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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 22, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, america. record-setting heat. temperatures soaring from virginia to new hampshire as 24 million americans are under a heat advisory. how long it will last and the severe storms up next. shipments arriving. the critical cargo of specialized baby formula delivered from overseas by military aircraft. how much and where it's going and the additional measures to stock the shelves. strengthening ties. president biden's assurances to south korea and message to north korea, his touchdown in tokyo and what's at stake for the u.s. at this week's summit. russia ramps up its offensive. the strike on this school as ukrainian defense forces try to
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protect their villages and president biden at the top of moscow's lengthy persona non grata list. crime of passion? was a love triangle behind the murder of a world-class cyclist? the suspected killer on the run this morning. depp versus heard. the look-ahead at what's expected to be the final week of the trial. the take from an attorney on who may have an upper hand. do it yourself. apple now letting you fix your own devices, so how hard is it and will it save you money? and hitting the road. gearing up for the big memorial day weekend. what to know about traffic, gas prices and car rentals, the big summer kickoff. and good morning, america, so glad to have you with us on a sunday. a lot halving overnight in the war in ukraine. hope kyiv's historic grand opera
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house holding its first performance since the russia invasion we'll go live to ukraine in just a moment. also happening right now, the u.s. military air lift of baby formula toaddress the critical shortage, details on where it's going and who can get it in just a moment. but first, we begin with the brutal weather hitting the eastern half of the nation, let's get right to that with meteorologist danielle breezy from our affiliate in nashville. good morning. >> i want to show you this incredible video, this is lightning streaking across the sky. this was over in central texas where they had a lot of severe weather. in fact, yesterday, we had a lot of strong wind and hail reports. over 200 of them stretching from texas all the way to maine, and guess what? that severe weather threat is shifting today, into the northeast as those storms will develop, some strong to severe with severe weather possible, the record heat for the northeast, take a look at
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this. we could set record highs again today, we set some yesterday. heat advisories from philadelphia up to boston, new york city included. feels like temperatures could be near 100 degrees. back to you. >> thank you. we'll check back with you in just a bit. now to what's being called "operation fly formula." the first shipment of 78,000 pounds of specialized formula from europe to deal with the shortage. abc's faith abubey joins was the -- with the late egs -- latest from washington. good morning to you. >> reporter: the shipments from overseas are expected to bring in the equivalent of about 1.5 million 8-ounce bottles of baby formula for american babies, when that first flight arrives in indiana today, agricultural secretary tom vilsack will be there to greet that critical shipment. now on a military aircraft in flight to the u.s. the white house saying this critical operation speeds up the delivery time from 2 weeks to 72 hours, and once it arrives the
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formula will be inspected and fast-tracked for delivery, desperate families waiting to receive all 71,000 pounds of formula when they arrive in indiana today. >> this is special cargo because of the importance of getting medical -- baby formula to families that need it. >> reporter: onboard specialized formula, which are in great demand. gerber's hypoallergenic formula also expected to arrive in the coming days. he has a severe allergy and desperately needs the supply. what's been the hardest part for you? >> probably the traveling. sometimes i'm traveling 50-plus miles going from store to store trying to find the formula. >> reporter: the formula shortage getting worse. nationwide, an average of nearly 45% of baby formula product times have run out. if the current trend holds some major stores could run out of stock completely by the end of the month. the white house says it's
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working with manufacturers and retailers to restock shelves as quickly as possible. the president saturday signing the access to baby formula act. allowing those who use federal wic nutrition program to buy the formula they can find. >> hopefully with all this formula coming in we can make a difference. >> reporter: the white house says the formula arriving today is expected to go to hospitals and medical providers, some of lit will go to stores, but will only be available with a prescription. eva? >> faith abubey there for us, thank you, faith. president biden on day three of his trip to asia, the president arriving in tokyo just a short time ago for a summit. with the leaders of japan, india and australia, after shoring up relations with south korea. abc's mary bruce is live in tokyo, japan, with the latest. good morning to you, mary. >> reporter: good morning, eva. the president now starting the second leg of his first trip to asia, biden arriving here in tokyo just a short while ago after a packed three days in south korea aimed at
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strengthening relations with that country. and taking on the threat from north korea. president biden overnight thanking u.s. and korean troops serving side by side at the air base, snapping selfies, joking with children and eating ice cream. >> to all of the american troops that are here and your families, thank you for what you do to defend our country. and our ally, and to the korean forces, thank you as well for your service and for having our backs just as we have yours. >> reporter: biden's last stop on his three-day visit to south korea, one final chance to reinforce this key alliance. >> i won't attempt the korean but we -- we go together. >> reporter: biden touting their economic ties and korean investments in the u.s. and assuring south korea's new president that the u.s. will help counter their nuclear-armed neighbor as north korea ramps up its provocations.
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the u.s. warning that kim jong-un could launch another missile or even conduct a nuclear test while biden is in the region. >> we're prepared for anything north korea does. we will respond to whatever they do, and so i'm not concerned if that's what you are suggesting. >> reporter: the u.s. and south korea announcing plans to expand joint military exercises, which were scaled back during the trump administration. while the former president tried to woo north korea's dictator, biden is far more skeptical, saying he'll meet with kim, but only if he's sincere and serious. biden asked today if he has a message for kim. >> hello. >> the president will now spend two days here in tokyo meeting with the leaders of japan, australia and india. much of their discussions will be focused on a new joint economic initiative aimed at curving the rise of china. eva? >> mary, the president also weighed in for the first time about the threat of monkeypox here in the united states?
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>> reporter: yeah, and he said, look, this is something that everyone should be concerned about. biden saying that they're working out to figure out how exactly the u.s. will respond and what, if any, vaccines will be available. janai? >> mary, thank you so much. a busy week ahead for the president and the president also signing a $40 billion relief bill for ukraine as fighting there intensifies overnight. meanwhile, kyiv showing its cultural spirit won't be broken by the war. that's where tom soufi burridge joins us this morning. >> reporter: good morning, janai. more of this, the weakening of russia's military, now president biden stated aim here at ukraine and with that military aid bill now signed, even more u.s. weapons should be on their way here soon. this morning, the aftermath of russia's brutal offensive in eastern ukraine. ukrainian officials posting this video after a strike on a school. a bridge destroyed here in this
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town. in video circulating from local ukrainian officials, this area now seeing some of the most intense fighting, but ukrainian troops there for now holding on. and ukrainian troops laying land mines earlier this week, the same spot two days later, an armored personnel carrier on fire. russians, the ukrainians say halted here in their tracks, but russian missile strikes unrelenting. the kremlin claiming this the launch of an attack on a large batch of weapons in ukraine, supplied by the u.s. and europe. and that $40 billion military aid bill flown to south korea so president biden could sign it. zelenskyy saying military assistance needed more than ever. in kyiv, burnt-out russian tanks, a new local attraction. but familiar sounds returning. the national opera back on. smiles and laughter. their minds for a moment escaping the war.
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in normal times it's hard to imagine kyiv without the opera, its return a mark of ukrainian resilience. the show must go on. and do you think today everyone here forgot about the war for a moment? >> i think so. it's my dream. >> reporter: dreams of peace, dreams of driving russia out of their land. and the freedom to sing and to watch opera again. >> we fight for people to be able to enjoy life, to live their lives, to go to opera. >> reporter: the kremlin has now published a blacklist of 963 american citizens who are permanently banned from entering russia. they include president biden, actor morgan freeman, and republican senator john mccain who was in his day, a critic of putin, but john mccain died four years ago. whit? >> an interesting list. tom, thank you so much. let's bring in abc's chief
7:11 am
global affairs correspondent martha raddatz. hosting "this week" later this morning. martha, good morning. you have a big show coming up. let's start with ukraine. president biden signing that $40 billion military aid package. how critical is this support at this stage in the war? how soon could it start arriving on the battlefield? >> it couldn't arrive any sooner for ukraine. ukraine needs that military equipment, they needed that $40 billion package. they are going through equipment like crazy over there, and always demanding new equipment, i think it will get there very quickly, in my time in ukraine, first starting to send equipment in. it was amazing how quickly it actually got to the front lines, how quickly they could train up those ukrainian forces to use equipment they might not have used in the past. so this is a very good sign for the ukrainians. >> we've seen the results from the u.s. equipment as well. i do want to ask you about this. you got an exclusive ride-along on a u.s. nuclear submarine
7:12 am
considered one of the most destructive warships ever built. what did you learn about its mission when it comes to deterring adversaries like russia and north korea? >> reporter: it was an extraordinary experience. you get on in the middle of the pacific ocean, a little bit dicey going on to that submarine, but that submarine alone carries 20 nuclear-armed ballistic missiles. they are 44 feet high, 7 feet in diameter, they can travel 4,000 miles. and each one of those missiles is topped with 12 nuclear war heads. in other words, there are 240 nuclear weapons onboard that one submarine. it's a reminder that we have this deterrent out there. it's also a reminder as the vice admiral told me who heads the submarine forces that we are
7:13 am
once again in a cold war, but a fascinating look at how this submarine crew operates underwater for months at a time. i spent 24 hours on it. i was happy to get off of it, whit. >> truly fascinating. looking forward to that report. thank you so much as always. another remainder, tune into "this week" later on this morning. admiral mark mullen with the latest on the ground in ukraine. plus concerns of an a north korean provocation. white house covid response coordinator dr. ashish jha discussing the latest rise in cases here in the u.s. eva? now to politics. and a high-stakes republican primary being held this week in georgia. one candidate backed by former president trump. the other supported by former vice president pence, a real test of where the republican party is headed. abc's elwyn lopez joins us from atlanta with the latest. good morning, elwyn. >> reporter: hey, eva. good morning. all eyes are going to be on georgia this week where the former president and former vice
7:14 am
president are in separate camps. voters here are turning out in record numbers ahead of tuesday's primary, through thursday. more than 700,000 people cast their ballots. that is a 149% increase from the same time in the 2020 primary election. now governor brian kemp is facing senator david perdue who was not only backed by former president trump but recruited by trump to enter the race. trump taking quite an active role in the governor's race, campaigning on perdue's behalf. and his vice president pence is here tomorrow for kemp. trump became the first gop presidential candidate to lose the peach state in 28 years by a narrow margin. now, the winner is likely to face democrat stacey abrams in the fall who's running unopposed in her party. janai. >> elwyn, thank you so much. now to what could be the final week of the johnny depp/amber heard defamation
7:15 am
case. heard's testimony hoping. that testimony last week did some damage. 2018 washington post op-ed falsely painted him as a doe mystic abuser. we'll see what's ahead with david glass, a family law attorney, who's been closely following this case. david, thank you so much for being with us. as we head into what's expected to be the final week, what do you think is ahead, we're hearing that depp could be called back to the stand? >> they have an expert scheduled to appear, an interpersonal violence expert who will explain to the jury why didn't amber heard leave johnny depp the first time he was abusive to her? why did she stick around? why was she part of this
7:16 am
potentially mutually abusive relationship? but the big deal is going to be their decision to recall johnny depp to the witness stand. in my opinion, i believe it's a big mistake, because they've built up some serious momentum and they're giving him another chance to woo the jury. >> who do you think made an impression on the stand last week? we saw a number of people. >> first of all, amber's sister and her former person who did her makeup, they confirmed her stories of abuse and injuries and having to cover it up. but the most important witness was johnny depp's former agent who testified that his star was already falling before he even met amber, that his own drug and alcohol use and his inability to perform on set, showing up late, having to be fed his lines that was leading to his career going in the wrong direction. >> and you talked about the witnesses who basically confirmed what amber heard testified to, about her abuse claims, but what about her admission that she hit johnny depp? >> amber heard's admission that she hit johnny depp doesn't hurt her case at all.
7:17 am
she explained in very emotional terms that she felt that she was acting in self-defense and that she was responding to whatever johnny was doing to her. and even if she did hit johnny depp, it doesn't erase any of the abuse that she's alleged he committed against her. >> now, he's suing for $50 million, if the jury were to side with heard, who's countersuing for $100 million, would johnny depp have to pay her? >> johnny depp would have to pay her, both of these cases are being heard at the same time. johnny's defamation case and amber's defamation case. the problem with amber's case is it has the same problem that johnny has, she needs to tie a reduction in her income to a very specific statement, that her abuse claims were a hoax, as opposed to a myriad of other variables that may have affected here career. >> a case that's garnered so much attention. david glass, thanks for being
7:18 am
with us this morning to break it down. >> thanks so much. shifting gears now, a check of the weather once again. meteorologist daniele breezy from our affiliate in nashville. danielle watching that record heat. millions in the path of this. >> i know. it is hot out there, and it is actually dangerous heat for a lot of folks. we set a lot of record highs as we headed through the day yesterday. take a look at this, 101, the high in san antonio. richmond, a new record high of 95 degrees. now, we've got heat advisories for the northeast, from philadelphia all the way up to boston. but it's not just the northeast, i want to show you high temperatures could be around 91 in orlando, 85 new orleans, 86 houston, and 87 atlanta. if you're looking for relief from the heat it's coming, a cold front will move through and it will bring back more seasonable temperatures as we head into next week. are lookinn
7:19 am
the middle of the week.e lookinn highs today with some high clouds, partly cloudy ie the accuweather 7 day forecast, cooler monday and warmer so we've got one more hot day in the city and then you're going to get some relief. >> we're texting dan harris right now, we're coming to the pool, get the towels ready. >> i saw people in their pools yesterday, i was very jealous. thnk you. now to the upcoming memorial day holiday and what's in store as 34 million americans hit the road for the year's first warm-weather getaway. one obstacle -- spiking gas prices. the average price right now, $4.59 per gallon, that's just the average, and look at the trend from the past two memorial days. it was $3.04 last year. it was $1.87 in 2020.
7:20 am
>> you said y'all. >> that is a huge difference. abc's gio benitez has more. >> reporter: just a week away from the unofficial start of the summer, memorial day weekend is gearing up to be one of the busiest since the pandemic began. aasays me th 3million people will hit the roads over the holiday weekend. nearing pre-pandemic levels. >> major arteries going in and out of some of the larger cities. the ones that have the most traffic. i think what you want to do is, avoid the peak times which are in middle of afternoon. >> reporter: with gas prices soaring over $4 in most states experts say it's important to have your car serviced, it could end up saving you some cash. >> if your tire pressure is slightly underinflated you could lose about 5% of your gas mileage. >> reporter: and if you're renting a car, expect prices to be high. online travel booking platform hopper says rentals over the holiday are averaging $61 a day. >> if you haven't booked your rental car yet, you might want
7:21 am
to check out some of the smaller airports where you might be able to get more availability and better deals. >> reporter: you could potentially save money going electric. you may save money by skipping the pump. gas prices aside it's still a good idea to rent your car first before booking your flight. that way you can make sure thata lie buto >> a waed women. police in texas searching for a woman suspected in the death of a rising star in cycle world, what that cyclist's family is telling this morning. notorious killings of three girl scouts in 1977. kristen chenoweth reflects on the case that she says has haunted her to this day. and right to repair, what you need to know before trying to fix your iphone yourself under apple's new repair program. we'll be right back.
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the group is accepting various styles and they have $50,000 to get away on a first-come, first-served basis. it is being held at the melp iedes community center. lisa: a couple of inland valleys in the 40's. pretty sunny conditions in the city. 50 degrees, 50 three in oakland with 56 mountain view. from mount tam upper 40's with patchy fog. today with the sea breeze we are keeping the beaches in the upper 50's near 60. 68 downtown and
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when the time comes he must be trained. >> like you trained his father? >> i'm so excited about this. welcome back to "gma" on a sunday morning. edge of our seats right here. the countdown has begun, we're just a few days away from the release of the disney plus series "star wars: obi wan kenobi." the much anticipated series takes place ten years after "star wars: revenge of the sith." it will start streaming this friday, may 27th. let's get a check of some of the other big stories that we're following this morning. happening right now, the youngest of the ten victims of what authorities are calling a targeted racist attack at a buffalo supermarket has been laid to rest.
7:31 am
32-year-old roberta drury had just moved to the city to help her brother, the mayor marking one week since the shooting rampage by holding a moment of silence on the steps of city hall. they're asking any one with jif peanut butter to check their jars after some spreads have been linked to salmonella. 14 people across 12 states have gotten sick with two of them needing to be hospitalized. we have those recalled lot codes to look for website. and the nhl playoffs are heating up. the colorado avalanche rolling past st. louis blues. a win that now has them leading that series 2-1. that gets them one step closer to this, right here. look at that, in the studio. i'm not supposed to touch it. you have to have special gloves. the stanley cup right here in studio this morning. much more nhl action today. you can watch the carolina hurricanes take on the new york rangers at 3:30 eastern on espn. calgary flames play the edmonton
7:32 am
oilers. sthast -- that's at 8:00 p.m. eastern on pence espn2. also speaking of the cup, we have a little photograph here. my baby was in the cup. there it is. >> oh, my gosh. >> see that, that's baby lea ten years ago. after the kings won the stanley cup. we were in the bar, i was in a bar with my baby, don't judge me, long day, but they brought in the stanley cup after the kings won, and we went to check it out and people started chanting "put the baby in the cup." we did. we took a picture. it was fun. we start this half-hour though with the possible love triangle murder and a suspect on the run. the victim, a professional cyclist allegedly killed by a woman who may have considered her a romantic rival. abc's zohreen shah has more. >> reporter: this morning, texas authorities urgently searching
7:33 am
for a suspect who they say killed a world-class cyclist after a love triangle took a dadly turn. the u.s. marshal put out a wanted posted for kaitlin armstrong and police charging her with homicide in the killing of fellow cyclist moriah wilson. after they uncovered that she had a fling with her boyfriend. also an athlete, colin strickland. >> what the marshals will do is look at the background of this suspect, kaitlin armstrong, and they're going to see what type of phone she has, who are her relationships. >> reporter: wilson and strickland went swimming hours before she was killed may 11th, and strickland lied to armstrong about his whereabouts. austin police found wilson dead that evening. after a friend came home and found her unconscious and bleeding with gunshot wounds. wilson's friends, stunned. >> it's so incredibly painful for such a tight-knit community
7:34 am
and people who've raced with, celebrated with. >> reporter: according to the affidavit, armstrong's car was recorded on a ring camera. around the same time that she was killed. soon after police questioned armstrong, she disappeared. they're investigating, fearing she may have fled the country. strickland, the man in the middle, clarified the relationship timing saying he's fully cooperating. he said he had a brief romantic relationship toward the end of last year with wilson when she visited austin. he says soon after he reconciled and resumed his relationship with armstrong while keeping a platonic and professional relationship with wilson. >> these types of murder where people kill each other because of love triangles or jealousy actually are fairly common. >> reporter: wilson's family released a statement in part, her life was taken from her before she had the opportunity to achieve everything she dreamed of. we do feel it's important to clarify that at the time of her
7:35 am
death, those closest to her clearly understood, directly from moriah that, that she was not in a romantic relationship with anyone. according to the affidavit, witnesses said they heard armstrong make threats against wilson. and that she was so angry she told someone she wanted to buy a gun and kill her. potentially many red flags in this case as officials continue to untangle what happened. whit? >> a disturbing story. zohreen, thank you. we want to turn to the weather once again. meteorologist danielle breezy from our affiliate in nashville right here in the studio. heat before and now some snow? the winter comeback? >> yes indeed. sme beautiful snow video. this is drone video. this is really, really cool stuff. this is over in colorado, you can see though the snowplow working really hard here. some areas in colorado, 1 to 2 feet of snow fell yesterday and even friday. it's also cold in the plains, we have frost and freeze alerts as
7:36 am
temperatures begin in the 30s today, only warming to around 50 degrees. then we've got to shift our attention to the east, we have a line of storms developing today and it's looking like we could see severe storms from scranton it's hard to believe we're dealing with record heat here and it's snowing other places. >> those images are unbelievable. >> the mixed bag. >> it was so hot yesterday i could hardly walk outside. >> just dripping sweat. >> i went right back home. >> thank you so much, danielle. still coming up, the infamous murders of three young girls at summer camp.
7:37 am
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welcome back to "gma" and a look at a decades-old triple murder case. that still has some unanswered questions. actress kristen chenoweth delves into this past in this preview of "keeper of the ashes." the oklahoma girl scouts murders. >> this is story that i wish i never had to tell. it haunts me every day. but i came to learn what murder was. >> three girl scouts were discovered today in locust cove, oklahoma. >> later that night i woke up and i heard a noise and it wasn't like anything i have ever heard before. nothing i could identified. i started to go over and investigate and just to see if i could shine my flashlight and see what it was.
7:42 am
couldn't see anything. but the noise would stop as i got closer. and then as i would turn and start to walk away, the noise would start again, and then i can hear it just as clearly in my head right now as i did that night. >> 45 years since this happened. >> you're talking before dna. >> i actually started re-enacting the evidence of the crime that i had. here's the first cot. you take a couple steps back, here's the second cot. so, okay, i got somebody who's milling around here. standing in the brush and i'm watching and i'm looking, i believe if it's premeditated i came here to get somebody. i've never experienced anything this horrific. >> that's why i've come back home to find answers once and for all.
7:43 am
>> all four episodes of abc news studios' "keeper of the ashes: the oklahoma girl scout murders" begins streaming tuesday, may 24th, only on hulu. coming here on "good morning america," you can now fix your own iphone, but do you really want to? a look at apple's new self-service repair program. self-service repair program. mans and heart risk. we're hittin' the trails between meetings. and putting the brakes on fried foods. jardiance is a once-daily pill that...not only lowers a1c, it goes beyond to reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults with type 2 diabetes and known heart disease. and jardiance may help you lose some weight. jardiance may cause serious side effects including ketoacidosis that may be fatal, dehydration that can lead to sudden worsening of kidney function and genital yeast or urinary tract infections. a rare, life-threatening bacterial infection in the skin of the perineum could occur. stop taking jardiance
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one gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health. some questions about why the suspect involved was arrested multiple times and not held.
7:46 am
yes on h. recall chesa boudin now. back now with a look at back now with a look at apple finally giving you the chance to repair your own iphone and other apple products, but just because you can doesn't mean you want to. becky worley says it still may be a job for the experts. good morning, becky. >> reporter: good morning, janai. it's called the right to repair, meaning, if you bought a product you should be able to repair it yourself.
7:47 am
at one time though apple voided a warranty for any repairs wasn't done through them. but that's changed. is repairing your iphone a good idea? cracked screen? worn-out battery? traditionally you take your device to an apple store for the fix because the alternatives third party or do it yoursel repairs could void your warranty. but a movement to allow consumers the right to repair their own devices forced apple's hand and now you can buy replacement parts and even rent the tools needed, all with apple's blessing. they asked their videographer, a self-described normal person not typically handy, to try, now that you have repaired an iphone are you an expert? >> no. i think i can do it a little bit faster this time, but i wouldn't say i'm an expert at all. >> what did you repair?
7:48 am
>> we decided to replace the battery. >> reporter: you buy apple-branded replacement parts. they're available for iphone 12, 13 and se models. but -- how hard was it to make this repair? >> it's hard. it took me multiple days. over the course of a couple of workdays. >> reporter: and dan's not alone, this tech blogger tried and succeeded to replace a cracked screen.-- iroblhaveo a second thera gonehrgh. epter: for all this wo, re ossang in fact, if you need to rent the tools, it can cost more. for example an iphone 12 owner without applecare, it would cost $69 to replace the battery. but tools and new batteries to do it yourself is $96.
7:49 am
for a cracked screen doing it yourself cost $6 more than having apple do it. but if you mess it up, the whole phone is dead to you. i spoke to apple about these kits and read the paper they published about the topic. apple says they've made the parts and tools available, but they reiterate over and over, they'd much rather have you take your phone to an apple to store to make sure the repairs are done correctly and don't do more damage to your device. >> thank you, becky. just because you can doesn't mean you want to. stick around. "pop news" is next. from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need
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for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? i'm dan o'dowd and i approved this message. tesla's full self- driving technology. the washington post reported on "owners of teslas fighting for control..."
7:53 am
"i'm trying..." watch this tesla "slam into a bike lane bollard..." "oh [bleeped f***]" this one "fails to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk." "experts see deep flaws." "that was the worst thing i've ever seen in my life." to stop tesla's full self-driving software... vote dan o'dowd for u.s. senate. time now for "pop news." and mona kosar abdi is here. you know, mona, this is my opportunity to say, in honor of dan harris, what's poppin? >> oh, okay. i need you to work on the awkward dad vibe, just a little bit.
7:54 am
i was spoiling pop a little bit for them, because we're already talking about where we're starting things off about squid game, shattering netflix viewing records. this wasn't supposed to be a season 2. given the show's success, the season 2 was a must-do. it will premiere late next year or early 2024, as long as 2 1/2 years after the original series aired, but dedicated fans will just have to be patient, myself included, the director promising more games of course. with humanity put through the test. it kind of was left off in a dead-end. you didn't know where it was going. i'm excited to see how they bring it back for season 2. all right, now to a movie that just got a six-minute ovation at the cannes film festival, "3,000 years of longing," stars tilda swinton and idris elba, the movie hits theaters in longer. six-minute standing ovation.
7:55 am
finally, the family whose tiktok video went viral, but not for the reasons they expected. they were doing a popular dance challenge but their pooch ended up stealing the show. looking to get in on the action and even ending up in a hilarious wrestling match. 45 million views on tiktok and climbing. those two she says are inseparable. >> you can't go wrong with dogs and kids. it's always a success. mona, great to have you this weekend. before we leave a shout-out to friend, producer matt stone and his bride emma, tied the knot this weekend. congratulations to the happy couple. look at that picture right there. we wish you a lifetime of blessings and patience and compromise. >> yes. >> all right, thanks so much for
7:56 am
watching abc news. stay tuned to martha raddatz and "this week" later on this morning. have a great rest of your weekend, everybody. >> building a better bay area. moving forward, find solutions. this is abc news. >> good morning, everyone. today, miranda is hosting a dog benefit called woof stock. it's a music festival. the event draws nearly 1,000 people for a day of live music, dancing, food and activities and
7:57 am
cute little dogs. this is the most attend event of the year and all proceeds benefit the animals at the shelter. woof stock runs from noon to 5:00 p.m. and with the western conference finals shifting to dallas, the warriors are hosting a watch party at thrive city right outside chase center. fans can cheer on the warriors while the game is up on the big screen there, broadcasted. the party start at 4:30 this afternoon. there will be live entertainment, photo ops ax kids' zone and more. tip-off is at 6:00 p.m. the warriors are hoping to take a 3-0 series lead over the mavericks. and lisa, let's get a check of our sunday forecast. >> good morning to you. it is sunny in the city but a shallow deck of low clouds from our tower camera. 50 in the city. 57 in mountain view. 58 in san jose. and speaking of the south bay, plenty of sunshine in the low 80's today. 62 in concord. 58 in livermore. highs ranging from the upper 50's with that breeze at the coast. low 60's half-moon bay.
7:58 am
68 san francisco. 75 across the bay. and those mid to upper 80's inland. could even see 90 by the delta. getting warm in the north bay. and above average in the south bay. that trend continues as we take you through monday and tuesday. the hottest day of the week. temperatures in the upper 90's to near 100 inland. upper 80's bayshore. but we will keep the sea breeze at the coast with the numbers in the upper 60's and a cooling trend throughout the rest of the week. >> this week with george stephanopoulos is next. see you at
7:59 am
8:00 am
"this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. breaking news. >> we are prepared for anything north korea does. >> president biden lands in japan, hours after reaffirming ties with south korea. a whirlwind trip to strengthen alliances as russia faces increasing blowback. >> the fact is that deterring threats and unwriting stability is vital today for not only the peninsula but for the world. >> mounting concern over a new cold war with russia and increasingly provocative north korea. we're aboard uss maine, one of only 14 ballistic submarines in the u.s. arsenal.


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