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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 20, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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thankfully, it was small and contained an outside the red flag warning. the rest of contra costa family -- contra costa county was under that wind advisory. that has passed with no damage reported. we have a couple more hours of vigilance needed until 8:00 for solano county due to critical fire conditions. temperatures pretty comfortable, around 80 degrees, but we have that exceedingly dry air. relative humidity around 11 to 14% and the winds are gusting around 30 to 35 miles an hour. let's look at the fire danger index, most of us in the yellow, a little bit of orange. at least the extreme is gone. you can see the yellow and orange dissipate quickly as we had to 8:00 and after that, it is pretty much gone except for the yellow and that is because it will be breezy in the central valley.
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we dodged with this -- we dodge this one with just that one fire. dan: there is some risk still out there. breaking news in the east bay, a fire at a condo building turned into an hours long standoff. the man inside the condo said he had a weapon and refused to leave. sac 20 has has been at the scene and the standoff just ended. >> it ended within the last hour. i got off the phone with the police department, they say the person who was inside that building did surrender, he has been taken to the hospital. the investigation into what happened can now really begin. fremont fire could not tell us if the fire was set intentionally but they tell us the fire they responded to would have been put out sooner, but the scene they responded to grew more complicated. this is the condo building at the center of friday's dramatic
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scene. david kirby seven saw the scene grow into more than a building fire. >> i saw swat teams running in their with automatic weapons. i have not heard gunshots but the fire kept smoking. reporter: the fire department tells us they got a call after 9:00 a.m. about a fire. they got reports someone was still inside of the condo the fire started in. >> the person reported they had a firearm. we retreated, withdrew from the building, and put ourselves in a position of safety and pd was in route. reporter: the police department told us the man said he had a gun and was refusing to get out. negotiators stayed on scene for hours trying to get him to surrender peacefully. because the man barricaded himself in the unit, firefighters had to work on putting out the fire through neighboring condos. >> this was a building that did
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not have potential for life safety, meaning someone with a weapon inside, the fire would have been fixed, but it has become a larger operation. reporter: in the midst of the negotiations and firefighting, power to the complex was shut down as a precaution. businesses like this physical therapy center where workers watched the scene from their window, spending much of their day in the dark. >> hearing what is going on over there, but the ripple effect of having to eliminate the power ripples through all the businesses here. reporter: after more than six hours, power has been restored to the buildings here that were without power for most of the day. not investigation into what happened can now begin. we will be sure to bring developments as they come. dan: thank you. we first sent out the alert about the story to the abc7news app at 10:22 this morning.
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the app is one way to stay on top of breaking news. when you download it, be a -- be sure to enable the pushilin feature. an investigation underway into last night shooting involving a police officer and two assault suspects. the officer shot and killed the men around 8:00. sky 7 flew over the scene this morning. police are saying little about what happened. we are told the officer responded to a report of an aggravated assault in progress and was the officer made contact, the shooting happened. >> officers rendered aid and requested paramedics respond to the scene. paramedics arrived on scene and declared one male deceased at the scene. dan: one man died at the scene, the other died at the hospital. this incident is being investigated by the district attorneys office as well as other agencies. the sfpd plans to hold a town hall about the shooting within
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10 days. dion: nancy pelosi has been banned from taking communion within the catholic church because of her stance on abortion. she is catholic, however she has been an outspoken advocate for women's right to choose. she has been vocal recently in response to the leaked supreme court draft showing the court may overturn roe v. wade. the archbishop of the san francisco catholic diocese sent a letter to nancy pelosi saying she is no longer allowed to attend communion until she publicly condemns abortion. we reached out to her office for comment but have not received a response. researchers discovered new characteristics of the highly transmissible omicron variant. luz pena is part of our vaccine team, she went inside the lab where scientists say they are discovering -- say their discovery is shedding light unto my people are vaccinated and boosted and still getting infected. reporter: very interesting
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findings. the thought was if you were infected with omicron, you would be protected against future variants. that is not the case. when the omicron variant was first detected, researchers at the gladstone institute dove into understand what is making this variant transmissible. >> the virus has been utilized. reporter: raul is one of the researchers. after collecting blood samples, this week they published their research. >> samples collected from omicron infected individuals which were not vaccinated before show a muted response against other variants. reporter: meaning if you are unvaccinated and get infected with omicron, you are likely not protected against future variants. >> what we found is omicron is so specialized that it only prepares us against itself. reporter: prior to this study,
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rains would create enough natural immunity for weeks and sometimes months if you are unvaccinated. that is not entirely the case with omicron. the director of the gladstone institute of virology says this is one of the reasons many people are getting reinfected. >> the immunity is not set in stone, the immunity changes and decreases over time. the other thing is that the variants that are now arising are selected based on their ability that they successfully circumvent the immunity that is existing. reporter: this doctor says their findings also show an interesting response to getting infected if you are vaccinated, they call this hybrid immunity. >> what we found was that omicron infection in the context of vaccination, breakthrough infection, that does elicit a broad response that will recognize many variants.
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reporter: this research highlights the importance of getting vaccinated even after getting infected. hybrid immunity could last months. dion: we appreciate your report. now to our covid headlines. new totals from the state show case numbers ticked down a little -- takes down a little this week. the test positivity rate stands at 6%. regulators are expected to decide the design of the next generation of covid vaccine in july. the vaccines could arrive by the fall. dan: downtown berkeley will soon be left with only one movie theater. the berkeley side is reporting that the cinemas will close for good in the coming days to make way for a new development. the multiplex opened in 1980 8, 1 of a half-dozen movie theaters in downtown berkeley. it is not clear when it will close.
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two employees tell berkeley side that the theater will close next tuesday but a spokesperson for landmark theaters says it will stay open through the end of the month. the newly renovated chocolate experience store is now be opened to the public. the mayor took part in the ribbon-cutting ceremony this afternoon. today's re-opening included live music, balloon art, facepainting, and plenty of chocolate. the first 170 customers got a free fudge sundae to celebrate the company 100 -- they company's 170th anniversary. dion: he will take you live to the chase center where the warriors are looking to go up in the western conference finals. a new approach to trains, how they are trying to quiet things down in one neighborhood. plus, hate crimes, the new effort to crackdown following effort to crackdown following
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>> we are less than two hours away from game two from the western conference finals as the warriors look to take a 2-0 lead against the mavericks. chris alvarez is live from chase center with a preview of tonight's game. reporter: the warriors beat the mavericks by 25 in game one, but the same dallas team that was
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down 2-0 to phoenix and they won that series in seven games. pregame warm-ups underway. jordan poole scored 19 points off the bench in game one. he has been a great player this year. damion lee also on the floor. the playoffs all about adjustments after game one's win, the warriors said they expect a different dallas team tonight. the warriors can sense another nba championship. here is both sides talking about embracing this playoff pressure. >> everybody is watching the game, there is no better feeling than that. as a player, you know everybody watching you, embrace it, i love it. >> it is going to be tough, it is the finals. like i say yesterday, they are a champ and ship team. they know what this is about. they had been through the bad and the good. it is going to be tough. >> everything is detailed.
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everything matters. doing everything i can to help win regardless of what the challenges. -- challenge is. reporter: luka doncic reportedly was sick after game one. the play-by-play man reporting that. i did not see him on the injury report. we will wait to see what the status is of luka doncic's. i would almost expect he will play unless he is very sick. as of now, we will wait and see. more reporting at 5:00. it is going to be a lot of fun. count dr. tip-off, 6:00. dion: hope everything goes as planned. moving on, the sleepless nights of some san jose residents are over after their voices were heard by local and state leaders. freight trains were blowing their horns throughout the night
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for safety reasons. as dustin dorsey explains, new measures and restrictions have allowed the community to sleep well again. reporter: do you hear that? birds chirping, construction work in the distance, but you know what you don't hear? train horns, and the neighbors here don't hear them anymore throughout the night either, interrupting their sleep and adding stress to their lives. how does it feel to get a good nights rest? >> amazing. it was the first time in three years i was able to go to sleep with peace of mind knowing that i would not get woken up by a train horn. reporter: christopher and other neighbors of the corridor in san jose went to city, county, and state leaders with their concerns. union pacific rail had altered their traffic patterns bringing freight trains through their neighborhoods. their efforts brought about change. >> this is a textbook case on how you push to be heard at the
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local level. we heard from our residents in a way that was incredibly effective. reporter: a celebration of an effort to establish temporary quiet times from train horn blowing for nonemergency situations between 10:00 and 7:00 to bring peace back to the community. >> we cannot change the schedule of the trains, we don't have the power to do that, but we can set up a nighttime quiet zone that will prevent the horns from blaring as the trains are moving through by controlling traffic in a way that will keep the corridor safe and give folks a chance to enjoy a quiet nights sleep. reporter: $12 million will be used by the department of transportation to create safety measures for trains and residents in the neighborhood like new signage and traffic barriers. >> this is a pivotal step for us. reporter: the improvements help towards stickel of making this area a permanent quiet zone. dion: all eyes on that weekend weather. dan: which means all eyes on mike nicco.
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no pressure. mike: you know i am shy, stop that. i can handle that. of course i can. i think you are going to love the weekend even if it was not the greatest weekend, i would still try to sell it to you. let's show you what we saw in colorado. look at this. what a change from what we are dealing with, they have a winter storm warning. this is a graduation at the famous red rocks amphitheater. that is a haskell graduation to remember. let me show you the radar. it is a winter storm warning, i hope you are not trying to fly through denver this evening because they have heavy snow, three to 10 inches possible, even higher amounts in the mountains. they are almost as trite as we are if not drier. here's a look from sutro tower. let me tell you about the winds last night.
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they stayed in higher elevations. usually when we are under a wind advisory, it is noisy. they did stay above most of our neighborhoods. knoxville creek, 65. not hamilton, 44. the oakland hills, 34 miles per hour. for the rest of the forecast, we are looking at that fire threat ending this evening, that is going to lead to a one weekend afternoon. summer heat, we got a touch of it early next week. temperatures in the north and east they are around the bay. 70 at san bruno, 73 in foster city. 65 right now around daly city. 67 in san francisco. 72 in oakland. 78 in san jose. for us, completely cleared on the visible satellite. you can see that on our san jose
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280 camera looking to the east. it is a clear air mass through the weekend. 50's, 60's, and 70's at 7:00, may be in the 50's and barely 60's in the end by 10:00. great evening for outdoor activities. tonight, mid 40's to low 50's. that is close to average. tomorrow, 83 at santa clara. peninsula, mid to upper 70's. a little cooler and bill brink. low to mid 60's along the coast. for the north bay valles, 79 in petaluma, everyone else in the low to mid 80's. east bay, 70 five in berkeley and 77 to 79 elsewhere. the valleys, not to warm yet. my seven-day forecast, the warming trend that starts tomorrow will add two degrees sunday, a couple more monday,
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then to say, look at those temperatures inland where we near some records. we have some that are cool for this time of year. 80's around the bay, 60's at the coast. then we will see a taper wednesday, then the free air conditioning, the sea breeze kicks in thursday into friday. hope you enjoy the weather this weekend, it is going to be fantastic. dion: you really delivered on that one. dan: elon musk finds himself at the center of serious accusations, but the world's richest man is accused of doing. want to own one of san francisco's famous painted ladies? now was her chance. this one comes with quite the offer from the owner. >> i've got a big ford recall to tell you about
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dion: time for your consumer news. dan: a look at the headlines tonight. a big recall to talk about. >> four is recalling more than 300,000 trucks because an airbag could malfunction. it covers the following 2016 super duty trucks, models after 50, f3 50, at 450, f5 50. owners may notice sounds coming from the steering wheel or problems with the horn. the airbag warning light might
4:24 pm
come on. the problem can because by a dusty cable called a clock spring inside the steering wheel assembly. ford will be sending out notices to vehicle owners by the beginning of july. there are signs the housing market is cooling off, home sales dropped in april by nearly 6%. that is huge news, this is on a year-to-year basis. although this is according to the national association of realtors. this is the third month in a row home sales have dropped, mortgage rates have been edging up as the federal reserve has raised interest rates to get inflation under control. the 30 year rate is around 5.5%. not long ago, it was around 3.5%. the ftc is stepping up efforts to protect children's online privacy. it is cracking down on so-called edtech companies that may collect data or illegally surveilled kids. online learning boomed during
4:25 pm
the pandemic and students did much of their school work remotely. you may remember the ftc guidelines say kids cannot be denied access to classes because they opt out of data collection. this will be interesting to watch. dion: thank you. dan: coming up, combating hate crimes, a new effort launched following the attack on a buffalo supermarket, the promise from attorney general merrick garland. dion: president biden makes his first trip to asia since taking office, the crises in the region he
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7news. dan: the justice department announced renewed efforts to combat hate crimes. that is after 10 people were killed in a buffalo supermarket shooting. melanie woodrow has the story. reporter: the department says it
4:29 pm
will deploy every resource it has and use every legal tool to investigate and combat hate crimes. >> we gather in the wake of a horrific and painful reminder of the urgency and importance of this task. reporter: the department is investigating the buffalo shooting as an act of racially motivated violent extremism. >> last weekend's attack was a painful reminder of the singular impact that hate crimes have not only on individuals, but entire communities. reporter: the attorney general unveiled three initiatives aimed at confronting hate crimes. the department will issue guidance on steps law enforcement officials and community organizations can take to raise awareness about hate crimes. the department will open grant opportunities for states interested in creating say one hate hotlines. this will provide funding to
4:30 pm
states that report their hate crime data to the fbi. the justice department has hired its first ever language access coordinator to improve barriers in the reporting of hate crimes due to language. >> all people in this country should be able to live without fear of being attacked or harassed because of where they are from, what they look like, who they love, or how they worship. dan: the first funeral for victims of last week's mass shooting at the buffalo supermarket held today. deacon patterson was laid to rest, he died when he was shot in the supermarket parking lot. four employees as well as six customers, all of whom were black, were murdered in the attack. authorities are calling it a racially motivated hate crime. dion: elon musk is denying a sexual assault allegation. the website and the insider is
4:31 pm
reporting it obtained documents that claim elon musk exposed himself and propositioned the woman. she had worked as a flight attendant on a spacex jet in 2016. the report says the woman received a 250,000 dollars settlement and signed a nondisclosure agreement. elon musk says the report is a political attack because of his agreement to buy twitter. last night, he tweeted, the attacks against me should be viewed through a political lens. this is their standard despicable playbook. dan: president biden has made his first trip to asia since taking office, he arrived in south korea to meet with the newly elected president. ike ejiochi says his visit comes as tensions are rising in that region with north korea doing missile tests in china issuing a warning about taiwan. reporter: president biden in south korea, starting his first trip to asia as commander-in-chief. joe biden meeting where the south korean president at the
4:32 pm
world's largest semiconductor factory and samsung is killing a similar plant in texas. mr. biden noting the supply chain crisis created a shortage of semiconductors which is increased cost for cars and other goods and russia's war in ukraine it's showing the need to secure supply chains. >> these little ships are the key to propelling us into the next era of humanities technological development. reporter: south korea is the first stop on the visit to asia. also insights, and with to react, pyongyang has ramped up missile tests. >> our intelligence does reflect the genuine possibility that there will be long-range missile tests or a nuclear test in the days leading into, on, or after the president's trip. reporter: jake sullivan was pressed on why joe biden is not visiting the dmz during this visit.
4:33 pm
sullivan saying the president has been there before in 2013 as vice president and said he would rather see u.s. and south korean forces side-by-side instead of repeating another trip to the dmz. joe biden will head to japan where regional security will be front and center, attending a summit with leaders from japan, india, and australia, announcing a new initiative to counter china's influence in the indo pacific. as for a four ukraine, the white house says president biden will sign the 40 billion dollar aid package that was overwhelmingly approved by the senate. dion: just ahead, it is a big question, is an elephant a person? that is next in
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and each project is finished on time, on budget, backed by a five year warranty. that's why agm are the only kitchen and bathroom renovation specialists i recommend. ♪ ♪ [announcer] call now and get $3,000 off! dion: time for the four at 4:00. one of san francisco's painted ladies is back on the market and
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there is a story to go with the listing. the owner bought it for $3.5 million before the pandemic. she got the permits she needed to do the renovations, but does not have the time now. she was on the 3:00 show earlier today. you can buy the house for the same price she paid for it, permits included. this is a fall renovation -- full renovation. this is going to be quite a project. you got to have a tough stomach to take this on. mike: i hear you have to have a tough stomach to get those permits, i heareot o get inan franc they cost a lot, they take a long time. 3.5 million dollars plus whatever you put into it, you look at that back and more and look at where you get to live. i'm all for it. if i could afford it. [laughter] dion: i did not know if you wanted to put in an offer or something. mike: not quite. dion: there is a pop-culture
4:38 pm
aspect to this as well. i know a lot of people find value in that. i could see people potentially paying a premium. >> i could see it. there are people who would love to have that on there, cass went home i own, guess what was shot there? it is iconic, definitely. i think people will pay for it, i think it will have multiple bidders. i just would not like the people all the time lucky lou. dion: instagram pictures on my front steps. dan: location, location, location. the world's most expensive car was sold early this month for $142 million, the 1955 mercedes-benz was auctioned off on may 5, only two of these cars were ever made, the other is part of mercedes-benz museum's collection. proceeds from the sale will be
4:39 pm
used to establish a global scholarship fund, so the money will go to good use. mike, i know you are a car and driver subscriber. that is a stunning car. mike: with every penny. if you can afford it. dan: ported in front of your painted lady house. mike: we knock people that spend this much money on art all the time, and this one is actually going for a good cause. i like to see that. dan: and as you can tell, it is a work of art, it is one of only two ever made, it is a rare thing to own. sandhya: i can see you driving that since you are a car buff as well. dan: i would be terrified to drive that, maybe in my driveway. dion: the car in a glass case. dan: once they invent a force field, then i would drive it. dion: that would prevent the dents in my car. moving on, an elephant in the
4:40 pm
bronte zoo is the center of a case headed to new york's high court. happy is an asian elephant by species, much can she be considered a person and should she have rights as one? that is the question as the court tries to decide if basic human rights can be extended to animals. the decision is expected in the coming months. i mean, i think we all have empathy that animals have feelings, but a person, to me, i don't see the connection. help me out. sandhya: i don't see the connection, but i think the animal should have rights. not as a person, though. i agree with you there. but should have some sort of rights. dan: right to humane treatment. all of that. mike: i think this stems from the fact that she has been in a one acre cage for 45 years. i think it begs the bigger
4:41 pm
question, arzu's outdated, antiquated, cruel? dan: or at least the current design. mike: why does this animal, why not all of them in the desert? dion: that is a question for the farming industry, chickens and the space they have. dan: the good news is we are thinking about these issues in new ways. for so long, we didn't. a toast to finland joining nato, a brewery not far from the russian border released a special beer to celebrate the occasion, it is called a translation of, i will have a beer. when asked what it taste like, the ceo responded, it has the taste of security with a hint of freedom. clever marketing. also, kind of a nice spree to core and spends of dashcam sense of unity. sandhya: cheers to that.
4:42 pm
i am not a beer jeager, but i think that is great. dan: it is good publicity and it is a nice gesture. mike: if it is a little happy, i'm not sure. i'm kidding. i think it is a great idea. good for them, i hope it works out. dion: marketing, it is clever, it gets in front of people. it is for a good end goal. mike: what happened to tasty thursday? can we do that? dan: maybe next week. that is this addition of it's time for our memorial day sale on the sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts so you both stay comfortable and can help you get almost 30 minutes more restful sleep per night. save $1,000 on the sleep number 360 special edition smart bed, queen now only $1,999. plus, 0% interest for 48 months on all smart beds. ends monday.
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dion: the epidemic of hate against asian americans has given rise to a nationwide movement. many school districts are working to implement asian american history into the curriculum. some are mandating it. as part of aapi heritage month, we look at this growing trend. >> this person grew up in the
4:46 pm
1980's in the peninsula and recalls experiencing racism. >> the kids surrounding me, a couple of girls surrounding me calling me a chink. >> she also recalls history books focus on europe and those who came from there, with little about the experience of asian americans. >> i think everything was from one perspective. i never felt like i fit in. >> today, she works for the san mateo county office of education and coordinates the teaching of history and ethnic studies. in 1968, students at san francisco state and uc berkeley went on strike demanding the teaching of ethnic studies. that led to the creation of ethnic studies departments. more than 50 years later, educators and activists are still fighting for the teaching of asian american studies. freed other and is with the gary education project. the current education consultant is working with lee and san
4:47 pm
mateo county to develop an asian american studies course where schools as early as next spring. >> if we knew that asian americans were a crucial thread in our nation and the asian american history as american history, we would not havenor nb ofr least o ethn s the 202 school year. san mateo county is pushing the timeline up. the bill requires that students take at least one semester of ethnic studies as a graduation requirement by 2029. san francisco is doubling down, mandating two semesters of ethnic studies by 2028. jenny lam is president of the san francisco schoolboy. >> it is necessary that our communities are recognized, they are included, and we are not going to stand for hate. >> illinois, new jersey, and
4:48 pm
connecticut have passed bills requiring the teaching of asian american studies. someone challenge the chinese exclusion act and took his case to the supreme court, he won the right for birthright citizenship. he was sent to an incarceration cap for being japanese-american during world war ii. she would later join blacks and asians during the civil rights movement. south asian americans died in the collapse of the twin towers on 9/11. they would also experience hate crimes and racial profiling, wrongly labeled as terrorists. stuart is with the asian american education project, his group is working with states to develop curriculum around asian american history. >> asian americans are invisible in schools. we need to change that scenario so we are visible. dion: it is encouraging to see that progress. we would like to thank the smithsonian institute for the historical images, the institute
4:49 pm
has resources for teachers available. we will post a link at dan: a new documentary from the abc owned television stations takes you inside the world of nft's and our future the metaverse plays in at. >> a part of normal culture to be in this metaverse and to be trading and fts, it is not just for collectors or artists that collect, it is going to be a way we trade. that is like black mirror stuff. it is going to be so normal. dan: nft's: enter the metaverse gives a look at the gold rush asteria and popularity surrounding and fts including interviews with mark cuban and many more. you can catch nft's: enter the
4:50 pm
metaverse tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. and wherever you stream. it is a fascinating topic that we need to become familiar with. dion: i cannot wrap my head around the concept of it, i need to see and touch and feel. i don't know about you. mike: can you see, touch, and feel the metaverse? [laughter] i know what you meant, all joking aside. it is interesting and complex and a hope to watch it soon. let's talk about the weather. temperatures are going to be cool at the coast but comfortable everywhere through 9:00, low to mid 60's, put on the jacket if you are going to be outside. 6:00 tip-off but if you had their earlier, there could be a traffic jam because we have this, 68 degrees dropping to 58 at the chase center but also up the road, 7:15 first pitch, 63 dropping to 58 degrees. look at this shot of the coast. the air quality is not only
4:51 pm
good, it is going to remain that way. a gorgeous sunset. temperatures falling into the 60's during evening hours. tomorrow, maybe a little milder. 50's at the coast, the rest of the 70's. check out that beach shot. there will be a few clouds around the monterey bay. some of those will try to meander up the peninsula. the lack of may gray is really tally, even at the coast. ups through at least tuesday. air conditioning weather, it is possible again. finally, we go back down, closer to average by friday of next week, 60's and 70's. warmer than average through thursday. dan: it is fact, the famous house from the movie top is open again. dion: it is taking off with a retro theme. we will give you a look inside.
4:52 pm
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yes on h. recall chesa boudin now. dion: coming up tonight, it is shark tank followed by 20/20, then don't miss abc7news at 11:00. as top gun roars back into theaters, so is an iconic house from the original movie, located in oceanside, it was home to charlie played by kelly michaelis. it is back, but with a new mission accomplished. reporter: it is a chance to get on the set of top gun, but it is
4:56 pm
not where we saw the action between maverick and goose, this is where we saw the fireworks fly between maverick and his instructor, charlie. fans cannot wait to get a closer look at charlie's cottage from the 1986 hit. the top gun house is well known in oceanside, it was down the street before its relocation to this spot in 2019. it now houses high pie, part of the final phase of the mission pacific hotel, a partnership with a restaurateur. >> a lot of people were happy to see it redesigned, keeping its integrity and historical value, but being incorporated back into the community in a way that locals and taurus can enjoy. >> we are excited to have it part of the community again. reporter: inside, you can find movie posters, memorabilia, merchandise, and hand pies in three flavors.
4:57 pm
but the main attraction is the house itself. it was obvious when i visited. everyone wants a picture in front of the top gun house. even while i'm trying to do my assignment, the birthday girl insists i take a picture. one second, please. another visitor says this is her birthday wish come true. >> i grew up with my dad watching the top gun movies. when we found out they restored the house, i wanted to see it. reporter: cchingia grand openingay. you cannot beat pie and coffee with this view. dion: what a special experience for fans of the movie. don't forget, abc7news is streaming 24/7, you can get the abc 7 bay area streaming app on these devices you can see there. you can join us whenever you want wherever you happen to be.
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that with us because abc 7 news 5:00 is next.
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