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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 20, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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francisco officers opening fire while responding to a call about an assault and no two men are dead. the investigation this morning. kumasi: tragedy at a local dog boarding facility, this deadly fire overnight. reggie: the green light for booster shots, the big day for kids ages five to 11 ready to hit the third dose the parents of younger children are still waiting for the first dose. kumasi: the warriors thoughts about being back on the playoff stage. good morning and happy friday, it reggie: is reggie: may 20. lisa is here with the weather today. lisa: we have a nice day although we have to have a caveat, because the north wind is in the forecast. allow for higher fire danger, some fog. half moon bay.
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54 concord. up her elevations in the 60's and a north wind at 40 miles an hour out by the delta. 51 san francisco but look in our 24 hour temperature change anywhere from five till 11 -- five to 11 to 15 degrees cooler. upper level wind will increase in bringing the upper level air highlighting the fire danger. mount diablo 37 mile-per-hour wind. sunrise before 6:00 so bright and breezy with temperatures in the 80's and land. 60's at the coast and we have a nice weekend ahead as well. kumasi: crews are on standby for any fires that might pop up today. may holly -- amy hollyfield joining us live with more on that. amy: there is a high wind advisory for the east bay hills and the north bay mountains until about 2:00 this afternoon.
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some flyers popped up in yesterday's dry weather including two in san jose. firefighters knocked them down quickly and did not create any major problems. emergency response teams are on high alert and are asking that residents also be on guard. >> i want people to be careful. thire season, it is the earliest i have seen in 10 years with the dryness and fires happening in may when they use to start in june or july. people need to be extra cautious the summer. amy: they call the conditions the riskiest type of weather. first responders say they have been focused on fire prevention and educating the public and if people are not aware yet they say they need to be considering that the national weather service says that half of the country will experience 90 degree weather or hotter this weekend, and it is only may. reporting live from the east day
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-- from the east bay, amy hollyfield. kumasi: you can track the weather conditions where you live at any time on the app available on roku, amazon fire, android, and apple tv. reggie: a tragedy at a doggy daycare and boarding facility. four dogs died after a fire overnight. this happened at dirty dog canine retreat just before 10:0n air-conditiong building. crews were able to rescue 15 other dogs. two men are dead after a police shooting in mission bay. kumasi: jobina is at the live desk with what we know. jobina: authorities including the district attorney's office and office of chief medical examiner are investigating this. before 8:00 officers were responding to a report of an assault near an intersection of mariposa and owen streets.
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sfpd did not say what led to the officers firing their weapons or whether officers shot both men. one died at the scene in the second at the hospital. >> all officers were equipped with cameras. if anyone has a surveillance camera that might've captured the incident they ask -- we ask that they contact the police department so that the footage can be instrumental in identifying what has happened before and after officers arrived on scene. jobina: no additional information was provided so town hall meeting will be held about the town shooting within 10 days. reggie: police are looking for clues in the murder of a popular oakland restaurant owner. the victim was identified as june anabo the co-owner of lucky 37. she was leaving the restaurant with -- he was leaving the restaurant with his 11-year-old son when he was shot.
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the community gathered to show their support. >> no words can describe because he is such a special person. he is my life partner. we had a lot of plans together, he had a lot of plans. reggie: he was described as a person who cared deeply for his friends, family, and community. kumasi: kids ages five to 11 ready for a covid-19 booster shot can get them as soon as today. the cdc has recommending pfizer boosters. to be eligible kids must have received their second dose five months ago. if you have kids younger than five moderna just completed its emergency youth -- use authorization and a decision is expected to come soon. the center for disease control is investigating a case of monkeypox in massachusetts. it is rare in human but it has been confirmed in canada and the u.k.. the cdc says the symptoms start out like the flu, but then you
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develop a rash and lesions. >> usually they are associated with travel history and some type -- type of contact with animals that have this. human to human transmission is rare which is why this outbreak is being so closely looked at. kumasi: the cdc says the spread through contact with bodily fluids, sores, contaminated brett -- contaminated bedding and respiratory droplets. reggie: the warriors face the mavericks in game two of the restaurant conflicts -- in the western finals. after five consecutive trips to the nba finals followed by two years of missing the postseason they are thrilled to be back on the big stage. >> you have to live this, feel it, and read it. you cannot get away from this. if you get away from this during the playoffs you are losing your mojo. what am i trying to get away
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from? a championship? there are enough guys running away from that, i do not need to join that group. >> we are super comfortable on the stage because we have been away for two years and this is a different team with more gratitude of being back here and more of a sense of urgency and not letting the opportunity slip away. reggie: tip-off is tonight at 6:00 and resale tickets start at $1500. lisa: good morning, we are watching elevated fire danger as dry air moves into the region. we have a wind advisory for parts of the bay area. 15 cupertino. 48 santa rosa. relative humidity from napa out towards bock avail out -- -- out towards vacaville at this hour and it gets warmer as breezy air moves back in. as we look at of -- upper elevations, month -- mount st.
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helena, 60 not -- 60 miles an hour. it is all out of the north a dry win 15 to 30 miles an hour today. the hills of the north bay, east bay, and interior east bay we are watching for not only low relative humidity but temperatures in the 80's and the winds not only today but we will see the north winds take around. by the delta, this is a red flag warning until 8:00. it gets drier and warmer towards the west side of the sacramento valley. for the bay area, breezy conditions at the coast but relative humidity will drop along the shoreline. with temperatures in the 60's, 70's, and 80's. we are talking excessive heat and wind coming out of that dry direction. we are watching that we have more relative humidity in the forecast and we will talk about that in detail. jobina: speaking of wind we have a wind advisory for the ultimate
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pass outside of that, everything is clear for the commute as we bring you the live picture in oakland showing us the coliseum camera. headlights are traveling southbound in the same matteo bridge, traffic is moving in the westbound direction with few cars headed towards the eastbound direction. tonight, the warriors and giants fans are encouraged to take public transportation and arrive early with both teams in action less than a mile apart. they will be playing at 6:00 p.m. and the giants will host the padres at 7:15. last month when there were dual events a parking lot near oracle park was charging $80 for a spot. reggie: coming up, why you might see a lot of bicyclists this morning. kumasi: a mystery involving the health has girls -- the health of girls as young as six years old. reggie: the threat that focused -- that forced a doctor to change up their routine.
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the scary enc
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kumasi: a man walked away with minor injuries after this left side rescue in daly city. this is video and you can see the officer trying to fasten a rescue ring on the man and extremely windy conditions. so, a fisherman out at sea spotted the man on a cliff at muscle rock park. once rascal -- rescue crews attach the my -- the line a chp trooper got the man and lifted him. the man slipped from the top of the cliff and fell more than 200 feet. reggie: an antiabortion activist is facing multiple charges after forcing his way into a san francisco abortion clinic. he is accused of stalking a doctor. he seven-year-old aaron and -- 37-year-old aaron and three others targeted the women's option center in march accused of pretending to need care, and
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then trying to run into operating rooms and chanting one of the doctor's names. they also damaged a hospital statue covering it with fake blood and stickers with the doctor's name on it. later that day he went to the home and put up stickers and flyers that said a killer lives in your neighborhood. he has pleaded not guilty. the da said this incident forced the doctor to change their personal routine for safety reasons. the nation's strictest abortion law could go into effect in oklahoma which would ban almost all abortions from the moment of conception. the legislature passed the bill yesterday and this morning it is headed to the governor's desk and he has vowed to sign it into law. it is modeled after a controversial texas law that opens up providers and anyone who "aids and abets an abortion" to civil lawsuits. >> it will have ripple effects not just for women and girls and for their families, but for
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providers, for pharmacies that now cannot write prescriptions for legitimate medical care for fear that they are going to be prosecuted. reggie: the bill includes narrow exceptions to protect the life of the mother and cases of rape and incest, but only if they reported to law enforcement. it comes after a leak draft opinion from the supreme court justices overturn roe v. wade. kumasi: a new report says that some girls are reaching puberty as young as six years old and researchers are trying to figure out why. experts tell "new york times" that obesity plays a role but they cannot pin down a reason. they are studying other influences including chemicals in plastic and stress. doctors across the world have reported a rise in irby -- in early puberty cases during the pandemic. reggie: it is a api heritage month and we are highlighting a young artist and his work is getting attention for its social justice method -- message.
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lucas is raising awareness to end the violence. >> for 15-year-old high school freshman lucas, playing the piano is just one of the many ways he expresses is -- he expresses his creativity. but this is a story not about tickling the ivories but how atkeorbc 7 inspiredrimes ameca, hito use his cre>> i was paintiy it will spread awareness to the people. >> this called end the violence was part of a competition that he entered at his high school for united against hate week. >> there was an elderly woman with a band-aid on her head and at the bottom left there were people protesting to end the violence. >> he decided to come -- to submit it for the congressional art competition.
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>> did you expect to win? >> not at all. >> he won third place. jackie speier presented him and the other winners from district 14 awards at a ceremony this month. to his mother, an immigrant from shanghai, this is part of and it -- and even bigger accomplishment. >> as a minority if you do not speak for yourself your voice will never be heard. i want to -- i want him to be proud to be asian american. >> while he continues to pursue his hobbies he encourages other young people with this message. >> i believe that you should go out and do what you want, even something as little as drawing or painting at home. >> because you never know what could happen. his art will hang in congresswoman speier's office for the rest of the year. kumasi: in the south bay a new park is in the works in japan
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town. throughs broke -- crews broke ground on the part that will have public art installations a children's playground exercise equipment and more. it is named after a san jose resident. in the 1800s he set aside a part of his land to help chinese american immigrants seeking refuge in that later became japan town. >> this park will hopefully will remind you of the history that has happened here over 100 years ago, more importantly what will happen in the future for our community and the city of san jose. kumasi: the city's japantown is one of the last remaining in the u.s.. reggie: bike to work day returns for the first time since the pandemic started. events are planned with several energizer stations and organized morning rides. this is the 28th year that it is being held and if you cannot participate today the bay area is celebrating all month with
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bike to wherever days which started during the pandemic when many people were not going to the office. it is friday, almost no one goes to the office. i guess it is bike to wherever day. lisa: if you are biking up mount diablo you will get resistance with dry offshore wind. 40 miles an hour at mount diablo and stronger than that in the valleys of the north bay, the hills. that is why we have a wind advisory and we will talk about that in a moment. there is fog along the coast and here is the wind advisory. look at walnut creek, livermore, east foothills all included as well as the hills of the north bay and we are talking wind gusts of 15 to 30 miles an hour and then we can see an excess of 50 miles an hour. there is a red flag warning from vallejo where strong wind is already occurring, looking at winds throughout the day getting strong.
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the latter part of the morning. by 1:00 and 2:00 we are still breezy with wind over 20 miles an hour. toward 7:00 the direction is north and gusty along the coast and you can see the fog from pacifica in the mid 40's. look at the napa temperature, 60 degrees. in the hills around napa we have northerly wind draining the air and allowing for north -- for warmer conditions. elsewhere it is cooler and a look at the south bay from the mid 70's to 78 in morgan hill's. 72, san mateo. the breezy wind at the coast and 70 downtown. 83 santa rosa and you had inland into the mid-70's. oakland at 78, i should say. 83 in concord. the accuweather forecast featuring the hot weather -- hot weather danger and we are
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looking at warmer weather coming into play monday through wednesday and then we are at the end of the month with memorial day. kumasi: coming up the seven things to know. reggie: lance bass opening up about his health struggle. kumasi: here is a live look at
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kumasi: if you are just joining us here the -- lisa: if you are just joining us here the seven things you need to know. we have a wind advisory for the santa clarita foothills as well as the north bay mountains. north wind 30 to 55 miles an hour. kumasi: two men are dead after a police shooting in san francisco mission neighborhood. sfpd did not say what led to police firing their weapons or whether officers shot both men. reggie: president biden started his visit to south korea. he is visiting samsung's largest semi conductor factory. he will then go to japan. kumasi: the cdc has signed off on pfizer's covid booster shot for kids ages five to 11. shots can start going into arms today. reggie: the house passed a bill
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to crack down on gas price gouging. a week ago the national average of six bucks -- six dollars a gallon this summer which means prices as high as eight dollars a gallon in the bay area. jobina: we are following a signal alert and rodeo, a car is in the roadway. kumasi: it is national streaming day. disney kicked off the celebration with a drone show last night. it is pretty cool. you can check out to see how to get access to disney, marvel, pixar, and national geographic. reggie: lance bass opening up about a medical condition he is living with. will: in gma first look, lance bass opening up about his health struggle. he became a household name but -- performing hits like this. >> ♪ it ain't no lie, baby ♪ ♪
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will: recently revealing his diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis. you just live with his pain? >> i was a dancer so i did not think anything of pain in my joints, head, knees, and heals. it was not even -- it was not until after a few years of having the symptoms i talked to my doctor and i am so glad that i got it under control before i had kids because there is no way i could have said a baby lifting like this. will: we will have much more of the interview as he talks about his health, husband, and how his life has changed since becoming a father. kumasi: if you are looking to get a haircut and looking to save the environment we have a place for you. matter of trust is a nonprofit that gives people the chance to donate their hair or pet fur to clean up oil spills. the president spoke with
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abc7news about the process. >> we just take the long from ponytails that are mailed into us for all over, thank you to everybody who is mailing and all of the hair, and he does this, and puts it on to the screen and it shows how it goes to the machine. this is a needle punch machine, and it is dry felting, because well felt -- wet felting is too tight so we want air pockets of the oil and water can mix with the hair. kumasi: eventually, this is what the hair will be made into, a mat like this. and they have been used in multiple disasters including deepwater horizon. if you want to know more about how you can donate your hair, head to
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this is so fascinating. give your rescue dog a little extra love because it is national rescue dog day. according to the society for the prevention of cruelty to animals. 3.5 million dogs go into shelters every year. with training they not only become family pets but emotional support companions and help people with disabilities or they comfort the elderly. you can share the stories on social media using the # nationalrescuedougday. >> i know a lot of space where you can have red hair and make it into a carpet. kumasi: you would have a whole rug, with nice, thick hair. reggie: our clothes are covered in it and so all i have to do is go like this. coming up at 5:30 a new chocolate experience coming up to the ghirardelli store. kumasi: a plan to make it easier to get to one local airport and public transit.
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reggie: recall the lord -- recall alert. or it is asking the owners of a few suvs to not park inside. kumasi: a live look outside at sfo, 5:27.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: now at 5:30, high fire danger.
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lisa is tracking the red flag warning in effect. kumasi: a post for a change as bullets fly at a local playground. reggie: president biden's first trip to asia. his arrival and the focus of the visit. kumasi: a brand-new experience coming to the gary kelly chocolate shop today. reggie: you made it to friday, congratulations. it is may 20. we will -- kumasi: we will start with a check of the forecast. lisa: we have concerns with the wind advisory until 2:00 and four east bay interior valleys you can see all of these highlighted. this takes us down to the east foothills where the wind will be breezy, 15 to 30 miles an hour out of the north and gusting in excess of 50 miles an hour. we are seeing very gusty wind in the upper elevations. 45 mile an hour wind gusts, mount diablo and over 20 miles an hour at mount tam. the red flag warning is out
5:31 am
towards the delta meaning that the relative humidity is dropping to about 22%. 26% napa, so these are the areas where we are concerned. later on today the relative humidity will be in the teens. 50, sunnyvale. and we are looking at temperatures coming up today, but we will have the wider range with upper 60's at the shoreline to lower 80's inland. we will talk about a warm weekend coming up. reggie: that red flag warning for solano county is a signal to all of us that year-round fire season that we have been talking about. amy hollyfield has help you -- has how people are preparing. amy: we are having a calm morning but we are expecting wind in the east bay hills and north bay mountains, and one spark could create a disaster in these dry conditions. firefighters say that crews will
5:32 am
be watching for any issues. they responded to a few small fires and yesterday's dry hot weather. they got them out quickly and they did not cause major problems. firefighters say they have been training for fires that can happen in the weather. >> that time, and that is it. you can monday night quarterback it afterwards, but you need to have the fine tuning hopefully in place already. amy: make called the conditions right now the riskiest type of weather. first responders say they have been focused on fire prevention and educating the public saying that if people are not aware yet they need to be, considering that the national weather service is saying half of the country will experience 90 degrees heat this weekend and it is only may. reporting live, amy hollyfield. reggie: a fire below highway 87 caught the attention of drivers
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during the evening commute. this was around 6:00 near west st. john street and alvin and boulevard. you can see them slowing down. it is scary and it was coming from both sides of the freeway. we are waiting to hear back about what might've started the fire. kumasi: there is a post from change for people who lebanese palo alto following a deadly shooting at a city park. it was busy with kids and families when a gun battle erupted. councilmembers called a special meeting to address the violence. here is amanda. >> you all have got to do better. >> it takes things getting to this point before you guys do something. >> you guys have to do something to make this safe. this is unacceptable. amanda: outrage, raw emotion and a call for real action at a special meeting thursday, east palo alto leaders heard from
5:34 am
residents who demanded change. >> maybe a police presence, maybe even interacting with the residents from the park and checking in. >> i think it is not very realistic to not offer education and resources to the community and expect the community to act a certain way. amanda: you want the community to step up you all need to too. you are supposed to be the leaders, lead so we can know what to do. amanda: many reeling over a disturbing video, a young work -- a young girl recording as she played tag. one of several gunmen firing 10 to 15 feet from her. the camera captures the sound of gunshots and the girl running away and her pleading for help. >> that sound of the little girl crying and running on cam mobile stay with me for a long time. amanda: 33 bullets were fired between two groups, killing a 34-year-old and injuring three others. east palo alto worked hard to
5:35 am
become as to overcome its murder capital reputation from the early 90's. >> it is the first murder of this year and we pray that it is the only one. amanda: leaders reminding residents that there is no winning in retaliation. no suspects have been caught and no new witnesses have come forward. abc 7 news. reggie: a gun buyback event is happening in santa clara county at the community center. sponsors will buyback up to $50,000 in guns. organizers say that you can anonymously handed unwanted guns and get cash in return no questions asked about who owns the guns or where it came from. kumasi: president biden -- president biden arrived in south korea. we have a preview of the president's vision -- visit. jobina: president biden landed a few hours ago and he met with south korea's newly elected president to tour the largest
5:36 am
semi conductor factory. a similar one will be built in texas as part of president biden's push for more manufacturing in america. north korea will be in sharp focus as the country ramps up missile testing. south korea says it is ready if north korea fires a missile during the visit. the president heads to japan to meet with leaders in japan, india and australia set to announce an economic block to counter china's influence. they share concerns about regional assertiveness and capable armed forces. china is holding military exercises in the south china sea coinciding with president biden's visit. reggie: pharmacies are preparing to administer pfizer booster shots for kids ages five to 11. the cdc signed off on it yesterday. these are going into arms as covid cases are climbing across the country. new infections involving children are at the highest
5:37 am
level since february. any kids in this group are not eligible for a third shot. 70% have not completed the first round of two shots. you have to wait at least five months after getting the second shot to get the booster. >> the clinical trial showed in the -- an excellent safety profile and the side effects seen were very similar scene with the flu vaccine, soreness at the injection site and some headache, fever and chills. zero serious safety signals in clinical trials. reggie: for those younger than five years old moderna completed its application for emergency authorization. the fda could review it soon. kumasi: sonoma state university president will not attend the commencement ceremonies. she has faced criticism for how she handled campus sexual harassment allegations against her husband and her oversight of the budget and enrollment. earlier this month faculty
5:38 am
members approved a no-confidence vote against her and the two state senators have called for her resignation. concerned about a gas price summer surge. it cost six dollars a gallon in the bay area. the effort to crack down on price gouging. reggie: something sweet opening at an iconic shop today. but first a check on the weather. lisa: check out this beautiful sky from mount tam where upper elevations are pretty gusty. the official sunrise 5:50. 48, half moon bay and a gorgeous view from sutro with mid 40's. napa is at 60 with breezy wind in and around the hills which is why we have the wind advisory until 2:00 in the areas well mixed which is why we are at 60 in napa. 11 degrees cooler in livermore and concord. lower elevations are cooler, but we will be warmer than average with the gusty wind and high
5:39 am
fire danger and red flag warning out by the delta and solano county. the wind advisory lasting through the afternoon and wind easing through the weekend and summerlike heat returns into next week. from morocco, walnut creek, livermore down to the foothills and the north bay mountains and parts of wine country and red flag warning through fairfield today. relative humidity dropping below 20% in the north winds blowing tomorrow. 60's to upper 80's by sunday and that is the warmer day. look at the wide range with northwesterly wind and where the heat comes back into play, more so monday and tuesday with a return to drier air. we will get a little fog and we had a little bit this morning. 77 oakland. look for upper 70's today and he san jose and breezy wind in the upper elevations. jobina: thank you. we are going to be getting a live look in emeryville.
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we have no blocking issues, just only one wind advisory for the altamont pass. san jose, a live look at 101 moving nice and smooth and this is the last day finally for the caltrans electrification construction project and i know you guys have been impacted by this with no local service. three trains per hour day is the last. 33 minutes from tracy to dublin and we know it is a friday so a you're a champion. you're not a quitter. quitters don't do what they're supposed to. champions do. and you're a star.
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and you shine. that's what you do. that's what you do every day. [inspirational music] for controller, yvonne yiu. as an executive at top financial firms, yiu managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, yiu saved taxpayes over $55 millio. finding waste. saving money. yiu is for you.
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reggie: ford is warning the owners of 39,000 expeditions and navigators to park outside because of a fire risk. they issued a recall because of a problem in the engine department -- compartment. there have been at least 16 fires under the hood, 12 while
5:43 am
the engines were turned off. kumasi: there is a new warning about gas prices. they think that the national average could reach six dollars a gallon per some -- this summer which would mean higher prices in the bay area anywhere from seven dollars to eight dollars a gallon. compared with a week ago we are already well into the six dollar range with prices up $.20. here is andrea. andrea: drivers are hoping that someone can pump the brakes on rising gas prices as experts sound the alarm about a possible summer surge on the way. >> it is crazy. and it just keeps going up. andrea: analysts are present -- are predicting six dollar a gallon gas from august. as problems persist with the fuel supply chain, just as more americans prepare to hit the road for summer travel. california has already surpassed
5:44 am
the six dollar mark averaging $6.06 a gallon. the rest of the country is averaging an all-time high of $4.59 a gallon. taxi drivers say they are desperate for relief. >> we are really hurting. the people who use it every day, we do not get it once a week, we fill up every day. andrea: the house approved legislation to cut down on alleged price gouging by oil companies. it would allow president biden to declare an energy emergency and make it unlawful to increase fuel prices in an excessive manner. it now heads to the senate. in the meantime a majority of people admit gas prices are affecting their vacation plans. one survey found 70% of americans saying their travel plans have changed because of rising gas prices. an increase of 24 can -- 24% compared to last year. added fuel costs affecting grocery purchases. 55% of shoppers say they are
5:45 am
changing shopping habits including buying less steak, nearly 80% of consumers say they bought less meat overall because they could not afford it. abc news. reggie: in the south bay there is an effort to make it easier to get to the international airport on public transit. the department of transportation is accepting bids for a transit link. they have already received 23 ideas from companies with possible solutions for covering the three mile stretch. suggestions range from autonomous vehicles and hyperloop the monorail and magnetic lead act -- levitation vehicles. the second largest hotel is back open after two years. park 55 near union square celebrating with a ribbon-cutting and a tour of the complex. they have more than 1000 rooms. it was going to help meet them only -- the growing demand for hotels in the city. kumasi: if you love chocolate you might want to head to gary
5:46 am
darius quail. -- gary daily square -- ghirardelli square. the new store will be unveiled to the public and will make fresh chocolate bars, roast almonds and hazelnut as well. the ribbon-cutting ceremony is set for 11:30 this morning and to celebrate the first 170 people in line are going to receive a free world-famous hot fudge sundae to celebrate the 170th anniversary. that is an experience. reggie: when i was in college we used to go to gary delhi for that -- c ghirardelli for that sunday for a treat. we used to go once a quarter free trade. that was the one decadent thing that we could afford. kumasi: right? lisa: that sounds good, especially like -- especially on
5:47 am
a day like today. live doppler 7, that is snow in denver. they dropped 20 to 30 degrees since yesterday. behind it, we have gusty wind which is why we have a wind advisory and red flag warning. 50, san carlos, novato. look at the relative humidity. mount diablo at 37. mount saint helena, 33%. mount tam, 40%. this is when the relative humidity is the highest in the morning and we will get to our driest point by 3:00 or 4:00 dropping below 20% which is why we have a red flag warning with higher humidity. look at the 24 hour temperature change, 11 to 15 degrees cooler but the winds not working in our favor. it is out of the north anywhere from 50 to 30 miles an hour.
5:48 am
north bay and east bay hills. this is the lower elevations from walnut creek. the wind is dusting in the early part of the day up to 50 miles an hour and then they need up with the breeze at the coast. this is a look at today that by the delta, 36 miles an hour 8:00 and then they get more gusty before they dial back into the early afternoon but still breezy and out of the north. as we get toward 7:00, maybe a shift to a northwest wind in solano county. here is the red flag warning until 8:00. and highs around the bay ranging from the low 60's and half moon bay with some sun. 70 san francisco. 82 vallejo. made 80's inland m --id -- mid 80's inland. next week highs in the 90's inland and widespread --
5:49 am
widespread 80's bayside. reggie: the future of shopping, the new groceries cart that could change the store experience. also the search for america's nick starke, the three singers that will try to win your vote on "american idol." kumasi: a live look outside
5:50 am
5:51 am
reggie: we are waiting to find out -- new details about rihanna's baby. she just welcomed a child. it was born in l.a. one week ago today. tmz reports that the baby is a boy and we do not know about a name. congratulations. kumasi: i am ready for the reveal. taking -- tickets for disney
5:52 am
jr.'s tour are going through today. cost him -- costumepalooza starts today. it includes two bay area store shows one december 8 and one december 11. disney is a parent company of abc 7. reggie: the season finale of " american idol" is coming up on sunday. three made it to the end of the competition but one gets a top prize. >> ♪ working 9-to-5. ♪ >> the wait is finally over as the season of american idol comes to an end and a new superstar is born. after a dramatic season full of twists and turns, hunter -- >> she used everything, use the
5:53 am
states and showmanship. >> marlene. >> she stays to her style, does not try to do accra debt -- upper -- acrobatics. >> and noah thompson. they sing their hearts out to win america's vote and lend themselves a coveted spot in the season's final contest. >> when you get people to vote there is one group that votes more than the other. as far as talent we are throwing off amazing people now. >> after surviving every round of competition the long road is coming to an end. the 2022 finalists hoping that their journey lands on the top spot. >> you definitely sing a popular song that people have a lot of feelings for, that people connect to in a large way. >> it is crazy and i think i have one in my pocket. >> it is a celebration to all of
5:54 am
us and just do the things we love to do the most. >> the live finale will include songs from the judges as well as performances from carrie underwood, earth, wind, and fire and more. reggie: we have something special coming up at 7:00 a.m., you get to jm -- jam with the three finalists appearing on the show with us and you can catch it on the streaming app which you can download now. kumasi: here we go with this. cheez-its have teamed up with pandora to give you crackers aged the sound of hip-hop. apparently brand says -- the brand says that a study shows that raising cheese to hip-hop could boost the taste and smell. they aged the cheese for more than six months while playing music by artist like beastie
5:55 am
boys, snoop dogg, and the limited-edition crackers will be sold on thursday. lisa: good morning. here is live doppler 7 where we are looking at a little bit of fog along the coast and a pretty sky coming up right now. 50 downtown. 51 and half moon bay and there is the east moon hills where the camera is shaking due to the wind that will be providing not only the elevated fire danger here, but wind advisory through 2:00 and then a red flag warning through the delta. 60 in napa and right now the 24 hour temperature change from three to 15 degrees cooler this morning. here is the highlighted area from the valleys to walmart -- two walnut creek and the upper elevations of the north bay. mount st. helena, 72 miles an hour. mount diablo, 40 miles an hour, gusty north wind.
5:56 am
down to the surface calm wind, but they should ease through the second half of the day and we are looking for someone like heat -- summerlike heat returning. 60's on the coast and 80's inland and looking at warmer weather through sunday and monday and then today looking at upper 70 south bay and low 80's in santa rosa. kumasi: a kindergarten graduation that nearly never happened. one boy's special day. reggie: a big day for boosters. what parents and kids ages five to 11 need to know. kumasi: san francisco bully -- police opening fire, two men dead and one question remaining. we are live with the answers. reggie: now this live look outside. 5:56 as the sun comes up.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> making news at 6:00, the san francisco police department opening fire just a block from you cff -- ucsf. two men being questioned. reggie: myth busting monkeypox, the symptoms, how it is spread, and why experts say there is no need for concern. plus -- >> you have to live it, feel it, breeds it.
6:00 am
you cannot get away from this. >> the warriors thinking all things winning, looking to win it at chase center tonight. and there is information that shows the rest of the country is taking notice. good morning, happy friday. may 20. reggie: let's see what the weather looks like. hey, lisa. lisa: a pretty sunrise and 50's, but we are concerned about our winds coming testing out of the north. upper elevations, interior areas, this lasted till 2:00 this afternoon. it is drying out the atmosphere here and along the bayshore and the coast, and gust are much higher than that. check out the upper elevations, 40 mile an hour wind gusts for mount diablo, and 30 miles per hour for the hills of the north bay. relative humidity in the 20% range. 50's to near 60 this morning.


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