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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 19, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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tonight, breaking news on the baby formula shortage and on covid in children. tonight, what the cdc is now saying about a new booster for children. first, the fda commissioner pressed on the formula shortage by lawmakers on both sides. insisting the supply shortage will begin to get better, quote, within days. but acknowledging it will be a few weeks until we're back to normal. ramping up production at home and the defense department now using commercial planes to bring in formula from abroad. to buffalo, and tonight, the suspect charged with killing ten people, in court today wearing an orange jumpsuit and shackles, in front of grieving relatives of the victims. what was shouted at him in court. and will that beloved grocery store stay open in that community?
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the employee who hasn't taken off his name tag since that awful day. tonight, children and covid in this country, and the cdc panel now recommending tonight pfizer booster shots for children 5 to 11. pfizer now says it increases antibodies against the original omicron variant 22-fold. just as new child covid infections hit their highest point since february. the abortion battle in this country, and tonight, the oklahoma legislature passing the most restrictive abortion ban in america. banning abortion beginning at conception, with few exceptions ad sending it to the governor tonight. president biden meeting with leaders of finland and sweden at the white house today, supporting their bid to join nato, defying threats from vladimir putin. the abc news exclusive tonight. martha raddatz on board the "uss maine." one obvious 14 ballistic missile submarines protecting the u.s. from potential nuclear threats. and what they kept secret there martha even while she was onboard. the first case of monkeypox in the u.s. this year. what we know about the patient in massachusetts. and the possible new case now
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being investigated in new york city. the explosion at a construction company. emergency crews rushing to the scene tonight. several hurt, including firefighters. in london tonight, 36 years after "top gun," tom cruise and the royal moment with duchess kate. you'll see the images. and america strong here tonight, the surprise letter at graduation. and that was just the beginning. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a thursday night. and we begin tonight with breaking news on covid and children. the cdc panel now officially recommending a new booster for children 5 to 11 amid this spike in new cases. also, the major news on the baby formula shortage. the fda commissioner before members of congress today insisting that the supply shortage will begin to get better, quote, within days. but acknowledging it won't be back to normal for many weeks.
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saying the abbott factory in michigan, shut down since february because of a recall, will be back up and running again as soon as next week. of course, it then takes time to get it made, delivered, and then make it to store shelves. across the country tonight, parents still finding those empty shelves, and this evening, where do things stand in the effort to ramp up production with the defense production act? and the defense department now using commercial planes to bring in formula from overseas. abc's mireya villarreal leading us off tonight. >> reporter: tonight in washington, lawmakers grilling the head of the fda, demanding to know how the baby formula crisis was allowed to happen. >> you can't hide behind an investigation. we need answers. we need them now. >> you know, as i've said, we could do better than we did. >> reporter: dr. robert califf promising the situation will get gradually better with the reopening of abbott's main formula manufacturing plant in michigan. >> we've already made significant progress.
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and i think we are on track to get open within the next week to two weeks. most likely at the outer bound two weeks. >> reporter: president biden invoking the defense production act to rush formula ingredients to manufacturers and import formula from overseas. but even with that, the fda commissioner acknowledging it will be a few weeks until things get back to normal. >> are you sleepy, baby? >> reporter: cold comfort for parents like amanda mendoza, who is struggling to feed her 7-month-old daughter. >> i went to over 20 stores in one day. >> reporter: aisle upon aisle of empty shelves. >> it's like this everywhere we go. >> reporter: the search stressful and demoralizing. >> sometimes i want to cry when i don't find it. because i don't know if she's going to eat. >> reporter: in that same town, another mom, jacquelyn medrano, joining a facebook group to try to help. it's called the nationwide formula search. with nearly 800 members in less than two weeks.
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>> essentially, you could have a mom who hasn't been able formula in their area, but maybe someone in another state has what they're needing. you can really hear how desperate these women are becoming, trying to figure out what their next move is going to be. >> reporter: how does that make you feel? >> it makes me feel like i can't do enough. >> mireya villarreal is with us from fort worth tonight. and tonight, we're also learning that more than a million bottles of formula will soon be on its way to the trust overseas as part of this effort? >> reporter: that's right, david. we just learned that the first flight will come in from switzerland as a part of the administration's operation fly formula. we do understand that this first shipment will focus on 246 palettes that are specialized formula for children that have a cow's milk/dairy allergy.
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we know right now, that is a very critical medical need for all the parents out there that have been searching for days, if not weeks, to find this special formula. david? >> yeah, the help can't get here soon enough. mireya, thank you. we turn now to buffalo, where the 18-year-old accused in that deadly mass shooting, authorities say was fueled by racist hate, appearing in court today. ordered to remain behind bars, facing one count of murder so far. a grand jury weighing more charges. victims' family members facing the gunman for the first time. what was shouted in that courtroom. abc's stephanie ramos in buffalo again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the 18-year-old accused of shooting 13 people in a racially motivated attack at that buffalo supermarket appearing in court, under tight security. for the first time, payton gendron facing the families of the ten killed and three injured five days ago. >> do you understand what today's proceeding is about? >> he does. >> reporter: and as he was led out of thecourtroom, a victim's relative yelling out. >> payton, you're a coward! >> reporter: the suspect, who pleaded not guilty to an initial charge of first degree murder, now indicted by a grand jury.
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with 11 out of the 13 shooting victims black, authorities are investigating saturday's rampage at the tops store as a hate crime and racially motivated violent extremism. >> how dare you! >> reporter: victims' relatives sharing their anguish today. among them, the mother of hayward patterson's son, jake. >> his heart is broken. he hasn't slept. he hasn't ate. and as a mother, what i am supposed to do? >> reporter: investigators are combing through the suspect's social media posts, where authorities say he documented his lmonths-long plot to kill a many black people as possible. the suspect able to collect weapons, even after he was investigated by state police nearly a year ago for disturbing comments about murder/suicide around his high school graduation. neither the school nor police filing a petition in a court, which could have triggered a red flag for any gun purchases in the future. tonight, the fbi concluding its investigation at the
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supermarket, releasing it to tops as the company vowed to reopen. >> and it will be an honor to the victims and all the survivors of this tragic event. >> reporter: employee jerome bridges says he'll return, telling our affiliate wkbw he led colleagues to safety in a back room when the gunfire erupted. since that day, he has not taken off his tops name tag. >> it helps remind me that anything is possible, anything can happen at any time, any place, any day of the week. >> that's really extraordinary, stephanie, the worker who hasn't taken his store name tag off, devoted to that store. and we sensed it when we were on the scene with you this week, as soon as you get there, you hear from everyone, not just the workers, but everyone the community, how central that lone grocery store is to that community. >> reporter: exactly, david. that area was a food desert before the tops supermarket
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arrived. the mayor tells me he fought hard for years to get that store there, and over the years, it's become much more than a market, it's become a community center. so, losing it was a hardship. but now that there are plans to reopen, tops says they will do so in a respectful manner and also in a way where they can honor the victims. david? >> all right, stephanie, thank you again tonight. we're going to turn now to that developing headline on covid and children. a cdc panel today now officially recommending the new pfizer booster shot for children 5 to 11. at least five months after the initial shots. it comes as new cases nationwide have now quadrupled since late march. nearly 100,000 new infections in this country. new cases involving children now the highest since february. here's whit johnson. reporter: tigonht, a cdc panesil gning ofonf booster otshs for ki 5ds to 11 yrsea d,ol five mohsnt after tirhe initial shots. >> 11 seyes, one n oo,ne stention. and tsohe motiopan sses. >> reporr:te the cdcoi pnting to the vaincce's wani pngrotection ainst sytompmatic infections
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across a allge groups, from % 60 afr tetwo doses, t20o % a few monthsat ler. but prottiecon remai snstrong against vesere nepfw izer datsha owed the boosr teshot incasreed tibodies2- 2fold agastin omicn roin 5 to -y11ear-oldsho w had no edevince pofrior covid infection. >> wn hewe look at the efficy ac of t vheaccine, 'sit not only stju about gtietng the vusir, but it a'slso abouprt otecting our ilchdren frobem coming hoitspalized, nglo covid, e th rious otr hethings that n ca haenpp when weet g a virusik le this. >>ep rorter: prmhaacies now geri ungp to roloul t more some parentsag eer to get in neli. >> i knoa w lot of ppleoe that are geinttg sick, , soi mean, whatev herelps. >> repteorr: othersts ill on the fence. >> they meca out wittoh o much stuff too fastor f me. >> repteorr: but t pheanel today voicg inconcern atth more th an % 70of kids tinhat age ougrp ven't ev genotten thr eifirst two doses. boosters are grt eaonce we've gotve eryonehe tir first roun ad,nd i thinkha tt ndsee to a >> repteorr: this tashe country is n aowveragingea nrly
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0,000 necow vid caseevs ery day. fectionsua qdruplingn ithe last s wixeeks. about ,02500 paties ntin the sphoital, thhie ghest nuermb ncsie mid-mah.rc i>> will sa ty,his partulicar virus coinntues to throws u curvalebls. d i thinitk really ntcoinues to find oppele who he avnot been infect.ed >>nd a so let'brs ing in wt hi josohnn tonight. d whit, isth new recommentidaon on boteosrs for children 5 to 11 of course comes at a timehe wn ahi trd of eramicans are livgin inre aas that are at mediu omrig hh risk, atth level has been heightedne stju the lascot uple of ysda. >> rorepter: andav did, for ose highis rk areas keli right heren inew yorkit cy, the c dc isga ain recomndmeing that peopleea wr masks doinors. ny publiofc ficials e ar lurectant tori bng back e th maatndes. tathe same meti, 39 stas teand territors ieare now eiseng an incrseea in hospalit admissis.on dad?vi a>>ll rightwh, it johns, onour thankso tyou > >>now to t ahebortion ttbale. laokhoma's liseglature h nasow ssed whawot uld be t mheost strictivabe ortion b yanet, tlawing moalst all artboions
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afr tethe mome ontf conceponti, d anlike tex nasow, relyg inon lawstsui from prative citize ns tonf eorce it here r'sachel sct.ot r>>eporter:on tight in laokhoma, a llbi banninglm aost alabl ortions omfr the momt enof coepnction heangdi to the vernor, o whhas vowetod sign it. >> we ntwa to outl aawbortion in the statofe oklahoma. >> rorepter: theil bl includ es rrow exctiepons, to otprect e life othf e mother andor f ses rofape and ceinst, but only ithf ey'rree ported tlao w foenrcement. i sadot wn with e thbill's authorst, ate reprenestative wendi strmeaan. itcrics say,hy w not make exceptions to cor veall of those instance es,specially when rape and incest are so underreported? >> wl,el the goaofl this is to precott the chd,il the unbn or so, i believe that putting in the ceexption ase whave it is ceptablen ithis sittiuaon. reporte br:ut todayvi, ce presidt enkamala hriars calling it orautgeous. >> it's stju the latt esin a
5:43 pm
seri oesf extremlae ws around the r>>eporter:he t oklahombia ll kes a pa ogeut of thtee xas ayplbook, emweporing priteva citinsze to sue yoanne who as id abets aabn ortion. the rerdwa? at lstea $10,000. and wh ient's gnsied, it wl il ta ekeffect imdimeately. vid, allhi ts as theup sreme court pisoised tove orturn roe rsus wade. that haenpps, 26 stesat would ther banbo artion orev serely restctri access itot. d an13 statewos uld do ialt most mediately. vid? >> all rhtig, rachelco stt up on the hi fllor us agn aitonight. thank u,yo rachel. we tn urnow to t whear in ukraine,nd a tonightfi, nland and swed nenow movinfog rward with pla tnso jo ninato. esprident bin dewith learsde of th countesri at the itwhe house datoy, suppoinrtg their applicioatns to jo ninato, despite tipun's itom ces amid 0 $4billion ninew d aifor ukrae infrom the.s u., d here'sur o senior refoign rrcoespondeniat n pannell tonight.
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>> rorepter: tonhtig, that 0 billioain d paagcke for ukrae inpassing ngcoress and gointog preside bntiden to sign. at t whehite hou tseoday, bin de welcomg inthe leaders of sdewen d anfinland d antheir bitod injo the natalo liance. >> thehay ve the fl,ul total, comple bteacking othf e united stetas of amecari. r>>eporr:te the predesint wh it a ssmeage for ssruia, as wl.el >>ew n memrsbe joiningat no is not a thatre to any nati.on >>ep rorter: is t'not just erican meyon and weanspo that are helpg inukraine thwi the war, butme arican fiteghrs, too. esthe arsoe me of thsoe ldiers of t uhekrainianor feign legion. erthe are atea lst 25 amicerans this un aitt a secr et calotion outdesi kharkiv. >> reall wy,e just wteand to lp the uaikrnian weel bieve thatht eir fighist a just fig, htand we wteand to be here and support them. >> reporter: manofy them are combat verets anwho foug ihtn aqirnd a afghanianst andre a volunteengri to fighrut ssia on their n owdime. evenho tugh the debin miadnistrati honas told americs annot to jn oithe fight
5:45 pm
in ukrneai. keli the u.sgo. vernmentth, is is now a war they y sathey'll see through tohe t bitter end. dad,vi the chamairn of theoi jnt chfsie, generamil lley, speaking to his russi canounterpa rt rasimov datoy. signicifantly, is t'the first directon cversatiothn ey've had ncsie the waber gan. no detai olsf their scdiussion, but angr aeement, at leastto, ep those lines of counmmication enop. david? >> i panannell tigonht. ank you,an i. >>no> w to thebc a news exclusiv ae,s north rekoa threats ennuclear ssmiile tests and advlimir put winith his threateng inrhetoricas, well, marthaad rdatzon tight on a clasfisied missi oonnboard a u.s.uc nlear subrimane. e of theos mt potent tederrents ithn e u.s. aenrsal. reporte rr:ising fr tomhe tewars of thpae cific ocn,ea a brtheataking shtig -- erica's stmo fearsome wahirsp, bristlinwig th nucle wareapons. we arebo aard the ss"u maine," one ofnl oy 14 balstliic missile bmsuarines ithn e u.s. aenrsal. two fobaotll fieldins length, carrngyi 20 balltiisc missil, es ea tchopped wi ath dozen nleucar
5:46 pm
warhea.ds eachap cleab of oblirateting a target,0 400 mileswa ay. cevi admiralil bl houstoisn the coanmmder of u. .ssubmarine thmie ssion -- we are yitrng to prenevt war withhi ts ship rhtig now. >> repteorr: we we greiven exclusivace cess to e th suarbmine and s it150-memb er cr, ewspending4 2hours de ep underwerat. isth is the rtbehing arewha ere l of theai slors sle.ep nineo ta bunkroom. but inet bween? e esare the betus where e th baislltic missesil are anwed were right erthe as they aitrned for uannthinkab le enario, spreonding ta o stteragic nuclr eaattack unch bedy an adversa.ry >> dive, de.iv >>ep rorter: the exerce,is a success. t buin the rl eaworld --he t
5:47 pm
rethat increinasg. >>n ithe coldar w, it washe t unedit states d anthe viet uni.on d now it c'shina, ruiass, and e unitedta stes, witchh ina and russia bei nngear peer advearrsies. >> reporr:te and howoe ds that chan ygeour job? makes imot re challengi, ng bui t can tellou y, the na avynd e thsubmarinfoe rce and isth crews iready fothr at chalnglee, everyin sgle day. 5, 24/7. they arcoe mmitted. and mahart, incredleib access there. these ssmiions areo s asclsified. they didt n'even telyol u ecprisely whe eryou werehe wn u were ooanbrd and othn e move with them? >> repteorr: they dndi't, david. and e thnavy didhe cck our veoid fobere we gooft f the suarbmine to make resu none ofhe t images vealed a cnylassified inrmfoation, b dutavid, asou y owkn, you'veee bn on the se subminares. the escrews arale l voluntrsee willing btoe underwerat for months aa t time to epke the country safe. vidad? >> jusint credibleor wk. rtmaha, thanyok u. ch more mofartha's rare ceacss lateron tight on "niglihtne" and,f ocour, se suaynd on abc's "ts hiweek." wel 'lbe > tonight, t mheonkeypox
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nccoerns herine the u.s. a massacsehutts man iisn isolatioafn ter becongmi sick with monypkeox, a vis rurelated to smapollx and ralyre found tsouide he is saido tbe doingel wl and pos seno risk ttohe public. ctors atos bton's ma gsseneral reporthe t man devopeled mptoms aerft a visito t cadana. theyre a investitigang wheth er theas ce is lkeind to small tbreaksf o thi isn europe. sepateraly, the cdc ssay six eramicans are being mitonored after th seyatea nr a brishti nkmoeypox paentit on a recent igflht from geniria to ldoonn. d anword of poa ssible ce as unr deinvestigioatn in newor yk tyci's bellee vuhospital. enwh we comeac bk here tonight,he t explosi aonnd fire at a cstonruction mpcoany. several peop hleurt, incdilung fireghfiters at e thscene. yo purrojects nedo rig
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contact your doctor. dodggin bullets in the park nitoght what one peninsula city doing to keep ppleoe seaf plusak ting issueit wh paying for painrkg. 'its'about mo trehanon mey abc 7 ws is ne.xt finay,ll the g fillnay, t gheraduation surpriseam, erica stngro. e thcollege gradtiuaon, seni or ladi lraight. the surpseri note fr hom er brheotr. i receid vea letteran, email, ainga, from laradyl ght. >>h, o god. >> he said, i wa yntou to te ll smyister hoprw oud i am. how acgrious shes. i how pesurlate ivthat she is. and i know that she is going to
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amazing things in her life. shise one in mia llion, with a special letant of kninowg ju st meo , gs . lk to hiabm out it! >> s hhead no id ieat wasn't justhe t letter,er h brother, larydal, w rasight the, retoo. he had bn eedeployedit wh the u.s. armrey serve. and rit ghhere tonhtig -- >>ey h, david. >> ladir ta,he new gd,ra on that moment. >> tt hawas literallevy erything to me. like, th watas the bt esgift th iat could he avever gotten. hey, >>nd a specialt islight teinllg huse just couldn't ssmi this memont. i>>t was a alrely imporntta mome fntor growing , upwe were waalys there for ea ochther's b migoments. >> a momencet ntral miigchan ivunersity w'ton soon foetrg. the brother, his note, his rpsuriseis vit. congturalations ttohe gradue,at d anher proubrd other, tnkhas for yo surervice. good nhtig. ite' 've got to drin the violence a tndhe recesklsrin
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behavior. we a sreeeing on. califoiarn highway across licaforn aiand right here at the bay area tonight the i-team tracks dn.ow just how many freeway shootings there are and wt'h's beindog ne ouabt them. i'' metroeologist sandy pelat tracngki gtyus winds and fire danger hour by hour forasect micong uplu ps yoga forou yr eyes. it' gsrowing in popularyit and you can anthk the pandem.ic building a betrte bay area vimong forward finding lutions. this is abc 7 news. the latest tragedy is less than 24 hours old and 't's only the most recentxa emple of the bay area'' deaydl rdwoaays. goodve ening. i'm amidaste a ind'man d ashy.le thanks for joining us tonhtig. the abc 7ew ns i-tmea helps us dig deepnt io a crime that cldou feafctny aone. 've sn eethe trag ricesults of shootisng too often latel ayll overhe t bayre aa at all hours of theay d and night in ftac a record number of shootings are threenating peoepl on roads all
6:00 pm
across theou cntry more tnha 2,800ho sotings heav kleildnd a injudre peoepl anglo us hhwigays and interstesat from 2018 rough mchar of this year 8% of those trageesdioo tk pcela in californ tiaonight the abc 7 news iteexm poses wheer the oblem is getngti worse inhe t bay area it reporter stephanie. sierra is in the newsroom with our veinigstation sthaepnie. mama these senselessct as of violence are destroyg inlives familiesnd a inslltiing frea in ourom cmunities and the problem ise' 'reee sing it get worally r chryer aenn is in pain mrnouing the loss hofer 23 month old son. sper wu the swho the native we spoke to aenn thrghou her steisr owh i tsranstilang in chinese over theho pne. so much a mere six months ago ttlile jaspe wras asleep in the car whenun gfire eruedpt on inrstetate 880 a bult lestruck e thinfant ithn e