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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 20, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now on "america this morning," paying even more at the pump. could gas prices top $6 nationwide this summer? a new warning for drivers and how families are now cutting back on spending. a rare outbreak of monkeypox now growing. a possible case reported in new york one day after a confirmed case in massachusetts. what doctors are now saying. weather extremes. record heat scorching the south now set to spread all the way to new england while denver braces for up to a foot of snow and a new fire disaster is declared in the southwest. what to expect today. breaking overnight, an explosive new allegation against tesla ceo elon musk. plus, new testimony at the johnny depp/amber heard trial.
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depp's behavior on and off the movie sets in the spotlight once again. and later the shopping cart that could forever change how we buy groceries. good friday morning, everyone. i'm andrew dymburt. >> and i'm rhiannon ally in for mona. we want to begin with the price of gas just as americans are planning their summer vacations. >> the high prices we're paying right now could soon rise even higher, a lot higher. abc's andrea fujii explains. >> reporter: this morning drivers are hoping someone can pump the brakes on rising gas prices as experts sound the alarm about a possible summer surge on the way. >> it's crazy. it's crazy. it just keeps going up. >> reporter: analysts with jpmorgan chase are now predicting $6 a gallon gas by august. that would be a 30% increase from the current national
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average as problems persist with the fuel supply chain just as more americans prepare to hit the road for summer travel. california has already surpassed the $6 mark averaging $6.06 a gallon for regular. the rest of the country is averaging an all-time high of $4.59 a gallon. taxi drivers say they're desperate for relief. >> we are really hurting. the people who use it every day, every day, we don't fill up once a week. we fill up every day. >> reporter: with americans struggling, the house approved legislation yesterday to crack down on alleged price gouging by oil companies. the bill would allow president biden to declare an energy emergency and make it unlawful to increase fuel prices in an excessive manner. the bill now heads to the senate. in the meantime, a majority of people admit gas prices are affecting their vacation plans. one survey found 70% of americans say their travel plans have changed because of rising gas prices, an increase of 24% compared to last year.
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added fuel costs also affecting grocery purchases. 55% of shoppers say they're changing shopping habits including buying less steak. nearly 80% of consumers say they bought less meat overall because they couldn't afford it. experts say consumers are already spending thousands more a year on gas, nearly 5,000. that's 70% more than they spent last year. andrew, rhiannon. >> andrea, thank you. children as young as 5 could begin getting covid booster shots today after the cdc signed off last night. data frm pfizer shows the boosters increase antibodies 22-fold against the omicron variant in kids ages 5 to 11. experts say it's a much needed extra layer of protection with the country now averaging nearly 100,000 new covid infections every day. the first emergency shipment of baby formula from overseas could be flown into the u.s. as soon as this weekend. as desperate parents scramble to try to feed their babies, the
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flight from switzerland to indiana is expected to contain 1.5 million bottles of formula. the head of the fda tried to assure lawmakers yesterday that supplies will return to normal soon, but neither political party was satisfied. >> you can't hide behind an investigation. we need answers. we need them now. >> we've already made significant progress, and i think we are on track to get open within the next week to two weeks. >> the commissioner failed to explain why the fda took months to look into a whistle-blower's complaint about violations at abbott's formula plant in michigan, which triggered the critical shortage we have now. and here's another potentially devastating global shortage. it's the dye that is used to read ct scans and mris. some hospitals are now rationing the dye. the shortage is being blamed on factory shutdowns in china. now to the growing concerns about monkeypox. more cases have just been
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confirmed. it's now the largest ever outbreak outside of africa. the number of confirmed or suspected cases of monkeypox worldwide is now 106. doctors in at least eight countries including the u.s. are now treating patients potentially infected with the rare illness. health officials in new york city are now looking into a possible case one day after a massachusetts man became the country's first confirmed case this year. doctors say some recent cases include patients who had no travel history to a country where the virus is endemic suggesting community spread. >> most signs have been outbreaks in central and west africa like nigeria, for example, and sporadic cases in travelers i the united states. >> reporter: the u.s. government has reportedly placed a large order with the maker of a vaccine for monkeypox purchasing enough for 13 million people at a cost of $119 million. >> there's an adopted vaccine for monkeypox, but the interesting thing is that if you've been vaccinated with
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smallpox, you get protection against monkeypox because it's really closely related. >> reporter: initial symptoms for monkeypox are fever and chills, a rash and pus-filled lesions show up later. it typically spreads to people from infected animals like rodents but it can spread through humans by sharing of any bodily fluid. most of the cases under investigation right now are men who have had sex with men. >> i don't think it's really going to run rampant as opposed to smallpox, which is highly, highly transmissible. even the worst monkeypox so far, you know, one infected person only infects an additional either zero to one other person. >> doctors say the death rate from monkeypox is less than 1% in areas with high quality health care. president biden is arriving in asia amid rising tensions with both north korea and china. meanwhile, on the way to south korea this morning, the white house confirmed the president will sign a $40 billion aid
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package for ukraine, which was approved by the senate yesterday. abc's britt clennett is in seoul with a look at the president's trip and what he hopes to accomplish. >> reporter: president biden touches down here in seoul today kicking off his first visit to asia as president. biden and south korea's newly elected president will visit samsung's largest semiconductor factory, one that will be replicated in texas as part of biden's push for home-grown manufacturing. meanwhile, north korea will be in sharp focus. pyongyang has ramped up its missile testing in the lead-up to biden's trip. south korea says it has a contingency plan b if the north fires a missile during biden's visit. after seoul, the president heads to japan where regional security will be front and center. meeting with the quad nations of japan, india and australia and announcing a new regional economic bloc to counter beijing's growing influence in the indo-pacific. now, on the way here, u.s. national security adviser jake sullivan, he downplayed comments
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from beijing that warned the u.s. against using the taiwan card in further talks. sullivan says they've offered what the white house is calling a formula to defuse tensions over taiwan but added that it was really on china to dial down its actions and activities in the region. we'll see if this trip can pave the way to any new progress. britt clennett, abc news, seoul. >> britt, thank you. a disaster has been declared in central texas where a wildfire has burned more than 15 square miles. nearly 30 homes have been destroyed including one belonging to a woman who evacuated with only her dogs and a bible that belonged to her mother. >> she was very much a woman of faith, and she prayed for us every morning, every night, and, you know, i thought mother has a hand in all of this, and she's keeping us safe. meanwhile, a so-called smokenado formed when two other texas fires merged, and in neighboring new mexico officials say a fire that's burned
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hundreds of homes started as a prescribed burn. meanwhile, severe storms rolled through the midwest from missouri to illinois and minnesota where baseball size hail was reported. severe conditions are expected in michigan today. and more wild weather is ahead. denver could get a foot of snow while the northeast braces for extreme heat. here's your friday forecast. good morning. the fire danger continues for parts of the west and the south. notice how we have a lot of fire danger across new mexico and ahead of a cold front, which will have impacts even into northern california. but behind it cold air. we're getting a taste of early spring with snow falling in places like denver, 3 to 6 inches possible. ahead of that cold front strong to severe thunderstorms anywhere from michigan right into texas with a risk of damaging winds and hail and summerlike heat for the weekend in the northeast. for accuweather, i'm melissa constanzer. coming up, the police
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helicopter in a dangerous crash with a duck. also ahead, the battle over abortion rights escalating. one state now passing a ban on abortion after fertilization. we hear from both sides of the issue. and later, the man who walked around the world literally. ♪ ♪ at lowe's, you'll find products from veteran-owned businesses all throughout our store.
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a successful lift off last night for boeing's star liner spacecraft. it's designed to shuttle crew members to the international space station. two previous launch efforts suffered technical problems. it is due to arrive at the station today. and back here on earth, a tough flight for a police helicopter pilot in minnesota. a duck came crashing through the windshield and hit him in the
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head. the copilot had to take control. everyone is okay. >> good to hear. now to the battle over abortion rights. lawmakers in oklahoma have passed a near total ban on abortions. it is the most restrictive ban in the nation, and it comes just weeks before the supreme court could overturn roe v. wade. joining us with more on the new ban. >> reporter: good morning. the abortion bill goes further than the one passed in texas. some opponents claim this new bill is actually targeting birth control. the abortion bill passed by oklahoma lawmakers would ban the procedure from the moment the state defines as fertilization. >> there can be nothing higher or more critical than the defense of innocent unborn life. >> reporter: the bill allows for exceptions to save the life of a pregnant woman, or if the pregnancy is the result of rape or insist.
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it's modelled after the texas abortion law which relies on lawsuits from private citizens to enforce it. but unlike the six-week limit in texas, the oklahoma law would ban abortion at conception. >> it is going to have ripple effects that are not just for women and girls and for their families. for providers, for cvs, for pharmacies that can't now write prescriptions for legitimate medical care for fear they are going to be prosecuted. >> reporter: oklahoma's bill explicitly allows for the use of the plan b pill, but prohibits medical facilities from using the emergency contraceptive. and the bill makes no mention of in vitro fertilization. >> in this case, a person could be prosecuted, for example, for not using all of the eggs that were removed for the ivf process. >> this bill specifically addresses terminating the pregnancy of a woman. it says nothing about what is done in a lab. >> reporter: the bill comes after a leaked draft opinion
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from the supreme court, suggesting that justices could overturn roe vs. wade as early as next month. overnight, the white house called oklahoma's bill the most extreme effort to undo fundamental rights. adding the american people need to know that other fundamental rights, including the right to contraception and marriage equality, are at risk. the bill now heads to the desk of oklahoma's republican governor, who is expected to sign it. rienen? >> thank you. girls are entering puberty as young as six years old and doctors don't know why. earlier periods may be linked to obesity, chemicals in plastic or stress. early puberty can increase the risk of depression and substance abuse. coming up, the headline about elon musk, the sexual conduct allegation being reported. reported. also ahead, johnny
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breaking overnight, new details about a sexual misconduct allegation against elon musk, the world's richest man. according to business insider, a flight attendant of spacex accused musk of propositioning her in 2016 and allegedly exposed himself. business insider reports musk's company paid a $250,000 settlement. abc news has not independently verified this report. musk tweeted overnight, those accusations are utterly untrue. now to the johnny depp/amber heard defamation trial. we have new information about his behavior on and off the movie set. she described her past relationship with depp during a recording played for the jury. >> he's just a jealous man, controlling. >> she is supporting depp's
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ex-wife amber heard who is being sued by definite for claiming to be an abuse victim. depp denies any abuse. she described the several months in 1994 when she and depp dated. >> he was drunk all the -- most -- a lot of the time. >> barkin claims depp's jealousy could turn to anger. >> i had a scratch on my back once that got him very, very angry because he insisted it came from me having sex with a person who wasn't him. mr. depp threw a wine bottle across the room, the hotel room in one instance in las vegas while we were shooting "fear and clothing" in las vegas. >> the jury also heard from depp's former agent tracy jacobs who said depp's drinking and drug use worsened over the years she worked with him. she says he became more difficult to work with, showing up late to set, and eventually needing help remembering his lines. >> do you recall a time while you were representing mr. depp
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that he started having ear pieces so people could feed him his lines during filming? >> yes. >> reporter: interest in the trial remains intense. with fans lining up outside the courthouse in virginia each morning, the actor cracking this joke as he entered court thursday. >> just made breakfast for all of them this morning, waffles. >> reporter: the trial take a break today and testimony resumes on monday. in sports, the celtics beat the heat last night to take game two of their series. the final score was 127-102. one writer said the celtics defense was suffocating. we'll just agree to disagree there. >> be okay? >> seven-game series. a long one. coming up, a man who walked around the world literally. also the shopping cart that dr. harmon: we are america's doctors. dr. szilagyi: america's pediatricians. rn grant: we are america's nurses. dr. stewart: america's family physicians. dr. szilagyi: and we want you to know... rn grant: covid vaccines are safe and effective for kids.
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♪ time to check the pulse. and we begin with a man about to finish his walk around the world. >> i love this story. he started the journey seven years ago leaving his home in new jersey the day before his 26th birthday. he and his dog documented their trip on social media, walking 28,000 miles across 38 countries. >> how will it feel to walk over the ben franklin bridge on saturday? >> i think it will be very surreal because that's what i walked over on my first day of walking. and to come back seven years later, like a very changed person and kind of -- can't -- i can't even imagine who i was back then. it's so far away from who i am now. >> what an incredible journey. his walking companion is now the first dog to ever walk around the world. >> and the happiest, too. >> exactly. next, some news about a familiar face from the movie "jaws." >> a young actor in the classic
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movie is back where it was filmed. jonathan surly played a prankster who caused panic by wearing a cardboard fin in the water. now he's 56 and he just took the job of police chief in oaks bluff on martha's vineyard. >> scenes from "jaws" were shot there. pretty cool. up next a new line of shopping carts may be coming to a store near you. >> they let you skip the check outline at albert son's super market. they were designed by amazon engineers. your items add up as you place them in the self-check out cart. pretty cool. next, an umbrella that cost 1600 bucks. >> and it isn't even waterproof. it is being trashed on social media. gucci claims it was designed for decorative use. finally, a paper airplane that really took off. >> it set a world record. three people teamed up in south korea and the designer, folder
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now open in northern california. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: now at 5:00, san
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francisco officers opening fire while responding to a call about an assault and no two men are dead. the investigation this morning. kumasi: tragedy at a local dog boarding facility, this deadly fire overnight. reggie: the green light for booster shots, the big day for kids ages five to 11 ready to hit the third dose the parents of younger children are still waiting for the first dose. kumasi: the warriors thoughts about being back on the playoff stage. good morning and happy friday, it reggie: is reggie: may 20. lisa is here with the weather today. lisa: we have a nice day although we have to have a caveat, because the north wind is in the forecast. allow for higher fire danger, some fog. half moon bay.


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