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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 20, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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fair while fire crews were on their way. they get reports that someone was still inside of the condo that the fire had started in the person that's inside reported that they had a firearm. at that point, we retreated. withdrew from the building and put ourselves in a position of safety and pd was in route. the fremont police department tells us that the man told them he had a gun and was
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refusing to get out. there was no immediate threat to the public, but negotiators stayed on scene for hours trying to get him to come out and surrender peacefully because a man barricaded himself in the unit firefighters had to work on puttinge through neighboring condos, busting out walls and ceilings. this was a building that didn't have potential for life safety. meaning someone with a weapon inside the fire would have been extinguished, but it's become a larger operation in the medicine , the negotiations and fire fighting power to the condo complex and many nearby businesses was shut down as a precaution. businesses like this physical therapy center, where workers watched the scene from their window spending most of their day in the dark. definitely sorry to hear what's going on over there. but you know the ripple effect of just having to eliminate the power definitely ripples through all the businesses here. so again, things here slowly coming back to normal power has been restored to the homes and the businesses in that in this area , fremont police telling me that
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the man who was inside did surrender peacefully. he came out they took him to the hospital due to medical issues that he was having. but right now, their investigation is focusing on what led up to the standoff. and that fire live in fremont. zach fuentes, abc. seven news, right. glad to see those new developments. zack thank you very much, and we first sent out the alert about the story through the abc seven news app at 10 22 this morning. the app is just one way to stay on top of breaking news when you download it, be sure to enable those push alert features. san francisco's archbishop has banned house speaker nancy pelosi from receiving communion because of her stance on abortion. pelosi is catholic, but she has long been an outspoken advocate for a woman's right to choose. she has been a vocal vocal most recently in response to the leaked supreme court draft showing the court may overturn roe versus wade in the next few weeks. archbishop salvatore quarterly own sent out a lengthy letter to pelosi, saying she'll need to condemn abortion and seek penance before
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she can receive communion again. the letters states in parts in part, rather, you are not to be admitted to holy communion until such time as you publicly repudiate your advocacy for the legitimacy of abortion. we reached out to pelosi's office for comment, but have not yet received a response. only on seven now. new details on thursdays dramatic cliff rescue in daly city, a chp chopper crew saved a man clinging to allege in windy conditions. abc seven news reporter cornell bernard spoke to the flight crew about that daring mission. watch this jaw dropping moment when a chp chopper crew rescues of stranded man clinging to dear life on this cliff near mussel rock and daly city, but reaching him wasn't easy, short search because we weren't sure where he was on the cliff. nobody could see him. pilot brent marker says the man was finally located midway down the steep cliff. this picture shows why he was so tough to spot in very precarious
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spot about 500 ft. probably off the water, and that's about a 900 ft. cliff. this guy, seven captured the unfolding drama as the flight crew got ready to rescue the man who had fallen from the top, but weather conditions were working against this mission. we're bowing some extreme winds. so 30 to 40 not when's. flight officer and paramedic david arias is lowered from the chopper on a tether. he recorded the rescue with a gopro on his helmet watch as he makes contact with the cliff. at first , the man grabs onto officer arias his legs. he actually grabbed onto me, which is a very dangerous thing he did. because if i were to have swung away from him, he could potentially falling off the cliffs. seconds later success. i told him, i kind of stay, stay put on the cliff, and then he kind of was able to get himself into the harness and help me out. the man is lifted off the cliff to safety. and soon back on solid ground. miraculously, he only had some scrapes and bruises,
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but that's about it. the man was taken to the hospital as a precaution, but not before thanking this napa bay chp flight crew for their help. he was pretty pretty grateful to, uh, to see us he was he was ready to get off that cliff for sure. in napa county courthouse, bernard, abc seven news close call. fire crews are investigating the cause of a grass fire that broke out this afternoon in the concord area near highway four and willow pass, road crews managed to quickly contained the flames, which did come dangerously close to some buildings. as you can see here. the fire burned about 20 acres. no structures were damaged, and no one was hurt. so all's well that ends well there. that area was under a wind advisory when the fire broke out , let's go to abc seven news meteorologist sanjay patel with the current conditions out there sent dan it is still gusty around the bay area as we take a look over the hills right now, you will notice that the winds are 27 miles an hour atlas peak. spring valley 25 miles an hour in the solano county area. it is gusty as well. 25 miles an hour
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in fairfield, when you combine that with a low humidity value of 22% there've alejo 13% 19% in vacaville. very dry. still so that red flag warning in effect until eight p.m. tonight the winds and the dry conditions, along with the critically dry fuels will mean any fires, even if they're small, will quickly spread. so let's keep our fingers crossed that nothing breaks out between now and then. fire danger will remain elevated , especially in that area through this evening, high to very high, but you will notice as we head towards 11 pm that danger begins to subside. i'll be back with a look at your weekend forecast, which does include not as windy weather want to stay tuned for that. dana dionne. thanks sandy very much. well, the warriors will look to take a two nothing lead over the dallas mavericks in the western conference finals tonight at chase center, good stuff, and abc seven sports anchor chris alvarez. is there live, chris? yeah and there's a
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whole lot of action going on behind me as we're about 47 minutes until tip off, i'll get out of your way. let's talk about the warriors and the mavericks. you remember they beat dallas by 25 in game one. but this is the same dallas team that trailed both of their previous series. one out of utah, two out of phoenix before advancing. you see klay thompson getting some more arms draymond green as well and after game ones win, the words said they expect a different dallas team tonight and after two years away from the playoffs spotlight, the warriors can smell another championship. you see, luca dancing on the other side. he is good to go. there are reports that he was sick. not feeling well. he will be playing tonight. here's warriors head coach steve curran, oakland native mavericks head coach jason kidd on the challenges of game two and the adjustments ahead. i've i've seen it for. you know my entire time in the nba player executive coach. game two of the of the playoff series is always very different based on the outcome of game one, and, uh, so we have to maintain our
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edge tonight and we've got to really come out and be ready for the force that there undoubtedly going to bring you got to see it up close in game one that you know, steph is the best conditioned athlete. in this game, and he never stops moving plays right there with them. um and they understand they played together we have to make those adjustments to their speed. there is now you saw or excuse me, luca done warming up. on the other side, jason kidd was asked how he was feeling, he downplayed. it is good to go for a game to obviously the maverick superstar. they need him. the warriors and navigate. set six o'clock tonight and 6 50 sports thrive. city got an interview with zaza pachulia will talk all things worries with him coming up in sports later tonight, guys, i'll send it back to you. big night, chris. good stuff. thank you. well, today, the 40 niners finalized dates and times for their preseason schedule. it all kicks off on august 12th at levi stadium against the green
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bay packers. 40 niners will travel to play the minnesota vikings on august 20th and the houston texans on august 25th. the regular season opener is against the chicago bears on sunday, september 11th in chicago to come here guns for cash in the south bay, the effort to get firearms off the streets this weekend. plus talk about whether whiplash the denver area dealing with snow just one day after nearly 90 degree temperatures. two.
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sponsored by mancini. sleep world simply the best place to buy a mattress. four dogs died after a fire at a doggy daycare and boarding facility in brentwood. this happened at the dirty dog canine retreat on brentwood boulevard just before 10 o'clock last night. brentwood police say it appears an air conditioning unit caught fire and it spread to the building there. crews were able to rescue 15 other dogs in the south bay, santa clara county is preparing for a gun buyback event. they've got $50,000 to give out, abc seven news reporter david louis has the story. about 500 guns were turned in for cash two years ago. the last time a buyback program was done on sunday, the hope is to see even more people relinquish unwanted working guns. guns in households have actually costs more injuries and accidents and deaths. ah for that's happening by kids or by their loved ones due to heat arguments or suicide
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. santa clara county is tapping into money seized from gangs, drug traffickers and criminal groups to pay $100 for handguns , rifles and shotguns and $200 for ghost guns and assault weapons. there is a limit of five firearms per person and a total payout of up to $50,000. it's estimated one person is killed with a gun every three hours in california, district attorney jeff rosen pointed out . while people may buy a gun for protection, it can also contribute to tragic accidents and violence. it waits for your loved one. with silently struggling with severe depression and suicidal thoughts. it waits for the domestic abuser who thought ending a life would end their anger. it waits for a child who thought they found a new toy program hopes to see ghost guns turned in guns at our homemade that lacks serial numbers and are untraceable have used to commit crimes. are successful local event may inspire other communities to do the same to help reduce gun violence. if
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there is more collaboration and more efforts just regionally, then i think that we can help to improve that. guns found to have been stolen will be offered back to their registered owners. this parking lot will be set up sunday for a fast buyback program. all people have to do is drive by handed to a volunteer and get their compensation. in milpitas, david louis, abc seven news san francisco mayor london breed has announced her appointment to fill the vacant seat on the city college board of trustees. i'm actually over the moon excited today to announce that i have selected morel green to serve as the next member of the community college board of trustees eyes. dr greene was born and raised in san francisco's western edition and is an educator with extensive experience in higher education. he took the oath of office surrounded by his family and fellow members of the board of trustees. greens appointment comes at a challenging time for city college, which is facing a $33 million budget shortfall in
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is my command center. ah! make them 2022 silverado lt control find new roads. chevy silverado is the number one selling full size pickup in california. back to back new trucks are arriving daily secure yours today. see your bay area chevy dealer today. well this is one of the last things you want to hear in the middle of a drought expect above average temperatures this summer. that's according to the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. noah's forecast . it's not just the west that is expected to feel the heat, but really most of the united states, the only region that could see above average rainfall. is the gulf coast and florida. and then there is this. colorado is experiencing late spring weather whiplash as heavy snow follows near 90 degree temperatures. denver is under a winter storm warning through
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noon saturday, but the heaviest snow is already falling as seen at that high school graduation temperatures could also hit record lows saturday and sunday morning with forecasts. in the upper twenties. sandia i mean, this has got to be what global warming something funky. denver colorado. they have weird weather in the springtime. listen i've been there before where it was warm. one day short sleeves in the spring, actually covering the story many years ago. nobody brought coats. and the next day it snowed literally. it happens. they have weird weather this time. yeah it's back to winter for the denver area. no doubt about it. dan and dion and it's all connected to our weather. so let's talk about that this area of low pressure is still producing the snow in the denver area, as you can see in the winter storm warnings also freeze warnings in effect. our windy weather. is blamed on that area of low pressure passing through and high pressure nearby . so in case you're wondering,
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we're all connected. alright winds are gusting right now. oh, 37 miles an hour. it's an onshore wind. 25 napa 20 in fairfield. those temperatures with the ocean temperature of 49 degrees. it's chilly in half moon bay 57 degrees inland areas . you're up into the low eighties, live views from our tower cameras and clearly you can see that we're enjoying blue skies but shaky views from sutro to volmer. here's a closer look from our sutro tower camera at a beautiful sky over san francisco. winds peaking at 73 miles an hour of st helena, knoxville creek, 65. you will notice many areas where between 34 51 miles an hour. the good news is the strongest winds are coming down. it's not as windy, but it's still going to be breezy for game two of the western conference finals six p.m. tip off 65 degrees, the temperature will drop to the mid fifties. good idea to grab a jacket. if you're going to the game now for getting out of town here's your hawaiian airlines forecast tomorrow. sunny and mild at our local airports breezy near the coast seventies
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to mid eighties. if you're going to honolulu, 85 degrees and sunny 87, new york city. chicago looking at some scattered showers. 54 in los angeles mix of sun clouds 70 degrees here is the view back from sutra tower camera and we're going to look at those forecast headlines gusty with high fire danger this evening lighter winds and mild to warm weather for the weekend and it's heating up again inland next week. so our fire danger tonight really next couple of hours is all and then the fire danger will subside as we go into eight a.m. saturday as those winds you will notice will die down as well. tonight at seven o'clock, you're still gusty, especially near the coast as we head towards eight am pretty much everyone noticing lighter winds, maybe a little breezy around point reyes and then for the afternoon and evening. this is typical for us in the springtime 25 30 mile an hour winds not bad morning temperatures will be in the forties and the fifties. a few high thin, wispy clouds. the air mass is still too dry, but we'll get the fog back in here the second half of the weekend. high
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temperatures tomorrow 62 a half moon bay 74 in oakland, 84 san jose livermore 82 in vallejo, 81 . san rafael 84 degrees in santa rosa accuweather's seven day forecast looks like this not as windy tomorrow. i have to emphasize that warmer inland sunday upper eighties low sixties coast side a wide range of temperatures to start off a new work week. and those numbers are going up on tuesday, heating up inland wednesday as well. mid nineties mid sixties coast side and then we'll knock down those temperatures as the sea breeze strengthens. thursday friday temperatures coming back down closer to where they should be for this time of year. deanne and dan all right, sandy, thanks. if you like chocolate, you're going to love this revamped experience at an iconic san francisco business as abc seven news at five continues. tonight tracking the more contagious covid sub variants spreading rapidly, plus the long wait for baby formula. when will it end? more americans turned to
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mhm. the 1st 170 customers got a free hot fudge sundae to celebrate the 170th anniversary tonight with david. yours next. we appreciate your time. dion lim. thanks for joining us. we'll see you tonight at 11. i'm doing great ride, right. this silverado keeps me connected and in control, and this touch screen is my command center. ah! mm hmm. my commencing 2022 silverado lt find new control find new roads very well. qualified buyers can get 1.9% financing on all 2022 silverado 1500 pickups. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. o'dowd and i approved this message. tesla's full self driving technology, the washington post reported on owners of tesla's fighting for control, trying watch this tesla slam into a bike claimed bollard. oh this one fails to stop for a
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pedestrian in a crosswalk. experts see deep flaws. that was the worst thing i've ever seen in my life. tesla's full self driving software vote no doubt for u. s. senate. for state comptroller, only you will save taxpayers money. who me? me not you. even you, von, you good joyce 25 years you worked as an executive at a top financial firms managed hundreds of audits as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste saving money because you is for you. you is for you, exactly. even you, democrat for controller california voters beware a ballot measures being promoted by out of state gambling corporations that would authorize a massive expansion of online sports gambling in california, turning every cell phone, laptop tablet and even video game console into a gambling device, opening up online gambling to anyone.
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anywhere anytime that could lead to more addiction, financial ruin and homelessness while exposing millions of children to online gambling vote no on the corporate online gambling proposition. breaking news as we come on the air a confirmed tornado touches down in michigan a weekend of extreme weather ahead images of extensive damage coming in reports of homes and businesses ripped apart. tornado watch across parts of the northeast record breaking heat across much of the country heading into the weekend. northeast bracing for temperatures in the nineties rob marciano, tracking it all for us growing concerns about the spike in covid cases as summer approaches. the u. s reports 700,000 new covid cases just in the past week. 45% of rh rk area. the first fighter booster shots are now being given to children ages. 5 to 11 hours after getting the green light from the cdc. breaking news along the southern border late
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