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tv   ABC7 News 430PM  ABC  May 21, 2022 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> next on this special edition of abc 7, a family event focused on wildfire safety. a shipment some parents have been desperately waiting for. the international effort to ease the baby formula supply crisis. >> he personifies character and what sports should be. >> honoring willie mays' legacy in a way that will inspire a love of baseball in future generations. abc7news starts right now. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> building a better bay area, this is abc7news. >> a community fair that could save a life. santa rosa takes a different approach to ensure people are wildfire ready. i'm amanda castiglione.
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one community is making sure everyone has the tools they need to be ready. reporter cornell barnard is in santa rosa where neighbors came out for an wildfire ready resource fair. sounds like a unique approach. cornell: yes, the city and fire department hoping to get the entire community on board. a resource fair is one way to send the message, be prepared. >> i am concerned for my family but also to be informed for my neighborhood. cornell: jennifer was checking out the first ever wildfire ready resource fair in santa rosa, a one-stop shop for fire readiness. >> in 2019, we saw the flames coming from the other way, so we decided to evacuate. >> unfortunately i think a lot of homeowners have already been affected, so retroactively, they
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are thinking, what can i do better? >> while we are out fighting wildfires -- cornell: there were tips on creating defensible space around homes and where to go if a neighborhood prompted evacuation's. this evacuation siren was only a test. three major wildfires in five years have taught north bay residents tough lessons. >> last year, we had more acreage burn and we've had in the last 20-plus years. it shows that the drought conditions are real, climate change is happening. cornell: cal fire started training its firefighters more than a month early this year due to increased fire danger in the bay area. >> i can't imagine being surrounded by fire. cornell: antoine jenkins and his son moved to santa rosa from texas. he is learning that earthquakes are not the only things to prepare for. >> people need to know, what
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they can do and how to prepare. cornell: being prepared could be a lifesaver. >> we are not just sitting back and doing nothing. we are trying to do everything we can proactively. cornell: the santa rosa fire department has declared june 6 the official start of prime fire season, and with drought conditions worsening, fire crews are gearing up for what could be a long summer. cornell barnard, abc7news. amanda: developing news, a brush fire that forced evacuations for several hours in mendocino county is affecting air quality in the bay area. the owens fire ignited near point arena. it has charred 36 acres. bay area air quality officials say smoke from the fire could impact the air across the bay area from the north peninsula to the north bay. let's get the latest on our air quality and temperatures from
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spencer christian. spencer: i'm happy to report that bay area air quality is generally good. the green dots, representing air quality. a couple of yellow dots indicating moderate air quality, and we have warm but not hot conditions right now. even north of the north bay, we see current temperatures in the low to mid 80's. warm but not really hot. we are not what we would consider fire danger right now. the winds are getting stronger. in the north bay, wind speeds of 20 miles per hour. we will keep watching the wind speeds as we have a breezy pattern developing, some fog coming to the coast. there is a mini heatwave next week, which i will give you details on later. amanda: now to richmond where responders are trying to control a fire that broke out at an
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unoccupied warehouse at the chevron richmond refinery. the company says the warehouse is used for storing landscape equipment. our cameras captured a plume of black smoke filling the sky. earlier this afternoon, environmental advocates planned to meet at the refinery for a protest. whipped, and robbed a woman in el cerrito. it happened last night around 10:30. there is a manhunt for the suspects. the woman told police she was forced into a green sedan, robbed and beaten and then left. police say they responded to the location on a report of gunshots after one of the robbers fired a gun. the victim was taken to the hospital. now to the war in ukraine, russia says ukrainian fighters have surrendered at a steel plant in mariupol.
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it was the last holdout of the ukrainian defenses in the russian occupied city. heavy fighting continues with a child and seven people killed yesterday. russia's transportation minister said western sanctions against russia have practically broken all logistics corridors used by the country for trade. russia's state owned news agency reported. efforts to combat the nationwide baby formula shortage, more than 70,000 pounds of formula now on its way from germany. hundreds of pallets were loaded onto military aircraft for transport to the u.s. today. >> what is going on behind me is our team has gotten these pallets off of trucks from places in europe, and they will be loaded onto c-17 aircraft in order to get them to a medical facility in the united states.
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>> this is the first flight of operation fly formula which will ship products made by nestle. the white house says the products are in short supply in the u.s. because of a plant closure. an east bay city declares it willie mays day. >> willie always had a kid like enthusiasm for the game. amanda: the honor for a baseball great for an accomplishment that mays made off the field. no bucks bulls, but still a lot of courage and skill.
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learn more at amanda: in the north bay, a budget surplus is allowing rail transit to cut fares and restore service. smart expects to have a $7.5 million surplus due to a sales tax revenue boost and millions in stimulus. board members have some proposals including expanding real service into areas like cloverdale. the draft budget is expected june 15 and is scheduled to go into effect in july. the san francisco giants and city of richmond are teaming up to give kids a safer place to play ball and pay tribute to a legend. the city honored giants hall of famer willie mays by enshrining mays on the walk of honor. the city renamed the three baseball fields at the park
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willie mays junior giants field. mays is the first person to receive the honor. the honor nearly brought his son michael to tears. >> i know he identifies with the people here. what he would say is dream big, stay strong. amanda: the ballpark renovation was paid for in part by the giants community fund. the restored fields have bases, pitching mounds. why wait until game day echo warriors game -- game day? worriers fans are getting excited. -- warriors fans are getting excited at head of tomorrow's warriors game against the dallas mavericks. the event included an ice cream truck, giveaways, and a dj. in the east bay, some of the most skilled utility workers put
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their abilities to the test. dozens of teams took part in what is known as lineman's rodeo in livermore. competitors from utility agencies from across the state took part in the days events, which included pull climbing and other skills. the top finishers will go on to compete in the international linesmen rodeo. an event in one country celebrates and supports the local community. a look at the first ever celebration in healdsburg putting local winemakers and chefs in the spotlight. if you like the warmer weather, you will like the forecast. spencer christian has a look at rising temperatures. >> coming up in sports, the warriors are getting ready to move on to dallas. we will take a deeper dive into steph curry
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amanda: boeing's star liner spacecraft docked at the international space station yesterday for the first time. it is designed to eventually fairy astronauts to and from the space station. it took off on florida -- from florida thursday without a crew. two thrusters shut down, but it's backup systems kept it on track. officials say the spacecraft could be set to launch astronauts by the end of the year. taking a live look at sfo where you can expect big crowds if you are catching a flight the
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upcoming weekend. aaa estimates airflight nationwide will be up 25% compared to last year. online booking platform hopper says 12.4 million people are expected to fly between thursday and monday of memorial day weekend. they will be paying a lot more to do it. kayak reports the average flight is $621 round-trip, a 56% increase compared to last year. as for those hitting the road, aaa expects 39 million people will travel 50 miles or more from home during the holiday weekend, up 8.3% over last year. get a taste of some of the best food and wine in the north bay that everyone has to offer during the first ever healdsburg wine and food experience this weekend, show katie's -- showcasing winemakers and celebrity chefs. the event features wine tabry
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chef demonstrations, and a concert. events are being held at various places. part of the proceeds will go to the grape growers foundation and future farmers of america. a documentary from the abc owned television stations takes you inside the world of nft's and the future that the metaverse plays in it. it gives an in-depth look at the gold rush hysteria and growing popularity surrounding nft's, featuring celebrity interviews with paris hilton, mark cuban and more. you can watch "nft's "enter the metaverse" wherever you stream. let's check in with spencer christian. give us some good news. spencer: it is going to get even warmer going into next week. it will feel like nate -- late summer. pretty breezy, of course, a pattern we've become familiar with.
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when speeds up to 33 miles per hour in san francisco. gusty in some spots, as well. you can see the camera is bouncing in the breeze as we look out towards alcaraz -- alcatraz. 79 in san jose. 55 at half moon bay. looking towards mount diablo come into the inland east bay, quite toasty, but we are looking at temperature readings, 90 at fairfield, concord, 83 and 84 degrees. one more view looking down to the bay, a little bit of san francisco. these are our futures, mild to warm. summerlike heat will grace us tuesday and wednesday, and it will cool down sharply next week. overnight, some fog forming along the coastline, pushing and across the bay, and beginning to
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burn away by early to mid morning, giving us another sunny day. overnight low temperatures will drop into the upper 40's in some north bay locations. along the coast, we will see mid 40's. highs tomorrow, 82 degrees in santa clara. morgan hill, 85. a mild to warm day, 79 will be the high. 76, san mateo. on the coast, breezy and not quite so mild. downtown san francisco will top out at 68 tomorrow. in the north bay, 80 in petaluma. 84 in napa. oakland, 75. the inland east bay will be the warmest location, as it often is, mainly mid 80's, but 90 at brentwood and fairfield, and here is the seven-day forecast.
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in highs, low 90's. upper 90's to near 100 in the hottest spots. the heat holds wednesday, and we've got a sharp cooldown, taking us into a much more comfortable weekend next weekend. >> now abc seven with chris alvarez. chris: lost in the shuffle in last nights warriors victory is that the warriors became the fifth franchise in nba history to win 200 games in the postseason. stephen curry put the mavericks to sleep with a dagger late in the fourth quarter. it is his major move, which has come in major moments, including clincher's against denver. memphis, another night, night. steph was asked about the meaning behind this new move. >> i choreograph none of that stuff. i am just having fun, and you talk about having kids, you know
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bedtime routines are important. it is a signal for a job well done. >> steph smelled blood. klay made a great class -- pass to him, which was the clincher. steph did what steph does. chris: the giants were down last night against the padres, then rallied to force extra innings, but it ended in a loss. same two teams today, big hats a must on a sunny day. manny machado last night, a 524-foot blast. 1-0, san diego. wilmer flores sends this baseball to his friends in left. giants down to-one. bottom of the ninth, same score.
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representing the winning run at the plate, giants lose to-one the. a's play later tonight in anaheim. ncaa softball regionals, taylor, scoring the triple on the ground are right here. cardinal scored three in the first to take the lead, and picture alana vawter, she was dealing, striking out four. stanford wins 6-0 as the regional winning streak, they haven't lost in this round since 2007. stanford will play sunday. third round of the pga championship. worst weather round so far, and tiger woods struggled on nine. he cannot find it. seven bogeys and a triple bogey. +9 was his first -- worst round ever in a pga championship.
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torres, maybe some nerves clicking in. it's actually the wrong ball. that could have been an automatic disqualification a. four bogeys on the front nine for him. the birdie on 13 goes. a three-stroke lead over torres and matt fitzpatrick. >> epicenter, comes inside, and wins it. he wins the preakness by a length and a half! chris: early voting wins by a length and a half. it is the jockey ortiz's first win. the belmont stakes is in three weeks, saturday, june 11. amanda, i take nap naps. that is like two or three wins for me. amanda: that signal that steph
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was explaining, i see it all the time. chris: all three of his kids going night, night. amanda: social media virality right there. thank you so much. a new mother who couldn't make it to the hospital in time has quite a story for her children, and the situation had san francisco police doing double duty. the next "american idol" will be named tomorrow, and you can see the finale on abc seven. if you miss it, we will have it all over a
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amanda: tonight on abc 711:00, reaction is pouring in after the archbishop of the san francisco dioceses bands nancy pelosi over her stance on abortion. check those jars of peanut butter. we have a major recall to tell you about. listen to this, a call for help last night ended with first responders delivering not one but two babies. the mother was on her way to the hospital when the baby just would not wait. responding officers helped to deliver a baby. just as fire crews arrived, a second baby was born with the help of both police and fire crews. the healthy babies and mom were taken to the hospital. that is it for abc7news at 4:30. for chris alvarez and spencer
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it's saturday night. the scene has shifted and the plot hasnd boston today on a beautiful afternoon, proximately 94% of the people were wearing celtics shirts and hats. this town is wearing. you know who else is ready? jimmy butler is ready for game three tonight. he's been the heat's best player with 70 points in the first two games of this series. meanwhile, jayson tatum is back at home. he's scoring over 31 points per in her last six. it's all on the line tonight and we're counting it down to game three on abc right now.


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