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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 19, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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wro fm abc 7 live breaking newsnd a breinakg news in menlo park. this is a live picture from sky whe eremergency cwsre are responngdi to a vehicle iont a hoe uson av anuvee. uyo can see it trehe. itap hpened about an hour ago. it aeapprshe t car broke through a wal olnhe tid se of the gagare no rorepts of aniny juries. it's aoslmt leik you're rolling e dice every time you get on e thfreeway. our other top story another deadly shooting on a bay area frwaeey two men were killed and anotrhe hur gtoodve ening. i'm amidates and i'man d ashley. thanks for jnioing us the call for cameras on there feway is grinowgou lder after the latest shootingn o interstate 580 in oaankld abc 7 news reporter jr. one has the orsty. flasnghiig lhts along intsterate
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58 s0ignangli one of theat lest highywa killing isn oakland. it's almostik le you're rolling e thdiceve ery teim youet g on e freeway people dveri these eefrways and fearnd a melysf included doug harr's's close iend. jean ransomas w shotnd a killed gon i-8 i80n oakndla three monthsgo a fast forwardo t weesdnday night. more and then hearthd e pc. lareted to shot seminary first report osf gunfire inhi ts area near i-580 and sinemary in oakland than a vehicle cshraed in t aherea three out of the foureo pple iidnse had gunshot unds children two of the frou oppele i tnhear c ddie at the hospital ando n arrests have en made chp is investatiging and says t shehooting incident happeden on i-580 but it' nsot
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said speficically where the shots were refid. we believe therere a some shooting inhe t area of lake rritt involving this vehicle the driver thateh vicle then tried to transport tseho iurnjed people to highldan hospita alnd rteou to higanhld hospil.ta weel bieve he stmo likely ascrh. hold overla ameda county sheriff gregory ahern made a trip to saamcrento tuesday. and that was state oicffials in the govnoerr's office about ttgeingam ceras. he ssay last night's shooting showsot nnl oy the imptaornce r cameras, which have already enbepp aroved, but the need to install them as soon as possible as to who is behind these coinntued shoinotgs. 'vede intified in excess of0 8 stetre gangs in the city oakndla that are somewtha connect tedo esthe violen mceost three enidtified gangs that have been reonspsible for more. so those shootings every time i ivdre on 880, you know, i i kind of cringe up when i drive by the area on oaktr seet where my
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closeri fend jean rsoanmot g muerrded now caltrans tells me ey willeg bin buying these camesra this summer and instalngli them thisal fl jr. stone abc 7 news andol pice are oking fothr e person responblsie for a that took the life of an olaaknd businses owner. theic vtims i identifie idn a soalci mediaos pt as 39 year old ne anabo the owner of lkyuc 3-7 resurtaant in olaaknd's fruitveal district. poli sceay theho soting haenpped stju before ten' 'clock last night, but investitogarsav he releedas very few details autbo thisri cme. they say abona was avelihe wn officers arrived at the location, but unfortunately died the hpiostalar pt o tfhe bay area is under a a r fedlag rning rit ghnow. the'e'so sa wind aisdvory in feefct later tonhtig. i'm sureou y ftel that win tayod codnul't msist. i abc 7ew nset meorologist. dy patels ier he withhe t telast sandia. yeahmm ao they a freacing critical. weatheron cditions in solano cotyun which is uernd a red fgla
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warngin until 8pm 'it' a combination ofus gty winds and lowum hidity anyir fes thatev delop wil rlapidly read. weav he a wdin advisor gyoing up forhe t same area also forak le uncoty and the north bayil hls st bay vlealys and hlsil at pm11 tonhtig it runs until morrow aerftnoon evengni, pedending on where you are 35 to 50il me an hrou gtsus could caeus outages blow down tree tree lim absnd blow ouarnd seuncured obctje. says you check out the winds rightow n. erthe's strgeonst nrea the coast but 20il me an hrou winds aunrod fairfidel out ofhe t north is dryi ongut the aostmphere, wchhi is conceinrng right now caville 19%um hidity frfaiield 22% as we go hrou by hour wchat ose wdsin picking up a bstur ofin wds coming througher he late tonight iont tomorwro nohertrly wind 43 ramsey 33 miles an hour in fairfldie gngoi intooo nnom torrow. so their fe dangerem rains high we'r' going to tobc a 7 nsew rertpoer tara cpbamell w'h's in vallejous jt arriv tedhere a
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scene of a fe irtara. yeah, valjole fireas w caldle rehe around 4 o'c'ock this afternnoo and it took tmhe about 45 minutes to containha wt ally is quite a small vegetitaon fire. we' sretill leainrng details. what may have been the cause of thisir fe overhe tre? u can see there are still a few fifireghters o sncene just a wfe sonecds ago beforee w came up here. they we erstill prioung quite a bioft werat onnt oo the land we're n soture if if they're gonna be o hutereuc mh longer, so we wtan to ta ykeou to a littleit b meor north to fafiireldhe wre we werear elier todayea lrning abtou whathe t count'' bseen doing to prepare for red fg ladays likthe is. theor me rdyea to burn th aeyre maa ssive amntou ofoo crdination pphaens righter he inside solano uncoty emergencyea hdquarters ltiple ancgeies comgin together to fig dhtisastersik le ldwifires. he can'' get to do it ictwe. 'i's thatou y know ttha time and tha''s it. you can mdaony night quarterback
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at aerftwards. but yes,ou yee nd toav he the nefi tuning there hopefully in place already michael ''connor is the fire chief of the largest distri ictn the county. heay ss it's redla fg daysik le this that tyhe trainor f we're justou y know, the toolbox ttha we have and makingur se everything's wkiorng dan catinchg any mtaiskes that mit ghoccur orss iues thatee nd. addressou cnties acros tshe bay area arery ting to gethe aad of wildfire season whit prenevtative msueares incdilung controedll burning. they did a practice burn on ndmoay before we had this weather dawryn an is the director of emergency servisce solano county and we'v' realady had in may three ldwifires ttha we've responded so theyot g some really seonased practeic and they're ady to rpoesnd again, dry hot windyon cditions uscaing a perfect storm. rostng northin wd very dry conditions high temperaretu. danhe tnin fally the'r's flue on
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the ougrnd thatha tt can bn.ur so tshi is our riskites type of a dry noh rtwind. it's ski that some parks are inbeg closedro dneview 7 giving ushi ts vwie of rocilkvle park wheer hikers are bngeiur tned ay. ll, i understan tdhat. i mean we tnkhi about it when 'w're hiking what ifhe tre's a fire while y'o're in erthe. who are you goi tngo get ouant d 'i's thatin kd of underanstding d awarenesshe tse teams are asking f ior want peopl teo be carefulut ohe tre. this is aea rlly hh igriskir fe seonas. 'i's the earliest ''ve seen in 10 years with the dryness and rou fires hapnipe ingn mayhe wn they used to start in june or lyju. isot's a peoepl need to be extra caioutus this mmsuer. ahye, now officialsre a wniarng aboutow h just jt ushow qckuily smaller fires like this can turn intoid wespread wildfires. the''re askin pgeople to go to eithr coun'y'seb wsites to lrnea abtou how to pverent wildfe irin eithr area asel wl as how to otprect your propeyrt and they ysa ifhi ts turns wor asecross
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the couientsnd a the bay area d evacuaontis a nreecessary. the''re really imprilong people toak te those. seriously. they say wn hepeople d'o't the resoursceus jt get twopr sead thint' 's alrdyea the''re diffiltcu outhe tre for them dowann d kristen. okay, thksan very much and the south bay feir cre wwsere aebl to ock dow tnwoir fes in san jose. this guy seven was above the fitrs a small grass fire nrea yocote righteh bind yerba buena high school autbo five miles away aec sond. grass. fire broke out near julian street in dowowntn san jeos fire crews were able to quick plyut t ouboth of the suspesct arresd tein connecti wonithhe t death of a ree-yearld-o glirft aer an orexcism attptem went before a dge in santa clara couynt precosutors wtan the menn i court getother with their gl's mother who wasrr aestedar elier this year abc 7ew ns repteorr. chza fuentesas h more the threyee-ar-old kwnno as a rlleay doe die ldastep stember crtou
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docuntmes show that the girl's moth aernd uncle drove her to a san jose chuhrc believing she was possessed by a demon the child di iedn their attemspt to get the so-called spirit out o'reil'l's motr,he claudia herndeanz was arresdte in jaarnuy and just last week. orell''s uncleen ree herndnaez. ntos was arresteand d her grandfather in a tggrieros rnandez who met them at the urchhe t night of ael rease deathhe t thingha ttll aowed us to arresten ree hernand aeznd neree hernanz desantos w tashe least of the medical emixaner's porert to our office ando t the nsa jose police departmen wthich provid medore detail as to the injury to rally dou ogh'reil'l's andfathe arnd her uncle went before a judge today toev riew eir blai status both of their attornsey withdre twheir motnio so that they'had ve moreim te to look at the pserocutors edevince r nowhe t two will stay in custyod with no baleam fily mbers of the twoen mer we in cotur today, but turn wndo our requests to speak whithe tm osprecutor rebcaec. ywh ssay tha at reayll do enduredhe t abuse tt haled to her death? 12 sh seayson ne of the three spsuects call 911 until two
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hos urafter' 'reilly died and onlyft aer aam filyem mber recoenmmded it in the statement ofac fts. we oliutned what thevi edence shows each individl'u's role was but they are all looking at the same charge, wchhi is cldhi abuseau csing dthea. they face 25 yrsea to life in prison thean s jos cehurch at the ceernt of allf oit is also part of another shocking ceas ill being iesnvtigated. i''s where the famyil of three monthld o bra andndua qyar met the wanom suspect oedf orchtresating hiaps ril. tappinghy w is this pserocuting bothas ces and says chea are being lkeood at sarepately for now. her goal is toon csolidatehe t threeus spects conctneed with the rayll tseho depth to move prosecutnio along quickern o ju 1ne3th. 're going to ask to addhe t nee herndnaez anden ree hernanzde santos ceas with the aucldia herndnaez case in santa clara couynt zacfuh entes ab7c arrested on crchuhes of trespainssg and slktaing by prosecutors. say a los angesel man targeted san francisco healthcare provider. kimang hisryto at uc berkeley to autistic non-speakgin students
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graduate withon hors. eir stors ieare next. eir stors ieare next. i joined the disictrt attoeyrn's office to pursujue stic for everneyo. but like smao ny of mcoy lleagues i resignedn iprotest be cause cha esboudin interfeder in every ngsile case an d failedo tdo his j.ob th e offices iabsolute in disary raright now. ch esa dissveold my uni pr osecinutg car brk-eains. now imcrinals flkoc to san fncraisco because there are cnoonsequences. wean c't wait. reca cllhesa boun dinow.
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2022 silvera 1do500 picks.up toatrney's office has filed ltmuiple crghaes against an tiacve anti-aboronti activist roaan jonatnha hurley. he's a memrbe ofro pgressive an-atibortion riupsing which rgeted an artboion and heahlt care provirde at san francisco negeral hostapil onar mch4t 1h hurley lives ilon s angeles. when peopl ceome to san fransccio to intfeerre with access tcro itical hlteah rvseicesep rroductivhee alth rvices when theyo d that in olviation ofhe t law thewiy ll hbeeld accotaunble. rlhuey iscc aused of targengti the doctor''om hend a worlakpce. ac fes chaesrg a felony stkiocngnd a obstrtiucng access to a clinic along wh itvandalism tressspaing andnt ierferingit wh eth busines hsleury madeis h rst recdor appearance inan s anciscohi ts afteronno,an s
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frciansco based tttwieril wl applyar wning lelabs to tweets at osiutde exptser identifys a misiornfmation the crisis infant siminformation poly icis first inbeg appliedo t t whear in ukinrae. witill be alipped to otrhe crises as well. like public health emergencies and natural disasters. twitter says special attention will be given to governmten fiafliated orta ste-runed mia accounts making these claims that contain misinformation. to autistic non-speinakg studtsen from uc berkeley graduadte whit honors this week. 's a milesneto for them and r cal abc 7 news senior ucation reporter amli melendez has their remarkable stoesri fiveea yrs ago. david tlieptz decedid to g oetn roa ad not t.ak showes h heth didmo communicates through a touch-to-speech to speech program on his laptop. why without looking at the keyboard, he taps one letter at
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a time. you want people? to know about people like you with autism who are non-speaking. again, it takes david some time, but he is thorough and thoughtful. i want people to know that we can achieve a lot if we are allowed to participate. david and his friend hari srinivasan have led the path for other students at cal with similar disabilities both were diagnosed with a proxyum. so my brain is able to coordinate how my jaw lips tongue soft. palate all come together to form words and sounds but hari and david find it difficult to make all those movements. sorry. despite the challenges hari graduated with a 4.0 gpa. and has now received a fellowship to pursue his phd in
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neuroscience at vanderbilt university. david escorted here by his aide devon graduated with the 3.85 gpa receiving his degree in political science for the minor and disability studies. so david, i wanted to ask you. how does it feel to graduate from one of the top colleges in the country? feels a wonderful to graduate from cal it has been my dream for so many years and i am proud that i accomplished it. i hope it inspires other than speaking autistics who want to go to college to know that it is possible a goal set out by uc berkeley that helped improve the quality of life for individuals like david and harry. at uc berkeley leanne melendez abc 7 news bravo and congratulations as drought conditions continue california's coastal communities could be
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facing some of the biggest challenges, especially those like the santa cruz capitola area that relyai mnly on laloc groundwarte as abc 7 weaerth anchor sncpeer chrisanti ports. it's fciorng those cmuomnities to go beydon their already aggressi wveater conservation poliesci. and now it catesch srmtowater offhe t roofs for execuveti pastor mark srlpuock expdianng classrmoo space at the twin lakeshr cistian soochl in aospt sha been addition by subtraioctn llfoinowg rules outlidne by the soelqu creek water disictrt the hoscol engineered werat savgin lutions to ofetfs the new it was building inclungdi replinacg lawn areas whit a drop frielynd pla tzaake stowarmter and psut it backnt io the ground. and we also repcelad every umplbing ftuixre on thcae mpus th more ghhi. should see a fixretus and so the mbination of all of those meurases amounted to two milonli gallons of water that same werat offset program hasll aowed the broader staan czru area to
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coinntue buiinldg much-needed ushoingve en with drug nccoerns d in spi otef the fact that the area rieels entirely on the local gunrodwater binas for its terup sply but as condiontis worsened socal water has found itself facgin a new cllhaenge is o fnerom offshore and tshi sishowing where seatewar inustrion is down beneath the ean and in our aquifser seawerat intsiruon genaler nager, r donuncanay ss the ymlaan can think of the aquifer as a giantat bhtub with mountain watershed on one sidend a ocean on theth oer. so as we pump water o,ut it cks itn i and matterf ofact theaj mority of theop pulated coastal regions ofhe t world ha sveea waternt irusion. to combat e thltsa water and is out the tubhe t district recently brokero gund onhe t chtiancleer werat purifaticion ant thela pnt will ripufy a rcpeentage of the aa'r's wastatewer. that wldou normally be dischaedrg into the ocean stinead. wlil be piped to ays stem of
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ougrndwaterel wls to rhaecrge equ aifer helngpi push back e saltat wernd a bolersting the aa'r's drinkin wgater. supply dkiunng sees it as the ginning of a new era of water cyrecling ihi tnk wateril wl be that way i20n weon w't be chargin tgo the ocean the way we are now the system will b uep andun rning late next year and coming flul rcle. one of theel wls will be rearchging wat uernderneattwh in kelas christn iaschool. school will be aebl to divert a portio tno iigrrate its srtpos fieldak ting water cseonrvation to the next levels a a church. we want toro pmotehi tngs ttha adle to flourishi ingn our mmcounity s tohat it can wean c veha a stausinable werat splupy is setomhing that 'e're thenusiasticbo aut being a ptar of in staan czru spencer christiaabn c 7 news. are iovnnative and encougirang rkwoei bng de onnow? there aa is also facing other grndouwater tenalt water chlealnges. i should say related to clitema chgean including the thrtea of incrsieang wdfilires inou mntain
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areas that feed the ougrndwater basins. we'lle bright out-ofta-ste corpotiraons otwre annl oine spor ts bettinplg an th ey call ol"sutions fo r the holemess". really? e thcorpatorionsak te 90er pcent of the profits. and usinlog opholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the coorrpations' 'wn protomional cos,st like frebee ts, taken from the homeless funds. and th'dey get a refund on their $100 mliilon license fee, takefrn om meholess fun, dstoo. these gu dysidn't wreit a planor f the homesels. they wtero it fothr emselves.
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holte i bsack onpe after more than two years park 55 a hilnto holte near union squear celebrat wedith aib rbonut cting and a trou of theew nly norevated complex whit moreha tn a thousdan roomsar pk 55 will help meet the growing demand for hote ilsn ts hicity. well, w ceertainly have nice weheatr forho tse visitsor and thos oef us whoiv le here on yes,s a longs a you don' gtet own away. ah. th'a's yeah. it is definitelwiy ndy. t jtus athe tow ler elevatio,ns but dannd a alma at e highe erlevation ass well. let'chs eck out ethop t winds right now spring valley 34 mntou tam 32 mile an hour winds those winds comnibing withow ler mihudity. i mean look at vacavleil down to 16% is why soloan county is unde trhat redla fg warning rightow n. i want to show you their fe danger index. so theig hhest fir tehreat tonit gh6 o'cloc iks in the noh rtbay asou y wlil nicote lasono county nthor bay hlsil ea bstay hlsil as we gont io
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motorrowor mning as that second round ofus gty windsev delops. we'reoi gng to mnai in that hhig to very high catoregy across thesere aas even extremend a olisated spots, evenho tughhe t windsil wl start to die dnow tomorr eowvening the fire danger will raiemn elevat.ed so le''s look at those winds six 'o'clock tigonht, 45 55il me an hour windslo anghe t coast,ut b tcwah thosein wds heer out of the north. it'' a very dryingin wd tomorrow moinrng 33, fairfield 31 and middlewnto that ctionnues into the afternoonnd a ttha wind directnio will elevate t fheire daerng because of the itcrically dreiv fuels in the solanoou cnty ea. what's bngriing us? all the winds high pressurise close by a low pressure sysmte isov ming throhug we'r' sandwiedch in betweennd a that's why w''re seeing the win,ds but tha''s also why it'' cleoor todayow dn 13 degrees in san rlos dnow 11 deeegrs in vermeor 8eg dreesoo cler staan rosa 9eg dree drop i snan jose. andro fm our mount tam cam. you can see howha sky the camaer is as those winds have kkeicd up
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upper 60 san francisco oakland rrently 75 in san je.os soom cfortablehe tre 59 half moon bay golden geat bdgrie camera showingou ylu be skies, and he'r's a look at those temperurates 82an sta rosa upper 80s, fairfieldiv lermore 80 degrees one oerthiv le view from our sutro toweram cera. u're loongki at a sunnyky s erov san fncraisco gusty wdsin re danger throughom torrow wins ease ove trhe wkeeend and do have summer like heat turerning next ekwe yrou morning tempaterures with windy conditio onsver theil hls and along the cstoa along with sonola couynt and the 40snd a 50s. not near alys wmar aits was is ourft aernoon yo''re looking at stillin wdy weather low 60s to eth mid 80s pntley of sun across thent eire bay area a ands you chec okut the auwcceather 7-day refocast high feir danrge for yo furridayig lhter win adsse w ad into the weekend tempaterures comgin up a little bit,sp eecially inland and around the bay in tshi 60s coast side andhe tn nex wteek ifou y likeha tt hot summer like ather. youot gt imonday touhrgh
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weesdnday low to mid 90s inldan ilstl goingo tremain ithn e comfort zone. along thcoe astit wh 60s ''m diinan. all right. thank y.ou ndsaia a new park is under construconti in san jose'jas pan wn and its ne amis a nod to the neighborhoodseg binnings. we'll haveha tt storyhe wn we me back.
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all rhtig, finally here tonhtig tinhe southay b theit cy of san sejo broke grodun on a new park japantown hhligandville park is bweeten taylor an jdackson streets. it will have puicbl art instlaaltions a ilchdren's playougrnd. uieqpmen atnd more the park is nadme inon hor of sanos je resident in germaimn migrant johnei hnlan in the 1800s. he setsi ade a pt arofis h land el hp chine-asemerican immigrtsan seeking refuge refuge litater bece amjapan to.wn thisar pk hopeflyul will rembmeer remindou y of the story tthaas h happene hdere er a hundred years a,go but more imptaorntly wh't's goingo t happen in the future for our commituny for the citofy san youno kw, the city'sap jantown isne o of the last remaining in theni uted stat oesr somethgin tohe crish. ghrit. llwe, we wantot thank you so much foroi jning us tonhtig rld new tsonight whit david irmu is cinomg up nt.ex i'm on a date and i' dman aleshy r fosandy uelpsl all of us we apprecie atyour time. we will see you again in halfn a
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hour forbc a 7 news 6at. m i'dan o'do awdnd i prapoved thimes ssage. tesla's llfu self- dr iving tenochlogy. the washington stpo reported on "owners of teslas fighting f corontr..ol." the washington "i'mry ting..."n watcthh is tesla "sl am in ato bike la bneollard..." "oh [bleeped f***]" isth one "fails stotop r foa pedestanri in a crosswalk." "expertsee s deep flaws." "that s wathe rswot thgin i'veve er seen in my lif"e. to stop tesla's fu llself-dringvi sofartwe... vote dan'd oowd fou.r s. senate. fanduel and draftkings, two out of state cpoorrations ma king bigro pmises to califniorans.
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what'she t real math hibend theiral blot measure for onneli sports ttbeing? % 90of profits go to thoue t of st ate corpatorions permenantly. on elyight and h aalf cents is leffot r the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other stesat, fanduel and draftkings use oploholes to pay far less than was promedis. sound familiar? it should. it a'snother b ad sche fmeor califniora. for state corontller only yiu wl ilsave taxpayermos ney. , itwa, who, me? only yiu wl ilsave taxpmeer?os ney. , nono, t you. yvonne y.iu yvneon yiu. not . megood choe.ic for y25ears, yiu worked as an exutecive at top finaiancl fis.rm namaged hunddsre ofud aits. as mayor, she sadve taxpayers erov $55 million. fiinndg waste. sangvi money. yiu is f yorou. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controerll.
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>>to> night, bakreing newsn o thbae by formu slahortage d anon vicod in chireldn. toghnit, what e thcdc is n ow saying about a new booster for children. > first,he t fda comssmiioner pressed tonhe formu slahortage byaw lmakers obon th sides. siinsting thsue pply shoagrte willeg bin to gebet tter, que,ot wiinth days. t acknowdgleing it wl ilbe a few weekuns til we'rbae ck to normal. rainmpg up productn ioat he om and the defense departmentow n using commercialla ps neto bring inor fmula froabm road. to bfauflo, and nitoght, the spsuect chard gewith kilngli ten ople, inou crt todayea wring an orangjue mpsuit a sndhackles, in fro ontf grievi rngelatives of the vtiicms. what washo suted at m hiin urcot.
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and willha tt belovegrd ocery store ayst open inha tt


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