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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 20, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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i come from behind wind live team coverage from the chase center abc 7 news begins in 60 seconds.
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building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. the battle over abortion rights now coming at a personal cost to house speaker nancy pelosi the archbishop of san francisco banning pelosi from receiving holy communion in the archdiocese. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley abc 7 news reporter. tim johnson has been tracking this story since it broke today and is in the newsroom with more provocative decision yet. again. that's right speaker pelosi who represents san francisco has been very public about her catholic faith over the years in the past even describing herself as devout, but when it comes to her stance on abortion, this isn't the first time her views have clashed with the archbishops. in a statement released friday, san francisco archbishop
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salvatore quarter leone boring house speaker nancy pelosi from receiving communion. thanks to her stance on abortion the archbishop writing pelosi must either renounce her support of abortion rights or not. refer to her catholicism in justifying them with her advocacy. for codifying the road decision and federal law. it's becoming more and more extreme a more and more aggressive speaking on a catholic podcast friday quarter. leone says, he reached out to pelosi to try and schedule a meeting to speak several times when that didn't happen. the archbishop says he thought long and hard about his decision. i've been debating this within my own conscience for many years actually a decision. he claims that has a basis in faith and not politics it's a sad moment. really. and i would just encourage them to see this in a bigger light. it's it's sad that this kind of action would have to be taken but not everyone sees it that way in san francisco.
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we overwhelmingly overwhelmingly people here want to people to be able to choose to have an abortion state senator. scott weiner says pelosi is simply reflecting the views of the people. she's elected to represent and says, he doesn't think the archbishop's decision will have much of an effect on the speaker. knowing nancy pelosi. she probably is sort of brushed this off and it's just refocusing on doing the very hard work that she has on her plate, but he does worry that others could possibly follow suit blowing the lines. he says between church and state. i am concerned that this archbishop could set president. i believe there are bishop of denver i think has already come out supporting. now we did reach out to nancy pelosi's office directly for comment but have not heard back as of yet. i'm live in the newsroom tonight tim johns abc 7 news tim. thank you. a seven-year-old child has died
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after being struck by a vehicle in fremont this afternoon. it happened on montrose avenue. just east of fremont boulevard the driver stopped after the collision and remained at the scene as police officers arrived the child who was taken to a trauma center was treated but sadly passed away at the hospital police have been diverting traffic from that area and that we understand will likely continue until tomorrow morning. it's moved out to tonight's covert headlines a judge ruled today pandemic-related restrictions on migrants seeking asylum at the southern border must continue several states sued over a biden administration plan to lift the rules saying in part the administration didn't consider the effects on public health new cdc data shows more than 45% of the us population is now living in a county that has a high or medium community risk risk level for covid-19 and federal reg. are expected to decide on the design of the next generation of covid vaccine in july, the newly
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designed vaccines could arrive by the fall. here in the bay area. it is a return to pandemic protocols for some schools in oakland. the college preparatory school is shifting to remote learning for a week while the berkeley unified school district is making masks mandatory from now until summer vacation as abc 7 news reporter tara campbell explains. there's more on the line here than schoolwork. with two weeks left to go berkeley unified school district is making masks a must as of monday. we've been watching cases rise in our school community as well as regionally and interestingly right now. we're seeing more clusters trish mcdermott is the district's communications officer and says, it's those clusters that prompted the return of the pandemic protocol. these are cases where at least three or more cases are occurring in a classroom. sometimes as many as five or six which is a little new and different than the surge that we saw in january. it's the most clusters the
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districts seemed to date spread throughout elementary middle and high schools. berkeley unified is home to nearly 10,000 students across 16 schools. we actually are seeing what we believe is transmission in our school. and this is what we heard from our local health officer at the city of berkeley on wednesday. she actually strongly recommended that we reinstate the masking mandate and we spoke with one ber teacher and parent who says she's behind the masked mandate hoping to finish out the year strong. i'm really grateful because there are two weeks left in the school year, and i love my students dearly and they love each other and i want to spend our last two weeks together. i don't want anybody in my class to miss out on our fun stuff and end of your milestones are also on the minds of school officials. so two are the 107 reported cases of covid last week. our goal is to keep everyone healthy and also, of our goal is to have all of those students attend those graduation ceremonies. they've really earned the right to do so the school district is
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also providing at home covid tests to its seniors ahead of graduation ceremonies tara campbell abc 7 news. another win for the warriors tonight the team coming alive late in the game of chase center. the dubs beat the dallas mavericks 126 to 117 and game two of the western conference finals. it was a good game. we have team coverage tonight abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo is at thrive city live, but we'll begin with sports anchor chris alvarez chris. yeah, the warriors will now take a 20 series. back winning game two of the western conference finals golden state overcame a 19-point said thanks in large part to kavan looney who scored a career high 21 points. he made tough plays in lane all night and really all season long the warriors center finish with a double-double 21 points 12 rebounds in 32 minutes. dunk rheig c fired up steph had a game high 32 in the warriors win it won 26-17. let's shout out the man in the
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middle. no, i say keep working your time gonna come because steve always talk about you go always get an opportunity definitely plan on this team and she got to take full advantage of it and tonight with my my knight to make a make a big difference and they're just stepped up. he's he's got experience and just to know how and whether he's playing 30 whatever minutes or or not he's ready. so he's always been a guy we could trust in the playoffs. and to have him now, i don't know where we'd be without him. frankly. and now he's sent it out to amanda del castillo who spent the game hanging out with warriors fans and amanda dub nation pretty happy leaving chase center tonight. i would imagine. oh, yeah, absolutely chris and there's still a few people at this hour walking around really soaking up this win. some fans. tell me they're going to be spending their weekends searching for the perfect broom confident about a warrior sweep others. tell me they're just getting
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ready gearing up for a competitive two games in dallas. and let me tell you warriors and four. we're sweeping them rough first half amazing. third best fourth. you kind of knew they're gonna do it though, right? so so happy they needed this excitement in that arena is so exciting. okay, you get the point the warriors pulled through after trailing the dallas mavericks for much of game two friday in the end finally taking the lead early in the fourth, but even with the wind damnation still coaching from thrive city you have to lockdown defense be able to shoot consistently on on the 3-point line, and i think they'll be fine. she's gotta keep the offense up again the rebounds and keep doing what we're doing that. didn't get one game too with the turnover. yeah and low turnovers real fans throwing it back reciting. we believe all four quarters. of course, we found pedro paz and his family and friday's crowd die hard dubs fans. so dedicated they've traveled
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great distances for golden state all that effort to catch steph curry break the 3-point record this past winter, indiana and then to new york where he broke the record and then to boston close it out and they won that to but we've gone to other where they did fair so well and up until the fourth quarter. it wasn't clear of that would be the case here at home the warriors kicking off the weekend on a high note no doubt defending home court. of course, that'll be a different story in dallas. but tonight we are focused on this win focused on the good focused on golden state. we know that this area thrives city is going to be packed with fans come sunday for that warriors watch party live from thrive city tonight abc 7 news. thank you very much. amanda warriors coverage. just getting started danwell
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much more in sports the warriors now two wins away from the nba finals game three in dallas on sunday gonna be a lot of fun. yeah good stuff. all right, chris. thanks so much. well a lot more to come here on abc 7 news tonight at 11:00 new details about a high up cliff rescue in daly city only on 7th the rescuers describe the perilous conditions as they save this man's life. summer like heat is in the 7-day forecast. i'll let you know. what the weekend. bring coming up and new technology helping farmers remove weeds without pesticides the high-tech way. it knows which plants to kill back here in a moment.
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some questions about why the suspect involved was arrested multiple times and not held. yes on h. recall chesa boudin now. yes on h. tore through a small town in northern michigan killing at least one person and entering
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more than 40. it happened in gaylord about 230 miles northwest of detroit this afternoon the twister. flip vehicles and tour roofs off buildings residents took cover wherever they could. are here we're going to work closely. we're going to work together. we're going to recover. this community is the heart of northern michigan and our thoughts are with everyone who's been impacted by the storm. a national weather service forecaster says extreme winds are uncommon in this part of michigan because the great lakes lakes suck the energy out of storms, especially in spring when the lakes are cold. the water hasn't warmed up yet gaylord was known as the alpine village and was set to celebrate its centenary centennial this year. well, the justice department is renewing its effort to combat hate crimes with three initiatives this of course coming after 10 people were killed in that buffalo supermarket shooting. last week the department will issue guidance for law enforcement officials and
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community organizations to raise awareness about increased hate crimes and encourage prevention. it will offer grants for state's interested in setting up hate crime reporting hotlines. the department has also hired its first ever language access coordinator to overcome barriers in reporting hate crimes. we now gather in the wake of a horrific and painful reminder of the urgency. importance of this task the justice department is investigating the fatal buffalo supermarket shooting as a hate crime and as an act of racially motivated violent extremism. only on seven new details on thursday's dramatic cliff rescue in daly city a chp chopper crew saving a man clinging to a ledge in very windy conditions abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard spoke with the flight crew about this daring rescue. watch this jaw-dropping moment when a chp shopper crew rescues a stranded man clinging to dear life on this cliff near muscle
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rock and daily city, but reaching him wasn't easy. we do a short search. weren't sure where he was on the cliff. nobody could see him pilot brent marker says the man was finally located midway down the steep cliff this picture shows why he was so tough to spot i use a very precarious spot about 500 feet probably off the water and that's about a 900 foot cliff. this guy seven captured the unfolding drama as the flight crew got ready to rescue the man who would fall in from the top but weather conditions were working against this mission. we're battling some extreme winds. so 30 to when's flight officer and paramedic david arias is lowered from the chopper on a tether. he recorded the rescue with a gopro on his helmet watch as he makes contact with the cliff at first the man grabs onto officer. arias's legs. he actually grabbed on to me, which is a very dangerous thing. he did because if i were to have swung away from him, he could potentially fallen off the
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cliffs seconds later success. i told him what kind of state stay put on the cliff and and he kind of was able to get himself into the harness and help me out. the man is lifted off the cliff to safety and soon back on solid ground miraculously. he only had some scrapes and bruises, but that's about it. the man was taken to the hospital as a precaution but not before thanking this napa bay chp flight crew for their help. yeah. he was pretty pretty grateful to see us. he was ready to get off that cliff for sure. in napa county courthouse bernard abc 7 news good work. well, the sleepless nights of some san jose residents are over after their voices were heard just as loud as a train's whistle by local and state leaders freight trains were blowing their horns throughout the night for safety reasons now new safety measures and horn restrictions have put in place allowing the community to sleep uninterrupted today residents in lawmakers celebrated the
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collaborative effort to establish temporary quiet times from train horns between npm and 7:00 in the morning. it was the first time in three years that i was able to go to sleep with a peace of minds of knowing that i probably wouldn't get woken up by a hundred decibel level train horn. the san jose department of transportation is spending 12 million dollars to create permanent safety measures for trains and residents in the neighborhood like new signage and traffic barriers. new technology is helping farmers remove weeds from their crops farmwise is a san francisco-based company trying to help reduce the use of pesticides. the company has created the titan a machine that tills the soil closest to the crop the titan can identify the crop. it's running through which helps it also identify and automatically remove weeds. articulating blades that open and close around the plant line. so our computers are picking up the data of the crop and half a second and it's relaying that to the blades to open and close.
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isn't that remarkable? the machines are already in use on the central coast in the salinas valley and the hollister area. that is something else. yeah. all right meteorologist sandy patel is here with the weekend weather sandy. yeah, and the weekend weather is going to be so much nicer without the strong gusty winds dan. i do want to show you something though to keep in mind that red flag warning for solano county has expired but there was a fire that broke out a small one in mendocino county known as the owens fire and smoke from this fire. you can see just traveling along the coastline here. it made it into sonoma county. i was watching this for a few hours air quality is poor for sensitive groups in santa rosa right now. so you do want to keep your doors and windows closed and stay inside, especially if you are sensitive to smoke and you are smelling it or seeing it in your area winds transporting that smoke out of the north, but fortunately they have really dropped off over the higher terrain mount. low 23 miles an hour knoxville
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24. here's live view from our east bay hills camera notice. it's not a real shaky view winds mount saint. helena was 73 miles an hour this morning, knoxville creek 65 mount diablo 51 even sfo got in on those winds 44 miles an hour the wind maker the low pressure system has moved on it all so as you know, brought us that cooler air as we headed towards yesterday. now the wind is going to subside as the high pressure and low pressure are moving apart from each other temperatures at this hour 40s to 70s. so quite a range 73 in brentwood 45 degrees right now in half moon bay stunning view of san jose at this hour lighter winds and mild to warm weekend fog returns to the coast late tomorrow through sunday morning, and it's heating up inland again as we had towards next week sutra tower camera. you can see city hall all lit up good air quality for outdoor plans both saturday and sunday. now, your morning temperatures will be in the 40s in the 50s. clear skies as we head into the
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afternoon in the south bay 84 in san jose 81 in gilroy 76 sunnyvale on the peninsula sun will be shining 76 in palo alto 62 half moon bay a little breezy near the coast, but not nearly as windy as what we have experienced 66 downtown san francisco north bay 82 in vallejo 81 in san rafael mid 80s, calistoga, santa rosa in the east bay 74 in oakland hayward 79 fremont get inland. it's going to be hot, but it is going to be jason warm 86 and antioch 84 livermore 85 in concord now when the giants take on the padres at oracle park tomorrow afternoon at 1:05 at 61 degrees really pleasant ball game weathers 66 degrees by 405 make sure you have your sunscreen. you'll need it the accuather seven-day forecast lighter winds tomorrow warmer inland that warming continues next week. we bring you summer like heat tuesday, wednesday mid-90s inland mid-60s coast coast side, but just as you get used to it. windy and much cooler thursday
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friday leading into that long holiday weekend dan great sandy. thank you back here in just a moment. (music throughout)
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and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. female high school athletes from the bay area teamed up with women from the 49ers this week. they met with the front office team as at levi's stadium as
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well as coaches and staff for a series of social and physical exercises. the 49ers provided this video of the event. which is intended to encourage young women to reach their full potential in athletics academics and the community. it is also designed to educate them about nutrition and how to live a healthy well-rounded lifestyle fantastic event. all right, the warriors talk about fantastic event with a huge comeback in game two of the western conference finals. chris alvarez is here with sports chris. dan coming up in sports the warriors were down but not out a second half comeback and steph puts the mavericks to sleep night night sports is next.
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casino entering game two of the western conference finals the warriors were a perfect 7-0 at home this postseason. that record was in jeopardy until the warriors rallied in the second half a much more physical game and game two damian lee getting up turned draymond green actually fouled out in this one stephen curry had five threes in the first half 20 points, that one goes and then mike brown sending steph on his way back down the floor dubs trail by as many as 19 because dallas made 15 first half threes luca 24 of his 42 came in the first half golden state trail by 14 at the half. turn it on in the third. come on looney had 11 in the court of this dunk ends a third career high 21 for loon doves down two after three. how about jordan? pool two of his 23 off the bench and the dubs, they're up three and then winning time and here comes your curry flurry hoop foul. how did he get that and the flex the lead is nine just over a minute ago steph. let's put the maps to sleep.
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nice warriors erase a 19-point deficit and win 126.17. a 2o serious lead supreme confidence of what we do you don't really know what they're talking about in the huddle. you don't really feel what's going through their mind. is as you have imposed your will and we have that attitude and spirit like we feel like we're never out of it. i mean these guys are champions, you know, they've seen everything they've been through everything. they've been doing this a long time. so they're not afraid of anything. down the street giants and padres that oracle warriors fans are everywhere giants down two runs a two outs in the ninth nobody out, but come back to tie wilmer flores drives in two with a base hit to left that included a darren ruff who homer twice in this game. we're tied at six going into extras top 10 name machado drives in the go-ahead run with a deep double and the giant's lose it eight seven a's fans and anaheim for the first of three down in socal top of the first third batter of the game jed lowry gets all one second homer of the year one-nothing oakland in a hurry top the fifth now a's
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down 2-1 runner on for seth brown. this ball is gonna stay fair his fourth homer of the year all of them on the road. actually a's wind 4-2 oakland has won two of three round two of the pga championship southern hills in oklahoma. tiger woods was in danger of missing the cut but two birdies in the final seven holes including here on 16 finish up. plus three tiger will play on the weekend. san francisco born will zala tourist is second round leader after 565. he's got a one-stroke lead at nine under heading into moving day sports on abc 7 sponsored by river rock casino. river rock casino. we'll big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey? new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna.
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right, that is our report this friday night for sandy patel for all of us on dan ashley. we >> lou: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, jessica biel, glen powell, and music from st. paul & the broken bones. with cleto and the cletones. and now, jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hello. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks. very nice. i'm alive. i lived. i survived covid. i was out for last week. hopefully you noticed. i was out for last week. i tested positive for covid on


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