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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 19, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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all newson tight witdah vid here is nexelt sie becraer or ccklo >>to> night,re baking newsn o the byba fmuorlaho srtage and on coviind children. tonigh wt,hat the cdc is now sangyi about aew n boosteror f ilchdren. fit,rs the fda commissneior prseesd onhe t formula srthoage by lawmakser on both insiinstg the supply shorteag llwi begin to get better, que,ot thin days. tbu acknowlednggi itil wl be a few wes ekuntil we're ckba to rmnoal. mping up productio ant home and the defense dareptment now using commercial pnelas to bring inor fmula froabm road. to buffalo, and toghnit, the susptec charged with killingen t people in crtou today wearing an anorge jumpsuit and shackl,es in fron otfri geving ratelives of e thviimcts. whatas w suthoed atim h in urcot. dan will tthael boved groryce orste stay open in that mmunity? the empleeoy who hassen taken f his na tmeag sinceha tt fuawl day.
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toghnit, chireldn and covid in tshi uncotry,nd a the cdc panenol w recomndmeing tonhtig pfizer booerst shots for ildren 5 to 11. pfiz nerow ssay it increesas tianbodies against t oheriginal omicron rivaant 2-22-fold. the aboiortn batetl in this country,nd a tonight, the oklamaho legislaretuas psing the mostes rtrictivebo artion ban in erica. banning artboion beginni angt coepnction, with few exctiepons and sending it ttohe goverr no toghnit. > presidten biden meengtiit wh leadersf o finndla and sdewen at eth white hseou today, supporngti their bid to join na nato, fydeing thrtsea from vladimirut pin. > thebc a newsxc elusive tonight. mart rhaaddatz on board the "uss maine." otectinghe t u.s. from potential nuclear teahrts. and what theyep kt secret there marthave en while she was onboard. the fstir ceas of monkeypox in the u.s.hi ts year. what wkne ow about theat pient in msaaschusetts. d the psiosble new case now
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being investgated in new yo rk ci.ty thexp elosion at a nstruction company. emerncgey crewsus rhing to the ene tonight. sevelra hurt, iluncding firefiteghrs. > in london tonight, 36ea yrs after "top n,gu" tom cruise and e royal moment with duchess kate. you'llee s the images. and ameri scatrong here nitoght, theur sprise leertt at graduation. anthd at was just the beginning. oo gd eveningnd a it's great htoaveou y with us here on a urthsday and we begin tonight with eaking nsew on covid and ilchdren. the cdcan pel now officiayll coremmending n aew booster for ilchdren 5 to 11 amid tshi spike in new cases. so, the maj norews onhe tab by formula shortage. e thfdaom cmissione brefore mbmeers of congrses today insistg inthat the supply ortage wlil begin to get ttbeer, quot we,ithin da.ys but knacowledgin igt won't be back to normal for myan ekwes.
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saying the abbott factory in miigchan shut dnow since febrryua becausef o a recall llwi be back up and running aiagn as snoo asex nt we,ek of course, tithen takes time to get it ma,de deliverednd a then make it to store shelves. roacss the cntoury tonit,gh rents sllti finding those emypt elshves, and this evening, ere do things stand in the effort toam rp upro pduction th theef dense proctduion act? abc's mireya villaearrl leading us off tigonht. >>ep rorter: tigonht in wainshgton, laakwmers grilngli e thhead of e thfda, demdianng to know w hothe babyor fmula crisisas w allowedo thapp.en >> you can'tid heeh bind an instveigation. we neeand swers. we need emth now. >> youno kw, as i' sveaid, we could do better anth we did. >> reporr:te dr. robt ercaliff omprising thsie tuation will get gruaadlly bett werith eth reenoping aofotbbt's inma rmfoula manuctfauring plt anin chmiigan. >> we'velr aeady made siifgnicanprt ogress. and thi ink we a oren track to
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get openit whin the xtne weetok twweo eks. stmo leliky athe tut oer bound two ekwes. >> repteorr: presintde biden invoki tnghe defen pseroduction act tous rh formulina gredients to manuftuacrers andmp iort foulrma from orsveeas. but enev with th, atthe fda commissieron acknowddileng it llwi be a fewee wks until tnghis t geback to normal. >> are you sleepy, baby? r>>eporter:ol cd comrtfo for repants like amanda mendoza, who is strgluging to feed her 7-montolh-d >> w ient to or ve20 storeins e onday. >> repteorr: aislepo un aisle of empty shveels. >> it'lis ke this erevywhere we go. >> reporr:te the seah rc stssreful and moderalizing. >> setomimes i wtan tory che wn i don't find it. because i don't know if she's going to eat. >> reporter: in that same town, anothemor m, jacquynel medrano, joinin ag faceokbo group to try help. it's caldle the nationdewi foulrma search. with nearly 800 mbeemrs in le ss
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th tanwo weeks. >> esstienally, yocou uld have a m mowho hasn b'teen ableor flamu inhe tir area,ut b maybe seoomne in athnoer steta has what they'rnee eding. you can alrely hear w ho deerspate theswoe men are becongmi, tryingo tfigure o ut wh tatheir nexmot ve is. >>ep rorter: h dowoes thatak me u yofeel? >> it kemas me feelil ke i can't do eugnoh. >> miraey vilrrlaeal isit whs u omfr fort worth tonight. and 'rwee learngin that nearly a llmiion bottsle will ben othe way to t fm overseass a part othf is effort? >> rorepter: thast' exactly righ t,david. weus jt learned rhtig now that e thfirst fghlit will comero fm its switzeanrld as aptar of the administtiraon's opetiraon fly rmfoula. is will bring in about 246 ve srypecialized formula piesec, because eyther sve chireldn with medilca ndsee ttha are heyaler jeicnn. esthe are cldhiren tthaan c't keta cow's pteroin milk. and tshi will sveer aer vy
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critical medical need. david? >> mire,yaha tnk you. that the meanti,me weur tn touf bfalo and ttha shooting, the spsuect appearing in urcot datoy, ordered to remaineh bind rs, facgin one countf o murder so r.fa a grandur jy weiinghg more charges. victims' famyil members facing the gunman f torhe first meti. what was suthoed in that courtroom. c's stepnihae ramos in buffoal again nitoght. >> reporr:te tonightth, e 18-yr-eaold accud seof shootg in 13 peoe plin a raclliay motitevad attackt athat buflofa surmpearket aparpeing in crtou, deunr tight cuserity. fothr e first meti, ytpaon gendr fonacing the falimi oesf the tekin lled and three injured vefi days ag o, >> do you understan wdhat today's pceroeding isbo aut? he does. >> reporte ar:nd as heas w led out of t cheourtrooma , victim's retilave yelli ongut. payton,ou y're a cordwa! >> rorepter: theus spect, who plead denot guil ttyo an inialti charge ofif rst degr meeurder, noinw dicted ba y grand ju.ry with 11 out ofhe t 13 shooting
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viimcts acblk, authoriti aesre investiginatg saturday's rpaamge at the tops score as a hate crimane d raciayllot mivated violenext tremism. >> howar de you! r>>eporter:ic vtims ratelives sharinghe tir anguish toy.da amg onthem, the mheotr of hay ward pattern'sos son, jake. >> as a moth, erwhat am i suospped to do. >> repteorr: invesgatitors are combgin thrghou the spsuect's soci maledia posts. the spsuect abl teo cleolct apons, enve after he was investatiged by ste atpolice nearly aea yr ago for dtuisrbing comments about murder/sciuide arndou his higsch olho graduati.on neither eth school norol pice filing a petition in a court, which couldav he tggriered a red agfl for any gun purasches in the fute.ur toghnit, the fbi concludgin its investatigion athe t permarke t,lereasing it to tops as the cpaomny vowedo t open.
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>> it wl ilbe an honor tohe t victim asnd all theur svivors of isth tragic enevt. reporte er:lompyee jereom bridsge says he'll turern, lling ourff ailiate wkbw he led colleueags to safyet in a back room whenhe t guirnfe erupted. nce thatay d, he hasot n taken off his tops name tag. >> itel hps remind me atth anhiytng is possible, anything can pphaen at any time, any place, a dnyay of thwee ek. >> really trexaordinar ty,he workerho w hastn'ak tenis h steor namtae g f,of devodte to that store. and we sseend it wnhe we were on the scen weithou y this week, as soon as you get erthe, you hear from everyone,ot n just the workers,ut b everyon tehe mmcounity, howen ctral that leon grerocy store tiso that >> repteorr: exactly, that areaas w aoo fd dester fobere tops arrived. the mayor tlsel me he fought hard for years to get ttha stoerl there and over the aryes,
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's become mhuc more than a market, but a commutyni center. , losing itas w a hardship. butow n that there are plans to reopen, psto says they will do so in a rpeesctful manner and alson i a way where they can honothr e david? >> a llrit,ghte sphanie, anthk u yoagain toghnit. we'reoi gng to turn now to atth developgin headneli on covi adnd children. a cdc panel today now officlliay coremmendinghe t new pfirze boteosr shot forhi cldren 5 to 11. at lstea five months aerft the initl iashots. it comess anew casenas tionwide have now quadrleupd since late march. nearly 100,000 new inftiecons in this uncotry. w cases involngvi chireldn now e thhighestin sce he'sre whit josohnn. r>>eporter:on tight, a c cd panesil gning ofonf booster shots forid ks 5 to 11 years old, fiveon mths after their initial otshs. >> 11 yes,se one no, one awensr nst tension. and tsohe motio pnasses. reporte tr:he cdc pntoiing to the vaccinesan wing prottiecon against sytompmatic inctfeions
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across all age gupros, from % 60 teafr two doses, to 20% a few ntmohs later. but pteroction mareins stro ng agnsait severeis dease. new pfiz derata show tedhe oster sh iotncreased antidiboes 22-fo aldgainst icomron? to5 11-year-olds who had no idence oprf ior covid infeioctn. w>>hen we lk ooat the eicffacy the vaccineit, 's not oy nl ju astbout getngti the vir, us buitt 's also ouabt protecngti ouchr ildren fm robecoming hospitalediz, long cidov, the rious otr hethings tt hacan happen wn hewe get air vus like >>ep rorte pr:harmacies now aring u tpo roll o mutore boosters. some partsen eager toet g in line. i>> kwno a lot of people that are getting sick, so, i mean, whatev herelps. >> reporr:te others ilstl on the fence. >> they meca out wittoh o much stuff o tofast fore. m >>ep rorter: b tuthe panelod tay icvoing concn erthat morthe an 70% of ks idin that e aggroup haven't enev gotten their fit rs o twdoses. >> bstooers are eagrt once erevyone hashe tir firstou rnd d i thinthk at needso tbe a priority. >> repteorr: this tashe country is n aowveragingea nrly 0,000 necow vid caseevs ery
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day. feinctions qdruaupling ithn e stla six wee.ks abou25t ,000 patnties in the sphoital, thhie ghest nuermb since mimad-rch. i will y,sa this paicrtular ruvis contins ueto throws u cuebrvalls. ani d think itea rlly contueins find peleop who havnoe t been infected. >>nd a so t'lesri bng in whit hnjoson d anwhit, thisew n recoenmmdation on boosters for chilendr 5 to 11 cesom at aim te en a trdhi of arimecans are living in areas ttha are at medi oumr high ri,sk that level has been heighneted justhe t stla couple dofays. >> reporr:te and veda, for tseho ghhi risk ars,ea like right here ninew york tyci,he t cdc is ain recommeinndg that people wear masks indos.or ny public officials are lereg tant to bngri back the athe t same ti,me 39 states and territieors are no sweeing an increasen i hospital miadssions. vidad? a>>ll right, wthi hnjoson,ur o anks to you tonight. now to the abortnio ttbale. oklahoma l'segislatu hreas now ssed wha wtould behe t most strerictive orabtion ban yet, ouawtling almtos all artboions afrte the menomt of conceptnio
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d anlikeex tas now,el rying on lawsui ftsrom private citizens to foenrce it all. here'sac rhel scott. reporter: tonig ihtn laokhoma, a llbi banninglm aost all abtiorons fromhe t moment of conceponti headingo tthe govern, orwho has wevod to sign it. w>>e wa tnto outlawbo artion in thste ate of oahkloma. reporte tr:he bill clinudes narrowxe eptions, ptorotect the li ofef the moerth and foras ces of rapane d incest, buont ly if th'reye report tedo law enforcemt.en i sat do wwnith the llbi's auorth, state reprenestative ndwei stearman. itics sa wy,hy not me ak exptceions to vecor all of those instceans, especlliay when re ap anind cest are so undeeprrorted? >> well t,he gloa ofhi ts is to precotthe t child, the unrnbo child. , i belveie that putting in the exptceion as we havite is acceabptle in th sisituation. >>ep rorter: but tayod, vice presenidt kamalaar hrisal cling it outraouges.
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>> is t'just theat lest in a seri oesf extremlae ws around the uncotry. reporte tr:he oklaha ombill takes a gepa out of e thtexas aybook, poemwering pvarite cizetins to suane yone whoid as aorbets an orabtion. the reward? lateast $1000,0. d anwhen it'sis gned, itil wl takeff eect imedteialy. david, allhi ts as the supreme urt is pseoid to overturnoe r rsveus wade. if that happens, 26 stetas would eitheran b abortion or severyel reristct acces tso it. d 13 stasteou wld do it almtos meimdiately. david? >> a llright, rachel scott up on the hi fllor us again nitoght. thank you, raelch. > we tur nnow to the war in raukine, and tonit,gh finland d swedenow nov ming forrdwa thwila pns to join nato. presidten bidenit wh leaders of both countri aest the white hoe ustoday, suppoinrtg tirhe applicioatns to jnoi nato, deitspe putin's threats. it comes amid $40 billion in new aidor f uaikrne fromhe t s.u., and rehe's our sioenr foreign corrpoesndent iapan nnell tonight. >> repteorr: tonig, htthat $40 biiolln aid paagcke for raukine sspaing congssre and gointog preside bntiden to sign. at t whehite hou tseoday, bin de
3:44 pm
lcweoming the leerads of swen de d finlanand d their d bito in the no atalliance. t>>hey havehe t full, talot, completeac bking of e th unedit states aofmerica. >> rorepter: there psident wh it a meagsse for ruiass, as well. >> newem mbers jnioing noat is t a rethat to annay tion. r>>eporter:it 's not just amiceran meyon and weapons that e arhelping ukraine wh itthe r, but arimecan fighrste, too. these e arsome of e thsoldiers of t uhekrainianor feign there arate least 2am5 ericans this un aitt a secr et locati oonutside krkhaiv. >> reall wy,e just wteand to help t uhekrainianeo pple. we belie tvehat theifir ght is a just fight, and we wanted to be he arend spouprt them. >> reporter:an my of them are combat veretans who ugfoht in iraq a andfghanist aannd are voluntrieeng to fit ghrussia on their own dime. even tughoh theid ben ministraonti has told ericans tno tooi jn the fit gh in ukraine. like the.s u. gornvement, th is
3:45 pm
is now a war theyay s thelly' see through tohe t bitter end. vid, the cirhaman of theoi jnt iefs, geranel mill,ey speaking his rusansi coteunrpart gesiramov today. signicifantly, is t'the first convsaertion thevey' had sin ce e war gaben. nodetails ofhe tir discussi,on tbu an agreemt,en at least, to epke those lines of mmunaticion open. vidad? i>>an panne lltonight. thanyok u, ian. nowo t the abcew ns exclusiv ae,s north korea threatsen nuclear missilees tts d vladim pirutin wit hhis thatreening rhoretic, aswe ll. mahart raddatzon tight on a clsiasfied misonsi onarbod a s.u. nuclear bmsuarine. onofe the mtos penott derrteents in e thu.s. arsalen. >> repteorr: risinfrg om the wate orsf the paficic ocean, a eabrth the taking sight -- amera'ics most frseaome warship, brseisfuling wh itnuclear weapons. are oaabrd the "uss maine," one of only4 1ballistimic ssile submaresin in the aenal. two feet ball fiesld in length, rrying 20 ballistic missiles , each topdpe with aoz den nleucar
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warhdsea. chea capablef o oblirateting a tgeart 4,00mi0 les away. vice airdmal bill ushoton is the commandeofr u.s. suarbmine the missn io-- deterncree. >> we artre ying to evprent war th this ipsh right n.ow >> repteorr: we we greiven exclusive accesso tthe sub d an its 15me0-mber cre sw,pending hours dp eeunderwat aers they rkedat, e, slept. is is thbee rthing area erwhe l of theai slors sle.ep ni tneo a bunkomro. t in betenwe? esthe are the tubes erwhe the ballistimic ssil aesre stored. d we werrie ght therase they ained foanr unthinkleab enscario, reonspding to a rasttegic nueaclr attack unched by an adversary. >> dive, dive. >>ep rorter: the exerci,se a suesccs. tbu inhe t rlea wldor -- the threatnc ireasing. >> in the coldar w, it washe t ituned stateans d the
3:47 pm
viet uni.on annod w it's cnahi, russiaan, d e unitedta stes, witchh ina d anrussia bngei near pe er adrsvearies. >>ep rorter: a hndow does atth chan ygeour job? >> mak iest more cllhaenging, t i canel tl you, the navy and thsue bmarineor fce and tshi ew is readyor f that challeng ee,very sine glday. 365, 24/7. >> they ear committed. and martha, irencdible aesccs ere. ese misonsis are so clasfisied. eyth didn'tve en tell you precelisy whereou y were when you weer on board? >> rorepter: the ydidn't,av did. andhe t navy did check our video fobere we got off the smaubrine to make sure nonef o the imasge verealed anyla cssified informioatn. t david, as you know,ou y've been on these submaresin, these crs eware all volunteser willing to be underwateror f months at a meti to kee tphe cntoury safe. david? >> just incredible work. mart, hathank yo u. >> m>uch mor oef martha's rear access lerat tonhtig on "nightli"ne and, of coseur, ndsuay onbc a's "this we."ek we'lbel tcwahing. tonit,ghhe t nkmoeyfox rrents heer inhe t u.s.
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a massachetusts man is in isolioatn aerft becomgin sick with monkeypo ax, virus retelad to smallp.ox he is said to be doing well and poseso n risk to the public. doorcts at boston'sas ms genaler port the man developed mptoms aerft a vitis to cadana. eyth are invtiesgating wthheer the case is lkeind to small tpx tbresak in europe. separately, the cdc says six americs anare beingon mitored afrte tyhe set near a brishti nkmoeypopax tient o an rentce flig fhtromig neria to loonnd. and word of a posblsie case under investigaonti in new yk or city b'sell viewos hpital he, re asel wl. wh wene come bkac here nitoght, the explosion and feir aat cstonruction several people hu,rt including fireghfiters on e thscene. uryo projectdos ne rhtig
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tellou yr doorct if you have iannfectionr osymptoms or if you had a vaccinore plan to. emergere tmfyant® with treyamf®. ask u yodoctor ouabt tremfy®a today. tonigh et,mergency crews are on the snece of an exploonsi and fi aret a conrustctio ncompany. these piurctes from eae,gl onscsin, tonigh ot,utside milwkeaue. o dozeneo pple inseid athe t me. thauorities ysa at least six peopleav heee bn inrejud, includinthg ree firefhtigers. ey are atht e scene. >he wn we ceom back here night, the london premier e this eneving, 36 years after op gun." tom crueis and the roy maloment with ducsshe kate. it's timtoe get outdoorsy. it'sot h! and wayfair has got just what you need. we nd eea rug. that's the one. yeah. ahye we're gettinoug ootdrsy. save on ouootdrsy fuitrnure,ec dor, and more. you' sreo outdrsooy
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finally, the graduation rpsurise, amicera strong. e college graduation senior ladira light. the surpre isnote from her brotr.he >> i reiecved a lett,er an email, again, from ladaryl ght. >> oh, god. he sa,id i want you toel tl my steisrow hro pud i am. w hogracioushe s is. how suplaertive she is,nd a i know tha sthe is going to do amazing things in her life. she is one in a milln,io with a ecspial talent of knowing ju st how toov me forward.
3:58 pm
and the letter goes on and on dan on. but t leme do isth, ladira. ta tlko him abt ouit! >>he s had no idea it wasn't justhe t leertt, her brheotr, daryl, was righthe tre too. had been deployedit wh the u.s. army rervsee. and ghrit here tonight -- >> hey, david. >> dilara, the new adgr, on that mome.nt >> that was liratelly evethrying to .me like, that was the btes gift at iou cld have ever goentt. >>he y, david. >>nd a spealciist light tlielng us he just coun'ldt miss this moment. >> itas w a reallymp iortant mome fntor her. growing up, we were alwa tyshere r each heotr's big momes.nt >> aom menten ctral micgahin universi wtyon'too sn the brother, his ne,ot his surpriseis vit. congralatutions t tohe gradueat dan her proud brother. thanksor f your seicrve. odgo night.
3:59 pm
builngdi a bettebar y area, movingor fward, fiinndg lusotions, ts hiis abc 7ew ns. >>oo gd afternn.oo dan: thanks for joining us. we begin with the refi concerns right he erin the bay area. because of dry, wdyin ndcoitions, parks have oscled cabeuse of the refi danger. >> we have amte coverag oen the increasefid rean dger. our rept oris live sinolano cotyun. mike: it started at 11:00 tshi morning, p aotential dlyangerous situation fasars afire itcrical weather conditions. than tkso those rtnoh winds and humidity levels, it couldro dp down tsio ngle we definity elhave the heat, 93 rightow n in vacavleil and we do have some rudy dry air.
4:00 pm
we a dreown below 20 in plasce like disav, dixon,nd a also in vacallvie. 25 percentn ifairfieland d rio vista. it's the winds that just han'v't ite madet ito the level that inthgs reallyta srto tget ngerous,ut b as we hd eainto e oveigrnht hours,xp eect that could chgean. dweo have a window enwht' 's rk out when the most itcrical re condiontis will devel,op so you haveo tbe readyo tact meimdiately ridung those coitndions. rehe f torhe rest tofhe bay areae whave the wins, we just n'd'tav he the extremely dry air and exemtrely dry elfu. wsoe have a wind advisory which means lock everythindog wn or bring it inside before 11:00 night touhrgh at lstea 2:00 motorrow aftnoeron. 'i's theas et bay his lland interior vlealysnd a the eastern hillofs the san ctalaraal vley at are most susceptible to these winds that could gust up to 30-45il mes per hr.ou dan: