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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 19, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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like disav, dixon,nd a also in vacallvie. 25 percentn ifairfieland d rio vista. it's the winds that just han'v't ite madet ito the level that inthgs reallyta srto tget ngerous,ut b as we hd eainto e oveigrnht hours,xp eect that could chgean. dweo have a window enwht' 's rk out when the most itcrical re condiontis will devel,op so you haveo tbe readyo tact meimdiately ridung those coitndions. rehe f torhe rest tofhe bay areae whave the wins, we just n'd'tav he the extremely dry air and exemtrely dry elfu. wsoe have a wind advisory which means lock everythindog wn or bring it inside before 11:00 night touhrgh at lstea 2:00 motorrow aftnoeron. 'i's theas et bay his lland interior vlealysnd a the eastern hillofs the san ctalaraal vley at are most susceptible to these winds that could gust up to 30-45il mes per hr.ou dan: let's'move now to tara
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campbell live in solano cntouy th aisfternoonhe wre fire ewcrs earak ming pparerations dan geinttg ready. tarath: e winred ally is starting to ckpi uper he,nd a the dry gra bssehind mes i pongsi a big ret. eremgency teams areak ming sure they a rreeady. >> a massivemo aunt of coordinaonti happensig rhter he inside solano county emergency headqutearrs. multip alegencies micong together toig fht disteasrs like >>ou y can mony danight coyrd but q--uarterba ickt aftwaerrds , but hopeflyul your pnsla are place aealrdy. >> he says it ised r flag days ke this atth they trn aifor. we're jtus fine tuni tnghe
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oltobox that weav he, making sureve erythings iworkingnd a tccahing any mistakes atth might occur ear any iuesss tt haneed be addrseesd. >>ou cnties a trerying toet g ahead incdilung controlled rnbuing. don ryan is t dheirector of emgeerncy services sinolano county. >>e' 've alrdyea had iatnme threwie ldfis rethat we have spond deto. ta:ra a tndhey are ready to respond again, d, ryhot, windy ndcoitions csiaung a perctfe storm. >> a strong north wind, ryve dry conditionshi, gh temperatu,re and falinly, therise fuel on the gunrod that can burn. this ious r rkiisest typef o weheatr. ta:ra 't's a risky tt hasome parks are inbeg closed. isth view of rkvocille pkar wheer hiks erare beintug rned ay. i uerndstand
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wh iatf the ires air fe wheil you aren ithere, h aowre you going to get out? tara: it's'that type of undetarsnding a andwareness thestee ams aresk aing for. >>hi ts is a really hhig risk fire season. it'ths e earlie ist' sveeen in 10ea yrs with the dryness and e thfires haenpping in m wayhen ey used to sta irtn june or july. we neetod be extra ctiauous is summer. tara:ff oicials a urerging people to check the coun'y's bsweite for waytos prentve wifildres andro ptect your proptyer. they a arelso askg inthat if thingso dtake a tn urforhe t rswoe, take ostheva ecuation asures sioerusly. if you d'o't, it stju drains too many resources. dan: thanks so chmu. let's move on tood tay's vid-19 hdleaines. the cdc'ins dependenadt visory panel approved pfiz'r's booster shot forhi cldrenge as 5-11. e thfda created -- grandte its proval t dwoays ago. krisn:te covert infectison among
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kids are now at the highestat re since feuabrry. sphoital admsiisons up 70% comparedo tlast dan: tayod the wor hldealth organization validated the latestac vcine to eatrt covi19d-, manufaurcted in kristen: an update tonhe ooshting at poa pular city park. david has a preview of tonight's meeting. dad:vi theig nhtmare o60f chilendr and aduslt dodging 33 bulls etfired at a city parkas h resintdes frurastted, aryng, and worried. antonio lezop join fellow counlmciembers mbeemrs have a special sesonsi to listen, but remo imptaorntly, to act. >> there is in a cy itthat isn't -- that is meor loving and woierrs about eithr children more.
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david: after logging 43 homidecis in 1992, in recent years,he t predomintnaly rking-cls ascommunithay s had to deal whit covid affecti ongne tou of every six residents m,any of them essential workers at high risk. emunploymentnd a high housing costs have left nyma struginglg. >> it's going toip r us apart. peop alere going to leave. so we have to not tnkhi in us versushe tm and no tthink ofho w ist a fau altnd who is not. david: -- i''s very iormptant we don't kema assumptnsio on our own and ogout and targeteo pple and assu tmehey'renv iolvedn i these if we ernotet gting theep rorts, awere n gotoingo tgout o there and acsecu them of dngoi things they mayr omay not dbeoing. david: councilmember lopezay ss there are about five vacancies and eyth have trouble recruiting
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fromth o aerreas. >> whether iist officers, whether it's creatingom cmunity watch groups, wheth iert's some sortf o alternative, the fact is that whawet are doing- - davi ld:opez'27s and a lelifong reside.nt >> therere aiv les at stake. our children, our nceies and nephs,ew they dervsee a betrte wod rland a better tyci. n:da oakland police are instveigating a ddleay shooting thatap hpened la nstight. the victims i identified as a 39-year-old, the ownerf oa restaurant in oaanklds uifrtville dtrisict. the9- 3year-oldic vtim wasli ave when officers arrived at the loticaon but slyad dieatd the spital. kristen: aew f monthags o,
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llvaey fair llma in san jose gaben -- empyeloes feelt i reesprents a bgeigr issue in >> in what seems leik an argume ontver small amount of monetoy most is creinatg a finaiancl bdeurn for wkeorrs at valley fr aimall in nsa jose, like cheecesake facryto employee serg gioomez. >> it'' takg indollarswa ay for my educaonti, from my investmes,nt and from fmyuture as a who.le in an effort toee kp the parking lot sorav and dedicated fomar lt mutes -- mall use, vall feyair mall has crghaed -- started charging forar pking. employeears e charg tedhree dollars a day or $40 pemor nth. >> parking inos t a luxy,ur just cause yoaru e a bignd a exnspeive mall with these
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hi-eghnd grants and european fei el like you don't have to take tha atnd turn it into oppressi aongainst the workers o whare maki yngou that nemoy. >> to me it is symbolic of somethg invery wrong wh itthe rger culretu. >> t ihencome lel vearound the mall rreepsents a alwethier part of san je oswith miaedn usehold incomes nearing 00,000. the sociology profess wororries how thesmie nimum-wage employees will be able to pay $50to0 park in onef ohe t most expensive placeso tlive in eth courynt. >>ow h are they going t boe able to livine a commutyni whe trehe stcos are soig hh? and we heav to pay for parking work. we know hweave income inequalityha tt isro gwing, but isth is somoweh symboliofc the growing inequality between the haves and have-nots. >> the mall told us in a statemen wt,e supporthe t right of elompyees tooi vce their inions, t buwe remain
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committed to our controlled parking plan. dust dinorsey, a 7bc news. dan: the city of alamed ias launching a new pilot program that will gi sveome ridesents 000 a it'pas rt of the cities new guanarteed bas iicncome >> the city of alama edis starngti aew nay w to support residents. this wkee the city council voted to launch a pilot program evening some resintdes up to $10 00a month for two community safety in terms of both physil caand stability increases acrosshe t community. right now theil pot program will only give 150ow l income households theseay pments. it will not start until ntex year. he says theoa gl itos help recedu the inceom gap. >> we want to reduce eth cidence tofhose things. theum nber one thi wnge can do is address thosenc iomeap gs.
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>> low income is desibcred as a mily makgin 10000,0 dollarso t ge oarsir ngle person making less tha$7n 5,000. he said eth city was ntto use the nemoy on oppeleho w need it most. >> we want to gouo t and support e thfamiliesho w have been imctpaed durin tghe last otw >> alameda estimates 1001,0 redesints cou blde eligib fleor thpre ogram whh icis why he yssa ey need to delevop paramerets stoelect these 150 houhoselds. an curryab, c 7 news. krteisn: freeway shootings increasingn ithe bay eaar. the cafolirnia exodus,nd a where people are gngoi. people are gngoi. the new meet a future mom, a first-meti mom and a seasedon pro. this mo''s one epst closer to their new mini-van!
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yeah, y'u'll get used to it. this mom's desipoting mo ney withoo tls on-hand. ch a ching. and this mom, well, she'' settinang appointment here, hsoer son c ganet set uthp ere anstd art his now financial journey. that's because these msmo all havche ase. smart baernks. conveennit tools. e onbank witthh e power bofoth. chase. make me orof what's yos.ur
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fanduel and draftkings, two out of state cpoorrations ma king bigro pmises to califniorans. what'she t real math hibend theiral blot measure for onneli sports ttbeing? % 90of profits go to thoue t of st ate corpatorions permenantly. on elyight and h aalf cents is leffot r the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other stesat, fanduel and draftkings use oploholes to pay far less than was promedis. sound familiar? it should. it a'snother b ad sche fmeor califniora. en tresto iths e numberne o heart failure brdan prescribed bcay rdiologists and s hahelp oedver e onmilln iopeople. it was pveron superi aort lpheing people sy taalive
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d anout tofhe hospil.ta don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cau hsearm or dthea aton unborn bab don'tat ke entreo stwith an ace inhitobir or aliskiren, or if u'yove had angioedem a wi athn acore arb. the most seriousid se effect s are anoegidema, low blood presresu, dnkiey probls,em or hh igblood posstaium. ask your doctor about entresto. krisn:te inflaonti fears contuein to drive down the stock markets. they we erall down under 1% yestery.da ttcuing into the01 4(k)s of llions oamf ericans. dan: s fanranciscoot mels are sengei a comebk acback aft aer verylo sw two years becseauf o th peandemic.
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riapl hotel occanupcyea rch 67% with an eravage daily rmoo rate of 220ix s dollars. that'' the higsthe level scein the paemndic began. the occupcyan rate is nearly double that ofas lt year but lags well behi 2nd019 befo trehe pandicem. atth's when the rate hit a reco hrdigh of nearl83y %. krisn:te ppleoe are minovg out of bigger areaso t small, ermore rtable aasre. n:dat' 's are tnd eerxpts say is widerespad and urenpcedented. eon othf e aasrett aracting peop ales nashvie,ll kristen: he'e's aoo lk atha wt misotivatinpeg ople to keta that lp.ea >> srrhey alford lives in eth surbbus of nhvasille, teesnnsee. e and her hbausnd medov cssro countr fyrom californ iian hopes of a bteetr life. >> it dratamically irompve the qualitofy living r fous. in pasenada, s hhead been reinntg a 18 95home f $or3400 a
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month and strglugeo tkeep up with t shetates ofhe t rising costs. but she aysted toak te care of her sbhuand's when her mheotr in lawas psed in 2020 s,he was te imto move. >> t qheuality-olif-fe issues wereuc sh that we we ervery anxious toig fure out howe w want t sopend thees rt of our lives. >>he srry is not anelo. s.u. csuens eimstates sho twhat ring thean pdemic,me aricans moved out of moreop pulous aasre li nkeew york, los angeles, and washington dc, and moved into smalrle cities. in fact, according to the nssees, betwn eethe spring of 2020 and summerf o2021, calirnfoia saw a nndesta madite lossf o nearly 300 thousand resintdes, a sharp turnaunrod foesr tate lonseg en as a bhu fo grrowth. this pferossor sayhis s resrceah show tshis tre inds unusuayll wispderead. >> s aystem allowing people to
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decouple from where they work and where they live. >> in 20,02 she staedrt targeting dafisfected licaforniansnd a online >> it's'been reay llsuccessf.ul we have urfo seasons, and low propertyax tes overall. >>it whhi ts growth comes conseqncuees. e sayscc aommodating the expansn iocould al ssopark issuesit wh infrastruurcte, hoscols, andff aordabili.ty >>re aas will haveo tmake some decisions ouabt what theut fure looksik lend ahe werth to iesnvt or not invt esin those resours.ce >> foroc lals,t icouldea mn geinttg pushedut o of theit cy hasomebuyerfrs om out of state thwi extra chasak me the hsioung maetrk more coetmpitive. foran my, who he avalready vemod on,ik le srrhey, theres ino ingog back. >> tshias w realla y brand-new art comi hngere. this is whe eri'm gog into stay.
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this is meho. dan: we do hav aemazing wtheaer etonjoy theseay ds. mike: thext ereme weaerth we are livi tnghrough rig nhtow will notin lger into the weendke. it will be very comfortae blfor th ofs uduringur out odoor tivitiesor f saturday and ndsuay -- fomor st of us. talk aedbout how waritm 's gngoi to be, avegera lows are 4537-. 53 is abouts acool as it got, that w iasn palo theskie nd of tempaterures will return eveuantlly, but not until weet g into thear ely part of nextee wkend. rehe is a lkoo at atwh is going on in n sajose. let's talk about the increedas fi dreanger thugroh tomorr aownd enth tt hahot start to next week. let's'take a lkoo at the nswi ovabe00 40 feet. the winds are still cinomg out of the northwestnt uil you lkoo upro aundno kxville come that's
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whe erthe more northsteaerly nds are startgin to sle iddown rough the centr valalley. those arthe e ones cinomg in tonight at 11:00. that will brings uthat ighehtened rk isof damage from windsnd a the firthe reat in solanoou cnty. underneath that wean c seehi ts northwesrltey wind touhrgh the better pt arof tomorrow morning. th watill keeps ufrom getngti to hoot into y.dr the rean sowhy the stre of us are noint a r fedlag avleingll a this raiann d snow that we despeteralyee nd. up to d10egreesoo cler than isthim tees yterday. temperurate still i91n brenootwd, lk ooat tsehe mid to per '6's arounthd e bay, mid 70's'down to the sthouay b. wase hdea iont the evengni hos,ur expect sunny conditison, then into the '0's toea nr 60 at
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100.:0 your hseouil wl cl oodown mhuc fasterhi ts eveni tnghan it did yeerstday. if it dicod ol down at all. it was 85 at my hseou yesterday enwh i went to bed. 46 to about1 5degrees motorrow morning. torrmoow 70 6807 down ithn e utsoh bay. dry breesze we wlil have ne 7ar0 degrees temperatesur, temrapeture starting with 80 for most of the eastay b. e onof ouroo cler days movgin forward,at surday wwie ll bump up a cploue ofeg drees. a little bit warmer, ualsu summer breesez along the coast and ascotal vlealys, thenig hh esprsure com iesn.
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moaynd through wneedsday, soo t mid 80's'around t bheay and low to m 6id0'ats the thursday morning we will have osthe lows in t 5he0's and 60's. kriste an: san fraisncco emelentary soochl is welcongmi back alo fck ochf ickens bk acto the hoscolft aer a hiatus during e thndpaemic. th heyeld a cemoreny to coemmmorate a n cewhicken cpoo fo trhe six hens. it's part of the program teaching city cldhiren how to raisane d care for animals. dan: and touergh times when it comes to water conrvseation.
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dan: as oudrght cdiontions ntcoinue, especlliayre aas like the setonar cruz citapolare aa, saspencer cishrtian expands, is forcing those communities to go yobend their alreadygg aressive water nscoervationol picies. >> and now it tccahes storm water ofthf e roofs. >> expanding classro sompace at twin lak ceshristianch sool has been additnioy bsubtractn,io llowing rules outnelibyd the
4:24 pm
water distrt,ic the school engierneed water savgin soluontis to offt sethe new space he wabus ilding, including replacg inlawn areas with the droughfrt iendly pzala. >> it takesto srm water and puts it back into eth ground. we also plreaced eve prylumbing xtfiure on t cheampus withor me ghhi-efficiey ncfixtures. the mmcoon natioofn all those asmeures amoteund to 2 million gallonofs at wer. >> that same werat offset prograham s allowed t sheenator uzcr areao tcontinueui blding much-needed housing, even with drought concerns, and in itspe of the fact thathe t area it reesli entirely on the laloc oundwater basin for its water ason cditioned worsened, socal water fod unitself facgin a new challeng te,his one omfr ofhofsre. this is shongwi where seawerat intrusion is down beneath e thocean. >> general maganer ron duncan sa tyshe leak -- thkin of the
4:25 pm
aquir feas a giant bathtub with watersdhe on one side d anocean water othn e others. >> as we pump water outit, cks iitn. ctoombat the salt water and balance out theub t, the districtec rently breokro gund aon water pifurication plant to rify a percenteag of t ahereas waewstater that would norllmay be disarchged intohe t ocean. stinead it wl ilbeip ped to a stem of groundwerat wells to rechgear the aifquer, helpgin pu bshack theal stwater and bolstengri the areas drinkgin water supply. duncan sees its athe begiinnng of a newra e owaf ter rycecling. >> ihi tnk in 20 years, we won't be dchisarging io ntthe ocean the way we e arnow. the sysmte will be up and running late next year,nd a congmi fullir ccle, onef othe lls will bdie scharginwag ter undeearnth the soochl.
4:26 pm
a portion will irrigate orspts field, tinakg water conservioatn to the nt exlevel. >> is a chuh,rc we wantot protome things thalet ad to flourishining our cmuomnity so can have a sustainleab water supply. it's sothmeing were a enusthiastic autbo being ptar of. spencer: in santa cruz, speernc chstriian, abcew7ns. n:da and other water chaenllges clude ththe reat of crineasing wildfis rein mountnai areas ttha fe iednto grouwandter basi.ns krteisn: if you're looki tngo get a haiutrc and save the environmentt a t sheame time, w''ve got a place f yorou. the san franciosc npronofit gives people a chance to donate their hair to help canle up oil >> weus jt take t lheonghair om ponytailsha tt are mleaid toin us fromll a orve, and he
4:27 pm
esdo thisyo, u canee s how it goes through the >> this is a neeedl punch chinane d it isry d felting. cabeuseet wel fting isoo t tit,gh and we want air pockets so the oil and water c manix with the hair. iskrten: isn'tht at azimang? the hrai is eventually made into a ryve absbeornt mat likthe is. they werese ud inhe t deepwater rihozon oilpi sll and oerths as well. you n cadona yteour hair, go to maertt of trusort.g. itus jt needs btoe onenc ih. dan: ian c't afrdfo any of mine yet. just aadhe, the f'c's new effort to keep tho isencredibly
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annongyi robo cas llat bay. krisn:te and deadl syhootings all acssro the natnio.
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building a better baary ea, movingor fwardfi, nding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kristen: another deadl syhooting on a bay area freeway. two ppleoe were killed after car involvedn ithe shooting crashed. it happened on intsterate 580 shortly before 8:30 lt asnight. pch is asking foanr yone with foinrmation ctoall theitir p line. n:da that ooshting is stju the latest in a record number freeywa shootgsin acrosths e
4:31 pm
nati.on more than 2800 sothoings have killed and injured innocent people along u.s.ig hhways and intetarstes from 2018hr tough rch of ts hiyear. 8% of those tradigees took acple in cifalornia. the abc news i team exposes wherehe t problems igetting woers here tinhe bay area. stephae nisierra is inhe t newsroom with the invesgatition. stephani te:hese sensessle acts of violee ncare destyirong lives and familieans d instiinllg fear in o curommutinies. e probleism , we areee sing it get worse, escipeally in oakland. shise in pai mn,ourning eth ss of her 23-montolh-d son, spjaer. we spoke through h serister who tnsralating ichn inese over the phon.e a mere six month ago, ltlite spjaer was aeeslp in the car and gunfeir ereedct on intsterate 0.88
4:32 pm
aul blet struck t ihenfanint theor fehead. now linivgit whn a coinmprehensibleos ls, the senseless tragedy aes rult of gangro cssfire. >> she doe's't wt antheam se inthg to happen to another mifaly. least 2 o15ther shoinotgs okto le acon interatstes across cafolirnia i'm 1820 through march of this year. around 39% ofho tse happed nein e thbayre aa. in elyar january 2,8-year-old david wi sndhot and llkied on i-5 80. theou yng alameda county shiferf's recru wit oasnly a month away from gruaadting. last week, a senev-year-old boy is recovering from being struck a bultle on i 80 arne vacaville. and just last night, another shooting thaovt erturned a c,ar killing twpeo ople andnj iuring another. thlie st goesn. o >> we've got to dveri down eth
4:33 pm
olence and the reckless bevihaor we are seeing on calirnfoia's ghhiways. >> t ihe team mbcoed throughun g violence data which tracks gun violceen on intsterates. we found t mheost impaedct in e bay area a 5re80, 80, 8,80 0,68 a 2nd80. at lstea 79 ooshtings rertpoed on these higayhws from 2018 thugroh march of 2022. butt' 's important treo infoerc at figure only capretus cases at made the news. eth reatylif ohe t problem is chmu bigger. the califoiarn higayhw patrol ga tvehe i team data that owshs the realig fure is six times higher when looking at 2020 and 2021. in tho yseears, rertpoing around 289 interste atshootings in the bay eaar verssu 46 fmro other ta. most o tfhem are pphaening in kloaand. >> unfornatutely it biseing
4:34 pm
driven by gangio vlence. >> we oubrght it to the oakland poceli chief after our analysis uncovered e thcity hashe t highest numbeofr shootings at 27,ol flowed by riconhmd, san francisc so,an leand, roand vermore. >>e' 'vels ao seen ooshtings related to road rage andus jt random firing wofeapons. >> see lmsike this took ov 8er80 aas reckless drirveas wee sn spinningon duts acro assll nelas. >> we are going to utsh that down. >> se ompeople frea tinakg the highways because ofce snes like is. how are you and your departmten working with chp to crack on these crimes? >> t ihink signage along the highwatoy let peoepl know there
4:35 pm
are corerding devices on the highways. >> folwilong reque bsty the mayor, govnoerr annouednc funding to insta 2ll00 cct cameras to be installed at 50 cations across the state inclinudg arsea of alama edand contraos cta counties. >> we caasn sume ttha rghouly a arquter othf ose wl ilbe in or near olaaknd. theov gernor's offeic confirmed ceramas wille b inalstled at scipefic inrsteections onalg the mnlaiine intersteat 880, 580, and inrnteationalou bleva, rdall of icwhh go thrghou oakland. >> ian wt ppleoe tkno ow that we are tcwahing. we now will have these eyes on r roadw.ay >> moreye es toee kp our adroways saf aernd preve tnthe sslo ofnn iocent lives leik lilett jasper. >> one of at lstea 14 people killed and5 6 others injedur in
4:36 pm
highy waand intsterate shoinotgs atth were menontied ithn ese ports aoscrs the bay area. in calorifnia at lea 6st2 people were killed on r ouhighwaysnd a intetarstes, acrdcoing to the n guviolencerc ahive dabatase om 2018 rothugh marcofh this year. dan: just staergging numrsbe. which intsterate has the most report sedhootingser he inhe t ba ayrea? stephae:ni 5 i80, at lstea 26 ooshtings rorepted, including the lesatt one fr lomast night. i 80 follo cwslose behind with 24 shootgsin reported. during that se amperiod of teim, accoinrdg to the data that is derived from news reports. as we heard from chp,ho tse gufires are vastly undervalued. dan: stephan, iethanks vyer if you havae story for the abc7 iea tm, go to or llca. iskrten:ow h much money ds oeit
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and the smaller microplastsic get, the mordae mage they do. could they end up in you, yo burodie ts,heir pre new udsties indicate posblsi e links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a futur''s worth of har to the worldno, w you kn.ow so soundhe t ala.rm n: timnoe w for theou fr at four. when icot mes to bngei wealthy theay b area, y bouetter think big. accordintog a surve iy,t takes $5.1 million onef twork toe b coidnsered weahylt in theay b
4:40 pm
ar.ea itak tes $1.7 milliono tbe nscoideredec sure. atth's thope inion of 750 people twbeeen the eag of 21 and5 7 took partt athe mode wrnealth rvsuey. michael, let me startit wh you as our csuonmer expe.rt i remember just yesar ago, the goal waso t have m aillion dollars. miaechl: you srtta out with, chou, really. look arodun your nehbigorhood. i don'' carehe wre you le ivin e thbay area. oklo how mucweh alth is there, but people have sitting in their drivayews alongil wl tell you the'e's a lot mofoney arodun not everyone, many peop dleon't have money, tbu there's'a lot of peopleho w do. n: itat kes a looft money to live comfortab alynd it tas kea irfa amount of moneyus jt to get by ithn is area. what dyoo u think, me?ik mike: it's my way of ginivg back to the commutyni.
4:41 pm
[laughter] dan: it'snt ierestingow h much ney itak tes to elfe secure in e thbay area. >> i guess theey k is how cusere. having lived paycckhe-to-paycckhe for eight long time in thisus biness, i n undersndta ttha oenc you acreh a ctaerin pointn iyour feli, it mayee fl --t imayak te remo toee fl secure. now thaint flation hisitting hard,y mwifeen wt to eth grerocy store yteesrday, there and aal hf bs,ag $120. it'crs azy. dan:nd a thenhe t gast icost u to get there. kristen: 't'sar hd toee fl securehe tre. you have too much money, how abou atn umbrel tlahat's tno warpteroof? a $1300 umbrellisa only so ildn chain and it is notct aually meant fothr e rain, it'ons ly r fowalking tinhe sun.
4:42 pm
but how hdar is it to alsoak me it weratproof? what more esdo it take, right? >> y'o've goto tblock th saton. dan: i got s aurfboard that esdon't flt,oa too. krteisn: there are l aot of ople that juscat rry sun umbrlaels aunrod bauecse you'r' trngyi to prott ecyour skin. 'm just sayg,in throw ithn e tewarproof, ok. just towhr it in. >> imut st be li ake collectsor it.em whenerev you see theas fhion nways and you heahor w much th aeyre charggin for tt,ha i'm alwayslo bwn away. dan: on thepp oosite endf othe sptrecum, the wenest trend in weddgsin is lal about secohandnd. this includes arweing a secondndha dress and even secondndha decor. some areve en usinghe tir own
4:43 pm
furniturfoe r uples want to avoid o-tneime e produc atsnd focus on living and eco-iefrndlyif lestyle. just like erevything else come tofhe cost of wedngdis has skyrocteked in rect enyears. it's ugtoher young people to buy a ho amend bear e thcost of a wedding. thgre een compenont is ni, ceso i can unrsdetand the tndre. >> i think it's'a niceay w of ving a l ootfon mey. e thaverageed wding is now $44,0.00 >> it's a competionti rightow n, like on soci maledia, too. >> this is a much broad ierdea. $34,000,ou y are going to edne toen sdou yr kids tcoo llege at some point. >> if they serve sonecdhand food, i ghmit not go.
4:44 pm
kristen: there is a sandwich name adfter ourwn o dan ashy.le narrow -- noor me peoplere a turning ttohe office. i'e's open 1ye5 ars ago d annow has loticaons in fi svetates. n:da and since it is tasty ursday, weav he some sandchwies,nd a mike hseimlf is joining us. -- ike himsf elis joini ungs. whiteow n, it might be t aough timeo tget into- -why now? >>t' 's always are gat te imto sdoandwheics. stinead of gtietng soggy pizza oorne of those leamra tys, get one atth is amazingro fm ike''.
4:45 pm
you wa tnto be a ho,er obviolyus th aeyre goingo tlove that. kristen: or the dimason bumgarner that i arm wrelestd mikeor f. that'a s good combinaonti. >> i.e. the madonis bumgarner the stmo. it'' a spicy yloelw barbecue eechse. isten: we youel tl us whaist inou yr specia slauce? >> it's a ncbuh of top-secret ingredies.nt it is lik19e dfeifrent herbs and icspes inhe tre, a little t of mayo d anquite a t biof garlic. dan: we fitrs met at uryo oaankld how many stesor do you haveow n, anhod w long d tidhat takeou y? >> thastt ore washe t fourth, the onen ioakland.
4:46 pm
noiw belveie where it abo 9ut4 calotions wi tthhis next one coming up. dan: congratulioatns. kristen: what earou y offinerg in tmser of catinerg? >>ny a siz ae,ctually. if you juswat nt some bag lunches for six peoplane d up, you canet g a lgearr catering tray whitea mt, veggi oe,r the best of all worlds. a mix of our favorites, trehe ll definelity be some great stufinf you canls ao do it stcuom. ifou y want all dan ashley's for your cerating part wy,e can do dan: turkey, problem cheese, pepp aernd sheeny, lettu,ce muarstd, and t shepecial sceau. if ppleoe go intyoo urto sre today or tomorw roand asked for daa n ashley, or th geyoing to get a eefr bag of chips? aughter]
4:47 pm
>> we can work sometnghi out. let's e sewhat we nca do. krteisn: me,ik you gotne o of th.em mi: kei didn't'open it, itcshe ju ostverflowi wngith sau.ce dan: i got the roast beef a inds stju iskrten: thankou y so mh,uc congratutilaons as y mouove into cateri ongr branch out. lo otsf fantasc tioptions. dan:
4:48 pm
meet apartment 2a, 2b and 2c. 2a's monitoring his money with a simple text. like what you see abe? yes! 2b's covered with zero overdraft fees when he overdraws
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kristen: time now for consumer news. dan: mike has a look at consumer headlines. >> ford has issued a recall for suvs due to a fire risk. the company is recalling 39,000 lincoln navigator vehicles because of fire risk in the engine compartment. and warning owners not to park their vehicles inside until it is fixed. ford has reported a total of 16 fires under the hood, 12 of which occurred while the suvs were parked in the engines were turned off. the federal communications commission voted to adopt new rules in the battle against robo calls. the rules require so-called gateway providers to verify the caller id of calls going through their systems. the fcc cited it 2021 study that found 65 percent of voice
4:51 pm
service providers found to be transmitting illegal robo calls were foreign-based or so-called gateway providers. mastercard is developing a new facial recognition system. the biometric checkout program that you pay with a fingerprint reader or smiling into a camera. it is testing in brazilian grocery stores right now. mastercard said it will be introduced to the u.s. and europe very soon. it sounds like a good deal to me. dan: coca-cola is making a change to its bottle caps. in the u.k., the company has introduced caps that stay attached to the bottles. the design is supposed make it easier to recycle the whole package at once and keep the caps out of the trash and the street. kristen: tickets for disney junior's newest live tour go on sale tomorrow. it features mickey and minnie
4:52 pm
along with characters from marble spidey and his amazing friends. disney is the parent company of abc7. dan: everyone has heard about gilda. kristen: now a doctor says for controller, yvonne yiu. as an executive at top financial firms, yiu managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, yiu saved taxpayes over $55 millio. finding waste. saving money. yiu is for you.
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kristen: coming up at 8:00, station 19, followed by grey's anatomy. stay with us for abc7news at 11:00. we already know that yoga can help ease stress, but now with more people working at home, there's a new problem, people spending time on zoom calls are having issues with their eyes. our reporter spoke to yoga instructor who says many are practicing eye yoga to improve their eye health. >> reports show that people spend 5-7 hours a day looking at a screen. eliza spends about 10 hours a day in front of a computer. in her eyes are reflecting that. >> when your eyesight is so good, you can tell when a source to give out a little bit. >> her whole life, she's had 20/20 vision, but recently her
4:56 pm
optometrist noticed a change. that's where mark comes in. he's a yoga i structure -- yoga instructor and owner of a studio in san francisco. he pivoted from teaching in person to online and now is implementing eye yoga to the beginning of many of his classes. >> is kind of ironic, you are teaching eye yoga via zoom. >> we ask mark to show us the eye yoga technique that many like eliza are implementing. >> we come to a nice upright position without being stiff. just the eyes will go toward the sitting -- toward the ceiling. circle the eyes to the right and down. keep moving around the peripheral edge of your vision. if you notice the eye skipping or jumping, go slowly the next
4:57 pm
time around. and then we go in the other direction. >> but clinically, does it actually work? >> any activity that can help reduce strain is helpful for the muscles. >> director of the pacific vision institute says exercises like this are important to preserve eye health. another simple technique -- >> every 20 minutes, the patient will look at least 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. >> eye yoga is recommended for 1-3 minutes every day. kristen: you can now keep your eyes on abc7news all the time. we are always streaming 24/7. join us whenever you want, wherever you are.
4:58 pm
that's it for abc7news at 4:00. abc7news at
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wro fm abc 7 live breaking newsnd a breinakg news in menlo park. this is a live picture from sky whe eremergency cwsre are responngdi to a vehicle iont a hoe uson av anuvee. uyo can see it trehe. itap hpened about an hour ago. it aeapprshe t car broke through a wal olnhe tid se of the gagare no rorepts of aniny juries. it's aoslmt leik you're rolling e dice every time you get on e thfreeway. our other top story another deadly shooting on a bay area frwaeey two men were killed and anotrhe hur gtoodve ening. i'm amidates and i'man d ashley. thanks for jnioing us the call for cameras on there feway is grinowgou lder after the latest shootingn o interstate 580 in oaankld abc 7 news reporter jr. one has the orsty. flasnghiig lhts along intsterate 58 s0ignangli one


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