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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 20, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> the warriors thinking all things winning, looking to win it at chase center tonight. and there is information that shows the rest of the country is taking notice. good morning, happy friday. may 20. reggie: let's see what the weather looks like. hey, lisa. lisa: a pretty sunrise and 50's, but we are concerned about our winds coming testing out of the north. upper elevations, interior areas, this lasted till 2:00 this afternoon. it is drying out the atmosphere here and along the bayshore and the coast, and gust are much higher than that. check out the upper elevations, 40 mile an hour wind gusts for mount diablo, and 30 miles per hour for the hills of the north bay. relative humidity in the 20%
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range. 50's to near 60 this morning. a nice range of temperatures, 60's at the coast to the 80's inland. ex tracking developing news in san francisco, two men dead after a police shooting in the mission bay neighborhood. just a block away from you cf -- ucsf benioff children's hospital. let's find out what happened. ryan: that shooting happened when officers located two men during a call for aggravated assault. shortly after officers arrived is when that shooting took place. according to authorities, happened just before 8:00 p.m. yesterday evening right off i to 80 near benioff hospital. police say when officers arrived, they make contact with two men. they did not say what happened during the aggravated assault, but once officers made contact, the shooting occurred. one of the men was pronounced dead at the scene, the other transported to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. he later died.
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>> officers rendered aid and requested paramedics respond to the scene. paramedics arrived on the scene and declared one man deceased at the scene. ryan: this is being investigated by the district attorney's office and other agencies in the city. sfpd wants to hold a town hall about the shooting within 10 days or they say that is part of their commitment to transparency. ryan curry, abc 7 news. reggie: thank you. police are looking for clues in the murder of a popular oakland restaurant owner. the victim identified as 39-year-old jun anabo, co-owner of lucky three seven, a filipino street cuisine restaurant in the fruitvale district. he was leaving the restaurant with his 11-year-old son wednesday night when he was shot. last night, the community gathered at his restaurant to show their support. >> i mean, words cannot describe it because he is such a special person. [cries]
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my life partner, and we had a lot of plans together. he had a lot of plans. reggie: he was described as a person who cared deeply for his friends, family, and community. kumasi: kids ages five to 11 can start to get a covid-19 booster shot today. the cdc is recommending pfizer posters for this age group, but kids will need to have received their second dose at least five months ago to be eligible. if you have kids younger than five, the fda says moderna completed its emergency use authorization application, and a decision is expected to come very soon. centers for disease control investigating a case of monkeypox in massachusetts. this virus is very rare and humans but has been confirmed in several western countries, including canada and the u.k. the cdc says symptoms start out like the flu but then you develop a rash and lesions. >> usually cases are associated with travel history, some type
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of contact with a group of animals that may have this. human to human transmission is very rare, which is why this outbreak is being so closely looked at. kumasi: the cdc says the virus spreads through contact with bodily fluids, sores, or other items like contaminated bedding and clothing, and it can also spread through respiratory droplets in close setting. reggie: the warriors face the mavericks tonight in game two of the finals. the warriors remain undefeated at home this postseason after beating dallas wednesday night. after five contract -- consecutive trips to the nba finals, followed by two years of missing the post season, they are thrilled to be back on the bay stage. >> you have to live this, feel it, breathe it. you cannot get away from this. if you do during playoffs, you are losing your mojo, you're not going to win. are you trained to get away from a championship? i don't need to join that group. >> we're certainly comfortable
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on this stage. been away for two years, and this is a different team. there is gratitude of being back here and more of a sense of urgency and not letting the opportunity slip away. reggie: tnt says game one was the most-watched conference finals game in the four years, since the warriors played the rockets only 2018. tip-off at 6:00, and resell to get started about $215 on the warriors website. kumasi: a terrifying threat at a local abortion clinic, people storming into operating rooms. plus, twitter is taking on
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kumasi: new at 6:00, a special relationship between a kindergarten and a virginia officer that saved his life. >> holy cow, what is going on, man? how are you? kumasi: the last time they saw each other was when hunter was two years old and he almost drowned in a partially drained pool at his home, and detective duncan was a deputy at the time and saved his life with cpr. the detective did not want to miss hunter's big day and stopped by his kindergarten graduation to congratulate him.
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lisa: here i am, and good morning to you. northerly winds will bring us this elevated fire concerns today, and the wind gusts in the upper elevations, interior valleys. mount tam right now, how pretty. 50 in mountain view, 48 half moon bay. golden gate bridge and a few clouds. it looks like a nice morning. we will keep that trend, but we are concerned about how quickly those winds will be moving out of the north. certainly cooler this morning. wind advisory until 2:00 for east bay interior valleys and north hills. check out saint lena at 68 miles per hour, mount diablo, mount tam. highs today with a wide range, but we are concerned about
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humidity. jobina: a nice drive into san francisco, even though there is a stall on the upper bridge. san jose, 87, a nice and clear drive. drive times reflect that here tracy to dublin only 34 minutes for this friday. much better than the one hour we saw yesterday near this time in the morning. and the last day for the caltrans electrification construction project. no local service from 5:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. kumasi: thank you. wait before you get your next haircut, how you can use that to help clean up oil spills. plus, a new coke bottle design that could be the bottle of the future. and get your helmet, because it is a great day for a bike ride. the reason why, and you had to see where bay area cities stack up as the most like friendly prices -- places around the country. 6:10 on a friday. cancer means being relentless.
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jobina: a man walked away with just minor injuries after this cliffside rescue in daly city. sky. a fisherman out at sea spied the
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man on a cliff near muscle rock park around 5:00 yesterday evening. once rescue crews attach the line, a chp chopper lifted the man and rescuer several hundred feet into the air before getting the back on the ground. chp says the man slipped from the top of a cliff and fell down more than 200 feet. reggie: and antiabortion activist is facing multiple charges after allegedly forcing his way into a san francisco abortion clinic. he is also accused of stalking a doctor there. the district attorney says 37-year-old aaron hurley and three others targeted the women's center at zuckerberg san francisco general hospital in march, printing ding needing care and then trying to go into operating rooms -- pretending to need care and then trying to go into operating rooms. the da says hurley went into the doctor's home later that the and put up stickers and flyers that said "a killer lives in your neighborhood." hurley has pleaded not guilty.
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the da says the incident has forced the doctor to change your entire personal routine for safety reasons. the nation's strictest abortion law could soon go into effect in oklahoma. it would ban almost all abortions from the moment of conception. the oklahoma legislature passed the bill yesterday. this morning, it is heading to the governor's desk, and he is expected to sign it. it is modeled after a controversial texas law that opens up providers and anyone who aids and abets an abortion to civil lawsuits. >> going to have ripple effects that are not just for women and girls and for their families, for providers, for cvs, for pharmacies that cannot now write prescriptions for legitimate medical care for fear that they are going to be prosecuted. reggie: the bill includes narrow exceptions to protect the life of the mother and for cases of rape and insist but only if they report it to law enforcement. it comes after the leaked draft
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opinion from the supreme court suggested the justices could overturn roe v. wade as early as next month. kumasi: in the south bay, and new park is in the works. they broke ground for the part between taylor and jackson streets. it will have public art installations, children's playground, exercise equipment, and more. it is named in honor of a san jose resident and german immigrant, john highland. he helped immigrants seek refuge, and it became japan town. >> this will hopefully remind you of the history that has happened here over 100 years ago . more importantly, what is going to happen in the future for our community and for the city of san jose. kumasi: the city's japan town is one of the last remaining in the u.s. reggie: happening today, the 28th bike to work day, and with gas prices where they are, there is no better time than to grand
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just grab the helmet. a study shows more people are biking than ever before. will ganz has some tips if you're going for a ride today. >> things will be just fine. will: this be honest, everyone wants a cute romcom moment on a bicycle, right? when better to make it happen -- i am sandra bullock. the national bike to work day? even if it kills your cute romcom vibe, you gotta wear the helmet. and safest u.s. cities for bike commuters, number three is minneapolis, minnesota, number two, portland, oregon, and number one, fort collins, colorado. and now more people are biking than ever before. by cap committee in the u.s. was up 10% in the summer of last year compared to 2019 -- bike
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activity was up in the u.s. use the bike route option on google or apple maps when planning your commute. it will find bike trails are low traffic roads with bike lanes to make your commute safer. mine happens to come with some pretty awesome views of the hudson river. considering 40% of all trips in the u.s. are less than two miles long, biking is a feasible and environmentally friendly option. >> look at all this traffic, both directions. will: no traffic, no wasted gas, but certainly some calories earned. >> we made it. i recommend packing a change of clothes and some hair gel. will: fort collins, portland, and minneapolis were the top three safest cities to bike. rounding out the top 10, philly, san francisco, oakland, washington, d.c., chicago, denver, san diego. from a not safe city to bike in new york, will ganz, abc news.
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kumasi: san francisco and oakland round it out. reggie: ok? i am surprised. the bay area organizers are calling this home bike to everyday since not many of us are going to the office. there is a morning ride over the bridge and also at the robert burns statue at golden gate park. other bike to whenever days are held throughout the month. you can catch me on a bike that goes nowhere. kumasi: [laughs] reggie: indoor bike, no helmet required. no car will hit me. lisa: such pretty vistas though around here. reggie: oh, beautiful. i just don't want to be -- i don't know. i don't have the bravery. i am glad everybody else who enjoys it does. kumasi: i am with you. lisa: they are out in droves,
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too, so watch out for them. a lot of resistance this morning with winds in the upper elevations, guesting anywhere from 20 to 40 and 50 miles per hour, even better than that in some spots. 50 right now into santa cruz, and what a beautiful view, upper 70's today. 49 mt. view, 48 in half moon bay, 50 downtown. 58 in napa and by the delta appeared that north wind allowing for a very mild air there. still cooler than 24 hours ago. concord, how about that, 16 degrees cooler, but we will warm up today. compliments of these gusty winds. wind advisory for interior valleys, upper elevations, and that will bring the relative humidity down and they may air mass drying out all over the place, not just the east bay. winds through 2:00, when the wind advisory will expire, winds getting lighter throughout the day but still out of the north, more north west over the weekend, and that is better news. but today is in the upper 70's
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to near 80 around gilroy, 76 in redwood city, breezy winds along the coast, 64 on the sunset, 70 downtown, 80 three in santa rosa. to the east bay, beautiful day, 76 in san leandro. breezy to guesting for mount diablo. 83 in concord. seven-day forecast, a nice weekend with winds easing up tomorrow, but warmer inland on sunday am approaching 90. by monday and tuesday, yes, hot inland looking at bayshore numbers coming up, even the coast a bit warmer. you can see by the middle of next week, finally easing up on that heat. back to you guys. reggie: thank you. good morning america 7:00 right here on abc 7. kumasi: let's get a look. >> coming, cdc has authorized a covert booster shot for children five to 11 years old. white house covid response coordinator joining us with what parents need to know. also, we are live in south korea
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with a reporter traveling with president biden for his first trip to asia since taking office we will tell you why the stakes are so high. also live from london, getting a first look inside the new big ben, the iconic clock tower getting a makeover just in time for the queens platinum jubilee celebration. we are also live in michael's beloved home city of houston, texas, as we rise and china this morning.
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reggie: twitter is taking new steps to crackdown on misinformation being spread on its platform. the san francisco-based company will place warning notices over tweets deemed to be misleading, coming from highly visible accounts, especially during points of crisis. those would be for things like natural disasters, armed conflicts, and public health emergencies. for now, the policy will focus on international armed conflicts. twitter has wrestled with bouts of limit abuse, hate speech on the platform. kumasi: if you are looking to get a haircut and a happy environment, we have matter of trust, a san francisco nonprofit that gives people the chance to donate their hair or even pet fur to clean up oil spills. the organization's president spoke to us about the process. so the hair is pulled and straightened, and it eventually turns into a mat. this is the straightening out process, and this is the mat.
6:26 am
they have been used in multiple disasters, including deepwater horizon oil spill. to learn more on how to donate your hair, go to matterof reggie: coca-cola is changing its bottle caps, introducing caps that stay attached the bottle in the u.k. it is supposed to make it easier to recycle the whole package at once and keep caps out of the trash. all bottles of coke products in the u.k. should have the attached caps by early 2024. kumasi: and newborn baby is already an a-list celeb. reggie: and getting to the airport even faster. kumasi: and bullets flying at a local kids like graham, the debate and ideas proposed to stop the violence. ts idmorning?. we will be right back.
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some questions about why the suspect involved was arrested multiple times and not held.
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yes on h. recall chesa boudin now.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: now at 6:30, high fire danger is here. a lingering heat wave, high winds -- lisa is tracking the day had come into the weekend. reggie: president biden on his first ever presidential visit to asia, and there is a lot on the to-do list. kumasi: new at 6:00, shopping smarter, not harder, this game changing card that could forever change our grossest are habits paired reggie: welcome to friday, may 20. kumasi: let's check the forecast
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with lisa. lisa: we do not have temperatures in the 90's in triple digits, that is the good news. bad news, we have those dry motherly winds that will continue to dry out the atmosphere, not only in the upper elevations and interior valleys where we have that wind advisory -- we have those dry northerly winds. here is a look at the air quality. look at these winds are 30 five mile per hour wind gusts mount diablo, near 30 mount tam, and this is the wind advisory until 2:00. east bay and interior valleys could see 30 to 50 mile-per-hour winds here at we saw even 72 miles power within st. helena. vacaville and even concord, relative humidity 20% to 50%. it will get lower throughout the day. 50's right now, warming to the 80's in the afternoon. pleasant in the 60's, to near 70, downtown. amy: thank you. new this money, a tragedy at a doggy daycare in brentwood at four dogs dead after fire overnight. it happened at the retreat on
6:31 am
brentwood boulevard just before 10:00 last night. police say it appears and air conditioning unit caught fire and it spread to the building. crews were able to rescue 15 other dogs reggie: happening now, that red flag warning and high winds today have firefighters on high alert. we saw multiple spot fires yesterday and abnormally extreme temperatures are heating up most of the rest of the country. to give you an idea, more than 60% of americans will top 90 degrees in the next few days. and it is still may. from thursday to sunday, as many as one hundred 30 record highs are forecasted to be tied or broken in 20 different states. upstate albany, new york, could come close to 100 on saturday or this morning, amy hollyfield's live in the east bay with what we're seeing here and how crews are getting ready. amy: we have a high wind advisory for the east bay hills and the north bay mountains today. that is until 2:00 this afternoon. there were a few fires that pops
6:32 am
up in yesterday's dry, hot, windy weather, including two in san jose. firefighters knocked them out pretty quickly. the fires did not create any major problems. emergency response teams said they are on high alert and are asking that residence also be on guard. >> i want people to be careful out there. this is a really high-risk fire season here at it is the earliest i have seen in 10 years , with the dryness and our fires happening in may when they use to start in june or july. people need to be extra cautious this summer. holly: they call conditions right now the riskiest type of weather. first responders say they have been focused on fire prevention and on educating the public, saying that if people are not aware yet, they need to be. it is going to be a hot weekend here and across the country. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: you can track the weather conditions anytime on
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our abc 7 bay area app on roku, amazon fire, android tv, and apple tv. kumasi: deadly shooting and palo alto at a city park. it was busy with kids and families when a gun battle erupted during the day on tuesday. councilmembers called a special meeting to address the violence. here is our news reporter. >> we have to do better. >> it takes things getting to this point before you guys do something. >> you guys have to do something to make this better and safer for our babies. unacceptable paired reporter: outrage, raw emotion, and a call for real action at a special meeting thursday, east palo alto leaders are from residents who addressed tuesday's deadly shooting and demanded change. >> make a police presence there walking around, maybe even interacting with the residents from the park and checking in. >> we think it is not very realistic to not offer education and resources to the community
6:34 am
and expect the community to act a certain way. >> step up. if y'all want the community to step up, y'all need to, too. y'all need to lead. reporter: still reeling over this disturbing video, young girl reporting tuesday as she played tag with her cousins at jack carol park. gunfire erecting 10 to 15 feet from her. the video captures the sound of gunshots and her running away and pleading for help. >> that sound of the little girl running and crying will stay with me for a long time. reporter: police say 33 bullets were fired between two groups, killing a 44-year-old and injuring three others. east palo alto has worked hard to overcome the murder capital reputation from the early 1990's. >> it is the first murder of this year, and we pray it is the only one. reporter: leaders reminding residents there is no winning in retaliation paired as a thursday
6:35 am
night, no suspects have been caught, no new witnesses have come forward. abc 7 news. kumasi: a gun buyback event is this we can in santa clara county, sunday. sponsors will purchase backup to $50,000 in guns. organizers say you can anonymously hand in unwanted guns and get cash in return, no questions asked about who owns the guns or where they came from reggie: or macias are preparing to administer pfizer booster shots for kids ages five to 11 -- this morning, pharmacies are preparing to administer pfizer booster shots for kids ages five to 11. new covid cases involving children are the highest level since february. many kids are not even eligible for a third shot. about 70% have not even completed the first round of two shots. and you have to wait at least five months after your second shot to get a booster. >> the clinical trials did show an excellent safety profile.
6:36 am
the side effects seen with this booster does in this age group were similar to those seen with the flu vaccine, soreness at the injection site, in some cases headache, fever, chills. again, zero serious safety signals in clinical trials. reggie: for those younger than five years old, moderna just completed his application for emergency authorization. the fda could review that very soon. kumasi: university president says she will not be attending this weekend's commencement ceremonies, according to the press democrat. she has faced criticism for how she handled campus sexual harassment allegations against her husband and her oversight of the budget enrollment. earlier this month, faculty members approved a no-confidence vote against her, and two senators have called for her to resign. reggie: tomorrow, colin kaepernick is set to receive an honorary degree from morgan state university. it is a historically black college in baltimore, and they announced kaepernick will get the degree, honoring him for being exemplary vanguard of
6:37 am
social justice in the african-american expanse university officials said they did not know if he would attend the commencement ceremony. kaepernick sparked controversy in -- for kneeling at several football games to raise awareness about police brutality and racial awareness in the can trip you this money, elon musk facing serious sexual misconduct claims. the sais -- the spacex ceo already responding on twitter. and a look at the stock exchange, where we are actually in positive territory. we will see if that holds, coming up. going inside the big been all tower, now open for the first time in years -- the big ben bell tower, now open for the first time in years. streaming at 7:00 a.m., alive -- live with the "american idol" finalists, getting our weekly update. abc 7 at 7:00 is live weekdays on our bay area streaming app. lisa: good friday morning. mount tam, relative humidity
6:38 am
dropped to 31%. 50 downtown and mountain view. 47 santa clara. east bay hills, the interior valleys are under a wind advisory. winds anywhere from 30 to 50 miles an hour in the upper elevations, then they drain down to the valleys. lower elevations drying out the atmosphere. temperatures in the 80's today, their average, but it does not help that those winds will continue to drive things out. 42 in the petaluma, 52 and they conquered. here is a look at the winds you can expect throughout the day. stronger through the early part of the day. look at napa, the delta come over 20 miles an hour in fairfield. that will ease up as the wind advisory expires after 2:00. red flag warning through the delta. that will allow for critical fire weather for vallejo and vacaville. for the bay area look for 70 downtown. 62 in half moon bay. 83 in concord.
6:39 am
79 in san jose. winds easing saturday, little warmer on sunday. jobina: starting with a live look from sky 7, the aftermath of a crash. this vehicle went off of eastbound 580 at foothill boulevard and flipped over multiple times, injuries reported. it is not causing a slowdown because it is down the embankment, and emergency crews have not given us an estimated time this will be cleared up.. the driver has been taken to the hospital. and at the bay bridge toll plaza, which really filled in. usually on a friday, it is much lighter than this, but people seem to be out this morning. tonight, warriors and giants fans are encouraged to take public transportation, and please arrive early. both teams in action less than a mile apart. warriors playing the mavericks, and the giants playing the padres. last month when there were dual events, a parking lot near
6:40 am
oracle park was charging $80 for a spot. so remember, if you are in the east bay, you can take part and transfer to muni inside the embarcadero station. you do not need to come to the street level. for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money.
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reggie: elon musk denies he sexually harassed a flight attendant who worked for him,
6:43 am
the former spacex employee accusing him of sexual harassment. she claims he exposed himself and propositioned her for sex as she gave him a massage on his private jet. she was paid a 200 $50,000 settlement. musk denies it and says it is a political attack because of his agreement to purchase twitter. he says this should be viewed as a political lens, this is the standard, despicable playbook. kumasi: president biden has arrived in south korea, his first trip to asia since taking office. jobina has a preview of the president's visit, largely focused on cantering the perceived threat from china. jobina: president biden landed a few hours ago and met with south korea's newly elected president to tour samsung's largest semiconductor factory. a similar one will be built in texas as the president's push for more manufacturing in america. meanwhile, north korea will be in focus as they ramp up missile testing. south korea says it is ready of
6:44 am
the north fires a missile during president ayden's visit. he then heads to japan to meet with leaders of japan, india, and australia. they are set to announce a new economic bloc to counter china's influence here the nation's share concerns over china's growing regional assertiveness and increasingly capable armed forces. china is holding military exercise in the disputed south china sea, coinciding with president biden's trip. kumasi: in the south bay, an effort to make it easier to get to san jose's international airport on public transit paired the department of transportation as accepting bids for a transit link between your don station in the airport. it already received 23 ideas from companies with possible solutions for covering the three mile stretch. suggestions range from autonomous vehicles and hyperloop to monorails and levitation vehicles. san francisco second largest hotel is back open after more than two years. it is near union square and
6:45 am
celebrated with a tour of the newly renovated complex peer with more than 1000 rooms, it will help meet the growing demand for hotels in the city. reggie: a new warning about gas prices, analysts think the national average could reach six dollars a gallon by summer. that would mean seven dollars to eight dollars a gallon here in the bay area. here is a look at bay price is now compared to a week ago. already well into the six dollar range, up about $.20 across the board. majority of people admit gas prices are affecting their vacation plans. one survey found 70% of americans say their travel plans have changed because of rising gas prices, an increase of4% compared to last year. ford is warning the owners of 39,000 expeditions and navigators to park outside because of a fire risk. the company issued a recall because of the problem in the engine compartment.
6:46 am
they say there has been at least 16 fires under the hood, 12 while the suv's were parked and the engines were turned off. a live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets underway. we are increasingly in positive territory, now up a little bit more from a a few minutes ago, about 220 points. kumasi: national streaming day, and our parent company disney kicked off the celebrations with a spectacular drone show over down to los angeles last night. ad supported hulu will be at a reduced cost may 20 through 27, and new and eligible returning subscribers can subscribe for just one dollar a month for three months, and 85% savings go to to check out the deals. in the honor of national streaming day, we are featuring some of our best and may nominated specials on the abc 7 bay area streaming app. you can check out the 24/7
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livestream of our new cat -- newscasts and latest news. new at 6:00, albertsons is the latest grocery store to rollout a smart shopping cart that lets you skip the checkout line. he put something in the cart and the items are automatically added up. they are designed by a startup founder -- a startup founded by former amazon engineers. albertsons says it is going to free up cashiers for other tasks. reggie: i love this idea. kumasi: me, too. and i like to see how much i am racking up. i do not want to be in that line looking surprised. reggie: i could see that going away, because i do not think supermarkets will want you to know. kumasi: that is right. reggie: i could see that going to a place where just shows you the item, no prices. i love the ability to just walk
6:48 am
out. kumasi: i think they should keep it. reggie: the prices? kumasi: mm-hmm. reggie: that is what you think. kumasi: but you know when you get out, people like to check the receipt. and that is more drama if you come back in and the cashier -- you know. lisa: everybody is looking at you. reggie: but the amazon ghost stories, they do not tell you a thing. you walk out, and if you check your amazon account, cool. if you don't, they just charge you. lisa: good morning. it is a gorgeous start to our friday. how about a beach shut, santa cruz, 50 degrees. upper 70's later on today. how pretty, 50 mountain view, 55 oakland, 48 half moon bay. a few high clouds and a little patchy fog. upper 50's by the delta appeared you probably heard about our wind advisory through the middle
6:49 am
of the afternoon. north winds are blowing up to 55 miles an hour. some of those unsecure objects could blow around. more importantly, it is the air drying out. mount tam at 31 miles per hour -- 31% humidity. a warning this evening. even by napa, getting those strong winds. be advised, one of these afternoons, certainly this afternoon, we are looking at these drying conditions, and again through next week. 75 today for mount pedis. 76 on the peninsula. 70 downtown. north bay low 80's. gusty winds, 81 in napa. no 90's or triple digits. but still very dry throughout the day. that her relative humidity for
6:50 am
saturday. 70 seven in union city. 83 in concord. we recover a little bit over the weekend with the fog at the coast. then by sunday, not only is it warmer, but look what happens monday, tuesday, even wednesday, turning up the heat, so that means more dry weather on the way. kumasi: thank you. new at 6:00, a first look at one of the most iconic sites in the world, london's big ben. it just wrapped up a $100 million renovation. abc's maggie rulli got an up close look. >> 334 steps to big ben. come on. oh, my gosh. this is it. we are inside behind big ben. this is when you know you are really behind something special. you look up and notice the beautiful face. quits all the glass has been completely replaced with 324 pieces. these will be the new lights that eliminate the dials from
6:51 am
behind. >> oh, my gosh. reggie: she is really excited about this. kumasi: she will continue to give us an access tour of big ben right after abc 7 morning. reggie: did you know big ben is the name of the bell, not the clock, and the tower is called elizabeth tower after queen elizabeth? kumasi: ok. well, you should know. reggie: let me practice, oh, my gosh, this built the season finale of "american idol" is on sunday. these three made it to the end of the competition, but only one gets the top prize. ♪ >> the wait is finally over. as this season of american idol comes to an end, a new superstar is born.
6:52 am
after a dramatic season, huntergirl -- >> she used showmanship, costume, lights. ♪ >> then marlene -- >> she stays to her style. she has got the shot. ♪ >> and noah thompson -- >> i feel like he can do no wrong. >> sing their hearts out to win america's vote and get a coveted spot. >> you start getting people to vote, there will always be one that gets more than the other. as far as talent, these are amazing people. >> after surviving every round of competition, the long road coming to an end. the 2022 finalists now hoping their journey brings the top spot of "american idol." >> he definitely sing a popular song
6:53 am
that people have a lot of feelings for, that people connect to in a large way. >> it is crazy, but i think i have one in my pocket. >> it is a celebration for all of us. just do the things we want to do the most. >> the finale will include songs from the judges and performances from carrie under word, earth wind and fire, and more. abc news, los angeles. reggie: a special surprise coming up on abc 7 at 7:00, you get to jam with the three finalists live appearing on the show with us. you can catch it on the abc 7 bay area streaming app, which you can download right now for your phone, tablet, roku, apple tv, amazon fire, or android tv. amy: waiting to find out more details. a$ap rocky and rihanna just welcomed their first child. tmz is reporting it as a boy, but we do not have pictures or a name.
6:54 am
reggie: this is going to be an exclusive, like a "vanity fair" exclusive, something kumasi: if you love chocolate, you might want to head to san francisco for free ice cream. newly renovated truck with experience is finally going to be unveiled to the public. the store will make fresh chocolate bars and roasted almonds and hazelnuts. ribbon-cutting at 11:30 this morning. to celebrate, if you are one of the first 170 people in line, you will get a free world-famous hot fudge sundae to celebrate the 170th anniversary. reggie: doesn't that sound good? kumasi: i need to experience this. reggie: it has been many years since i had it. we should probably go. i love hot fudge. it was all the whipped cream. my memory of it is that it tastes very much like real whipped cream. it just felt rich to me,
6:55 am
decadent. kumasi: decadent. reggie: a treat. kumasi: you can experience that and go look at the water. reggie: i would like that. you like-sunday -- do you like hot fudge sundae's? what is your desert? i know what you like, you like a funnel cake. kumasi: funnel cake, i like a doughnut. i like ice cream and cakes. reggie: your less on the ice cream side, more on the cake side. got it. kumasi: next, the seven things you need to know today. reggie: a live look
6:56 am
6:57 am
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good morning, america, for our viewers in the west. as those covid cases surge nationwide big vaccine news for parents this friday morning. breaking overnight. the cdc director signs off on booster shots for children 5 to 11. this morning, the new data from pfizer, and white house covid response coordinator dr. ashish jha joins us live. president biden touching down in south korea this morning. his first trip to asia as president with threats looming from north korea and china. why the stakes are so high. new show of support. the massive $40 billion aid package for ukraine passed in the senate. as our ian pannell goes inside a unit with foreign fighters. >> the fight is a just fight, and we want to be here to support them.
7:01 am
>> including at least 25


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