow veha these ms atbeense ud inny a recent o silpills inhe t bay area? >>e wactually are using them more and more. hean c just owsh you, lo aokt how that is. kristen: very absorbent. >>hi ts is a mchat he is nifishing, it has srtho haiwar s ufstf in between. u yocan see who much vig iort is -- thick ierts. i hair mats soakp ufive to vesen metis of the wirait and n casoak uphr tee to ni tneimes accdiorng toas nand a the uvenirsity of technology of the sneydy
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australiat iis doing a lot of resechar fors. u kristen: this is just so fascinatg,in did youay s it was used in the bay area? >> yes. we send thmae ts that ear used in the ocean, he arere ptuicres from 27 00whenhe ty washed up. wels ao, they getse ud in storm ains, they a greood at collecti lngitter anled aves as well awes ll as alofl t oheil that runsow dn whenai rn orog f mixes with oilpo sts on seetrt. that is the -- 50% of eth oil that gets into our watwaerys. kristen: i do want to sh yowour hair salon, a client is going ere irhacut tayod, walk us over peoplean c make ian appointment
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anged t your hrai cut? >> we veha volteuners hereha tt are rtsoing through theai hr make sure there's no dirt, hair, roxio ulwod break the needles. she isn icharge of all of our fieltrd ipsnd a youth programs, here is la,is she has c alient today. hweave lots of anima dlsonating pet fair as -- fur as you can see. iskrten: high johan, hhligy -- high lisa. do you also partr newithal sons? if peoe plcann motaket iyour locati ionn san franccois they stilcal n donate, right? >> absutolely, eveonrye can nate around theor wld are over 900,000 salons around the u.s., we wldou love to ha aves many individuals, salons,et p groome drsonate thr eifiber as ssib.le iskrten: lisa,at mter of trust presenidt, thankou y for takgin usn othis tour of eco-hub doing
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great thgsin with dotenad hair, be ostf luck toou y. micong up next, o iurmmigration coerncns shaping the policy of the san anfrcisco d..a.
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kristen:ou yroi vce, yourot ve, the carell electn ioof san frciansco distctri attorne iys comingp u inbo aut three wee,ks itics ha tveaken issue with, amon ogther this ngis charggin desicions. our mediaar ptner theam se physalic standd arhas been okloing at tseho decisio wnshen it com teso fentanyl cases, joininusg now is josh. ni tceo seeou y. i kw nothey fndou thatht e das office only secured teehr dgru dealing conviioctns in allal st year, s wathat rhtig? is that professiol?na -- four fentanyl? >> zoer of cases were dealing wi tthhe drug ntfeanyl tha htas
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enbe a huge suise in san francisc oof the aunmot of ople dying from overdos oesver e last t ywoears. krteisn: how does atth number, the recompared tpro evious years or past the a's? -- da's? >> what is interesting about the prosutecions andon cvictionsis, th hate is aro pgressive osprecutor and changedp u some of the picolies and okloing at how eythan c reduce harm. prosecutors at every level are required to take immigraonti stusat into aouccnt wn heit comes tohe t convectnio process and sentencgin recmeomndations. duringis h time there, hheas used a uqunie tacc,ti may nbeot una ique tacti hc,as expandde eth tactic instead of chainrgg oppele for fonely drug nvcoictions ihes using a ffdierent chgear of aesccsory afterhe t fact oren pal code 32. kristen: why? wh datoes the -- it aowlls the
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suspect to avo?id >> busy ing h pisenal ce od32, cessory teafr the fact means th tathey are more kelily to not ha ave felony nvcoiction on theirer cord for drugs. when y'o're gngoi to the immigrioatn process, y ankind of dr cugonviction basically almost certainlley ad to dertpoation and therise a lot o ofther uld he harsh conquseents. i -- conseenquces. by using ts hiaccessorafy ter the fac ht,e is allinowg them to have a better ca tpo remainn i thcoe untry affecngti ticizenship. iskrten: doesha tt annc ireased needor f thero ptection ofhe t suspec ttso ensureha tt he did getep dorted? u yohave cit aedn the arcltie atth there ia s number tt hacome from hduonras, aths eir potilical procusetion or an issuate om he that kesep a d.a. from wantetod send th bemack? >> absoluty,el he has idsa
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previous tlyhat he suspectshe t dr dugealers whiitn san francisc ao,s myan as halff o th aemre hondura nnationals, somef othem cou'l've been trafckfied here. the fa tcthat theyou cld have been sjeubcted ttro afficking and e arhere agastin theiril wl, tifhey were to be deported, theer is suspicio tnshat they could face retributi'o's from cartels and ggsan, there milies couldac feet rribution. theer is a re caloncern autbo the iigmmration aecspt of thees coicnvtion decioisns. krisn:te if b lyaw you dhao ve to consider immraigtion andhe t chargingec dision, iths at mean the suecspted dear leor u a.s. tizen for example, t noin ngdaer of doreptation, atwh a ffdierent decision be me?ad >> i think y wouould tellou y know. -- no. he is tryintog fin tdhe most equitae blprocess einvery case. that ions e thinge hhas hit on
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throhougut. the differee ncis, whenou y look atis hre pdecessor, george capstone, the disictrt attorney in los aelnges and finacg a call. krteisn: ao lsvery >> he was charging esthe cases that a frear highe rrate than a. booting. he has taken the law ttha has requiredim h to conserid imgrmiation statu is,s applygin any diffentre way than his predecesr soand thats ieon thing we relyal try to uctoh on the story. we are n totrying toak me value dgjuments, iigmmration isus per complex. the war onru dgs -ha- s not been ccsuessful. we felt witas importa tnto let oppele knowha tt this is how sibuness is nedo within e thdas fice. kristen: did you get a rpoesnse om the das oicffe? >> a few. rehe is not pesur thrill wedith e story. he basiclyal said there w masore
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ance to aitnd he isti sll getting convictnsio on 80% of the ugdr cases. its ijust thahet is doinitg th a different w oayn ceacssory afr tethe fact. we live it up to three aders in genel rapublic to didece if they belie evit islm aost effective interest w tayo get juicste in th cisase. kristen: josh, senrio reporter at t shean franccois standd,ar thk anyou so mh.uc do not go way we do have lksin to the oirther orinagil porerting on a webtesi 87 ne.cwsom -ab- you
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joinings u today othn is teinractive show, ttgeing swers, wl ilbe here every
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ekweday answ yerour qstueions, all newson tight witdah vid here is nexelt sie becraer or ccklo >>to> night,re baking newsn o the byba fmuorlaho srtage and on coviind children. tonigh wt,hat the cdc is now sangyi about aew n boosteror f ilchdren. fit,rs the fda commissneior prseesd onhe t formula srthoage by lawmakser on both insiinstg the supply shorteag llwi begin to get better, que,ot thin days. tbu acknowlednggi itil wl be a few wes ekuntil we're ckba to rmnoal. mping up productio ant home and the defense dareptment now using commercial pnelas to bring inor fmula froabm road. to buffalo, and toghnit, the susptec charged with killingen t people in crtou today wearing an anorge jumpsuit and shackl,es in fron otfri geving ratelives of e thviimcts. whatas w suthoed atim h in urcot. dan will tthael boved groryce orste stay open in that mmunity? the empleeoy who hassen taken f his na tmeag sinceha tt


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