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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 21, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. it's our second hour. summer surge? nearly half of the country now living in medium or high-risk areas. the growing covid concern as the cdc signs off on booster shots for kids 5 to 11. formula shortage. the white house confirming new details about the first formula shipment flying in from europe over the weekend. what parents need to know. dove cameron opens up. the former disney channel star's struggle with identity and image. how to talk to your kids this mental health awareness month. ♪ what's next for anna delvey? the so-called fake heiress sits down with abc news speaking out for the first time since "inventing anna" became a streaming sensation.
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>> i don't know. i really don't care. ♪ baby ♪ meet the real-life surgical nurse turned "grey's anatomy" fan favorite. bokhee is scrubbing in spilling secrets from the set. >> thank you, bokhee. ♪ something about you ♪ small screen sizzle. the best-selling book turned hot new series sitting down with the stars of "conversations with friends" as they're saying -- >> all: good morning, america. and good morning, america. so great to have you with us on a saturday. we're following a lot of news, including more than 170 million americans waking up to record-breaking temperature warnings. our weather team tracking the very latest. but we begin this hour with the pandemic and the surge in positive cases. covid on the rise across the country for the past six weeks with 100,000 new infections now being reported each day.
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>> nearly half of americans are now living in medium or high-risk areas as parents are divided over getting the newly approved booster shots for their kids. >> let's go back to abc's elwyn lopez at cdc headquarters in atlanta. elwyn, good morning. >> reporter: hey, whit, good morning. covid-19 is still burning through parts of the country and while nearly every state is seeing a rise in cases, the northeast is feeling the brunt of it with hospital admissions there at their highest point since mid-february. counties in new york, new jersey, massachusetts and connecticut are among those now considered high risk. the cdc now recommending that in those areas people mask up es including schools. and now philadelphia school district is back to requiring masks starting monday for both staff and students. this as children 5 to 11 are now rolling up their sleeves for that third arm to needle. the cdc giving the go-ahead to boost those kids at least five months after their first two shots. now, that added dose of protection comes as the white house covid-19 response
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coordinator believes that the current number of infections is, quote, substantially undercounted due to home tests. and, guys, now officials are expected to roll out an updated vaccine in the fall and winter months. they predict a surge during those colder months. eva? >> elwyn lopez for us there, thank you. now to hopeful news for parents who have been struggling to find certain formula to feed their baby. abc's maryalice parks joins us from washington with more. good morning, again, maryalice. >> reporter: yeah, eva, good morning. we still don't know exactly how long it will take for this foreign-imported formula to get to american grocery store shelves, but you're right, the white house is confirming that the pentagon is now flying the first shipment to the u.s. using military planes. you'll remember that this week president biden directed his administration to start doing this to speed up the process of bringing formula here. this first shipment is set to specifically include 132 pallets of nestle health science alfamino infant and alfamino junior formula flying from a
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u.s. air base in germany to indianapolis, and those are very specific hypoallergenic formula that some babies need. similar ones were included in that large recall from abbott earlier this year creating so many issues for children with vulnerable babies who need this kind of formula. that's why the white house says that this type was critical, why this type was prioritized. we also just learned that president biden today also signed into law a bill to make it easier for families using the wic program to purchase different formula brands. this bill was flown overseas to south korea where the president is for him to sign it into law. janai? >> and certainly some welcome news for all those desperate parents. maryalice parks, thanks so much. we turn to the emerging famine in east africa. a new report estimates a person is dying every 48 seconds. over 20 million people don't know where their next meal will come from. hunger driven by record drought and soaring food and fuel prices. our matt gutman traveled to devastated northern kenya for this report.
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>> reporter: when the rains stopped and the goats started dying, this was all that was left to eat. all you eat all day is this? this boy is about 10, walking over 20 miles a day to forage for these rock-hard palm fruit. at least 15 million people across drought-stricken kenya, ethiopia and somalia won't eat today or tomorrow, half of them children. we traveled to northern kenya with the international rescue committee where four failed rains have killed crops. >> if there are no crops here now, what do people eat? >> nothing. >> reporter: and millions of livestock. in their village his family spends hours bashing out a few meager calories from that palm fruit. adding to the drought have been swarms of locusts and soaring food and fuel prices. meantime, international aid to the region has plummeted 95%.
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>> so we're looking at possibly the worst famine in a generation. >> yes. >> or more. >> yes. the worst. it is heartbreaking. >> reporter: that means 6 million more people will fall into hunger in the coming weeks, and many won't survive. according to save the children, in the horn of africa a person is dying of hunger every 48 seconds. two hours away from hi this hospital where malnutrition cases are up 400% just the past month. this doctor taking us inside. >> actually in the -- >> oh, my god. the kids are so small, they're so malnourished, i didn't even see them. they just look like bundles of blankets. >> reporter: she estimates that 15% of the children treated here will not survive. >> is there anything you want americans to know? [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: help us. >> yeah. >> reporter: they said, help us. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news.
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>> those images just heartbreaking to watch. coming up on "good morning america," our "morning menu." dove cameron gets candid. what the former disney channel star is saying about her struggle with identity and image. how you can talk to your kids about the same issue. and the so-called fake heiress, anna delvey, sitting down with abc news. so does she have any regrets? plus, summer is heating up and so are the savings, "deals & steals" all about outdoor fun. we'll be right back. ♪ be someone who loses their way ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪ ♪ crossed the desert's bare, man. ♪ ♪ i've breathed the mountain air, man. ♪ ♪ of travel i've had my share, man. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere. ♪ ♪ i've been to: pittsburgh, parkersburg, ♪ ♪ gravelbourg, colorado, ♪ ♪ ellensburg, cedar city, dodge city, what a pity. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere. ♪
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>> yeah, it was a really intimate and vulnerable conversation. it was an honor to get to do it and talk to those women about issues that impact millions of americans so i think that so many people can benefit, have benefited as they've told me from watching it. you can catch the entire conversation, "breaking the mental health stigma for black women," it's on hulu now. >> well done. >> thank you. now to our "gma" cover story. dove cameron opening up about her mental health journey, sharing an emotional post and getting candid about her struggles with identity, beauty and gender norms. zohreen shah has the details. good morning to you, zohreen. >> reporter: good morning, eva. the 26-year-old actress has a massive voice, 40 million instagram followers. she also has some very real relatable pain about identity
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and the self, and this morning she's opening up to the world about those very deep emotions. ♪ the universe has to find us ♪ >> reporter: this morning dove cameron is taking time to heal after getting personal with fans and followers this week, opening up about her struggles with identity. she posted a series of tearful selfies with an emotional caption explaining the concept of self, my inner relationship to who i know myself to be and my outer perceivable self who i feel i've never known but other people seem to. i've been covering mirrors lately. i've been crying a lot lately, sometimes terrorized by my identity and image. ♪ the space between ♪ >> reporter: the former disney channel star perhaps best known for her role in "the descendants" film series. cameron openly identifies as queer saying in the post that sexuality and performative
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gender norms, societal rewards and identity are really throwing me for a loop, she says. and that she wants to be honest with what she's going through saying, quote, i'm sharing so that we may all feel comfortable in a conversation that may be confusing. i never want you to feel alone in a sea of what seems like humans who are comfortable in their identity. psychotherapist dr. teresa taylor williams says cameron speaking out is a positive step for mental health awareness. >> when our public figures come out and say, i am struggling, it's saying, i'm human, and i'm experiencing human things just like you do. >> reporter: and that there are ways for parents to help kids who are struggling. >> please don't invalidate your child's feelings. what they need is your love, your support, your listening and your partnership. >> reporter: dove ends on an uplifting note though, says she is beginning to have a hope that public platforms can be a conduit for change, mutual support, exploration and safety and that maybe the spaces that are least human can become the most human. whit? >> all right, zohreen, thank you. now to an abc news
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one-on-one. for the first time since that netflix show that sensationalized her story, anna delvey is speaking out. the so-called fake german heiress sitting down with abc's ashan singh to talk about hopes, regrets and public perception. >> the past year has been huge for you. you've been in the news very consistently, and now you're in the news again, but it's not for anna delvey as we typically know her. it's actually for your art show. how did you actually find art in this time? >> well, i started doing sketches when i was in albion because i was not really doing any interviews because i didn't want for the interviews to be used in my parole hearings because they can just use your statements to the media against you. so it was my nonverbal way, means of communicating with the outside world, and my friend who ran my instagram at the time, i
8:15 am
would send the sketches to her and she would take pictures and post them on my ig. >> what do you say to people who say this is just anna delvey's latest grift? >> i don't know. i really don't care for people who are, like, doubting me. they should just wait and see for themselves, and if that's the way they perceive me, then i don't know. >> well, you can catch the full "nightline" interview with anna delvey on hulu. we're now going to send it to janai with "deals & steals." janai? >> hello over here, whit. there's no better way to soak up the savings than with "deals & steals" all about outdoor fun. you can point your cell phone at the qr code on your screen right now to start saving. we've got tory johnson here. you were just telling me, i need these for my kids. >> okay, so it's the official start of summer fun "deals & steals" when we bring back swimlids. >> yes. >> so popular. created by a mom, this is all of this fabric with 50 sun
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the good news, northern michigan, you are in the clear today. the bad news is severe weather will be firing up. you can see there is a severe weather risk from texas up to maine. all modes of severe weather are going to be possible. that's a look at what's happening around the country. he ors going on right here. whit? >> i know. i got to step up my game. >> yeah. you're a little late.
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still in september. kidding. no shame here. we begin with the album you may already have on repeat. harry styles dropping his highly anticipated third studio album, "harry's house" and fans cannot get enough. "harry's house" and harry styles instantly became trending topics on twitter. the songs racking up millions of streams overnight. harry also sharing some behind-the-scenes photos making the album that was recorded all over the world. we're talking l.a., tokyo, london and maine. going to give this album a listen, guys? >> this song is great. >> yes. yes. actually the only thing i'm disappointed is he didn't make the photo with him and lizzo the album cover. that was iconic, all right, and now here in new york city we have been celebrating one of our own, brooklyn born rapper notorious b.i.g. would have been 50 years old today and the city is honoring his legacy. mayor eric adams proclaimed may
8:22 am
21st to be christopher wallace, the notorious b.i.g. day. he presented the honor to biggie's son and the mta designing this metro card that features a portrait of notorious b.i.g. available starting today and tonight the empire state building will light up red with a white crown. friday night his family and music industry heavy hitters honored biggie at the black-tie gala and concert hosted by lil' kim. lil' kim sharing her thoughts with "gma" on biggie's impact. it spans generations. take a look. >> a lot of kids do know him. a lot of kids don't. so i think it speaks volumes that even a lot of the new generation does still know him. you know what i mean, and that they give him the love and respect. i think that the impact that it's going to have now it will force people to go and pick up the history and know and, you know, understand who he was, what he was to hip-hop. >> all right. quick pop quiz for you, guys, what magazine did biggie used to read? >> "word up" magazine. come on.
8:23 am
it was all a dream. >> oh! >> my goodness! >> i used to read "word up" magazine. salt-n-pepa and heavy d up in the limousine. >> did you talk about it beforehand. >> no. >> you know it. super nintendo, sega genesis when i was dead broke and couldn't picture this, 50-inch screen. don't get me started. >> also speaking of birthdays, it's mona's birthday. >> happy birthday. >> thank you, guys. yes, we used to sip champagne. >> that's right. >> now we sip champagne when we're thirsty. >> we could go on and on. mona, thank you so much. coming up here, the best-selling book ready to rule the small screen. we are talking with the stars of "conversations with friends." we'll be right back. ♪ i want your loving ♪ ♪ i want your loving ♪ ♪ ♪ what do you think healthier looks like? ♪ ♪
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moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. good morning everybody. i'm liz croix with fire season fast approaching the people of rosa are getting ready the city and neighboring county agencies are hosting a one-day resource fair for the community. it features free wildfire safety info regarding family and home
8:28 am
preparedness emergency alerts evacuation zones and resources for mental health and other wellness. the event is from 10 am to 2 pm today and it is going to be held at the santa rosa courthouse. square lisa, let's check out the forecast now. alright liz. good morning to you. it is gorgeous out there with light winds. here's a look at san jose. where numbers are in the low 50s downtown 63 in mountain view. it's 59. san jose was 60 in santa clara and from sutro you can see a little bit of fog there relative humidity is up a little bit. we're looking at 50s right now santa rosa today, but warmer inland liz. all right lisa. thank you. thanks for joining us the news continues right now with good morning america. we'll see y
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they are not alone. there must be something you can put your mind to. >> like what? gardening? >> well, no, you can't be as desperate as that. >> then what? >> edith, dear, you're a woman with a brain and reasonable ability. stop whining and find something to do. >> do not mess with the dowager. that, of course, is the delightful dame maggie smith telling it like it is ten years ago in season 3 of "downton abbey." >> i liked your giggle there. we almost got a snort. >> i know. it was coming. >> if we get a snort from eva in the morning, it's going to be a great day. now "downton abbey: a new era" is hitting the silver screen. we're catching up with the
8:31 am
crawleys ahead on "binge this." [ snorting ] >> stay tuned -- that was hilarious. thanks for that. we start this half hour with the best-selling book ready to sizzle on the small screen "conversations with friends," hulu's latest hit series and will carr has more on the modern love story catching up with the cast in los angeles. ♪ let's get physical ♪ >> people can be in love and have meaningful relationships. it's not some kind of finite resource. >> reporter: "conversations with friends," the new hit show on hulu explores the messy relationships between four characters living in dublin. >> he's clearly into you. >> reporter: based on the hit novel, two college students, francis and bobbi become romantically entangled with a successful married couple. >> why are you smiling? >> i kissed melissa. >> the show really offers a more nuanced perspective on sexuality
8:32 am
especially as it pertains to relationships, and i'm curious why you guys think that's important and what you want the viewers to take away from that. >> i think the show does a really good job, yeah, just not labeling things. you can't control who you love or how many people you love. you just kind of love them. >> would it depress you to sleep with someone who loves someone else? >> not if they love me too. >> what the focus of the show is and the heart of it all is love and relationships and inner dialogue and feeling something every single person experiences. >> reporter: francis, an awkward, intelligent and self-conscious character, falls for nick played by taylor swift's longtime partner joe alwyn. nick is married to melissa, a successful writer played by jemima kirke. >> i do love him. >> in society at least there are conditions we put on romantic relationships. i think what the story is
8:33 am
telling is that it starts with this idea that maybe there are no rules and there are no conditions. and it ends with, no, there are. it's just not what i thought they were. >> it's like a very modern love story at the end of the day and can you love outside of those conventional constructs of relationships? and sally doesn't really give an answer. she doesn't tie it up neatly. >> did you ever read her book? >> what is the mentality when there is a book that's so popular and then you have to play those roles on screen? >> having this kind of body of work that's her whole internal monologue for the story, that was such an amazing thing for me to have and draw from. you could always know what she was thinking or feeling in each moment. i really did use that. it was such a help in discovering who she was and also how she felt about people and about the world and about herself. >> why do you feel the need to defend him all of a sudden? >> i'm not defending him. i just don't like sneering. >> when it's popular, i know it's coming with backlash.
8:34 am
it's got to because everyone's got their opinion of the beloved book. but for me it was as important to read the book as it was to read the script. they want the same things, but they were both going to give me information. >> i'm trying to get clarity and then when i do, i want to keep it. >> it seems to me these days you got to hook people fast. if you don't, then they're just going to bounce to the next thing, and this show is a little bit slower. it's more stylized, cinematic, creative and artistic. >> if you're familiar with sally, i think you probably will know as well the kind of tone of the show, this it will be that slow, cinematic feel. >> you know you hope people have the patience for shows that aren't just throwing in a new plot every five minutes or a new curve. i think that's one of the reasons i like the story and like this kind of show when you just spend these kind of 30-minute pockets of time with people almost in realtime.
8:35 am
>> couldn't sleep. >> me neither. >> i wanted to go swimming at that little beach. >> i know, looked very beautiful. >> we're looking at the temperature today in the 90s. anyway, sorry, total detour. >> let's go there. >> we need to send text messages for pools. it's hot. >> asap. coming up, scrubbing in with the real-life nurse that appeared in over 200 episodes of "grey's anatomy." we'll be right back. ♪ be the one to say we all make mistakes ♪ down with rybelsus®. my a1c wasn't at goal, now i'm down with rybelsus®. mom's a1c is down with rybelsus®. (♪ ♪) in a clinical study, once-daily rybelsus® significantly lowered a1c better than a leading branded pill. rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't take rybelsus® if you or your family ever had medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if allergic to it. stop rybelsus® and get medical help right away
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♪ ♪ welcome back. we are honoring asian american native hawaiian/pacific islander heritage month this may and celebrating 14 changemakers in the community with our "gma" inspiration list from a book store owner putting asian american voices front and center to a teen activist petitioning her school to put aanhpi history into the curriculum. go to to check out the full list of just amazing people. and now to the story of another inspiring woman in the asian community. she's the real-life scrub nurse turned "grey's anatomy" fan favorite outlasting most of the cast members on the longest running medical drama in prime time.
8:40 am
meet bokhee. ♪ honey listen to me ♪ >> long history of being outsiders, how ironic. >> we are americans. your face is american. >> reporter: she's the steadfast scrub nurse on everyone's favorite thursday night show, bokhee appearing in more than 200 episodes of "grey's anatomy" silently assisting in grey sloan memorial's complex surgeries. the real-life surgical nurse owing her tv career to the show's medical adviser, linda klein, who recruited bokhee to help make the hit drama look as accurate as possible. the friendship starting while working together at st. john's in los angeles. >> we've been friends since '76. i thank her. she give me this opportunity with all these great people. >> reporter: "grey's" fans taking notice becoming a social star in her own right earning the nickname queen bokhee. beloved by her castmates too,
8:41 am
sandra oh tweeting back in 2013, she's been with us since the beginning. she's like my second mom. she's the best. >> she is a very nice person. it feel like it was like my own daughter. >> reporter: and paging dr. grey, ellen pompeo telling bustle, what's extraordinary about bokhee is not only her commitment to 18 seasons of "grey's anatomy" and counting, but also her first profession that got her the gig on "grey's." >> i respect her all the way. she always make me feel comfortable. >> surgical superhero. >> no, wonder woman. >> yeah, perfect. >> thank you, bokhee. >> you can't help but love bokhee. right? the final season of "grey's" -- the season finale, sorry, of "grey's," don't want to scare people, airs this thursday night at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on abc. oh, goodness, the twitter
8:42 am
backlash if i had gotten that wrong. let's get a check of our weather with danielle breezy. how are you doing? >> i'm doing well. i know, "grey's," i love "grey's anatomy." i'm just saying, okay. want to talk about this, guys. want to cool you off with more wintry weather. take a look at this beautiful video. this is a snowy scene you can see over in the mountains of boulder, colorado, the snow falling there, just a gorgeous sight. aww, think cooler thoughts. okay, now let's talk about the heat because we do have a heat advisory stretching from philadelphia through new york city all the way up to boston. heat advisories in effect this entire weekend. the eastern half of the united states going to be dealing with record heat. excuse me. a lot of record highs could be broken today including in binghamton, new york. the record high, 86. we are forecasting 95 degrees. that's a look at what's happening around the country. here
8:43 am
so it's definitely going to so it's definitely going to be hot outside here in new york city. find a pool. find somewhere cool. over to you. >> all right, danielle, looking forward to that. now to meal prep made easy with simple ways to shop your fridge. this morning it's all about scrumptious and sustainable dishes, and joining us now is chef and owner of fat choy, justin lee. justin, good morning to you. it's great to have you. >> how's it going? >> it's very good. okay. we're starting with fried rice here. of course, it's a staple across asia. talk to us about the cultural significance and also what makes the recipe today unique. >> yeah, i mean so it's -- fried rice is ubiquitous on all those chinese american restaurant menus. so for me, i always connect with my cultural heritage through food. it's so cool to see that fried rice is almost as american as like hot dogs and hamburgers these days, and it just shows there's ways to share and appreciate culture through food. and who doesn't love fried rice? >> of course.
8:44 am
we're looking at -- we got some fun ingredients at the table here. so how do we get started with this one today? >> so, you know, the thing that makes this one really unique is our utilization of some food scraps. this actually comes from my father. it's timely because his birthday is on monday. if you guys don't mind -- >> happy birthday. >> -- happy birthday, dad. >> happy birthday, dad. >> so, you know, he always taught us to not waste food. and at the restaurant we were just finding that we kept taking trips to the compost center for ginger scraps. if you will grab one of these scallions for me. >> you got it. okay. >> i'm curious how you use that. >> yes, exactly. >> no one normally eats that. >> this part we're using but this little guy right here, always gets thrown away. and like i said, i got tired of biking it over to the compost center every week, so we developed a technique of salting them with the skins. it kind of helps to break them down and make them softer and
8:45 am
cover them with oil and then cook them gently. so once they're soft we just kind of puree them into this paste over here. >> oh. >> and, eva, will you help us? >> yeah, totally. >> so we add that into the rice. normally we glove up and use our hands. i don't know if you want to get your hands dirty. that's probably better. right? >> yeah. >> so that helps to kind of marinate the rice and gives it some more flavor. you know, this is a great fried rice in general as a wonderful thing to help kind of clean out the kitchen. you have all these leftovers you accumulate throughout the week. just everything in the pot. today we have frozen peas, some onions, i really love the iceberg lettuce. it gives a nice crunch. >> fried rice is a great way to get vegetables in the kids. another way, mac and cheese. you have delicious looking mac and cheese. i tasted it. it's delicious, but how do you sneak in secret vegetables? >> yes, okay, so it's funny that you say kids.
8:46 am
my wife tends to eat kind of like a child. [ laughter ] so we -- >> are you allowed to say that on tv? >> no shade, but we try to get some vegetables into her diet through mac and cheese. and we use vegetable scraps like the ones you see here. carrots are a really great -- red peppers, yellow peppers help trick the mind so it feels more like mac and cheese. >> how do you get it into the cheese real quick? >> equal parts of this, the veg scraps, water turned into this kind of puree. then we add the cheese. it turns into this. >> genius. >> excellent. >> it helps to make it -- >> can't even see it. >> -- nice and creamy. >> i'm stealing this. >> it's literally delicious. >> thank you so much for coming in. we appreciate it and got stuff to snack on right here. also, coming up, big anniversary. there is the "star wars" movie celebrating a galactic milestone, you could say. we'll be right back with more on that after this. >> oh, my gosh, this is so good. ♪ take my breath away ♪ e is the celebrating a galactic milestone, you could say. we'll be right back with more on this. >> oh, my gosh. this is so good. ♪ take my breath away ♪
8:47 am
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>> yes, welcome back to "downton," the sequel hitting the silver screen. if you've been keeping up with the crawleys, you already know this film finds half of the cast venturing to the south of france. spend as much time at downton as you like by binging all six seasons and the first movie before heading to the multiplex for "a new era." >> i love when we say the multiplex just for old time's sake. from the the crawleys to the clones. "star wars: episode ii: attack of the clones," turns 20 this week and the force is strong with this to get us jedi ready for disney plus limited series "obi-wan kenobi" premiering may 27th. we're very excited about this. janai, are you "star wars" or we got to bring you on board for this? >> i was going to say, i would have read that as jed-dy ready. >> jed-dy ready. jedi. going to get you there, janai, we promise. have to get a midichlorian count
8:51 am
on how excited fans are for this. a midichlorian count is like a blood count to see how strong the force is within you. >> oh, the force. >> exactly. your midichlorian count is low, janai. eva, it is high. >> as is -- >> baby yoda -- >> like a midi dress, also low. now to a bonus binge. we're taking a little field trip to the book section of the silver room in chicago where wls investigative reporter samantha chatman joins us to talk about her new children's book, "mia gets sick but doesn't quit." samantha, thank you so much for joining us this morning. tell us how the book came about. >> oh, my goodness, first of all, janai, thank you for having me on the show. oh, my goodness, i'm on "good morning america." just had to put that out there. but the book, the book started a couple of years ago at the beginning of the pandemic. i was working from home quarantining, and anybody who knows me knows that i absolutely adore children. i love, love, love kids, and i was hearing from some of my friends who have kids and
8:52 am
reading articles about how depressed kids were because they had to stay at home away from their friends, some of them perhaps even had covid, and so i wanted to connect with kids on a deeper level, and i decided to write my very first children's book. i called up a designer, a local black woman named mariah harris here in chicago. she had never illustrated a book before. i had never written a book, and i said, you know what, this sounds like a perfect match. we're going to struggle through and make this happen. i did a virtual storytime. it was just an e-book initially and then after that virtual storytime, people from all over the country were messaging me on facebook and instagram saying, okay, where can i purchase the book and i'm like, i don't know. and then we decided to come up with an actual physical book. it took two years, but we finally did it, and a portion of the proceeds are going to make-a-wish illinois. so i'm so excited this came to fruition, you all. >> i know you wrote the book for kids, but there's a message in the book for people of all ages. >> absolutely.
8:53 am
so i'll give my -- for myself an example, an example of myself. so late last year i actually contracted covid-19, and i was miserable, to say the least. i was at home. i was frustrated. i was angry, and i was on the phone venting with my mom because that's what i do, i vent to my mom all the time, and she was like, you know what, you're just like mia. you're just like mia, and you really need to get in the mindset of mia. i'm like, oh, my goodness, she's right. i'm mia, and i've got to figure out how to get through the pandemic. so i started doing things around the house. i cooked fried chicken for the first time in five years. it was amazing, so -- >> you got sick but didn't quit. just like mia. samantha, thank you so much for being with us. and you can pick up a copy of samantha's book, "mia gets sick" online or in your local book
8:54 am
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thanks for cact you can catch our man whit on "world news," and we will see you back here tomorrow morning. ♪ oh, i need some of your sweet loving ♪ >> abc seven mornings. >> all news. >> a budget surplus is allowing sonoma marin trail -- transit to bring back in service. they expect a surplus due to a sales tax revenue boost and millions in federal stimulus in hopes they will recover lost ridership.
8:57 am
there have been proposals such as rail extensions into cloverdale and north helzberg. the draft budget will be set on june 15, to go into effect in july. six flags hurricane harbor opens up today starting off in concord. people will be soaking up the sun and sliding down the slides. the park made enhancements like new shading areas and dining. rafting at the big kahuna to full on thrillseeking, tickets are available online and in person. the park is open 11:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. >> a lot of sunshine with light wind, temperatures coming up quickly. 53 downtown, 61 in oakland with mid-60's mountain view. half moon bay was 39 this morning, 52 now.
8:58 am
mid-50's in santa cruz. beautiful at the beach, low to mid 50's in the north bay. highs ranging from the 70's to the mid-80's inland, breezy and cooler at the coast. >> house speaker nancy pelosi banned from receiving holy communion. why the archbishop of san francisco is making that decision. pandemic protocols are back in place for some bay area schools. did you know that renovating your kitchen and bathroom
8:59 am
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>> moving forward, funny solutions. >> the battle over abortion rights, and a personal cost to nancy pelosi. the archbishop of san francisco is banning her from receiving communion. before they news on speaker pelosi, let us start with a quick look at the letter. -- whether. . >> you can see the fog is offshore, how about emeryville this morning, the higher relative humidity due to some hayes. we are in the low to mid 60's. upper elevations are still rather warm with an offshore
9:01 am
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