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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 19, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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2,800 shootings have killed and injured people along us highways and interstates from 2018 through march of this year 8% of those tragedies took place in california tonight the abc 7 news item exposes where the problem is getting worse in the bay area it reporter stephanie. sierra is in the newsroom with our investigation stephanie. mama these senseless acts of violence are destroying lives families and instilling fear in our communities and the problem is we're seeing it get worally . cherry anne is in pain mourning the loss of her 23 month old son. jasper wu the show the native we spoke to anne through her sister who is translating in chinese over the phone. so much a mere six months ago little jasper was asleep in the car when gunfire erupted on interstate 880 a bullet struck the infant in the forehead.
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somebody that living with an incomprehensible loss the senseless tragedy a result of gang crossfire by out there for you to happen to another family. this scene is one of at least 215 other shootings that took place on interstates across california from 2018 through march of thi year. rdbc 7's data analysis around 39% of those happened in the bay area in early, january 28 year old david win. shot and killed on i-580 the young alameda county sheriff's recruit was only a month away from graduating last week a seven year old boy is recovering from being struck by a bullet on i-80 near vacaville and just last night another shooting off i-580 that overturned a car killing two people and injuring another the list goes on we've got to drive down the violence and the reckless behavior. we are seeing on california's
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highways over the course of several months. the abc 7 news i-team comb through gun violence archive data, which tracks the number of incidents on interstates. using news reports and press releases we found the interstate's most impacted in the bay area are 580 80 880 680 and 280 at least 79 shootgs on these highways from 2018hr tough march of02 22, but it's iormptant toei rnforce that figure only capretus cesas ttha made the newshe tea rlity of the obprlem is much bigger for amexple, theal cifornia highway patrol the ancgey tasdke to veinstigate these shootings geav the i-team dattha at showshe t al or is six timesig hher when lookgin at 2020 and 2021 in those years reporting aunrod 289 interstate shootings in the bay eaar versus f46rom gva tada. like inu' 'sra tgic ceas most of emthre aap hpening in oakland. 'w'veee sn both irencases in shootisng and homicesid aoscrs
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the citynd a unfortunalyte, 't's been driven by group inan gg olvience. we brohtug this to oakland police chief launtre armstrong after ouanr alysis uovncered the city. hiesght numberf o interstate shtioongs in the nsew across the baary ea at 27 follodwe by richmo sndan fncraisco san anledro and livmoer creouple of shootis ngrelated to group and gangio vlence. we've also ense some shtioongs relatedo t lowra gde,nd a we also heav seen some just random rifing of weanspo in partilacur en we've had sesidhow activity that is actuallyad me its way on th heighway as well. it seems likehi ts a sideswho took over 880 as a reckless driver was seen spiinnngon duts ross all we are gnaon shutha tt down chief seom people frea taking theig hhways bauecse of scenes like this. howre a you and your deptmarent workin wgithhp c to cra dckown on these crimes? think ther''s aou cple inthgs i thkin ife w cannh eance our techlonogy on our hhwigays i ink siggena along t hheighways to leteo pple owkn. that there are recording devesic
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onhe t highways following requests by mayor libby schaaf, th geovernor annouednc funding to install 200 cctv cameras to be itanslled on freeways at 50 cations across the state inclinudg areas of amelada and contraos cta we can assume that you know, it probab rlyoughly a quarter of thos weill be in or nreaak oland e govern'o'sff oice confirmed to thete imam ceras will be stinalled at specific intersectis onalonghe t main linef ointersta 8te80 580 hiwaghy 24 and international boulevar adll of which go throughak oland. i want people to know thate' 're watching we now will have these eyes on our rowaadys more eyes to keep rou roaaydws safer and evprent the ls osof innocten keli little spjaer jaspewer re on oef at least 14 peopleil kled in 65 othersnj iured in highway shoongtis that we ermentioneind urcots across the bay area now
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in cifalornia at least 62eo pple were kleild on our freayews according to that gun violeenc chive daat from 2018 through marcofh this epsth doou y have an idea when those diadtional freew cayameras will be stinalled? in ft acwe got anpd uate the fitrs rndou will be inslltaed thisal fl barri angny splupy aichn issues. thats i the deptmarent all 200 ceramas wlil be inalstled by the spring of next year. so certalyin means meorye es on the road. yeah for sure. all rhtig,te sphanie. thank uyo now if you'lid ke to e sea story veinstigated contact the a 7bc news iea-tmo gto abc7ne.cwsom slash item or call e oneight eightor fty. llwe the call for ceramas on the freeways is growing ldeour after the latessht ootingn o i-580 in oaankld four people wereho st andwo t diedft aerri dving in the area of semariny avenue
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onalg 580 around 8 pm abc 7 news rertpoer jr. stonise on the story. flhiasng lights alongnt ierstate 58 s0ignaling one of the lattes highwakiy llings inak oland. it'slm aost like you're rolling th deiceve ery time you get on the freeway peoepl dveri tsehe freeways and fearnd a myself cludedou dg harris'' close frie.nd jean ransom was shot and killed along i-880 in oakland three months ago fast forward to wedndaesy night. work a tndhen heard it m baye real firstep rorts of gunfire in thisre aa near i-580 and seminary in oakland tn haa vehiecl craedsh in the area three out of the four ppleoe inside h gadunshot wounds. the car died at the hospitaanl d
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no arrests have beenad me chp is instveigating and says shooting ciindentap hpene odn i-580, but 's not sdai specicafilly where the shots were fired. we bieelve the arere some shooting in the area of leak meitrrt involngvihi ts vehicle the ivdrer that vehicle then ied tora tnsport tseho iurnjed people to highlan hdospital and in route toig hhland hostapil. weel bieve he stmoik lely crashed rolled over alameda cotyun sheriff gregory ahern made a trip toac sramento tudaesy, andha tt was state officials in the governor'' office about getti cngameras. says, lastig n'h's shooting showsot n oynl themp iortaenc for camer,as whichav he alrdyea been appverod, but the need to stinall them as soon as possible as to who iseh bindhe tse ntinuedho sotings. we've identified in excess of0 8 stetre gangs in the city of kland th aatre some what connteecd to tsehe vleionce stmoly teehr identifdie gangs atth heav been responsible for re. so tseho shootings every time i
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ive80 8, you kn, owi i korean mpju when i drive by the area on oak street where my cselori fend jean rsoanm gotur mdered as of right now no susctpe descriptnsio have been put out theer in regards tohi ts i-580 ooshting law enfceorment uinrgg witnseess to come forward jr. stone c ab7 news. justou hrs ago. fire cwsre were able tono kck downwo t fires in san jose ysk 7 waabs ove the rsfit a small. fire inou yr coye otcreek right behind yerba buena hhig school about feiv mileswa ay a second grass. fire broke out nrea julnia reet inow dntown s janose fire crews weer able to quickly put out both fires. so le''s bring in abc 7 news teorologtis sandiaat pel cabeuse sheas h the details on our red fgla warning sandia. yeah alma tha rtedla fg is for solano cntouy due to a dry conditio insn there aaom cbining with gustyin wds and low humidity any firesha tt spread will devel wopill spread icqukly at is in effec utntil 8pm morrow.
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we have ain wd aisdvory gngoi up forha tt same area north bay llhis east bay hlsil and valleys and that is going to start at 11 pm tonhtig thosein wds 35 to 50 mile an hour gustsou cldau cse meso problems. so let me sh yowou the winds rightow n arod unfairfield 21 lemis an hour vacaville 27. the humidi itys low. i mean y'o're 19% in vavacille d 22% in frfaiield which is y the fire danger eislevated there. i'lle bback with the rest of the hourly forecast coming right up. denomana. right sandia. than vksery much cominupg heer next payg into park at theal ml. it's not the money that's making employees seupt. 'i's the ssmeage. and one of bets on the ballot we sort out the confuonsi over the future ofam gbling in california dan what vots ermay get to decide.
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out-ofta-ste corpotiraons otwre annl oine spor ts bettinplg an th ey call ol"sutions fo r the holemess". really? e thcorpatorionsak te 90er pcent of the profits. and usinlog opholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the coorrpations' 'wn protomional cos,st like frebee ts, taken from the homeless funds. and th'dey get a refund on their $100 mliilon license fee, takefrn om meholess fun, dstoo. these gu dysidn't wreit a planor f the homesels. they wtero it fothr emselves.
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c sspoible. seiossn contiesnu to drive dnow eth market the dow nasqda and s&p00 5 all ltos again tod,ay enho tugh not nearly as badly as yesterday's massive sell-off the dow lost 236 points the nasdaq went down by 29 the s&p dropped 22. it's on the verge of bear market territory having lost nrleay 20% from i jtsanuary peak 20% is the sort of the indicator of a bear market. well a fewon mthsgo a valley fair mall inan s jose ben gato archge shopp. and empyeloes ofhe tm all to rkpa abc 7 nsew rorepter dustin dorsey on theac bklashmp eloyees feel it represents a bigger issue in society right now. in what seems like an argenumt erov ama sllmo aunt of money to
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most a new paid a parkol picy is creangti a financi balurden for workser at vall feyair mall in nsaos jeik le cheesakece facryto emoyplees sergioom gez. i''s tinakgol dlarswa ay from my educioatn is takingol dlars away from my invtmesents andt' 's tangki dolrsla away fmro jusmyt future as a whole in an efftor to keep the parking lot safer and dedicated for mall. use vlealy fairas h begun charging for parkingn osite. as of february shoppers gethe t firstwt o hours of parking for ee andhe tn are charged a dollar an hrou after that while emoyplees are chaedrg three dollsar a day or $ p40er month parking is n aot luxury. just because you know, yo''re a big aer vy beautulif mall vyer expeivnse mall with theseor st high-end brandsnd a europnea luxuries. i fl eelike we don't have to ke that and turn it into an opprsieson again tsthe wkeorrs owh are minakg you that moneyo t me. it'' symboliofc something vyer wrg onwith the lgearr culretu the inceom lelev around the mall represtsen aea wlthier part of
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n jose whit miaedn houseldho inmecos nrieang 200,000an s jose atste university socloiogy ofessor otsct myers ltoipn worries how these miminum weag emoyplees will be able to pay 00 a yr eato park inne o of e mtos expensive pcelas to live ithn e count.ry how is theot btom 40 5or0% going to babe le to leiv in a society in aom cmunity ttha were the ctsos are so ghhi and we have to pay for parki tngo work we know. veha this inceom inequalyit in r oucommunity. we know it'' gwirongut b this house 't'som sehow sboymlic of at growi ingnequalit byetween the haves a tndheav he nots the llmaec dlinedo tnt iervi,ew but told us in a statement. sweupport the right of the employeesho w work at the center to vceoi their opinions,ut b we remain cmiomtted to our corontlled parngkila pn in san jose dustin dorseaby c 7 nsew ppening now a special cyit councilee mting iean stal po alto to address iuesss of pubcli safe.ty w''re jtus about 48ou hrs moreved from a deadly shooting ator wk in which one person ddie and three others were wodeund. e thman kill ieds the dozen of
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raidser weid reiecverev donte adam asbc 7 newres porter didav losui talked to a city officials abou htow they plan to address the cy'i's gun violence problem. the nightrema of 60 children and adults dgiodng 33ul bletsir fed at a city parkas h residents frusattred angry and woredri tonio lopez will join fellow council members at a special session to liste bn,ut meor importtlany to act the'r's a cityha tt's not more lovgin not more caring that doesn't that woierrs about their children or neighbors more than east palo toal east palolt ao has dltea successflyul with gunio vlence in theas pt after logging 43. guides in99 12 in recten years the predominant wlyorking-cssla counmmity has had to deal with covidnf iecting one out ofve ery xsies ridents many of them essential workers at high risk emunployment and high housing costs also has ftle many this that is quote is noton gna it's not gonna seav us. it's gonna rips uapart. oppele are gonna leave and so we
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ha tveoe bable to be bold and tno thiinnkg ideology not thinking us versus tmhe not thkiinng who'' in these policits o'w's notes ridents cplomaining to us picole are not doing enough to areddss suspicious tivity at jack farllre park wheer tuesda''s shootgin haenpped. it'' very important ttha we n't meak aumssptions on our own dano g out and targeteo pple d assume that they're doing these aivctities if they weer not geinttg the rorepts. 're n gotoing to go out there and accuse tm heof dngoi anhiytng that eyth may or may not be doing couilnc member peloz says the policdee partment has about five. us your vacanci aesndas h difficulty rrueciting with ignehboring cities withar lger budgets. theit cy is currelynt worngki on it bsudget loz pesays it wlil have to reset priorities to boost publisac fety wthheer it's you know offerics whether it's creating comnimuty watch groups, whethert' 's somsoe rt of alternative what we have a soalci justiceom cponent, but the fact the fact is that what we're doing isn't sustainleab east palo alto's leadsherip is a mix of seasons elected officlsia
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and aew n generatn iolopez is 7 an ad lifelong resident. erthe are lives at stake our children our nieces our nephews they they desveer a betrte world and there is a better city david louiabe c 7 news. allig rht. itas w gtyus outside today. not just windy reayllus gty. it rlleay was meteolorogist. sandy tepal is keeping tsab on that and the temrapetures in ye,ah and tseho temperatusre fell today the winds. fidenitely gusty dannd a am i ntwa to sho ywou what brought us the gtyus windshe t cooler weather. i''s aro tugh that is pasngsi to our northnd a that trough is dug out a nice niche there, but in esseenc itas h aowlled our mperatur teso drop as you will down 1de4 grees inan s carlos. 11 degesre cooler inov nato gheit degrees cooler in san se, but certainly also bringing the gusty ohonsre winds sfo rit ghnow 38 an urho 37 mile an hour winds in santa raos and are keeping an eye on fairfield as they're seeing a
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north wind which is reducing the humidity and raising the fire danger from our emeryville camera. just beautiful blue skies right now 65 in the city. it is 68 in oakland to low to mid 70s from sanos je to mountain view curntrely 57 degrees and halfoo mn bay. it's lovely view sunny skies omur o santa czru looks like a few ppleoe joying ttha sun 78 in santa rosa right now. it i77s in luma low to mid 80s fromon ccord to frfaiield by the way, we were in the mid-60s to th leow 90s arear wmest spots acples like faiierfld today, but ceairtnly not as hot as yesterdaasy we take a look at rou fire weheatr index. it's going to be really high to ve hryighor f most of theor nth y hills the east bay hills lasono cntouy tonight going into tomoowrr as we'r' exptiecng another round of gustyin wds while y'o're sleeping to ceom rothugh herend a as those gusty wisnd devel copritically drive fuelins the solo ancounty is nccoerning any fires ttha do delovep a sprdeaap ridly hour by hour. we'rehe ccking the wdsin. tno onlyn i solano couynt but
6:19 pm
algon the coalistne where5- 455 mile anou hr winds rightea nr eth coast at 7 o'clock you see that burst ofin wd around 5 am to around noon time is when we'rexp eecting those ndwis and tnhe tyhe ease as we had into the evening hours, but the fire danger will still remain elevated so fmro our kgo roof camera can see there tes owbling in tt hawind gust. is in fire danger touhrgh tomorrowin wds ease orve the ekweend and summerik le heat returns next weekou yr morngni temperatesur. eyth're cinomg down not quite as warm as they weer this morni,ng bu itt isoi gng to be wiynd around parts of the bay area 40s 50s, mnlaiy clearki ses and then the aerftnoon in the south bay 80nd a gilroy 79 in san jeos 75 and sunnyvale on the pensniula mid 70s from mountain view to rwoedod city 62 half on bay. the suwin ll be shining. 'i's gointog be nice day 70 in the city 63 daily city north bay teermpaturesre bezy arodun napa 81 degesre 83 santaos ra 80 in san rafael adheing ionthe t east bay 77ak oland 78re fmont inldan ars.ea y'u're going to be in the lowo t
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mid 80s 84 in fairfield1 8 vermore dan pleasanton. you'r' accuweaerth's senev-day recast highir fe dgeanr motorrow ligerht winds jtus in timeor f the wkeeend tseho temperatesur coming up around the lainnd areasnd a the bay and then if you you le ikthe hot weathe ir, mean got summerik le athe comgin in again nextee wk low to mid0s-9 inland. the good thing is the coa ists t gngoi to get that hot and arndou the bay in the 80s dan. very good. all rig,ht sdyan. anthkou y. he's a star on general hostapil and he's'interest iedn your health. spifecically your mental heahlt st wayith us. m i'dan o'do awdnd i prapoved thimes ssage. tesla's llfu self- dr iving tenochlogy. the washington stpo reported on
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"owners of teslas fighting f corontr..ol." the washington "i'mry ting..."n watcthh is tesla "sl am in ato bike la bneollard..." "oh [bleeped f***]" isth one "fails stotop r foa pedestanri in a crosswalk." "expertsee s deep flaws." "that s wathe rswot thgin i'veve er seen in my lif"e. to stop tesla's fu llself-dringvi sofartwe... vote dan'd oowd fou.r s. senate.
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health arewaness month and we're hearing from genaler spital srta mriauce bernard on eth topic the sanra fncisco tive has beenn a outspenok voadcateor f menta hlealth reporter george panaccio from rou sisrte station in los angeletas lked withih m. you cano gthrough ytanhing. and in enve inhe t moment wnhe you inthk you can't what wmyife uld say mtoe. u'y're strongethr an you kw,no like you have tughohts jtus ziinppg around in yourea hd for 30 years general hospilta icon. maurice. bernard has manedag his bipolar disoerrd with lithium early on in his ceearr. he was advised toee kp his medilca condionti to himself instead. he wten public in parto thelp hers.
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bilapor anxietdey pression whatev iert is. 'i's the beunarable that cesom that that' wshy you see oppele who commitui scide or whatever it is becausehe ty don't want to go throu aghnother day of it. maeri saysou y need t koeep ingo because it will pass when he hears of someone who's committed suicide. most recently naomi judd it hurts. i always feel like if i could have had a conversation. i'm not saying. could have changed it. but i think that i could have tried and maybe changed their mind. marie says the pandemic has brought more awareness to mental health issues. he knows the value of treatment. why is everybody asking me about my meds? it took me.
6:25 pm
four months everything that i've done with metal four months to see a psychiatrist. in every day, i had thoughts. of not being here anymore. so it's two it's too long a day's too long. hoping to make a difference maurice is now sharing stories and interviewing others on his youtube channel show state state of mind with maurice bernard. most importantly you have to know it's going to get better. maurice is getting positive reaction to his show and during this mental health awareness month. it feels pretty good. you can live a productive life. that's a fact so i think this month. helps that out tremendously and i won't stop talking about it in los angeles george panaccio abc 7 news. and to find an ally to help care for your mental health check out some local resources by going to
6:26 pm action babies cries are being heard in washington dc. the president will use the defense production act to increase the supply of baby formula, but this crisis is far from over and next the latest from san jose where a family faces charges for the death of a three year old girl during an exorcism. what are you recommending for muscle pain? based on clinical data, i recommend salonpas. agreed... my patients like these patches because they work for up to 12 hours,
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even on moderate pain. salonpas. it's good medicine for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller.
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fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
6:29 pm
better bay area moving forward finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. the latest now on the death of a three-year-old girl after an exorcism attempt two of the suspects went before judge in santa clara county today prosecutors want those men in court together with a girl's mother who was arrested earlier this year abc 7 news reporter. zach fuentes has the story. the three-year-old known as a really doe died last september court documents show that the girl's mother and uncle drove to a san jose church believing she was possessed by a demon the child died in their attempts to get the so-called spirit out o'reilly's mother, claudia hernandez was arrested in january and just last week o'reilly's uncle renee hernandez. santos was arrested and her
6:30 pm
grandfather renee triggeros hernandez who met them at the church the night of a release death the thing that allowed us to arrest renee hernandez and renee hernandez santos. is the release of the medical examiner's report to our office and to the san jose police department, which provided more detail as to the injury to rally dough aureli's grandfather and her uncle went before a judge today to review their bail status both of their attorneys withdrew their emotions so that they'd have more time to look at the prosecutor's evidence for now the two will stay in custody with no bail family members of the two men were in court today, but turn down our request to speak with them prosecutor rebecca. why says that are really don't endured the abuse that led to her. for 12 hours. she says none of the three suspects call 911 until two hours after o'reilly died and only after a family member recommended it in the statement of fact, we outlined what the evidence shows each individual's role was but they are all looking at the same charge, which is child abuse causing death. they face 25 years to life in prison the san jose church at the center of all of it is also part of another shocking case
6:31 pm
still being investigated. it's where the family of three month old brand and quayar met the woman suspected of orchestrating his kidnapping. why is this prosecuting both cases and says each are being looked at separately for now her. the consolidate the three suspects connected with the reliedos depth to move prosecution along quicker on june 13th. we're going to ask to add the renee hernandez and renee hernandez santos case with the claudia hernandez case in santa clara county zach fuentes abc 7 news. the white man accused of killing 10 black people at a buffalo supermarket last weekend specifically targeting them because of their race was officially indicted today on a charge of first degree murder. he's due back in court next month. the fbi is touring over his social media posts which appeared to suggest the self-professed white supremacist was radicalized online during the early stages of the pandemic congressional leaders today vowing to combat hate crimes and activists are confident that this event will be a catalyst for change.
6:32 pm
so let's stop making excuses for hate. let's stop making excuses for white supremacy. it is wrong. it is poisonous, but this is not a question of mental health. it's a question of the nation's health if we keep letting this happen. day california senator diane feinstein introduced to bill called the age 21 act which would raise the minimum age to purchase assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines from 18 to 21. today the cdc started recommending children as young as five receive a booster dose of pfizer's covid-19 vaccine kids will have to wait at least five months after their second dose abc 7 news special correspondent, dr. elope patel says parents can rest assure. the shot is safe. i hope that parents out there when they see this approval. they realize that there is a debate in the advisory committee of immunization practices and they thoroughly bet all the data openly say that they wouldn't approve any vaccine unless they would give it to their own kids.
6:33 pm
eligible kids can start getting booster shots tomorrow us senate has unanimously approved a bill to make it easier for families to buy baby formula during the current shortage the access to baby formula act which already passed the house allows people to redeem the government's wic vouchers for any brand of formula. the act now goes to president biden for his signature. it's rare that we have unity in the senate on important measures and i wish we had more this is one of these important issues and i'm glad we're acting with one voice. a second bill to address the baby formula shortage past the house on wednesday but faces an uncertain future in the senate that measure would provide 28 million dollars in emergency funding to help boost formula production. we want to turn your attention now to the extremely confusing future of sports betting in california two propositions might end up on your november ballot, but it will be a battle to get there rob mcmillan from our sister station in los angeles has details we're
6:34 pm
already seeing plenty of ads online and on tv about measures on the november ballot that would legalize sports wagering in california. but so far we're not seeing as many ads for a particular measure as much as we are against them. it's bad for tribes and all californians. and we saw a prime example of that at a news conference in commerce this morning. vote. no, please vote. no the measure these folks are worried about is called the california sports wagering regulation and unlawful gambling enforcement act, which is being pushed by many of the indian casinos. it would legalize sports betting on their casino property, but it would also open the door for tribes to go after casinos who are flouting the law and this group worries. it will give indian casinos open season to go after card rooms. places like the commerce casino. it has a pacific provision that would allow for lawsuits against car rooms and even customers in the car room as a way to close them down and if these casinos were to be shut down it could be
6:35 pm
devastating to some of these communities 46% of our general fund revenue comes from our casino, but there's another gambling measure voters might see on the ballot which would legalize online and mobile sports wagering, but it doesn't mention any that in the title instead. it's called the california solutions to homelessness and mental health support act. rob stutzman is a spokesperson for a group called tribal sovereignty and safe gaming. he is opposed to that measure. yes. they are promising money to fight. homelessness and if you look at the fine print 90% of these dollars go out of state and then the pennies that remain actually get chopped up through some other loopholes. essentially you're looking at maybe a maybe a 3% bump to the amount of money the state currently spends on homelessness bottom line one of the initiatives would make online sports wagering in california legal the other would make it legal only. tribal casinos and racetracks
6:36 pm
only the second one is eligible for the ballot right now, but it's likely the other one will also be eligible sometime next month rob mcmillan abc 7 news california's june primary is underway election day is less than a month away now and ballots are already in the mail. maybe you've gotten one at your house. they're going to every registered california voter you have until monday, may 23rd to register to vote mail in ballots must be returned or postmarked. election day, which is june 7th in person voting is also available. you've heard that yoga can benefit your body, but let's get more specific yoga for your eyes. the pandemic has made it more popular plus. participate college graduates who truly are an inspiration to all of us that's coming up and now it's time for the california housing watch for some quick tips on buying and selling your home.
6:37 pm
this california housing watch is sponsored. redfin i get asked all the time what my top tips are for buyers, so here are some of my favorites find an agent you trust and have a good working report with in this market make sure that you're pre-approved for financing advance so you don't miss out on any great home buying opportunities. i would recommend touring as many homes as possible to help narrow down your search even talk to neighbors before buying you will learn a lot if a home meets over 80% of the requirements you're looking for then make an offer for more information visit the california housing watch is sponsored by redfin. wanna win choose redfin
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the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. or high blood potassium. help you stress and with more people working from home abc 7 news reporter loose peña spoke to a yoga instructor. who says any are practicing i yoga. recent reports found that americans spent about five to seven hours per day looking at a screen during the pandemic those numbers doubled for many people. one of them is eliza shoe. she spends about 10 hours a day in front of a computer and her eyes are reflecting that when your eyesight is so good.
6:41 pm
you could tell when it starts to give out a little bit her whole life. she's had 20/20 vision, but recently her optometrist noticed a change. i need to start wearing glasses to protect. my eye from getting worse. that's where mark morazumi comes in. he's a yoga instructor and owner of makunda studio in san francisco. he pivoted from teaching in person to online and now is implementing eye yoga to the beginning of many of his classes. it's kind of ironic that you're teaching at yoga. yes you well, it just so happens. the pandemic has given a lot of us teachers this inspiration to transfer what we my data in the studio. we asked mark to show the eye yoga technique that many like eliza are implementing. so we come to a nice upright position without being stiff. just the eyes will go up towards the ceiling. and without straining circle the eyes to the right. and down. to keep moving around the
6:42 pm
peripheral edge of your vision. if you notice the eye skipping or jumping go slowly the next time around so it's not about speed good and then we'll go in the other direction but clinically does i yoga. act any activity that can help reduce strain is helpful for the muscles dr. lf factorovich eye surgeon and director of the pacific vision institute says exercises like this are important to preserve i health simple technique is to 20 minutes the patient would look at least 20 feet away. for about 20 seconds. ah, yoga is recommended for one. to three minutes a day. you did great. yes in san francisco loose pena apc 7 news. i know it's very relaxing. year, but we're not sleeping. it's a yoga. no, it's you know, and i have to say these days with zoom and computers were all straining your eyes all the time.
6:43 pm
absolutely. what warm weather means beach weather. sandia has the full forecast for you next. meet brett from apartment 2b. he's not letting an overdraft alert get him stressed. he knows he's covered with zero overdraft fees when
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some questions about why the suspect involved was arrested multiple times and not held. yes on h. recall chesa boudin now. yes on h. for disney junior's newest live
6:46 pm
tour go on sale tomorrow costume palooza features mickey and minnie, of course along with characters from the disney junior hit tv show. marvel's spidey and his amazing friends the tour starts in southern california in september and includes two bay area shows december 8th at the san jose civic center and december 11th at the fox theater in downtown oakland disney of course is the parent company of abc 7 in the east bay two autistic non-speaking students from uc berkeley graduated with honors this week. it's a milestone for them and for cal abc 7 news senior education reporter liam melendez has their remarkable stories. five years ago david teplitz decided to get on a road not taken before at uc berkeley. he has non-speaking autism. we sat down with david and his mother as he showed us how he communicates through a touch-to-speech to speech program on his laptop. without looking at the keyboard. he taps one letter at a time.
6:47 pm
ability what do you want people? to know about people like you with autism who are non-speaking. again, it takes david some time, but he is thorough and thoughtful. we can achieve we are allowed to participate? david and his friend hari srinivasan have led the path for other students at cal with similar disabilities both were diagnosed with a proxia so my brain is able to coordinate how my jaw lips tongue soft. palate all come together to form words and sounds but hari and david find it difficult to make all those movements. sorry. despite the challenges hari graduated with a 4.0 gp. and has now received a fellowship to pursue his phd in neuroscience at vanderbilt
6:48 pm
university davids. david escorted here by his a devon graduated with the 3.85 gpa receiving his degree in political science for the minor and disability stud. y so david i wanted to ask you. how does it feel to graduate from one of the top colleges in the country? the actually wonderful to graduate from cal. it has been my dream for so many years and i am proud that i accomplished it. i hope it inspires other than speaking autistics who want to go to college to know that it is possible a goal set out by uc berkeley that helped improve the quality of life for individuals like david and harry. at uc berkeley admilendez abc 7 news. that is so impressive. it really is incredible. all right, let's flip gears and get to our weather. yeah meteorologist sandy patel tracking that force, of course
6:49 pm
and yeah, dan and alma right now, the winds are gusty as you know over the hills mount tam 41 miles an hour those gusty dry winds will remain with us as we head into tonight going into tomorrow morning another burst of winds coming through as you will notice in the north bay, napa 25 3 in fairfield those winds out of the north which dries out the atmosphere even more which raises the fire danger in places like solano county for example live view from our east bay hills camera just beautiful view with the windy conditions good air quality for most of the next three days. there will be some pockets of moderate air quality as we hit the weekend live doppler seven. no fog on our radar right now as we check out the afternoon highs tomorrow low 60s to mid 80s still going to be on the windy side the accuweather. day forecast high fire danger tomorrow lighter winds over the weekend and hopefully more enjoyable weather heat returns next week with 90s inland 60s. coastside hama and dan. okay, sandia. thanks so much so much.
6:50 pm
well all is quiet armor on the western front tonight. yeah. that's right. chris opera is here with the latest in sports chris. yeah coming up in sports is an off day in the western conference finals. we have plenty of talk. of course dre stefan steve talk about turning the stage with their eyes on the prize. the nba finals sports is next. the nba finals sports is next. e controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller.
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out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
6:52 pm
sponsored by united way bay area after last night's victory in game one of the western conference finals the warriors improved to a perfect 7-0 at home this postseason to look to keep that streak going in game two tomorrow night at chase this
6:53 pm
season golden state has been balancing their championship core with veterans and younger players and last night draymond green. i'll rebound short of a double-double stephen curry did record double-double game highs in both points and rebounds 21 and 12 and one really good dance and after five consecutive trips the finals followed by two years out of the playoffs the warriors are in the opportunity to be back on this stage. you gotta live this. you got a feeling you got to breathe it like you can't you can't get away from this if you get away from this during the playoffs you you losing your mojo like you you're not gonna win. what am i trying to get away from a championship? enough guys running away from that. i don't need to join that group but to getty. kind of fun. i mean, especially having missed the playoffs the last two years. i think our guys are really excited to be here. we also have a lot of young guys who weren't here, you know for for the five-year stretch of getting to the finals super
6:54 pm
comfortable on this on the stage because we've been away for two years and this is a different team. is it more gratitude of being back here and there's more of a sense of urgency on not letting an opportunity kind of slip away. game two of these conference finals boston trying to even things with miami first quarter winding down cows. jalen brown. island up from distance boston hit 9 3-pointers in the first quarter tie for the most in a playoff quarter in their franchise history second quarter defense offense, jason tatum driving line up, but in boston took a 14-point lead and right now it's 75-45 celtics. at the half first round of the pga championship from southern hills country club in tulsa, oklahoma tiger woods got off to a good start second shot on the 10th hole. and tiger this is vintage tiger sticking in a few feet from the pin set up a birdie putt from there. the putter was working early too right here gets this thing to fall but that surgically repaired right leg started to give him trouble wincing and pain after his tee shot on eight tiger would finish.
6:55 pm
plus four you're shot of the day justin harding on the par four seventh perfect approach from 181 yards out. and this one is going to drop in for eagle. what a shot. that was your leader rory mcilroy long birdie putt for the lead. he finished at five under after the round. here's tiger on his aches and pains. yeah, my leg is not not feeling as it goes. i would like it to be we'll start the recovery process and get after tomorrow loading. it hurts and pressing off it hurts and walking hurts my twisting arts. so such as golf i don't play that i don't do that then i'm alright. sports on abc 7 sponsored by united way bay area and guys, i want to remind you tomorrow warriors tip off at 6 o'clock where use of those seven o'clock tip-offs right out there early the giants have a 715 game. so actually i'm just gonna start walking over there right now to try and beat all the traffic and parking because you're gonna be another another mess, but this is what that area is built for to handle both the giants and
6:56 pm
the warriors. this is such a fun time. i'll be there at chase center starting tomorrow at 4, but maybe right now just go get yourself a good spot, right? yeah. it's such a great time out there the other day. it was great to see. i'll be back there tomorrow. all right. thanks, chris. okay. all right coming up tonight on abc 78 station 19 followed by gray's anatomy big sky airs at 10 and stay with us for abc 7 news at 11. and remember that abc 7 news is streaming 24/7 you can get the abc 7 bay area app then join us whenever you want wherever you are. that is going to do it for this edition of abc 7 news. thank you so much for joining us. i'm on a date and i'm dan ashley for sandy patel chris. as apparently heading over to chase center now and the entire abc 7 news team. we appreciate your time. have a great evening. we'll see you again for abc 7 news at 11.
6:57 pm
in every moment there's an opportunity the numbers truly don't lie to find a path forward. to race in social justice are a key part of building a better bay area at abc 7. it's our commitment to meet those moments the oakland city council is meeting right now the tough questions real solutions for you for all of us. where did you do what you do? this is the moment to build a better bay area join us.
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♪♪♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are a diversity and inclusion strategist from atlanta, georgia... a journalist and author from philadelphia, pennsylvania... and our returning champion, a ride share driver from philadelphia, pennsylvania... whose 4-day cash winnings total... and now, here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- mayim bialik! [cheers and applause] thank you, johnny gilbert and welcome, everyone, to "jeopardy!" with his four wins and over $86,000 in earnings, there's a very good chance we could be seeing ryan long
7:00 pm
in the next tournament of champions this fall. but, with a fifth win today, he could guarantee his spot, something i'm sure ryan would love to do and that bradford and julie ann are hoping to prevent with a win of their own. good luck to all three of you. let's get into the game with these categories. ♪♪♪ and... - ryan, your selection. - let's try lit bits for $400. - bradford. - who is the velveteen rabbit? - yes. - i'll do lit bits for $600. - julie ann. - what is "lord of the rings"? no. - bradford. - what is "war of the worlds"?


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