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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  May 20, 2022 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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friday night for sandy patel for all of us on dan ashley. we >> lou: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, jessica biel, glen powell, and music from st. paul & the broken bones. with cleto and the cletones. and now, jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hello. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks. very nice. i'm alive. i lived. i survived covid. i was out for last week. hopefully you noticed. i was out for last week. i tested positive for covid on
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monday morning a week ago. and by friday afternoon the virus just took a look around my body and said "yech, we're getting out of here." [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] i feel pretty good. i had it easy. let me tell you. i drank so much bleach, my teeth are whiter than a fundraiser at mar-a-lago. [ laughter ] [ applause ] look at that. the whole family is fine. i had it pretty easy. i was tired, i had a little bit of a headache, but those are also the symptoms of having children. [ laughter ] so it may have been pre-existing conditions. i don't know. but i will say i had a lot of time to think. i feel like i deserved covid. i was so -- [ audience moaning ] i do. i did. i was obnoxiously pleased with myself that i hadn't gotten it yet. [ laughter ] and every time i would meet somebody who had it i was like oh, no, i haven't had it. and i was thinking i guess it means i'm smarter and stronger than you? i don't know. [ laughter ] and then i got it. so anyway, i guess i'm here to tell you covid is a hoax and they were right after all. [ laughter ]
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and i do want to thank mike birbiglia for filling in for me on no notice. [ cheers and applause ] he was scheduled to be a guest on the show, and i texted him and said, will you host the show? and he did, and he did a fantastic job. in fact, my mom yesterday was going on and on about what a great job mike did. to the point where i almost became insulted. i was like okay, yeah, mike's not your son. okay? [ laughter ] mike didn't spend $200 on those flowers that are sitting on the table. one of the weird things about having a television show when you get covid is everyone knows it. it's in the news, and so then everyone checks in to see how you're doing. it's like your birthday on facebook times a thousand. [ laughter ] which is nice. but unlike a birthday it's not just once. it's multiple times. you get a hundred people checking in three times a day and it's a lot to respond to. you get to the point where if somebody sends a text you just want to write back, "this is not jimmy. i found his phone. jimmy died. jimmy's dead." [ laughter ] but it was very kind to hear from so many people.
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i heard from pretty much everyone who works here. cleto. cleto sr. jeff checked in. guillermo checked in multiple times. [ applause ] >> guillermo: welcome back. >> jimmy: let me tell you something. those fingers-crossed emojis really worked. >> guillermo: that's right! [ laughter ] >> jimmy: and testing positive made me realize i need to think more positively. so instead of focusing on how many people were texting, i've decided to focus on how many people didn't text me. [ laughter ] in fact, i made a list of those people. i went through my whole address book to figure out who i know. [ cheers and applause ] and this is a mentally ill person. i'm aware of it. okay? number one person who did not text me while i had covid, my aunt chippy did not call. my "godmother." [ audience moaning ] i didn't hear from her until she got her mother's day flowers from me. then she called. i heard from my godfather, my uncle charlie. nothing from aunt chippy.
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didn't hear from uncle vinny, nothing from my aunt joanne and uncle tony. my uncle andy, aunt janice, aunt marilyn. quite a few of my cousins did not check in. i heard from a lot of my colleagues, jimmy fallon, jon stewart, james corden, all checked in. [ applause ] stephen colbert sent soup to my house. seth meyers? not a peep. nothing. [ laughter ] nothing from seth, nothing from george stephanopoulos. nothing from a guy i've been trying so hard to get on the show for years now. matt damon didn't bother to check in. [ laughter and moans ] i did hear from martin short. i actually got a text from martin short on monday. it said -- put up the text. "john mulaney and i are dining tonight at 7:30 in beverly hills. would you like to join?" and i wrote back "i would but i just tested positive, molly too. we got it from jane. we are all feeling fine, no worse than a cold so far." and that was that. no response. [ laughter and applause ] and i was thinking like, oh, maybe he didn't see it?
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except it says right there "read monday." [ laughter ] well, it was a blue monday for me, martin. billy crystal checked in to see how i was. and guess what happened? billy crystal got nominated for a pair of tony awards this morning for his new musical "mr. saturday night." [ cheers and applause ] which is great. guillermo, i know you follow this. did martin short get nominated for any tonys this morning? >> guillermo: i don't think so. >> jimmy: i don't think he did. [ laughter ] i did want to mention the tony awards because there is an interesting matchup in the best musical category. one of the nominees is "mj" which is about michael jackson, and another is "a strange loop" which was written by michael r. jackson. so it's michael jackson versus michael jackson in that category. can you imagine going through life with the name "michael jackson" and you finally have your big broadway debut, you write this huge, critically-acclaimed hit and you wind up nominated for a tony against a musical about the life of the michael jackson? [ laughter ]
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at that point, you really have to call your mother and go "what is wrong with you?" [ laughter ] how was your mother's day, guillermo? >> guillermo: oh, it was great. fantastic. >> jimmy: i was watching you talk about this with mike on thursday night. you said you usually give your mother between $300 and $400. >> guillermo: yes. >> jimmy: how much did you give her? >> guillermo: i gave her $300. >> jimmy: $300. so she didn't earn the bonus this year. [ laughter ] you went with $300. >> guillermo: well, i give to my mom, my grandma, my aunt, and my mother-in-law. >> jimmy: each $300? >> guillermo: yes. >> jimmy: so your mom gets the same amount as your aunt? [ laughter ] >> guillermo: my mom right now, she gets more but i'm not allowed to say it because then my grandma gets mad. then my -- everybody -- >> right. >> guillermo: i don't want no problems. >> jimmy: and yet you just created them. [ laughter and applause ] >> guillermo: thanks to you. you asked me. >> jimmy: you should be happy i'm alive. that's all.
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>> guillermo: yeah, no, we missed you. you're the best. >> jimmy: thank you, guillermo. we had a nice day. but our daughter jane -- so in the morning i made breakfast for my wife and we gave her presents and so jane, who is 7 going on 36 tells molly "i would like to go for a bike ride with you today." which my wife loves. so they go for a bike ride. billy and i are wrestling on the couch for like two hours. and while they're out jane suggested, mood is good, on the way home she said why don't we stop by a store and pick up a gift. not for molly. for jane. she's like, we'll get a little something for me and a little something for billy. and molly has to explain, well, it's mother's day. and also we don't buy presents every time we go out, and if we do they're going to be for me. so jane says okay, what about donuts? molly says no. the donut shop is closed. and besides, again, it is mother's day. and then jane says, you know, today's been really hard for me and billy. you're the only one opening any presents. we have to sit there and watch. and there are no presents for us.
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[ laughter ] on mother's day. anyway, jane got no presents from molly on mother's day. [ audience moans ] oh, you think she should have? [ laughter ] oh, you've ruined your children. [ laughter ] this is how trump supporters in pennsylvania spent their mother's day weekend. look at this, traipsing through the mud at a rally for dr. oz. if that isn't a metaphor for the state of this country, i don't know what is. but trump did -- he never disappoints. he delivered a very special mother's day message. this is when you really see the difference between our current president and the last one. so joe biden yesterday tweeted to his wife, "happy mother's day. flotus, you're the love of my life and the life of my love. you bring me joy and laughter every day, i'm so grateful for everything you do for our family." very sweet. [ cheers and applause ] trump chose more of a yo momma's day message. [ laughter ] he's on truth social and he wrote "happy mother's day to all
11:44 pm
including racist, vicious, highly partisan, politically motivated and very unfair radical left democrat judges, prosecutors, district attorneys, and attorney generals who campaign unrelentingly against you without knowing a thing and endlessly promise to take you down." this is his mother's day tweet. okay? [ laughter ] "after years of persecution even the fake news says there's no case or at best it would be very hard to bring. someday soon they will start fighting record-setting violent crime. i love you all." [ laughter ] yeah, it's a harsh message. but if you color it in a little bit, it's actually quite sweet. [ laughter ] happy mother's day. i love you all. [ cheers and applause ] what do you think trump did for melania on mother's day? offer her a bite of his mcgriddle? [ laughter ] yet another member of the trump administration has written a book. his former secretary of defense mark esper was on "60 minutes" last night sharing an almost
11:45 pm
impossible to believe anecdote about trump's plan to handle americans protesting outside the white house after the killing of george floyd. >> what specifically was he suggesting that the u.s. military should do to these protesters? >> he says, can't you just shoot them? just shoot them in the legs or something. and he is suggesting that's what we should do, that we should bring in the troops and shoot the protesters. >> jimmy: well, in fairness he said the same thing about eric. [ laughter ] >> the commander in chief was suggesting that the u.s. military shoot protestors? >> yes. in the streets of our nation's capital. that's right. >> former president trump said this is a complete lie and ten witnesses can back it up. "mark esper was weak and totally ineffective, and because of it i had to run the military." >> jimmy: that's right, captain bonespurs had to run the military. [ laughter ] for mark esper. and we know that's a lie because, unlike everything else he ran, the military didn't go bankrupt on his watch. [ cheers and applause ]
11:46 pm
it's really almost unfathomable that this imbecile was running our country. but that might not even be the craziest story esper told last night. >> the president pulls me aside on at least a couple of occasions and suggests that maybe we have the u.s. military shoot missiles into mexico. >> shoot missiles into mexico for what? >> he would say to go after the cartels. >> you politely pushed back on the idea. did president trump really say no one would know it was us? >> yes. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: "no one would know it was us"? could've been anyone! could've been canada, puerto rico. could have been the mexicans bombing themselves! [ laughter ] this is a recurring fantasy of trump's. you know, last month he suggested we put chinese flags on our fighter jets and go bomb the russians in ukraine. of course they would know it was us! our missiles literally have the word "us" written on the top of them. [ laughter and applause ]
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you know, we probably should have done this last week before mother's day. but my aunt chippy celebrated mother's day yesterday as she traditionally does with a cigarette in front of a video poker machine. [ laughter ] my aunt chippy has many thoughts on many subjects. here we go. aunt chippy with her dos and don'ts of what to give mom. >> let's get a little tighter on chippy first. have you been through makeup? >> have i been through makeup? [ bleep ]. if i don't look like i've been to makeup already, i'm in trouble. >> don't go in quite so tight. a lot of energy for this. hey, it's me, aunt chippy! today i'm going to review some mother's day gifts! >> hey, it's me, aunt chippy -- >> come on, energy, energy. >> more energy. [ bleep ]. hi! i'm aunt chippy. today we're going to review some mother's day gifts. >> a little step to your left. >> huh? >> a little step to your left.
11:48 pm
[ laughter ] a little more. okay, back. back. >> you've got to be [ bleep ] kidding me. >> okay. >> [ bleep ]. >> rotate a bit. and lots of energy. talk about how great it is to have a mop. and action. >> let me tell you something, if anybody got me this mop and this bucket, i'd cut their nuts off. [ laughter and applause ] let's see what other crap you've got going. [ laughter ] oh, a dance pole. >> what kind of a mom -- >> a mom who is a hooker would love this. [ laughter ] it would really fit into her, umm, way of life. >> they're not called hookers, they're called sex workers. >> bull [ bleep ], i've never heard that word! [ laughter ] a sex worker? >> a sex worker. >> she was a whore last time i heard about her. don't buy me a cookbook!
11:49 pm
>> some energy here, ready? >> why don't you stand here and do this [ bleep ]? >> jump up and down a little bit. just a little bit in place. >> i ain't jumping up and down. >> a little bit. come on. and action. >> hi, you see this cookbook? don't buy it for anybody! [ laughter ] you didn't like it? tough [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. what is this, a scale? >> a scale, yep. >> if my nephews gave me this, i would first thank them and then i would beat the [ bleep ] out of them, that's what i would do for mother's day. >> why? >> because it's not nice. you know you're getting fat. i don't need to have a scale go "200 pounds." >> is that it? [ laughter ] >> candles. nobody likes candles. if you're going to buy candles, buy them for yourself and stick them up your ass. [ laughter ] i don't need you to tell me my toilet bowl needs to be cleaned again.
11:50 pm
so don't do me any favors. happy mother's day. [ cheers and applause ] >> more energy. >> [ bleep ]. if i die right here, it's his fault. holy [ bleep ]! don't bother buying any of this [ bleep ] for anybody. happy mother's day! >> one more, one more. more energy, more energy. >> you want more energy? i got no more energy! that's all the energy that i got! now you know what? you can take this freaking thing and keep it! goodbye! happy mother's day! [ cheers and applause ] >> what else do you need? >> jimmy: all right. thank you, aunt chippy. we've got a good show for you tonight. from "top gun: maverick" glen powell is with us. we have music from st. paul and the broken bones. and we'll be right back with jessica biel. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome back. tonight from "top gun: maverick" glen powell is with us. [ cheers and applause ] and then later from birmingham, their album is called "the alien coast," st. paul & the broken bones from the mercedes eq stage. [ cheers and applause ] tomorrow night zac efron and alfonso ribeiro with music from parque courts. so please join us for that. our first guest is a popular actor with a fondness for characters that kill. she got an emmy nomination for "the sinner." now she's the ax-wielding title character in the limited series "candy." "candy" is on hulu now. please welcome jessica biel. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
11:56 pm
thank you for coming. you know, i quarantined extra hard to be here with you tonight. and i hadn't thought the hello process through, because you came out, and i was like oh, is she going to be okay with me touching her? >> oh, yes. i'm over it now at this point. i'm a hugger, always have been, and i just have to be me. >> jimmy: thank you. i appreciate that. >> you look great. [ cheers and applause ] you do. >> jimmy: thank you. you know what? yeah, i just watched television really for seven days straight. have you had it? has it gone through your house yet? >> yes, yes. in january. and man, i think it would be amazing if you were young without kids to be able to just sit and watch tv all, you know -- for ten days or whatever it is. but boy, you still have to take care of your kids. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and they're at home. all the time. >> jimmy: or if you're me, you
11:57 pm
just watch tv with the kids and try to convince them to watch something you like, which never works, and then you go back to cocomelon or whatever. >> yes, i know it well. >> jimmy: what do you do with the kids -- what did you do with them? did you do anything? >> i went through every game and every book and everything we had. and honestly, my go-to was bubbles. >> jimmy: the chimpanzee? abandoned by michael jackson? [ laughter ] >> that would have been fun. no, old-school bubbles. bubble machines, bubble guns, industrial bubble makers, bubble wands. bubble spaceships. i mean, bubble everything. >> jimmy: the kids love bubbles. >> we love bubbles. >> jimmy: oh, you love bubbles too? >> i love bubbles. do you not love bubbles? what's wrong with you? >> jimmy: i do like bubbles. but i will tell you something, honestly, my son, billy, who just turned 5, likes to take -- he sees everyone enjoying the bubbles and he just wants to dump them on the ground. [ laughter ]
11:58 pm
and then i get mad and it ruins the bubbling experience. >> that's the thing with bubbles, you kind of have to have the patience to let everything be sticky. but everything is cleaner afterwards. it's just soap. >> jimmy: how did you guys spend mother's day yesterday? was there a whole thing? >> there was a whole thing. it was so sweet. my kids made me a -- like they decorated a whole t-shirt that said "best mom in life." >> jimmy: oh, nice. >> awesome. and a tote bag with handprints and footprints, which is the best. >> jimmy: you can tote things. did they make that at school or is that something justin oversaw? >> i think there was an overseeing. >> jimmy: there was an overseeing. and as far as like do you go off on your own for mother's day or do you stay with them the whole day? >> i used to when i wasn't a professional parent, you know, when i had just like one. i stayed home and it was like oh, i'm going to be with my kids.
11:59 pm
now i know you get out for as long as you can. [ laughter ] because mother's day is only once a year. you know what i mean? >> jimmy: where did you go? >> so i went to this most amazing place that i think everybody knows but me. it's called face gym. >> jimmy: i don't know any gyms really, but -- what do you mean face gym? it's a gym? >> no. it's sort of like a salon where you sit in a chair and you get the most incredible face massage. >> jimmy: really? >> it's so intense, that you feel like you went to the gym and your face looks so amazing. i mean, it's incredible, this place. >> jimmy: hold on a minute. so you lay there for an hour with somebody rubbing just your face? [ laughter ] >> just your face. >> jimmy: really? >> scraping your jawline with a metal thing and doing all this stuff. and then they take a picture. they show you half the face that's done and you freak out because you look like a monster on one side. the other side is this svelte
12:00 am
jawline, and you didn't even realize you looked crazy. [ laughter ] how's the jaw? >> jimmy: both sides look fantastic. [ cheers and applause ] if i was working there, i would take a picture of your face and go over to the next lady and go okay, we're done. this is what your face looks like now. [ laughter ] >> thank you! >> jimmy: so you go to the face place and that's -- and then you go home? >> then i went to brunch with some of my girlfriends. >> jimmy: that's nice. >> then we just drove around, literally. >> jimmy: because you don't get to do that ever. >> no. and we didn't know where to go. we're so old and not cool. we pulled over on the side of the road in front of a rite aid and just discussed it for 25 minutes and then just went home. [ laughter ] [ applause ] it was embarrassing. >> jimmy: we're going take a break. we're going to see a clip from your new miniseries called "candy" which is on hulu. jessica biel is with us. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ]
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it's a romance, an adventure, a musical- but most of all, it's a people story. starring more than 80,000 hero characters on a mission to do good in the air and beyond. because this... this is the story of an airline when good leads the way. [ phone rings ] hello. >> so tell me again why i'm not supposed to have an affair. >> candy, because you have a wonderful life and you don't want to blow it up. >> but i wouldn't. >> that's what they all say. >> it would just be for a little distraction, some spice. i mean, why not? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that is jessica biel in "candy." which is -- and i'll tell you something.
12:06 am
i didn't know this until i learned this after i watched the show, is that it is -- it's a true story. >> it is. >> jimmy: about this woman named candy montgomery. who i don't know how much i can say about, because on the one hand i don't want to spoil it. on the other hand, it happened in the news. so you go ahead and -- >> oh, great. [ laughter ] so i'll spoil it. so it's a story about this suburban housewife from wylie, texas, in 1980, totally normal, seemingly normal wife and mother. and like sort of stand-up pillar of the community. churchgoing mom, all of the above. and she commits this crazy, horrific act of violence out of nowhere. and i don't know if i should tell the ending. >> jimmy: maybe you shouldn't, i think you shouldn't. >> okay. i'm not going to tell the end. you're right. people know about this but -- >> jimmy: also, i have to tell you, i'm watching the show. and you're great in it. and it's very compelling. but whoever did the art direction on this show really should get an emmy. like before the emmys even come
12:07 am
up. >> i agree. >> jimmy: the details are -- i felt like i was reliving my own childhood, minus the murder. [ laughter ] for instance, there's -- on the woman who is your character, there's a macrame owl on her door. and i had almost that identical -- >> you did? >> jimmy: my aunt fran made me this macrame owl. it hung in my bedroom from age 7 to -- you know, way too old. [ laughter ] like college, you know. my father is like, maybe i should take this owl down. and then there's a marriage encounter poster which is something my parents were involved in, which is a very '70s and '80s reference. >> yes. >> jimmy: and your hair, too, is -- did you -- i mean, the woman i assume looks kind -- well, not like you, obviously. but you did get this -- >> that's her hair. i think everybody kind of had that vibe at one point. i look at myself like that, i see my grandmother, i see my husband's grandmother.
12:08 am
i see my friend's mother. i mean, it's crazy. >> jimmy: do you see this guy in there? [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> yeah. i see it. i see it. i mean, come on, it's a trendy do. >> jimmy: there are billboards all over town and bus signs too, and you have blood on you in them. have your kids seen any of these things? >> no, they haven't. >> jimmy: that's good. >> luckily when we've been going around town they haven't pointed it out and said, mommy, what's going on there? my son, he -- he's -- he did hear about the show from somebody. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> i don't know who, because he said, mom, why are you doing a horror show? and i was like, um, well, it's not a horror show. you know, it's a psychological drama and it's a creative process -- you know, overexplaining. i should stop.
12:09 am
and he said, can i watch it? i said, hard no. [ laughter ] it's not a horror show but you cannot watch it yet. >> jimmy: not for kids for sure. >> not for kids. he hasn't seen the poster but he used to see me on facetime when we were shooting and he definitely was like, mom, why did you do that? >> jimmy: the kids in the series are great. very natural kids. >> those kids are amazing. >> jimmy: they are. is that something you think your kids -- you would never put your kids in something like that, right? [ laughter ] >> no. i know too much. i know too much. >> jimmy: what about you and justin? do you ever talk about doing acting together in something? or would that not be good? >> we -- we often talk about that. >> jimmy: you do? >> we do. >> jimmy: do you want to hash that through? should we -- [ laughter ] >> we should. we want to play adversaries or -- yeah, we want to play opposite sides. >> jimmy: interesting. >> because no one wants to see the other move. but that doesn't go over very well. >> jimmy: it's a weird thing. it's hard for people to imagine
12:10 am
people who are together, together. it's kind of a strange thing chemistrywise or something like that. >> or you don't do it right. it's not often done well. >> jimmy: this is something that i think is interesting. this is from the aquarium in vancouver up in canada. this is a one-eyed seal that they -- which is super cute, they named after you, jessica seal. [ applause ] >> i'm touched. >> jimmy: i would think so. you've not visited the seal, i assume? >> i haven't. and you know what? i don't know why not. i haven't been invited. >> jimmy: there's a lot of celebrity animals there. there's bradley grouper, fin diesel, pike tyson, tuna fey, shellen degeneres, meghan mackerel, and prince herring. you're in good company. [ laughter and applause ] >> i think we need to have a reunion together. all of us need to get together.
12:11 am
>> jimmy: it seems like it warrants a royal visit. well, it's very good to see you. watch this miniseries. it's done interestingly like an early '80s miniseries like when i was a kid, where it's one each night on hulu. it started on monday and then goes through friday. jessica biel, the show is called "candy." [ cheers and applause ] thank you, jessica. we'll be back with glen powell! , it needed to be here. ruby's a1c is down with rybelsus®. my a1c wasn't at goal, now i'm down with rybelsus®. mom's a1c is down with rybelsus®. (♪ ♪) in a clinical study, once-daily rybelsus® significantly lowered a1c better than a leading branded pill. rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't take rybelsus® if you or your family ever had medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if allergic to it. stop rybelsus® and get medical help right away
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back. still to come, music from st. paul and the broken bones. you know our next guest from the movies "hidden figures" and "the dark knight rises." now like you've never seen him before, as a well-oiled graduate of the tom cruise school of aviation in the highly anticipated "top gun: maverick." >> i can't be the only one that knows maverick was flying with his old man. >> that's enough. >> maverick was flying when his old man -- >> that's enough! >> you son of a bitch! >> i'm cool, i'm cool. hey, hey. >> that's enough. >> he's not cut out for this mission. >> that's enough.
12:23 am
>> you know it. you know i'm right. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: "top gun: maverick" opens in theaters may 27th. say hello to glen powell! [ cheers and applause ] hey, glen. how are you? >> i'm all right, man. >> jimmy: i'm sorry, originally you were supposed to be here in studio tonight, but you're being extra cautious, correct? >> yeah, better be safe than sorry. >> jimmy: just for the record, you're not being extra cautious because you're afraid of getting something from me? [ laughter ] >> look, at the end of the day, you know, you canceled on tom, i canceled on you. you can't reward bad behavior. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you know, i saw "top gun: maverick" and it's first of all great. and you are great in it. you play this hotshot fighter pilot. what's your nickname? hangman is your nickname. >> hangman. >> jimmy: yeah. now, miles teller was here the week before last. he said he got to pick his
12:24 am
nickname, which is rooster. did you pick hangman? >> yeah, i got to pick hangman. when we originally -- we went to the navy. we went to fallon, nevada and hung out with all the navy people. my original call sign was "slayer." and when they were talking about the difference between air force and navy call signs they said navy call signs are like peanut, zadi. and air force call signs are like spine ripper and slayer. so i was like, i can't be an air force call sign. so i went down and hung with a bunch of naval aviators. i met this one guy whose call sign was noose. and i was like hey, why do they call you noose, man? and he goes, you know -- and his buddy's like, i'll tell you why they call him noose. basically they said, you know, when he was in middle school he he was going to go to a school dance, he was really excited. there was this girl he really liked. but he was worried he was going to be too excited. so he ended up taking his shoelace and tying it around --
12:25 am
his thing -- around his leg. [ audience moaning ] >> jimmy: what? >> so you take a shoelace, you tie it around your leg. not a great plan to start off with. it got stuck. his buddy had to cut him out. so he got the call sign "noose." >> jimmy: wow. >> and noose became hangman. >> jimmy: wow. should somebody who makes a decision like that be flying a jet? [ laughter and applause ] wow. that is a great story. >> i've never been so proud of our navy. yeah. >> jimmy: who in your life is most excited about you being in this movie? >> i've got to say i just got to take my dad to the premiere of "top gun." my dad introduced me to "top gun" when i was 10 years old. i remember him giving me the vhs
12:26 am
like he was bringing something down from mount sinai. like he just -- "this is the tablet." and i remember, we watched -- we put the vhs in. he looked at me and he just didn't stop watching me the whole time we were watching "top gun," and it just reminds you that "top gun" is a rite of passage for people. people just love this movie, and it holds such a special place. and you've seen it. this movie is awesome and it just builds on what was already there. but my dad was -- my dad loved this movie. >> jimmy: did your dad get to meet tom cruise at the premiere? >> my dad's in the movie. >> jimmy: he's in the movie. oh, you put your parents in your movies. right. you told me that last time. >> yeah. it's like a thing. it started off as like a fun joke, and now it's an expectation. [ laughter ] so my dad -- so my dad's in the movie. i originally brought like some friends and my family to set, and they were all in flight suits getting to do the thing.
12:27 am
and then i get to introduce them to tom and tom is amazing, telling stories, making everybody feel welcome. so i go off to craft services. i feel confident that it's all going well. and i come back and on -- there's four cameras going and on all four cameras at video village, my dad is on all four cameras. >> jimmy: while they're shooting? >> i'm like oh, no. i was like, this is bad. so i go and i walk in there and i look at tom, and tom's just got this like goofy smile on his face. he's so excited. and i was like hey, is everything good? and he's like, the only guy who knows how to find a lens better than you is your dad. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: wow. that's exciting. so they're in -- which scene are they in, your family? >> so when miles teller is playing "great balls of fire" on the piano -- >> jimmy: yeah. oh, yeah. >> right behind him -- he's putting out a tour de force performance. he nails it. dad. yeah.
12:28 am
you'll see him in awards season for sure. >> jimmy: miles said that a lot of the actors threw up while they were flying, and that he was not one of the vomiters. did you vomit, were you one of the vomiters? >> that's a great wingman to throw other people under the bus, miles teller. no, i do love miles. you know, i threw up a lot. [ laughter ] you know, tom -- when it comes to tom cruise, like tom wants to do everything legit all the way through. so we were up in the back of planes this entire movie, in the back of real f-18s. if you want to get a sense of "top gun," we were -- there was like this one day where we were basically flying through the canyons, it's called "star wars" canyons, we're flying like 100 feet off the ground, 500 knots. weaving through these canyons.
12:29 am
you invert, you reorient, you come back, drop a bomb, pull up 7.5 gs. and you're doing it over and over. at one point i was like, okay, i'm going to puke. so i tried to sneak my vomit bag, because i didn't want to embarrass myself in front of this naval aviator. these guys are tough, they're cool. i'm like the actor in the back of the plane. i didn't want to be that guy. i said hey, fisty, why don't we just level out, i want to check out the view. he's like, are you good back there? i'm like no, man, i'm good. i'm just like, i'll be ready to rock and roll just, you know, give me a second. and i just start violently puking in this bag. [ laughter ] but the problem is the microphone is also the mask. so i ripped off my mask and he didn't hear the last part. so as i'm violently puking in this bag, i just hear in my coms, well, buddy, if you're ready to rock and roll, let's rock and roll. [ audience moans ]
12:30 am
and he just inverts the plane, pulls it down. so i'm like just puking into the canopy. so i'm like looking at the ground and the puke that i just puked is being puked back into my face. [ audience moans ] >> jimmy: all right. recirculation. >> yeah, yeah. it's like recycle, reduce, reuse. [ laughter ] but that's what it's like to make "top gun." >> jimmy: what happens when they land the plane, is there a person that comes and hoses it out or do you have to clean that out yourself? >> you know, the navy has been good to us, and i don't think i'm going to make a sequel because of this reason. it's probably just me. >> jimmy: i think it was worth your vomiting. people are going to love it. it's "top gun: maverick." it opens in theaters may 27th. thanks, glen. [ cheers and applause ] glen powell, everybody. we'll be right back with music from st. paul & the broken bones. >> lou: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by
12:31 am
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>> jimmy: thanks to jessica biel and glen powell. apologies to matt damon. we ran out of time for him. tomorrow night zac efron and alfonso ribeiro with music from "nightline" is next, but first, their album is "the alien coast." st. paul & the broken bones! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ lord can you hear me up there in the sky the fire the brimstone the fire the brimstone ♪ ♪ lord the neon lights with green crosses the fire the brimstone the fire and the brimstone ♪ ♪ and lord sink your teeth so i can feel it in my spine the fire and the brimstone the fire and the brimstone ♪
12:34 am
♪ lord make it bathed in like in hotel water the fire and the brimstone the fire and the brimstone ♪ ♪ lord can you hear me out in babylon the fire and the brimstone the fire and the brimstone ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ innocence is lost by violent decay stuck inside the maze all the mundane ♪ ♪ minotaur smell him in the room
12:35 am
minotaur carrying my youth ♪ ♪ i know i am going down ♪ ♪ am i going down, oh my ♪ ♪ did you see your move oh my did you lose your cool yeah ♪ ♪ oh my did you see your move oh my did you lose your cool ♪ ♪ yeah i can't believe that it's inside me i can't believe ♪ ♪ that it's inside me i can't believe ♪
12:36 am
♪ oh my did you see your move oh my did you lose your cool ♪ ♪ oh my did you see your move oh my did you lose your cool ♪ ♪ oh my did you see your move oh my did you lose your cool yeah ♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
12:37 am
this is "nightline." >> tonight -- >> guilty. >> one nurse's deadly mistake. >> i am so sorry for what they have lost. she will never be lost in my mind. >> convicted after a fatal error took a patient's life. how her trial became a rallying cry for frontline workers everywhere. >> the system is set up to make it easy for us to make a mistake like this. and the socialite scammer's spectacular second act. convicted con woman anna delvey now an artist and speaking out while under immigration custody. >> it's an opportunity for me to tell my own story. >> but is she really cooking up creative works or just another scheme?


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