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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 20, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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we take a live look outside heading into hour 3:30 half-hour. breaking news as we come on the air. a confirmed tornado touches down in michigan, a weekend of extreme weather ahead. 3 images of extensive damage coming in. reports of homes and businesses ripped apart. a tornado watch across part of the northeast. record-breaking heat across much of the country heading into the weekend. the northeast bracing for temperatures in the 90s. rob marciano tracking it all for us. growing concerns about the spike in covid cases as summer approaches. the u.s. reports 700,000 new covid cases just in the past week. 45% of americans living in a medium or high risk area. the first pfizer booster shots are now being given to children ages 5 to 11, hours after getting the green light from the cdc. breaking news along the southern border. late today a federal judge in
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louisiana rules title 42 will stay in place. the trump era policy allows mai grants seeking asylum to be expelled without a hearing. news on the nationwide baby formula shortage. hundred of pal lets expected to arrive in days. it contained formula for babies with critical medical needs. president biden on his first high-stakes trip to asia. in south korea, facing economic threat from naerk. mary bruce traveling with the president. wall street nears bear market ns b heah me monkeypox. health officials with a confirmed case in massachusetts. another case under investigation here in new york city.
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and the dramatic rescue here in new york 42 stories above the ground. good evening, everyone. i'm linsey davis in for david tonight. we have a lot to get to. covid booster shots for those 5 to 11 as nearly half of the country is at a medium or high risk level, and details on the first new baby formula supply set to arrive. but we begin with that breaking news -- a powerful tornado striking michigan. part of a severe weather system from michigan to the northeast. we have the images just coming in. the confirmed tornado causing significant damage in michigan, where buildings are flattened and debris litters the ground. people are being warned to take shelter. state police advising people to avoid the area. ahead of the system is record heat into the weekend. rob marciano has the forecast in a moment, but first, abc's alex perez leads us off.
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>> reporter: tonight, a massive tornado touching down in michigan. debris swirling in the air. people seen running for cover with the twister bearing down. >> we have a major tornado strike here. >> reporter: video just in showing the utter devastation left behind in gaylord. buildings ripped apart. state police warning people to avoid the area. businesses along this street suffering heavy damage. >> looks like part of hobby lobby roof is gone. >> reporter: authorities issuing a tornado warning late this afternoon, urging residents to take shelter immediately. one hospital in the area confirming they are treating the injured. so far no word on any fatalities due to the storm. >> more severe we thinker is expected in several areas throughout the weekend. our thanks to alex. and abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano joins us now. time the storms and the spreading heat out for us. >> reporter: linsey, the energy that brought that tornado to michigan will be spreading out and will hit a wide area as it
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bumps into that heat. check out this map from austin to dallas, up through little rock, evansville, cleveland, all the way into northern new england. damaging wins, scattered hail, and a few tornadoes. as that front bumps into that record-breaking heat. texas you have had it for two weeks. look at parts of the northeast, not just today but on sunday as well. boston can hit 92 degrees on sunday. 90 degrees in new york. this is very unusual for this time of year, and 97 potentially in philadelphia. if we hit that mark that will be the warmest temperature tied on record in may. >> extreme heat there, rob, thank you. now to the breaking news -- a major border ruling am federal judge in louisiana keeping title 42 in place, that's the trump era policy that allows migrants seeking asylum to be expelled without a hearing under a cdc public health emergency for covid. it was set to be lifted on monday. let's get to matt gutman. matt, tell us what happens next. >> reporter: linsey, the biden
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administration decided first to repeal title 42 back in april in response two dozen republican governors sued to try to keep it in place. the reasoning being that title 42, invoking that public health emergency, would limit the number of asylum seekers into the u.s. now that judge's injunction keeps the status quo, preventing the government from rolling back title 42 or making changes to it until the lawsuit winds its way through court or there's some negotiated solution. and we should note, linsey, this comes at a time when homeland security is grappling with historic levels of migration into the southern border. linsey? >> matt gutman, our thanks to you. now@pandemic and troubling sign of a summer surge. cases rising the past six weeks. the number of counties at high risk doubling in just a week. 46% of all americans live in counties considered medium or high risk. this come as first children ages
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5 to 11 are getting booster shots just hours after the cdc gave them the green light. here's abc's whit johnson. >> reporter: across the country today, the first kids 5 to 11 getting their booster shots. >> you shouldn't be nervous. it's just a little pinch.kea >>epte t df ung chdrhs tir initi cov shs. >> it's helpful, so, like, you don't get sick from the coronavirus. >> reporter: it comes amid growing fears of a possible summer surge. the number of counties at high covid risk, there in orange, doubling to nearly 300 in just the last week. 45% of americans are now living in a medium or high risk area. >> we are seeing a swell in cases. when you have a sheer number of volume of cases that are being infected, that's going to translate into more hospitalizations, unfortunately more deaths. >> reporter: the fda set to decide by early july on a new and improved vaccine expected to roll out in the fall, one that
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would last longer and better target omicron and its subvariants. for now, the cdc is strengthening its booster recommendation, saying immunocompromised americans over 12 and everyone over 50 should get their second booster shot. >> we have a lot of infection out there right now. and what i am recommending to basely everybody over 50 is, given how much infection there is, given that extra layer of protection that the second booster offers, that there's no reason to wait. people should go out and get that second shot. >> reporter: and in those areas of high transmission, the cdc again telling people to wear masks indoors. the city of philadelphia bringing back a mask mandate in schools. >> i always want to be safe, and i always want to be sure my family is safe. and i think the school district needs to do whatever they can to make sure their students are safe. >> safety is the priority. wit johnson joins us. whit, health officials are tracking case of hepatitis in children, figuring out whether
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or not that has any connection to covid. >> reporter: yeah, linsey, the cdc says a sixth child has died in the u.s. from that rare and severe form of hepatitis. health officials are now investigating 180 cases across the country. they want to know whether they're possibly linked to a prior covid infection, adenovirus, or whether quarantines left these children vulnerable to other viruses over the last two years. >> whit, thank you. overseas now, president biden is in south korea tonight on the first leg of a high stakes trip to asia with one eye on china's economic rise and another on north korea's nuclear threat. first stop, a samsung semiconductor facility, similar to the one they're building in texas. mary bruce is traveling with the president. >> reporter: president biden in south korea traveling a samsung semiconductor plant,. >> the alliance between the
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republic of korea and the united states is a lynch pin of peace, stability, and prosperity. >> reporter: with biden's attention dominated by ukraine, this, his first trip to asia since taking office, a chance to reassure allies and a commitment to -- >> our ties and cooperation across the board. >> reporter: also, the dictator next door. u.s. officials warning there's a real risk north korea's kim jong-un could launch another long range missile or conduct a nuclear test during biden's visit, an unprecedented provocation that could come even as north korea is facing a covid crisis. earlier this week, a rare sighting of kim in a mask. the regime acknowledging its first covid outbreak, reporting 2.2 million people are sick, but the dictator is still resisting most outside assistance and
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refusing vaccines. >> mary bruce joins us now from seoul. bit of news before the president arrived in south korea. two members of the secret service sent back home after an incident with local police. >> reporter: we've learned two member of the secret service assigned to prepare for this trip went out for a night of drinking, became intoxicated and got into -- with a cabdriver. they have been placed on administrative leave. >> mary, thank you. now to the news on the baby formula crisis. the first shipments in the administration's operation fly formula are set to take off from switzerland and arrive in indiana in days. it contains hypoallergenic formula. abc's maria villareal tonight. >> reporter: tonight, operation fly formula preparing for takeoff, with the first flight expected to arrive in the u.s.
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from switzerland in just days. >> i don't think it's going to be long before that flight is actually in the air. we're talking days at most. >> reporter: with president biden invoking the defense production act, the defense department now in charge of trance porting the equivalent of 1.5 million eight-ounce bottles. the first shipment containing three specialized formulas that help babies with cow's milk protein allergies. the shortage triggered by supply chain issues then worsened by a february recall by formula maker ab abbott. in spokane, breanna mullen heading to four stores by bus in search of a special formula for her 2-month-old and coming home empty-handed. >> i got one can from my friend and it's like once that can's gone, who knows if we're going to be able to find another can. >> reporter: here in texas, nearly half of the baby formula supply out of stock. the north texas mother's milk bank in fort worth now looking for a way to help meet the urgent need.
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>> we have had at one point this week in a 24-hour period, over 70 mothers make inquiries on how they can become donors, which is phenomenal. >> reporter: linsey, the president just confirming on social media that that flight, that first one will go out this weekend. meantime, right behind me, lab teches are processing all the donated milk they've gotten here in the ft. worth area. the hope is they'll be able to help struggling families feed their babies as early as next week. linsey? >> families so desperate for access. thank you. now to the economy. the markets narrowly avoiding a bear market close, ending with another weekly loss. the dow up just over 8 points with a steady downward trend, fueling fears that a recession may be ahead. russia's declaring the city of mariupol is fully in their control. the fiercest fighting now moves to the eastern donbas. tom soufi burridge reports from
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kyiv. >> reporter: tonight, new video of a dramatic firefight, as the three-month russian siege of the azovstal steel plant in mariupol finally draws to an end. pro-russian forces releasing the video, appearing to target the tunnels where ukrainian fighters were holed-up. abc news unable to confirm when it was taken. the kremlin claiming it now has full control of the city. and tonight, president zelenskyy posting video of a strike on a concert hall in the northeast of ukraine, calling it absolute evil. seven people killed, including an 11-year-old child. we saw the horrors in bucha firsthand. anna, nearly crippled when she tried to escape. her husband killed when russians sprayed their car with bullets. >> i only have the image of his face on the steering wheel, totally in blood. >> reporter: anna, pregnant at the time and badly wounded in the attack, lost her unborn son.
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>> um, i was waiting for this child, and it was awful what happened. >> reporter: anna's story a reminder of what president putin's war is doing here in ukraine. linsey, president zelenskyy saying the transition to surrender at that steel plant to save lives. wife of the supreme court justice clarence thomas sought to overturn the election results. in newly released emails, ginny thomas urges republican lawmakers to choose a clean slate of electors, attributing biden's victory to fraud. here's abc's chief washington correspondent jonathan karl. > reporter: newly revealed emails show that as president trump was calling on supreme court to overturn the election -- >> we'll be going to the supreme court. it's going to end up perhaps at the highest court in the land. hopefully they'll do what's right for our country.
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>> reporter: the wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas was actively urging republicans to overturn joe biden's election victory in at least one key state -- arizona. in emails first reported by "the washington post" and confirmed by abc news, thomas urged the top republican in the arizona legislature to overturn the will of the state's voters, replacing electoral votes won by joe biden with a slate of trump electoral votes, writing, wrote, you have the power to fight back against fraud. please take action to ensure a clean slate of electors is chosen. mrs. thomas sent a similar email to at least one other arizona lawmaker. writing, quote, consider what will happen to the nation we all love if you don't stand up and lead. we previously learned she was also communicating with the trump white house while all this was going on, urging then chief of staff mark meadows to take steps to overturn the election and saying that donald trump
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must never concede. linsey, we have reached out to boast mrs. thomas and her lawyer and have not heard back from either. >> jon karl, our thanks to you. now to the growing concern about monkey pox. the cdc out with a health alert after another case is under investigation here in new york city. what is monkeypox and how great is the threat? here's trevor ault. >> reporter: tonight, the cdc warning doctors to be on the lookout for symptoms of monkeypox, as health officials investigate a second possible american infection in new york city, part of a global outbreak of 130 confirmed or suspected cases in 11 countries where the virus is rarely found. >> it's the most important outbreak in the history of monkeypox globally, because we're seeing cases in multiple countries at the same time. this has never happened before. >> reporter: monkeypox is a viral infection typically found in africa from the same family as smallpox. causing flu-like symptoms and
3:47 pm
causing flu-like symptoms and sometimes covering the body with blisters. while it can be deadly, it's rare and most patients recover. the virus does not spread easily between humans, and previous outbreaks often fizzled out quickly. >> i think people just have to be curious, aware, but not terrified, not panicked, not change any plans or travel. >> reporter: there are already treatments and even a vaccine available. and the u.s. says it has enough for every american in necessary, but right now it does not seem necessary. >> trevor, thank you. now to the buffalo, where the first of ten people killed in that shooting was laid to rest. a private ceremony held for heyward patterson, a church deacon who died ferrying member of his flock to the store. the funerals for at least five more victims are scheduled to take place in the next week. when we come back, the dramatic rescue here in new york
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finally tonight, a special dog taking center stage, credited with helping a military veteran reclaim her life. stephanie marvin miller joined the army national guard when she started college as a freshman. for five and a half years she served as a human resource specialist. then during her service in 2016, she experienced a life altering trauma. >> it was hard, and i didn't even go to college. >> reporter: she said she suffered ptsd so terrible she wouldn't leave home. but in 2018, stephanie met a lovable yellow lab named leland. the two connected through southeastern guide dogs as part of a veteran program for ptsd. >> he's done so much. i can go grocery shopping. i was able to go back to college. >> reporter: for the past two years are leland by her side,
3:58 pm
they attended every lecture together. >> he helps with flash backs, helped me focus in class. >> reporter: it was only fitting come graduation day when she received her degree, leland was drape in the a gown, two. crossing the stage together as the speaker called out both their names. >> stephanie marvin miller and leland miller. >> my tears started flowing then and didn't stop till i was back to the seat. >> love to see his little tail wagging there. thank you for watching. i'm linsey davis. for david and all of us, good night. >> building a better bay area,
3:59 pm
moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7news. >> fire started and we saw swat teams teams bulletproof shields. >> a suspect hold up for hours even after a fire in the building he is in. we are live at the scene. the battle over abortion heats up in san francisco, san francisco's archbishop bans nancy pelosi from receiving communion. abc7news starts now. good afternoon. >>s afternoon in the concord area near highway four and willow pass road. it came close to some buildings and burned 20 acres before firefighters knocked down the flames. there is a red flag warning for parts of the bay area because of those gusty winds. mike nicco keeping an eye on things today, joining us now with a first look at the weather. this is not what we need. >> that was an appetizer of what is going to become an active
4:00 pm
fire season. thankfully, it was small and contained an outside the red flag warning. the rest of contra costa family -- contra costa county was under that wind advisory. that has passed with no damage reported. we have a couple more hours of vigilance needed until 8:00 for solano county due to critical fire conditions. temperatures pretty comfortable, around 80 degrees, but we have that exceedingly dry air. relative humidity around 11 to 14% and the winds are gusting around 30 to 35 miles an hour. let's look at the fire danger index, most of us in the yellow, a little bit of orange. at least the extreme is gone. you can see the yellow and orange dissipate quickly as we had to 8:00 and after that, it is pretty much gone except for the yellow and that is because it will be breezy in the central valley.