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tv   ABC7 News Getting Answers  ABC  May 20, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7news. >> hey, everybody. you are watching getting answers live on abc seven. what we do is we asked express your questions every day at 3:00 to get you answers in real time. one of san francisco's famous painted ladies is back on the market. just over two years after it was purchased by a tech entrepreneur, the pink painted lady is once again up for sale. we will talk to the owner later to find out exactly why and what's next. first, we have been following along as covid hits home for ucsf apartment of medicine share dr. bob lakhdar. his wife tested positive for the virus after leading a science writers workshop.
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to get everyone up to speed, she and dr. walker appraised -- appeared twice year starting on may 9 after katie traveled to santa fe for the workshop and after that, she covertly tested positive, she flew to palm springs. she was hermetically sealed, i cannot even see a body under there, she was on a plane to protect yourself and others and despite taking the precautions, she still tested positive for a few days later. i last checked, a third of the workshop attendees got sick as well. two weeks after her exposure and a stint in isolation, plus paxlovid treatment, katie is isolating all over again with new symptoms, so you see our guests here today for an update. thank you for joining us. before we get started, can you tell me what you responded after i said, is katie in your attic right now? >> yeah, like rapunzel, i locked
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her in the attic and i will let her out of 10 days after she tests negative. no, she's just upstairs. we have two floors and i'm on the covid free floor and she is up in a bedroom above me. >> do you mind if i say things are looking messy down there? >> things have gotten a little out of control on this part. dion: both of you need a podcast or something, i love the dynamic. >> we should, good idea. dion: let's get to it. katie, you are in isolation in that attic. i saw you were negative with paxlovid, and then in your tweet, it says she is back in isolation. why is this? let's talk about the results and why she is back again. >> i can talk about what is going on and katie can talk about how it is feeling and going. now close to two weeks ago, she
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began to have symptoms after that conference in santa fe, she tested positive, took the antiviral drug for five days, was feeling somewhat better, and on day eight, her test turned negative and that means she is no longer infectious. probably still has viral particles in you, but it is below the amount of virus that you need to infect someone. in the old days, we would have said, she is done, and the problem is three or four days later, it is 12 days after her infection, she started getting cold symptoms and tested again yesterday and was positive again so she went from positive to negative impact positive. this is known as paxlovid rebound, it has been seen more and more in people who have taken this drug paxlovid. i still believe taking the drug is a good idea, the child's have lowered the chance of being hospitalized by 90%.
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but it is an emerging problem, we don't know much about it. i surveyed my twitter followers and 46% of people who took paxlovid say this happened to them, which is astounding. it is an online poll, i'm not sure whether to believe at, but clearly it is a more common phenomenon than we expected. katie is back up in isolation even though she was semi-out of isolation, but even when she left isolation, we were pretty careful because of the possibility of this problem. do you want to say how you are feeling? >> i feel ok, just a little congested. this is super mild, although it is unambiguously positive. i want to see something important that might be constructive, which would be a surprise. when i felt ok yesterday, i felt pretty good yesterday and i was
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about to go play a tennis match and it was indoors. i was ready to go, i had my stuff on, and i just felt a little something in my throat and it has been windy, i thought it is allergies. i thought, just as a courtesy to the people i'm about to play with, i'm going to test, and sure enough, it was positive. my advice, and dr. walker -- dr. wachter, you can tell me if this is good advice, when you're in this paxlovid course and you are testing negative, don't trust that it is going to stay negative. dr. wachter: people should know that you do, he buy my first name in real life. if you test negative -- yes you may -- if you test negative after finishing a course of paxlovid and you have new symptoms, you should test again. we are still learning about this whole thing but that is good
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advice. dion: i am curious, do you think people should continually contest, even if there is just a little tickle in her throat? katie, you tested before you went to visit your friends in southern california out of common courtesy and that is how you discovered it. should we always have these tests on hand just to be safe? dr. wachter: i think so. they are not cheap, although the federal government made eight new tests available online to get them. my feeling these days, if you have any symptom that might be covid, which essentially is anything, it is reasonable to test both to know whether you have it and also to know whether you can infect other people. most tests will be negative and it can get expensive, so you have to be sensitive to that. if i wake up in the morning and i have a new sore throat or new
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sniffles, if you have allergies and you always have sniffles, that is one thing and if you have tested with the same symptoms, that is one thing, but if it is a new symptom, it is reasonable to test. if you are positive, you want to know that to isolate from other people. dion: this next question is for katie. do you plan to change your behaviors or habits once you are out of isolation? because this has been a frustrating process. katie: before i can answer, we have to ask bob -- so yes, i am not doing indoor dining for the foreseeable future, not doing it. my question to you, bobby, is what about these variants? you said last week, you are bulletproof for x number of weeks or months. it is sounding like you are in the invariant tau variant -- you are not immune variant to
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variant. dr. wachter: this is frustrating because the rules we had a month ago may not hold anymore. in general, we have to separate katie's situation and many thousands of people like her, one questionnaires when is she done with being infected from this particular infection? she had an infection, she was infectious, she was testing negative so it was probably not infectious, she is not positive again, and i believe that she is now infectious and she should treat herself that way. when she turns negative again, we have not heard of double rebounds, i guess it is possible, but if she turns negative, i probably wait two days, then she is fine to be out in the real world and we can let her out of the attic. the second question is what is her chance of getting infected again? in the old days, we would have said, she has four vaccine shots and now when infection so she has hybrid immunity, she is good
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to go and bulletproof for three or four months. now we are less secure about that because each mu variant or subvariant is beginning to evade the immunity from a prior variant, so i would say i don't think she should act any differently than i am acting, i have not gotten infected, i had two booster shots, so i am not eating indoors because there is a huge amount of virus in the bay area and i don't think it is safe to be indoors without a mask. i don't think someone who has been infected and fully vaccinated should treat themselves as any more protected than someone who has been fully vaccinated and boosted but not infected. we might fend out -- we may find out that is overkill and her infection is making her super safe, but at least for now, it is prudent to assume that you are not immune, in part because these new variants do not respect the immunity of a prior variant as much as happened in the old days.
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by that i mean a month or two ago. dion: i'm going through some comments on our facebook page, lots of people wishing you well, kt, they sympathize with your situation. you have a lot of people rooting for your recovery. i shall let both of you handle the show, who needs an anchor? you can navigate at yourselves at this point. i want to remind everyone, if you have questions, leave them at we will be right back with our conversation with dr. wachter 3.
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dion: welcome back. we are with ucsf department of medicine chair dr. bob walker,
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and his wife, talking about their covid journey. they have been on our show three times. i want to get you some here are questions on facebook. alexis lou writes in to say, after the second covid booster, does everyone need a third covid rooster in the future? i think the concern is i know why a lot of people who are fully vaccinated, fully boosted, and are still seeing breakthrough cases. it can be really discouraging. dr. wachter: understandably so. katie i'm sure feels that way. she had two vaccines and two boosters and letter guard on a tiny bit and got infected. you should know that that booster, you took it for a reason. when katie got infected, it did not cross my mind that she would need to go to the hospital or she would die, which would not have been true prevaccination or pre-booster. it is doing something very
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important, which is lowering the chance of a severe infection and bad outcome. but it is clear that it somewhat low was her chance of getting infected, but not that much. we need to come up with better boosters, there's no question that we all have extra boosters in our future, whether it is going to be the same one or they are going to come up with a better one, more active against omicron, when we are going to get that, whether it will be nasal, all of those are up in the air and being researched as we speak. dion: the sentiment of being discouraged is on facebook. anna says, discouraging is an understatement. katie, can you give me some idea as to what the future will hold when it comes to travel? i was on a plane back from d.c. this week, overwhelmingly people were still wearing masks, but even though you were masked, little did you know you already had the virus within your body.
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it feels like, this is going to be what we have to live with for the foreseeable future. katie: that is the thing. is this a forever situation? i think we should definitely keep masking on planes. i think everybody should also, the airport itself. i don't know. what do you think? this idea that this is a forever situation, that is the most discouraging part. dr. wachter: yeah, it is discouraging. unfortunately, we cannot wish this away with hope and wishful thinking and frustration. it is what it is. when you hear the stories of long covid, to me, is still prudent to be careful. katie's example is a good one. she has been careful, got the right number of vaccines, went to a conference and decided to eat together with their colleagues in the students,
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seemed like a reasonable thing to do, and there you go, the virus gets you and hear you are two weeks out still feeling crummy and we don't know for sure whether you get long covid. it is what it is. we have to deal with the facts, the facts are that the virus is still around. katie: how long will it take before i know if i'm getting long covid? that is my biggest fear. dr. wachter: the definition of long covid is he continued to have symptoms more than a couple months out. it will take a couple months to see whether you do. the odds are in your favor in part because the probability of long covid has decreased by 50% for people who are vaccinated, it is lower in people who had a mild initial infection, but not zero. i think it may turn out to be lowering people who took paxlovid but we don't know that for sure. based on what i know, the odds that he will have symptoms two months from now are probably 5%.
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but not zero. dion: i know you touched on long covid and i don't know if this would qualify, but rudy writes in on facebook asking, my at-home test says negative, but -- i'm not sure, there is a typo -- pcr, that is what he means. is pcr says positive. it has been 20 days. what should he do next? dr. wachter: nothing. his situation is pretty typical. the rapid test is good if it is positive and it is very useful because it also tells you if you are infectious. it is measuring the amount of virus you have. the pcr is more sensitive, it will pick up a tiny amount of virus that is still in your body. the pcr will stay positive for much longer than the rapid test. the fact that it is still positive two or three weeks out
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-- it means there might be a couple viral particles, but if the rapid test is negative, it is so little virus that you are not capable of infecting anybody in there is no reason to continue doing pcr tests, we know you had covid. if it turns negative this week, next week, it does not matter. the rapid test is negative, it means your body has cleared the bulk of the virus out of your body. dion: that is terrific news, i'm sure rudy is grateful for that response. rudy, let us know on facebook your response to dr. wachter's answering of your question. i think we are running out of time, we are going to try to keep you during the commercial break. what was that, kurt? we have to say goodbye. all right, thank you once again. we will check in with you undoubtedly a fourth time and see how things are going. katie: thanks a lot. dion: stay with us, we are continuing the con
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get to our next guest, we have a correction to make regarding information that was shared during an interview on yesterday's program. the san francisco standard reporter josh kane incorrectly stated information about former da george gascoigne's record in charging rates turned -- compared to the current da. he should have stated gascoigne was convicting drug cases at a higher rate compared to booting, also the dashboard says were drug cases, that and any conviction, the rate is 31% in 2021 and 20% in 2022. we want to move on now because to our last segment, one of the most iconic san francisco homes is back on the market and perhaps this comes as a surprise. it is the pink painted lady, part of the bow of famous victorians. there were grand plans for it but to talk about why it is
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being sold, the current owner, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. dion: admittedly, i'm a little heartbroken because i remember when you bought it's, you had these plans for the project, you started and instagram for the house, it has 20,000 followers. why did you want to buy the house in the first place? why was it significant? >> of course, i have seen these houses on postcards, at the airport, the opening credits of the tv show full house. they are so iconic in such a representation of san francisco. when one came up for sale, i could not believe it. dion: so you snatched it up. it is now back on the market for the same price you bought it for . why is that? >> i bought it in january 2020, the worst timing ever. since the pandemic, things have slowed down and my life has moved on.
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i am basically too busy to dedicate the time and resources it needs to have a fantastic renovation. i'm seeking a new owner who can continue with that dream. dion: i have done a renovation myself, kind of a nightmare. there is a lot of redtape getting plans through the building department in san francisco. what was the plan for the renovation? the scope of this was pretty grand. >> it was to be due the entire interior and fix up the exterior and restore it to its former beauty. interior remodel, in working with the architect, who is well-known in san francisco for doing these victorian homes, really fantastic. dion: i love playing this game of how long you anticipated the renovation to take. had he planned for that as well? it is the long haul. leah: yeah, it is surprising
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when you ihesedue to the pandemn more extended. dion: not to mentionwe are taki7 flying overhead. youe e peoe cofoowloh that jone you mentioned in the wall street journal article that you don't have time. is it really time, or does cost factor into your decision to put it on the market? leah: both are a factor, of course. for me personally, it really is more about where i wanted to spend my time in terms of it is a big project and i'm looking for a new owner who has the time and resources to tackle such an amazing project. dion: had you had any experience in the past renovating a home or doing any sort of reno?
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leah: no. dion: did you have a partner and someone who is hoping you do this as well? not just architect, i mean the a-to-z, there are so many steps that pop up that you don't even anticipate. leah: yeah, friends and family, i actually got married during the pandemic, so speaking of life changes, and one of the reasons i just got too busy with other things to keep working on this. dion: i want to know if you have plans to buy again or what the future holds when it comes to purchasing in san francisco or maybe that is on hold also after your experience. leah: i am planning on staying where i am currently at for the foreseeable future, but i love san francisco and i'm excited to be here. dion: this is wonderful. just to wrap things up, how do you feel, what has the response
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been from everyone knowing that it is back on the market and that your dream project is not going to come true? leah: it is really sad. i have been talking to my family and friends, they have been supportive, and it is unfortunate, but it is also nice to see the community come together, help me find a new owner, and help continue to keep these homes looking fantastic. dion: i have to ask one question that it pop up, do you anticipate the selling price to be a little higher? in san francisco, over bidding is a real thing, multiple offers on homes. was this strategic? leah: i am actually not sure what to expect. the reason i listed at the price i bought it for is i was not able to make any of the improvements i wanted to make, so it is basically unchanged from the time i purchased it. dion: i appreciate everyone chiming in on facebook, commenting about this story and our previous guests.
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hello to james and samson for tuning in. enter you, leah culver, we will be watching the process and following up with you to see how that sale goes and best of luck in the future. leah: thank you so much. dion: we will be back after a short break.
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nailbiter. we take a live look outside heading into hour 3:30 half-hour. breaking news as we come on the air. a confirmed tornado touches down in michigan, a weekend of extreme weather ahead. 3 images of extensive damage coming in. reports of homes and businesses ripped apart. a tornado watch across part of the northeast. record-breaking heat across much of the country heading into the weekend. the northeast bracing for temperatures in the 90s. rob marciano tracking it all for us. growing concerns about the spike in covid cases as summer approaches. the u.s. reports 700,000 new covid cases just in the past week. 45% of americans living in a medium or high risk area. the first pfizer booster shots are now being given to children ages 5 to 11, hours after getting the green light from the cdc. breaking news along the southern border.


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