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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 21, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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this is abc 7 news. >> the battle over abortion rights coming at a personal cost to nancy pelosi. the archbishop of san francisco is banning her from receiving holy communion in the arch diocese. let's talk of the weather. >> our fire danger has lessened but we are looking at a warming trend. it is 50 in hayward, 49 in union city. 46 in novato.
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pacifico with plenty of sunny skies with upper-level clouds. we have winds at the coast, with the spread from the 50's to upper 70's. we will return tomorrow fog on sunday as we continue to warm up inland. i will explain coming up. >> band from receiving holy communion. nancy pelosi has been public about her catholic faith over the years. when it comes to her stance on abortion, this is not the first time that her views have clans -- clashed with the bishops. >> san francisco's archbishop barring nancy pelosi from receiving communion thanks to
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her stance on abortion. writing that she must renounce her stance on abortion rights or denounce catholicism. >> it is becoming more and more extreme and more and more aggressive. speaking on a catholic podcast, he said he reached out to pelosi to speak several times. when that did not happen, he thought long and hard about his decision. >> i have been debating this with my conscience for many years. >> a decision he says that his based in faith and not politics. it is a sad moment and i would encourage them to see it in a bigger light. it is sad that this action would be taken. >> in san francisco, overwhelmingly people want
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people to be able to choose to have an abortion. pelosi is just reflecting the views of the people she wants to represent and does not think the archbishop will influence pelosi's beliefs. >> she will continue doing the hard work that is on her plate. but he worries that other people will follow suit blurring the lines between church and state. >> i have a concern that this archbishop could set precedent. i believe that the archbishop of denver has come out supporting him. >> abc 7 news did reach out for a comment. we have not heard back. president biden is back from his five day trip to asia. this is the first to the region.
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tomorrow, he will travel to japan to announce a new economic plan. the driver stopped after the collision and remained at the scene as police officers arrived. the child was taken to a trauma center but passed away at the hospital. police have been diverting traffic away from the scene as the investigation into the scene continues. the justice department is renewing its effort to combat hate crimes. this comes after 10 people were killed in the buffalo shopping shooting. this will offer grants for
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states interested in setting up hate mine -- hate crime lines. >> we now gather in the wake of a horrific and painful reminder of the urgency and importance of this task. the justice department is investigating the shooting as a hate crime and violent extremism. in this morning's covid headlines, a judge ruled that pandemic restrictions on migrants seeking asylum must continue. several states sued over the plan to lift the rule saying that the administration did not consider the effect on public health. new cdc data shows that 45% of the population is living and a county with a high or intermediate risk of covid-19. federal regulators will decide
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on the design of the next covid vaccine. here in the bay area, it is a return to pandemic protocols. they are shifting to remote learning and the berkeley unified district is making masks mandatory. tara campbell explains that there is more on the line than schoolwork. tara: with two weeks left ago, they are making masks a must on monday. >> we have been watching cases arise and interestingly, we are seeing more clusters. she says that it is those clusters that prompted the return of the pandemic protocol. >> these are cases where three or more cases are occurring in the same classroom which is new and different than the search that we saw in january.
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tara: it is the most clusters they have seen to date. berkeley unified is home to 10,000 students across 16 schools. >> we are seeing transmission and our schools and this is what we heard from our health officer in berkeley on wednesday. she recommended that we reinstate the mask mandate. tara: we spoke with one parent behind the mask mandate. >> i am grateful because there are two weeks left in the school year. i love my students dearly and i want to speak -- spend our last two weeks together. tara: end of year milestones are on the mind of school officials. so too, are the rise in cases of covid. >> we want our children to be
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able to attend adulation's. tara: tara campbell. the warriors are taking a lead to dallas. golden state overcame a 19 point deficit and beat the mavericks 126-1 17. >> i always say, keep working, your time will come. tonight was my night to make a big difference. >> he has composure, experience and the know-how. whether he is playing 30 minutes or not, he is ready. >> he has always been a guy we
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can trust in the playoffs and to have him now, i don't know where we would be without him. game three is tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m.. >> and let me tell you, warriors and four. you kind of knew they were going to do it, right? >> it is so exciting in that arena. the warriors pulled through after trailing the mavericks. taking the lead in the fourth, but even with the wind, they are still coaching from the sidelines. >> you have to keep the offense up, quit the turnovers.
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real fans citing we believe. diehard fans traveled great distances for golden state all to catch steph curry be that three-point record. and up until the fourth quarter, it wasn't clear that this would be the case at home. they are kicking off the weekend on a high note. >> we are a comeback team. i was looking for them, but there was no one left. this afternoon, dick's sporting goods is holding a pep rally at
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daly city. there will be a dj, promotional giveaways and surprises. lisa, the weather has been nice lately. lisa: we will back off on that wind with temperatures above average. here in san francisco, temperatures climbing through the 60's. we will talk about the warmth heading your way. >> new details on a cliff rescue and daly city. the rescuers replayed the mission for us to save a man's life. new technology is helping new technology is helping farmers get rid of♪ how's he still playin'? aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength. reduces inflammation.
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liz: new details on thursdays cliff rescue and daly city.
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a chopper crew saved a man clinging to the edge in windy conditions. >> watch this jaw-dropping moment where they rescue a stranded man clinging to life on this cliff. reaching him was not easy. >> we had to do a short search. nobody could see him. the man was finally located but this picture shows why it was so difficult to locate him. >> sky 7 captured the unfolding drama as the flight crew got ready to rescue the man who had fallen from the top. >> we were battling extreme winds. flight officer david darius is lowered from the chopper. he recorded rescue with a go pro
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from his helmet. at first, the man grabs on to his legs. >> seconds later, success. he was able to get himself into the harness. cracks the man is lifted off the cliff to safety. the man was taken to the hospital as a precaution but not before thinking the flight crew for their help. >> he was pretty grateful to see us. he was ready to get off that cliff. in napa county, abc news. liz: the sleepless nights are over after their voices were heard by local and state leaders. freight trains were blowing
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their horns throughout the night. new safety measures have been put in place to allow the community to sleep interrupted. they established quiet times. >> i was able to go to sleep with the peace of mind of not being woken up by a train horn. liz: they created new signage and traffic barriers. new technology is helping farmers remove weeds from their's crops. they created the titan. the titan can identify the crop it is running through and identify and remove weeds.
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>> our computers are picking up the data of the crop and it is relating it to the blades to open and close. liz: the machines are already in use. a budget surplus is allowing sonoma rail transit to reduce bears. they expect to have a surplus due to a sales tax revenue boost. there have been some board member proposals such as rail service extensions. the draft budget will be set on june 15. with fire season fast approaching, santa rosa is getting ready. they will run a resource fair for the community. including home preparedness,
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it will be at the santa rosa square at 2:00 p.m. today. lisa: a nice weekend ahead. the dark area offshore, that is high pressure. it will get closer to the coast and what that will do is allow for a warm-up. if we look at our current numbers, it is cool and comfortable out there. the absence of some of the lower elevation when has allowed temperatures to drop to the 40's. upper elevations, it is still pretty breezy. relative humidity is at 20%. that dry air is still in place. we could see some patchy fog along the san mateo coast. light winds this weekend.
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looking at the fog returning a we will have 45 degrees in our inland valleys. by tuesday, we are in the triple digits and see 80's and oakland. 60's on the coast and then that ridge moves away and will allow for stronger winds and cooldown. between now and then we will be warming up. upper 50's pacifica, santa cruz is 69. 76 are the peninsula numbers. it is a little cool at the coast. north bay numbers range from the
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low 80's, wine country getting more. looking at the east bayr 70's a. you had inland, here is where the warmth is. it is not too hot, but these numbers are above average and we will have them take up into your sunday, monday and tuesday. here's a look at our seven day forecast. 70's around the bay, looking at those mid 80's inland. by monday, we have 90's inland. good thing that he does not last too long. liz: the summer is coming. pictures can be more than just a photograph.
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how one movie studi
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liz: we all no one picture can change the world, it can also change the person who takes the picture. i was there for the workshop and saw how the students could see their potential through the power of photography. addison andrews has a vision. she is gathering a group of her friends, tourists and strangers. asking them to join in a circle and put out their hands. all to snap one, single image that captures her life dream. >> my dream is for everyone to
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be actually equal. liz: addison is participating in pictures for hope run by linda solomon. she was the personal photographer for aretha franklin. through pictures of hope she gives students her own camera and challenges them to share their hopes and dreams. >> sometimes it is difficult to share something deep within through an art form, through photojournalism it is easier to share something personal. liz: she has traveled through dozens of cities to share hope with students. her hope is to have young people find inspiration in these images. >> one photo can change a life.
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isn't photojournalism fun? liz: she recently ran a workshop with middle school students. she came at the personal request of super intendant who noticed student struggling after the pandemic. >> i will ask the students what are they going to do now and then ask them what they are going to study? >> and then they say i don't know. liz: that is where pictures of hope come in. she has them right out their hopes and dreams. to go to college, help those in need. find a talent they are proud of. >> we need to show that these kids are not dreaming for iphones, they are dreaming for things that matter.
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liz: when you think of helping people, what kind of photograph do you see? >> i feel like if the world is kinder to each other, if somebody is in need, you can help them. what i did, i found two super nice people who were holding hands. she was helping him. liz: the other students finding everyday moments that signified something more significant. 0 my dream is that we will have a tolerant world with no hate or discrimination against other people. >> my hope is to make people happy and smile. my dream is to find a location that feels like home.
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>> i feel like it showed different ages, different races. it couldn't show sexuality or gender but i felt like it was a good example or demonstration of equality. liz: the students photos will be printed on note cards and sold at the culinary institute on the 23rd. >> they have the opportunity to learn from the best on how to take pictures into get into the habit of looking at the world around them. think of how often we walk by things and pay attention and when you have a camera that is always with you, you are always looking for something that is unique. that will open their eyes to so many things that they may not see. >> i want to be a photographer when i am older. >> every child needs that chance
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to share a dream and know it can come true. liz: and everybody is welcome to attend the photo exhibit on may 23 at 5:30 at the culinary institute at napa. a hundred percent of the profits will go to the institute. it was so wonderful meeting those students. a twister flipped vehicles and tore the roof from buildings. the details on the devastation in michigan. plus, the movies you want to see right now. one of the
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♪ ♪ whether someone is across the neighborhood, across the street, or across the room, you have the power to make them feel right at home. ♪ ♪ ri joined the districtme. attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin interfered in every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely
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in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc news. liz: we will get another check
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on the forecast. lisa: we will have the sunup and just about 25 minutes. from mount tam, isn't that gorgeous? it is still mild in the 60's. the wind has gone and we are seeing temperatures cooler. 46 and santa clara. we have temperatures in the mid-40's in petaluma. in napa, 13 degrees cooler. we warm up to the 70's and 80's and we will get into the 80's, keep the fox south of san mateo bay. the temperature range will increase and that trend does
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continue into sunday. i will detail you that in a few minutes. liz: governor gretchen whitmer announces state of emergency. abc news reporter karina mitchell with more. >> a tornado touched down in gaylord, michigan. people were seen running for cover as a tornado hit the ground. video shows the utter devastation. buildings ripped apart. businesses along the street suffering heavy damage. authorities issued a tornado warning friday afternoon urging
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residents to take shelter immediately. officials also imposed a curfew in gaylord friday night. it was part of a severe weather system in michigan. the governor has declared a state of emergency. saying that they have the stuff it takes to rebuild. liz: researchers in san francisco's have discovered new characteristics of the omicron variant. she went inside the gladstone labs where they say that those who have been faxed and boosted are not getting infected. luz: this is one of the
5:34 am
researchers that collected blood samples from covid patients, they published their groundbreaking research. >> the samples collected from those who were not vaccinated before, showed limited response to other variants. meaning that if you are not vaccinated against omicron, you are not protected from future variance. luz: scientists believed that earlier strains would provide enough immunity for weeks or months if you were unvaccinated. this is one of the reasons why many people are getting reinfected. >> the immunity is not set in stone.
5:35 am
the immunity changes and decreases over time. the variance that are now arising are selected on their ability that they can circumvent the immunity that is currently existing. >> there is a silver lining. omicron infection in the context of vaccination, breakthrough infection. that does elicit a broad response over several variance. liz: this research highlights the importance of getting vaccinated even after getting infected. hybrid immunity could last months. a man who refused to leave a burning condo is in custody. the fire broke out in the warm spring neighborhood. they got reports that someone
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was in the condo where the fire started. the man said he had a gun would not leave. firefighters had to pull back for their own safety. power was shut down as of her caution. >> the person reported they had a firearm. at that point, we were cheated, put ourselves in a position of safety and pd was in route. liz: the man surrendered and was placed in the hospital. power is now back on for the area. we sent out this alert through our mobile app when the news broke. it is one way to stay current with the news. downtown berkeley will be left with only one movie theater. the shattuck cinemas will close for good to make way for a new development. the 10 screen multiplex opened
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in 1988. it is not clear when it will close, to theater employees said that it will close next tuesday. but a spokesperson for landmark said it would stay open till the end of the month. we hope you will join us for an american pacific heritage presentation. people in the apa -- api community are asked where they are from but you will see that regardless because of their name or what they look like, we are all americans. and don't miss "because i am."
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another honor coming in for amy schneider. she has another big event she will be attending in june. here is a live look outside looking at bay ridge. we will check
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liz: here is a live look at the golden. it is a foggy start all around. amy schneider will serve as the grand marshall for the pride parade. schneider is the first openly transgender person to do so. her 40 game winning streak made her the second most a winning contestant ever. the parade is june 4 in santa rosa. an old san francisco favorite is back in business.
5:41 am
the gear deli chocolate experience is open. the grand reopening included live music, face painting and plenty of chocolate. >> you can spend hours in here picking out chocolates, ice cream and other things. i can't wait to get a sunday. liz: the first 107 customers got a free sunday. that is such a great part of the city. who doesn't love chocolate? lisa: any time of the day as well. here is a live look outside. it looks to be a beautiful day. we are looking at a lot of sunshine and temperatures coming up in the next few days. i will explain in my forecast next. liz: steph curry puts game to to
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♪ one thing leads to another, yeah, yeah ♪ liz: here is a live look outside at the bay bridge. beautiful as the sun comes up. more than 50 female high school athletes teamed up with women from the 49ers. they met up for social and physical exercises. they provided a video from this event which encourages young women to reach their full potential. it is designed to educate them about nutrition and lifestyle. the giants tried to snap a two-game losing streak. the first pitches out 1:05.
5:45 am
the warriors are heading to taxes as the western conference finals shift to dallas. here is chris alvarez with the highlights. chris: entering game two of the finals. the record was in jeopardy until the warriors rallied in the second half. damion lee getting upturned here. stephen curry had five threes in the first half. mike brown sent him back on his way. dallas made 15 first half threes. golden state trailed by 14 at the half. this dunk ends the third, they were down after three.
5:46 am
winning time and here comes steph curry. the lead is up to nine with a minute to go. staff puts the mavericks to sleep. the warriors are raised in 19 point deficit taking the lead. >> we have supreme confidence in what we do. you just have to impose your will. >> these guys are champions. they have seen everything, have been through everything. they are not afraid of anything. chris: the giants were bottom o, they were tied at six going into extra winnings.
5:47 am
there was a deep double ended giants to lose it eight-seven. 1-0 oakland in a flash. da's are down to-one. da's when 4-2. tiger woods was in danger of missing the cut, but two birdies , tiger is going to play on the weekend. will zalatoris is your leader. that is your look at sports, send it back to you. liz: there is a fire danger this week. lisa: we did not havehe 90's,
5:48 am
but we did have the gusty offshore winds. we have some relative humidity coming back to play. and also, a little fog. it will be moving through the san mateo area through the second half of the weekend. as we look out towards the golden gate bridge, you will notice it is clear. the relative humidity is at 100 percent. 55 in san jose, 50 in oakland, 51 in santa clara. half-moon bay came up in the past few hour. it is a sunny afternoon, a nice
5:49 am
day at the beach. 47 in napa, 45 santa rosa. the upper elevations are still dry. temperatures are in the 60's. these are running anywhere from 21-26% relative humidity. that is because of that dryer error. as we get into the weekend, we are looking at those winds becoming an onshore component. there is a look at the shark tank where temperatures will be in the upper 70's. leiter wins for a warm weekend. the fog returns to the coast tomorrow and heating up through next week. we will see an increase
5:50 am
day-to-day as we look at monday, we are in the 90's with some mid 70's on the bayshore. as the winds back off, we are in the 70's. you notice the triple dudgeon -- digit heat coming back. it is not until the long holiday weekend where we see a big change and the numbers will cool off. mid-60's downtown with 74 across the bay. feeling good and oakland, wine country is very comfortable. 84 for you in santa fe.
5:51 am
the seven day forecast, warmer tomorrow and then by monday you will feel the change. by tuesday, it will be warm and then wednesday we will hold onto that heat. up and down with those temperatures. liz: the 20th season of american idol comes to a close this sunday night with the finalists singing the music of bruce springsteen. the judges will all perform as well as season for winter carrie underwood. sandy canyon spoke to the final three and has a preview. sandy: they were good enough to impress the judges all season long. it is fair to say that they got
5:52 am
them excited from the very start. >> it is my fifth year doing this and that is my favorite country boys i have heard. sandy: i wanted to know, do you feel like the favorite? >> i am happy to be here. i am so happy that i made it through to this point. ♪ if hunter prevails she will be the first singer so when since carrie underwood. his place in the top three is remarkable since he overcame covid. >> it felt like i could not
5:53 am
breathe and it broke my heart almost. sandy: the third finalist sounds like an angel. >> i am in shock that i am here still and i am going in to celebrate and savor every last moment. sandy: they all called their time on american idol a life changing experience. liz: you can watch the finale on abc seven. turn in at 7:00. six flags is gearing up for a busy season. we have the opening day you will ne
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liz: here are the winning numbers from the mega millions
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tower of fun. the park is open today from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.. new initiatives coming from the justice department this week focusing on hate crimes. a look at how authorities are looking to overcome obstacles on reporting. covid mandates coming back to some area schools.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: the battle over abortion rights now coming out of personal cost to house speaker nancy pelosi. the archbishop of -- is banning her from receiving communion in the archdiocese. before news on speaker nancy pelosi, let's start with a look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. lisa: we have cooled down overnight with this air mass in place. skies are relative clear. we have some haze, relative humidity has picked up for the most part. a beautiful view from mount tam. 37 and upper 40's in half moon bay, tpe


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