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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 21, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: the battle over abortion rights now coming out of personal cost to house speaker nancy pelosi. the archbishop of -- is banning her from receiving communion in the archdiocese. before news on speaker nancy pelosi, let's start with a look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. lisa: we have cooled down overnight with this air mass in place. skies are relative clear. we have some haze, relative humidity has picked up for the most part. a beautiful view from mount tam. 37 and upper 40's in half moon
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bay, temperatures in the mid 40's in santa rosa with lower 50's in concord. the temperature changed cooler for most of us from the north bay to the coast, little change elsewhere. a hazy view of the golden gate there and with the relative humidity coming up, we can enjoy a pleasant day with less wind. low 80's near the bay, we are a bit above average, but good air quality, lots of sun, less wind, but the warm up continues for the next few days. we will detail that in a few minutes. liz? liz: banned from receiving holy communion. speaker pelosi, who represents san francisco, has been public about her catholic faith over the years, even describing herself as devout. but when it comes to her stance on abortion, this is not the first time her views have clashed with the archbishop. >> in a statement released
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friday, the archbishop barred speaker nancy pelosi from receiving communion thanks to her stance on abortion. the archbishop writing open pelosi must either renounce or support of abortion rights or not refer to her catholicism in justifying them. >> with her advocacy for codifying the road decision into feta coa -- federal law, it is becoming more and more aggressive. >> speaking on a catholic podcast friday, the archbishop says he tried to reach out to schedule a meeting to speak several times. when that didn't happen, the archbishop says he thought long and hard about his own decision. >> i have been debating this in my conciense for years. it's a sad moment, really, and i encourage them to see this in a bigger light. it's sad that this kind of action would have to be taken. >> but not everyone sees it that
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way. >> in san francisco, overwhelmingly, people here want people to be able to choose to have an abortion. >> state senator scott weiner says nancy pelosi is simply reflecting the views of the people she is elected to represent, and does not think the decision will have much of an effect on the speaker. >> knowing nancy pelosi, she has probably brush this off and is refocusing on doing the very hard work that she has on her plate. >> but he does worry that others could possibly follow suit, blurring the lines between church and state. >> i am concerned that this archbishop could set precedent. i believe the archbishop of denver, i think, has already come out some wording -- supporting. liz: that was tim johns reporting. abc 7 news reached out to nancy pelosi's office for comment, but we have not heard back.
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president biden is halfway through his five day trip to asia, where he met with the south korean president. he met with south korea's leadership to discuss north korea as well as climate change, the pandemic, and other issues. tomorrow, he will travel to japan to announce a new economic bloc with leaders from japan, india and australia. a seven-year-old child hit by a vehicle and re-montez -- on fremont has died. the child was taken to a trauma center, but passed away at the hospital. the driver did stay on the scene. the traffic diversion should be continued this morning as the investigation into the collision continues. the justice department is renewing its efforts to combat hate crimes with three new initiatives. this comes after 10 people were killed in the buffalo supermarket shooting last week. the department will issue guidance for law enforcement
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officials and community organizations to raise awareness of increased hate crimes and increase prevention. it will offer grants for states interested in setting up hate crime reporting hotline. they have also accessed their first language access coronary or -- coordinator to overcome barriers in recording hate crimes. >> the urgency of this task. liz: the buffalo shooting is being investigated as a hate crime and racially motivated violent extremism. in today's covid headlines, a judge ruled on friday that covid-related restrictions on migrants at the southern border must continue. several states sued over a biden administration plan to lift the rules, including that the administration did not consider the affect on public health.
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federal investigators are expected to decide on the decision and the design of the next generation of covid vaccines in july. the newly designed vaccines could arrive by the fall. in the bay area, a return to pandemic protocols for some schools. in oakland, the college preparatory school is shifting to remote learning for a week. a■s taracampbellexplains, there is more on the lion and schoolwork -- line then schoolwork. tara: berkeley unified school district is making masks a must as of monday. >> we have been watching cases rise in our school as well as regionally, and we are seeing more clusters. tara: and it's those clusters that prompted the return of the pandemic protocol. >> these are cases where at least three or more cases are occurring in a
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classroom, sometimes as many as five or six, which is different than what we saw in january. tara: the most clusters the district has seen to date. spread through mill -- elementary, middle, and high schools. >> we are seeing what we believe his transmission in our school. this is what we heard from our local health officer at the city of berkeley on wednesday. she strongly recommended that we reinstate the masking mandate. tara: we spoke with one berkeley teacher and parent who says she is behind the mask mandate, hoping to finish out the year strong. >> i am really grateful, because there are two weeks left in the school year and i love my students dearly. they love each other and i want to spend our last two weeks together. i don't want anyone in our class to miss out on fun stuff. tara: an end of your milestones are on the minds of school officials, so are the reported cases of covid last week. >> our goal is to keep everyone
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healthy and have all of those students attend the graduation ceremonies. they have really earned the right to do so. tara: the school district is also providing at home covid tests to its seniors ahead of graduation ceremonies. tara campbell, abc7news. liz: the warriors take a two-zero series lead to dallas after the exciting comeback win in the finals. golden state beat the mavs 126-117. the warriors center kevon looney was huge for the dubs, scoring 21 points and grabbing 12 rebounds. >> we always talk about you can get opportunity. just take full advantage of it, man. it's my night to make a big difference and i stepped up. >> he's got composure, he's got experience and the know-how. whether he's playing 30 whatever minutes or not, he is ready.
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>> he's always been a guy we can trust in the playoffs. to have him now, i don't know where we would be without him, frankly. liz: game three is tomorrow night at six :00 p.m., and amanda del castillo you spent the night hanging out with warriors fans hanging out leaving the chase center. >> we are sweeping our first half -- amazing third. best fourth. you knew they were going to do it though, right? amanda: they needed this. >> the excitement in that arena is so exciting. amanda: you get the point. the warriors pulled through after trailing the mavericks for much of game two friday, finally taking the lead early in the fourth. but dubnation still punching for the city. >> they have to block, defense, shoot consistently on the three point line, and i think they will be fine. >> keep the offense up, get the
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rebounds, keep doing what we did in game one and two. amanda: real fans throwing it back, shouting we believe, all four quarters, of course. we found some diehard dubs fans so dedicated they travel great distances from golden state. all that effort to watch steph curry break the three point record this last winter. >> to indiana, to new york, where he broke the record, then to boston to close it out, and they won that too. but there are other road trips where they did not fare so off e eken on a high note, defending home court. >> they came up about the third and fourth quarter. it was a comeback team -- are you sure you want to do this? after the game i was looking for them, but they were nowhere in sight. liz: that was my -- amanda del concilio reporting.
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dick's sporting goods is holding an event with a dj, giveaway and fun surprises. it runs from noon until 6:00 p.m.. lisa, let's check out? lisa: cool temperatures with clear skies and a beautiful day. temperatures will range just the way we like them, a little above average. i will have the details when we come back. liz: also ahead, new details on a cliff rescue in daly city. the rescuers replay the mission for us to save a man's life. and new technology is helping farmers remove weeds without pesticides. pesticides. theat lowe's, you'll find produs d military spouses
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liz: only on seven, new details on the dramatic cliff rescue in daly city. a man was saved, clinging to allege in windy conditions. cornell barnard spoke to the flight crew about this daring mission. cornell: watch this jaw-dropping moment when chp rescues a man clinging for dear life on this cliff. reaching him was not easy. >> we were not sure where he was on the cliff. no one could see him. cornell: the man was located midway down the steep cliff. this is why he was so tough to spots. >> he was a precarious spot, 500 feet off the water. that's a 900 foot cliff cornell: sky 7 captured the unfolding drama as chp got ready to rescue the man dangling from the top. but weather conditions were working against them. >> we were battling some strong winds. cornell: someone is lowered from
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a tether on the chopper. watch as he makes contact with the cliff. at first, the man grabs onto his legs. >> he grabbed onto me, which is a dangerous thing he did, because if i were to have swung away from him, he could potentially have fallen off the cliffs. cornell: seconds later, success. get into the harness and help me out. cornell: the man is lifted to safety and soon, back on solid ground. >> he had some scrapes and bruises, but that was about it. cornell: the man was taken to a hospital as a precaution, but not before thanking the flight crew for their help. >> he was grateful to see us. he was ready to get off that cliff, for sure. cornell: cornell barnard, abc7news. liz: the seedless nights -- sleepless nights of some neighbors are over.
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new safety measures for train horn restrictions have been put in place, allowing the community to sleep uninterrupted. residents and lawmakers celebrated friday on the collaborative effort to establish temporary quiet times from train horns between 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. -- 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. >> it was nice to go to sleep and no i would not be woken up by a 100 decibel level train horn. liz: residents are being put in place for people in the neighborhood -- new precedents are being put in place for people in the neighborhood. and this company has created a machine that tills the soil closest to the crop. it can identify the crop it is running through, which helps it identify and automatically remove weeds.
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>> articulating blades that open and close around the plant line. we are picking up the data of the crop in half a second, and it is relating that to the blades to open and close. liz: locally, a budget surplus is allowing the sonoma and marin area rail transit to lower fares and bring back service. they expect to have a surplus to the year due to a sales tax boost and federal stimulus. some real service extensions in areas like cloverdale and north of hillsboro have been proposed. the draft budget will be set june 13. with fire season fast approaching, the people of santa rosa are getting ready. the city and neighboring county agencies are hosting a one-day resource fair for the community. it features emergency alerts,
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evacuation zones, and resources for mental health and wellness. the event is from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. today and will be held at the santa rosa house square. lisa, we are talking about fire danger this week even the wind we saw. lisa: the good news, absence of those gusty winds. we had them yesterday northerly, and they have eased up, but we will increase the temperature with high-pressure building into california. all those things coming together doesn't make for good recipes for everything that is so dry out there, as we look at live doppler 7. this is a rigid high-pressure that will be building in the upper 40's right now as we look towards santa cruz. what a gorgeous view. just climbing through the 70's, 50 downtown, 53 in san jose with santa clara, 46. 39 and half moon bay, it really stands out, doesn't it? temperatures cooler and the
6:19 am
coast and the north bay and a hazy shot from our east bay hills camera, where the relative humidity is come back into play. we don't have the marine layer, but that will come back a little bit tomorrow night, hoping so we don't get as dry as we were yesterday. 44 in santa rosa, 46 in petaluma, 42 in concord. the upper elevations are dry still with relative humidity in the 20% range and temperatures well into the 60's. there is the haze. the golden gate bridge there. lighter winds, a warmer weekend with fog tomorrow. as we heat up, it gets more dramatic, the warming trend into monday. tuesday should be the hottest day and wednesday, things get a little bit cooler. here's a look at concord the next seven days. did 70's is what we should see for mid may, mid-80's today, and some warming for sunday, monday, and well into the 90's.
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we could see 100 degrees by antioch and fairfield and as we cool off wednesday, getting cooler for the memorial day weekend. temperatures in the upper 50's in pacifica, low 60's, but this is typical for us. it should feel good from ocean beach to stenson, low 60's to upper 60's as you head into santa cruz. 82 in santa clara, 77 in milpitas, so the orange here indicates some of that warming, but on the peninsula you have that nice breeze. 72 for san mateo, 76 in palo alto, mid 60's downtown, so very pleasant. the wind a little breezy here. up in the north bay, wine country felt hot yesterday, but not as hot, and more winds backing off a bit out of the midwest, low to mid 80's and sonoma. 79 in castro valley and you head inland -- warm, but not too hot
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there. mid 80's for pittsburgh, 83 for pleasanton. accuweather seven-day forecast, in the 60's today and tomorrow, monday, tuesday, wednesday we crank up the heat. temperatures are getting so warm, you may need the ac inland. as we get towards the end of the week, planning for a long holiday weekend. temperatures are trailing up. that would be right where we should be by the end of next week, thursday and friday. it's particularly dry out there, liz, i was up and sonoma -- beautiful, but so, so dry for may. liz: that will certainly be a concern later this year. next, pictures can be more than just a photograph.
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liz: we all know one picture can change the world. it can also change the person who takes the picture. a group of napa county students were recently treated to a
6:24 am
workshop led by a nationally acclaimed photojournalist lisa solomon. i saw how the students were able to realize their potential through the power of photography. >> i will need a bunch of people for this. liz: addison andrews has a vision. she is gathering a group of friends, mentors, even strangers. >> i would love to be in the picture. >> can you be in my picture? liz: asking them to join in a circle and put out their hands. >> yeah, like that -- kind of touching. liz: that captures her life dream. >> i want for people to be actually equal. instead of just saying yeah, let's be equal, and not finishing it. liz: addison is participating in pictures of hope. linda solomon was a longtime personal photographer for aretha franklin and author of the book "the queen next-door."
6:25 am
she gives students their own camera and challenges them to share their hopes and dreams through photography. >> sometimes it is difficult to share something deep within verbally, but through an art form, through photojournalism, it is often easier to share something that is so personal. liz: for years, solomon has traveled to dozens of cities, for pictures of hope and the power of photojournalism. her hope is that people find inspiration through images to learn how a single photo can change the world, and your own sense of self. >> one photo can change a life, but you've got to give that child a chance. isn't photojournalism fun? liz: she recently led an event at the culinary institute of san francisco. dr. barbara napa noticed many students struggled after two
6:26 am
years of the pandemic. >> i meet kids in june and i will see them in the parking lot and say, what are they going to do now? i am going to college. good. what are you going to study? i don't know. what do you want to do? i don't know. we would like to see kids prepare for it now. liz: and that's where pictures of hope comes in. solomon and students write out their hopes and dreams -- to go to college, to help those in need, define a talent i am truly proud of. to find self peace and allow myself some love. >> we just need to show how these kids are not dreaming for iphones, they are dreaming for things that truly matter. liz: for 12-year-old jonathan, his dream is to help someone. >> when you think of helping people, what do you think that you can do? >> i feel like if the world is kinder to each other, if somebody is in need you can help them. liz: jonathan set out to find
6:27 am
inspiration. >> i found two super nice people that were holding hands. she was helping him. >liz: the other students also finding small, everyday moments to symbolize something more significant. >> my dream is one day, we will have a tolerant world with no hate and no discrimination against other people. >> my hope is to make people happy and make them smile and stuff. >> my dream is to find a location or a room that feels like home. liz: among the photos, this one from addison. this one representing her dream of equality. >> it showed ages, different races. i couldn't really show sexuality or gender, but i feel like it was a good example or demonstration of equality. liz: the students photos will be printed onto notecards and sold at an exhibition here at the
6:28 am
culinary institute of america on may 23. >> they have an opportunity to learn from the best about how to take pictures, to have a professional camera they can take with them, and to get into the habit of looking at the world around them. think of how often we walk by things we don't pay attention? when you have a camera that is always with you, you are always looking for something that is unique. i think that will open their eyes to so many things that they otherwise might never see. >> i want to be a photographer when i am older. liz: did you enjoy it today? >> i learned a little bit, but not as much as i knew before now . liz: everyone is welcome to attend the student photo exhibit, happening this monday, may 23 at the culinary institute of america in napa. 100% of the proceeds from the
6:29 am
sale of the photos will go to the napa county afterschool program. i know they would love it if you would all be there to attend. so the come on abc seven mornings, a twister flipped vehicles and tore roofs from buildings. residents took cover wherever they could. we will have the details on the devastation in michigan. plus, it's time to catch the movies you want to see right now. one of the some questions about why the suspect involved was arrested multiple times
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get help right away if you have rash, chest pain, worsening shortness of breath, tingling or numbness in your limbs. tell your doctor about new or worsening joint aches and pain, or a parasitic infection. don't change or stop asthma medicines, including steroids, without talking to your doctor. are you ready to du more with less asthma? just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. we will start this half-hour with another check of the forecast with lisa arjun. lisa: nice, bright and sunny out there, but there is a bit of patchy fog. the view from mount tam is beautiful. 50 downtown, half moon bay, 39
6:32 am
degrees. we have mid to upper 40's from santa clara, oakland and mountain view and 50 in san jose. so less wind, and that's a view of the golden gate with some of that fog. mid 40's in santa rosa, 46 in petaluma and livermore. 52 in concord. we are cooler from the north bay the coast. but not much change inland. the winds are lighter, the temperatures climb through the 70's and 80's around fremont, then her own and inland, but at the coast, you say comfortable in the 60's. plenty of sunshine and the wind direction is off the ocean, so the offshore flow has weekend. we are looking at the fog at the coast -- so dry in the upper elevations, but we will talk about a slowly warming seven-day forecast in a few minutes. liz? liz: thank you. the american red cross is continuing its efforts in
6:33 am
gaylord, michigan after a tornado ripped the town apart. further state resources are now made available to the county. karina mitchell has more. karina: one person is dead and dozens are heard after a tornado touched down in gaylord, michigan, sending debris swirling in the air. people seen running for cover as a tornado was on the ground. >> we have a major tornado strike here. liz: buildings ripped apart, state police warning people to avoid the area. >> it looks like part of hobby lobby's roof is gone. karina: a tornado warning issued late friday afternoon, warning residents to take shelter immediately. officials also imposed a curfew in gaillard friday night. the tornado part of a severe weather system that extended from michigan to the northeast.
6:34 am
michigan governor gretchen whitmer has declared a state of emergency, saying michigan or's are tough, resilient, and will do what it takes to rebuild. liz: new characteristics have been discovered of the highly transmissible omicron variant. luz pena is part of our vaccine team, she went inside gladstone in two lab, where the discovery is shedding light into why people who are vaccinated and boosted are getting infected. >> when the omicron variant was last detected in november, researchers at the gladstone institute try to understand what was making this variance so afrcting blood samples from week they published their groundbreaking research. >> the samples collected from omicron collected individuals that were not vaccinated before show a muted response against
6:35 am
other variants. >> meaning if you are unvaccinated and get infected with omicron, you are likely not protected against future variance. >> we found omicron is so specialized that it actually only prepares us against itself. >> prior to this study, scientists believed earlier strains of the virus would create natural immunity for weeks or months if you were unvaccinated. that's not entirely the case with omicron. the director of the gladstone institute of virology says this is one of the reasons why many people are getting reinfected. >> the immunity is not set in stone. it changes and unfortunately decreases over time. the other thing is, the variants that are now arising are actually selected based on their ability that they successfully circumvent the immunity that is existing. >> their findings also show an
6:36 am
interesting response to getting infected if you are vaccinated. they call this hybrid immunity. >> there's a silver lining. we found that omicron infection in the context of vaccination, break room infection, that elicits a pretty broad response that we recognize in many different variance. liz: this research highlights the importance of getting vaccinated, even after getting infected. hybrid immunity could last months. a man who refused to leave a burning fremont condo is now in custody. firefighters were on their way and got reports that some but he was inside the condo, where the fire started. the man told them he had a gun and when the. firefighters say they had to pull back for their own safety. power for the condo complex and nearby businesses was shut down as a precaution. >> the person inside reported they had a firearm. at that point we retreated,
6:37 am
withdrew from the building and put ourselves in a condition of safety. petey was in route -- pd was in route. liz: the man surrendered and was taken to the hospital, and power is now back on in the area. we sent out a push alert. this app is one way to stay on top of breaking news. just measured new enable -- just be sure to enable the push alert feature. the shattuck seminoles -- cinema will close for good to make way for new developments on the property. this is one of a half-dozen movie theaters from downtown berkeley. it's not clear on when it will close. two employees said the theater would close next tuesday, but a spokesperson says it will stay open through the end of the month. we hope you will join us tomorrow for a special asian
6:38 am
american pacific islander heritage month presentation. we are shining a light on the asian-americans and pacific islanders living in the u.s., and their impact on politics and culture. people in the api community are often asked, where are you from, but regardless of someone's name or what they look like, we are all americans. don't miss that tomorrow at 2:30 on abc 7. still ahead on abc 7 mornings, another honor coming in for amy schneider. she got another big event that she is attending later in june. a live look outside this morning, a beautiful start to
6:39 am
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liz: local jeopardy champion amy schneider will serve as grand marshall for the pride parade next month. she's the first openly
6:41 am
transgender person to do so. she is the second winningest pretty contestant ever end up minutes books person -- jeopardy contestant ever and a permanent spokesperson for the --. and the generali chocolate experience reopened. mayor london breed took part in the ribbon-cutting ceremony. the event included facepainting , balloons, and plenty of chocolate. >> you can pick up ice cream and other things they can make -- i can't wait to get a sunday. i heard you on the news talking about it. liz: the first one hundred 50 customers in line did get a free hot fudge sundae to celebrate the anniversary -- that would be pretty good right now. i would take that, lisa. lisa: i think she was watching us, yesterday.
6:42 am
a live look outside here, where you can see a beautiful start with a lot of sunshine. upper 60's today downtown, the lovely sea breeze visiting us. it will be in the 80's inland. we talked the changes through the next few days, coming up. liz: also next up, steph curry puts game two to bed. chris alvarez will have the highlights of the warriors bi
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very well-qualified buyers can get 1.9% financing on all 2022 silverado 1500 pickups. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. liz: more than 50 high school female athletes from the bay area teamed up with the 49ers this week. the 49ers provided this video of the event, intended to encourage young women to reach their full potential in athletics, academics and the community. it is also designed to educate them about nutrition and how to live a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle. the giants will try to snap a
6:45 am
two-game losing streak after falling in extra innings last night. san francisco faces the padres at oracle park. the a's are in anaheim taking on the angels. that game starts at 6:07. the warriors are heading to texas as the conference finals moved to dallas now. here's chris alvarez with your highlights. >> the warriors were perfect-zero this post season, in jeopardy until the warriors rallied in the second half. damion lee getting upturned here, draymond green fouled out in this one. stephen curry had five threes in the first half, 20 points, and mike brown sent steph back on his way. the dubs trailed by as many as 19. dallas made 15 first half threes, luka doncic had 13 in
6:46 am
the first half. nan looney had 11 in the third quarter. the dove down -- dove down to at the three. they are feeling it, winning time, and here comes the curry flurry -- the foul and a flex. the lead is up to nine. just over a minute to go. steph puts the maps to sleep -- mavs to sleep. the warriors win 126-117, taking a 2-0 series lead. >> you don't know what they are talking about in the huddle or what is going through their mind. you impose your will. we feel like we are never out of it. >> these guys are champions. they have been through everything. they are doing this a long time, so they are not afraid of anything. chris: down the street, giants
6:47 am
and padres. flores drives in two, base hit to left, including a home or from twice in the game. manny machado driving the go-ahead run with a deep double, and the giants lose it 8-7 in 10. in anaheim, first of three. jed lowrie, there goes his second homer of the year. 1-0 oakland in a flash. a's down 2-1. the a's when 4-2. and the pga championships, southern hills in oklahoma. tiger woods was in danger of missing the cut, but he will play on the weekend. san francisco born will zalatoris is your leader.
6:48 am
that's your look at sports. let's send it back to you. liz: and we are bracing for a warm this week. lisa: but before that, we have a nice weekend with temperatures coming up anywhere from three to 10 degrees today for your saturday. tomorrow, we will increase the spread as the fog returns and we get warmer weather. for the bay area, that's not counterintuitive. we get the fog and the warm weather all across the bay area. the mild to warm conditions. we are set up for that, where temperatures are above average. a pretty shot to get started this morning. 48 in oakland with 49 in mountain view, half moon bay still sitting in the 30's, so very chilly from the coast. our north bay numbers are cool. yesterday, this camera really blowing. it is a little shaky towards the east bay, where temperatures -- towards the city, this is the east bay, where numbers will come up.
6:49 am
cooler in san francisco and petaluma, fairfield at 49, but the winds are absent. yesterday, up to 40 miles per hour at this time. this morning, they are light and that works in our favor to lessen fire danger. a 24 hour temperature change. cool on the coast, napa valley, little change elsewhere, warmer in mountain view and san jose. you can see the patchy fog bear, so the increases -- patchy fog there, so that increases our relative humidity to 100%. in the upper elevations, 20% to 25%. lighter wind, mild to warm today, and looking at the fog along the san mateo coast for later sunday. that will increase the spread from the coast to our inland valleys, and heating up as we get towards monday and tuesday.
6:50 am
monday, temperatures will be in the 60's and 70's, but 80's here to 90's inland. look at what happens on tuesday. triple digit heat with darker pinks coming into the east bay valleys. we get into the 80's around richmond and oakland, a warm day. upper 70's for parts of the peninsula, but the sea breeze never goes away altogether. high-pressure drifts away midweek, allowing for a stronger onshore flow, beginning our cooldown. if you wanted it hot for memorial day, the storm track disappears for the first part of the work week next week. stopping this on friday. as a weaker system heads down from the pacific northwest, this initiates our will down, thursday, friday into the long holiday. hyde is ranging in the mid 60's in san francisco. breezy winds, nice onshore flow with 60's. inland in the 80's, wine country, low to mid 80's, some a nice afternoon, even though we are a little above average.
6:51 am
the seven-day forecast keeps it warm inland and keeps the temperatures cool at the coast. by monday, it's getting kind of toasty as tuesday will be our warmest day. mid 60's at the shoreline and wednesday, still pretty warm, but thursday and friday we see much cooler weather and the breezy winds return. liz? liz: lisa, thank you. the 20th season of american idol will come to a close this sunday night with the artists singing the music of bruce springsteen in an effort to win the title. season four winner carrie underwood will also perform, she has been serving as a mentor on the program. we have a preview. ♪ sandy: they were good enough to impress the judges all season long. in fact, it's fair to say that leah marlenem, noah tom --
6:52 am
thompson, and the performer known as hunter girl have gotten them excited. >> this is my favorite country boys i have heard in five years. >> now she is being called a favorite to win sunday night. in a zoom call with the two other finalists, i wanted to know -- >> do you feel like the favorite? [laughter] >> i don't know. i am happy to be here. i don't know how i got here but i am happy i made it through this point. ♪ >> if hunter prevails, she will be the first female country singer to win since carrie underwood launched her career on idle. -- idol. she has been mentoring noah this season. this place in the top three is all the more remarkable because he overcame covid. >> it took a big toll on me. i felt like i could not breathe and my throat was killing me, so
6:53 am
it broke my heart, you know? >> the third finalist looks and sounds like an angel, according to judge katy perry. >> i am in shock that i am here still and i'm going into celebrate and savor every last moment. >> win or lose, they all call their time on american idol a life-changing experience. i'm sandy kenyon, abc7news. liz: you can watch the american alley for -american idol finale tomorrow night at 5:00, and if that's too early, we will have it all again at 8:00 p.m. next up, six like
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when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie. liz: hit series stranger things is now out with the vintage and paranormal line of cosmetics. the collaboration
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pays tribute to the 80's era of glam. there are two palettes. one has lighter tones, representing the life at hawkins high. the other has darker tones, representing the upside down. there are lip losses, i -- lip glosses, eye palettes, and blush. and six flags hurricane harbor has added new shading areas and dining options. you can thrillseeker at the 100 foot tower breakpoint plunge. the park is open today from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. lisa, it seems like a good day to get there. it is pretty warm. lisa: not too warm for our inland valleys, but nice out there with more warmth as we go through the weekend.
6:57 am
highs today, 85 in concord, 84 in livermore with mid 60's at the coast. it will get breezy there, but we are used to that. that allows for the range we really love around here. the accuweather seven-day forecast, mid to upper 80's as we wrap up the weekend. the fog returns, will not help us out monday, tuesday and wednesday. inland, we will be toasty with numbers coming up well into the 80's, so enjoy this weekend. it looks nice out there with less fire danger. liz? liz: thank you, lisa. thank you for joining us on abc seven mornings. i'm liz kreutz, along with lisa argen. abc7news continues at 9:00 a.m. we hope to see you then. ♪
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we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now. summer surge? >> good morning, america. deadly tornado tearing through northern michigan, one person killed. homes and businesses torn apart. the damage this morning as michigan's governor takes action. plus, the dangerous heat wave sweeping across the country. 170 million americans bracing for record-breaking temperatures. >> the shared commitment as officials warn about a possible provocation from kim jong-un while the president is in the region. and offering vaccines to fight covid. summer surge?


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